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8th January 2008, 09:33 AM
Suggestions Age 9 KOC

Lets start talking about the most controversial change of age 8 and 9 beta, sab accounts. They had always shown some ruling and respect over the koc community, why do you think they should stop having it? They are just choosing a style of playing everybody can choose. I think sab rules should be the same than on age 7, but when talking about smaller weapons to sab as Elven Cloaks the value should be taken into account. Maybe a new aspect of the game can include new rules for accounts that have spent more than 70% of their total value on spy, as for example, higher covert loosess. In another thread I heard about the idea of making spy weapons cheaper, and I totally agree with it. This will harm sabbers a little bit but they will still show a lot of terror and respect over the koc community as on the past ages! This would also harm very big rankers, as they will have to train down MUCH MORE in order to hold all the spy weapons. This creates a more balanced game :D
The attack and sab turn cap should be removed. Less turns should be produced in order to increase the gold hit average which is very frustrating for some big players who need to bank every 1 h. Turns should come back to the age 7 system, bring masses back!
The increase in the UP to 2560 had as an objective to "balance accounts?" but it really didnt. Only VERY high ranked ppl with HUGE incomes can afford it. Just set the cap by 1280, which most people will be able to pay.
Personally I think clicking has improoved. Now koc seems to be a more "balanced" game. I just think the *5 recruit ID clicking should be increased, alowing some ppl wich makes a really good efford to have better accounts, but to stay between certain boundaries.
Maybe a new alliance option can be added in order members of the alliance to be able to see some news. This system should have a validating process for the members, in order information not to leak. Anyway the aim of this system is to talk about stuff of the chain, important things should be discussed on forums. Maybe some other statistics can be added to this option like "best grower today", etc.
Maybe add notice from SUPREME COMMANDER?
I think it is just anoying to keep trying to sab weapons. Depending on the size of the account you try a different number. Example: 60 IS 59 IS 58 IS..... until you succeed. The game could maybe tell you how many weapons are sabbable AAT. (IF SAB TURNS ARE NOT BROUGHT DOWN TO NOMAL)
Extend the top 10 alliance system to top 20..... It just encourages more competition.
Most new members are not informed about recruiters. Maybe admins could do a list and explanation about aprooved recruiters on the home page.
This must sound weird, but why not to traduce koc into other languages? This would bring a huge amount of new players :D
Make a new page with the people banned and reasons.... Let them suffer and face humilliation (Im just one of them LOL)
Bans and suspensions should be really improoved. The actual system just checks IPs ond different accounts, how do you really check this accusation is correct? Gold attacks with accounts that showed the same IP should be forbidden...Less fakes maybe?

Thanks for reading and have a happy new age 9 :D

8th January 2008, 06:28 PM
I think unlimited sabbing is ok, as it wasn't a problem in Age 7, not that I played much in Age 7 though. A place where all the reason's for a ban is a great idea, so brings a bit of humour to game. I think UP should stay although those with big accounts can only afford to to upgrade it heaps, it still lets those who can't use clickers have a chance. Also, instead oof people having to make special clickers, they shiuld just make it so it's unlimited recruit link clicking, though I know those on top of clan chain will be getting heaps of men if they still get 2 men for evry offi click. Maybe tey should reduce how many they get, eg 1 for every 10 clicks or something. Anyway your ideas are pretty good.