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12th October 2007, 02:14 PM
When does noob protection come into play? Here's what happened:

This guy hits me for noob gold, so I reconn him a few times, and find out that I can actually retaliate because he's holding around 200 knives in addition to the rest of his armory. I know breaking knives isn't going to do much, but I was bored, this guy kinda made me mad, and I had 500 sab turns to spend.

I'm no big sabber, so my spy rating was only a bit above 500k. This guy's sentry was 47k.

I tried 14 times to sab 50 knives a time using 5 turns each, but nothing got through. I know 14 times isn't too many, but I was fed up at this point, so I just quit my attempts.

What is the explanation of this? Is it noob protection? And what ratio of spy to sentry does it start taking effect?

12th October 2007, 02:33 PM
Well it could be because you didn't read about the new sab rules.

0.1% of their entire armory is the new limit.

With the rankings that you are giving, I highly doubt you could sab 1 knife.

Sorry to say, but you completely wasted 70 sab turns.

12th October 2007, 02:50 PM
No, I believe that if one knife was too much of his armory, it would've given me the message, "Your officers inform you that you will never be able to get away with sabotaging that much of an opponent's armory." I received that message when I tried to sab one of his BPMs, so I then went to kocplanet.com to figure out how much I would be able to sab in one go. Unless I did my calculations wrong, I figured I would be able to sab 54 knives in a go, so I just rounded it off to 50.
Here was his armory:

Invisibility Shield Defend 2 10,000/10,000
Knife Attack 194 5/5
Blackpowder Missile Attack 9 12,000/12,000
Lookout Tower Sentry 3 60/60

Yes, I understand that both him and I are noobs in KoC. I'm just wondering about noob protection.

EDIT: I see that kocplanet.com now has a "Can be Sabbed at a time" column. I don't know how he came up with those numbers, but it says around 23 knives at a time. If he made that number using only 1 sab turn, me using 5 turns a time for only 50 would be well within reason.

EDIT again: I think I see how kocplanet.com came up with their numbers. I thought .1% was using how much gold you spend on the weapons/tools. Now I see that he's using total strength, not worth. My bad. I would still be within the range if I tried to sab 50 at a time with 5 turns. So I still don't understand noob protection.