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10th January 2008, 03:44 PM
Alright, I don't know how much view matters. I played from Age2 to Age3 Beta I think... then quit until Age 8. So, my views and ideas will be different than others. On the plus side I am a returning player and that's something the admins want right? :)

- Spy/Sentry sabbable
I'm surprised this wasn't done WAY earlier. Keep sab accounts on their toes. It'll make them better players in the end ;)

- Keep UP
People have mentioned this before, but it is entirely necessary for low to mid ranked accounts to have this. You sometimes wait on those soldiers to come in.

- Alliance Affiliation/Glorified Comment Box
This was a good change. Keep using it. I plan to try and stick the whole text of Beowulf in it one time to encourage reading.

- Sabotage percentage change
I understand why this was done. I'm in support of it. Even the 1/3 change to see treasuries.

- Unlimited Sab Turns/Limited Per Player
Go back to the 11 attempts. This was a combined total originally and sabbers were still about to cause havoc back then. They'll adapt. Keep the per player limit. Obviously this would eliminate the need for sab turns.

- Attack turns
Use the 1 to 15 turn based system. No cap. Allows for more flexibility of your turn use. MAYBE reduce the time it takes to reach 15 turns. It took 7:30 hours before to reach the max attack turn cap, obviously the 3 hour system has shown reducing the time will not have a huge affect on the game. So maybe 1 turn every 15 minutes. Also, I don't mind unlimited attacks, but KEEP the restriction of attacking any single player 5 times per day.

- Clicking
When I last played it was 1 click/day. 5/day seems fine to me. Unlimited clicking will probably not be good for the game, particularly if you're trying to attract new players. Your best bet would be getting returning players from when clicking was unlimited. If that's enough, by all means :)

- Races
It's obvious, even now, that the percentages are STILL being tested and tweaked from when the original change happened giving Races lopsided bonuses. This shows an inability to properly test changes by the admins. Get it together. Establish something as clear as you once had, which was 25% bonus to all races in an individual skill, or learn to test the changes you make properly.

- Races Part 2
The game was not actually in need of another race, just proper testing of the races it already had. The Undead are cool and all, but just one more variable in a testing process that has never been properly tested. More Stats would be a better change.

- Officer Sign-up Bonus
I think this will actually encourage unfair play. With a reporting system that is near nonexistent and no real way to appeal should circumstances need it, you're just asking for trouble. Fix your Support at the top first, then work your way to something like this when you can control it better.

I think that covers Beta.... now some things I'd actually like to see make its way IN this game.


- Untrain/Reassign Spies and Sentries
This one baffles me. It's never been possible and I started in Age2. It's near Age9 now and still no sign of this. Get it together guys. In 3 years you haven't figured out the coding to put this in?

- Improved Search
Search by rank, Alliance, Army Size, Race, Visible gold, etc.. All irritating, but not overly difficult changes to the search code.

- Additional Status Categories In The Buddy List
This was a great additional. Then I found I was missing ONE important classification. Farm perhaps. Maybe replace Neutral with it. Every other category seems to have a use, until I started marking Farms as "Friends" with no other option.

- Advertising
This one is confusing to me and not because I don't know how it works. I thankfully block the invasive annoying ads that have audio the moment they load. No place like right? If you're ads are being blocked, guess what? They're BAD ads and aren't going to work for you. I also see Amazon is being used. As far as I know Amazon doesn't have a Pay-Per-Impression program and make their money through sites like this with Affiliate sales. Good idea, but I think your Pay-Per-Lead ads pay more. It seems you guys need better advertisers or at least a better sales merchant.


That's a short list of other advertising, sales, and affiliate merchants you can go to and TEST to see which converts best for you. You've got page views other online marketers would love to have, and returning visitors they'd pay small fortunes for, but income will be a problem soon unless you start properly testing this area too. Again, GET IT TOGETHER. Your sitting on a gold mine if you would just properly test things. For the record, I block any ad that has any audio or video automatically run on the page load. Bad idea, bad business. It'll deter others eventually as well.

- Take a Risk
At this point there isn't much left to lose. Add something unique in the game. Another way to attack, another way to defend, another way to spy, a banking system.... anything. You're caught in a snapshot of 3 years ago. Still the same game, still the same problems. If you continue to not press forward and innovate you'll eventually be six feet under as well. If you guys really do care about this game you'll know this has to be done.

Get it together....

A quick side note, but I think Age2 was so successful because it was so different than Age1. You'd be smart to remember that once again.

10th January 2008, 04:47 PM
Very nicely written and I agree with all points.

10th January 2008, 11:28 PM
I'm really for the Reassign Spies/Sentries part.

11th January 2008, 01:56 AM
Wow, well said my friend. If the admins don't take notice of this, they're bloody blind.

12th January 2008, 11:51 PM
Thanks for the comments. Just for the record, we change the race bonuses from age to age to encourage different gameplay, not to tweak unfair balances. You have some good suggestions though - but I'm not allowed to say what's going through yet :)

12th January 2008, 11:56 PM
Well said! I too am a returning player from Age 3 beta and I agree with everything on here!

12th January 2008, 11:58 PM
dude, don't quote big posts like that for nothing, it's annoying lol

13th January 2008, 12:00 AM
lol sorry, went back and edited it out :P

13th January 2008, 12:57 AM
age 9 beta got back attack turn cap ... that sucks ... should bring back age 7 attack turn system