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8th February 2008, 11:13 PM
This is a suggestion to add an additional menu onto the main sidebar called "Advanced Tactics." It will contain several options, which can be used in unusual situations. A farmer won't let up, a certain attacker is expected, etc. But, to make the game generally better, and to make these things work, I'm going to suggest a couple other changes, too.

I know there are objections to making KoC more complicated. But, by putting them under "Advanced," players won't have to worry about them if they don't want to use them. Much like mercenaries. It's a perk for advanced users, who are ready to learn more, and will help balance the game.

Advanced Tactic 1 - Abandon Gold While Offline. This can be turned on and off. If turned off, everything is the same as it is now. When the defender turns it on, any attacker with greater SA than the defender's DA will be allowed to take the gold without a fight, while the defender is offline. It does not kick in until the defender logs off. If the DA is greater than the SA, it'll also not result in a fight...It'll come up with an error message, "Your army searched the enemy camp, but in seeing a superior force and predicting defeat, fled before raiding the enemy treasuries."

In other words, when you turn this on, the defender will behave normally while online. But when the defender is offline, and this is turned on, everyone attacking either steals gold without a battle, or flees.

Explanation: This prevents people from wracking up massive weapons damages and losses while offline. This is a major problem for many mid-range accounts. But, you can't expect to save any gold, and may end up facing more attacks while online.

Advanced Tactic 2 - Mass Attack. The mass attack does a lot of damage, to both the attacker and defender, and doesn't steal any gold. We can debate how much damage it should do--5x a regular attack, maybe 10x? It works whether you're using "Advanced Tactic 1 (AT1), Abandon Gold While Offline," or not. Pretty self-explanatory, this is an attack designed to do damage. You can use this against as many players as you want, but your SA has to be 1/3rd of their DA for it to work. (Similar to sabotage in that regard.) Does extra damage if your SA is greater than their DA. It costs an attack turn to use.

Explanation: Balances out "Advanced Tactic 1" (AT1) and allows people to do some real mass attack damage without burning a load of turns.

Advanced Tactic 3 - Ambush. I'm proposing two types. Each has advantages and disadvantages, and certainly has costs. The general idea is to make it more difficult for certain players to attack you.

A) Road Block Your attack soldiers and attack mercenaries wait at a strategic location, and prevent the enemy from passing, alla The 300 Spartans at Thermopylae. The enemy may use as many turns as they wish on you, but they still cannot pass! This comes at a price. Your attack soldiers and mercenaries take double casualties and weapons damage for each attack. It costs one attack turn to deploy per turn, which is used whether there is a battle or not. Can be set for multiple turns, but can only be used against one enemy at a time--who you must select before they attack you.

B) Blockade Your attack soldiers and attack mercenaries wait for the enemy on the road, and attack them as they approach! It costs you an attack turn, and you suffer double casualties and weapons damage, but the enemy must use another turn to attack you. You can use this repeatedly against a single player, or multiple players, but you lose turns and face casualties and weapons damage every time. You must select the specific player(s) to use this against, and how many turns to use against each.

Explanation: Ever had an annoying player that kept attacking you right at the turn? This is to get a little revenge, at a price.


Great suggestion, or greatest suggestion ever? (Seriously though, tell me what you think, and how to improve it.)