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Okay, Calypso, make the first post.

Good luck.

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Keepers of the Tomb

Yes, the long awaited revamp is here. I didn’t like some of the settings before, so I scrapped them. I’ve added some new things. I will not be counting posts. If you want a promotion, find said posts and link them all in a pm, or have one of the High Council verify to me that such and such amount of points is true. I will be totaling points for the people in the clan, something which I have failed to do in the past. I have scrapped the gambling game because I don’t like it.

Grand Tomb Guardian: Calypso
Second-in-Command: Lrbearclaw
Ace of Pentacles: Istar Magus
Ace of Wands: Lord Asiram
Ace of Cups: Vacant
Ace of Swords: Shimizu

*All positions are up for grabs with an official challenge and grounds to make the challenge. Moderated spars will take place for more extreme challenges (such as the over-throwing of leader or vice leader)*

The High Council
Calypso (Grand Tomb Guardian)
Lrbearclaw (Second-in-Command)
Shimizu (Ace of Swords)
Istar Magus (Ace of Pentacles)
Lord Asiram (Ace of Wands)

The Major Arcana
Enalya - The Lovers

The Minor Arcana

Members on the Path of Pentacles:
Istar Magus - Ace of Pentacles
Sabian - Page of Pentacles

Members on the Path of Swords:
Shimizu - Ace of Swords
Nevar - Page of Swords

Members on Path of Cups:
Vibrating Chibi - Three of Cups
Fire Princess - Two of Cups

Members on Path of Wands:
Lord Asiram - Ace of Wands

Death Soldier
Dark Wizard

Official Members:

Trial Members:

No spamming.
No flaming.
Don't start what you can't finish.
If in doubt, seek me out.


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The Legend

For ages, mankind has lived in peace with the few brethren it cohabitates the earth with. All was calm and well until a series of portals around the earth opened up, releasing a series of powerful, aggressive, and terrifying monsters loose upon mankind. A chosen few were gifted with the ability to capture these monsters and send them back to the time and place from which they came. These gifted warriors are the Keepers of the Tomb.

The Tomb is the site of the largest portal, which was the original vortex to open, spewing forth countless monsters. Located in an abandoned cavern, deep under the calm plains of the earth, this Tomb serves as both a meeting-place for the Keepers of the Tomb and a battleground, which has already witnessed epic wars. It is rumored that the tomb houses the soul of Öden, one of the most powerful warriors of all time.

The Tomb

Vast plains surround this old site of legend. The nearest town is at least a weeks journey from the tomb. This was intended to both protect the town from such a dangerous site, as well as to protect the tomb from outsiders and test any who want to travel to it. Since ancient times the over all look of the tomb has changed considerably. Outside there is a small courtyard intended for training, both the tomb and the courtyard are surrounded by a stone wall wide enough to warrant guard posts at the corners and walkways in-between.

The entrance to the tomb is nothing spectacular in itself. It leads down a lengthy hall to a small entrance to drop off any outerwear and the like. To the left is a door behind which is another hall that leads to the clan’s armory where weapons can be stored, maintained, upgraded, bought or sold. To the right of the entrance is another door, behind which you find a brief hall, followed by wrought iron gate that leads to the tomb’s basement. Straight ahead, and the largest door in the entryway, leads to the main hall of the tomb. This is where most of the clan’s meetings would take place, banquets would be held, or simply an area to visit. At the far end of the hall is another door under lock and key. This is the portal room that houses the Gate. The only two people who have access to this room are the Grand Tomb Leader and the Ace of Pentacles. A hall on the left of the Grand Hall is a lengthy corridor that houses the numerous rooms of the members of the clan. Unless otherwise requested, the rooms closest and most convenient belong to the High Council members, then to the senior members, dwindling down to the newest members of the clan. There is a set of stairs at the far end of the hall that descend to a second floor of bedrooms. The showers are also found at the end of the first floor dormitory hall. One of the two corridors on the right hand side of the Grand Hall leads to the kitchen, where the clan’s current resident cook spends a good quality of time. The other door leads to the clan’s library, a vast collection of texts where one could spend endless hours studying.

The Ranks

Power Pyramid:
Authority goes like this:
Grand Tomb Guardian
Ace of Swords | Ace of Cups | Ace of Wands | Ace of Pentacles
Page of Swords | Page of Cups | Page of Wands | Page of Pentacles
The Sword Numbers | The Cup Numbers | The Wand Numbers | The Pentacle Numbers
Official Member
Trial Member

*Note: The Major Arcana reports only to the Grand Tomb Guardian*

Trial Member: Everyone is welcome! Generally someone who has not been in the KoTT before and has not committed to being a full time team member. In order to be promoted, a Trial Member needs only 2 people on the High Council to speak on his or her behalf and they quickly elevate to Official Member. A Trial Member is not allowed in any quests or battles that an Official Member is. Salary: 100 creds/week

Official Member: Still somewhat low in rank, the Official Member is a certified and accepted member of the team. He is not yet allowed to enter training, but can participate in any quests/wars that the other members may partake in. In order for promotion to guard, you must be a contributing member for 3 consecutive days and give at least 5 high quality posts to the clan. Salary: 150 creds/week

Guard: The start of every great career within KoTT begins at guard. You can train as a guard, but first you must choose your destiny. The leaders of the paths of pentacles, wands, cups, or swords will eventually become what is known as "The Council" and will make the major decisions for the clan. For promotion, you must be an active, contributing member with a working stats page linked in your signature. Salary: 200 creds/week

Minor Arcana
The Swords - The Rankings pertaining to physical combat. Formerly known as the 'Warfare General Path', this road is ruled by the tarot swords symbolizing strength.
The Cups - The Rankings pertaining to white magic. Formerly known as the "White Mage Overlord Path', this road is ruled by they tarot cup symbolizing the cup holding the water of healing and everlasting life.
The Wands - The Rankings pertaining to black magic. Formerly known as the "Black Mage Overlord Path', this road is ruled by the tarot wands symbolizing magical prowess.
The Pentacles - The Rankings pertaining to creation. Formerly known as the 'Chief Engineer Path', this road is ruled by the tarot pentacle symbolizing the power of creation.

The Path of Pentacles

Generally designed for the more creative members, this path will specialize with crafting items, warfare, and tools for the advancement of the clan. Of course, the engineers are still expected to be warriors, as we all have to fight.

A. Numbered Pentacles: Fledgling in the skills of the trade, the Apprentice is a newfound member of the Engineering path. The apprentice is given the power to create items for the Armory, but is very limited. If an apprentice tries to make an extremely powerful weapon, the chances of it working are not good. He must answer to the Lieutenant and Warfare General in combat. For promotion, the Apprentice must create 5 simple items, and post a minimum of 40 posts in clan activities. Salary: 300 creds/week

B. Page of Pentacles: More learned in the ways of his trade, a Master Smith is allowed full reign over the abilities to create items. He must answer to the Lieutenant and Warfare General in combat. To be promoted to Chief Engineer, the Master Smith must spar the Chief Engineer for his title and produce a creative list of items that surpass the current Chief Engineer’s own work. Should the Chief Engineer position be vacant, Master Smith must undergo a trial by the Grand Tomb Guardian. Salary: 800 creds/week

C. Ace of Pentacles: A member of the High Council, a Chief Engineer is simply unlimited in his abilities to create weapons, items, etc. for the clan to use. He must answer to the Warfare General in combat. He has a major say in all the ongoing events and happenings within the clan. A highly distinguished position. Salary: 1800 creds/week

The Path of Swords

In major wars and battles, the Swords Path of the minor arcana creates the most elite weapon wielders on the planet. Learning all the survival skills and battle tools deemed necessary to be a fierce warrior, very few can stay with these soldiers in armed combat.

A. Numbered Swords: Essentially one of the most difficult titles in the clan to assume, the numbered sword is low-life scum when held next to other humans. He is a meat shield, always ready to be sacrificed to the opposition should the need arise. He must answer to the Page and Ace of Swords in combat. Promotion will be granted when the Ace sees it fit. Salary: 300 creds/week

B. Page of Swords: A hardened soldier, the Page of Swords is a mighty warrior who has seen a bit of combat in his day. Gristled and hardy, the Page of Swords has the power to command any Numbered Sword, Cup, Wand, and Pentacle as well as any Page of Wands, Cups, and Pentacles on the battlefield in combat as he sees fit. In order to be promoted, the Page of Swords must defeat the existing Ace of Swords, or be judged with a rigorous test issued by the Grand Tomb Guardian if the spot is vacant.. Salary: 800 creds/week

C. Ace of Swords: The commander of the KoTT army in armed combat, the Ace of Swords MUST be at every major event and quest. He is responsible for the battle formations and basic strategy employed by armed combatants. He answers to no one but the High Council and Grand Tomb Guardian. A member of the High Council, he also has say in every pressing matter the KoTT faces. Perhaps the most powerful role of all besides Grand Tomb Guardian. Perk: Ability to command others in battle. Salary: 1500 creds/week

Path of Wands

For those who enjoy the dark arts, The Path of Wands offers some extensive power that will be critical to the survival of the clan. Without the powers of the Ace of Wands, some of the larger cretins who erupt from the Tomb will never be stopped.

A. Numbered Wands: Chances are he is not yet powerful enough to melt ice. At the same time, he has the potential to grow, and could one day become a very powerful wizard. He must answer to the Page and Ace of Swords in combat. In order to be promoted to Page of Wands, the numbered wand must bedeemd worthy by the Ace of Wands, and learn a suitable amount of basic incantations. Salary: 300 creds/week

B. Page of Wands: Prestigious and powerful, the Page of Wands can learn the command over any non-white spell available to the clan. Additionally, he learns the ability to create spells, subject to the Ace of Wand's approval. While powerful, he must answer to the Page and Ace of Swords in combat. To become the Ace of Wands, the Page of Wands must spar the current Ace in RP battle. Should the spot be vacant, he is subject to testing from the Grand Tomb Guardian. Salary: 800 creds/week

C. Ace of Wands: All non-white magic spells in the clan are learned upon promotion to the Ace of Wands position. The ability to create new spells and teach magic to underlings is given to this mighty warlock (or witch, as the case may be). Answers to the Ace of Swords in combat. This warrior is a member of the High Council, and has a large say in all the inner workings of the clan. Perk: In clan events, secondary element restrictions removed. Salary: 1500 creds/week

Path of Cups

Plain and simple, the power of healing. Without an appropriate healer, the clan would surely die. Also generally the wiser and calmer of the Mage duo.

A. Numbered Cups: The healer is far from powerful. In fact, chances are he or she is not yet powerful enough save a life from a mortal wound. At the same time, he or she has the potential to grow, and could one day become a very powerful cup page. He or she must answer to the Page and Ace of Swords in combat. In order to be promoted to Page of Cups, the healer must be deemed worthy by the current Ace of Cups, and learn a suitable amount of basic incantations. Salary: 300 creds/week

B. Page of Cups: Prestigious and powerful, the Page of Cups can learn the command over any white spell available to the clan. Additionally, he learns the ability to create spells, subject to the Ace of Cup’s approval. While powerful, he must answer to the Page and Ace of Swords in combat. To become Ace of Cups, the Page of Cups must spar the currend Ace of Cups in an RP battle. Should the spot be vacant, he is subject to testing from the Grand Tomb Guardian. Salary: 800 creds/week

C. Ace of Cups: All magic spells in the clan are learned upon promotion to the Ace of Cups position. The ability to create new spells and teach magic to underlings is given to this mighty warlock (or witch, as the case may be). Answers to the Ace of Swords in combat. This warrior is a member of the High Council, and has a large say in all the inner workings of the clan. Perk: High end magics such as Holy and Ultima. Salary: 1500 creds/week

The Major Arcana
This is a group of specialty fighters. They are equipped for battle in a different fashion than the other groups. They assume the code names of the major arcana of the tarot. They are the personal unit/squadron of the Grand Tomb Guardian and are assigned codenames upon acceptance. They report to no one but the Grand Tomb Guardian and have no authority over anyone else.

Available titles include:

The Fool ; The Magician ; The High Priestess ; The Empress ; The Emperor ; The Hierophant ; The Lovers ; The Chariot ; Strength ; The Hermit ; Wheel of Fortune ; Justice ; The Hanged Man ; Death ; Temperance ; The Devil ; The Tower ; The Star ; The Moon ; The Sun ; Judgement ; The World

Special Trainees- Those who passed the test to enter this specialized unit. They are still being trained in the ways that the leader would like, weather it be assasination, infiltration, or any other form of specialized combat. They are still on a probationary and if they do not seem to progress as the leader of the unit would like them to, then they may be forced from this path, those who aren't cut out for this path will be eliminated at this step.

Initiated Assasin- This is once a Specialized Trainee has shown him/herself to be progressing adequitely with the training. At this point they are no longer on a probationary period and should not be removed for minor reasons. They have shown themselves to be good and may preform basic operations without supervision. They are finally helping the unit but are still concidered lower than the experienced veterans.

Points can be used to purchase items in the armory. Point values will be attributed. If you truly wish to create an item and are not in the Chief Engineer path, PM myself or the head ranking member of the Chief Engineer path and we’ll see what we can do about it. Points can also be used to bribe your way into a higher rank… but this is extremely expensive.

How do you get them? Well you get a salary. That’ll be the largest contributor. A victory in a spar, completing a quest, or contending in specialty clan challenges will also earn you points. You can sell items or weapons back to the armory if you so desire. The ultimate lender of money is the Grand Tomb Guardian.

Calypso unlimited
Lrbearclaw less than Calypso
Shimizu 6500
Lord Asiram 6500
Istar Magus 6500
Sabian 1800
Enlaya 1200
Death Soldier 350
Fire Princess 500
Vibrating Chibi 500
Nevar 400
Dark Wizard 200
Draco 100
Desperado 200
Kiyu 200
Icecube 200
Ryoga 100


Note: Weapons and armor found in quests can be sold here, so don’t throw away the treasures that you acquire, but find useless.

Standard KoTT Items

Note: These are basic weapons, higher levels of these such weapons {i.e. the stronger stats ones) will be added as they are a) found in quests b) sold to the clan c) created by the Ace of Pentacles.

Dagger: Hack, slash, and keep it up. A short blade, not exceptional in any way. Makes a solid backup weapon. Cost: 50 creds

Short Sword: Standard Sword, two-foot blade. Strong steel, garnished with the letters "KoTT" crafted into the simple handle. Cost: 100 creds

Axe: Double edged battle-axe. Brutally powerful, obnoxiously slow. Cost: 175 creds

Claymore: Long, two-handed sword. The preferred weapon of many barbarians, this sword offers massive strength, great range, thrust capability, and is still lighter than the axe. Cost: 500 creds

Katana: Four foot blade, normally two-handed (particularly for the weaker in body or the inexperienced), but a trademark weapon of the current clan leader. Moderate range and strength and lighter than the claymore, a specialty item added to the armory. Cost: 500 credits. Must be on Pentacle or Sword Path.

Note: A very sparse and relatively useless selection. Additions need to be made by the Page of Ace of Pentacles.

Basic Buckler: Very weak wooden shield. Deflects minor attacks. Cost: 50 creds

Metal Shield: Strong, medium weight shield. Can usually stop the short sword attack. Cost: 150 creds

Paladin Shield: Very heavy long shield. Used by the Romans, this completely covers the front and nullifies straight on attacks. Cost: 800 creds

Light Keeper Armor: Made of tanned leather, this armor can stop a punch or glancing sword shot. Does not restrict motion at all. Cost: 100 creds

Heavy Keeper Armor: Made of steel, this heavy armor covers the chest plate, helmet, and greaves. Adds significantly to your defense, but slows you down considerably. Cost: 2000 creds

Note: Once an item is found on a quest (by any member) it will be available for purchase back at the tomb. (Within reason)

Small Healing Potion: Heals very minor health HP. One time use, this glass vial is a lifesaver for low level fighters. Cost: 20 creds

Large Healing Potion: Heals a good amount of hp. One time use, this potion is expensive, but effective. Heals you faster than the small healing potion, and works 100% of the time. Cost: 100 creds

Anti-Venom: Keeps you from getting poisoned, or de-toxes a poisoned character. Always keep a few on you, they are enormously helpful. Cost: 50 creds

Floating Elixir: Float like a butterfly… But this stuff ain’t free! Spell of Float affects your character for three turns. Cost: 50 creds

Miraculous Recovery: Rumored to bring a deceased character back, this elixir actually comes from the spring outside the Oracle at Delphi. Not guaranteed to work, but it is your best bet. Cost: 5000 creds

Special Items
Belt of Warning: Strong, Dragonhide belt. Belt glows from black to white when evil draws near. The whiter and lighter the belt, the more evil the creature is present. The belt does not damage or lessen the sight of user, no other but the user can see the light, so as not to give away user. Cost: 1200 creds

Mask of Atrocity: When this mask is worn allows user to summon 3 small shadow ninjas (once per fight). They regenerate once after being killed and have low hp, regeneration is instant. Their swords deal rather low damage and ninja stars coated in venom. This ornate mask is powerful, but not cheap. Ninjas can be trained and made more powerful through upgrades. Cost: 5000 creds Additional Upgrades: 1000 creds

--New Clan thread made July 1st, '07
--First 'Pay Day' July 7. '07

9th August 2007, 06:26 PM

Khongol walks the halls seeing the older gent and Cal before passing without a word simply because it ain't his business and he also doesn't give a rip. His mind is outside of the halls and yet also inside himself. He focuses on his sorrow and pain but in a different light. Yes he feels guilt for what he has been doing but... he has one last chance and won't fail again.

His eyes settle on Latias and Nuala talking and then her kissing his face all over. Normally he wouldn't interupt but Jewel passes him and does so for him. He is certain the others can see him just a couple feet behind her, leaning against the wall. He smiles to the pixie and walks up, past Jewel to scoop her into his hand. He kisses her head and sets her onto his shoulder. He smiles more and looks at her, "Aye. I am certain you'll need height so how can I help for yer party?"

__________________________________________________ _______


“Ah well in that case, it is indeed nice to meet you Saital! Shouldn't you be inside him though? Ah well, it's ok, I'm always glad when I meet my friends’s… er… well, inhabitants!”
Nuala stuck out her hand towards Saital, most likely an attempt to shake. He could see her embarrassment at her earlier assumption and all he could do was laugh. “In this form I cannot touch anything, but you were right, I am pretty mischievous myself. Don’t feel at all bad for your assumptions. And usually… I am inside him. This is a new thing we figured out recently.” He looked himself over, shrugging he reached over and swung his hand through hers just to prove he couldn’t touch her. “Nice to finally meet you myself, Nuala.”

“Aww Latias, you are the sweetest friend in the whole world! And I’m sure Khongol or Calypso would agree, both with me and with you!”
Latias enjoyed the little kisses she gave him; she only further proved that she was indeed cute. “I may be sweet, but you’re the sweetest, Nuala.” He grinned. The fact that giving anyone a compliment made them much easier to work with was not a fact that Latias knew well but something that just happened. He remembered Jewel once saying ‘flattery will get you everywhere’ but he hadn’t completely understood what she meant. Laughing a little, he said; “No, I’m sure Khongol and Cal would be a little upset with me if they thought I looked at you with ‘the same eyes’ or something like that.” The whole love triangle was quite entertaining really. Latias was a fan of soap operas, so he always wanted to know what would happen next in their triangle’s development.

“What? Who’s got a girlfriend? Jewel is your girlfriend?”
It appeared someone else was a fan of soap operas… Latias laughed sheepishly as his face flushed a little, “Well we haven’t discussed it yet…” He twiddled his thumbs around the other, looking off to the side as his ears twitched nervously. Before Latias could go any further Nuala exploded with excitement and went on with many questions. Each one nearly made him cower in fear. The entire marriage thing was bad enough for his nervous system to think about, let alone thinking about kids!

As Latias became more and more flustered and scared, all Saital could do was laugh. “No, he hasn’t told Jewel yet. You should ask her those questions. I mean, the two of them were almost too shy to talk to each other about the ball thing.” He snickered as he watched Latias squirm, still thinking about it. “And if I had to stumble over toys, I swear I’d never let him sleep.”

There, you can tell her during the party! Oh it will be so romantic! I almost want to cry now!”
Latias laughed nervously, “Yeah… that won’t make it awkward at all…” He imagined talking to Jewel about the whole situation and her dumping punch on his head and running away. He dropped his head in defeat, just thinking about it sucked. Lifting his head once more he could see her face starting to change to a sad expression. “No! Don’t cry!” His eyes started watering too, “I don’t like it when people cry…” His bottom lip was quivering again, just thinking about Nuala crying was making him sad.

Suddenly Jewel showed up. Latias’ ears perked up once more, “Hi Jewel!” He called, waving his hand vigorously. He remembered he hadn’t gone for that walk with her earlier, “Oh, I’m sorry Jewel! You must be mad at me…” He pouted a little, “I promise I’ll take a walk with you later, okay?” He was trying so hard to make up for what he did earlier.

Falken speaking up made Latias realize something, “OH MY GOSH!! I didn’t give you your tour!” He turned and looked at Falken, eyes wide. However the half-elf’s asking to join the party preparations made Latias jump up and down, “YAY!!” He cried, “More help!” He looked at Nuala as she explained her plan and he nodded thoughtfully. “Okay, but everyone has to know that much first, right? One of us should tell them… Falken, you do it since you don’t have much to do yet. Cid’s working on lighting, I’ve got food and I’m gonna help with decoration while Nuala’s entirely in charge of decorating the place….” He paused, “Well, that is if she doesn’t let Jewel help her.” He frowned a little. “I’ll do my best to make those dishes, Nuala! I promise.”

Latias was surprised to see Khongol walking toward them. “HI KHONGOL!!!” He shouted, waving his arms around once more. “Sure you can help!!” He smiled widely, “We’ll need all the help we can get.” He knew that Khongol must have seen Nuala kissing him before since he could smell the giant around somewhere. He wondered if Khongol was angry? Surely not since Latias was considered to be with Jewel and everything. He hoped that the whole jealousy thing would wear off soon, even though he enjoyed the triangle drama.
__________________________________________________ ______________

Fire Princess

When Latias started pouting and said.

“Oh, I’m sorry Jewel! You must be mad at me... I promise I’ll take a walk with you later, okay?"

Jewel just walked up to him, put her hands on his arms, looked up at him and said, "how can I get mad at you, you were upset, you didn't want me to see you like that so you left. I'm just glad that you have cheered up, and if you do come for a walk then there is something you have got to see."

"Ok I can either help Nuala with the decorating or Latias in the kitchen, I'll be happy to do either. Decorating is so much fun and I love to cook."

9th August 2007, 06:29 PM

Out of Character:
I’ve applied for CoS as well, but I’ll be very active, and there’s no reply from there yet, So….I want to get active…>.>

Kreig paid the tab he had run the previous night at the inn and left, his hood up and head down. No matter where he went he felt uncomfortable about his looks. It was something that would always plague him, not matter who he decided to make time with. He sighed as he passed a child who took the time to pull on his cloak and berate him for looking shady.

Damned kids, what business is it of theirs about how I look and what I wear…. He shook his leg, effectively shaking the child’s grip loose and then made haste down the street. He couldn’t be seen, and he had to leave quickly, it was getting near dark, and he’d rather start his travels on a cold night, compared to a warm day. His intentions were clear, ‘find a place to be accepted’ and he realized the only way he could do that is if he was in the presence of warriors and magicians. People whom had seen it all, he figured they wouldn’t mind as much, but just a bit.

He made a pit stop at a fruit-stand and bought many grapes and apples and stuck them in his carrying sack. He figured the man had seen his hands and part of his face, as he avoided any contact and insisted the man ‘dropped’ the money in his hand. Prejudice, it was ‘oh so painful’. He sneered at the man, though he doubted he could see it, and then gave him a listless goodbye, as he trudged off down the street. He was already going through the stages. Denial, anger, and then despair. It may have been different for others, but for him that’s how it went.


The sun had dropped finally, and Kreig decided it was time to hit the trail; he had at least a week or longer trip. He started the trip by humming for some time, he had actually lost track of the time, but before he knew it, he the sun had started falling again and his bones suddenly became tired.

He had to watch himself; if he didn’t pay attention he may walk himself to death. He decided it was time to turn in, as he laid his pack down, nibbled on an apple and then laid his head on the pack for his pillow. Lumpy, yet it kept his head off the cold and equally lumpy ground. He attempted to start humming again, to put himself to sleep, but by the time he had hummed out the first few notes he had fallen asleep, dreaming of his mentor Phinneas, and his good friend Iksay.

Things went on like this for a number of days; Kreig hadn’t really bothered counting, pegging it as somewhere between a week and nine days. But as he absent mindedly traveled humming virtually the same tune he had hummed the whole trip a large walled structure could be seen on the horizon. Kreig took the hood off his head and put one hand up in a salute like way, more to just cover his eyes. He scanned the area, it was rather large, and the side he saw hosted two guard towers at the corners. He figured he’d have to go through some sort of gate, rather than some palace guards.

As he continued he ate the last of his apples, savoring what little juice was left in it. He had run out of water the day prior, and he was thirsty, he’d have to make that a priority during settling down if he was accepted. He needed to be in better shape though, so he decided it was time to settle down for a small nap before making his way towards the gates.

He settled down once again on his folded carrying sack and slept peacefully for what seemed like seconds. But it was actually four hours. The time it seemed you slept, compared to the time you actually slept always annoyed Kreig, figuring the longer it seemed, the better you felt. Though he could not deny how he felt now compared to earlier was much better, he still silently grumbled about it until he reached the gate. He had barely noticed he reached the gate when he looked up to count something on his fingers. Probably figuring out how long he slept compared to how long it seemed.

The side he had come to…didn’t have a gate. He sighed and walked around to the next side, it was so troublesome, can’t all the sides have a gate….. he knew the answer, it was safer against attacks. He could have made the point about the travel too, but that was quite obvious as well. For now he grumbled about nothing further until he reached the main gate.

(Assuming there’s some guards, and a gate, by the way you described the walls)

Kreigs’ good mood dropped quickly, human contact, Great… he thought. He seemed very shady, but he’d have to deal with that for now, at least until they asked him to remove his hood. Why remove it if he didn’t have to right now though, he figured he would keep it on as long as possible.

