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30th November 2004, 03:08 PM
Sepheroth make the first post

30th November 2004, 03:30 PM
Greetings fellow GUA members. My name is Sepheroth and this is the Warriors of the Dragon Clan thread. What we do is: Clan quests, wars, and do clan jobs for other clans. All who wants to join this clan, here's the #1 rule. Recruitment! We need members.

Here are the members so far:

Leader: Sepheroth
Generals: Sepheroth
New Companions:Loco_Loco

This is the start. We need more if we want this clan to live along with the other clans.

We will be keeping a point system here:

15 pt: Rank
20 pt: New weapon
30 pt: Pet/familier (if you don't have one)
50 pt: New Rank
100 pt: General ???
200 pt: Leader for the week.
500 pt: Co-leader

These are the ways you get points:

1 pt for recruting a member.
5 pts for recruting a MOD.
10 pts for a well planned quest (1 quest at a time).
10 pts to each person who participates and finishes the quest.
5 pts for just being a member of a clan.

Sepheroth: 5 pts.
Loco_Loco: 5 pts.

Ok thats all you need to know. Oh and one more thing, you can be any race you want.


Bakusho, with the approval of the high councel, had started up a clan in the near by town of Genovia. His building that he had was two stories long, a big steel door, bed rooms, kitchen (for the cooks), a great hall, and a big sign over the door that said in fire red colors, Warriors of the Dragon. He and his pet Sigfreid waited inside at the head of the table for members to arrive. "Now that everything is set up, people should start coming in for resignation!"

30th November 2004, 03:37 PM
Drak walked in through the big steal door, he looked at the sign:

'Warriors of the Dragon'
He walked up to the head of the table and spoke to Bakusho "I have arrived now Bakusho, hello Sigfried. I am here, as you probably know, to serve this clan in anyway I can! How are you doing at flying Sigfried?" Drak took a seat near Bakusho so he could converse easily!

30th November 2004, 03:43 PM
"Hello Drak!" Bakusho said. Sigfreid then said, "Hi Drak! Nice to see you! And my flying is great! Watch!" Sigfreid got up and flew around the room a bit and then flew back down to Bakusho. Bakusho said, "I see that you were teaching my pet how to fly Drak! Thank you! I coulden't teach him hiw to fly when I was a dragon without going balistic!" Bakusho then laughed after he said that.

closed due to having not enough members