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7th December 2007, 04:43 PM
Istar gets to make the first post (took ya long enough to pick a simple name!).

Clan Notes:

December 7, 2007: Clan created.

13th December 2007, 08:17 PM
This clan is the direct result of the failure of the previous clan, The Chaos Legion. As a founding member and main contributor to the uncompleted system of the Chaos Legion, I will be utilizing my own completed version of the one that was being developed for use of the Chaos Legion. While we hope for many new members, the old Chaos Legion members will be invited to join as well. Attached to this post is a map that will be used as the basis of our world.

One of the major issues that the first clan faced was character balance and a solid system. That problem, however, has been completely removed. Therefore I will post here the comprehensive clan system:


Character Template:

Name: Last name, First name

Rank: Academy Student/Genin (unless you are remain from the old days, in which case you‘ll be assigned points and a rank)

Village: (Japanese word-gakure, ex- Raigakure: Village Hiding in Lightning, Sutagakure: Village Hiding in the Stars)

Age: (between 6-12 would be good for Academy Student)
Appearance: (If you have well made unique appearance, then people will remember you)
-Hair (color, length, other)
-Eyes (color)
-Skin (color)
-Distinguishing Features
-Body-type (describe: athletic, bulky, agile, etc.)

Special Trait(s): List here if applicable

Taijutsu: X (points)
Genjutsu: X (points)
Ninjutsu: X (points)



History: Detailed character history.

*NOTE* Try to balance Weakness and Strengths that doesn’t mean two weaknesses and five strengths.


Rank System:

The way of the shinobi is a long, enduring road. The path towards mastery of this art has been mapped out using seven different levels of achievement, or ranks. Each ninja rank is typically used to display the amount of power one has, as well as the techniques they can use. Ninja ranks are earned or assigned by the leader of your village:

E-rank: Academy Student. Academy students are not official ninja, but they are capable of using the various skills they learn from their ninja academy. Their entire class is taught by a Chunin. (Unrequited join rank, but available if that is desired)

D-rank: Genin ("low ninja") are the lowest level of official ninja and also the ones that display the most difference in power. A genin will retain their rank upon graduation from the academy until they have completed the Chunin Exam (or by special dispensation of the Kage), and therefore a shinobi could remain a genin permanently. They are typically part of a four-man cell containing a two other genin and a Jounin sensei (though they are really their military commander).

C-rank: Chunin (Chūnin, literally "middle ninja", "Journeyman") are ninja have passed the Chunin Exam of their village. Chunin have reached a level of maturity that primarily consists of leadership skills and tactical prowess. These ninja can either be squad leaders or teachers at the village academy.

B/A-rank: Tokubetsu Jounin (Tokubetsu Jōnin, literally "Special high ninja", sometimes known as Tokujō for short) are ninja who rank above Chunin but below Jounin. Tokubetsu Jounin are ninja who, rather than all-around Jounin training, have Jounin-level ability in a single area or skill.

A-rank: Jounin (Jōnin, literally "high ninja", Viz "elite ninja") are generally highly-experienced ninja with great individual skill who serve as military captains. They are highly skilled, having achieved at least two A-level skill areas and one B-level skill area.

A/S-rank: Kage level, Those who achieved the title of Kage (literally "Shadow") are the leaders of the most powerful Hidden Villages. Kage are usually the most powerful ninja of the village at the time of their appointment, having attained S-level abilities in a skill area. However a ninja may be the most powerful at the time of being installed as Kage, but he will age and a more youthful ninja may become more powerful. Kage are an elite group and while there may be more than one in a village, the youngest is the official head of the village. Kages either founded their village, or were named successor by the current Kage.

S-Rank: Legendary-ninja level (sometimes referred to as Sanin), S-class ninja have gained power far beyond an average Jounin and attained a legendary status of power. S-class is not actually a rank, however, merely a description. Their official rank with a village will still be Jounin, though they are rarely addressed as such. The allegiances of these shinobi are without question to their village, so they have been given total autonomy to do as they please outside their village.


Clan Society:

I’m a believer in social structure and order. Those who have worked hard to achieve a high rank should be given the respect they deserve, and therefore I want to clarify to the members of this clan just how we will be working together in a social fashion both IC and OOC within the clan. I think this is something that plagues the clan system, as well as most of GUA, hard-work and talent don‘t get any visible rewards socially, but now they can…

Kage: Any current or former leader of the clan (or another village if perhaps we add that function). This person is in charge, and their word is law within the clan. IC, your characters should be incredibly respectful, and OOC it would be wise to be friendly with the clan leader. The most recent Kage is held as clan leader, but the older Kages retain their rank and have most social clout than the Council.

Council: To start on the council, you must be a former Chaos Legion member. While IC you may not be the absolute most powerful characters, you have incredibly sway in the way the clan works. ICly, you guys are in charge of advising the Kage on distribution of missions, planning the Chunin exams, and other governing functions. OOCly, you guys hold more power than anyone but the clan leader and have important input on all clan functions like amending the clan system or going to war with another clan.

Sanin: Granted this rank through advancement in the skill system and being shown favor by the Kage, you are an IC powerhouse. There’s nearly nobody in the clan more powerful than you, sometimes even the Kage, but you usually have the unflinching loyalty to your village that wouldn’t likely cause you to try for a coup. All other clan members, save perhaps some council members and the Kage, will show you the utmost respect ICly, and OOCly you should enjoy a good level of respect from your fellow clansmen.

ANBU: Though technically you may not be the most powerful ICly, your character is above the typical chain of command. Your report directly to the Council and the Kage, never having to take orders from other ninja. You are the elite Black Ops. of the clan, and your missions will be deadly. OOCly, you are respected, and even a little feared, because you are a shinobi hunter, and rouge clansmen will not want their characters on your hit list.

Jounin: If you have no desire for leadership, you should’ve never become a Jounin. With your talents, your character is incredibly powerful, well above the normal ninja. ICly, you are in charge of a squad of genin and are their teacher, you help them advance their skills and protecting them is your top priority. OOCly, you have really just reached the point in the clan where you are seen as a potential clan leader. You will receive a lot more respect then you have before, and when people are nice, it’s not just because they want you to stay in the clan.

Tokujō /Chunin: Above genin, but below jounin, you’re in quite the situation. You’ve proven you’ve got the spark to get really into the clan by going through a Chunin exam, but you haven’t shown the dedication and endurance to raise your ranks up high enough to get the Jounin title. So how does this affect you? Well, you’re just getting the benefits ICly with the new techniques you have available to yourself and OOCly, people should begin noticing you more. Moving up to Tokujō is a nice step up from here, but you’re essentially in the same spot: will you hold out and do the work to get Jounin?

Genin: Okay, so you just joined. ICly, you’re either a wimp or just lazy. OOCly, it definitely reflects on your activity. Lazy genin will likely take a lot of crap if they’re holding up a quest or spar, but if you’re active you’ll get the credit you earn. A lot of the time, to advance, you’ll have to be in the favor of the leadership in order to receive high-scoring missions in order to advance your rank. Everyone else should be nice to you, but if you’re a brat don’t expect special treatment.

Academy Students: Everyone should be nice to you, but try to stay out of the way when the big boys start to play.


Points System:

The heart and soul of character development of the clan. Points are accumulated for participation in any IC clan thread. It is important to label all threads with the clan name in parentheses because I or another designated ranking clan member will be reviewing the threads periodically and assigning you points via pm. You may apply the points in any manner you desire to either your Tai, Gen, or Ninjutsu (unless you have a restriction placed on your character by certain abilities).