He spoke up, hopefully gaining the guards attention. “Ah…e-excuse me….uhm…C-can I…sssss-see your l-leaders?” He silently cursed himself; he was shy by nature, but outspoken inwardly. He could say whatever he wanted in his head, so long as he acted shy, cool headed, and disconnected outwardly. He couldn’t do the last three around those he didn’t know, but he had no trouble with the first. He figured the guards are going to have a field day with him, as he sighed and hung his head, awaiting jokes or stifled laughter, or he may even be turned away at the gates.

__________________________________________________ ___________________________


Calypso froze in his tracks when he heard Althar’s questions on poison experts. Now the only reason a man as proud, pride not necessarily being a bad thing, as Althar asked such a question would be because he has been poisoned and the effects of said poison are now bad enough to warrant asking people he doesn’t like for help, which admits he needs it, yet another thing he doesn’t like. Pride and stubbornness holding true, Althar even went on to note that he didn’t need the help if they didn’t have it, further commenting on his presence at the ball yet too.

As much as Calypso would have liked to go off on this rabbit trail of a conversation, he knew the matter of the poison was slightly more pressing. He cringed, knowing the clan had no decent healers to date. Jewel wasn’t skilled enough in her bio element to take on poison yet, and Jasika had yet to learn healing spells. “Well I suppose immense pain is better than dying from poison. Please trust me.” Calypso advanced on Althar, drawing his right katana. His eyes pleaded for Althar’s trust as he thrust his blade forward, in a needlessly frightening fashion for the intent. The sword left a small cut on Althar’s right cheek, only enough to just barely draw blood, and that was all.

Simply drawing blood was more than enough for the effect of Calypso’s sword to take hold. His katana were imbued with a fire ‘soul.’ The blades were crafted with phoenixian fire and possessed a unique ability Calypso called Blood Fire. The sword sent its biological fire into the victim’s blood stream. Though this does not normally cause any damage, the burning bloodstream had a 9 out of 10 effectuality rate of completely immobilizing Calypso’s target for a good amount of time. However in this scenario, the fire in the blood stream was used to burn the poison present, thus cleansing Althar’s system. Although Calypso did not expect Althar to scream in pain, he did look for signs that his magic was taking effect.


The guards spotted something on the horizon, or at least, they would use the word ‘something’ over ‘someone’ in this scenario. “Hey, what do you figure that is?” The first guard asked the other, pointing out the approaching silhouette on the horizon. “Dunno,” replied the second. “We’ll wait and see. It’s not even here yet, after all.” SO the guards kept their eyes trained on the figure off on the horizon, figuring it’d probably arrive sometime the next day.

Sure enough, the following day they were approached by a hooded ‘man.’ Whoever he was came across as quite shy, and requested to see Calypso. The first guard, fearing Calypso’s wrath, avoided vulgar or insulting comments to the new comer, and set flame to a nearby lantern. This was connected to a line of material not that dissimilar to gunpowder. This trail ran through into the Tomb, which was fashioned to alert Calypso, or any other clan member, that someone’s presence was needed at the front gate.


Calypso’s attention was grabbed by a trail of fire snaking down wall ledges into the tomb. “Ah, sorry Shimizu, but our spar will need to wait. Don’t worry, I promise I’ll reschedule. In the mean time, could you please get Althar to the infirmary? I need to look into this.” Calypso departed for the Tomb’s entrance.


The second guard, however, had no preferential treatment one way or another, and decided to poke fun at Kreig. “What’s with the heavy cloak? It’s hot out there.” A stupid comment to be sure, but somewhere to start. “You trying to hide something? Maybe you’re really ugly under that? Let me see.” He reached for Kreig’s hood, no respect for personal space whatsoever. Before he reached the hood, however, his hand was aflame. He squealed and shook his head to off the flame. It could only mean one thing, Calypso had made the scene.

“You, you’re fired.” A bad pun, to be sure. Calypso looked to the shy newcomer. “And how can I help you?”

9th August 2007, 06:32 PM

Kreig had been on edge, he was going to try and smack the mans hand away by instinct, but he knew it would be disrespectful, and may get him in trouble. He winced as the hand came, waiting for the inevitable gasp when something bright flashed in front of his eyes, only for a moment though. Kreig looked through squinted eyes as the man whom was going to de-hood him was slinking away from him, his hand aflame. Kreig took a step back and looked from side to side. First to the damaged man, then the other guard, neither of them seemed to be the culprit, and he figured the damaged man wouldn't wound himself in such a manner. He looked over unharmed guards shoulder and saw another man.

He was most likely the one whom had done it, due to the pun, the precedence of firing the guard, and his question of help. Kreig stammered for a moment in an attempt to talk and mustered up what he could. "Ah-Ah, I'm Kreig...I W-was wondering if you were c-currently looking to employ n-new soldiers or help....ex-excuse my introduction...I'm...I'm not good with people..." He shyed away slightly and gave a slight bow.

"I..I hope I don't look too sus-suspicious...It's just that...I...Uhm...I'm...not exactly...the most human of people...." He gave a small laugh, making himself more of a joke, it lessened the blow to his self esteem as he always had to explain it. He had to put himself into a somewhat comfortable state to take off his hood in company. Although he was far from it, he didn't want to seem shady. He reached up, his green, slightly slimy hands finally showing, pleasant breezes washed over them.

He slowly removed the hood, and when it was finally down his gaze was down and he had gained a little more distance. He somehow managed out another response. "p-pardon...my ap-appearance...an i-idiot ancestor of m-mine messed up...big.."
__________________________________________________ _____________________________________________


Calypso scowled the fired guard away. The guard knew that the next step after the warning would be death, so he took his leave quickly. Calypso didn't argue him when he passed him by back into the tomb to retrieve his belongings. Calypso stepped forward, giving the first guard a look telling him he was dismissed from the matter. Calypso looked upon the new arrival with intrigue.

The small hooded figure before him introduced himself as Kreig. Calypso smiled, the one thing he liked in people working under him was shyness at the start. They wouldn't be arrogant or mouthy, and would eventually open up already knowing Calypso. The stammering would eventually subside when Kreig was more comfortable with the clan.

"Who am I to excuse your introcuction? I haven't even introduced myself. My name is Calypso Kerauac, I am the leader of the Keepers of the Tomb, the clan you have ever-so-gracefully come upon. Don't worry about your suspicious appeara-" Calypso stopped to watch Kreig unveil himself. Calypso hadn't thought he'd be ready to do so for a while, and hadn't wanted to push it. It seemed that Kreig was much more respectable than Calypso had first anticipated. He smiled at the frog man standing before him. Calypso didn't even so much as flinch at the sight, he actually looked as though he had seen things like this before. The reaction Kreig had been hoping for.

"Don't worry," Calypso assured Kreig with a smile, "I know what its like to not be accepted because of who you are. Though I do not show it physically as you do, I'm a mix of breeds. Half phoenix, quarter elf, and quarter human, more easily surmised as 'half phoenix', as its the prevailing specie. I apologize if this seems rude, but your prince charming grandfather didn't quite find the kiss he was looking for." Calypso chuckled at the joke, as he was proving to have quite the sense of humor.

"I apologize, I may be acting too friendly for a first encounter. Here, you must be tired from your travels. Come inside and rest. And eat." Calypso began leading Kreig into the tomb. "I apologized, but I don't recall hearing your business with our clan."
__________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ ________________


Kreig was pleasantly surprised at the mans jovial nature and managed a genuine smile. He had originally taken the mans pause during his unveiling of his face as a bad thing, thinking he had unpleasantly disturbed the man, but his quick reprise with his own lineage relieved him of his worries. He was actually intrigued with the mans lineage, being half of a Phoenix, which was essentially a bird. Frogs never had many qualms with birds, giving him a good feeling about this man.

Kreig likened many people to animals, with humans mostly being just what they were, carnivores. This man seemed like a proud and strong bird, somewhat fierce underlying, but gentle to his allies. Kreig liked that, and it showed as his rigid frame loosened ever so slightly, and his quivering was almost non existent at this point. When the frog joke came along he brought up his hand and chuckled, genuinely amused. The elders of the village had made that joke many-a-time during his childhood, mocking the tales of princes and princess'. Though they more ridiculed the idea of a frog being a reviling creature, and the story was changed with their feelings in mind. Likening it to an evolution, or progression to manhood. He may not have gotten the full idea of the joke as the mainlanders would have, but it still had it's effect.

He felt a warm feeling wash over his shoulders as Calypso continued talking, actually inviting him in to talk further. It was much more comfortable than the cold rigid feeling he first had, and had when he was being badgered by the guards. Kreig followed Calypso's lead into the tomb and continued talking while walking, answering his question of what his business was.

"Well...I had heard of your Clan in passing a while back. There was some development with the leadership, I have no idea what happened...but I can assume it wasn't anything too destructive..." Kreig was more comfortable with his words now, pausing from time to time to shake off that slight uneasy feeling he got whenever he talked. But the walls of the inside tomb were soothing, anything damp and dark was nice.

He continued after his moment of realization, "So...I took my mentors words to heart. He told me to explore the world, make friends, see what I can do to make a change in this large world, and if I'm mentioned as much as 100 miles in any direction, then I've accomplished something. I figured I'd have the best chance of completing all of his suggestions here. While this may not be a place to make many friends, It will be somewhere to call home possibly, somewhere to make a name for myself, and somewhere that'll help me explore all the ways of the world, through allies and enemies, I'll learn more and more of the world and it's people...."

Kreig had gotten on a roll after going through his mentors words, and his own ways to accomplish them. He respected no one more than his mentor Phinneas, and whenever he thought of him, there was nothing but fond memories. He yearned for the day he could go to see him, accomplished, and receive a congratulations, or even better, Phinneas sending him a message of his congratulations, for his name had reached him even from where he was.

He continued to walk, taking a moment before realizing he had gone off on a tangent. "..Uhm..." He paused for a moment, slightly embarrassed. "...Sorry...I just get caught up in my past and goals sometimes....Forgive me.."

9th August 2007, 06:51 PM

Shimizu looked over at Althar for a moment. ’Poison specialist… Poor guy, if he needed that he’s come to the wrong place. We seem to be physically oriented these days.’ Upon hearing Calypso begin to speak, Shimizu sighed heavily, Althar would definitely need some assistance and Calypso was almost assuredly going to give it to him. ’Finally… Finally we’re about to go do something together so I could talk to him… but no… Damn it all.’

The burning trail of the gunpowder solution caught Shimizu’s eye. That, of all things, was something he hadn’t ever seen before. A new addition by Calypso, he figured. Whatever it meant, Shimizu took it as ‘we’ll have our spar later’. And sure enough, Calypso gave him the ‘I’ll reschedule’ speech. He sighed heavily again, dropping his head in defeat. Calypso was the clan leader and something like a trail of fire was obviously more important than a dumb spar with Shimizu, therefore there was nothing he could do about it. “No problem Calypso.” He said, looking up at the leader, “I’ll do it.” He smiled and pointed at Calypso, “But I’ll hold up on that rescheduling thing.”

Once the half phoenix had disappeared, Shimizu went over to Althar, “Hey, I’m gonna help you to the infirmary now, ‘kay?” He tilted his head slightly to look down at the man, because surely he had fallen to the floor by now due to Calypso’s specialty swords. “Don’t worry, the burning wears off eventually.” He said as he lifted the man’s arm around his shoulder. After they entered the infirmary, Shimizu laid Althar down gently on one of the beds. He stood next to him for a moment, watching over his condition. Hospitals and infirmaries always bothered him. First off he hated being in them because that usually meant someone was hurt, nothing but bad memories right there. Also, if someone was hurt and he was watching them, the fact that they were in a hospital or infirmary meant that he could do nothing to help them.

The stern, automatic look that took over his face was the default look he had when with Ieyama. His eyes were narrow and mouth pulled down in an angry frown. Once he realized this, however, he shook his head and smiled at Althar, “Did you want me to stay here with you, or should I take my leave?” He asked.

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__________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ _


"how can I get mad at you, you were upset, you didn't want me to see you like that so you left. I'm just glad that you have cheered up, and if you do come for a walk then there is something you have got to see."

Latias looked at her and smiled brightly. “Thanks Jewel, I don’t deserve such kindness after that little fiasco.” He paused. “Something I have to see?” he questioned, head tilted to the right slightly at the thought of it. “OOH!! I’m so excited! What is it? What is it? What is it?!?” He cried, hopping up and down, tail wagging pretty fast.

”Cool it, Latias.” Saital grumbled. ”It’s prolly just some stupid scenery.”

“So? I wanna see it! I don’t care what it is!” He exclaimed happily, still hopping about. However, he stopped suddenly, his nose wiggling slightly as he sniffed the air. A trail of fire suddenly shot past them, making Latias jump and dart away from it. “What the heck is that!?” He shouted, still not in full control of his vocal chords yet.

”I said calm down, it’s just a trail of fire.”

“Is a trail of fire supposed to be flying through the tomb!?” He cried, waving his arms about in a dramatic fashion. He looked in the direction the fire came from, “I’m gonna go check it out!” He said as he started running in that direction, effectively dragging Saital along with him. He darted to the entrance of the tomb where he saw Calypso had already gone to see for himself what it was about. Latias stopped in the lounge area, waiting for Calypso to come back to explain it.

To his shock and amazement, Calypso re-entered the tomb with a frog-man. ”Freaky…” Saital muttered. “Shut up, Saital.” Latias scolded. He hopped forward after hearing what Kreig was there to do. “That’s so awesome!” He cried, “You look so cool Mr. Frog-guy!” Latias didn’t touch, however. He knew full well that someone who didn’t look like everyone else would have been ridiculed for it at some point. He knew this because he too looked different. He had red fox ears and a tail, however he wasn’t a full fledged fox demon, he was only half.

“Oh, how rude of me,” He stuck his hand forward to shake, not expecting it to be grabbed really, “My name’s Latias Raskle.” He nodded backward, “And this is Saital.” The 7 foot, half see-through spirit of a kitsune gave a slight wave of his hand and a ”Hey.” as his greeting.
__________________________________________________ __________________________________________________


Kreig shifted his view from Calypso to the newcomer. He at first took a step back and his right eye twitched, as if he was getting ready for an attack, but it was simply a member of the clan. Kreig at first was reluctant to shake the hand of Latias, not wanting to disturb him his his slick palms, but it was polite....He then got a better view of him. He appeared to have many characteristics of a Fox tribe that had negotiations with his clan in passing while he grew up. Knowing them to be generous, and placid people, he decided it would be a safe gesture to shake back.

He stuck out his hand slowly and attempted a feeble and confused shake. He had never really practiced such things, for his friends had always greeted him with hugs, or waves. A hand shake was too formal a gesture for him to do with a friend, and was usually reserved for accquaintances or people he had just met, Kreig's personality didn't allow for many situations like that. He then nodded to the other one, Saital. He was large, tall, and Kreig could swear he saw a set of bricking to the tomb through his body.

It donned on Kreig then that this man was partially astral, he thought for a brief moment, If only Phinneas were here, he'd lunge at him and start asking question... Kreig decided to speak up a bit, since they had both taken the time to talk to him. "Hello...I'm Kreig...You're right with the whole...err..frog guy thing....Long story short...My ancestors an idiot."

He gave a crooked smile and looked around, slightly unsure of what to say. He could never carry on a conversation longer than a two or three sentences with newer people. And when he did, he rambled, it was a personal curse of his.
__________________________________________________ _____________________________________________


Latias smiled from ear to ear as soon as Kreig began to lift his hand. Latias took that as an invitation and quickly grabbed it before Kreig could rethink the handshake. "Don't worry, I won't bite." He said happily, shaking Kreig's hand vigorously. He paused and then laughed a little. "I hear you on that ancestor part. I don't know what happened in my family so many years back, but some how Saital here became apart of my bloodline." A big grin took over his face. Latias could tell that Kreig was a quieter man.

"Don't worry too much about being shy. I used to be shy too when I was younger." He looked over at Saital and realized that Kreig might not understand the bond the two of them had. That was something that confused a new comer once that day, he pondered to himself if he should explain it to Kreig to avoid any problems...

"Uhm, to explain Saital a little bit... He's a different entity, as you may have guessed. Some people think he's a split personality of mine but he's not. Saital's a full fledged demon, a kitsune. He.. well he thinks he's a god." Latias laughed, receiving a 'smack' from Saital which only went through him.

"You know I was a god." He growled. He crossed his arms over his chest and leaned back in the air, floating above the ground. Since he was already tall, he looked even taller by not actually touching the floor.

"Sure, sure." Latias chuckled. He looked back at Kreig, "It's nice to meet you Kreig." He looked at Calypso for a second then back to Kreig. "I apologize but I was listening in. You guys are headed to get food, right? Well I'm the head chef here so ask me for anything you want whenever you want, 'kay?" he smiled brightly at Kreig.

9th August 2007, 06:56 PM

Kreig allowed a small chuckle to escape while Latias and Saital exchanged words. He could tell they were very close, and Kreig had been right, or at least, partly right about Saital. The fox part was right, and so was the astral part, but being a demon he had no idea of. As they continued to talk he simply stood still listening, trying to gauge them further, and thinking to himself.

The people he had met so far; Calypso seemed to be a proud and gentle spirit, and Kreig stood to gain no harm there, as long as he remained on the blunt and friendly end of the blade, and Latias and Saital where both vibrant accomdating spirits. Saital being the more placid of the two. He could only imagine what people he would meet further in the tomb.

He payed attention all the while the best he could, and when Latias offered his greetings and commented on the food and his job as chef. "Please to meet you as well....and...as long as you don't...don't serve frog legs...i'm sure I'll enjoy your food..." Giving a crooked smile Kreig had just attempted a joke, no matter how feeble it was.
__________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ ______


Althar wasn't worried about what Calypso was going to do, after all he could see it before it happened anyways. He fell to his knees because of Calypso's spell, but he sensed it wasn't the fire at all causing this pain, because the pain was mainly mental, the energy reminded him of when the demon had sent him to hell. But what he didn't see was what he would hear next, that was the problem with his eye, as much as it gave him an advantage, other than sight it helped none with his other senses.
Althar, we must speak....
He heard a voice that he recognized, the demon infecting Masaki, but he didn't even react wondering what this demon could want, he knew that the demon must have had some plans since he made the poison not to kill him, so Althar at least wanted to see what he wanted before dismissing him. The poison resisted the fire 'soul', which is what caused him the great pain, not so much the spell itself, and even though it was still in him, Althar wouldn't press it any further for now. "I'm ok, the pain was nothing major"

He noticed Calypso's attention drawn elsewhere, which was fine with him as he didn't want to pressed any more on the matter of the poison, at least until he spoke with the demon. He was very intrigued, since he knew that this demon must find something special with Althar to go to this much trouble to speak to him, to have a poison with small effects, but with a strong resistance to being destroyed. And even though it was pure speculation he assumed that the connection to his mind must be through that poison, as it seemed to happen the moment that Calypso tried to destroy it. His plans may have to be changed, but it may be for the best. Although Althar was very calculating and hated when his plans had to change, he was willing to accept it if it could benefit him, though he found it odd that he was glad this demon wanted him, after all he hated demons. Maybe it was that small thought in the back of his head that maybe this demon could help him with his ultimate goal....

When Shimizu tried to take his arm Althar moved it away, "I can get up." He got up, and he still had a headache from the poison being resisted, it seemed that it sent some form of shock to his head. He followed him and did get in the bed, even though he didn't feel he needed it, but he needed to play along. It seems that they underestimated his tolerance to physical pain. That was almost nothing after being sent straight to hell. Not many people had suffered like he had. He preferred not to speak about it, it made him feel vulnerable.

Althar noticed that Shimizu had a slightly angry look on his face, which he expected, but he figured he should try to understand him better, if for no reason other than to work more efficiently when they helped with him during the mission. "Well, I know this must suck having to help me. But may I ask you a little about yourself? Even through your opinions of me really don't matter too far, working with people who hate you never does work well" He figured it must have been the shock to his mind making talk about things like this, but really, he should at least try to get along with the people who he needed for his goal.

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Raven sits at his post near the main gate, bouncing the back of his head against the stone wall. How did I end up with this job? He starts to look around, seeing nothing out of the ordinary, a few of the other guards walking by on their patrols, minding their own business, cracking jokes. Raven sat up, using the wall as help. He wondered about the new rules, not quite agreeing with how appropriate they where, knowing how low the roster was. None the less, Raven started off on his daily patrol, checking the basement, the halls, sometimes looking over the balcony of the Keep's roof.

Raven started to pace, more than patrol, in the deep and almost impenetrable thought of a Helvian. He wanted desperately to be on the path of swords, even if he disagreed entirely with the idea of it. He drew a pentagram in the air, dark energy starting to corkscrew from the drawing and into his hand, shaping a sword. His sword is old, and almost destroyed, maybe the dark magic's can sharpen it back up? Raven sends it back into the pentagram, the drawing spinning out of control and then falling apart into nothingness.
__________________________________________________ ________________________________________________


Calypso walked and talked with the frog-man he now knew as Kreig. No longer one to discriminate upon appearances, if he ever had been, Calypso’s tastes in companions was always a little… different. Few of his close friends were humans, and if they were none of them the typical human. Shimizu had issues all his own, and Cidulfas… from a different world altogether. Other friends included his berserker friends and new acquaintance pyxie, among the others in the tomb. Following this trend, Calypso felt much more comfortable speaking to Kreig, someone not at all human, than he had been to the hostile Althar earlier that day. In a cheery enough mood, Calypso may have even called the amphibious man ‘cute.’

"Trust me, you will accomplish your goal of friend making here as well. This clan has quite the variety of inhabitants, most of which are more than friendly. Many of which who have also faced adversities due to their heritage. I’m sure you’ll feel quite at home here." Calypso didn’t once stop to ‘correct’ any of these present-tense assumptions he was making on Kreig’s arrival to the clan. He actually took it for granted that the man would actually want to stay rather than pass through. It seemed as though he had intentions of just that, judging from his heartfelt recollection.

Kreig caught himself in the throws of his speech, and quickly apologized again. Calypso just grinned, "Don’t worry about it, it’s not a problem," he paused momentarily, then added, "Your speech is really improving. I’m glad I’m not frighteningly unapproachable." Speaking of approachings, Latias was soon to join the excitement, as he really was never very far, and could hear things a good mile away from his location, wherever that may be.

Calypso stayed relatively silent, knowing there was no need to introduce his half demon friend. Had he tried, he would’ve been too late and probably cut off. Kreig seemed uneasy at first, but Latias’ unbelievably bubbly nature soon won him over.
Calypso let out a small snort in his attempts at swallowing his laughter at Kreig’s frog-leg joke. Lame jokes, afterall, were not to be laughed at for fear of encouraging more paralyzingly painful puns. But that didn’t change the fact that it was funny. Clearing his throat, Calypso turned to Kreig again, "So will you be joining us, then? At least for the time being. I’ll leave you with Latias for now, if you’re quite alright with that, and arrange some living quarters for you. Any preferences to the atmosphere of your room? Inferring from your species, I’d begin to guess that you have some different definitions of ‘comfortable.’"

9th August 2007, 07:04 PM

Raven makes his way to the training area where many of the guards where practicing. He decides to join in, his eyes narrowing to a slit of red light as the guards charge towards him. A dome of transparent black energy expands from Raven, blowing all the guards off their feet and onto the ground. He then pulls out his sword from the shadows, an initial swing downwards sends the free shadows on the blade scattering to the ground.

The guards charge again, meeting their swords with Raven's, sparks flying off their blades as they fly from their user's hands. Another comes from behind him, Raven lifts his arm and turns about 30 degrees to clothes line the attacking guard. The opponent does a back flip and lands on his stomach. Raven starts to give out pointers to the guards, words of advice from decades of warfare.

The guards take his advice and try again, this time using strategy and other guards to their advantage, uses each other as meat shields and strategic cover. Raven gets hit a few times, smiling at his progress with the men.
__________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ _______


Kreig shook his head to Calypso's question of living quarters. "I've lived in trees, ponds, and houses. I will take whatever you are willing to give me." He gave a slight bow and commented, Thank you for all your hospitality thus far..." He felt akward slightly still, not knowing what to say next.

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Fire Princess

As Jewel and the others were talking Latias all of the sudden jumped back at a trail of fire that shot through the tomb. As Saital tried to get Latias to calm down a bit, then get dragged along as Latias ran off to see what the fire was all about Jewel just laughed. "Oh he is so funny, and now seeing Saital floating behind him and getting dragged around makes it even funnier. But I'm going to follow him, see what’s up. You guys coming?" Jewel turned to Nuala and Khongol as she spoke.

As she walked down the hall Jewel saw Calypso and Latias talking to a man that look a bit like a frog. "Cool, I wonder if he is going to be staying here with us," said Jewel quietly as she walked towards the guys. "Hey guys what’s up?" She said as she reached them, "So we have a guest, or is he going to be staying with us, cause if he is that is really great, we'll just have to make sure that you and Nuala prepare stuff for him at the party to." As she said that she gave Latias a little poke in the side. "Oh I'm being really rude, I'm sorry, my name is Jewel Asikari, it's a pleasure to meet you....sorry I missed the name." She extended her hand to the frog man and had a slightly embarrassed look on her face.

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Kreig looked towards yet another person from the clan. He was meeting so many people today it was going to give him a sensory overload. The most he had ever met new people at once was three. And they were all like minded to his mentor Phinneas. He decided he had to try his hardest, and maybe this would lead to further friendships. He gave a small wave from his chest, not wanting to appear too flamboyant. It appeared to be a flamboyant person whom had introduced herself. She had on purple-ish red clothing, and multiple diamoned earings. He wondered why people would wear such things, but he supposed he was a bit too simple to understand any reasons as to why one would wear such things.

Introducing herself as Jewel Asikari he gave a crooked smile along with the wave and introduced himself. "Ah...Hi..I'm uh...Kreig Zito...N-nice to meet you..." Kreig had rarely talked to girls. Since he was estranged from his clan growing up, due to his different thinking, they never talked to him, and girls his own age of the human persuasion, would never approach him. Even the older woman and colleagues of Phinneas would either act stuck up, calling him a sub-species, or going over how 'adorable' or 'fascinating' he was. He was always an object of interest among woman, never a person.

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Vibrating Chibi

Jasika watched from the shadows as Calypso and Shimizu set the new comer in his place. This man sure wasn't making a very good first impression. By the way things were going so far, Jasika didn't think she'd get along with this man.

Jasika wasn't noticed, which was probably a good thing. She didn't want to interrupt anything that was going on. Especially since none of that was her business. But she stayed to see how things would turn out anyway, also because she didn't really have anything else to do at that point.

