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28th October 2004, 05:09 PM
The Rules of the Clan Forum

The Big Picture:

First and foremost, all official GUA rules (http://www.giveupalready.com/showthread.php?t=13324) are always to be followed at all times. This goes for flaming, advertising, pornography, trolling, and spam

Read these (http://www.giveupalready.com/showpost.php?p=2661&postcount=2) rules on general clan creation

Second, try to have fun. These clan forums are here for fun, so try not to consistently post rude or vulgar messages. Keep this forum clean as much as possible.

These Clans are NOT for Kings of Chaos, or Fall of Empires, and none are directly or indirectly affiliated or related to them.


The BA Clans Rules:

Regarding In-Character Posts:

Things that are allowed:

In general, all rping posts are allowed IF they relate to the clan, introducing a new character (even if it is one of your own) or the leave of one, describing the clan layout, making your entrance, an event which could spark the start a new quest and so on. Please do note these are not the only instances in which it is allowed, these are only examples.

If the IC post you make is not related in any way to the clan, then what you put in the OOC must be clan-related, or else it will be considered spam.

Questing and Sparring Discussion:

Posting links to these clan events is allowed, you may even discuss them in the clan thread if you wish to do so. If you want to side talk, make jokes ect about the current clan quest, go to the clan tavern thread.

Questing and Sparring Within the Main Thread:

While the beginnings of a quest or spar may be done ICly in the main thread, the actual quest/spar may not occur in the thread itself, and must be done in a separate thread in the BA. So after about 15-20 posts or so, take it to the main forum please.

Things that are not allowed:

Anything that has nothing to do with the clan. For example: "My character goes for a walk, my char goes to the bathroom, my char wants something to eat," etc. Basically everything that is totally free of clan-relation.

Regarding Out-of-Character Posts:

Things that are allowed:

Things that relate to the clan, for example: "I have an idea for a new quest..." etc. If it is clan business, then you can post it without worrying about writing up and IC portion.

Things that are not allowed:

You may not post things like "I will be away for this long", or "I'm back", or "I won't be able to post for a while". Things like that go in the clan tavern thread or can be PMed to the leader. However, if you make a decent enough IC portion to the post, and add these messages as a little tag on the end of a GOOD, CLAN RELATED IC POST, they are acceptable.

Also, you may not post any of those ever-annoying "This clan is dying! Get yer buts active or it will be closed soon!" That is considered spam

You may also not post the "Hey, I've been gone for awhile, what's new?", do that in the clan tavern thread.

Regarding posts made by non-clan members:

A CF mod may of course post in your clan to point out certain things which relate to modding and the CF rules
A non-clan member may post in a clan thread if it directly affects the clan. (e.g. another clan declares war)


For external links, it is best PM them to the leader of the clan so that (s)he can add them to the first post.

If they are clan related, like an external clan forum/website/banner, they are of course allowed. But don’t start discussing to add more colour to the banner or website in the BA clan thread please, keep that for the clan tavern thread. So in short, post them once so they can be added to the first page.

For internal links, feel free to post them as long as they can be considered clan business. For example, links to the clan quests, spars, free for alls, etc.

About Misc threads for BA clans:

Misc threads are basically spam threads related to BA clans. They are the place to take all the non-clan-related crap and spam your arses off so that it doesn't go in the main thread. If you want to discuss non clan related things, take it here. If your clan didn't have one made for it, and you would like one, feel free to request one in the misc clan request thread located here (http://www.giveupalready.com/showthread.php?t=61557)

Created by Legion, Shade, Zach
Approved by Bad_Kharma


Here is a brief set of rules/guidelines that we ask you please take some time to look over as they will be of great use to you.

In order to create a clan, you must make a post Here. (http://www.giveupalready.com/showthread.php?t=61557) Please state in the post whether you want it to be a recruitment or clan thread. Don't bother Pming the CF mods about it, they won't make it until you post it.
Clans must have a minimum of Seven members before they are created.
A Clan leader is necessary
You must be registered here at Giveupalready for at least a month before you are eligible to create a clan.

If you do not have all the relevant information stated above in your request, your clan will be denied. If you have any further questions regarding what should be incorporated in your request, please PM a Moderator of this forum.

Recruitment threads:
A recruitment thread will be kept open for one week maximum. If you manage to recruit enough members before the week is up then the thread will be closed and a clan thread started. To start a recruitment thread we need to know:

The name of the clan
Any other useful information (what you do, any requirements for joining etc.)

Bear in mind if you plan on making your clan an "invite only" clan, you will not need a recruitment thread, so please don't request one. Do make sure you have 7 members though.

Clan threads:
Do not start a clan thread. If you do it will be closed and you will be warned. You make a request in the thread mentioned above, and we will create the thread for you. When you request to start a clan thread you will need to tell us:

Name of clan
Members (including who the leader is) (minimum of seven)
Whether it is invite only or people can request to join.
Whether it relates to the Battle Arena or not.

You will receive a PM if you clan thread has been approved, so please be sure that your PM box isnt full. (100 total messages)

If you should recruit enough members in a recruitment thread, a Clan thread will be started automatically.

If you want to request a recruitment thread, you can do it here (http://www.giveupalready.com/showthread.php?t=61557) as well.


The following are merely suggestions to help you make a better group, and to also keep some fun. Remember, these aren't rules but suggestions.

Make positions within your group. This will help to ensure that you have order among your members.
Set up rules within your group. Again, to ensure order.
Choose your enemies wisely, but be extra careful when choosing allies.
Be selective, but not too selective. You don't want to have a group full of people who don't know much about what you're doing, but then again you don't want a group of people who think too much of themselves.

Joining a Clan:
If you wish to join a clan then look who the clan leader(s) is(are) and send them a pm. Please do not post in clan threads asking to join. If you wish to join a clan, PM the leader. If it says INVITE ONLY, then do not ask to join.

Please bear in mind that a user can only be involved in a maximum of 3 clans and/or groups(member, leader, etc.) Also, a member can only lead one clan/group at any given time. The reason for this is we don't want people starting up a new clan every other week, this would result in a major clog in the Clan Forum. It also prevent people from taking on too much and falling inactive because of it.

Finally, and most importantly, Enjoy yourself! If you should have any questions, problems or suggestions, feel free to PM any of the mods or admins on this forum for assistance.

Created by asda[wc3]
Approved by BK