Here is the chart for what number of points applied to a skill area will unlock:


5, D-Rank Jutsu Available
15, C-Rank Jutsu Available
30, B-Rank Jutsu Available
50, First and Second Gate Unlockable
65, A-Rank Jutsu Available, Third and Fourth Gate Unlockable
75, Fifth Gate Unlockable
85, Sixth Gate Unlockable
90, Seventh Gate Unlockable
100, S-Rank Jutsu Available, Eighth Gate Unlockable


5, D-Rank Jutsu Available
15, C-Rank Jutsu Available
35 B-Rank Jutsu Available, Immune to D-Rank Genjutsu
45, Immune to C-Rank Genjutsu
60, A-Rank Jutsu Available
70, Immune to B-Rank Genjutsu
80, Immune to A-Rank Genjutsu
100, S-Rank Jutsu Available


5, D-Rank Jutsu Available
15, C-Rank Jutsu Available, Chakra Manipulation Rank C
30, B-Rank Jutsu Available
45, Chakra Manipulation Rank B
60, A-Rank Jutsu Available
75, Chakra Manipulation Rank A
90, Chakra Manipulation Rank S
100, S-Rank Jutsu Available


Skill System:

- There are 3 Key Skill Areas in this system: Ninjutsu, Genjutsu, and Taijutsu. The points collected on a regular basis via participation in various clan events can be allocated by the user into any of the 3 Key Areas.

- Ninjutsu: This Key Area is used to determine what rank jutsu you can use. The higher the points in this area are, the greater level of jutsu a person can use. Also, passive bonuses for chakra control and chakra reserves will be awarded for those who invest points in this area. In addition to this Key Area, there is a sub-skill area called "Chakra Control" which will be addressed later.

+ Chakra Control: The ability to manipulate chakra can determine a battle. If you are inefficient with your use of chakra you’ll exhaust yourself and be easily defeated. Whenever you use a skill with a rank higher that your Chakra Control Rank, you’ll waste energy that could be used for later attacks.

- Genjutsu: This key area, much like Ninjutsu, determines the level of Genjutsu you can learn to use. In addition, various passive bonuses to a character’s resistance to genjutsu will be awarded for higher levels in this Key Area, unlike Ninjutsu this Key Area has no sub-skill area.

- Taijutsu: Similar to the other two Key Areas, additional points in this area determine what level of taijutsu you can use. Certain Taijutsu, such as the Juken, can only be used if the character has the proper bloodline limit. When trying to figure out who would be faster or stronger between two shinobi, a comparison between the points in this area is the best way to go. This area also has no sub-skill areas.

- Special Traits: There are various passive abilities (usually inspired by a Naruto character), most of which are yet undefined, available to any ninja. Traits such as "Total Dropout" and "True Genius" can significantly change the way you want to build your character. Bonuses like "True Genius" must be applied for via pm quiz/essay requirement. The list of special traits is incomplete and more can be added by suggesting them to the ranking clan members.

- Summon Pacts: Summon Pacts can be explained in a History or quested for. The first person to receive a pact will be given the pact scroll and thus be named "Scroll Keeper". Those who wish to join in a current pact must receive training from the current "Scroll Keeper". The Scroll Keeper may give his title to any other pact member. The more powerful the creature being summoned, the higher number of points in Ninjutsu required.

- Cursed Seals: Those who bear the Cursed Seal and use it often are motivated by some selfish desire for power. The Cursed Seal drains away the life-force of the user in exchange for incredible amounts of amplified chakra, so much so that a Genin could defeat a Jounin. There are two stages of transformation. In Stage One, the seal spreads it’s pattern over the body and aggression and power are increased. The Second Stage manifests itself with dramatic physical transformations that are often dependent on the personality and abilities of the user. Bloodline Limits are allowed in combination, but they are forced active while the seal is active.

- Bijuu: There are nine demons, known by their number of tails, who possess incredible abilities and amounts of chakra. Those who possess one of these nine tailed-beasts of incredible power. Sealed inside the body of their host as a newborn infant, the beast is locked inside the child. As the child grows, the seal gradual loosens to the point where it appears whenever the host manipulates their chakra. Until the seal weakens, the child will have unruly chakra control because of the presence of the second chakra in their body.

As they grow, if the host is placed in a desperate situation then the Bijuu will manifest in the form of physical transformation and dramatic increase in chakra. Each beast has a tailed-transformation and with each tail in the transformation they become closer to having the demon take over, though they are gifted with exponential leaps in chakra with each transformation. At first, the transformations may overwhelm the consciousness of the host. As time goes on, the symbiosis between the demon and the jinchuuriki allows for the host to transform at will and retain control of themselves.

There are limitations. No single character can have a Bloodline Limit and also carry a Bijuu. No Limit or Bijuu character can receive the "Perfect Chakra Control" bonus which can be discussed later.

List of Bijuu and Jinchuuriki:

One-tailed Raccoon-dog, Shukaku: Unassigned.

Two-tailed Cat, (Unknown): Unassigned.

Three-tailed Tortoise, (Unknown): Unassigned.

Four-tailed (Unknown): Unassigned.

Five-tailed (Unknown): Unassigned.

Six-tailed (Unknown): Unassigned.

Seven-tailed (Unknown): Unassigned.

Eight-tailed (Unknown): Unassigned.

Nine-tailed Fox, Kyuubi: Reserved.

List of Special Traits and what they can do:

- Total Dropout: (Inspired by Naruto character, Rock Lee) The total dropout is a rather interesting trait that makes it impossible for points to be applied to either ninjutsu or genjutsu. While this may be seen as a drawback, some may find it incredibly useful since it means that you aren’t required to balance your stats. In addition, you will be able to utilize incredibly powerful taijutsu far earlier than nearly any and all members of the clan.

- True Genius: (Inspired by Naruto character, Hyuuga Neji) The exact opposite of the Total Dropout, this is an incredibly powerful trait that must be applied for. The reason it is so valuable is that it awards you an automatic 15 bonus points to all three skill areas! These points do not count as points applied through standard means, and therefore you won’t find a balance restriction placed on yourself because of them! To apply, you must get 100% on a pm quiz sent to you by Istar.

- Perfect Chakra Control: (Inspired by Naruto character, Haruno Sakura) You never waste a drop of chakra when you use techniques with this trait! In addition, you must have this trait to use medical ninjutsu or be able to acquire the “Inhuman Strength” trait. Cannot be used in tandem with either Total Dropout or True Genius.

- Inhuman Strength: (Inspired by Naruto character, Tsunade) Only usable if you have Perfect Chakra Control. This trait grants the character the ability to focus and release a precise amount of chakra that grants momentary strength that is so great you could shatter castle walls with a mere punch! In addition, there is no physical drawback to such strength, unlike certain taijutsu abilities. The first person to acquire this ability will then be responsible for teaching other Perfect Charka Control characters this trait, much the same as a Summon Pact “Scroll Keeper”


The next template is if you are applying for a bloodline limit. These can be original or based off a Naruto bloodline limit. A person may use the same bloodline limit as another clan member, but their characters must be related somehow and permission must be attained from the limit creator.


