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Outlaw - Murderer - Warrior


Real Name: Sinithil
Nickname: Sin
Gender: male
Build: muscular
Weight: 95kg or 209lb
Height: 6ft
Religion: None
Location: Ashtinsk, Linmotar
Age: 121 years
Fame: 411 (Apprentice)

For Darkheart/human race, the age of 121 is equivalent to a young adult. This makes complete sense when we consider a young human adult to be around 25 and a young Darkheart “adult” to be approximately 200 years old. The Darkheart side of Sin has the greatest influence on the longevity of Sin’s body.

Race: Darkheart/human - For all information concerning Darkhearts (and Darkbloods) refer to "Excerpt - Information about Darkhearts and their half-bloods (http://www.giveupalready.com/showpost.php?p=667397&postcount=1) written by Asgir Bensin (Rurian Scholar) in previous character update.


Sin is tall, muscular and handsome. He has long, straight flowing black hair, piercing dark brown eyes and always a clean shaven face. His built body is covered in a loose brown cloak that goes to his ankles and it is worn over a neat leather shirt. He has two belts: one which is like a sash that holds his shield behind his back and the other holds up his trousers. Over his trousers are black boots which extend up the calves. His claws on his hands are filed down to a normal human size but are always covered by leather gloves that extend up to his elbows.


For the history of SIN pre-dating the DG invasion, refer to previous character update (http://www.giveupalready.com/showthread.php?t=45912).

Part V: The Divine Guardians

By the age of 120, the DG had begun the invasion. Sin felt bored with fifty years of uneventful wandering and decided to apply his brand of justice to the DG. He would help his friends with the war against the invaders. Sin spent his time training with his chain whip in Tiralir, Linmotar to prepare for the eventual battles.

Part VI: The Discovery

On a journey to the tavern at Tiralir, Sin had broken up a fight between two drunks. Unfortunately, their friends decided to go after Sin on his way to his camp. Sin had fought most of them off, but was helped by one of the men fighting in the tavern. Sin had been wounded, the one who helped him realised Sin was a Dark-blood and decided to knock Sin out. The drunks attempted to bury Sin alive, but they did not realise Sin had finally found his purpose in life: to be proud of being Dark-blood. All his life Sin thought he lived a curse, when it should have been a blessing. He killed the four drunks using his Dark Aura and promised himself to go after the Divine as a Dark-blood should...

Part VII: Conquest!

Now with a new purpose in mind, Sin travelled to Rurian to begin his battle against the Divine. Taking several mercenaries to the shores and moving westward, Sin encountered his old friend - now enemy - Marnak. Marnak was just another man Sin had met in his wanderer days, but a man who had found out Sin's dark secret and it was Sin's woman who payed the ultimate price. Instead of fleeing from the encounter again, Sin decided to face Marnak this time and face him Sin did - Marnak died with a neck ripped apart.

The loyalty of the mercenaries was won, but it did not last long. Of course, the loyalty did not falter, but the lives of the mercenaries were purified as they were turned Divine by quicksilver Shadows. Sin managed to hold onto life fighting a sole berserker by producing a snake from his whip using the Dark Aura. The snake refused to tell Sin what had happened and thus remains so far as a mystery. Hope however was waning yet somehow replenished as Sin was saved by a mysterious red-haired woman on a great lion.

Sin had learned that the path of the Darkblood was not as clear cut as first believed and thus he would have to search in both his humanity and Darkheart to establish his purpose.

Part VIII : Aftermath

After the terrors of Dar, Sin and the red-haired woman, later known as Rei, rested their weary bodies by the fire. As the sun had risen, they rode their way into a sorry looking band of villages and the mercenaries that followed. Sin and Rei decided to turn to compassion, fending of the mercenaries with both sword and snake. When death loomed, a mage and healer saved Sin from death, only to betray the darkblood in the very end. It was only because of Rei that Sin survived and he decided to pay back the favour - confided to her the secret of his heritage.

Part IX: Growing Darkness

After the death of countless mercenaries, Sin had took to a walk through the night, encountering, what he believed to be a small band of murderers. After disposing of two with his metal snake, the third revealed to Sin the horrible truth. During the conquest of Dar, the villages had betrayed the defending soldiers and had fleed from their punishment. Sin had only made matters worse, protecting the villages and killing off a multitude of innocent mercenaries. After hearing words from the bloody lips of a dying foe, Sin was hit with a realisation of his murderous ways.

Part X: Shadows of the Forest

The crimes committed by Sin were not going to go unpunished. Hunters were sent after Sin's bloody trail that lead to the forests of Linmotar. It was only chance that a mysterious Tree-Man had saved the Darkblood from death, yet in the process, the bark skin had suffered terrible wounds. Sin left the chaos behind as his humanity swelled inside. As always, it was ready to be swept aside by a spell of more darkness during the next opportunity to kill.

Part XI: Spelunker me up, BABY!

