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18th January 2008, 01:02 AM
The United Empire's

Quick overview:

Dwarven Empire: leader Dwarfking, lieutenant Flash
Orcen Empire: leader Bravo, lieutenant Demon_Lord_of_Darkness_TUE
Undead Empire: leader Smell_My_Fart ,lieutenant somax
Human Empire: leader Magical_Trevor, lieutenant King Richard
Elven Empire: leader Captain_Caveman, lieutenant Sayyadina

Freija_Goddess: Overall leader and chief commander of TUE^^(Oh, and Roha /The_Jankster)
snollygoster: Leader and Commander of the Carnage_Alliance

The United Empires are currently ranked #10 with 162 Family members, But it's looking good that we can improve on this.

Yes Family members!

Their is no other alliance that I know of within the KoC community with such an underlying feeling of love and respect that you will feel within TuE^^.

Their Ethos of "The family unit" rather than an alliance built of several other alliance's is proved time after time. If any member became the subject of bullying or harassment at any time then You will see that friendship to us is more important than a mere "RANK" as every member within TUE^^ will fight for you as if you were our own brother or sister.

I would highly recommend TUE^^ to any player that wants to belong to a friendly family orientated alliance, To give us a go.

You will never look back.


Aproved posters:
Anyone and everyone.

Forum link: http://www.theunitedempires.com/forum/index.php

18th January 2008, 08:28 AM
Alright, everything looks ok, although I'd rather have the link of your forums actually in the post, if you can edit it out R1DD1CK.

I'll be your contact moderator, pm me if anything happens to your thread.

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Good luck and have a happy Age 9 United Empires.

20th January 2008, 04:18 AM
I was a friend of rohas when TDK changed to TUE and i must say, the acomplishments of the alliance have been amazing. They are a quite big chain, with a very active and fun irc channel and nice people. i would recommend TUE for newer players too :badger_2:

clubbers (i pity da fool :mrt: )

1st February 2008, 04:53 AM
I certainly appreciate all that TUE has done for me, I mean I just got back into the game (I didn't play for a lot of time :P) being CA first and now TUE/CA, I've been given a lot of support by everyone even tho they all know me so little.

Its just great to be part of this, and I know for sure TUE will grow upon the ages and will some day rule the Chaos among others ^^ :)

30th March 2008, 11:14 AM
TUE is holding 2 of the top 10 clickers in the entire KoC community (even though we have less than 1% of the KoC players), and above that, they are always very active in wars spending hundreds of attack turns in masses no matter what their repair costs would be ^_^

Whole TUE will do anything necissary to satisfy your wishes and help you accomplishing your goals, and you on your turn should be prepared to help any TUE member when he needs your help :D

That's what the TUE family is about ^_^

~ All for One and One for All ~

22nd April 2008, 01:37 PM
RoHaLoVeR wrote,

If someone would ask me to describe TUE, I would need 6 words:

Friendship: In TUE, as soon as you join, you feel a very warm and welcoming atmosphere where everyone immediately treats you as a true king, and everyone in the TUE chain will do everything necissary to help another TUE member, no matter what the rank of that TUE member is, no matter how long he/she has been in TUE, no matter how active he/she is or how much he/she clicks, TUE doesn't look at the account, we look at the person behind the account ^_^

Love: Every TUE member is extremely generous and unselfish towards the rest of TUE, when it comes down to assisting our alliance, we do not think 1 single second about ourself, but immediately are prepared to sacrifice all what we have worked for to accomplish a common goal for our alliance alongside the whole TUE family

Loyalty: Once we get to know and live by the TUE motto and spirit "One for All and All for One", we start giving clicks to others instead of asking for clicks, we start giving sell-offs instead of asking for sell-offs, nobody under us leaves the TUE chain when a war breaks out, even though every single one of us is free to join and leave TUE chain whenever they like, because at this stage, we all stopped thinking in KoC terms about "how many text-based weapons I can lose" and put the friendship we have with the other TUE members and the love we have for the TUE alliance on top of everything else

Respect: Outside TUE, we treat every single KoC player with the highest form of respect, we never disrespect, offend or insult someone, we never bully someone, we let KoC meet TUE by treating everyone with respect being very nice and helpfull towards them, even though we never met them

Patience: TUE are wise turtles, it takes us a long time before we decide things, we always start polls about important decisions following democracy asking for the opinion of normal TUE members whose voices are regarded as much more important as the voices of the TUE leaders, we take our time to discuss potential conflicts, but when we come to a decision, KABOOM, we strike with full power where the other side wouldn't believe what they're seeing ^_^

Persistance: If we have a goal or dream to accomplish, we keep fighting every single day to succeed in our goal or dream, we are enthousiastic optimists, and we don't stop until we accomplished our purpose ^_^

All in all, the TUE forums are the most open forums in the entire KoC community where we follow democracy in our decisions as we regard every TUE member as more important than a leader, TUE are the least selfish but the most generous KoC players around, we never think about personal benefits but always think on how we can help the whole TUE alliance, we are enthousiastic and optimistic people who keep fighting for the thing we believe in (with a lot of patience), so to say it in 3 words:

We Are Family ^_^

~ One for All and All for One ~

~ Better bee crazy than borring ~

He's a true leader ^_^ A man of action and a man of words.:badger_2:

15th June 2008, 04:14 PM
Tue is a great Alliance. Definity if you are looking around for an alliance with good history, check them out ; )

21st July 2008, 02:54 AM
The most important thing in our alliance is TEAMWORK ^_^

It doesn't matter what your rank is or how long you have been with TUE, we look at the person behind the account and both members AND leaders will be there for you whenever you need ANY help :D

A quote from TUE forums to prove this (situation happened in age 7):

I joined TUE ^^ because even as a covert account ranked 22,000 I got to speak with the leaders and they LISTENED to me. The United Empires was the best place to be in times of war and peace - everyone talking all the time, everyones opinion listened to.

Now we're main allies of Furious Angels, and I have to say, they're a very active and loyal group of close friends and the best main allies we ever had ^_^

To prove our teamwork on the battlefield:

Top 10 Alliances
Name Members Score
UNTD™ 881 176
RF 455 101
LGVNC 415 60
FF 286 42
LaCN 228 41
JD 201 38
BW 203 38
PR 275 29
TUE-FA 71 25
Ɲ 181 18

We have reached top 10 alliances and only represent 0.8% of KoC :P

Special thanks to whole FA for making this rank possible, to whole TUE for their ages long loyalty, helpfullness, generosity and respect, and special thanks to snolly for his dedication and hard work by having reached rank 6 on the battlefield ^_^

TUE-FA snolly 14,414 Undead ??? Gold 6