Jutsu/Bloodline History: Detailed description creating a history of your power and how it has influenced the clan universe. All Naruto-based bloodlines may keep their name, but the clans must be different and the history must be unique. Try to remember that bloodline families have a great impact on their village and generally remain in their original village.

Physical Changes: What does it do to your character physically or mentally?

Description: What does it do. Does it award bonus points?

Activation: What does it take to activate for the first time? What are the beginning signs that the user is on the verge of activation?

Mastery: Are there more stages of your character’s bloodline? They have now been able to activate it for the first time, but is there more to be attained?

Drawbacks/Weaknesses: All bloodlines must have some kind of weakness or drawback from using them, more than one even.

List of Current Approved Bloodline Limits and Creator:

Jigan Eye: Ryushin Asura (Lord_Asiram)


Common & Basic Weapons

Kunai - The Kunai is a kind of basic dagger that all ninjas use. It is all-purpose and can be used as a throwing knife or to stab at your opponents. It is extremely vital for all Shinobi to have.

Shuriken - The shuriken, otherwise known as ninja stars, are a very deadly and commonly used weapon. The are small, and generally all shinobi carry quite a number of them.

Fuuma Shuriken - The fuuma shuriken, also known as the windmill shuriken. Is much larger than the normal shuriken, and sometimes collapsible for easier transportation. Though the accuracy rate is much lower the effects of being hit by a fuuma shuriken are far more deadly.

Makibishi - Makibishi are small nails used to attack the opponent with. Just like the Senbon Needles, they do not hit the opponent very often. Some ninjas use this weapon as a distraction for his/her main attack. Makibishis have 4 pointed spikes and are also used to slow down an opponent. Its shape makes it so at least one point is always facing up.

Food Pills - You would be surprised to consider this a weapon, but it is. These emergency supplements can instantly restore, and sometimes even double the chakra of the person who uses them. It’s been said that some pills can allow for shinobi to fight for three days without rest. Certain clans have even specialized in the creation of these pills that have even more variety of special properties.

Bombs - A rather underused weapon. There are four types of bombs: incendiary, smoke, gas, and light bombs. Incendiary bombs are the typical explosives, typically not very large, they can be thrown like a grenade and have very similar effects. The smoke bomb is either used as a distraction or an escape tool. The gas bomb is simply a poisonous gas bomb which causes coughing once breathed in. The light bomb is used to blind a person momentarily to give its user time to get away, or for some other strategy.

Ointment - Ointments are simply used as a healing cream or used to relieve pain.

Exploding Tags - A commonly used weapon, exploding tags are pieces of paper with the Japanese character "Baku," which means "explode" written on it. These tags can be easily placed on various items and will ignite them and explode after a short amount of time.

Wire - Wires are simple thin metal wiring often tied to the kunai or shuriken and thrown to in groups to fasten an enemy to a tree or rock.

Senbon Needles - Senbon needles, while mainly used for acupuncture, but some properly trained shinobi, can use them as deadly weapons. One of the reasons it is not all that popular is it requires extreme accuracy and speed, as they are only deadly if they hit a vital area of the body. With the right precision and timing, a Shinobi can throw a Senbon Needle seemingly at a vital target on an ally, but actually missing it by a few inches. This causes the ally to go into a death-like trance in which the Shinobi will appear dead. Even if the opponents were to take precautions to see if they are really dead.

Trench Knives - Sharpened iron knuckles with a long blade attached.. Extremely useful in hand-to-hand combats. The most attractive feature of these weapons is their unique ability to channel the user’s chakra into them, giving the properties of the chakra to the blades.

Sword - Often called the ultimate weapon of the warrior. Various types of techniques can be developed around the use of the sword, though they take a long duration to master.


Clan Universe:

Another addition that will perhaps aid the creation of characters and the proper establishment of this clan is that I will be adding a back-story to the world we are inhabiting in order to give members more of an understanding of the environment they will be role-playing in. This background information will deal with minor world history leading up to the most recent events dealing specifically with the clan’s village:

Our land has never seen true unity or lasting peace. The land is divided among five great lords, and each country is seemingly always looking for a way to increase their holdings. The power of each nation is not within the amount of land it controls, nor the size of its army. It lies solely within the hidden villages that reside within each nation, the ninja villages.

The ninja, or shinobi as they prefer to be called, are powerful clans that banded together to form villages in order to perpetuate the understanding and use of chakra, the life-giving essence that resides in us all. Hundreds of years ago, a single individual emerged onto the stage of history and gathered the willing to himself. This man had learned how to control the power within his body, his very life-force, and how to channel it into various forms. It was said he could breathe flames, walk on water, and summon mystical beasts from thin air, among other things. He taught those he’d gathered to himself to also manipulate chakra, and they became the first shinobi.

Eventually, the shinobi clashed in clan conflict. They used their power and ever-advancing knowledge of the human body to look for new ways to manipulate chakra. The innovative techniques created by the early shinobi tribes is often a marvel, even to later ninjutsu masters. Eventually, though, for their own mutual defense the shinobi began to band together and form villages. These villages provided for their countries with their various skills, both physical and supernatural. Since that time, a country has measured its power on the strength of its own shinobi village.

Sure, each government has a conventional military, but most of the budget goes to supporting the hidden villages and the shinobi. As such, the ninja are the private army of the country’s lord. In exchange for a safe place to live and continue their culture, they take on missions and fight the wars of their lord. However, the wealth and prosperity of the nation is reflected in the village, so the trade off is always seen as beneficial.

13th December 2007, 08:19 PM
Clan History:

In the Water Country there resides a once-great hidden village: Tsukigakure, the Village Hiding in the Moon. Created by a pair of shinobi that fought nearly to the death, roughly 250 years ago, it was the fourth hidden village to be established. It was said that the shinobi clans in the Water Country were warring to gain the favor of their country’s lord in order to establish a hidden village, but that no one clan could gain the upper hand. One night, though, the young, but powerful, ninja fought against his rival to the death at a large lake in rather unknown location in the country. The two shinobi were of such equal strength that they fought to a standstill. They stood across the lake, staring at each other, until the both stopped gasping for breath. Looking together upon the lake, they saw the moon shining down its reflection. The sight was so beautiful that the two warrior’s hearts calmed, and they realized that by working together they could forge a union and create a powerful hidden village.

After fighting to gain control of the other shinobi clans, the two warriors brought them to the lake. Together, they formed the Village Hiding in the Moon, Tsukigakure, in honor of the image of the moon that had inspired their pact. They took the titles of First and Second Mizukage, the only village in history to have two ruling Kage. It was a time of prosperity as the two kages worked together to raise their new village to power. The new village was quite powerful, and with the strength of their two leaders they succeeded in many missions.

Unfortunately, the original lord who had been in power when Tsukigakure was created died of illness, and his reckless son took control of the country. He was a greedy man, never satisfied with what he had. He began to eye land in the Fire Country to the west, having heard that they were constantly at war with the Earth Country. Basic military principle dictated that a war couldn’t be won if there were two fronts. Consulting the Mizukages, he was outraged when they expressed discomfort with the idea of going to war. He ordered the ninja to go to war, citing the unbreakable contract their village had with his family as a way to force it upon them.