Jasika kept watching for a while when she noticed a sting of fire running inside the tomb. That wasn't something she had noticed before, but it must have been Calypso's doing since he left the tomb after seeing it.

After a short time, Jasika was joined by Latias and Jewel, who seemed to be waiting for something. As Calypso re-entered the tomb Jasika noticed he was not alone. There was a frog-like man with him. Jasika slowly came up behind Jewel and Latias. She wasn't sure what to think of Kreig. But he was rather friendly toward the two standing in front of her so she decided it was safe to introduce herself.

"Hey, I'm Jasika Hayes." Jasika could see that he wasn't that comfortable around women so she didn't extend her hand. Instead she just waved at Kreig.
__________________________________________________ _________________________________________________


Kreig shuffled his feet slightly at yet another person. He was already slightly short of breath, and yet another person added to the equation was tweaking his mind slightly. He felt like he had been induced to his own poison somehow. He turned to her, just as she gave the wave. It wasn't anything too big, it was enough not to startle Kreig and make him flip...or Hop, it depended on how froggy he felt.

He caught his breath the best he could and managed a reply. "Ah...I-I'm K...reig..Kreig..Zito...Nice...nice to meet you." He manage a smile, it was yet another woman, this one seemed less animated though, putting him at ease. He now knew not all of them were lively or vibrant.

9th August 2007, 07:10 PM

Calypso’s smile still hadn’t faded. He was enjoying watching Kreig squirm, really, but that was only part of it. Again, the word ‘cute’ crossed his mind, the term applied loosely, of course. And to his behavior. Calypso cared little for beauty in his fighters, the male ones anyway. They’d eventually get mangled in a fight, or something like that. The appearance doesn’t make the man. “Alright, just checking. I’ll take it for granted you don’t want anything baking, though I doubt we have any accomodations that fit that description anyhow.”

Before Calypso could get about showing Kreig to his room so that he could settle down, Jewel joined the party and began interrogating the poor frog man, or at least Calypso hoped he wouldn’t take it that way. Talk about a bombardment. How many people does one expect to meet in a Tomb, honestly? If Calypso didn’t already know better, he’d be surprised as well. ’I’d better let him rest soon before the attention makes him snap. He doesn’t look like he’s used to it.’ Before Calypso could act on this thought, Jasika approached to introduce herself as well. ’Oh boy,’ Calypso just stood back to watch now, finding this very entertaining. He couldn’t very well leave Kreig alone with the others without proper instruction on where he would be able to drop his stuff, at the very least. He was still fresh out of his journey from wherever he was from.

Calypso snickered a bit when he saw Kreig hop, as it were. “Ok people, break it up. Frog people need to breathe too you know.” To Kreig, “Follow me, I’ll show you to your quarters.” Calypso led the way deeper into the tomb to a grand hall, apparently the central point of the tomb. Following an adjoining corridor, Calypso led Kreig passed many already occupied rooms before presenting him to one that was not yet occupied by a member of the clan. “Here, this will be your room for the duration of your stay.”
__________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ _


Kreig waved slightly once more as he was led away, managing a reply "s-sorry..." He didn't want them to hate him before they even knew him. As he was being brought to his room he started to breath more. His lungs could fill up completely, and a slight shaking that had started in his hands had slowed down. He had a slight headache, which was rare, due to his usually jumpy nature he was used to large amounts of stress on his body, conditioning him slightly against headaches. But this was by far the worst headache he had had in a long time.

When introduced to his room, he gave a nod and decided to voice his thanks. "Thank you...For your hospitality....Ah....Once I take a rest...Where will you be needing me?"
__________________________________________________ _________________________________________________


"Where will I be needing you? Well, as Jewel said, there's a ball coming up for the clan. You're more than welcome to join. It'll give you a chance to meet everyone. Well, whoever decides to come. It should be soon, actually, the flyers I saw said that preparations begin tomorrow. The clan will be bustling with activity. If you can help out, with decorating, food preparation, anything like that, feel free. It's completely voluntary." Calypso paused, figuring it would be better than utter subject change, "I'm glad to see that you are feeling more comfortable here in your room. They'll understand, don't worry about that. Just rest up here and join us in the main hall when you're reading. Oh yes, and showers are just down the hall if you'd like to use them."

Calypso waited if Krieg had any further questions, and then departed to 'gather the troops.' He found Latias, Jewel, and Jasika where he left them, hoping others would come around when they noticed the huddling. "Alright team, we just need to find Nuala and then the two of you," he pointed to Latias for the addition, "can start leading us in what needs to be prepared for this big ball of ours. Latias, go get Shimizu from the infirmary and meet us back here. I'm going to find Nuala and Khongol. Jewel, Jasika, one of you go check to see if Cid's done with the lighting schematics, the other go find Raven, I'm sure he's around somewhere."

Orders effectively given, Calypso set out in search of Nuala and Khongol, hoping they were in relatively the same area.

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__________________________________________________ _______________________________________________


"Please to meet you as well....and...as long as you don't...don't serve frog legs...i'm sure I'll enjoy your food..."

Latias’ eyes lit up as Kreig answered him. “Oh you’re so cute!” He cried, letting out the word that surely others were thinking of as well. “I don’t see frog people where I’m from and I find frogs adorable there since it’s a city and I don’t seem them often and you’re a frog so you’re cool and since you are a frog you must be adorable too since that’s what I said and-“ Latias paused to breathe, “ your stammering is so cute I had to say so but you heard that already and don’t worry about the other clan guys because they’re cool and nice and if they accepted me they’ll accept you!” He took another deep breath.

As the half demon breathed, Saital decided to take his chances and try to get a word in. “Don’t mind him, he… talks a lot when he gets excited.”

Latias stuck his tongue out at the kitsune, then looked back at Kreig. “Don’t worry, I won’t serve frogs legs, that’d be just cruel to you and I don’t want to be cruel s-“

”LATIAS! You’re doing it again.”

“Oops! Sorry!” He covered his mouth, laughing a little he asked; “Was there a certain food you wanted right now, Kreig?”

I’ll leave you with Latias for now… Calypso speaks.

Saital chuckled. ”Bad plan there, Mr. Leader. See, this guy here?” He pointed at Latias. ”He was left in charge of showing Falken around and that STILL hasn’t happened!” He started laughing at the very thought. He paused when he saw Jewel. ”Hey lover boy, your girlfriend’s here.”

“Sh-Shut up!” Latias cried, his face flushing red as he tried to hit the floating kitsune but his hand went through every time. Jewel then poked him in the side as she said something that he didn’t catch. His face went even redder than before as his tail and ears stood on end. “ACK!” He jumped back, “Uh.. h-hi Jewel.” He waved at her, being quite shy himself now. He glanced over at Jasika who also approached Kreig. ’Poor guy’s probably terrified.’ He thought.

Calypso spoke up once more, leading Kreig away. Latias sighed. “Sorry!” He called. “I didn’t mean to scare you…” He dropped his arms and hung his head. “Oh well…” He looked at the others, “Hi!” He waved his hand at them vigorously.

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Shimizu stared at Althar as he tried to lift him up. The angry ‘I can do it myself’ attitude given to him made him feel a little more childish than he already did at that moment. “Hey, I’m just trying to help buddy. Why not get pissy with someone who deserves it?” He chuckled but still forced his help on the old man. “I’m helping you if you want me to or not, leader’s orders you know.” He smiled at Althar as they made it to the infirmary. Allowing Althar to lay down, Shimizu crossed his arms over his chest, waiting for the man’s reply.

"Well, I know this must suck having to help me. But may I ask you a little about yourself? Even through your opinions of me really don't matter too far, working with people who hate you never does work well"

His surprise was obvious as he looked down at Althar. “It doesn’t ‘suck’ at all. I like helping, really. Makes me feel useful at least.” He lifted his finger to just under his lips, resting on his chin in a thinking position. “You want… to know about me?” He repeated, looking at Althar to make sure he heard right. “You are right in the fact that working with those who dislike you is difficult…. However I think you should hold the opinions others have of you a little higher.” He leaned back on his heels, still thinking about what he could tell Althar that the man would want to hear.

“Well… for the last six years I was held captive by a man named Ieyama. If you know anything about him, you’ll know he’s known as Lucifer’s eldest son.” He paused. “Captive isn’t the right word… more of a… disciple… no… well forget that. You’ll be surprised of who here can understand what you’ve gone through, Althar.” His eyes suddenly clouded over as they took on a more sympathetic look. “Being tortured by a demon… monsters all around you… being forced to do something you do not wish to do. I know how you feel, Althar. I don’t know how long you lived in your ‘hell’, but I lived in mine for at the very least 6 full years.”

He took a deep breath and closed his eyes, dropping his arms to wrap them around himself in a loose, yet comfortable hug. “I feel cold when I think about it. However… I know I have friends here who care about me and don’t care what I am or what I’ve become.” Shimizu shook his head. “No… I’m no one special really… I’m not someone you read about on bulletin boards or hear about through gossip circles… or even see in a picture somewhere others will see. But just because I’m not someone famous or important, it doesn’t mean I don’t matter.” He opened his eyes and looked at Althar once more. “I feel as though I have been turned into a demon, even though I am a spiritualist. I have to say that hating all demons is wrong. I find it impossible not to hate some of them, but don’t hate the ones who appear to be living in harmony with everyone else.” He was thinking back to Althar’s encounter with Latias again.

“I always go off on long winded speeches too. That’s another part of me you should know.” Turning his head to stare at a few posters around the room, posters of medical things, human body type stuff. “You know, I’d like to know more about you as well, since you seem to be perfectly fine after that little incident with Calypso back there.” He looked back to the man lying on the hospital bed. “If you feel well, you may sit up.”

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9th August 2007, 07:19 PM

Nuala, who wasn’t really versed in worldly ways, couldn’t really understand what kind of mental or psychological obstacle Latias dreaded when it came to confessing his feelings to Jewel. It always felt really warm and fuzzy inside when people confessed such sweet emotions to one another, no matter if they were mutual or not; the happiness and utter delight one experienced when loving someone else was a reward on its own. Upon Jewel’s appearance though she struggled to restrain herself from following Saital’s advice and asking her all those questions about marriage and clumsy babies too, not so much because she thought it’d be inappropriate but because she had a strange feeling it would paint Latias’s face lobster pink with sheer embarrassment. Besides, it would be such a spoiler if anyone mentioned anything before the ball; in her mind Nuala had already pictured Latias creating the perfect gift for Jewel and then presenting her with a ring and kneeling down to ask her to marry him and the two of them disappearing for a while under the Arch of Love to exchange vows of devotion and, albeit her great dismay upon realizing there was no Love Arch in the Tomb, she still hoped they’d live happily ever after and choose her to be one of their children’s godmother.

Khongol: "Aye. I am certain you'll need height so how can I help for yer party?"
The little pixie purred happily (to her surprise, since pixies don’t really purr… she must have gotten it from Latias) as the large man picked her up and sat her in his hand. The fact that he offered to help with the party’s preparations sounded like a sign he wanted to kick his former moodiness off and participate more in activities with his friends, which her optimistic self welcomed warmly. Even though a mysterious frog-like creature had appeared at the front gates and she’d like nothing more than to introduce herself and make a new friend, she decided to spend some time with her oldest one and explain to him her idea about the presents. Hihi I wonder how many will I get Nuala giggled and flew up to Khongol’s mohawk, messing with his hair as she guided him through the Tomb’s halls and talked loudly.
“Khongie, you see those semi-transparent colorful thingies that flutter on my back? They’re called wings and they can take me veeeeery high, so don’t worry about putting up the festoons or the lightning. Now, remember when I wrote on the invitation you have to bring presents? Thing is, we’ll have baskets named after each of us where people can put the presents they made or bought in; you don’t have to make one for everyone –though I definitely will– but those you’ll make have to mean something to you or the person you give it to. And you also shouldn’t write your name on it, only a short message so the receiver should have to guess which clan member offered it and why. That way, it is almost certain everyone will receive a present and no one would be offended since they won’t know who made what for whom.

I think Falken will make the baskets and I’ll make the decorations so you don’t really need to worry about that. I do remember however that you have quite a wood-crafter’s skill so how would you like to make name tags for us to place on top of every basket?”
All the time they’re talking, Nuala guided her friend to the Main Hall where the party would take place so she’ll have a chance to inspect it a little better. She mentally pictured the space as it would be organized in two days time, where the bassinettes would be, where should the buffet be placed so it’s not in the middle of the dance-floor, where they should build the fire to roast marshmallows when the party would tone down, where would the musicians be positioned… Oh now, I have completely forgotten about that! How could I be so stupid? she thought distressed and alarmed as she heard Calypso’s footsteps approaching.
“Ahem by the way Ghol, do you have any idea where we could find a band to play at the night of the party? That’s something I honestly hadn’t thought of…
__________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ ___

Vibrating Chibi

After Jasika had introduced herself she backed off a little, giving Kreig his space. Even though Jewel and Latias didn't seem to move from where they were standing. Soon after, Calypso led Kreig away leaving Latias, Jewel and Jasika to talk amongst themselves. As soon as this happened Latias seemed to be his happy-go-lucky self.

"Hi Latias." Jasika said as she started to laugh. She waved back to Latias, but not quite as vigorously.

Soon after Calypso came back giving orders to the three that were still standing in the hall. Jasika decided to go find Raven and leave Jewel to find Cid. It might take her a little longer to find Raven, but it gave her something to do.

Jasika wondered up and down the halls looking into rooms, just incase he might be in there. Finally she came to the guards training grounds where Raven was practicing against many of the other guards. "RAVEN!" Jasika finally yelled to grab his attention. "Sorry to interrupt your practice time, but I was told to find you. I guess Calypso wants us to help with the party preparations."
__________________________________________________ _________________________________________________


Khongol listens to the pixie, already coming up with an idea of what to give a certain someone at the party. He smiles slightly wondering if it'll be understood or even accepted. He hates to correct her once she is on a roll but he is afriad he must when she says, "I think Falken will make the baskets and I’ll make the decorations so you don’t really need to worry about that. I do remember however that you have quite a wood-crafter’s skill so how would you like to make name tags for us to place on top of every basket?”

He chuckles a bit and reaches up to tickle her side. "Love, my friend is the woodworker... well fletcher. I was a smithy when I wasn't travelin' but yeah I can do it. And whatever ya need. Won't take ong to forge metal plates... if ya desire wood though it'll take more time."

He looks around trying to imagine the ball she had in mind. Not much was coming to mind but he trusted her completely. They talked about the plans and ideas she had, and he quietly was still trying to decide if he was going to come or not. But he passes a window and sees the reflection of them together and he smiles. I like that... if it'll help win her heart I'll come.

Once in the Main Hall she goes into detail, pointing where every little thing is. A trait in most which would piss him off... but with her it's cute. Another of her nuiances he loved. “Ahem by the way Ghol, do you have any idea where we could find a band to play at the night of the party? That’s something I honestly hadn’t thought of…”

He rubs the back of his head, brushing her rump with his pinky. "Not off the top of my head. I can look as the metal melts though. I wasn't big on music, I used to only train and practice here... then I left. And met ya. Only regret I got is I never went with ya after the dragon.
__________________________________________________ __________________________________________________

Fire Princess

Jewel could see that Kreig wasn't feeling really comfortable with her and Jasika around. And with Calypso leading him away to his room that left her, Latias and Jasika standing there. "Hey Latias I was wondering, if I could help you with the cooking if that’s ok with you.

When Calypso showed up again and started handing out assignments Jasika said that she would go find Raven, "so I guess that means I get to go find Cid, alrighty then."

Making her way to Cids room, she wondered what kind of things he had in his room, Jewel had heard that he was from another dimension so her curiosity was starting to grow. When she arrived at his room she lightly knocked on the door and said, "Cid, Calypso was wondering how the lighting was coming."

9th August 2007, 07:29 PM

Calypso strode down the hall looking for the two afore mentioned clan members. He heard Nuala’s ever-present bubbling voice ringing down the hall. She was talking about the ball, something she was very very excited about. ’I really hope everyone goes, she’ll be so disappointed if people don’t show up.’ Calypso rounded one of the turns in the hall to discover that they were on their way over to his origin point anyhow. He was about to interrupt, when he realized that Nuala was on a roll with her planning, and silently fell in stride with them up to the main hall, where the ball was to be staged.

Calypso wondered if his presence bothered Khongol. He hoped it didn’t, because there was a fair amount of subject matter he wanted to ask the berserker about. That is, when Nuala was else where. No to mention Khongol had a right to know what transpired in Calypso’s room earlier. He picked up on the matter of a band.

“I’m sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but it’s a one week trip for a one way journey to the nearest town, so there’s no possible way to get a band to come in in time for the ball. My suggestion is either we do it ourselves, or search for musical talents among the guards.”
__________________________________________________ ________________________________________________


"RAVEN!" Jasika finally yelled to grab his attention. "Sorry to interrupt your practice time, but I was told to find you. I guess Calypso wants us to help with the party preparations."

Raven spun around, all of the guards pouncing him at ounce, only a blob of wrestling bodies on the ground around him. A briliant white beam of light shot out from a gap in the bodies, then another, and another. Finaly all of the guards where catapulted from the group, some hitting the cieling and walls as a dome off light expanded outwards from Raven. As the man got up from the ground, beautiful white feathered wings unfolded from his back, three silver stars begin to float around his head, leaving behind trails of silver light.

He turned to look at Jasika, his normal appearance seemed to be completely opposite, White garments, white armor, white and blue hair. His normaly sinister red yes turned to a light glowing blue color, seeming to give off a feelign of welcome and serenity, more than a feeling of determination and intimidation.

"How may I aid you, m'lady Jasika..."

His voice was purely softened, doubled with what sounded like a woman's or a child's voice. Every bit of him gave off a briliant white and blue light, the guards imediatly got up, the light healing any and all ailings they got from the spar.

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Latias looked at Jewel and smiled brightly. “You want to help with the cooking!? Really!? Of course you can help! That’d be great!” He hopped up and down with joy, and it was made even better when Jasika returned his happy wave. ’Today isn’t so bad.’ He thought to himself just as Calypso showed up with assignments.

Latias stared at Calypso for a second…Go find Shim, eh? Not too hard, not too hard at all. “You got it!” He cried happily, saluting, for some reason, to Calypso right before he started to book it down the hall. Skidding to a stop, he decided to make the situation easier by picking up on Shimizu’s scent instead of running around blindly looking for him. As he was about to head toward Shimizu’s room, he heard the spiritualist speaking in the infirmary. ’Who’s he talking to I wonder…’ Latias questioned as he poked his head into the sick bay.

He frowned when he saw Althar; a profound ‘hmph’ escaped his throat before he addressed Shimizu. “Hey Shim, Calypso wants you in the main area of the tomb!” He pointed backward with his thumb. “Okay? See you there!” He then ran back to meet the others and their ‘assigned’ persons. He spotted Calypso talking to Nuala and Khongol about music. Latias’ face lit up and he started squealing a little bit. “I can sing!” He shouted, “I can, really!” He ran over to them, tail wagging back and forth very vigorously. “Oh, please pick me!!” He cried.
__________________________________________________ _______________________________________________


Shimizu sighed heavily as he looked at Althar he opened his mouth again to speak when Latias’ voice caught his attention. “Hm?” he turned to look at the bubbly half demon that didn’t seem so bubbly in the sights of Althar. “Heh, of course I’ll come Latias. Just a moment.” He turned back to Althar, “I’m sorry but I’ve been summoned by my leader. I’ll see you later.” He gave a slight respectful bow and he walked out of the room. Taking quick strides down the hallway, he could hear Latias’ sudden burst of emotion further away. Chuckling he walked into the main area to see what it was about.

He didn’t remember getting many orders in the past, but in the last ten minutes he had just received two. One from Calypso telling him to help Althar, the second telling him to get to the main area of the tomb. He wasn’t sure what it was about at first, but he soon figured out it was about the ball and the setting up for it. Stepping up next to Latias he couldn’t help but laugh, “I have a hard time believing you can sing.” He said with a grin on his face. Looking at Calypso now, “What was it you needed me for?”

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9th August 2007, 07:31 PM

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Keep in mind this is before the Ieyama hunt people.

Khongol, who didn't care that Cal had been there... unknowing what was being snuck behind his back yet, smirks to Calypso, "Well as long as ya don't plan to sing, birdman." He laughs to himself and looks around again figuring things out as his eyes tilt up toward, Nuala... like he could even see her where she was. "Besides, sendin' someone who is tonedeaf to seek out a band isn't wise. I would trust yer judgement over mine, love."

Latias rushes in and begins beginning to sing and Khongol thinks a long moment before saying over his shoulder to Cal, "Go tell Cid to build a device that can play types of music enchanted into it. He's supposed to be the miracle worker."

He rubs his eyes a moment and thinks, "Anyone figger out what to do with the stuff that is in here already?"
__________________________________________________ ____________________________________


Volunteers for singing came quickly, or at least the first one did. Latias was eager to sing to his heart's content. Calypso sighed, "Everyone will get a chance to sing. The point of this party is to have fun, and as Nuala has said several times, we are to share different songs and dances, whatever, from our respective homes and cultures. That is if I understood that right."

Calypso failed to defend himself from the strike at his singing ability. He had sung recently, and thought he wasn't that bad. But apparently he was, and he didn't care for criticism or lessons. Ready to right-off musical talent from his resume, Latias was quick to defend him. Calypso reflected that, as of late, he had a lot of people defending him. And it was almost always from khongol. 'I thought we had our little talk. Jealousy is an ugly monster.'

Calypso did, however, have to agree with Khongol's statement about requesting a music box from Cid. "Even if we do have live performances, we're not going to be singing the entire time. Background sound in general would be nice. Alright then, Nuala, I leave whoever shows up in your care. You tell them what needs to be done and they'll do it." Calypso turned to Shimizu, "And that should about explain what I need from you. Try and help with the preparations. Nuala can't do it on her own, and its not going to magically happen."

Calypso left the group, sort of relieved to do so. Nuala hadn't spoken a word to him, which only made the tension between him and Khongol that much worse, although Khongol did make some attempts at humor. Calypso knocked on Cid's door. "Hey Cid? You in there? I need to talk to you about the thechnical aspects of the clan ball."
__________________________________________________ ____________________________________________


A mage with long, braided, orange hair, walked towards the one guard standing at the gates. She studied him with her vibrant green eyes and decided that if she wanted to see Calypso she would have to talk to the guard. Unless she wanted to sneak by…. but that just causes too much trouble, and he looked too smart for that.

“Hey there, I’m here to see the leader of this clan.” Ashantee said walking up to the guard.

“Another one? I’ll go find the leader….” He said as he motioned her to follow him.

“Well that’s just the way I wanted to be greeted.” Ashantee muttered sarcastically under her breath as she followed him inside, but who was she to complain, she got in without any trouble didn’t she?

As she followed him, they walked past a few of the members in the clan. Her mouth gaped when she saw them. This place had a variety of members that all looked very different from each other. She wondered if she should introduce herself to them, but decided against it when she remembered why she was really here and that reason was too important to hold off any longer.

When she saw Calypso she almost shouted with joy as she ran up to him, totally ignoring all the people around him. As she stopped right in front of him she smiled, refraining herself from hugging him, remembering how cold he used to be. “Hi cuz!! What’s up? You’re probably wondering why I’m here, after all it’s been, oh, 5 years.”
__________________________________________________ ________________________________________________


Before Calypso made it to Cid's room, however, yet another guest arrived at the clan doors, and the remaining guard found it appropriate to bring her right to him. It seemed as though he was not at all destined to talk to Cid today. No one went to retrieve him, and when he tried himself, he was interrupted. It seemed to be someone very energetic. He turned to see who exactly was squealing at him so excitedly.

His surprise was unmaskable. "Ashantee?!" He couldn't believe she was here, it was rather unbelievable, really. Regaining his composure, he continued with their little conversation. "Well hello there my dear little cousin. And just how exactly did you find me?" Calypso was pointedly refusing to bite at the tid bit of intrigue Ashantee dropped. What was she doing here. She had a goal here with him, that much was certain.

Calypso took a moment to pause and reflect on the time passed. 'I suppose it has been five years... Time passes so quickly for me. Didn't even notice. Must've felt like an eternity for her though.' Calypso flashed her a grin, something she wouldn't recall being in his list of character traits, "So how is the little princess doing?" He messed up her bright orange hair. "I can't believe that stingy aunt of mine let you come see me."

9th August 2007, 07:36 PM

“Hm, for food I thought it would be best if we had canapés around and then roast marshmallows around a big fire! And here’s what else I had in mind: there’s no proper party without presents but, since it’s not specifically someone’s party, everyone will have to make a present for the rest! It doesn’t have to be something really big or expensive, actually I will make mine myself… but they do have to represent the person you made it for, as well as what you feel for him.” At this point, she shed a meaningful look at Latias and continued cheerfully. “So we will need baskets for everyone to put their presents in, that makes it about… 12 baskets which also means everyone will receive about 12 presents! We also need festoons and a big strobe light in the middle which I can make… so what will you take?”

Falken blinked incredulously at Nuala’s continuously excited and sunny disposition. She could talk forever and ever and not even realize no one else got a word in. He smiled and sighed heavily, closing his eyes. He wanted to work on the baskets, he was good at weaving things but he wasn’t sure exactly what she wanted the baskets to look like or what they should be made out of. Did they have to be big baskets because what if someone made a really big present and it didn’t fit in the basket? ’If someone bought a vehicle or something… I don’t want to make a basket that big.’ He thought to himself, quite warily.

Latias frustration made Falken laugh. Nuala going on about Latias and Jewel having children and getting married. Latias’ face was so red it was too funny. ’If they have kids, can I be the uncle?’ He thought joyfully.

He nearly missed Jewel coming up and asking if she could help out too. Then Khongol showed up.
That was strange, the moment Falken shows up to say he wants to help and try to show the others he had some significance in this clan… other people show up claiming the same thing and stealing his thunder. Sighing heavily once more, he imagined himself drifting slowly into a dark background as other people crowded in and shooed him away.

He came back to reality when Latias started to squeal and be very loud. He said something about Falken telling everyone about the gifts and such. ”Okay… so everyone has to make a gift for everyone else, do I have that right?” This meant he would have to make… 12 gifts? Or 11? Does he make one for himself? As he pondered this, a trail of fire shot past him. His eyes slowly followed it and then he gave a delayed reaction. “AH!” He exclaimed, stepping away from it so as not to be set aflame as well.