Sin had returned to Tiralir after a year abroad. Returning to one of his choice taverns, Sin had found things had hardly changed as he came across a drunken brawl. After recognising one of the fighters to be Rak, Sin entered the fight and after a sudden earth blast the tavern had collapsed down into a cavern. The survivors soon regrouped and fought bravely against spiders, vampires and determined Dark Seekers. Victorious in the battle, Sin knew it was the group's teamwork that let them live another day. Frustration set in as he accepted that he could never possess such qualities as long as the Dark Aura was out of his control.

Part XII: Protecting this Fair Caravan

The days following the ordeal in the cave, Sin joined the Fair Blooded Mercenaries, an organization lead by his new friend, Rak. Their first mission involved transporting goods from Ashtinsk but there was far more in the job description as time went on. The ambush was clever, filling the crates that were supposed to contain their goods with Berserkers. As arrows shot, magic cast and swords swung, the Mercenaries had managed to retain their Fair Blood for another fight. The goods were theirs and victory could not get anymore sweeter.


To some, Sin is very much a rude and critical scoundrel and an easily annoyed man. Yet, he can also be helpful and generous, trustworthy and very reliable. Sin is never one to shy away from killing and he bases any decisions on his own brand of justice. He enjoys a fight but especially when fighting side by side with another and this is because he believes greatly in brotherhood and comradeship. However, if he helps his friends, he expects the same back.

A battle constantly rages within Sin's soul. He is a man torn between the human and the Darkheart inside of him. The Dark Aura is the force within his blood that makes sure evil is constantly in control of him. It is only strong emotional contact with other people, like friendship, that causes him to resist this evil.

He values friendship more than anything - so long as his friends tolerate his personality. Throughout his travels he has learned to use his friends to a great advantage – in a good way. Friends have constantly kept him from being killed and often this realisation helps keep him human. But even despite his very few friends, Sin is also a deeply lonely man because of his blood. As the sole surviver of a dying race dedicated to the spread of evil, Sin is forced to live his life alone.

Throughout history and even now, both Darkbloods and humans are enemies, save for one single shared desire - to stop the Divine invasion. In time, Sin may slowly make sense of this great battle between both forces and find his sole purpose in life. This may ultimately be the key to all the powers once possessed by the Darkhearts. But only time will tell. It will be a battle between the Darkblood and human inside him and his soul will only be put at peace until he finds a way through it.


As Sin understands more about the Dark Aura, it is placed here:
The Dark Aura is a force that leads to the amplification of evil within ones mind.
In order to gain temporary balance from the Dark Aura, it can be cast into another being or even upon oneself. This is what is known as 'Tainting'. The user becomes slightly less evil, allowing usually positive emotions to gain precedence.
The energy of the person is dependent on the Dark Aura. The more endurance, the more of the Dark Aura is there for use.
When the Dark Aura becomes most influential it manifests itself into a black smog. The black smog forms into the looming shape of a strange creature.

Strong (+1) Muscular body allows him to overpower lighter people and also allows him to put more force on his chained whip.
Influential (+2) Has plenty of influence on people. It is very useful when it comes to hiding his true identity.
Parallel Mindset (+1) Can communicate with his snake.Disadvantages
Backfire (-1) If the body goes underground (when whole body is enclosed completely by earth and many meters much below sea level), his Dark Aura is forced out and goes back on himself resulting in Sin becoming totally insane.
Prejudice (-3) Sin is feared and hated for being a Dark-blood by most people. If his very dark red blood is discovered, people will want to kill him. Being a traveller and moving to many cities for over 120 years, people soon forget and grow old, so the hunt for 'Sinithil the Dark-blood' becomes only a mere legend - without enough detail for Sin to become instantly recognised.

--> 16 to spend on Sin and Snake combined
Mediocre Chain whip [12]: Sin can use the chain to latch onto both objects and people at a very high success rate. Using various combinations with the snake's spikes, teeth and tensile strength, he can deal extremely high damage to others.
Mediocre Spiked Shield [8]: Sin can use the shield to block very high damage opponent attacks. As a part of his blocking technique, Sin can use his spiked shield to bash and swipe his opponents away from himself.
High Endurance [6]: Sin has developed a very high endurance that allows him to use the Dark Aura and wield his snake-whip for a longer period of time before tiring - six times longer than a normal human being.
Mediocre Speed [8]: Sin can can move at very fast speed, several times faster than a normal person.
Mediocre Strength [8]: Sin is four times stronger than a normal person.
High Dark Aura: Taint [4]: Sin can manipulate a few living things by tainting them with the Dark Aura and the possessed being will do whatever Sin bids for a minute. This success of this skill is limited by the being's physical strength.
High Dark Aura: Dark Brotherhood [4]: Sin can cast his Dark Aura directly into a living being, even himself, increasing his or other people's strength to that of six extra men put together for a short amount of time. Side effect: causes berserker-like anger.
High Dark Aura: Venom [4]: When the Snake's fangs and spikes have pierced an opponents flesh, Sin can then cast his Dark Aura directly into the Snake for a few seconds, causing the snake to exert several droplets of black venom from its fangs and spikes directly into the wound. The venom will cause the muscles in the area of the infected wound to slow for half a inute.

