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27th January 2008, 08:57 AM
Greetings everyone,

I have been searching through the forum for some clue on how exactly sab works. There are a few posts regarding that but in none of them is any true answer or at least a rule on how sabing works and what every one of the sab options involves. Since I'm rather new and after having tried to sab just in order to know how is done(mainly in cheap weapons so no hurt feelings :P) I haven't yet concluded in a singe rule.

So lets asume That I have spy action 12K covert level 7 and I'm trying to sab a guy with 120 sentry action!

His armoury:

70 knives
50 plate armour
1 black powder missile
2 invisible shields

1) I have the option to choose what I want to sabotage.
2) I have the option how many spies to send
3) For how many turns the sab will take place

Now what I 'd like to know from experienced sabbers is how will affect any of the decisions I make my sabotage(appart from option 1 which is obvious).

What can I sabotage? How many things? what is the impact of turns? what is the impact of the number of spies I send?

The 1:3 ratio regards the whole spy or the spies + weapons I send to sab? ect ect...

Thanks in advance!

28th January 2008, 03:17 AM
Wow! Tha was very fruitful:yoda:

anyway since none of the experienced player cares to share their thoughts(and remember people it's just the game + I do this for curiosity most) I'll try and make a start of what I've learnt when trying to sab people these last 3 days(for no reason appart from learning how to do it in most cases).

I will put it up with real facts now. They say is 1%-5%(assumed you sapend more turns) of the total armoury ammount. Ok so here we meet some paradoxial things.

1) I hit a guy that had almost 1200 items in his armoury with 1103 being knifes. So if it was 1% per turn of his total armoury it would have been 11 knfifes per turn but that was not the case since the maximum I could sab in practice with 1 spy/1 turn was the mighty number of 7! so only 7 knifes per turn YAY! 10 turns 70 knifes so 140K gold lostif he gets attacked while I've been chased most of times loosing my spy actually 6 times 21000 gold lost.

I am wondering if sending more spies would reize the ammount of weapons I could sab per turn...1 thing is certain I would deffinitely loose more spies by doing so since chanses they get caught reize dramaticaly.

2)I hit a low guys with 53 shields in his armoury...I do not remember the rest he had and 1% of 53 is almost 0.5 but no! w8! I was able to sab 3 shields per turn! Now what the hell is going on here since I am a mathematician I try to make sense out of this mess and there is no logical explenation because if the 1%/turn was meant to be for the whole armoury then in the first case I would be able to sabb 12 weapons since 1% of 1200+ is 12+.

I can tell you 1 thing this is a total mess! If anyone has a different opinion then make free to express it since the whole thing seams as a jocke to me.

Oh last but not least there was a guy with appart from other things in his armoury had 95 Dragonskins I tired to sab only 1 spnding 5 turns and guess what I got the almighty red message of my officers telling me "I wouldn't get away with that much...bla bla bla..." Due to the 5% amount rules if spending 5 turns rather than 1 in the sab process I should be able to sab at least 1! That's what I 've read in other similar older posts.

Whatever folks GL & HF:blackmage:

28th January 2008, 03:26 AM

advice if u want to sab:

join a clan, join there forum/IRC channel and ask detailed questions that way. sabbing is quite complicated nowadays but its made that way to be fair.

if u like sabbing/or that style of play u might chose to join a "war clan" BSS is a good one, plenty of help there.

simple way to use the IRC chat, is by pressing the "chat" button on the top of the page, then typing which clans channel u want to join. ( typing "/join #help" for instance u will join the #help channel) if u have a commander already, those are the q's for him/her also.

good luck,