Looking up to see Latias darting away, claiming he’d go to see what it was, Falken felt it was his duty to follow, so he did. Stopping next to Latias in the main area, pausing to look at what Latias was looking at. Calypso speaking to a … frog man? Not something you see everyday. And of course Latias was very friendly in greeting this newcomer. Falken watched carefully, and couldn’t help but chuckle at a few of the things said, he was thinking about what to say really. Just as he was wondering what he could possibly say, aside from his name, Jewel showed up and managed to say a mouthful without even thinking. He sighed heavily and scratched his head. He’d already heard Kreig’s name, since he was half elf it wasn’t hard to hear, that and he just told Jewel.

Falken looked over at Jasika who only introduced herself and he was starting to believe it was alright to only say ‘hi I’m Falken’, although that wouldn’t give him much character. Just as he was beginning to gather up the gall to speak to Kreig, Calypso led the frogman away. Lifting a hand up in a ‘wait’ movement, he dropped it defeated. ”Oh well…. I’ll talk to him later.” He looked at Latias who also seemed ‘defeated’ in a way. ”Well… it’s okay, he can come on the tour with me, I mean, it’s not a tour with only one person, am I right?” He shrugged and looked up at Calypso who soon hurried back into the room. Giving everyone else orders, Falken waved at them all as they left. He froze for a moment. ’Wait a second… what should I be doing?’ He put his finger to his lip in a confused fashion.

I think Falken will make the baskets and I’ll make the decorations so you don’t really need to worry about that. Enlaya’s voice echoed in Falken’s head as his ears burned the moment he heard his name spoken. His elven ears perked a little as he strained to hear it. ”Make the baskets? Yes!” He spoke to himself. ”Now what should I use?… …. …” He muttered as he started to pace around. ”I should ask Nuala as soon as I see her next.” Just as he muttered this, Khongol and Nuala, then Calypso, all returned to the main hall. ’What luck!’ He started walking over there.

Latias hurried in and as the small huddle mentioned music, Latias claimed he could sing. Falken tilted his head to the side, ’I didn’t know he could sing…’ He smiled and decided to finally join the conversation when Latias got angry at Khongol. He stared at them for a bit and then Calypso walked away. Sighing heavily for the last time, he swallowed hard and looked around at the little group, it was shocking to see Latias so angry. Seeing him happy was one thing, excited was another, but angry? That was WAY different. He placed a hand on the half demon’s shoulder. “Calm down, Latias.” He said, finally speaking.

He turned his head when he saw the guard walk by with someone, someone who was so rude she didn’t even introduce herself. Falken’s face took on a flat look, ’Arrogant much?’
__________________________________________________ _______________________________________________


When Calypso turned around and smiled at her Ashantee’s surprise couldn’t be hidden, even though she wasn’t surprised that he didn’t ask what she wanted here. In answer to his question Ashantee said, “Well it’s kind of weird, but I found your mom and she told me where she thought you were and as it turns out she was right.”

She smiled broadly as he messed up her hair, and then smoothed it out again as she looked around at the people surrounding him. She stuck out her hand and said, “Hi! I’m sorry, how rude of me not to introduce myself. My name’s Ashantee.” After she said this she turned back to Calypso and said in a serious whisper, so as to not let anyone else hear, “I need to talk to you. Is there someplace private we can go?”
__________________________________________________ ________________________________________________


Although he SHOULDN'T find humor in the moment, Khongol laughs. He holds his hands up in a sign of surrender and he looks from Latias to Cal, "Look, Cal it was a joke. And as for you lil buddy I figured you would wanna dance with Jewel over sing the whole damn night and watch everyone else."

He is sure he surprised them with his statement and adds, "What? The axe-swinging ape can't have a clue when someone else is in love? I know the look in your eyes."

Cal slips off sometime during his reply making the barbarian sigh to himself. To himself he mutters, "Seems some bridges come burnt."
__________________________________________________ ______________________________________


Althar was surprised that this man would not mind helping the man who just attacked and insulted his friend. It seems as though most people “saw the human” in everyone. Althar continued to believe in cold logic. The equivalent to friends to him, his pawns, are valued vastly more than someone with no use to him. But Althar decided it wise not to keep it up that he thought of them as pawns, though he knew that they already knew, but no point in stressing that.

Althar was surprised to see that this young one had been through what he had. It didn’t show. He still didn’t seem bitter about it. He had to wonder how he could be tortured for six years and still have his sanity intact. And another odd thing he thought about was the fact that he made no comment that they distorted how long it seemed. When he had been sent there it might have seemed like a year, but in reality it had been less than a minute. Then again, he supposed different demons had different methods for torturing, then again Satan’s son should be the best at torturing. And his story still left a question to be asked, why would Satan’s son want to torture him, and not even break him. None of it made any sense to Althar, but he could tell that this man was telling the truth, it was quite strange.

When he continued Althar became much less interested. All this talk of friends made Althar want to puke. And what he’s become, what was he talking about, he showed almost no signs of what happened, most people he had seen tortured tot hat extent were little more than a vegetable. Although he did have to wonder if maybe there was some inherit reason he could handle it. He hadn’t gone mad so there must be something. Something seemed odd with his story that was obviously the truth as he knew this man could hide his emotions very little, let alone with his Althar’s eye.

And Althar almost laughed again, at the mention that because he’s not famous or important that he wouldn’t matter. As he had seen many times, even caused, even the smallest catalyst could spark the greatest reactions. Almost no famous people were as they seemed, kings with small power, hero’s who did many things which could change the opinion of them. No, the things that mattered most were the small things that change history. And to say he turned into a demon was ludicrous, he wasn’t broken as most were. And even though he couldn’t see the extent of his past he doubted that this man had done anything to be worth branding him with the term ‘demon’. And as much as Althar hated to admit it, Latias has shown him how demons could be different. Though it really made him consider listening to the demon who was trying to speak with him.

“You are no demon, trust me, when you’ve been alive as long as I am you see demons, both literal and people who deserve the term. The longer you live the more people you see who deserve the term and realize that some people you branded before are much closer to the norm.” He seemed more at ease now than he normally was, must have been because the people already had the ability to kill him and didn’t so he had some small degree of trust with them.

“You want to know about me, eh? My name is Althar, my past I would prefer not to talk much about, but I would be fine with telling you some of the things I have learned through my time on this planet. The number one thing I think you should keep in mind is that very little is as it seems. Most things warrant being looked at again. This goes to events and people. Some people will really surprise you with what they will do. Now if you say I seem cold I would like to inform you that I haven’t always been this way, in fact I used to be much like you.”

Althar wasn’t sure why he was telling this kid what he was. Maybe it was because he knew after he was finished with them they would never be of further use to him, or maybe it was something else. Maybe there was a person beneath his cold exterior. Sometimes he wondered why he was the way he was. While thinking about that Latias interrupted them with a request for Shimizu. Althar grinned when he came in, “You’ve reminded me that some demons are different, and not just that they can be good. I hope that the conclusions you brought me to are accurate.” Althar just let them leave after that and liked being so mysterious, something about being in power was made better by the fact that he was letting everyone know, although it wasn’t the wisest thing he could do. All of a suden he heard the demon again, this time with a new plan of action...

Althar, listen to me, I can help you with your goal

If you expect me to help you, we do this by my terms, if you want me then you better be willing to make a deal with me, on my terms….

9th August 2007, 07:52 PM

Khongol: "Not off the top of my head. I can look as the metal melts though. I wasn't big on music, I used to only train and practice here... then I left. And met ya.”
Nuala heard Khongol explain where she’d mistaken him for his friend the woodworker, yet she liked the idea of metal plates with each member’s name on them even better! “Ok mister metal-master, you make plates from metal for each member. Don’t make them bigger than your palm, unless of course the name doesn’t fit and-”
“Only regret I got is I never went with ya after the dragon."
She looked at her friend with a very inquisitive look in her eyes. “Ghol, how could you ever come with me after the dragon? I had to get back to my plane and present my reports, and you know how unbelievably hard-bested you’d be in Pixel, where only pixies live. Although, to be honest, I have missed you a lot back then, especially when I got captured and thrown into the…” She paused for a moment, her voice had changed to become quite melancholic as she uttered those last words. Thankfully, it was Calypso who prevented her from a lousy mood, though he seemed to bring ill news.

Calypso: “I’m sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but it’s a one week trip for a one way journey to the nearest town, so there’s no possible way to get a band to come in in time for the ball. My suggestion is either we do it ourselves, or search for musical talents among the guards.”
Needless to say, Nuala was so unbelievably disheartened to hear there was no way they could find a band in such a short notice, she stopped fluttering altogether and, hadn’t she been right above Khongol’s shoulder to land, she’d have taken a nice, long dive to the stone floor. From what she thought, even if the guards did know how to play a musical instrument, it was really unlikely for them to know all the songs the members would require them to play since, the way she had pictured it, everyone should teach the rest a dance of his homeland and sing a song of his liking. Even Latias’s overenthusiastic approach and volunteering didn’t seem to lighten her mood; and it wasn’t only that: for some reason she realized this party of hers was becoming THE event of the tomb, which loaded a whole lot of pressure on her tiny shoulders. All she wanted was to gather around with her friends and sing and dance and laugh, yet somehow now everyone expected so much of her. And last but not least, Calypso didn’t seem to be acting more warm towards her ever since their talk, he didn’t smile at her or pat her head… and she liked to be gently patted on the head so much!

Khongol: "Well as long as ya don't plan to sing, birdman. Besides, sendin' someone who is tonedeaf to seek out a band isn't wise. I would trust yer judgement over mine, love."
Nuala’s face took a supposing offended look as she turned to Khongol once more to defend her new friend Calypso’s singing abilities. The fact was, ever since she heard him sing in the showers, she had become impatient for the party to get going so she could hear him sing once more. Her mental and psychological state the first time didn’t allow her to pay as much attention as she’d like to Cal’s singing skills and, if through her dizziness she was that much impressed, that could only mean he indeed had a nice voice. I can’t prove I’m inadequate now that I’ve undertaken such a task; I will make this party rock even if it kills me in the process! she encouraged herself and flew in front of Khoghol’s face.
“Hey Khongie, you know your friend here sings very melodically and unlike a certain orc-butt I know” she flies close to his face and speaks somewhat less loud “he doesn’t get off-key when singing marching songs naked in the shower… trust my judgment on this”. She giggled playfully and winked at her good-old friend in the most innocent of ways before Latias stepped up and expressed his discontent stemming from the berserker’s comments as well.

Latias: “Are you saying I can’t sing before I even sing anything? Don’t make fun of people if you know you can’t do it.”
For a moment Nuala could swear there was so much tension in the air that, if it was water, she’d have easily drowned in it. There was no need for offending people, no reason to be offended, no sense in getting so angry over so trivial a comment. She knew Latias was emotional and Khongol was slightly snappish of late, yet this party was meant to be fun and for relaxing, not building the tension up. If these people were friends, why didn’t they accept each other’s teasing? Why did everything have to be taken so seriously? In her mind, Nuala blamed the tomb’s atmosphere, fighting a sudden urge to have the party outside, under the night’s sky. It was Cal’s voice that brought her back to reality.
Calypso: "Everyone will get a chance to sing. The point of this party is to have fun, and as Nuala has said several times, we are to share different songs and dances, whatever, from our respective homes and cultures. That is if I understood that right. Even if we do have live performances, we're not going to be singing the entire time. Background sound in general would be nice.”
Nuala nodded as she approached Calypso to talk to him for a while and ask him a couple of questions but he seemed to have some other business to attend to.

Calypso: “Alright then, Nuala, I leave whoever shows up in your care. You tell them what needs to be done and they'll do it."
As Calypso walked out of the room, Nuala was left staring his back, wondering what exactly she was to do yet unwilling to chase him around and ask him endless silly questions like a schoolgirl. After all, he was the leader of this clan, what did she expect? That it would be all fun and games with his friends? Truth be told though, she had never planned or organized a party before, and had been to only a few herself to have any experience of what needed to be done. She’d like for him to stay at least for a while longer and tell her where she could find paints and some wire, yet he stormed off towards the chambers. After taking some seconds to put her thoughts in order, a task that was indeed tremendously difficult for such a chaotic creature as herself, she flew high up above everyone’s heads and nervously cleared her throat.

“Ok everyone listen up! We need to work fast today so we can enjoy our party tomorrow, and we only got a couple of hours ‘till nightfall. We already know Latias will be in charge of gorging our appetite, Falken will make the baskets –I think there are some cornstalks and reeds in the back so you can use those– and Khongol will make the name tablets. I need 2 people to work here, in the Main Hall, and remove whatever things we don’t need. We need 2 tables next to each other on one side to serve as the buffet and some smaller ones to place our drinks on. We also have to get the fireplace nice and clean for when we gather around and tell our stories and also mop this place up in general. I will be back in one hour with the garlands –I’ll see if I can make some streamers as well– so I can help whoever isn’t done by then. Alright people, pick your job and good luck!”
__________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ _


Out of Character:
Sheesh as if I didn't post again :P

Khongol sighs ashamed at Nuala's words. Even she assumed he was bad-mouthing Calypso. And then she says how he sings while naked... and Khongol feels a flare of jealiousy. Here he tries to get her to look at him clad and she's watching Cal in the damn shower! He clenches his jaw tightly and fakes a smile, making it look sincere. He looks at Nuala in the eyes and tries to sound with a laugh in his voice. "Well, not all us can be like him."

He watches Nuala stare at Calypso's exit and he sighs. Well that explains that. She has a crush. He sighs and his shoulders sink a bit. As Nuala flutters up he shifts to cover this fact. She takes over command and tells them what they have to do and Khongol nots and says, "Be back in a short... name plates are easy."

With that he walks off to the armory as it has a forge in it. He places his hands on the counter and hangs his head as he sighs again. "Wonder if I can win her over with these... probably not. If I gotta... I'll skip."

12th August 2007, 11:51 AM
Sorry if this is too irrelevent to whats actualy going on, but I felt like taking Raven's change to a more noticable perspective, basicly Raven is starting to become more soft, more "loveable"
Raven slowely made his ways downt he halls again, his mind racing in eighty different paths as he strode down the stone halls. he had spent so much time in this place, so much suffering, so much pain, but also so much laughter, so much love... His mind whent into a dormant state, the lights where on, but nobody was home. He started to aimlessly walk the halls now, his armor bouncing on his body, ragged cloth, torn chain mail, all black, demonic, sadistic. Deep down inside, something existed that didnt reflect this at all, he was in complete disguise to his enemy, he was totaly miss understood almost all the time, he was looked at like a monster to the outside world... His eyes slowely opened, their red light gleaming out... "And I like it..."

Raven stole himself once again, smirking in an impish or mischevious manner, like he was up to something. He took a sharp right turn, looking for something to help with, like he said he would. He didn't know what they'd want him to do, give out invitations at the nearby villiage? That would go well, he'd be swimming in torches and pichforks in no time. "Lets see... Decorations are taken I believe... " This was a first, deep in his mind, it almost scared him, this was the first time he had spoken out loud to himself in... ever! What was changing him, and was it for the better?

He begun to take every sharp turn he could, almost having fun, like he had found his inner child, he felt like breaking into a run, racing down the halls. His inner child... so long has it been since he had felt that long forgotten part of him. So much warfare and termoil had turned him into a battle hardened ass hole that he never wanted to be. But... why would he like being that then? Was it because that was all he knew? To be a freak, to be hated, disgusted.

"I better find something to do before I drive myself insane...er... Hehehe... insaner-er... Ack! This is getting too weird."

Vibrating Chibi
13th August 2007, 11:52 AM
Jasika could see that she had called Raven at a bad time, but only after he was attacked. "Oops, that wasn't such a great idea." Jasika said quietly and smacked herself on the forehead. She removed her hand quickly to see a bright light coming from the pile of guards. Jasika covered her eyes trying to block out the white light but it didn't seem to work.

Once the light wasn't quite so bright, Jasika pulled her hands away from her face. She looked back to where Raven was standing, but what she say was much different from what she was used to seeing. 'Wow, he looks so....so....' Jasika tried to find a word to complete her thoughts, but nothing came to mind.

Jasika kept staring at Raven when he suddenly spoke in a beautiful voice. One like she had never heard before.

How may I aid you, m'lady Jasika...

"I...uhh." Jasika had forgotten completely about why she was there for a minute. When she finally did remember Raven left before she could say anything. "Great." Jasika threw her arms up in the arm in a frustrated motion. "Just as I remember he leaves." With that Jasika made her way back to the Main Hall looking for either Calypso or Nuala.

As she reached the Hall Jasika found a number of people including Nuala, who was giving instructions to everyone standing around. Jasika reached the group just intime to hear the last part and figure out which job she would be able to do.

14th August 2007, 05:38 PM
I have this weird feeling of ‘I’m missing a post somewhere’ but oh well, not much I can do about it.

Latias sighed heavily and decided to let it all go and cheer up. Nothing good came of freaking out over nothing but a comment that shouldn’t be taken so seriously. He tilted his head slightly to see that Nuala was feeling the pressures of her new tomb-mates. He could tell she hadn’t known them too long otherwise she’d know that snappish comments never end well with him. Latias smiled to himself as he crossed his arms behind his head and sighed in a relieving manner. Everything started to seem more welcoming now that they were a) going to have a ball, and b) Nuala was around to cheer Calypso up.

To the half demon’s surprise, Calypso was suddenly stolen away by a new member of the clan. Before Latias could even jump around in excitement, the new Keeper of the tomb had left with their leader. His mouth was left hung open ever so slightly as his arms dropped back to his sides. “She didn’t even pause to say hi to everyone.” His bottom lip stuck a little as he pouted to himself. ”Meh, whatever. I think it’s better this way.” Came Saital’s voice from next to him, arms crossed over his chest. “Why do you say that!? It’s never better to not know your own clan mates!!” ”Sure it is, that way you aren’t too attached to them when they’re killed for not being strong enough. Also, it means one less person for me to have to look at.” “You’re evil.” ”Thank you.

Now officially ignoring Saital, Latias’ attention was fully on Nuala after Calypso’s parting words hit his eardrums. He stood expectantly, awaiting her instruction. He could see how hard this whole thing was on her but that couldn’t be helped, organizing something was never a simple task. He felt bad for her, he really did. But that last thing she needed was the stress of having Latias jump all around her bugging her to see if he could help, making it worse in the process. So he just figured it’d be all around better for her if he did nothing. Maybe telling her that he knew and would like to help if she needed it? Hmm… that could be better than doing nothing…

He was brought out of his little trip down thoughtful lane as Nuala began to tell them what their duties were. “Oh my gosh!! It’s IS tomorrow, isn’t it!?” His eyes were wide with shock ,even though he’d been one of the main people telling others about the ball. He hopped up and down, his tail wagging uncontrollably. “Oh I can’t wait I can’t wait I can’t wait I can’t –“ ”LATIAS!!” Satail bellowed at him, ”Shut up. Can’t you see she’s not done giving instructions?” Latias made a small squeak and covered his mouth. In a muffled fashion he muttered ‘sorry’ but it was nearly incoherent. He stood quietly, waiting for the end of her speech.

“YAY!!!” He finally screamed what he had been holding in for the remaining bits of her instructions. “This is going to be so much fun!!!!!” Pausing, “So what, do I clean up now or should I get started on the food?… …. I have to decide what to make and make sure we have everything!!!” He darted to the kitchen for his own personal little quest.

14th August 2007, 08:57 PM
Okay!! My last post was deleted somehow and not around so I’m remaking it and hopefully it’ll be better than I’m picturing it’s gonna be. It means I have to re-read about 10 posts, half of which are enormous. cries

Note: This may or may not be the last post I make here. If you’re confused as to what I’m saying… please read what I said in the clan tavern. If this really IS my last post, you’ll know in about two weeks, then ignore my character and… pretend he died or something.

“You are no demon, trust me, when you’ve been alive as long as I am you see demons, both literal and people who deserve the term. The longer you live the more people you see who deserve the term and realize that some people you branded before are much closer to the norm.”
Althar spoke as Shimizu was planning on leaving. He smiled at the older man with a sad look in his eye. “You’re right, Althar. There are people out there who deserve the term, then there are those that don’t. You say I’m no demon, which forces me to think you believe you know me. If you’ve been alive for so long and believe you can see when someone deserves the term just by speaking to them once… you need to live longer.”

” Most things warrant being looked at again. This goes to events and people. Some people will really surprise you with what they will do.”
“You’re absolutely right Althar.” Shimizu said in an ominous way. The sad look grew in his eyes as he walked out of the room. “You’ve no idea how right you are.” With that, he walked down the hall, looking at everything as he passed it. Taking his sweet time to get to the main room, he was having flashbacks of what all had happened there. When he and Calypso would fight, him wrapping his whip around his leader’s neck, Calypso threatening to chop him in half… Then the good times when he would joke around with Khongol or perhaps Quarre who was so ditzy it made him laugh a little to think about it. Maybe one of Latias’ many freak-outs? Everything seemed so distant these days.

Walking into the main room, he asked Calypso what he was called to do and the answer given went something like: "And that should about explain what I need from you. Try and help with the preparations. Nuala can't do it on her own, and its not going to magically happen." Before Calypso walked out with a new clan member Shimizu hadn’t even bothered to see before they left. He tried to hide the sad look in his eyes as Nuala went on about what everyone needed to do to get this party going. He smiled and said; “I’ll start moving things out of the way and getting those tables in here. If that’s alright.” He didn’t wait for the reply before heading to his room to get things moving.

Once he reached the messy area he liked to call live-able, he smacked himself in the face many times, turning his cheeks a dark red. ’You idiot, what’s wrong with you? Get a hold of yourself. No one needs a depressed spiritualist moping the halls.’ Smacking harder, he finally found it in himself to get in the mood for this party. ’Nuala is looking forward to this, she’s been planning it to make everyone closer, if this goes downhill because of me, I’ll never forgive myself.’

After that, he felt a determination welling up in him and he got ready to do this cleaning job that needed to be done. Taking a black bandana, he pulled his hair away from his face to keep it out of his way. A dark blue apron tied around his waist. His usual battle-ready clothing had been traded in for work clothes, which had holes in them like in the knees, around the torso, ripped seams, armpits. They were a dark gray, having once been black but no longer.

He marched out of his room armed with a broom and a mop. He began to furiously clean up the messes made and move the furniture around. Randomly around the tomb there would be a shout from the spiritualist. He’d say something like ‘AH!! I stubbed my toe!!’ or ‘Who put this here!?’ or ‘Why would we need one of these!!?’ and etc. until he finally finished the job.

Fire Princess
15th August 2007, 08:27 PM
Ok I think I've waited long enough for Istar and he isn't posting so I'm going to move along without him, no offence Istar but Ifeel like I need to post so whatever

As Jewel stood outside Cid's room waiting for a reply that didn't come and she knew how much it bothered people to come into there rooms without perrmission so she didn't go in.

As she walked back to the main hall she rejoined Nuala and the others. Latias ran off to the kitchen and Shimizu went to clean up the area for the party. Jewel desided that she would go help Latias in the kitchen. She walked into the kitchen and said, "hey Latias, I'm here to help so just let me know what you need done."

16th August 2007, 01:24 AM
Khongol Hackinemupp sighs and strips down to nothing but his kilt. He feels the heat of the forge on his bared flesh as he throws in many shovelfuls of coal to stoke the heat up higher to nigh unbearible. As the sweet quickly comes to the surface and runs down his muscles he begins to work. After the tablets are made he has a surprise. Most of the membership cannot partake but... he'll do something special. Something he hadn't since he was home. Nuala wants a taste of his culture? Fine with him. Dad, I miss ya all... but at least someone can enjoy yer recipe.

He begins to melt the metal down in a large pan before pouring some out into a mold the size he desires. While these plates begin to cool he walks out and to a small, hidden room he had long since found. If someone were to stumble in they would assume it was a chemist's area or that of a wise alchemist. Few if any would see it as what it was.

His secret distilery.

He walks to the brewing barrel and makes sure the ingrediants were correct. He mutters, "Needs a few more days most likely... not likely to be ready for the party. Dammit."

As the heat was much from the forge he takes a mug, fills it about halfway and drinks it all in a single swallow. He thinks a moment after as he sets the mug down upside-down to dry out. "Nay, not bad 't all. Does need more time though... and will not ask them to magic it up. Either it'll be perfect of not be revealed."

He thinks he hears someone so he slips out, shuts the door that looks like a wall with an indent in the stone and returns to the forge. Seeing the metal cooling enough to work he takes his hammer and begins to pound at it.

19th August 2007, 04:44 PM
Latias had a white apron tied around his waist and his hair pulled back in a tight, high pony-tail to keep his hair away from the food. He stood sifting through a very large cookbook that he’d brought to the tomb with him. It was dusty and old, obviously by looking at the torn corners and binding. His eyes were quick as they scanned the pages closely, thin, nimble fingers flipping the pages over with ease. He sighed heavily as he repositioned his elbow on the counter top. It was going to be a lot of work to get all the food done in time and have all of it edible.

Running his free hand through his fire engine red hair as his eyes continued to scan the pages, he wondered what everyone would like to eat, if anyone had allergies. “Maybe I should ask…” He muttered aloud. Nibbling his nails he repositioned himself again, leaning against the counter on both elbows now. He dropped his head down, hair falling over his shoulder and onto the book, “Oh what am I going to do?” He sighed in frustration; “I can’t make ALL the food by myself. I’m good, but I’m not fast enough. My restaurant never went over 1 or 2 customers at one time!!”

Just as he was fretting about his woes and troubles, he heard Jewel come in behind him. Her words were exactly what he needed to hear. “Oh Jewel!” He ran over to her, ears flat against the top of his head, tears welled up in his eyes. “Thank you so much!! I can’t think of what to make or if anyone has allergies and if they do what if I kill them at the party!? Plus we need all this done for a day after tomorrow and what if I can’t finish in time and we’ll all be standing there without food at the part!?”

”Cool it, Latias.” Saital said, leaned back, sitting on one of the many counters in the kitchen space. ”The food only has to be done by the EVENING after tomorrow. We have tons of time. I would suggest starting with finding out what you’ll be making and what kinds of supplies you may need.”

Latias’ face turned white as a sheet. “OH NOES!!! What if I don’t have enough supplies!? Where will I get any on such short notice!? There are no towns within walking distance or running distance!!!” He cried and slipped to his knees on the floor, curling up into fetal position, rolling back and forth. Sighing heavily once more, Saital walked over to him and loomed over his face.

”Shimizu has a dragon that we can ride on if it comes down to that, okay? Quit freaking out, you’ll bald early.”