Snake: This is Sin's new weapon. It is used much the same way as the chain whip. It is completely made of iron, all bodily functions are mechanical. See the Sig Npc for details below.
Leather Jerkin: This cannot protect himself much from most blades but it is comfortable and good looking.
Shield: Made of steel with two large foot-long blades at the top and one pointed spike at the bottom.
Ta’sin Ai or The Trick Eye: The Trick Eye takes the form of a pendent. When pressed inwards the small gem in the centre of the circular pendent forms multiple images of the user. Each of the four images follows the same exact path as the real person, just at a different point in time. The person using the item can be in any of these four spots dependent on how long he gem is pushed down, the longer held down the more of the four images come after his/her own. A quick press will mean that all four would be before his/her own. There was a warrior by the name of Shun that lived almost two hundred years ago. This warrior was immensely strong, double that of his nearest rival. However he was also extremely slow. To help him over come his disadvantage he had this pendent made. It allowed him to confuse his opponents and use his strength to defeat them. Though he is long dead, his pendent lives on.Gold:
+500G (Starting Bonus)
-450G (Custom Iron Whip)
-50G (Leather Jerkin)
+300g (Affiliate)
+100g (Quest)
+500g (Outsourcing)
Total: 900g

(sig npc)


Wise - Metallic - Suave

Name: unknown – for now
Nickname: ‘Snake’
Weight: 22kg
Length: 3 meters
Age: Exact age unknown, perhaps older than 200 years

Overall: The snake is made completely of iron, all bodily functions are iron, all textures and features unique to the snake are shaped onto the iron material. This is due to the incomplete transformation undertaken by Sin due to his lack of skill on the Dark Aura.
Head: Glassy eyes, razor sharp needle-like teeth, slit-like nostrils and a head as big as the palm of a human hand.
Upper body: The textures of the snake and interlocking scales are the main features. The links have the same properties as the metal it was in.
Lower body: A mixture of chain and snake. The links are still apparent, however the spikes are gone.
Tail: Tail is jagged metal with good grip to allows Sin to wield the snake at enemies while also relying on the snakes additional movement and biting to do damage while at the same time latching onto weapons and limbs, pulling them down to the ground.

History: Unknown for now, although it is hinted this snake knows more about Sin than any other person. This could mean the snake has had a presence throughout Sin’s life as a wanderer.

(The snake was released from a prison within the chain, thus the Dark Aura was merely a key to freeing the snake).

Personality/alignment: The snake is wise and during battle, vicious. He has great loyalty to Sin, his master, fighting all battles with him. He is also slightly lazy and enjoys resting on Sin’s shoulder or lying about eating. This is accompanied by his dry sense of humour and sarcasm.


High Bite [5] Snake's bite can cause deep wounds and can penetrate through copper armour.
High Spike Control [6]: Several 20cm spikes can now be summoned to come out of the snake’s body during combat. It can penetrate through copper armour.
High Endurance [4]: Snake can be active for longer periods of time without being tired.
Mediocre Speed [12]: Snake can move at extremely fast speeds.
Medium Rigidity [2]: Snake can clench his muscles for a few minutes to make his body completely rigid. Impacts against hard objects like steel can cause the snake to break out of his rigid form.

24th December 2007, 06:22 PM
Apprentice Chain whip [12]
High Spiked Shield [4]
High Endurance [6]
High Speed [8]
High Strength [4]
High Dark Aura: Taint [4]
High Dark Aura: Dark Brotherhood [4]
High Dark Aura: Venom [4]

12 + 4 + 6 + 8 + 4 + 4 + 4 + 4 = 46

Amateur Chain whip [16]
Mediocre Spiked Shield [8]
High Endurance [6]
Mediocre Speed [8]
Mediocre Strength [8]
High Dark Aura: Taint [4]
Mediocre Dark Aura: Dark Brotherhood [8]
High Dark Aura: Venom [4]

16 + 8 + 6 + 8 + 8 + 4 + 8 + 4 = 62

62 - 48 = 16 when you can only distribute 8? Where did you get those extra points from?

High Bite [5]
High Spike Control [6]
High Endurance [4]
High Speed [4]
Medium Rigidity [2]

5 + 6+ 4 + 4 + 2 = 21

Mediocre Bite [8]
Mediocre Spike Control [8]
High Endurance [4]
Amateur Speed [15]
Medium Rigidity [2]

8 + 8 + 4 + 15 + 2 = 37

37 - 21 = 16 when you can only distribute 8? Where did you get those extra points from?

The FBM quest wasn't over a 100 posts so rewards aren't doubled ... you get 16 points to spend on them combined!! 8 points each unless there's some stuff you didn't put in here.

Aside from that, please put into your profile whether snake is a sig or pet npc.

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