The war was long and bloody, lots of shinobi lost their lives. In the end, Hinogakure, the Village Hiding in Flames, was saved from the pincer assault. When the shinobi, led by the first Mizukage, were about to land on the shores of the Fire Country, they were assaulted by a previously unknown force…the ninja of Arashigakure, the Village Hiding in Tempests. Much as fire cannot live without air, the Fire Country had a hidden alliance with the Wind Country! The Arashi ninja were to guard the Hino ninja from a second front, and there had been no indication of it from the start. The ambushed ninja didn’t stand a chance against the might of the Arashi forces. A handful of jounin and the first Mizukage barely escaped.

Having returned, utterly defeated, Tsukigakure lost about 60% of its original strength. Quickly assassinating the treacherous lord who’d caused their defeat, the youngest son of their original lord took control. He quickly ceased all hostilities with the Fire Country and engaged in making a pact with the country to the south, the Light Country. It was known by far as the most powerful of the countries, its Sutagakure, Village Hiding in the Stars, being the most powerful of all the hidden villages.

At that time, the third Mizukage was chosen, a wise and powerful shinobi who had survived the battle on the shores of the Fire Country, by the name of Honda Kisuke. Kisuke-sama would spend the next thirty years rebuilding Tsukigakure…


The Third Mizukage is getting old, and will soon be choosing his successor. Tsukigakure is finally getting more advanced missions, and the prosperity of the village is growing back into its former glory. YOU are one of the shinobi who’s loyalty and zeal will bring honor to your clan and home. Will you become strong enough to be the Mizukage’s heir?

Things you might not know yet:

I'm adding this section because I've had quite a few people come to me with no knowledge of the Naruto-universe that this clan is loosely based off of, so I'm going to explain some things here:

Stamina: Stamina is something you're born with. How much the body is capable of doing before it simply exhausts itself. Properly trained, one can convert their stamina into power, or chakra.

Chakra: Chakra is the lifeblood of the shinobi arts. Chakra is pure energy converted from stamina by the body which flows through the body in the chakra circulatory system. Anyone who is properly trained can utilize chakra in to creation ninjutsu or genjutsu.

Ninjutsu (http://www.narutohq.com/ninjutsu.php): It was once said that it is Ninjutsu which gives the shinobi the name "ninja", a "Warrior who uses ninjutsu". Ninjutsu is term referring to almost any technique that uses chakra and allows the user to do something that they otherwise would be incapable of doing. Unlike genjutsu, which makes the opponent see illusions, the effects of ninjutsu are quite real. Ninjutsu relies on chakra and, most of the time, hand seals (each hand seal showing a different animal in the Chinese zodiac) to be effective. The hands are put in sequential positions that mold chakra in the necessary manner to perform a jutsu. Some jutsu seem to become second nature to experienced ninja, after which they can perform them with a single sign. Additionally, some ninjutsu can be classified as an elemental jutsu, in those cases where a specific element (earth, fire, lightning, water, wind, darkness) is used. (linked to jutsu list)

Genjutsu (http://www.narutohq.com/genjutsu.php): Genjutsu (Illusion Techniques) are techniques that use the chakra in the victim's nervous system to create illusions; an advanced intellectual Ninjutsu. The most commonly seen Genjutsu is simple creation of phantasms- causing the targeted person to hear, see, smell, taste and feel things that are not actually there in order to manipulate them; other applications of Genjutsu are rare. (linked to jutsu list)

Countering Genjutsu: There are several ways to counter Genjutsu. Because it uses the victim's own chakra against him, he can cancel the genjutsu by trying to stop, and thereby disrupt, his own chakra flow. This is called Genjutsu Kai (Illusion Technique Cancel). If this doesn't work, then the only way for the victim to cancel the Genjutsu is having someone else disrupt his chakra flow with theirs through body contact. It has also been seen that if a person caused themself a "shocking" pain (such as a stab wound or broken finger) that they will wake up as well. It should be noted, however, that in the case of some high-level Genjutsu techniques that even pain will not break the Jutsu.

Taijutsu (http://www.narutohq.com/taijutsu.php): refers to any techniques involving the martial arts or the optimization of natural human abilities in general. In other words, taijutsu is executed by accessing the user's stamina directly, rather than converting the user's stamina to chakra in order to execute a ninjutsu or genjutsu technique, meaning that taijutsu is much quicker to execute than (though not always as powerful as) ninjutsu or genjutsu. In some cases, chakra is used to enhance the techniques, particularly in the Rishi clan's Gentle Fist style. Generally speaking, however, most taijutsu users rarely use chakra in their attacks. (linked to jutsu list)

19th December 2007, 12:46 PM
All the first posts are purely for IC introduction. This thread will be used for minor character interaction, all major clan events will take place in the main BA forum in threads with [Murajiburu] in the title
A tired-looking old man sat in solitude at a large oak desk. He placed the last of the troublesome paperwork on top of the monumental pile on the far end of his desk with his weathered hand. This was his lot in life now, having come to the age of retirement from official missions. Safety in an office, only responsible for making decisions and not risking his life for the honor of the village.

In other words, boring.

The time had come to begin searching for his heir. No man lived forever, and he knew that. Honda Kiskue stood, placing the large headdress with the character for "water" on his gray head. The time of the third Mizukage was coming to a close, but that didn't mean he was going to sit at his desk all day. Besides, today was an important day. The official representative of the Village Hiding in the Stars, Sutagakure, was to arrive within the hour.

The alliance with Suta had saved his home, Tsukigakure, from certain doom. The foolish assault on the Fire Country that had led to the destruction of so much of the power of the Village Hiding in the Moon flashed in his mind. Kisuke had been there that day on the beach when they were ambushed by the shinobi of Arashigakure. The Mizukage clenched his fists in rage as he thought of the lost friends from that tragic day. The only thing that eased his pain was knowing that the blood of the foolish lord who had commanded the attack had been shed, and they had a newer, wiser leader to count on.

Shaking the old, traumatic thoughts from his mind, Kisuke strode past the walls covered with scrolls towards the door of his office. Standing beside the door were two ANBU that would be accompanying their lord to the main gate to meet with him. Few things shook the Mizukage, but when he read the dispatch from his fellow kage, the Hikarikage, detailing who would be coming as ambassador all Honda Kisuke could do was stare with a stunned look.

...In order to prove that our alliance means so much to me, Kisuke-san, I will be sending to your aid Takeda Shinkei...

Takeda Shinkei! Of all the shinobi at the Hikarikage's command, there was none greater than the legendary Takeda Shinkei, son of the late Takeda Shingen who was Hikarikage himself while he lived. He was a Sanin, a master shinobi of epic power. It was said that Shinkei had surpassed his father, who was himself viewed as the most powerful shinobi of his day. Kisuke didn't know whether or not to be overjoyed or overwhelmed, but he definitely was the latter.

As he walked along the paved paths of Tsukigakure, he greeted many of the villagers and fellow shinobi. They all venerated him, loved him. They called him "Savior of the Moon", and that without his wisdom they'd have been lost. Kisuke cracked a wide, joyful smile as he thought of the family that was the entire village. The Mizukage would willingly, happily sacrifice himself for any single person in his home. It was a virtue he'd learned as a pupil of the Second Mizukage.

As the gates opened up, a solitary figure stood in the wide road that lead from the southern Light Country over the small land-bridge into the Water Country. He was quite tall, his spiky blond hair making him appear even taller than he was. His handsome face was marked with what looked like 3 whiskers on each side that were wrinkled by his wide, bright smile. The man's sparkling blue eyes were utterly care-free and joyful, and the very air around him seemed intoxicated by his free nature. Bowing politely, he spoke in a sincere, excited tone, "Greetings, I'm Takeda Shinkei, representative of Sutagakure, and it's very nice to meet you all!"