“I don’t wanna bald!!” He shrieked. This caused Saital to smack himself in the face, sliding his hand down to his chin. “Ok… ok ok ok… I’m alright.” Taking a deep breath, Latias calmed himself and sat up. “Jewel, help me find things to make… and maybe ask people if they have allergies… … well… no, I’ll just go post something up on the walls to tell them to find me. Help me make flyers for that.” And with that, Latias pulled himself to his feet and went off to get paper.


All members of the Keepers of the Tomb, ok… all members that will be going to the upcoming party that will be eating the food, please report to Latias immediately to inform me er… him of what it is so I don’t.. I mean so he doesn’t accidentally kill you with his cooking. Thank you for everything!


Latias patted his hands together after finishing putting up the last poster. “Good! NOW TO THE KITCHEN!!” He ran back to the kitchen and leaned over his cookbook once more. “Help me out, Jewel!”

Fire Princess
19th August 2007, 05:22 PM
Jewel just had to laugh at Latias as he was freaking out, she was also slightly embarrassed but it didn't really show. When she read Latias's notice about the allergy problem she figured that she should make a flyer a bit easier to understand. She got her own pen and paper and started making the new flyer.

Help me out, Jewel!

She could hear Latias in the Kitchen, "I'll be right there!" She finished her flyer and replaced Latias's, it read:

To all Clan members attending the party,

If there are any health concerns due to allergies or anything of the sort please come and inform Jewel or Latias so that we can make the food appropriately.

Thank you for your cooperation

And with that she made her way back to the kitchen. She grabbed an apron and made over to Latias. "Ok Latias, lets start with something simple, how about we make some cookies...sugar cookies and then we can make them into nice shapes and make some colorful icing. I'll go make sure that we have everything for cookies and I'll write what we don't have or are running low on ok."

She went into the pantry and started making a list of everything that they would need that they didn't have or were going to need more of. All the while mumbling to herself to keep her train of thought. every once in a while you would hear her saying something like... "Ok, we have white sugar but no brown sugar." Or once in a while, "ok I don't even want to know how long that has been in here," and then something would come flying out and land in the garbage.

Once she was done she dragged everything out of the pantry for cookies and started baking. At one point Jewel walked up behind Latias with some flour in her hand, she tapped on his shoulder and said "Hey Latias." And when he turned around she through it in Latias's face.

19th August 2007, 05:40 PM
Latias was glad that Jewel was going to help him, although the fact that she would be working very closely with him only hit him now. His face flushed red and he tried to hide it behind the stray hairs that were too short to stay in his ponytail but it didn’t work. Of course, thankfully for him, she didn’t notice. "Ok Latias, lets start with something simple, how about we make some cookies...sugar cookies and then we can make them into nice shapes and make some colorful icing. I'll go make sure that we have everything for cookies and I'll write what we don't have or are running low on ok."

She had said this just as he passed over one of his favourite cookie recipes. “Good timing, Jewel!” He said as he lifted it up to study it further. “But I don’t really like sugar cookies too much.” He said this as he leaned in closer to the book to make sure he remembered the recipe correctly. Just as he figured, it was memorized. “I want to make this recipe here, one of my care-taker’s own special ones. Of course the cookies we’ll be making aren’t going to be made now ‘cause then they’d be stale by the time we got around to the party.” He nodded as he ran through his mind what temperatures the ovens would need to be at and approximately how much flower and eggs they’d need.

Casually walking over to a cupboard, he checked to see how many bags of chocolate chips they had left. Rummaging around in the shelves for ingredients and to do some stock-checking, Latias continued to speak; “Well, okay, let’s make your sugar cookies now so we can serve some snacks to the other tomb members later tonight. They’ll be tired after all the preparations and excitement today.” He lifted up a can of instant spaghetti and blew the dust off the label to see that it was about 6 and a half years past its due date. He made a face and threw it into the garbage at the same time as one of Jewel’s tosses. “Good one!” He called across the grand kitchen.

The two of them continued their stock-checking and stock-up lists until it was practically finished and they began to make the cookies. Latias had sent Jewel over to one of the ovens to put a batch in and take the current baking one out while he continued to mix up the dough. Unbeknownst to him, once she had finished her assigned task, she dug her hand deep into one of the flour bags and innocently tapped him on the shoulder saying ‘hey Latias’ in a sweet voice. Saital, who had been trying to distract them the entire time, was now holding his mouth shut as he tried not to give the little red headed girl away.

Latias turned with a bright smile on his face, in the midst of saying ‘yeah, Jewel’ when he was hit in the face with the powdery white stuff. “Blech!!” He stuck his tongue out, the smile had faded and turned into a grimace as he tried to wipe his tongue free of flour. “whaad yu bu daat sor?” he said with his tongue still hanging out of his mouth. Not even waiting for an answer, he decided that he needed to get revenge for that little atrocity, not caring if she was a girl or not. He grabbed one of his eggs and cracked it on her head, dumping the contents into her hair. “Ha!”

Fire Princess
21st August 2007, 08:24 PM
Jewel just stood there laughing hysterically at Latias's attempts to get the flour out of his mouth. "Thanks for keeping quiet Saital." But while she continued laughing suddenly she felt something slimy sliding down her head onto her face. She looked up at Latias and said, "you just broke an egg in my hair...no one misses with my hair, you are so going to get it!" And with that Jewel walked over to the other side of the counter and grabbed the batch of icing she had made. Lucky it hadn't quite set yet so it was still nice and runny, she picked up the bowl (which was a good sized bowl) and threw its contents straight at Latias, covering him in slimy blue icing. "Ha Ha, what do you have to say to that!"

23rd August 2007, 12:53 PM
I give you like… 5 paragraphs and all you can give me is one lousy one!!?

Latias turned his head to look at Jewel as she laughed at him, his ears flipped back and he shouted, “It’s not funny!! Let’s see YOU find a better way to get it out!!” She didn’t seem to suspect he’d get revenge on her with the egg. As Latias had reached for the cream-coloured product, Saital just shook his head at her and said; ”Oh don’t thank me.” just as the yolk and white emptied into her red hair. Saital chuckled, thoroughly enjoying their little spectacle.

Latias smiled smugly at her as she freaked out about ‘no one messes with the hair’ and all he could say was, “Well I just did.” He said this in a choppy way, pausing after each word to emphasize them. He laughed at her as she went around the counter to retrieve the icing bowl, not even realizing she’d throw it at him. By the time he did, however, it was too late and the bowl was on his head and the blue icing sliding down his cheeks, neck and shirt. Sticking his tongue out, he licked the icing, “Mmmm, tasty.” Lifting the bowl off his head and putting it back down on the countertop. “What do I have to say to that, you ask?” He said casually, strolling toward her with his eyes narrowed in a mischievous manner.

“Well…” He stopped in front of her and grinned a toothy smile. “HUGS!!!” He shouted and took hold of her, covering her in the icing as well, nuzzling his gooey face against hers. “Take that!! HA HA!!” He then pulled away and leapt over the counter to a batch of cookies and started throwing them at her like cookie ninja stars. At this point in time, Saital was dying of laughter.

Fire Princess
23rd August 2007, 06:20 PM
I'm sorry I'm having block issues, I'll try to make this one a bit longer ok

As Latias walked towards Jewel while she continued to laugh she was not liking the look on his face. "Hey what are you doing?" She said this while slowly backing away. When Latias jumped at her she tried to run away but he got a hold of her and started smearing the icing all over her.

When he started with the cookie ninja stars while dodging most of them she said "OH this means war!!"

She quickly took cover behind the counter and crawled over to the other end of the counter where another batch of cookies was sitting and grabbed them while trying to avoid the barrage of cookies flying at her.

Grabbing a cookie in each hand she started her retaliation. There were cookies flying everywhere. Once she finally ran out of cookies she ran into the pantry and grabbed the first container she could find. What she didn't realize was that it was a big bottle of maple syrup. She opened the bottle and ran over to Latias dumping it onto his head.

"Oh my gosh...Latias I totally did not notice...ha...I'm sorry I know how awful that stuff is to try and wash out...HAHAHA."

27th August 2007, 01:06 PM
You say that all the time!! I’m starting to believe you just suck! Lol, jk

As Jewel screamed ‘this means war’, Latias only laughed and said; “You’re a little slow on the draw, sweety!” He shouted as he continued to throw his ninja cookies, until of course they ran low and then eventually out. He was shocked to see barely any of them hit her, was his aim going? Odd. However, his good luck was holding by a thread as he found another batch nearby the first. He looked up to see that Jewel had taken cover behind counter tops and such, but that wouldn’t save her for long!

Latias took one large leap and stood over her as he watched her find her own batch of cookies. “That won’t save you now!!” He shrieked with a large and nearly deranged smile on his cute face. Cookies flew all right, however Latias’ aim was better this time. Jewel managed to squirm away to grab a mystery bottle, but it was quite clear to Latias what was inside, since that WAS his kitchen after all.

It almost seemed like slow motion to Latias as he watched her rush toward him with the bottle, opening it. His ears flatten against his head, tail drops as he starts to shout; “Jewel, wait!” But it was too late, the syrup was all over his head and running down his neck and soaking into his shirt. Lucky for him the icing made most of the sticky substance slide right off, however he didn’t have too much luck since it was still stuck in his hair. His arms dropped to his sides as he hung his head. “Thanks Jewel.” He said. Knowing that there was much more in that bottle than she had dumped on his head, using his quick reflexes he snatched the bottle from her and returned the favor. “HA!!” He scoffed.

30th August 2007, 01:39 PM
Raven walked into the room where Jewel and Latias where Syruping each other. He stood there whide eyed and watched.

"Did I just walk into some kinky moment between you too?"

Raven laughed heartily, then stopped, covering his mouth quickly. He looks around, shifty eyed.

"Did... you guys just hear that?"

Completely fascinated by the fact that he just laughed, he runs for something shiny, a spoon, a mirror, anything. He finaly finds a pot and looks at it, moving his head from right to left. What the hell is going on here?! He runs for he cupboard, throwing things behind him, looking for some kind of herb, or salve or whatever. Raven abruptly stands up and runs for the two.

"Have you two seen some newt livers around?"
Almost giggles.
"Heh... newts a funny word...Eep!"

He quickly covers his mouth again, then looks at the syrup dripping off of Jewel. Raven leans in and takes a lick at her cheek, laping up the syrup and smacls his lips.

"Hmm... tastes pretty goo- aaaAAAH!"

Raven realises what he just did and sticks his tongue out.

31st August 2007, 04:57 PM
‘Well Calypso seems to be pretty busy right now so I can talk to him a bit later. I don’t need to talk to him that badly.’

Ashantee went up to the pixie giving orders and smiled, “Hi! My name is Ashantee, in case you didn’t hear me earlier.” She reached up and tucked her hair behind her ears, revealing that they were Elf ears. She continued talking, “I was just wondering, it sounds like you need some help preparing for this party of yours, so can I be of any assistance? I already have an idea of the job that I could do, cleaning the fireplace.”

2nd September 2007, 04:53 PM
Falken was standing next to Latias as he listened to and watched Nuala have freak-out moments. She seemed so upset and uptight about what was going on that it seemed like she felt everything was on her shoulders. He took on a look of despair for a small time, seeing and recognizing too well the look of someone who held everything in. A flash of his best friend’s face crossed his mind, bright green eyes that seemed to hide everything behind them. The very green eyes that looked at him with smiles but at the same time, stared at him with tears.

He stood quietly, waiting for her instruction as everyone else did, but he wanted to speak to her once they had departed. His job was an easy one but one that would take time all the same. Being told where to find the equipment, he nodded to her, so she’d know that he was listening. Falken watches as practically everyone wanders off to do their appointed job. Khongol leaves first saying it was easy. Again, Falken sees the oh-so-familiar look that his friend always had. He felt bad because back then he could never really put his finger on what was wrong with his friend, yet it was always noticeable.

The half-elf watched everyone, and to him, everyone seemed sad. His long pointy ears drooped a little as his mind tossed the thought around. Latias’ sudden exit was a big shock to the system; his loud screams and enthusiastic behavior seemed to make everything better again. Falken nodded and smiled, yes, Latias was a fun person to have around, always cheering everyone up. Now that most of them were gone, he walked up to Nuala and pats her back with his index finger.

A sympathetic smile was adorning his lips as he looked at her tiny self. ”Don’t feel like we’re ‘expecting everything from you’, we only want to have a good time as you do. You’re the one we turn to for guidance, yes. But that shouldn’t be something you feel stressed about, you should be happy and feel strength through it. We expect the best out of everyone, not just you.” And with those words of encouragement, or so he hoped they were, he started to walk towards the chambers. ”Now if you don’t mind, I’ll get started on those baskets…”

The first problem he needed to solve was how big the baskets had to be, where the material was and perhaps finding a buddy to help him out with it since… how many baskets needed to be made? ’Let’s see… me, Latias, Saital? Maybe, maybe not. Okay, me, Latias, Calypso, Shimizu, Jewel, Jasika, Shasta, Khongol, Cid, Canaan, frogman, that new girl with Cal, Althar? Maybe, maybe not. And the party girl herself. … 13 and a half? No, 14, that includes Saital.. Okay, split-personality peoples get bigger baskets. I should make extra baskets, just in case… so at least 20’ Feeling as though he thought up the solution, he started to look for his basket-weaving buddy.

His mind settled on Kreig, the frogman, as his buddy. Running up and down the corridors to find the man’s room, knocking on every door he came across until he discovered it.

2nd September 2007, 05:02 PM
Latias ran away from Jewel, leaping back over the counter and peeking out at her, just as Raven spoke up. His eyes shifted over there and his face turned red as the man spoke; "Did I just walk into some kinky moment between you too?" “N-no!!” He cried, throwing his hands up into the air. He ran around in a circle and then hid again, not even paying attention to Raven’s laughter and him saying ‘did you hear that’. He tried to flick the goop from his hair but with no luck. Sighing heavily, he looked up at Raven again and saw him running at them.

“We’re sticky!!” He cried just before Raven said that ‘newt’ was a funny word. Latias’ head tilted to his right as he stared at Raven, his face suddenly took on a horrified look. “You have allergies, don’t you!? OH NO!! WE ALREADY MADE COOKIES!! WHAT IF YOU CAN’T EAT THEM!!? OH NO!!” He was messing up his own hair as he tried to wrap his brain around this small fact. “ARE YOU OKAY!!?” He lifted his head up to see that Raven was licking Jewel’s cheek.

His eyes widened even more than they were, then they suddenly narrowed as an extreme case of jealousy took over him. His face reddened even more as his ears flattened against his head and his tail twitched angrily. “You…” He growled low. In a quick movement he was on top of Raven on the floor, teeth bared, “Don’t you EVER do that again!!”

Saital paused and looked over at them, his mouth suddenly quivering even more than it was before. ”This is TOO much!!” He cried, tears falling down his face as he tried to breathe. ”Too… much… ha!”

Fire Princess
3rd September 2007, 08:50 PM
Latias grabbing the bucket of syrup from her came as quite a surprise to Jewel, what made it even worse was the fact that he dumped some on her.

Right then Raven showed up and asked if they were having a kinky moment. "NO...NO, NO NO, we're just having a bit of a food fight, that’s all."

With Raven suddenly laughing hysterically then asking if anyone heard that Jewel was thinking something was up. Then with the newt thing Jewel said, "are you on something or what."

Raven coming up to her and licking her face just totally freaked her out. "Raven...are...are you...ok." Jewel was trying to hide her embarrassment when Latias got upset.

“You...Don’t you EVER do that again!!”

"Latias!!! Don’t do something you'll regret." Jewel was at the same time trying to pull Latias off of Raven, not because she really wanted to help him, she was by now quite angry with him but because she had seen how Latias gets when he is really mad at someone. "Saital you could help a bit instead of just floating there laughing you know. Come on Latias get off of him, I'll deal with him."

Apple Jacks
4th September 2007, 04:37 PM
Bright orange hair poked over the rim of a high-collared jacket as a young woman traveled from city to city, town to town, village to village, and outpost to outpost, looking for some information. She’d heard something of the Keepers of the Tomb, the Legend behind it and the warriors that dwelled within it. Some of the names of these soldiers of the tomb were famous and yet feared all at once. The leader’s name, Calypso Kerauac, was known as the current leader of the phoenixian race. Not only leader of the phoenix, but also the leader of such a prestigious clan.

Jamie stood at the edge of the last town, a good week’s worth of walking ahead of her; she was so close to the entrance of this tomb. She would mutter to herself as she traveled, keeping her motivation up and running. Once in a while she’d mumble the legend itself, keeping her interested. “For ages, mankind has lived in peace with the few brethren it cohabitates the earth with.” She muttered, holding a heavy black cloak over herself to not only keep the cold desert night winds out, but the sand as well. “All was calm and well until a series of portals around the earth opened up, releasing a series of powerful, aggressive, and terrifying monsters loose upon mankind. A chosen few were gifted with the ability to capture these monsters and send them back to the time and place from which they came. These gifted warriors are the Keepers of the Tomb.”

She laughed to herself, repeating the last little bit of information. “Gifted with the ability to capture these monsters?” She chuckled, “Well, let’s hope I was ‘gifted’ as well.” Her feet sunk into the sand with each step, and with each step she could feel the tomb getting closer. Each and every night seemed to take forever as she tried to sleep on the sand while trying to keep warm. By the end of it she could barely stand waiting and she started to run toward the tomb. Tiring out faster this way, she stopped running, realizing that it was futile to try being fast in the desert. No matter how fast she was, nothing was stopping her feet from sinking, so she decided that walking would suffice. Living to see the tomb was just as good as getting there faster, so she had time to take her time.

Finally the gates to the tomb could be made out on the horizon line and her eyes seemed to sparkle as she realized it was exactly what she was hoping it was. No more mirages, no more eating sand, this really was the tomb she was looking for. However, just because she could see it didn’t mean it was within running distance, so she would have to continue to torment herself by walking slowly. To keep herself going, she spoke the legend again; “The Tomb is the site of the largest portal, which was the original vortex to open, spewing forth countless monsters. Located in an abandoned cavern, deep under the calm plains of the earth, this Tomb serves as both a meeting-place for the Keepers of the Tomb and a battleground, which has already witnessed epic wars. It is rumored that the tomb houses the soul of Öden, one of the most powerful warriors of all time.” She knew that what she was seeing now had to be this tomb that houses the Keepers, and maybe Öden as well. However, Öden wasn’t what she was seeking therefore she paid that detail no mind.

Days later, she walked right up to the gate and placed her hand upon it. Her breathing heavy, she tried to picture the things that had happened on this historical site. Horrible battles with much blood shed, screaming coming from every room, a bright light shining from the portal itself. She wondered what she would experience in this place upon entry.

The Keepers of the Tomb, something she had thought was a myth, only legend now lay before her. She was overjoyed to find out that one of many myths was true. Being a bit of a superstitious person, Jamie had tried to find these other myths, but mostly with no luck and many lies. She was beyond happy that this tomb was real, and hoped that they’d welcome her amongst them.

As she stood marveling at the tomb’s entrance, which wasn’t much but it was amazing to her, some guards walked around the edge of the outer wall, talking amongst themselves like a couple of schoolgirls. Jamie hadn’t noticed yet because she was overwhelmed with the reality of this tomb, therefore she was shocked and surprised when she heard a loud and sudden ‘Hey’ from behind her. Jumping up, she spun around to face them, wondering what it was that was sneaking up on her.

“Who are you!?” One of the guards shouted.

Jamie looked for a moment, then back to them, pointing at herself she said, “Me?”

“Yeah! You!” The guard responded, pointing at her as well. “Who are you, and what is your business here?”

The other guard tugged at the first guard’s shoulder and said, “Hey, I’m new to the whole, guarding the gate thing, but uhhh…. If she got here, doesn’t that make her worthy enough to see our leader?”

“Shut up! That’s for me to decide! First the frog guy now this!! What are we gonna do around here? Oh, and that other girl too! Poor Calypso’s up to his armpits in new members!” The guard scratched his head. “Let’s not bug him, go ask the second in command to come over here.”

“If you say so.” The second guard saluted and ran inside. He ran and found the armory area where the second in command was working. Poking his head inside the man squeaked first, afraid of Khongol but not wanting the angry berserker to know. Clearing his throat loudly for the giant man to hear, he managed to say in a some-what manly voice; “Uhm, Mr. Khongol, sir? Eh hehm… uhm… could you maybe come to the front gate?” He closed his eyes shut, cringing and waiting for a response from the man.

Jamie crossed her arms behind her head, waiting for the so-called ‘second in command’ to show up. She wondered what he’d be like. Maybe enormous? Tiny? Fat? Covered in scars perhaps? It was so difficult to picture so many things, but it was harder to keep from laughing at the thought of a tiny co-leader, or perhaps a fat one. But she managed that aside from getting into this place, her new goal was to make friends with everyone in it, starting with this maybe enormous, maybe not, perhaps fat or covered in scars, guy.

4th September 2007, 05:25 PM
Khongol sighs as he was interupted by the guard. Why did Cal hire these peons? It's not like they are any good if a beast pops out. He shakes his head and puts the plate he was working on back into the fire. This was the most important one so he cannot leave it out long without working on it... she might see. He pivots and follows the man out, leaving his shirt off and not even toweling the droplets off.

When they get outside and he sees the girl. The berserker chuckles, another one. She cannot be much younger than he, but yet he thinks of her as young. He takes a moment to size her up before shaking his head slightly. Yet another magick-weaver. Is that all that people teach? Magick? He steps forward and looks at the remaining guard. "Alright. What's so blasted important that ya couldn't take care of?"

The guard squirms under the barbarian's glare and stammers out (the to delight of his friend) that she showed up and they did not wish to bother Calypso. Khongol decides to have some fun. He rests his hand on the man's shoulder and leans in. A growl rumbles in his throat as he whispers, "Calypso is not the one you should worry about annoying." This statement promps the desired reacton. The guard's eyes went wide.

Khongol steps back to the girl and gestures to the door. "I'm Khongol Hackinemupp, why don't ya come tell me what ya are lookin' for."

Apple Jacks
4th September 2007, 05:58 PM
Jamie was sitting down next to the first guard, who watched her closely, almost seeming like he was doing so with the ‘hairy-eyeball’ technique. She glanced up at him from under her big cloak, sighing heavily; she was used to that sort of treatment. Bored, she started over the horizon, thinking to herself that she’d just come over those sandy hills and yet, it seemed like nothing now that she was finally here. She heard the other guard coming back and lifted her head quickly, looking to see what or who was coming her way. She stood up in anxiety, pictures of a very short fat man came to mind, but she managed to shake them as she saw his silhouette first.

The man was huge! Big and muscley!! She dropped the big cloak, revealing a medium sized-woman yet tall. She was thin and had a nice figure, which was almost hidden by a long jacket adorning her shoulders. She waved vigorously at the tall man, “Hiya!!” She called, then pausing as the man leaned down to the guard’s ear to growl something. ‘Is he human?’ She thought naively.

Now that the big guy was in the light, she could see more details of him other than him being muscled and huge. A Mohawk, scars, … no shirt… and a… skirt? Tilting her head confusedly to the side, she examined the kilt and began chuckling a little until the man addressed her. “Khongol, eh? Well nice to meet you Khongol! My name’s Jamie O’Hallik.” She ran up to him and smiled brightly, “I’ve never seen such a large man before.” She mused.

Walking inside with this Khongol, she looked around, just picturing what had all happened in this entrance. She could see people barging down a wooden door with a giant tree and charging in and attacking the residents… or perhaps something breaking out? Jamie looked back to Khongol and said, “I’m traveling looking for real life legends and myths, and I found one!” She seemed very happy. She turned away from him to look around some more, “I’ve found what I’m looking for.” She turned to smile at him again, “May I join? I heard of a few stories of this place and its people, now I want to experience these things too, more of this legend.”

5th September 2007, 02:03 AM
The barbarian chuckles to the girl's comment of “I’ve never seen such a large man before." He replies with a shrug, "Ta be honest, I'm average, almost short fer my kind. We Halasians can hit eight foot or so. But I doubt my size is what attracted ya to this place."

This lead the girl, Jamie, to explain. So she seeks myths and legends? Heh I bet we'll have her raving mad in a week. He hears a crash from the kitchen and lots of laughter and giggling as they pass the closed door. Or with those two, a day. He almost sheepishly rubs the back of his neck. "Well I don't think ya would have too much trouble joinin' but on the other hand ya need to remember. Myths and legends are borne in truth, raised in men's folly, and shared in a beer mug.

"As glamorious as it may sound it is more simple than ya think. I don't see a problem with ya joining, but ya will have to be tested soon. Nuala was plannin' some sort of party to boost morale so I think we'll start testin' ya newbies shortly after then."

8th September 2007, 03:08 PM
Shimizu sighed heavily as he sat down in the empty room, resting against a wall. The bandana was removed from his head and stuffed into one of his pockets, half-poking out in a messy fashion. His hair fell over his young, yet slightly scarred face. Aqua-coloured eyes closed, the corners of his mouth turned upward in an almost unnoticeable way. He looked so peaceful resting there, slumped against the bare wall; his right knee raised ever so gently, his left leg stretched out ahead of him.

Lightly rubbing his hand along the newly swept floor, Shimizu’s smile became more obvious as his eyes opened slowly to halfway. The tomb seemed so quiet and calm now, compared to the earlier frantic shouting and running about, getting to know new people and also figuring out there was only hours left before the party would begin.

During his cleaning adventure, Shimizu had seen Latias run around putting up flyers for something. He hadn’t let the half demon put any up in the room he’d been cleaning because… well, he was cleaning it and didn’t need any extra clutter about. Rolling his head to the side now, Shim could see the poster quite clearly and read it to himself, mumbling every other word or so. “Hm…” He closed his eyes again and sat a little more upright against the wall rather than looking like he’d fallen asleep there. “Allergies… I can’t remember if I have any or not.” He started to laugh at himself a little. “I s’pose we’ll find out tomorrow, won’t we?”

As the young spiritualist chuckled to himself, he heard Khongol speaking with someone. The voice of this other person wasn’t familiar to him; but then again, he didn’t know many of the clan people by voice anymore. He watched the doorway closely, hearing them coming in closer. Sadly for him, Khongol was the one who passed by the room closest to the door, so he couldn’t see the other one. All he could tell was that this newcomer was female. “Another girlie, eh?” He laughed again, lifting his hand to rub his eyes lightly. “Ahhh… soon enough we’ll be known as Playboy Tomb or something.” He groaned as he pulled himself to his feet and inspected the cleanliness of his own job. “That oughta take away some of the work on Nuala’s shoulders.” He mused to himself.

