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27th September 2007, 03:22 PM

Name: Torgan Orgemaster
Race: Dwarf
Age: 169
Hair: White
Eyes: Gray
Height: 4’2”
Weight: 165 lbs
Gender: Male
Class: warrior
Religion: Chan-Chan
Fame: 150 (Thug)
Cost: 500 GP



Torgan is a battle hardened dwarf, if there’s one thing he does, it’s fighting and it shows. A scar across his right eye, one on his forehead and a third one straight down his right cheek shows he’s had some close encounters. Whether these are a sign of his inadequacy or his survival skills are up to the beholder, but seeing his muscled frame, the seemingly everlasting grim look on his face and the ease with which he hold his battleaxe, it is best not to simply ask him.

He usually walks around in full black battle armour, it had become a habit when he had been working with his dad, tending to orgres. By now, he wears armour like elves would wear their silks and it fits him like a glove. The only real colour to be found within his person, aside from the contrast between his blackened silver plates and his long beard, comes from his cloak. When wearing a few pounds of steel, it's always handy to have something with you to protect against wind and rain, one would want his armour to rust and make squeaking noises as he snuck up on an enemy now would they?



Like any dwarf, Torgan likes a good pint, the ring of coin and a good tavern brawl. He doesn't let people in easily though and keeps himself distanced from people until they have earned his trust, which is a very difficult thing to do. Trust can be gained in several ways, either by being introduced by one of his clan as a friend or by proving your worth. Seeing dwarves can easily get to a few hundred years in age, your 'test' might take a few decades to complete.

Once you have his trust and friendship though, you and your siblings will be a friend to him and his family for as long as they live, which usually spans several human generations in the case of dwarves. Those who are called his friend are people he would sacrifice his life for. Betray that trust and you'll be an enemy for life and either he, his family or one of their descendant will exact retribution.

If he is in it simply for the gold however, he'll of course fulfill his end of the bargain, but don't count on him throwing himself in front of an incoming bolt for you.

Aside from all of that, he does have a good sense of humour.



Tordan learned much from his father, who – as his family name shows – was in charge of keeping the orge slaves within the mines in check. The orgremaster family took pride in their ability to govern these mangy beasts into performing the most difficult tasks the dwarves and their fine inventions couldn’t reach or didn’t have the time to fix. Whenever there was a breach on the waterfront, a collapse of a newly formed tunnel or danger of explosion, the orgres and their enslavers were the first on the spot. Though that is not to say they treated the orges badly, that would be the wrong thing to do for an angered orgre is not easily contained. But these deformed creatures were … expendable.

So as his father before him, Torgan too was taught how to handle these creatures, even more so as when the divine arrived on the world, their arrival increased the demand for ore and better weapons, intensifying the digging process and increasing the demand for skilled orge managers, at least in that particular region.

Over the years, the dwarf’s strength only grew as did his ability to stay within the mines and perform the difficult tasks of urging on the large blobs of muscle the orgres were. While down in the mines, he even found the time to practice with the axe with his father and prove himself to be rather skilled at it, making his old man proud of his son.

Eventually though, the mine became exhausted and no more ore was to be found, with that, the need for orgre masters dwindled and although Torgan’s father moved on to other ventures, Torgan himself couldn’t leave his village near tente behind that easily and stayed, joining up with the local watch instead. One night however, disaster struck, not under the form of divine, but under the form of an earthquake, a great rift in the earth swallowing the village and the mines with it. Very few survived that disaster, Torgan luckily being one of them.

Without home and family, though his father and brothers are still out there somewhere – hopefully – the dwarf now offers his battle skills to the highest bidder. He doesn’t mind a dirty job and as long as the pay is good, he’ll bash whichever skulls requiring bashing.



[4] High Battleaxe: Being skilled with wielding a two handed battleaxe, Torgan can deliver high damage upon his enemies with a single swing of his mighty weapon. If used correctly, he’s also able to hold back strong attacks without having his own weapon smash him in the face.

[4] High Endurance: Torgan can stay in battle for a long time before becoming physically tired.

[4] High Strength: Torgan is much stronger than the average human being.



Muscled + 3:
For a small man, he has a lot of muscles making him a very tough opponent in the aspect of damage he can take before falling.

Short – 3:
Aside from the usual 'height' restrictions, his little legs make it he moves slower than the usual man and can’t overcome obstacles all that easy.



Steel Two handed Battleaxe:
With a blade at both sides of this weapon which is almost as high as the dwarf who wields it, it’s a weapon of formidable strength

Silver chest Plate:
It’s a breast plate, covering his chest, belly and back and of course, offering good protection to those areas. It’s held together by straps over his left shoulder and left side.

Silver Bracers:
They protect his wrists and are simply pulled down over the wrists.

Silver Leg Protectors:
They protect his shins and are tied to his legs by leather cords at the back.

Iron Helmet:
A rough dented helmet which has wings to the side and covers his face just down to his nose. From there on, his beard takes over.

Silver Chainmail:
Beneath all that armour, Tordan wears a chainmail suit which runs over his entire body and offer protection to the uncovered (by armour) parts of his legs and arms.