20th December 2007, 02:08 AM
Screw the fact she's not approved yet. I needs me a way to control Kiara. >.< And her bloodline is a convienent plot device here. And yes, this seemed funny for me when I thought of it, but I was listening to a lot of 4chan movies at the time (I like the music, okay?).

"... La laa laa la lalalaaa..."

"Kiara! Don't run off like that!"


A happy beaming child was darting through the alleys of Tsukigakure, arms outstreched as if she was chasing something while she sung merrily. Her hair was dark blonde, and styled in the Chinese Ox Horns fashion, two little baubles hanging off them. Her dress was also Chinese in origin, being sleeveless and formfitting, flapping wildly as she jumped from one place to the next, another girl in hot persuit.


The second girl stopped for a moment, her face obscrewed by the long white hair which came trailing after her, sighing softly. Where did Kiara get all that staminia from? She was a Genjutsu specialist, not a Taijutsu one... Standing up, the girl got her hair out of her face and looked around for the dreaming child. This girl was dressed simular to the 'Chinese' one, although her choise was much more local. A simple darkblue training gi (the top part, at least), a black shirt underneath and a pair of shorts to make sure no 'panty-shots' were possible. Her orange eyes scanned for any dustclouds the other girl could've kicked up, but then suddenly widened as something red and swirly appeared in them. Stumbling forward, she kneeled down again, holding her hand over her face.

"... The gates? That's where she's headed..?"

Her eyes clear again, the girl stood up again and changed direction. If Kiara was going towards the gates like she saw, then she knew a shortcut. Grabbing the nearest ladder she could, the girl quickly worked her way towards the roofs of Tsukigakure, speeding over them towards that large arch. In retrospect, she really should've bound her hair today.



"... I'm Takeda Shinkei..."


"... Representative of Sutagakure..."


"...and it's very nice to meet you all!"



"Ara? Ai-chan?"

Perhaps that it was a strange scene for those new to the village, but... Those that knew the Amagi clan certainly were familiar with it. The happy girl with a beaming smile was storming ahead, almost straight past the handsome stranger with strange whiskers if it weren't for a white-haired girl in a blue gi which suddenly appeared in a puff of black smoke, intercepting the charging one and griding her to a halt. Blinking slightly, the blonde girl stared around herself in confusion, the white-haired girl sighing again and letting go of her.

"What were you chasing this time?!"

"Nani? Uuuum... Orange squirrel baloons! And a loooong cat!"

"Orange... You're hopeless, Kiara-chan. Let's go."


Throwing her arms in the sky again, the girl in the chinese dress bolted off again, leaving the other coughing in a cloud of dust. Dusting herself off, the girl named Ai shook her head slightly before noticing she wasn't alone at the gates. Turning towards the leader of the village and the stranger, she smiled nervously. The scene just a moment ago couldn't have left a good impression.

"Ah... Konichi'wa, Mizukage-sama... Gomen, Kiara-chan is up to her old tricks again. I have to keep an eye on her."

Scratching her neck for a moment, the girl quickly followed in her friend's footsteps, loudly shouting that 'Kiara' had to slow down.

Mizu..? If this is the hidden village of the Moon, wouldn't Tsukikage make more sense? ~.~?

22nd December 2007, 11:33 AM
Thank God that mission finally ended! Kenzo RIshi thought to himself as he strolled down the streets of Tsukigakure. He had gotten back only the day before escorting a rich merchant who paid for an A-Rank mission, yet did not need it. Every moment he was complaining and whining. We were not even attacked once![i] thought Kenzo as he sighed very heavily. There was always one thing that could cheer him up though, some good ramen from his favorite restaurant.

Approaching the place Kenzo's spirits improved greatly seeing it was open. Last night he had returned too late and it had already closed. Now though, he would be satisfied. Sitting down at his usual spot the man behind the counter, a nice old-timer named Sal, recognized him, "Hey Kenzo! Haven't seen you in awhile."

"I know. I've had a bunch of missions pile up on me lately, practically run me ragged."

"Ohh, come on. You're a Jounin, you should be used to the physical strain."

"No its not the physical strain thats tiring its the people. Ahh well nevermind. A bit of rest and I'll be back to normal."

"Good to hear," replied Sal handing him his order. Making a small part in his mask he ate the ramen with great enthusiasm. Finishing it he pulled out some money an paid the bill. "Where ya off to?" Sal asked.

"A representative from Sutagakure is coming to the village today, I want a good look at him."

"Ahh, well you take it easy."

"I'll do my best." Kenzo moved off then into the streets of the village. When he got close to the gates he hopped on top of one of the buildings to get a better view. The gate was still quite a distance away, but no problem for him, "Byakugan". Instantly he could see the Mizukage and the ambassador as if he were right next to them. Taking a closer look at the ambassador Kenzo's eyes widened a bit; [i]Ohh, thats interesting...

31st December 2007, 03:38 PM
Legion, he's the kage for the whole country, not just the village. Smaller villages follow Tsukigakure's lead because it's the most powerful village in the nation. It's like how Hokage means Fire Shadow, and even though they're the leaf village it isn't Leaf Shadow. Tsukigakure ninja, however, refer to themselves as "moon ninja".
Shinkei couldn't help but flash a boyish smile as the carefree, and seemingly oblivious girl came dancing toward him. In fact, when the woman who was apparently her caretaker whisked her away, Shinkei chuckled to himself. My oh my, this village lives up to its humorous reputation. I had heard that Tsukigakure was a place of life and laughter, but this was a little bit more than I had been expecting, the star ninja thought to himself. His blue eyes glimmered with glee at thinking how lucky he'd been to receive the assignment of coming to the Village Hiding in the Moon.

He turned his attention to the leader before him, "Mizukage-sama, it has been far too long since I have had the pleasure of seeing you." The old man gave a sincere smile in response to the young man. The first time that Kisuke's path had crossed with the son of Suta's legendary "Shooting Star" was nearly a dozen years earlier, at the beginning of his maneuvers to ally the two villages. The mission was a tactical strike on an Arashigakure special operations team that had infiltrated the Light Country in the hopes of turning the smaller villages against the mighty Sutagakure force. The Mizukage had been in their neighboring country to watch the Chunin exam that had been taking place that year, but more than willingly offered his expertise against the tempest ninja when he had heard the mission explained.

In the old man's eyes, he had never seen any shinobi with the power to match Shinkei. At the time, Shinkei had still been relying on the power of the demon fox, Kyuubi, but their symbiosis had not reached the threatening level it would a few years later. In the presence of the jinchuuriki, there were none who could match him. Even Honda Kisuke, who was Mizukage, felt powerless in the wake of the demon's red chakra.

With Shinkei's power, they had quelled the threat in no time. Though he had been terribly fierce in battle, in private the boy was a charming and bright individual. When he'd received word that the alliance was to be made final when the ambassador arrived, it had troubled Kisuke that it was Shinkei's name on the letter. However, the Hikarikage had explained the transformation in Shinkei over the past several years and assured him that there was no longer a threat in his mind. It reassured him that his fellow kage would so blatantly reveal the state of his most powerful shinobi so easily. Alliances were a matter of trust, and honesty was of the utmost importance in the old man's mind.