8th September 2007, 03:22 PM
Latias was perched atop Raven, forehead to forehead, teeth barred and claws just about ready to do anything. His tail was a little frizzed out and twitching agitatedly. Jewel’s voice rang over him like a bell, saying ‘don’t do anything you’ll regret’. Latias’ face calmed down and he turned his head slightly to look at Jewel, wondering if she even wanted him to defend her. The thought was there for a moment, but he shoved it aside, deciding that she wanted the best for Latias, and that would be to not pick fights with his fellow tombmates.

As Latias dealt with his thoughts, slightly pulling off of Raven and dropping down onto the floor next to him, he placed his hand on his quite dirty forehead, thanks to Jewel. Saital paused his laughter and stared at the elven girl. ”Excuse me!?” He said in shock, eyes wide and ears perked up. ”WHO is the one that’s transparent!? Who’s in ‘spirit’ form!? WHO CAN’T EVEN TOUCH OTHER OBJECTS!!??” He stepped down next to Latias, reaching down and tried to grab hold of the half demon’s hair but failed. ”All I can do is be seen and speak.” He waved his hand through Latias’ head. ”I couldn’t do anything but yell at him to stop. Why NOT just float around and laugh?”

Latias waved his hand to shoo Saital away. He looked down at Raven, tears falling down his face, “I’m SOOO SORRY!!!” He cried, falling forward and giving the demon/angel man a hug. Nuzzling Raven, he cried, “Please don’t hate me!! I’M SORRY!!!” Then he realized that Raven was the one who usually had a personal space issue of some sort. Pulling away really quickly, Latias cried harder, ears flat against his head, “WAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!”

Fire Princess
10th September 2007, 07:52 PM
”Excuse me!? WHO is the one that’s transparent!? Who’s in ‘spirit’ form!? WHO CAN’T EVEN TOUCH OTHER OBJECTS All I can do is be seen and speak. I couldn’t do anything but yell at him to stop. Why NOT just float around and laugh?”

"Oh come on, you have been with Latias for who knows how long, you should know how to keep him from getting into trouble, YOU should know how to TALK, not yell, TALK to him and calm him down. You’re lucky he didn't do something stupid."

As Jewel said this Latias burst out into tears. She knelt down beside him and gently placed her hands on either side of his face. "Why don't we clean this mess up then we can go clean ourselves up, hey? We can also hand out what cookies are left over."

Jewel pulled Latias up and tried to brush off some of the stuff that was on him, with little success. "And thank you for defending me, it was very sweet." She stood and tried to give him a little kiss but even standing on her tiptoes she could only reach his chin.

12th September 2007, 06:15 AM
Saital's face nearly fell into 'mouth agape' mode after hearing Jewel's words. "I was sealed away for all of it aside from about 7 years. I know him very little. The part about me being able to keep him out of trouble... I'd say I'm more likely to be the one to say there's absolutely no possible way to stop him." He grumpily crossed his arms over his chest and through his head in the opposite direction.

Still sniffling and crying, Latias was a little startled to feel Jewel pulling on him. He knew she wouldn't be strong enough to lift him all by herself, so he helped her along and forced himself upward. He began wiping his eyes and nose so he didn't look too stupid in front of her. Still listening to her of course, he leaned his head back slightly to take a deep breath and calm himself. Saital's words reached him and sparked a twinge of anger, which caused him to snap his head in the fox demon's direction with a deep glare on his face.

Latias was snapped out of his new anger fest when Jewel's lips touched his chin. Eyes widen as he quickly turns to look at her. 'She KISSED me!!!!' Within his mind, he squealed. It was a wonder he was able to hold that in to only his mind, but a small squeak escaped his lips as well. He burst forward, at the same time dropping down, to hug Jewel tightly, nuzzling his face against hers. Considering his size compared to hers, he, in all likelihood, knocked her over. "Thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you!!!!!" He cried.

Suddenly he realized that he was on top of her on the floor and he quickly flopped backward and started to do a crab walk away until he bumped into one of the counters. His face was beat red and his hands now rested over his mouth. Embarrassed as all hell, he then tried to hide behind some of the kitchen equipment. Jewel heard mumbling coming from behind it, sounding something like 'yes, the cookies...'

Fire Princess
12th September 2007, 07:41 PM
As Latias threw himself on Jewel while hugging her, Jewel fell to the floor hard. "Oof...ok...ok Latias relax," she was saying this while giggling abit. As Latias started crawling backwards how akward he looked just made Jewel laugh even more.

'yes, the cookies...'

"Ok lets start cleaning up alright. You clean up the counters I'll start on the dishes." She gathered all the dishes she could carry in her arms and made her way over to the sink, but on her way there she walked right over to the area where Latias first got the egg on her head. Steping in egg with an armful of dishes doesn't end well.

She landed hard right on her back. "Owww...ohhh no!" She rolled into the counter as she tried to avoid the falling dishes which didn't really happen as she wacked by a number of bowls. "Ohhhh, I just can't catch a break today can I?"

13th September 2007, 06:34 AM
Okay, the descriptions of Jewel in here shouldn't be considered godmoding, if they are, please tell me and I'll fix it ^_^

Latias nodded awkwardly as Jewel said something about them cleaning the kitchen up now. He began to slowly pull himself out from behind the equipment and to his feet. He watched Jewel admiringly, amazed that someone could actually put up with his emotional outbursts. She always seemed so kind to him, trying to stop him from making a fool of himself mostly. It never seemed to work since she would have to start stopping him before he even started, but it was the thought that mattered in this situation.

Latias started to turn away to start his own clean up, however he saw, out of the corner of his eye, Jewel heading for the 'egg' area. His head quickly snapped back in that direction; "Jewel!" He managed to shout, but it was too late. It almost seemed as though she began to fall in slow motion... her arms suddenly flailing out to attempt to catch herself, the dishes flying upward above her. Her legs stiffened as they slipped from beneath her, her long, beautiful red hair flowing over her face. Her mouth opened slightly in shock and desperation.

Sadly, Latias was not swift enough to catch the falling Jewel, however he did managed to stop her from getting hit. He was knelt atop her, one hand on either side of her head, legs on either side of her hips. His hair was still tied back, but the bangs hung down to just barely tickle her soft cheeks. He cringed a little as the heavier equipment landed on him, but he didn't move. Maybe one or two bowls rolled around and bumped against Jewel's head, but other than that, she was perfectly fine.

"Are you alright?" He asked in a concerned, but surprisingly not over concerned manner. His face was calm but still a little bit worried about her. After all, he fell all the time so he knew it wasn't bad enough for it to be fatal, but she still could have been injured. Latias gently moved over and helped her stand up, holding her hand and supporting her back as he did so. Compared to the way Latias usually is, the look on his face was so much different.

Going from goofy, big toothy grins and wide sparkling eyes, his eyes were narrow now, but not in a sinister sense. His smile was of medium size and it was closed, no teeth showing. From Jewel's perspective, Latias would look much more sophisticated than he did normally, despite all of the food and such covering him. "You seem okay, did you need to go to the infirmary?"

Saital's jaw fell open in disbelief. "There's no way that can be Latias..." He murmured. 'He's usually... 'OH MY GOSH!!!' and all that... what's going on here? He should have freaked out and cried about making that egg mess in the first place but now he's... dare I say it, like me, but nicer...'

Fire Princess
13th September 2007, 07:52 PM
Its fine Sab, I won't consider any of that godmodding, but that post was amazing.

When Latias jumped on top of Jewel she was utterly shocked, and very grateful, some of that stuff must have hurt as it was falling onto Latias's back. She did get a few bowls on the head but it was the fall that had hurt the most. She landed right on her back so she was a little sore.

As Latias helped her up she was very surprised at his attitude, she completely expected him to make a huge deal out of it but he was very calm.

"You seem okay, did you need to go to the infirmary?"

"Huh... oh no I'm fine just wanting to get off the floor." While Jewel was picking herself off the floor she put her one hand down on the ground to push herself up when a sharp pain when through her arm. "Ow!" Jewel dropped back down to the floor and grabbed her wrist.

14th September 2007, 03:53 PM
Latias smiled as Jewel was expressing her want to get off the floor, which was reasonable. He began to help her fully onto her feet when she recoiled in pain. Her ow hurt his ears, which immediately flattened to the top of his head. "Jewel? Are you alright?" He practically lifted her up off the floor himself, not wanting to force her to do any of the work herself. He'd seen her grab her wrist just before he'd lifted her up, causing him to conclude that it was said wrist that must have been hurt.

"No good, we're taking you to the infirmary." He stated, lifting her into his arms and carrying her down the hallway. "Can you move it at all?" He asked her softly, nearly nose to nose with her. He could smell her hair and perfume from many feet away, but now it was much stronger, intoxicating even. He smiled warmly at her, knowing such an injury was probably only a strain, but there was no such thing as being too careful... Okay, maybe there was, but this wasn't it.

He laid her down in the infirmary on one of the infamous hard, white beds. "I should ask for better bedding in these areas... it makes no sense to me that we'd have hard, ugly beds in here, of all places. I mean, we want to get better, don't we? Bed rest and all that... then why not do it in a decent bed." He sat down next to her, looking over her wrist, smiling and nodding. "It'll only needs a tensor band, that's all." He went to the cabinets and hunted for one.

Taking a few moments, he got back to her, sitting next to her bed, gently taking her hand in his. He wrapped the tensor band around her forearm, all the way up to her wrist and wrapped around her slender fingers and thumb. "Don't put any pressure on it and it should be okay." He said to her, the smile never leaving his face.

Fire Princess
15th September 2007, 06:38 PM
As Latias lifted Jewel off the floor and held her in his arms Jewel felt as if nothing could hurt her, then another shot of pain went through her wrist as she was trying to turn it to a more comfortable position.

"Jewel? Are you alright?"

"I'll be fine, ha, my dad would kill me if he knew I hurt my wrist." Jewel laughted but anyone could tell that it was forced.

"Can you move it at all?"

"A bit, its just if I move a certin way it hurts."

When they got to the infirmary Latias was so gental when he put Jewel down on the bed, even though it wasn't the most comfortable bed in the world.

"I should ask for better bedding in these areas... it makes no sense to me that we'd have hard, ugly beds in here, of all places. I mean, we want to get better, don't we? Bed rest and all that... then why not do it in a decent bed."

"I'll be honest with you, I've slept on ground more comfortable than this. I wasn't going to say anything but you brought the topic up."

As Latias carefully looked at Jewel wrist and made sure that it wasn't worse than it looked she just stared at Latias, he was so amazing. When he looked up and said that it would only need a tensor band Jewel just kept looking at him and smiled at him.

After Latias finished wrapping up Jewel's hand he looked up at her and smiled.

"Don't put any pressure on it and it should be okay."


As Jewel looked at Latias she felt like she was in heaven, she leaned over towards Latias and now that she could reach him she kissed him right on the lips. It wasn't a terribly long kiss but it was long enough. When she pulled away she looked deep into his eyes and quietly said, almost in a whisper, "I love you."

15th September 2007, 07:46 PM
While Latias carried Jewel to the infirmary, he could feel her relax, wince a little because of pain, but still relaxed. A smile came over his face, as he knew she felt safe around him. Her words about her father and the laugh after made him look at her concernedly. “Jewel, don’t laugh if it isn’t funny. You don’t have to try to make light of the situation, it’s okay.” When she told him it only hurt a bit, he automatically assumed she was lying so he wouldn’t worry.

Her comments about the bed made him laugh. “I know, don’t they suck?” He ran his hand through his hair, now looking at her wrist. “I’ve slept on a countertop once, got more sleep there than I ever would on one of these. That’s why I like to make sure I never have to sleep on one of these ‘cause they suck ha ha.” Now wrapping her arm up, he noticed that she was staring at him the whole time. Glancing up every now and again, he couldn’t help but smile even broader, knowing he was being watched.

Once done, he rubbed his hands together, watching them go back and forth for a bit, feeling a little more awkward now, the entire situation starting to set in his mind. He looked up at her again, about to ask if she was ok to help clean up the kitchen when she leaned forward. His eyes widened, his heart seemed to stop in its tracks as her lips met his.

Her lips were so soft, pushing against his just enough for him to feel it fully. The moment didn’t last very long and he wished it would have lasted forever. While she backed away from him, he wanted to follow her but knew that may have broken the moment. His ears lowered slowly as a light blush came over his cheeks, his mouth slightly agape. Her next words made his heart skip a beat, then speed up in a flash of excitement, joy, and absolute disbelief. “Y-you love me?” He stuttered back, his eyes shifting from her right eye to her left and back to her right.

Saital’s eyes widened for a brief moment, then narrowed again into a sad look. Flashes of his old lover surfaced in his mind, her smile, laughter then a sudden scream and her death. His ears lowered and flipped back on his head, tails not moving even in the slightest. He closed his eyes as he could feel Latias’ heart beginning to race and his own slowing down into a hard and painful thumping. Eyes squeezed shut now, he could feel tears welling up and starting to spill over his face. His mouth was pulled back in a painful grimace, eyebrows furrowed down. His nearly transparent form began to sparkle a little bit and suddenly it disintegrated into glittering particles that were absorbed into Latias, making him appear to glow in Jewel’s vision.

“I… I love you too, Jewel.” He whispered back, leaning forward and kissing her lips even firmer than she had his. He took her into his arms and made sure the kiss lasted longer this time.

Apple Jacks
16th September 2007, 06:19 PM
"Ta be honest, I'm average, almost short fer my kind. We Halasians can hit eight foot or so. But I doubt my size is what attracted ya to this place."

Jamie stopped looking around so curiously and looked over at Khongol. “Yes, you are big… small for your race? Wow! You guys must a race of giants!! I’ve never heard of the Halasians before.” She rubbed her chin gently with her right hand, thinking about it. Smiling, she looked back up and Khongol and said, “But your size isn’t what attracted me here, that much you got right.” As they wandered through the halls, Jamie heard some laughter, crashing and other such things within the area known as the kitchen. She cringed when she heard some shouting at someone named ‘Latias’. It didn’t sound too good, but the larger man continued to walk so she followed him, not investigating as she wanted to.

"Well I don't think ya would have too much trouble joinin' but on the other hand ya need to remember. Myths and legends are borne in truth, raised in men's folly, and shared in a beer mug.”

She nodded slowly, knowing that most legends were that way, and ended up being much more disappointing than they first sounded. “Yeah… I know.” She said solemnly, closing her eyes for a moment, remembering some times where she had been extremely depressed with the outcome of her adventures. “However, I have a good feeling about this place.” She smiled up at the berserker, teeth almost sparkling.

"As glamorious as it may sound it is more simple than ya think. I don't see a problem with ya joining, but ya will have to be tested soon. Nuala was plannin' some sort of party to boost morale so I think we'll start testin' ya newbies shortly after then."

Jamie laughed, “This Nuala sounds fun. I should talk to her sometime.” She crossed her arms behind her head. “So this party thing, I suppose I’m not invited?” She looked up at Khongol again, “Y’know? Since I just showed up and all. If this party happens soon, I obviously won’t have anything to do with it therefore I shouldn’t be allowed to take part in the activities.” She giggled as she followed Khongol around, looking at the other sites.

Suddenly she saw a red haired fox demon pass by, carrying yet another red haired girl, followed by a dark haired, taller fox demon. Her eyes widened in curiosity as she started to follow unconsciously. She gave Khongol the ‘one minute sign’ by lifting her index finger toward him. She silently poked her head into the infirmary, watching the scene unfold before her. Jamie smiled a little as she watched the red haired girl stare into the fox demon’s eyes, knowing the girl’s passion toward him just by looking at her.

She motioned for Khongol to come too, but it was only a suggestion. That was the only movement she made as she watched the two kiss. Suddenly the dark haired fox demon began to sparkle and then disappear into little glowing pieces. Her eyes widened, wondering what the heck it was that just happened and why he turned into so many shiny things. The red haired boy whispered something back to her and returned her kiss. Jamie was feeling a little bubbly inside watching, but realized it was probably a private affair and quickly backed off.

Jamie returned to Khongol’s side, whether he watched with her or not. “Okay!! Where are we going next? This tour seems to be taking a while. How big is this place?” She inquired.

16th September 2007, 10:17 PM
Khongol thinks a moment as Jamie makes comment she wouldn't be welcome to the party and shakes his head. "Nahh I bet ya would be welcome. 'Sides you can get to know them better that way."

They are passed by Latias and Jewel, the former carrying the latter. Musta been what I heard. Freakyass foreplay. He chuckles a moment as Jamie and him walk. She darts over to spy on the couple and soon gestures for him. He comes over to tell her to let them be when he sees them kiss. He sighs and shakes his head before stepping away from the door. The girl catches up and asks on time and he laughs, "Well I am gonna lead ya to the rooms so ya can move in and then I'm gonna get back to work. Normally I am a bit more dressed than this."

20th September 2007, 06:31 AM
Shimizu stood in his quiet room, the room that would see be decorated with many of Nuala’s ideas and the entire thing would come to life in only a few hours. He’d cleaned the place, but now what could he do? He’d cleaned up… if he helped anywhere else, would the get upset? He would have to hunt Nuala down to figure out if she had decorations lying about that he could put up. Tapping his foot lightly on the floor, arms crossed over his chest Shimizu stood pondering his next move.

He nibbled on a small patch of dead skin on his thumb, tear it along the rest of the flesh until the piece he desired was removed. Now the area was bigger than it had been, the skin that had been hiding underneath was a light pink and was surrounded by a ring of white. Inspecting this as he thought, Shimizu paid it no mind although it stung a little. He hadn’t intended to tear that much off, but then again, when does anyone ever intend to hurt him or herself? Well… okay, there were people that do hurt themselves on purpose, but as far as he knew, he wasn’t one of them.

“I… might as well go look at our new comer.” He mused. “She doesn’t know me yet, and I think it’d be good to know MOST of the other tomb-goers.” He headed out the door, leaving his room in a decent condition, well swept and mopped, nothing in particular on the walls or ceiling yet. Walking up behind Khongol and Jamie, he paused to glance at the infirmary door that he’d seen them peering into just moments before he showed up.

Paying it no mind, Shim began to hurry as he saw that they were about to leave for the rooms, to show her where she’d be staying no doubt. Before they could begin walking, he tapped the young girl on the shoulder. “Hey, new girl.” He said, a big grin on his face. “The name’s Shimizu, Shimizu Uziki.” He lifted his hand to shake hers; “It’s a pleasure to meet you.” He could only hope that Khongol would not get angry and assume that Shimizu was trying to steal his company.

20th September 2007, 06:56 PM
Falken stopped in the middle of a hallway and dropped to his knees, lifted his arms and clutched his head, which he’d thrown backwards. Taking a deep breath, he let out a long and agonized scream. ”AAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!! !! I CAN’T FIND HIS ROOM!!!!” He threw his around for a while and then flopped down onto his face, in the middle of the hall, in silence.

His ears started to twitch as he heard an unfamiliar voice. It was a female one and by the sound of it she was dealing with the guards at the front gate. Falken rolled his head to the side so he wasn’t flat on his face, now listening closer with his right ear. The girl was soon met by Khongol and showed around the tomb. Falken sat upright, a sudden realization coming to him. She could help him with the baskets, since he couldn’t find Kreig. Falken pulled himself to his feet and began to run down the hall, listening to her voice to try to pinpoint her location.

He randomly skidded around corners, pointing down the hall, thinking that just maybe he’d found the right one but he was wrong 75% of the time. Usually he’d end up skidding, pointing and shouting ‘ah ha’ but getting an empty hallway. In the meantime, he could hear Latias’ and Jewel’s conversation; finding it interesting but none of his business all the same. Although he would probably end up bugging Latias for the details later.

He could hear Shimizu beginning to speak to the girl as he just slipped around the right corner. ”AH HA!!” He shouted. ”I got it right this time!” He straightened out and smoothly ran his hand through his black hair, wiping some sweat away at the same time. He marched toward Jamie, who was probably making her response toward Shimizu at this point. Then he began to run, index finger in the air still pointing at the new girl the entire way. ”YOU!!” He shouted just before he tackled her to the floor. ”You’re going to help me make the baskets!!”

Apple Jacks
20th September 2007, 06:58 PM
"Nahh I bet ya would be welcome. 'Sides you can get to know them better that way."

Jamie looked at Khongol and nodded, “Let’s hope they’ll let me in.” She laughed. She thought about the reaction that Khongol had given when he saw the red haired fox demon kiss the elven girl. She wondered if he had some sort of a problem with the romantics, maybe because he failed miserably at it… or perhaps he’d never experienced it so he was jealous? She wasn’t sure, but wasn’t about to inquire because that is a very sensitive topic all on its own.

"Well I am gonna lead ya to the rooms so ya can move in and then I'm gonna get back to work. Normally I am a bit more dressed than this."

“Sounds good big guy, get to it.” She was about to move along with him when suddenly there was a tapping on her shoulder. Spinning about to see who or what it was, she was surprised to quite a handsome face staring back at her. The man introduced himself as Shimizu, saying it was a pleasure to meet her. “Oh, hi Shimizu. It’s a pleasure to meet you too, although we haven’t completely met yet. My name’s Jamie O’Hallik. A bit of history to my last name, ha ha but we won’t get into that.”

Suddenly there was a loud ‘ah ha’ from down the hall. She snapped her head in that direction, wondering what the heck it could possibly be. To her surprise, it was a black haired half elf running full-speed down the hall, pointing his index finger her way. A loud ‘you’ came out of his mouth just before he tackled her to the floor. Her shoulders pinned hard against the stone floor, she stared up in amazement at the weight of this small looking guy. The first thing that came to her mind was; ’How long is this hallway? It must have taken a lot of force and speed for this puny guy to get ME down of all people…’

”You’re going to help me make the baskets!!”

Jamie blinked incredulously. “Baskets?” She muttered, still in shock. “What baskets?” She looked over at Shimizu and then Khongol for some information, but received none about these ‘baskets’. “Basket-case?” She mumbled.

20th September 2007, 06:59 PM
Falken was knelt atop her, he was amazed at how hard it was to take her down. However, his amazement was not visible on his usually calm face. Suddenly his eyes widen and a slight blush covers his cheeks. ’Oh my gosh… she’s gorgeous!’ He squeaked within his mind. ’What do I do!? How do I talk!? I KNOW!’ “You help baskets! NOO!! You help me baskets. NOO!! You help me WITH the baskets!! I can’t even speak!” He stammered, pulling off of he and throwing himself at the wall, clinging to it. He then scrambled away and hid behind Shimizu’s legs, wondering about her reaction.

’Did I sound funny? I hope I didn’t sound funny… Does she think I’m weird? I hope she doesn’t think I’m weird… Oh anything but that…. Anything but something bad… I don’t want her to think me weird…’ He freaked out in his head, pleading to himself. He tried to hide beneath his scarf as his face turned beat red. He gripped Shimizu’s pant leg, right beneath his knee. Falken squeezed his eyes shut and hoped for the best.

Apple Jacks
20th September 2007, 07:00 PM
Jamie stared at Falken above her, seeing his dark eyes widen. A smirk crossed her face as she notices a hint of pink on his cheeks. She tried to keep her face as solemn as possible as Falken tripped over his own words, babbling about baskets. She kept her face fairly straight as he quickly pulled off of her and plastered himself against the nearby wall. Sitting up, she turned her head to follow the scrambling half elf as he attempted to get behind Shimizu’s nicely muscled legs.

The way this dark elf crawled was entertaining in and of itself. However the look on his face was priceless. His long ears were lowered and pointing down, there almost seemed to be tears in his eyes as he awkwardly scrambled along the hard floor of the tomb. His scarves were too long, causing him to randomly trip over them as he tried to make it behind something bigger to hide behind. Since Shim had been closest, he hid behind the young spiritualist. Although, Jamie figured it would have made more sense to hide behind Khongol, who was much bigger than Shimizu. But then again, he was also further away.

She watched Falken’s face as he was hiding behind Shimizu, gripping his pants and squeezing his eyes shut as the blush grew along his face, making it more obvious than before, which is quite obvious since she noticed it already the first time. The half elf trembled as he awaited her reaction to him, she could see he was tormented by the suspense of it all, and perhaps his own thoughts.

Silence fell on the group as they all waited for her reaction to the awkwardly random Falken. She could hold it in no longer and burst out laughing at the situation and Falken’s utter cute and childish-ness. She gripped her sides and flopped over, back down onto the floor, her eyes shut tightly as she fought back tears and tried to breathe all at once.

As soon as she was done with her laughing fit, she pulled herself to her feet and peered around Shimizu’s hip as she tried to see Falken. “So, what was it about the baskets?” Jamie snickered.

20th September 2007, 07:01 PM
Jamie begins to laugh. Falken lifted his head, thinking something along the lines of; ’Oh crap she thinks I’m weird… Oh no, my worst nightmare has come true! She thinks I’m WEIRD!!’ A smooth voice piped up in his head, similarly to that of what Saital usually did with Latias. It spoke to him in a lecturing way. ’Shut up! Stop acting like a baby! And besides, that’s not your worst nightmare.’ ’But you’re not the sensitive one here…’ Falken thought back to the other voice. He then thought separately. ’When my father spoke about him… he said that he was a cruel man, but I think he’s only a bully, a lonely bully. Hmph, with no one to pick on but me.’ He thought about, of course, the other voice that had just spoken to him.

He was embarrassed that Jamie was laughing at him, still thinking that she thought he was weird for sure. Soon she stood up and looked around Shimizu to see him as he continued to try to hide behind his scarf. Peering up at her, he smiled a little and said; ”Eh heh…Yes, the boxes… I mean baskets!!” He smacked himself in the face. Backing away from Shim, Falken stood up and looked at her fully, ”I need your help to make about 20 baskets or so.” He reached forward, grabbed her arm and began to drag her to where the materials for the baskets were. ”Come.”

20th September 2007, 08:02 PM
“Oh, hi Shimizu. It’s a pleasure to meet you too, although we haven’t completely met yet. My name’s Jamie O’Hallik. A bit of history to my last name, ha ha but we won’t get into that.”

Shimizu chuckled a bit, this girl seemed to be more talkative than Shasta had been when he first spoke to her. Jamie seemed to be more along the lines of Nuala/Jewel to be exact. He opened his mouth slightly to continue the conversation when he heard Falken’s loud voice echoing down the hall in their direction. He lifted his eyes to see the half elf running at them, pointing all the way. Now, the first thing that came to his mind was; pointing is rude.

