View Full Version : Since you asked, my take on the beta changes:

31st December 2007, 11:52 PM
* 50 soldier bonus for signing up new officers.

Why not, though with the following I see this as the start of what I always used to joke about.

* No automatic soldier production. You can purchase mercenaries or click like in the old days.

If this is implemented I will more than likely quit, unless you intend on their being an unlimited amount of mercs available to buy with no percentage limit or something, but having no choice but to click, I may as well go read emails for money, it would be more rewarding.

* Unlimited Chaos! Attack turns and sab turns are unlimited - for testing of course ;) Note that sab turns against a single person are still limited.

I know this is for the beta, but why not, I would do this too if it were a beta, maybe have fun and make turn gold multiplied by 100 or something, lol.

11th January 2008, 04:47 AM
well i found a major glitch in the beta i cant reply to messages lol also u shouldnt be able to sab sentry stuff

12th January 2008, 12:21 AM
No U.P will more then likely = no players.

If you get rid of U.P, then make sure that when you see there's only 10 people playing to send out an email sayying that you fixed it and your going to restart the age