"It does my old eyes good to see you as well, Shin-san. Welcome to my home, I hope that one day you can think of this place in the same fashion," the kage said with a graceous bow. As he rose, he motioned the ambassador to follow him. Taking the signal, the blonde shinobi followed with quick steps to make up the distance between them. In passing, he couldn't help but notice a man with strange eyes, and bulging veins around them, staring right at him. Rishi clan, Byakugan. Well, at least I know for sure that I've seen one of the kekkei genkai families. Seems like a nice fellow, patient too. He can see the swell of Kyuubi's chakra coming from the seal in my stomach, but he's not doing anything. Must be a jounin for that much control, thought Shinkei analytically. In a matter of ten minutes, the kage and ambassador would meet privately in his office, but until then Shinkei would take in the sights as he walked down the main street...

31st December 2007, 04:22 PM
Takumi Yoshikuni, Genin Shinobi, leaned forwards to rest his elbows on the table in front of him, legs tucked under the bench the young man was seated upon. He picked at what remained of his meal, before sighing and pushing the dish away, glancing up at the bustling crowds going up and down the street. The scroll Takumi had been reading whilst eating, Genjutsu Tameni Bakas, crumpled itself shut as the Genin released his grip on it.

Dressed informally in dark trous and a white shirt, Takumi still wore the headband of a Shinobi, though in his case he was an exception to the usual rule. Two headbands were wound around his arms, one to each bicep. The one on his left arm, burned and damaged, cracked and partially hidden by a flap of cloth, was embossed with a falling blossom symbol, whilst the shiny and pristine band marking his right arm simply bore a stylised crescent moon.

He reached up, idly rubbing the left headband, before glancing down the street and raising an eyebrow curiously. He rocked upwards out of his seat and stepped away from the bench, before dropping to one knee and bowing his head at the approach of the Mizukage. This was just Takumi to perfection, always inherently polite and respectful to his superiors, especially one so very superior as the Mizukage himself.

4th January 2008, 11:03 AM
"Haaai! Ya! Hoo-ah!" Chuk let fly one of his favorite maneuvers, A move he called, in secret due to his father's hatred for maneuver nicknames, the Raining Claws. Sixteen strikes to the midsection, and a double uppercut to the jaw, that's the extent of the move, but if done too slowly or too sloppily, the attacker could easily find himself on the defensive, or worse, dead. After landing the uppercuts, Chuk granned the top of the fighting dummy's head, leapt uo to plant the balls of his feet into the dummy's thighs, and sprang backwards, completing a back handspring before sliding to a complete stop.

"Very... Acceptable son, but now you must hurry, or you'll be late to the academy."

"Thank you father." There was nothing else said. His father was still disappointed to have fathered a complete failure, but his pride in his son was growing, just not quickly enough to carry on an informal conversation.

Chuk sped off into the house, grabbing his bag without breaking stride, and practically flew out the front door and down the road.

"If I"m late, the others will get the best seats... So I better not be late." He said as he doubled his efforts to get to school fast, as well as leaping atop rooftops so as not to run into anyone one the way to the Academy.

Deus Ex Machina
11th January 2008, 11:09 AM
It was an exceptionally peaceful day in Tsukigakure; the sun shone with a remarkable brilliance, slowly walking its solemn path across a blue sky empty of clouds. The warmth from the sun was pleasant and comfortable, the wind calm and gentle as it softly stirred through the village. The people of the village, taking advantage of the weather, chose to use the day to relax; children laughed and played in the streets while their elders relaxed on benches or on the grass, taking time out of their jobs to enjoy themselves either with books or with each others company. It was a day no one in the village wanted to miss out on.

Drawing his eyes away from his bedroom window, Hikage quickly finished tying the last strip of cloth on his arm, turning to check himself of the full-sized mirror hanging from his wooden wardrobe door. A quick inspection proved that no skin below his eyes showed.

Jeez, but that took forever, Hikage thought to himself, plucking his straw hat off his bedpost and placing it on his head, making sure that it provided shade for his face before tying it on to make sure it wasn’t blown off, although such an occurrence would be remarkably unlikely in such a nice day. He’d been up since early morning looking to go outside, and only now, when it was the early afternoon, had he finally finished putting on his bandages.

There has to be a faster method than this, Hikage thought to himself ruefully as he opened his wardrobe and pulled out his coat, a pair of grey shoes and a white hakama. He favoured darker colours, true, but if he combined black clothing with his coat and all these bandages he’d boil to death before he even got outside! At this rate, I’ll have missed the whole day!

Quickly tugging on his hakama and then shrugging on his coat, Hikage made sure the feathers on the back of the collar were properly arranged, tucked his ‘hair’ inside his coat and gave himself one last scrutinising look in the mirror, this time making sure that he looked his best. Apparently satisfied, Hikage lifted up his shoes and darted out of his room, through the hall and into his mother as she was leaving the kitchen with a large plate of meat cooked so much it looked like it would crumble and blow away from a light gust.

“Slow down, Higgie,” his mother smiled, looking down at her adopted son with caring soft blue eyes. She was a pretty woman, although she did not care to show it, and Hikage had never thought to mull on it. Usually dressed in rather mundane, lifeless clothes, her fashion sense belied her talent with a needle and thread and her creativity. When it came to her ability to cook, though… well, it was safe to say that whatever chicken she cooked either came to the dinner table clucking or looking like coal. There was at least one person that enjoyed her cooking, however.

“Sorry,” Hikage replied with an innocent – and therefore, naturally, suspicious - grin. “I’m just going out for a while.” Suddenly aware of what a slab of burnt meat in his mother’s hands meant, Hikage sighed. It was later in the day than he had assumed. “Is it dad’s lunch time already?”

“Yes, it is,” his mother replied in a disapproving tone, frowning down at the burnt meat, “although I do wish he would eat more vegetables… I should buy some for dinner, maybe…” Oh dear, Hikage thought, an overwhelming sense of dread taking hold of him. There was a very good reason why father, a man who would eat almost anything, had told his mother in no uncertain terms that she was never to serve vegetables. Not after… ‘the incident’.

“Err… well, gotta go, mum! See ya!” Darting past her before she could obtain his opinion on the matter, Hikage burst out the front door and into the village.

Quickly closing the door behind him before his mother could so much as react, Hikage sat down with the door to his back and tugged on his shoes as he looked out around him under his straw hat as he thought about what to do, which was, he suddenly realized, nothing. He had been training tree-climbing using chakra just yesterday, and his brittle bones hadn’t quite recovered from the amount of failures. Other than that, there wasn’t much else he had to train in. He had friends, of course, but most lived on the other side of the village, and Hikage wasn’t particularly inclined to go all the way over there. The woods were close to his home, though, so he could go for a walk on his own, if only to clear his mind, but his mind didn’t need any clearing, and walking through the woods wouldn’t be any different from walking through the village.

So, after pushing himself up off the ground, dusting off his clothes and giving himself a quick stretch, Hikage did exactly that.

14th January 2008, 04:59 PM
Three hundred meters...

Again they came, this time five teams. FIVE. Yamigakure had become so desperate to apprehend or kill the boy that they had sent fifteen of their best to hunt him! So many of them! All he could think to do was run. He was close...so very close. The village of the moon, Tsukigakure...he would be there soon! But they were closing, and the beleaguered Asura was no longer sure how long he could keep the pace. He was tired...so very tired. It had been months, almost years since his last encounter with shinobi of this calibre. He had lost his shape, his prodigious touch. Still, he was in condition enough to fight if he had to.