The spiritualist stepped back as Falken tackled the young woman to the ground. He arched an eyebrow at this, wondering if the childish mind of Falken understood what it was he was doing here. The situation seemed to set in a little late with the half elf as he blushed and scrambled away from Jamie. The confused girl had looked to Shim and Khongol for some help, but all Shimizu did was shrug and grin at her in a very ‘cool’ way, as he would have liked to put it.

Honestly, Shimizu had no idea about the baskets aside from the fact that Falken was the one who had to make them. Him running about and pointing fingers and shouting ‘you’ at people was a part of this plan Shimizu was ignorant to. He watched in amusement as Falken awkwardly hid behind him. The clutching fingers at the back of his knees tickled a little, making him want to bend them forward, but he didn’t. He couldn’t remove the smirk from his lips as the new girl seemed to get to know Falken in her own way, or was it Falken getting to know her in his way? Shimizu wasn’t quite sure.

Jamie stayed silent for a bit, causing Falken to clutch his pants even more, (what an awkward sentence lol) making him almost lose his cool as the ticklish genes in him were kicking in. ’Just a little longer and they’ll go away. No need to let anyone know you’re ticklish.’ He thought to himself. He continued to smile at Jamie, awaiting her response so Falken would let go of him. Soon the girl began to laugh, falling over once more while she did so.

Sadly for Shimmy, he had to wait until her laughing fit was done and she went to sneak a peek at Falken around Shimizu’s torso. He stood stiff as the two conversed around him, thinking that he was there first so they should move not him. Soon Falken stood up and began to drag Jamie away. Shimizu blinked incredulously as the person he’d just met left. “Oh, well I’ll see you later then.” He chuckled to himself.

Apple Jacks
20th September 2007, 08:04 PM
Jamie smiled as Falken stood up and started to make more sense, aside from that last ‘box’ comment. He seemed like an o.k. guy, needed to work on his speech a little, but aside from that, he was alright. She looked Shimizu as she could tell he had a ‘hold it in’ look on his face. Now this told her one of two things; 1. Either he was trying to keep something a secret from them… or 2. He had bad gas and didn’t want to embarrass himself. Now considering how Shimizu appeared, she was thinking it was the first one rather than the second. Granted, the second wasn’t completely something she’d cross off her list.

She was going to talk further with Shimizu and Khongol once this Falken thing was over and done with, however her plans ended as soon as Falken took hold of her hand and began to drag her away. She started to pull against the half elf’s attempts, planting her feet upon the floor. “I haven’t seen my room yet! I’d rather settle in first, I promise to help but I want to see my room!”

Jamie pulled her hand away from Falken, looking back to Khongol and Shim, who both seemed to be higher-ups (aside from her knowing Khongol was a higher-up), so she asked; “Could you, one of you, show me to my room?” She secretly hoped she’d be in a room next to this Shimizu.

20th September 2007, 08:31 PM
Shimizu blinked a little bit, his smile faded slightly. His face took on a more confused, yet still amused looked as Jamie halted Falken’s progress. That poor guy could never catch a break. When he first showed up and was told he’d get a tour, he never received the entire tour. Now he was told to make the baskets and when he actually seeks out help, he loses his nerve first, then tries to drag them off but that doesn’t work either.

He watched as Falken’s attempts failed miserably, and Jamie broke free of his hand. The girl was saying something about her room, the very one Shimizu had stopped Khongol from showing her originally. He laughed to himself as she looked from Shimizu to Khongol for the third time that afternoon. She always seemed to have some sort of a questions answered, and since Falken didn’t appear to be the one to answer it most of the time, Shim and Khongol were the next best thing.

“Could you, one of you, show me to my room?” Jamie asked.

Shimizu raised his hand, looking over at Khongol he said; “You need to get back to work anyway, right? Let me take over from here. I have nothing better to do.” With that, he began to lead Jamie down the hall. Pointing at one door, he said, “That’s my room, don’t go in there unless you wish to get lost in a mess. I am not the cleanest of people around.” He paused and began to laugh at himself. “I mean, I don’t clean up after MYSELF but I can clean other rooms if need be.”

Shim gave her the ‘one minute’ sign by lifting his index finger and threw in his dumb apron and bandana that he was wearing during his cleaning session, which were useless now. There was an empty room across the hall from his and he was debating whether or not he should let her in that one. He couldn’t recall why it was empty, but he figured that he’d find out soon enough, once he showed her to it.

Pointing at the door, he looked at Jamie, “That can be you room. Go put your stuff away and meet up with Falken again, he seems to need you for something.” He laughed again, new comers were either something very annoying or something very entertaining.

20th September 2007, 09:02 PM
Khongol watches the antics happen and feels more pity on the girl than the boys. He steps up following Shimizu and her as he points out the room he offered. He coughs into his fist to get attention and looks at Shimizu, "Go help Falken with the baskets. I'm gonna have her take the other wing so she ain't near ya vultures."

He expects an arguement but all he does if one is given is point back down the hall until Shim leaves. Once alone with the newcomer her sighs. "My applogies. It's like they never seen a woman before." He rubs the back of his neck before leading her, if she comes, down the hall and around the corner. He gestures to a room that is more feminine. "My room is the last before the corner on the other side. So I am between ya and those boys. If ya have any trouble with them, lemme know."

21st September 2007, 06:21 AM
Low blow Lrbearclaw….

Shimizu was interrupted as he was going to take Jamie to her room, assuming Khongol had things he had to do. The spiritualist paused when Khongol took he back. [B"Go help Falken with the baskets. I'm gonna have her take the other wing so she ain't near ya vultures."[/B] He had said. Shimizu lowered his head, hair covering his eyes as he bit down on his bottom lip. ’Where does he get off saying that? Who does he think he is?’ Shimizu shook those thoughts from his head. Looking at Khongol out of the corner of his eye, he opened his mouth to say something when Khongol just pointed down the hall for him to ‘go’ as it were.

Lifting his head entirely to look straight at Khongol, Shimizu’s eyes were wide in disbelief. “What’s with the finger!?” He asked, but the man continued to point down the hall, as in ‘go’. Shimizu clenched his fists, feeling the lack of blood circulation to his fingers. Spun and walked down the hall to his room, slamming the door shut, dropping himself to the floor and leaned firmly against the door. “Bastard…” He mumbled into his arms that were crossed over his upright knees. All he wanted to do was help yet in the end he was accused of being a ‘vulture’. “I don’t know what he’s implying by that… I’m not even interested in that sort of thing.” Shimizu pushed his face hard into his arms.

Why didn’t that giant moron trust him to do anything? He wondered his many times before but it was only strengthened now. ’Nuala gave Latias a specific job, cooking. She gave Falken a specific job, the baskets. She gave Khongol a specific job, the nameplates. Was it because they had asked her what they could help with? Khongol only did it because he wanted to stay near Nuala, why didn’t someone keep THAT over sized vulture away?’ He thought angrily. Sighing heavily now, he lifted his head to rest his chin on his arms. ’Why am I in my room sulking like this? Granted I think I’m only a teensy bit less childish than I was… but I still shouldn’t do this.’ Getting up, Shimizu went and changed back into his regular clothes. He paused and considered putting on his weaponry, but thought better of it.

Shimizu walked up to Falken, “Alright, let’s do this basket thing.” He didn’t sound too excited to be doing this, in fact he looked down right angry, but none of that was directed toward Falken.

Fire Princess
22nd September 2007, 12:47 PM
Jewel sat on the bed, waiting for Latias to respond to her.

“Y-you love me?”

"Yes, I really do, I've never felt like this."

Suddenly Latias started glowing. Jewel looked around and noticed that Saital wasn't floating behind Latias anymore. She was about to say something when Latias spoke up and said the words that made Jewel feel like she could fly.

“I… I love you too, Jewel.”

When he took hold of Jewel and kissed her Jewel didn't even resist in the slightest. She placed her hands on the side of Latias's face and slowly brought them down onto his shoulders, then his arms, she gently grasped his bicepts, knowing that Latias would keep her safe in his arms forever.

sorry it was so short, you kind have the control right now sab

23rd September 2007, 02:34 PM
Latias could feel Jewel bring her hands up, they were so warm against his face, giving him shivers as she slid them down his shoulders and onto his arms. Her wrist seemed to be better, somehow. It was like she felt truly safe with Latias standing there. He opened his eyes slowly, but not very far. He could see her beautiful face, still kissing him. The corners of his mouth turned upward ever so slightly, only enough for Jewel to feel his lips tighten to know he was indeed smiling.

He suddenly noticed that there were sparkling particles surrounding him. Latias pulled away slowly, his eyes open now, inspecting himself. “I’m… glowing…” He muttered. To him, it seemed appropriate for how he felt, like he was in heaven. Angels glowed, didn’t they? “Am I dead?” He whispered to himself, Jewel obviously being able to hear him as well. It was a thought that he meant to keep to himself, but had the lack of self-control to do it.

Now a little further out of his light-headed state, Latias was more in tune to the workings of his mind and body, allowing him to feel Saital’s own heartache. Eyes widening, Latias knew that this painful feeling couldn’t be his. ’Saital?’ He thought, lowering his head, eyes narrowed in a sad fashion. There was no response. ’Oh Saital…’ Latias looked at Jewel with a depressed look. “Saital’s… not himself.” He said quietly.

Standing up, holding one of Jewel’s hands, he said; “I’m going to clean myself up and then the kitchen. I think we need to finish the food for the party.” He leaned down, kissing her again, and backing away… slowly letting go of her hand as he went out. “If your wrist hurts too much, I can handle the rest of it on my own.” Smiling at her, Latias left the room and went to his own. Removing his sticky clothes, he set the shower to his preferred temperature and commenced to wash up. He was worried about Saital, a being within him that usually answered when called upon… now silent and giving Latias quite the ache in his chest.

Fire Princess
26th September 2007, 08:06 PM
As Jewel continued to kiss Latias she could feel him start to smile. When he did so she pulled away just slightly. She placed her head on his forehead and whispered to him. "Why are you smiling?" The whole while smiling herself.

“I’m… glowing… Am I dead?”

"I hope not or else things could get a little weird."

Latias suddenly widened his eyes as he was inspecting his body. "What's the matter. Is something wrong?" Then Latias eyes narrowed, Jewel was starting to get worried, she knew Latias had mood swings but he didn't act like this.

“Saital’s… not himself.”

"Why what’s going on?"

As Latias stood up, holding Jewel's hand he looked at her and said that he was going to clean himself up and she have to help him clean the kitchen if her wrist hurt to much. "I think I'll go get cleaned up as well and then I'll see how it feels."

As she sat on the bed for a little after Latias left she thought about what had just happened. So many thoughts and feelings were racing through her head. Jewel slowly stood up, accidentally putting pressure on her wrist again and sending a shot of pain up her arm. Then she made her way to the girls shower area.

As she let the hot water run over her, her mind started racing even more. What would her father think, he was always pushing her so hard when she was at home to marry the suitor that had the purest blood line. But Jewel had never cared about what her father thought when it came to the men she got together with.

When she got out of the shower Jewel rewrapped her wrist and put on some clean clothes. It was just a simply red tank top and some comfy black capri pants and pulled her hair into a ponytail. She walked back to the kitchen and started cleaning off the counters leaving the heavy lifting to Latias.

30th September 2007, 09:21 AM
Latias stood in the shower stall, leaning against one of the walls. He clutched the left side of his chest, not being able to get rid of that painful feeling. ’Saital please… answer me. What’s wrong?’ No answer. He lowered his head and continued to wash off. His hair was a job and a half with all of that gunk in it. Syrup, icing, egg, flour, who knows what else. It was not easy, that was for sure. It took him more than half an hour to get it al done but it in the end he looked quite clean.

He pulled on a black T-shirt and similar blue jeans to before. His hair pulled back again to keep it out of his way, Latias waked back into the kitchen. He was surprised to see Jewel already working on the dishes. Smiling, he helped her with the bigger stuff and soon, after a long time of cleaning, they finished the job.

Latias made sure there was no horsing around going on, they needed to seriously finish the cooking for the party, or at least the ideas. Latias sat down, taking a break after the cleaning. He leaned against one of the cabinets, closing his eyes. They had practically ruined all the cookies that they were going to use to give to the tomb, they might as well make more. He looked at Jewel and smiled, “Let’s make more cookies, and this time we won’t attack each other.” Standing up, Latias realized something vitally important. They had used up a lot of supplies during their food fight, not to mention the things that they had needed originally.

He looked at Jewel with a frantic look, ears flat against his head. Sniffling, he said; “Jewel…. We need to go shopping somehow…”

Apple Jacks
30th September 2007, 02:03 PM
Jamie had been relieved when Shimizu answered her question about her room. She was so tired after her journey across the deserted plains that all she wanted to do was lie down and sleep for a while. Shimizu lead her to where his room was and told her that the empty one across the hall was free. She began to walk into the empty room when Khongol cleared his throat. Glancing back over at the barbarian, she was wondering what it was that he wanted their attention for. Turns out he didn’t approve of the attention that Shimizu and Falken had been giving her. It almost seemed like he was either jealous or like an over protective father type. She didn’t appreciate either one.

However, she doesn’t want to argue because she’d rather be sleeping at this point. Jamie cringed a bit when Shimizu stormed away like he did, hoping he didn’t hold it against her. She followed Khongol to the room he suggested. Before she entered the room, Khongol had said; "My applogies. It's like they never seen a woman before." She looked over at large man and shrugged, “Well I’ve only seen one female so far and she appeared to be taken, so I don’t blame them so much for liking the appearance of another one.” Chuckling at this she nodded when Khongol mentioned something about him being down the hall or whatever. If she ever had a problem, she was sure that she’d end up screaming and someone would come to help. In fact, it was probably rare to find someone in his or her room in this place.

Closing her door, Jamie removed her backpack and jacket, tossing them onto the available bed. Thinking about that, she climbed onto the bed herself, throwing her junk across the room and flopped onto her face. She nuzzled her nose into her soft pillow, softer than any rock she’d slept on recently. Feeling sleep sneaking up on her, she found herself thinking about that blond spiritualist she’d met in the halls just now. Shimizu. Smiling to herself, he didn’t seem like he fit the descriptions that this tomb gave. The warriors were tough as nails, most of them bitter and very rough. This Shimizu was kind hearted and soft compared to the rumors she’d heard in some of the towns.

As she was falling asleep, she could picture his young yet handsome face smiling at her, his spikey blond hair sticking in all directions. And those beautiful bluish-green eyes that seemed to sparkle with every bit of light they caught. With these thoughts in mind, Jamie found sleep very quickly, a smiling adorning her lips.

Fire Princess
9th October 2007, 07:24 PM
When Latias finally returned to the kitchen Jewel had already gotten started and was almost finished doing the dishes. The Front of her shirt was a bit wet from water splashing out of the sink and her face was a bit flushed because of the heat coming off the water.

She twisted her upper body when Latias came and returned the smile that he had. Some of the light work was done already so Latias mostly did the heavy lifting. Jewel would start joking around once in a while but she could tell that Latias didn't want a repeat of what happened before.

When they were finally done cleaning up Latias dropped to the floor to take a break. Jewel walked over to where he was and sat down opposite to him. After a bit he opened his eyes and looked at Jewel.

“Let’s make more cookies, and this time we won’t attack each other.”

"I agree, but let’s wait till tomorrow evening to do that, just so that they are as fresh as possible."

As Latias stood up Jewel stayed down on the floor, she strained her neck to look up at him and from the angle she was seeing his face at Latias's look was quite humorous.

“Jewel…. We need to go shopping somehow…”

"What?...We used up that much stuff, I thought for sure that we would have enough supplies to last us for a while."

Jewel quickly got to her feet being sure to use her good hand and ran to the pantry. She threw open the door and stared into it. Latias was right, flour, sugar, and a lot of other stuff was really low. She went to the cold storage and there too, many essential supplies were either low or completely depleted. "OK yeah we need to go shopping like...NOW!!!!"

When she returned to the actual kitchen area Jewel paced up and down the one isle trying to figure out how they were going to get the supplies they needed that day when the closest village was a week’s trip away. She paced for a bit longer the she spun around and yelled pointing at Latias. "SHIM, doesn't Shimizu have a dragon, he could get us there in no time right?"

While Latias and Jewel were having their little shopping issue outside the tomb it looked as though a storm was headed towards them. Dark rolling clouds covered the sun and the wind was beginning to howl. Lightning was already beginning to flash within the clouds periodically, and if someone was looking at the clouds close enough when the flashes of lightning came they would possibly see the silhouette of what looked like a dragon.

Soon after the wind grew worse and the rain started coming. For someone who knew something about storms they would know that this storm would be bad but short, probably not lasting more than an hour. When the storm was at its peak something came flying out from the clouds. It was a dragon. Not a very large dragon, but big enough for 2 or 3 people to ride on. Its scales were silver in color and its was not a wild dragon, for on top of it rode a man.

Now this man was young appearing to be in his early to mid twenties. And as the dragon neared the tomb his features became more visible. He had dark brown, short hair and bangs that almost covered his eyes which were a stunning grey. He was wearing a dark blue muscle shirt with a high neck and grey pants tucked into bronze colored boots. Over top of this he wore a white leather duster with designs all over it created by small metal balls. These balls of metal were placed all over his jacket.

The dragon landed in front of the few guards who had the unfortunate task of keeping watch in the rain. The young man jumped off of the dragons back and walked towards the guards though he seemed to be unfazed by the storm, he did not shield his face from the wind and did nothing to keep the rain from soaking him to the bone.

"Excuse me sir," The man gestured towards the guard, "I was wondering if the dragon tamer Shimizu Uziki lives here?"

"Yes sir can I help you with something?" Said the guard as he approached the man being wary of the dragon. "Yes, he is inside, if you will follow me we can go inside and try and find him. But unfortunately your dragon will have to stay outside, I'm very sorry."

"HA! Did you hear that Niccearo, he's hear, we finally found him. Alright lets go inside, and don't worry about him, he likes the rain."

So the guard and the young dragon tamer made there way inside out of the rain.

The guard brought him into the front of the tomb and told the man to wait there as he ran off to find Shimizu.

11th October 2007, 03:38 PM
Jewel seemed to be as surprised as he was when she realized that they were low on supplies. A the thought of ‘blaming Jewel for it’ popped into Latias’ head, since she was the one who started the food fight, but he didn’t. It wouldn’t be right if he suddenly said ‘it’s your fault’ to his girlfriend. He sat perfectly still on the floor as he watched her run about from cabinet to pantry to fridge but finding nothing. He sighed heavily, knowing that this would be the case.

He pulled himself to his feet and leaned against the counter, his hand placed against his chin in a thoughtful manner. His ears were turned back but not flat against his, his tail twitching nervously. Latias snapped his fingers suddenly, and at the same time Jewel shouted, he shouted the same thing; “SHIM!” Jewel continued where Latias paused, but they had the same idea. “You’ve never seen it before, but yeah. Shimizu has a dragon named Zimaru. We could go ask him to take us to the nearest town! It would only take maybe an hour to get there!”

The two were obviously excited about this, but the weather seemed to have a different idea. Just as Latias and Jewel were coming up with a solution to their problem, the thunder crashed loudly and spooked Latias, causing him to duck down and cover his head.

Peeking up again, he smiled a little, “Let’s go ask him.” He said quietly. “Despite the storm, we need those supplies. I can’t let Nuala down.” Latias stood up and walked out of the kitchen to where Shimizu was standing next to Falken, they appeared to be working on the baskets, either they were just starting or almost finished, Latias didn’t pause to inspect further.

“Shimizu, we need your help.” He said, when suddenly a guard ran over to them, looking for Shimizu.

11th October 2007, 04:42 PM
Shimizu decided to help Falken with the baskets whether the half-elf liked it or not. He walked over to a storage closet where they kept random art supplies if any one of the Keepers felt artistic. However, in the Keepers of the Tomb, art wasn’t something that usually occurred for they rarely had beautiful paintings made by one of the clan members hanging on the wall. He pulled out the proper supplies required to make these baskets, Shimizu showed Falken to the main sitting room.

Dropping himself down on one of the couches Shimizu began to weave the bamboo pieces around and around, in and out. “Making baskets isn’t easy…” He muttered to himself. Some time went by, enough for Latias and Jewel to have already taken their showers and finish cleaning. Shimizu had finished about 2 and a half baskets when he felt a slight tremor on his chest. Looking down, his vision stopped on the red dragon pendant around his neck.

Zimaru was saying something. Shimizu closed his eyes and concentrated his spiritual power on Zimaru’s pendant. ”Yeah Zim?” He asked the dragon, but no one else could hear it, Shimizu’s consciousness was now in the dimension Zimaru lived in.

Shimizu stepped down into a grassy field, everything seemed to flow gently like small ripples in the water. Shimizu’s feet gracefully stepped upon the nearly untouched ground and no sooner did Zimaru swoop down before the young spiritualist. ”There is another dragon in the area.”

Shimizu’s face lit up in curiosity. “Another dragon? This far out in the middle of nowhere? We’re a weeks trip away from the nearest town! They must be here for something…”

Zimaru nodded with a slight snort that blew Shimizu’s hair back. ”They’re here for us.”

Shimizu opened his eyes again and lifted his hands around the pendant. It began to glow a bright red and then flashed, lighting the entire room. Now perched upon Shimizu’s shoulder was a red dragon the size of a small dog. Latias ran into the room first, asking Shimizu for his help. He stood up and looked at Latias, giving him the ‘one minute’ sign by lifting his index finger.

Just in time, the guard ran in to fetch Shim. The man was out of breath, but he managed to straighten up and speak to the spiritualist with some dignity. “Sir…. Ahem, there is a man waiting to see you.”

Shimizu nodded, “Alright, coming.” He motioned for Latias to wait for him there while he dealt with this. The guard led the blonde man to the entrance where there stood a man with a white coat that had some intriguing designs. Shimizu paused to look at them and wonder what their use could possibly be, a catalyst for an attack perhaps? Or just to look unique? Whatever it was, they were there. “You wished to see me?” Shimizu crossed his arms over his chest, allowing Zimaru to lean down and support himself on Shimizu’s forearms.

Fire Princess
11th October 2007, 08:50 PM
Jewel giggled slightly after she finished talking, she and Latias were starting to talk in unison already.

“You’ve never seen it before, but yeah. Shimizu has a dragon named Zimaru. We could go ask him to take us to the nearest town! It would only take maybe an hour to get there!”

"That’s awesome." Just as Jewel spoke a clap of thunder rippled through the tomb scaring Latias. It scared Jewel too and made her jump slightly. "We can't ride a dragon in this weather."

“Let’s go ask him. Despite the storm, we need those supplies. I can’t let Nuala down.”

"Ok but I'm not that comfortable with the whole riding in a storm."

So Latias and Jewel ran out to find Shim. They eventually found him in the main sitting room making baskets with Falken. Latias was there first so he did the talking.

“Shimizu, we need your help.”

But right after that one of the guards ran by and told Shimizu that there was a man here to see him. As Shim left to go meet this mystery man Jewel went to the doorway of the sitting room and tried to here what they were saying.

Off in the entrance of the tomb the dragon rider was still waiting for Shimizu to come see him, but his wait wasn't very long. The spiritualist came into the room with a small red dragon sitting on his shoulder.

“You wished to see me?”

"Yes sir." Jarin extended his hand to Shimizu. "My name is Jarin, Jarin Kamasae. I came here along with my dragon ally Niccearo to ask you if you and your ally Zimaru will be willing to teach us. We are not a new team but we don't know nearly enough to be a great team like you and Zimaru."

Jarin was starting to get a bit nervous, he was in the presence of a legend, he was in the home a many legends. The closest he had ever been to a legend before this was when he had to run away from the many important people that his trainer had managed to piss off because of his little gambling problem.

12th October 2007, 06:47 AM
”Yes sir. My name is Jarin, Jarin Kamasae. I came here along with my dragon ally Niccearo to ask you if you and your ally Zimaru will be willing to teach us. We are not a new team but we don't know nearly enough to be a great team like you and Zimaru."

Shimizu was taken aback by the lack of hesitation. This man didn’t want a fight? That was the essential thought in his and Zimaru’s minds. The two exchanged a glance of curiosity, which was when they both began to snicker quietly. Immediately, upon his entering the clan, this man complimented Shimizu on his teamwork with Zimaru and their capabilities. The spiritualist covered his mouth with his left hand, placing his right on his hip. The hand over his mouth made him appear as though he was thinking about it, but really he was hiding a smirk.

“Well….” Shimizu began to pace around Jarin, inspecting him closer, now actually having a reason to be able to stare at the outfit. He wasn’t being very kind when it came to calming Jarin’s nerves. “What’d you say your name was again? Jerry?” Shimizu was messing with this guy, despite Jarin’s 2-year rise on Shimizu’s age.

Pausing now, Shimizu’s face took on a serious look. “Kamasae?” He looked Jarin in the eyes, “Did you say, Kamasae was your last name?” The name of the great dragon tamer Aaron Kamasae, and his ancestors… Many of them had trained dragons that had fought alongside Zimaru in the Great War against the phoenix thousands of years back. Another thought about the Kamasae clan; they were also known for their remarkable abilities in the electrical magics. Lightning Mages, they had been called. “Of COURSE!” Shimizu clapped his hands together with a big smile of triumph.

“Those metal accessories on your jacket, they help with your lightning attacks, don’t they?” He had a mischievous grin on his face. “And that storm, you had something to do with it.” He said this because he could have sworn it was only partly cloudy out there a few hours back. “Anyway, that’s besides the point. Ahem, you already know me but, I’m Shimizu Uziki.” He took Jarin’s hand, though delayed, and shook it firmly. His grin was unmistakable as he began to walk toward the exit of the tomb. “I want to see this Niccaro of yours.” He said.

Fire Princess
13th October 2007, 09:42 PM
Jarin was feeling even more nervous, Shimizu and Zimaru looked like they were slightly confused by what he was saying. Then they started snickering. 'Oh man...they think I'm nuts. Jarin drew back his hand and ran his hand up and down his forearm, causing the metal tips of his gloves to rub on the metal balls on his jacket.

“Well…. What’d you say your name was again? Jerry?”

"No its Jarin, with an "N" at the end." Jarin was used to people trying to miss with him by mocking his name. But what they didn't know was that Jarin had the most patience then was mentally healthy to have. He had to have a lot of patience dealing with dragons, customers, his father...And Rai, his trainer. Jarin can't even count how many times Rai decided to "borrow" his wallet for his enjoyment.

