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19th January 2008, 12:16 PM
Alliance Name: Covert Alliance

Alliance Member Count (on forums): We have 288 registered members

Alliance Forum Link: www.covert-alliance.com

Brief description of Ca:

In Age 4 in May 2005, Fluffy, turned down a LoP leader role to focus more on what was to become known as Covert-Alliance. Shortly thereafter, Demon_Stone, Inca and a few other adventurous KoC players followed.
The original intention was to create a new alliance with senior and experienced veterans from the previous ages. However, that goal over time has changed so that all people regardless of rank and experience can benefit from the knowledge and experience of seasoned veterans.
We have been a sab chain for over 4 ages now making us one of the first sab chains in KoC yet we maintain sabbers with high rank including some in the top 20.
We are now proud to say its members now vary in experience and rank but together always manage to achieve having fun and playing koc together while faithfully guarding each others back. We have fought major wars and we will always look after each and every Ca member. Other alliances are bigger, but we like the personal touch, and we currently have good relationships with most all of the major alliances and when in war, Ca earns the respect of our enemies. Many smaller alliances have joined with Ca and never left.

We are currently allied with

ThunderSt0rm WP S3H RSF SFU and are friendly with many others

Our Mission:

1.To allow everyone to have a voice and be listened to, helped and respected.
2.Advice for all members and all questions answered no matter how trivial.
3.Support and backup whenever needed.

Our Forums Features:
Dutch, French, Spanish and Finnish sections
Army Sytem Game and atk shop for those who like to battle their fellow alliance members
many games in the Arcade for when you need a short KoC break
casino area
Many KoC help areas and non KoC areas as well
A 2nd Forum devoted to other things besides KoC including games to download

We are looking for:

KoC players that enjoy playing the game and are willing to be a team player and make KoC fun for all of Ca.

Allowed Posters:

Leaders: Fluffy playboyshort3
Co-Leaders: Pamdora chasseurs aceplayer1269 semsrbd

19th January 2008, 12:24 PM
Alright, everything looks ok.

I'll be your contact moderator, pm me if anything happens to your thread.

Remember to abide the Rules of Posting. (http://www.giveupalready.com/showthread.php?t=47514)

Have a nice Age 9 Covert Alliance.