View Full Version : Where do heroes go to rest ??? (the Naturo Ninjas)

Los Ojos
27th November 2004, 07:38 AM
Alliance Name: The Naruto Ninjas

Alliance Member Count (on forums): 19

Alliance Forum Link: http://s6.invisionfree.com/Ixion

There are three reasons to come to the Naruto school of the hidden arts:

1 - You are new and want to learn
2 - You are experience but want to real play the game as a team
3 - You are a Kage and want to discuss plans for Age 4

Dont even bother to register if you dont really play the game, we dont accept sleeping members and you will get kick out.

One to bring the true players (not the clickers) of KOC together and use their strategic power, play like a team and crush anyone. Command structure, strategy, planning are the most important tools in our clan not personal ego.

Two the meeting place of smaller clans to negotiate a merge for age4, with our strategy we can become a force in age 4. Not just a few top accounts but a whole clan to be fear. Ask our enemies.

~ Approved = Tytrox