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15th August 2007, 09:10 AM
I am posting this because I think that the sab rules are a bit unfair compared to the attack rules(like as many other people hehe)
(get ready for a long post. first background, then fact, then final solution)

Attacking is used (mostly) for stealing gold from other players. If your SA beat their DA, you can penetrate their defenses and thereby steal their gold.
The gold you steal, is deppendant on your amysize contra the defenders armysize. So maybe you can have 500mil SA and you want to attack someone with 100mil DA, because he has alot of gold. But he might also only have a third of your armysize, so you will only get a small amount of gold in his armory, thus making it less worthwhile.
That rule is made, to protect the smaller armies, from large armies who can outgrow their months of work in DA, on a few days, and be able to steal your gold.
But in sabbing there are no such protection. Sure there is the sab limit of max 5% of an armory, but if a person has spent all his time building his armory, and not built any sentry, his armory can be cleaned out in a few days, by large accounts, who has invested all in spy.

Now, as we all know, the larger army you have, the more gold you earn, and build your stats faster. So if the armysize factor wasnt there, someone with 100k soldiers, could invest majority of his gold in DA, and a small amount in SA, and he would still be able to outgrow a 10k army's SA. He could then farm the 10k army, and lower the chances for the 10k army, and improve the chances for him. But because we have the current factor of size, you will have to balance your stats the right way, so if you like to attack alot and get much gold from attacks, you will have to settle with low DA, and get attacked alot yourself, though if you want to protect your gold, you have to settle with low SA, and thereby do with small steals. Now if you feel you are too large to attack the good hits within your reach, you can train down and thereby be able to attack them. But that will mean the concequence of lowering your income too, and that would mean that other people with 100k armies can outgrow you with their TBG. so it is all balanced here.
Sabbers, can have a 100k army, and invest all their gold in spy, and go on sab spree destroying lots and lots of 10k armies, because they cant grow fast enough to protect themselves from it. There is nothing difficult about becoming a great sabber, since you just have to have a large army, and bank alot.

So now for the idea. How about making the sabbing deppendant on the armysize too? Let say that we have a sabber with a 100k TFF(including spies/sentries)... when he sabs, someone with higher tff(including spies/sentries) than him he can get through, if his spy is 1/4th of the defenders sentry. He can then sab 1/20th of the persons total armory with each sab. His maximum amount of weapz to sab would be 100 weapz, with a 40% success rate, though if he chooses to lower the amount of weapz to sab, his success rate would go up.
If he sabs someone with half the TFF, the restrictions goes up. He will only be able to sab 1/40th of the other guys armory, and maximum would have decreased to 50 weapz(with 40% success rate)...

this would make it harder for people with high tff's to destroy people with low tff's.... In wars you can still help out even though you are big, but you will not be as effective against people who are less size that you, as people who are the same size will...

15th August 2007, 10:32 AM
I strongly disagree.

People should stop trying to equate or put in the same basis attacking and sabbing. They are two different functions, one shouldn't be the template used to adjust the other. Leave it as it is, koc has been fun the way it is, minor tweaks is all that's needed.

15th August 2007, 11:12 AM
I just hope admins increase the amount of weapons tht can be sabbed per go. If they keep it as it is then it be soo crap.

15th August 2007, 02:17 PM
I dont like this idea either. There is already n00b protection protecting those who cant buy all stats like sentry. Having a high spy doesnt mean you'll be more successful... a person with 2 bil spy against a person with 200 mil sentry... the person sabbing will most probably skunk since there is too much difference.

Lord of forest
16th August 2007, 12:37 AM
I also disagree. If you implement this idea, you'd see a lot of zero TFF sabbers who'd sab the shit out of everybody else. Ok, you also take the amount of spies and sentries into account, but I just don't think we'll see such a change. Like Nameless said, noob protection is enough.