Two hundred and sixty meters...

Closing in. They were closing in. He had run away so many times...changed his name, and tried to live a life under the radar, away from wars and hateful traitors. However, the ANBU squad had always managed to follow his trail. Asura always had to leave blood in his deadly wake wherever he travelled, for nowhere was safe anymore...nowhere but the moon village. It would be a place where he could stay, safe from harm, and surrounded by many others like himself.

Two hundred and fifteen meters...

But they were too close now. He would seized if he did not make a stand. He turned. A series of hand signs ran together in a blur. 'Darkness Release - Reaching Darkness Technique!!' Instantly, tendrils of amorphous black shot forth and managed to grasp two of the fifteen ANBU. He clenched his hands into a fist, and the lethal crack of bones was heard. 31 Yami ANBU now dead by his hand...but alas, thirteen still stood. He had to turn and continue his desperate sprint for the massive gates that lay ahead. But they were too close. A hail of no less than twenty Kunai flew forth at him. Two struck him in ligaments on his arms. He winced in pain, and continued to run. He turned again, and made the two finger-cross seal. 'Kage Bunshin no Jutsu!!'

One hundred and seventy-seven meters...

Three identical clones appeared next to the true Asura, all maintaing his sprint. "Fight." he barked at them, clenching his fists as blood dripped down his arms. Running again, he saw the wall of the village approach in the distance. "Close..." he whispered. However, his vision was becoming blurry. He was fatigued from running, and the jutsu he had used to slow the ANBU nin had exhausted much of his chakra. The clones had done their jobs well, holding the remaining ANBU until Asura could get to the gates. The doors loomed. He was just seconds away. However, he did not have seconds. He turned, and there stood seven ANBU squad members. "The end...?" he said to himself. "No!" he yelled with uncharacteristic force.

He made seals at a desperate pace. 'Darkness Release - Obsidian Blades!' Scores of black shards flew forth from the shadows, skewering two more black ops squad members. Only five left, but that was all Asura had left in him. His last conscious sight was five ninja, garbed in black with white masks, walking in slowly for the kill...

17th January 2008, 12:59 AM
Lazing about in the crook of one particularly large tree somewhere in the center of the town, a silver-haired woman fiddled with a handful of senbon needles. There was a good deal of commotion going on down on the ground level, but she didn’t really care what was happening. She wasn’t impressed by names or titles.

Takeda Shinkei. Yeah? So what. He was just as human as any other ninja, even if he had achieved what most felt to be a legendary status. Everyone bled, and if they bled, they could die. The black-clothed woman closed her eyes and rested her head against the smooth bark of the tree. She had been given a mission a few hours earlier; probably so she wouldn’t embarrass the Mizukage when he met with the ambassador from Sutagakure. Tact was never one of her strong points, but sarcasm and a pointed sense of humor were there to make up for it.

In the distance, she could make out the blue and white of the Mizukage’s robes and the white overcoat of the “legendary” ninja. Any one of the Shugo Tenshi from her clan would make short work of him. They would make short work of the village if they wanted to, but there was no reason to fight meaningless civil wars. The Hayasaka name was, after all, moderately known throughout the city. Tsukigakure was also their home; they had seen the pointless wars and battles ordered by the Feudal Lord. They had even assisted in removing him.

No, she was content to simply lie on her branch and wait for them to pass underneath. No point in causing any undue ruckus if she didn’t have to. Besides, she had a mission to prepare for. A few names already crossed her mind for who to bring… she had been told to select three others, and she had her three. Kimimaru Hoshigaki, Rishi Kenzo, and Yoshikuni Takumi.

17th January 2008, 12:02 PM
The signature, secret technique that Shinkei's father used was the Hiraishin no Jutsu, the Flying Thundergod Technique. With it, the user could travel instantaneously to a predetermined destination. The secret of the technique had been passed down only to the Takeda Shingen's son, Shinkei, for so great was its tactical application that when he perfected it Shingen adopted the alias "The Shooting Star of Suta". The jutsu's secret were special seals that could be placed on anything from the ground, to weapons, and even people. Once, Sutagakure shinobi launched hundreds of kunai into an enemy camp that had the seal wrapped around the hilt, and, within a matter of minutes, Shingen had decimated the enemy force.

The seal also had a special added effect, it could transmit information directly into the mind of its creator: literally allowing them to know exactly what is going on around the seal. Perhaps by some twist of fate, Shinkei had decided to place a layer Tsukigakure in the ground surrounding the entryway into the Village Hiding in the Moon. The diplomat imagined that it would be useful to alert the Mizukage if there was a normally undetectable threat, so he planned on explaining the seals in the Mizukage's office. Unfortunately, the time for that explanation would have to wait, for Shinkei percieved the young Asura's threat as he fell unconcious with the Darkness ANBU chasing after him.

"Mizukage-sama, I will give you an explanation later, but for now I have to go!" Shinkei called out as he turned to face the gate. With a single handsign, the star ninja blinked out of existence before the crowd and into the sight of the ANBU surrounding the injured Darkness Jounin.

The ANBU seemed completely distracted with their fixation on the unconcious youth before them, so Shinkei decided that it was going to be necessary to divert their attention to himself. Calling upon his outrageous reserves of chakra, he quickly molded it with a flash of handsigns. Fūton: Daitoppa A burst of super-pressurized air burst forth, killing two unsuspecting ANBU, and scattering the rest. The shinobi quickly rained down shuriken on their assailant which were yet again blown away with a burst of wind from the Daitoppa jutsu.

The ANBU, now in trees, examined their target. "Blonde hair, blue eyes, and whisker-marks on each cheek...you are Takeda Shinkei. We have orders to immediately withdraw if you are anywhere in the vacinity, but we also have orders to reclaim this rogue ninja. Why do you interfere, and why are you in territory outside of Suta?" the leader said in a hissing voice.

"You must be out of your mind if you think I'm going to answer questions to any of you vermin," Shinkei said in a soft, but dangerous voice. Each word dripped with a venomous undertone matched only in the ferocity which his azure eyes gazed upon the special ops. squad from Yamigakure. "Not a single one of you will leave here alive."

As he said the words, each of the bodies of the ANBU squads errupted in a haze of crimson blood. The sanguine liquid rained down from the trees. Shinkei had used the Hiraishin to appear directly in front of each one of them and blow them away with a focus Daitoppa before the fools could even register the pain. Blinking into existence beside the unconcious Asura, Shinkei picked him up and placed him over his shoulder before using the Hiraishin to reappear next to the Mizukage.

Kisuke stared in disbelief as the diplomat returned to his side only a few minutes after having vanished. An explanation would be required immediately, for the chaos of the sudden disappearing act with the subsequent reappearing with an unknown shinobi on his shoulder had been quite severe. Not taking the time to make a public showing of Shinkei, the kage was forced to head quickly with him ANBU escorts and Shingen's son to the Mizukage office.

With the boy Shinkei had rescued being taken by the medical squad, Kisuke stared down the diplomat from Sutagakure. "What the hell was that, Shinkei? Your lord Hikarikage assured me that you wouldn't cause me trouble, but within the first five minutes of your ambassadorship you cause a huge uproar that the village is sure to remember for some time. Worse, you bring a possible threat into our village. Give me one good reason not to expel you from my home, or kill you instead," he said grimly.

