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5th January 2008, 02:31 PM
When Defending Attacks:-

If your Defeated loss of
Untrained, Trained Defense, Trained Attack, Spy and Sentry

If attack Defended loss of
Untrained, Trained Defense and Sentry at a lower %

When Attacking:-

Loss of

Untrained, Trained Attack and Spy
Greater % if your Attack is defended

I also think not just your Mercenaries die but a small % of TBG Soldiers as well.

I put up this idea as a way of combating the all sab accounts or no defense accounts. All the ideas of changing the sabb rules seem to have problems and this is the good old way of combating all sab accounts. It also is a way of being able to touch the top accounts.
There is no point having weapons and tools if you cant hold them, it also helps the all sabb / no defense accounts as they can easily recover with a little clicking.

I do see a fault in this idea as at the latter part of an age there are poor returns on your clicking maybe this idea can be addressed as well.

Tell me what you think.