Standing straight, looking the Mizukage squarely in the eye, "I believe that the boy is a refugee from the Dark Country, seeking refuge in Tsukigakure. He was outnumbered and would have died without immediate rescue. He was too far out for your ANBU to notice, but I used a method that expands your surveillance by another hundred and fifty yards."

"Don't bullshit me, Shinkei. You used your father's special technique, the one only you and he know how to use."

"You see through my ruse quite well, Kisuke-sama. I intended to tell you about it when we arrived here, but the boy's condition forced my hand."

The aging kage rubbed the bridge of his nose with frustration. It was entirely possible that the worst could come from this, but at the same time there was certainly a silver lining to be had. "Shin-san, do you know who you brought with you?" Kisuke asked politely.

"I didn't take a good look at him, so no, I do not," Shinkei admitted.

"You brought into Tsukigakure, the renegade ninja from the Village Hiding in Darkness. Ryushin Asura, Master of the Jigan. His skills were said to be swiftly approaching your own," the Mizukage informed Shinkei, staring him in his liquid-blue eyes. It was only then that the weight of Shinkei's mercy began to weigh on his shoulders...

28th January 2008, 11:15 AM

In a daze, Asura found himself regaining consciousness on the floor before two men; none of whom were familiar to him. The first thing to return was his hearing, which told him quite obviously to keep his eyes shut and present a false lack of consciousness. He heard many exchanges, many hostile voices...he was pondering why he was even still alive. Perhaps one of these men was his savior. In fact, it was almost assuredly so. Staying limp, he continued to listen in on the conversation. He made no semblance of movement, for the slightest hint of awakeness would expose the ruse.


He heard many names. Hikarikage, Mizukage, and one that caught his attention rather hastily: Shinkei. Takeda Shinkei, as it were. Asura now knew who his savior had been, and that he was in the presence of a god among men...as well as a fool. Apparently, this fool knew not whom he had saved. At the very least, Shinkei knew that the saved was from Yamigakure, and he knew that Asura was a refugee. That is easy to tell thanks to the hitai-ate, the headband that distinguishes one as a shinobi in this land, bore through it two massive slashes that formed and X.

Something else began to bother Asura as the argument progressed. He began to wonder why a prominent ninja from Sutagakure was here, in a village so far away from his home. It mattered not. He continued to listen. The name Kisuke came to his ears, the one who was having a heated argument with Shinkei. This was obviously the Mizukage, leader of Tsukigakure...in name at the very least. Shinkei was apparently an ambassador as well, then that meant he was in Tsukigakure on official Sutagakure business...or was he? Had it been so, that chances were slim that Asura would have been saved by this man. No, there had to be something else.

After it was all said and done, and the Mizukage had revealed Asura's identity to Shinkei, it was time to stop the act. Asura began to rouse slowly, so as to not make it look like he had been listening the whole time. He struggled to sit up, remembering that his arms still bore heavy wounds. The pain, however, did not make him flinch, or even show a hint of emotion. It was important that Asura maintain his composure as a shinobi, even in the presence of a village head, and the one and only Takeda Shinkei. He attempted to stand, but could not, and it reopened the cuts on his left arm. Blood now once again seeping from him, he lay back on the ground, panting heavily. He was tired. His wounds were deep, and his chakra was spent. The exhaustion of being chased over miles of terrain had gotten to him, and it felt like he hadn't slept in days. He needed to rest.

"Medic..." he said again before closing his eyes, and letting the matriarch of dreams take him to a faraway land.

29th January 2008, 07:50 PM
Takeda Shinkei... an interesting choice for an ambassador, mused Kenzo to himself as he watched the events between the famous ninja and Lord Mizukage unfold. To most the conversation would be hard to spot, almost impossible from the distance he was at, but they did not have the Byakugan. With such an ability Kenzo was able to watch the two men as if he were standing right next to them. Unfortunately though, he could not read lips, so he could only guess as to what was being said. Even at this distance though, Kenzo could tell something about the mysterious visitors chakra. Something that he thought he should keep to himself for now.

Heaving a resigned sigh, Kenzo moved from his viewing position and walked down the main avenue. Mysterious visitor or no, today was a Wednesday and that meant only one thing... the new Lone Blade magna was in. His favorite series from when he was a kid, Kenzo never missed getting a new issue. And in this one the hero Mishobi was going to confront the evil Dr. Laun. Sooo cool!!!!

Just as Kenzo was paying for his manga though, out of the corner of his eye he saw Shinkei vanish into thin air. Thinking the Mizukage in danger Kenzo shoved the manga into his vest and began running towards Lord Mizukage. Before he got there though, Shinkei returned, with a guest it seemed. Sensing no immediate danger, Kenzo stopped and observed the situation from afar. He felt he knew the injured man from somewhere but couldnt place his finger on it. His forehead protector clearly was of Yamigakure, but those were the only clues he could discern.

A medical squad soon came and took the injured one away. Deciding that the Mizukage was safe Kenzo followed the medics and the villages new guest to see what he could learn.

6th March 2008, 11:46 AM
They'd had Asura moved to the medical treatment facility so that the shinobi healers could have time to inspect and treat his wounds. The damage to his body caused from exhaustion and battle had been reported as severe, and would take some time for him to recover. In fact, one of the medical-nin swore they'd never seen such intense injuries outside of a warzone. It took twelve hours of surgery to restore the Darkness Ninja's body to a healthy state, but it would take longer for his chakra circulatory system to recover fully. It was no surprise, really, the distances he'd travelled were great, and having to constantly battle enemy shinobi, let alone the Yamigakure ANBU, would have killed any lesser ninja. To be honest, Shinkei was impressed.

The son of Suta's Shooting Star had only just recently begun to hear about the Master of the Jigan, Ryushin Asura. The Light and Dark countries were on opposite sides of the map, and news travelled slowly since it required going through two dangerous countries, or sailing through treacherous waters. The rumors made him sound like a demon in true form, a pure shinobi who knew nothing other than being a ninja. Honestly, Shinkei thought that the rumors lent to a boring perception of the youth. In fact, the jinchuuriki thought there was probably much more to the young Asura than met the eye, even to Asura himself.

The blonde star ninja stayed up late penning a letter. He had a hunch that Asura had been concious during the conversation with the Mizukage, but without evidence he had no way of knowing. Shinkei wanted to be the first person to interact with the boy when he awoke, aside from perhaps the medics. The note read...

To the master of the third eye,

The shadow of the shooting star will meet you where the moon's reflection ended the war of water when you wake. The path will be clear to those with the way to see.

It was short and, though apparently cryptic, Shinkei had no doubt that Asura would easily decipher the message. The Suta-shinobi would be waiting by the Moon Lake, as special location in Tsukigakure. It was in that spot where Kisuke had taken him the night before that the two shinobi warlords battled and eventually made peace, creating Tsukigakure. The whisker-marks on his face curled upwards as Shinkei smiled to himself at the opportunity to use a little wit in writing the letter for Asura. He would mark the way with special genjutsu seals that the Ryushin's Jigan bloodline limit would recognize instantly. Though the mizukage would probably not approve of the way he was using the historic landmark, the star ninja felt it was the best place to get the information he needed from Asura.

Attention all clan members! After the short spar between myself and my brother we will be beginning the clan event I promised for last month. My schedule has been crazy, but I am going to force myself to get this quest off the ground!