“Kamasae? Did you say, Kamasae was your last name?”

"Yes, I am of the Kamasae clan, actually Aaron Kamasae was my father, he taught me everything he knew. I would have continued his work had it not been for a few incidents that made that impossible." Jarin started to relax when Shimizu mentioned his family, he didn't know that people out this far knew of his families reputation.

“Of COURSE! Those metal accessories on your jacket, they help with your lightning attacks, don’t they? And that storm, you had something to do with it.”

"Ha, guilty as charged, yeah I was a slight factor in that storm, basically all I was doing though was charging up. Me and Niccareo on our way here we ran into a bunch of "unfriendly" people and we needed to recharge. And yes the metal is to help with my attacks."

“Anyway, that’s besides the point. Ahem, you already know me but, I’m Shimizu Uziki. I want to see this Niccaro of yours.”

Shimizu finally shook Jarin's hand, he was getting more and more excited as things progressed. Then he started towards the tomb entrance and Jarin followed. The rain had finally stopped and the sun was now beginning to peek though the clouds.

Niccareo was sitting happily on the grass, he had obviously left to find something to eat because he had just took the last bite of what Jarin guessed was a wild goat. "He isn't the most polite eater, but really what dragon is." Jarin walked up to Niccareo and patted him on the leg.

Niccareo wasn't small for a dragon but he wasn't very large either. Niccareo was built for speed and agility not for strength. His silver scales were shining in the bits of sun and he was staring at Jarin with his big grey eyes hoping for a good answer. It was mostly Niccareo who wanted to come find Zimaru and learn the tricks of being a great dragon. "So..." Jarin turned to Shimizu "What do you think of him, he is a really great dragon. I've had him since I was 13."

15th October 2007, 06:48 AM
Shimizu’s face twisted into a ridiculous grin as he watched Jarin fumble around with his jacket and gloves. He was making the man nervous and it was too entertaining for the young spiritualist. He looked over his shoulder, head tilted back slightly to give him a look as though he were pretending to look down on Jarin. It only appeared to be pretending because Shim couldn’t remove the grin from his face. The young spiritualist continued to hold his laughter back as Jarin ever-so calmly corrected him on the name. “Sorry, sorry.” He stuck his pinky finger in his ear and twisted it around, “I have a problem with hearing sometimes.” Removing his finger from his ear, he blew on the end.

Something obvious about this man, he had more patience than Shimizu, Calypso, and Khongol put together. Sure, a dragon trainer had to have patience… but Shimizu didn’t know that one too well. He had met Zimaru when the dragon was in his… tens of thousands of years. That dragon was old, there was no ‘training’ involved. Shimizu was considered a dragon tamer, not true either. He didn’t train Zimaru, Zim came that way and there was nothing Shim could do about it. When Shimizu turned away from Jarin, he hid a worried expression. Shimizu wasn’t what this man thought he was, Shimizu wasn’t what a lot of people thought he was.

His attention was drawn back in hearing Jarin was the son of Aaron. “Really?” He smiled, “That’s awesome.” Shimizu turned away again, once more hiding an expression he didn’t want Jarin to see. Shimizu had always thought of those that came from a prestigious family to be arrogant and full of themselves. People were … important. Something he didn’t see himself to be. “A few incidents, eh? I know what that’s like.” He crossed his arms behind his head as he continued toward the door. When crossing his arms in such a way, he gave Zimaru much less space, causing the dragon to rest upon his head amongst the many blonde hairs.

“I knew you had something to do with the storm. No storm comes out of nowhere.” He was concerned about the ‘unfriendlies’ Jarin had mentioned just now. What was going on? Maybe it was nothing. Shimizu stepped outside to see that the rain had ended and the sun was poking its shining face through the angry clouds. “That’s better.” Shimizu liked to stand in the rain as much as the next guy, maybe not Jarin, but all the same, sunlight was still a pleasant sight.

Shimizu’s gaze landed on Niccareo who had just finished with his dinner. Cringing, he cleared his throat immediately and composed himself. He hated watching dragons eat. Especially Zimaru who was big enough to eat an entire herd of cattle, which he liked to do while Shimizu was on his back. “Erm, I’ll be expecting you to clean up that blood puddle before Jewel finds out there’s something in her gardens that isn’t supposed to be there.” Shimizu said as he walked toward the dragon.

“No dragon has good manners. Mine, for example, will make as big a mess possible.” He was inspecting Niccareo himself, not really caring too much about how long Jarin had him or how great a dragon Jarin thought he was. Shimizu was going to find this out on his own, or he would try to appear as though that’s what he was doing. Zimaru leaned forward and touched noses with Niccareo, Shimizu being that close. Zimaru closed his eyes, feeling Niccareo’s energy to see just how worthy this runt was. Zimaru was old, very old for a dragon. He was the ‘wise-oracle’ type, although being Shimizu he had a lot of childish and silly qualities.

Zim then leaned down to hang in Shimizu’s face, growling quietly but very deeply, much deeper than you’d expect from such a tiny looking dragon. Shimizu nodded. He looked at Jarin and grinned. “Zim says he’s a great dragon too.”

22nd October 2007, 05:02 PM
Ongiel was wondering around trying to figure out where she was. At the sametime she was wondering why she had a black band around her neck with a chain attached to it. She tried to remove it, but no matter what she did, it wouldn't come off. The band seemed to have some kind of spell on it. Ongiel tried freezing it with one of her ice spells, but it wouldn't freeze.

Ongiel didn't know why she was not in heaven anymore. It was like her memories had been erased, but she did remember that she was half angel and half elf. She also remembered that she used to live in heaven, but was now banished.

Ongiel was banished from heaven because she was half elf. To be in heaven, you must be pure angel. Since she was not, this was her punishment. This was not known to Ongiel, other wise it would make much more sense that she was banished from her home.

The half angel wandered around looking for someone to help her figure out where she was.

In the distance, Ongiel could see something huge, but she couldn't tell what it was. When she got closer, she noticed two figures standing in front of the huge thing. From there, she could see that something was a ratter large gate. Ongiel walked even closer and closer to the gate, soon she was able to tell that the two figures in front of the gate were guards. The gate was huge and the two guards were pretty muscular.

Ongiel walked right up to the guards and tried to pass between them, but they stopped her.

"Who are you and why are you here?" one of the guards asked Ongiel.

"You can't come in here. What do you want with this place?" said the other guard.

Ongiel felt like she could have backed away slowly from them. She wasn't a very outgoing person, actually she was pretty shy most of the time. "I am Ongiel." she said quietly. "I don't know why I'm here, but I'd like to speak with someone who might be able to help me figure that out." Ongiel said to the two guards. She still didn't talk very loudly, but it was loud enough for the guards to understand her. "Can you tell me where I am?" Ongiel asked the two guards in front of her.

"This is The Keepers of the Tomb." one of the guards said in an annoyed fashion.

"Is there anyone inside? And if so, can I talk to them?" Ongiel asked, a little more hopeful then before.

One of the guards went inside to find the tombs leader. The other watched Ongiel carefully, making sure she wasn't going to try sneaking past him. Ongiel, on the other hand, didn't move from her spot. She wasn't planning anything, just waiting to see what kind of person who would show up, and what she could all find out from this person.

Fire Princess
22nd October 2007, 06:34 PM
Jewel was getting impatient, she and Latias needed to leave...now, she knew that this new guy wanted to talk to Shim but they were all really busy and had things to do.

"*sigh* We need to leave, oh I'm going to go talk to him."

And with that and not waiting for an answer from Latias she left to go outside. As she was on her way outside she saw one of the guards come into the tomb and he looked like he was looking for someone. "Probably a new recruit."

She walked outside and looked around, at the gate was a girl standing with the guard and a little ways off Shimizu and the new guy, Jarin. Jewel looked back and forth between the girl and Shimizu, the girl looked nervous, and somewhat confused. She started walking towards the girl as she mumbled. "Oh, Shim you had better hurry up with that guy."

When she reached the gate she went over to the guard and whispered to him "is she ok, she seems confused."

She is, I just the other guy to go find someone did he talk to you?

"No, but I'll talk to her for now." Jewel turned to the girl and walked over to her. "Hi, my name is Jewel Azikari, may I ask who you are." She spoke softly trying to make the obviously distraught girl comfortable.

On the other side of the courtyard Jarin and Shimizu were continuing their conversation. When Shimizu said that Zimiru approved of Nic a smile crossed his face, "Yeah, well I'm glad, I mean I know he is a great dragon but I wasn't sure how critical he would be. So do you think you guys could train us. For me its really I just want to learn how to speak and understand dragon. Nic is the one who want to get the formal battle training."

Jarin looked down at the puddle of blood left from Nic's lunch. "Can you never clean up after yourself." After he said that Jarin opened his hand and a stream of lightning came out and went through the puddle quickly making it evaporate. "There now Jewel was it you said can't get mad at me."

Jarin looked around the courtyard, and spotted a girl walking towards them then she stopped and started walking towards the gate. "Who is that, she's cute." Jarin had a stupid smile on his face, he didn’t really think of girls that way, his dad taught him to have way more respect for women than that. "Anyway...um, did I take you away from something over there?"

23rd October 2007, 06:14 AM
Latias watched Jewel earlier, listening in on the conversation between Shimizu and Jarin by placing her ear against the door. He just chuckled and leaned back against the wall. “I don’t need to strain to hear them, I can just sit and listen.” He grinned to himself. His ears picked up much more than Jewel’s, obviously. He could at least listen in without looking silly doing it. This was his pass time, of course he knew how to do it properly without being caught. He looked over at Jewel when she mentioned going out to talk to Shimizu. “Jewel wait, Shimizu’s a busy guy, just as Khongol and Calypso are and –“ she didn’t listen to him and walked right on out. Sighing heavily, Latias straightened up and followed the girl out. “Jewel…” He muttered.

Latias looked over at Shimizu and Jarin and the dragon he’d heard them talking about. ’Is that what Shimizu was all excited about?’ Latias thought to himself. His ears went flat when he heard Jarin speaking of Jewel in such a crude manner. He began to walk over to them stiffly. “Hey!” He called over to Jarin and got right in his face. Nose to nose, Latias growled slightly, “I don’t know who you think you are, but no one talks about Jewel that way. Understood?” His eyes narrowed as he stared down at the dragon tamer.

23rd October 2007, 06:17 AM
Shimizu was outside with Jarin when he spotted a guard run by into the tomb. “What the…” He murmured, his gaze following it closely. Jarin’s words caught him off guard. “Eh-waaah?” He was taken aback by the ‘teach us’ words that came out of Jarin’s mouth. Him, Shimizu, a teacher!? It was laughable! “Heh, listen pal, I’ll think about it and I can ask if you’re allowed to join when Calypso isn’t busy. Until then, sure, you guys can stick around here.” He watched as Jarin cleaned up the mess that Nic had made. It was strange, he didn’t know blood could evaporate.

“Yeah, Jewel can’t get mad now… (I hope)” He laughed and pleaded at the same time. Jarin mentioned a cute girl and Shimizu had to turn and look, “Where?” He looked right over Jewel and then realized Jarin meant her. “Oh! That’s her, speak of the devil.” He crossed his arms over his chest and then flinched as he watched Latias come out. There was no doubt in his mind that Latias heard Jarin say Jewel was cute. There was no way that the half demon wouldn’t have.

“Well I was just about to…” He saw that Jewel was heading for the front gate where there was no doubtedly a new comer. “Sorry Jarin, you can go inside. I have something I need to take care of.” He walked toward the front gate very sternly, not being there when Latias arrived. “Jewel.” He placed a hand on her shoulder, looking down at the much smaller creature. “I’m sorry, but could you please wait inside?” Meeting the new people wasn’t her job, she was much too far down the line to do that. Shimizu wasn’t the most qualified either, but both Khongol and Calypso had been bothered enough lately. “I understand you’re only trying to help, but still, please wait inside like I asked you before.” Shimizu’s voice was calm, stern but still very calm and friendly. He didn’t want her to think he was screaming at her for not listening the first time.

After Jewel walked away, Shimizu looked at Ongiel. “Hello, my name is Shimizu Uziki. I’m not the leader of this clan, nor am I co-leader. Both of them are busy, and I’m certain that guard will be fried for it, so I’m here. Please, what is it you’re looking for?”

24th October 2007, 05:53 PM
‘Everyone seems to be so busy around here.’ Ashantee thought to herself looking around, ‘Well if they don’t want my help with anything or are too busy to realize that I even exist, I guess I might as well explore. After all, this will probably be my new home for a while.’ As she was thinking this she started to walk towards the direction she came from seeing a few people rushing past her. She wondered what was going on.
She walked out the door and saw a huge dragon just sitting not to far away from the gate. She gasped with excitement; she had never seen a real dragon so close before, or at least not a tame one. She had seen wild ones flying in the sky before, many times, but that was a long time ago when she was just a child and before her mother banned her from going outside. She banned her in fear that she might give away the secret that she wasn’t just a normal child like the others but different. Because she was and is a half breed. It caused her mother such grief and embarrassment.
Ashantee cringed at the memory; her mother had never understood her that well, but at least they got along. Only now it has turned to hatred.
Getting back to reality she realized that she was getting absolutely nowhere just standing around. So she decided to go find someone that would show her around. She wandered back inside and started to randomly walk up and down hallways until she had totally lost track of which way she had come from. “Great!” She murmured to herself sarcastically under her breath, “Now I’m alone and lost! Well doesn’t that just make for the perfect first day at a new place?” She sighed and kept wandering around.
“Finally!” She exclaimed happily as she saw someone else standing around. She skipped happily over to the girl with bright blue hair.
“HI!” She exclaimed, so happy to see an actual member of the tomb that she almost hugged her, almost. “My name is Ashantee. And right now I have absolutely no idea where I am could you please show me around or point me in the direction of civilization in this place?”

25th October 2007, 06:27 PM
Okay… my last post didn’t seem to be.. valid now because Dulce_amor left, so I’ll just omit that one :P Some of this post will be a repeat

Shimizu was outside with Jarin when he spotted a guard run by into the tomb. “What the…” He murmured, his gaze following it closely. Jarin’s words caught him off guard. “Eh-waaah?” He was taken aback by the ‘teach us’ words that came out of Jarin’s mouth. Him, Shimizu, a teacher!? It was laughable! “Heh, listen pal, I’ll think about it and I can ask if you’re allowed to join when Calypso isn’t busy. Until then, sure, you guys can stick around here.” He watched as Jarin cleaned up the mess that Nic had made. It was strange, he didn’t know blood could evaporate.

“Yeah, Jewel can’t get mad now… (I hope)” He laughed and pleaded at the same time. Jarin mentioned a cute girl and Shimizu had to turn and look, “Where?” He looked right over Jewel and then realized Jarin meant her. “Oh! That’s her, speak of the devil.” He crossed his arms over his chest and then flinched as he watched Latias come out. There was no doubt in his mind that Latias heard Jarin say Jewel was cute. There was no way that the half demon wouldn’t have.

"Anyway...um, did I take you away from something over there?"
“I was actually about to get to a problem that Jewel and Latias had.” He said this as Latias came forward and took hold of Jarin’s shirt. “Hey!” Shimizu grabbed Latias’ shoulder and forced him off of Jarin. “Cool it, Latias. He meant it as a compliment, he’s not being rude to Jewel.” He looked Latias in the eye, “Okay? Trust me.” Patting the half demon on the shoulder he turned back to Jarin, “He gets… a little over emotional.” He began to lead Latias away, “Well Jarin, come on in. If someone gets mad at you for being there, just inform them that Shimizu let you in.” He smiled, “That way you won’t be in trouble. I look forward to seeing more of you around the tomb.”

Once further away, Shimizu stopped next to Jewel who was also standing outside at this point. “What was it you wanted with me?” He asked, letting go of Latias and placing a hand on his hip.

25th October 2007, 06:38 PM
I apologize for this post lolLatias was still growling when Shimizu hauled him off of Jarin. “Hey!” He protested but didn’t pull away. “But he-“ Shimizu proceeded to explain to him what Jarin was implying. “Uh… oh…” He looked at Jarin with a naïve sense of trust in Shimizu, believing every word the spiritualist said. Shimizu had never lied to him before, what would he gain by lying now? “I’m sorry about that!” He cried, bursting forward and tried giving Jarin a hug but Shimizu was pulling him away. “I didn’t mean to scare you! I’m not that mean! I’m actually very friendly! Don’t hate me pleeeeeaaase!!” He screamed as he was dragged away, despite Shimizu trying to explain things to Jarin.

Now standing next to Jewel, Latias wrapped his arm around her shoulder, feeling very comfortable around her now compared to how he used to feel; all flustered and embarrassed. “Well, see we had enough supplies to do the cooking for the party but then Jewel started a food fight and she threw stuff and I threw stuff and then there was a big mess and we used up a lot of the supplies and then we cleaned up the mess and then I looked around at all the supplies we were missingandIsortofrealizedthat—“ He took a big long breath to refill his lungs, “wewerelowonsuppliesnowandthatwewouldn’thaveneough forthepartyandIstartedfreakingoutandJewelsaidwe’dg oshoppingbutweknewthattheonlytownclosebywasalongwa yawayandit’dtaketoolongtogetthereandthenwewereboth like: ‘SHIMIZU HAS A DRAGON!!’” Latias took another long breath, “AndTHEENweranoverheretoaskyouforhelpsoooooooooooo !” He took one last long breath, “Will you help us please?”

Everything the half demon had just spat out was all strung together (as I’m sure you noticed :P) and spoke very quickly and would be difficult to understand for anyone who didn’t know Latias personally.

25th October 2007, 07:14 PM
Shimizu forced Latias away from Jarin, as described. He saw how close Latias was to Jewel and couldn’t help but smile. These two made such a cute couple. Sure, they were about a foot off from the other person’s height, but that didn’t matter. Jewel was a happy, fun person to be around and Latias was just as bad. If anyone could control his mood swings, it’d be her; keeping him in a constant state of fear. Surely, no one could mood swing like Jewel, and during those times, she would most likely scare Latias into a constant state of cowering. Petite, cute, commanding… Jewel was everything that could attract Latias and keep him in line at the same time.

It was strange to see Latias so calm and comfortable next to a woman. At first, when Latias meets someone, he’s usually… hyper and bouncy, flying off the walls, etc. Now? Now he casually wrapped his arm around her. Shimizu knew himself well enough to know that if he were stuck in a situation with a female he liked, there would most likely be many awkward moments.

He cleared his throat and was about to ask again when Latias spoke up and rambled on. Shimizu’s eyes widened a bit, he still wasn’t used to Latias’… moods. “Erm.. Latias?” He asked in the middle of one breath, “Latias… hey…. Uh…” He kept trying to get a word in but it just wasn’t happening. “Latias!” He shouted during the last deep breath, throwing his arms down and squeezing his eyes shut as he shouted. Finally Latias stopped. “Thank you! I already understood what you were getting at.”

He looked at Zimaru on his shoulder who gave him a reluctant nod. “Alright, go get yourselves ready, we’ll be leaving shortly.” With that, Shimizu walked into the tomb and toward his room to get an old tattered wallet. Opening it up he stared at the first picture he saw. It was faded and dirty but a small boy and his parents were visible. Shimizu traced the outline of the two adults standing there smiling with the blonde child sitting on both their shoulders with his hands straight up in the air and his mouth wide open in laughter. He smiled sadly to himself and shoved the old thing into his pocket and threw on his short, green jacket.

Shimizu walked out of his room and looked around. He hurried over to Khongol’s room, poked his head in and said; “I’m gonna be gone for a few hours. If anyone’s looking for me, Latias, or Jewel, just tell them we’ll be right back. Okay? Thanks.” He pulled away just as soon as he showed up, hurrying to the entrance again.

25th October 2007, 07:33 PM
Latias smiled at Shimizu, knowing he could count on the spiritualist. Shimizu always came through for him no matter what. Hopefully one day Shim would find someone he cared more about than the entire world and would be with her… or him? Latias made a strange face at that thought. For some reason he had an image of Shimizu and Calypso together and it frightened him. Shaking his head around viciously, he couldn’t get the thought out. “WAH!” He cried after Shimizu walked away. “Bad thoughts bad thoughts bad thoughts!”

He ran inside holding his head. Pausing, he realized that Jewel may want someone to come along so she wasn’t alone with Latias and Shimizu, two males. Jasika was busy… who else was there? Latias ran through the new keepers members in his mind and landed on Jamie. “Ah! Perfect! And that way maybe she be with Shim and Shim won’t be gay!” Latias blurted this out loud for all in the vacinity to hear. Not even noticing, he ran to the room that Khongol had led Jamie to earlier.

Latias poked his head inside. “JAMIE!!” He shouted. “HE-LOOOOO-OOH!” Since his intention was to awake her sleeping-beauty-ness, he wasn’t quiet about it. “Come on! You’re getting up and coming shopping with us!!” He ran over to her bedside and started shaking her. “Get up get up get up get up get up get up get up!!” He shouted.

26th October 2007, 07:31 PM
Wow. I actually have a reason to post now. If my PC hadn't died Khongol woulda finished those plates by now (gonna Photoshop them).

Khongol continues his work on the plates. He gets a good bit into one and then goes to another as that one cools a bit. He decorates the plates with a skill that he learned from some dwarven smiths long ago, metals that seemed almost living. On one it looked like a butterfly's wings flapped, another had a lizard that seemed to breathe flames, and yet another seemed to have flowers bloom. Only one was plain and it bore the name "KHONGOL". He hears the door open and throws a metalic fabric tarp over the plates intime for Shimizu to poke his head in. He nods half-listening, "Alright. Dun get into trouble; we ain't gunna be able to bail yer butts out if ya do."

Vibrating Chibi
27th October 2007, 04:53 PM
Jasika had planned on helping clean up the party room, but Shim seemed to have gotten to that first. She wasn’t surprised at that either, Shimizu was always one of the first to get things done and help others out.

Since her plan was already taken care of by someone else, Jasika walked around to different areas of the tomb, looking for something to do. She found Falken hard at work with the baskets and Khongol making the name plates.

Wandering around the halls, Jasika realized that there seemed to be a few people missing in the tomb. “Wonder where everyone else went.” Jasika said quietly to herself, even though it was meant to be a thought that no one else could hear.

Jasika strolled into the main hall. None of the decorations were put up yet and no one was working in there at that moment. ‘Maybe I could help decorate this place a little, since that seems to be one thing that isn’t happening.’ With that, Jasika turned around and walked back down the halls toward the rooms. There had to be someone in the tomb that had some sort of decorations. And if not then she would have to improvise.

As Jasika rounded a corner she noticed someone standing in the middle of the hallway. Jasika had never seen this girl before, but she sure seemed happy to see Jasika. ‘She’s probably a new addition to the tomb.’ Jasika thought, then was suddenly startled by this new person skipping toward her with a really happy expression on her face. Once she was standing face to face with the girl she had to take a step back. It looked like she was ready to fly at Jasika with open arms.

“My name is Ashantee. And right now I have absolutely no idea where I am could you please show me around or point me in the direction of civilization in this place?”

Jasika couldn’t help but laugh at the new comer. This place did feel a little deserted at that moment, but everyone had to be around somewhere. Jasika stretched out her arm to shake Ashantee’s, making her feel a little more welcome.

“I’m Jasika Hayes.” Jasika said, smiling brightly. “I actually haven’t been here all that long, but I have figured out my way around. It’s actually not that hard once you’ve walked through them a number of times.” By this time Jasika had notice that Ashantee was part elf. There was already Falken, who was half elf, Calypso, who was one quarter elf and Jewel, who was full elf. And now there was Ashantee. Jasika thought she looked more like a half elf, but she could have been full elf for all she knew.

Jasika faced the orange haired half elf and asked her exactly what she was. “I can see that you’re part elf. So what exactly are you?” Jasika asked Ashantee, hoping that she didn’t mind the questions being asked. “I was also wondering why you came here. Do you know anyone here?” Jasika hoped that Ashantee would answer all her questions. She had always been more on the curious side, and this was the perfect time to get to know this new member.

29th October 2007, 02:47 PM
Yet another random post by me.

Shimizu was standing near the entrance of the tomb but not quite entirely in the entrance. He didn’t want to stand outside where he could be drafted in by any more new comers that may be there. It was annoying enough having so many in just about one week of getting back, he didn’t feel like meeting more. He glanced over his shoulder at Jasika, watching her roam the halls. He was in a slightly shaded area, hidden from her view. It made him chuckle how the newest members of the Keepers were so… lacking in the experience department. And some, even brains. He zoned out for a moment, thinking back to Khongol not even listening to him back there. Thinking about Khongol only depressed him, it was best not to do so.

A loud and high-pitched ‘Finally’ scared Shimizu a little and made him jump. He turned his head back in the direction of Jasika to find that Ashantee was confronting her. He shook his head and slumped down along the wall and rested his arms on his knees. He wasn’t quite sitting, still on his feet, but squatted down. Shimizu listened to the females’ conversation and shook his head. There was no depth… ‘Hi, my name is so-and-so and I am wondering where I am.’ What a dumb thing to say. He scoffed quietly to himself; ’Had I been in that situation, I would have started off with a, most likely, loud ‘I AM LOST’ and continued from there. Don’t go on with ‘I am Shimizu Uziki and I don’t know where I am could you show me around?’ That’s so… so… I can’t even describe it. Makes me feel dead.’ He dropped his head down onto his arms, which were propped up on his knees.

Jasika’s question of ‘what are you’ made Shimizu snort out a laugh but then immediately try to hold it in. ’What are you!? What if she is a half elf!? Don’t you think she may be offended by such a question!? Oh the intelligence of these people!’ He smacked his head up and down on his arms until he tired of it. Why couldn’t they be productive than just stand there? At least he was about to go help Latias and Jewel get supplies, Calypso was off doing something or other, Nuala was the most busy, Canaan was probably doing something, Falken was making baskets, Cid was fiddling with the lighting, Khongol making the plates. What were the others doing? Nothing, just taking up some space that could be used for doing something else. If you’re doing nothing, don’t do it where those who are doing something can hear you! It just seems rude that way.

’Why am I suddenly criticizing everything my tombmates are doing? What’s wrong with me?’ He slumped down onto the floor all the way, keeping his general position of knees up and elbows on top of them. He gently bobbed his head back and forth against the wall until Latias or Jewel would finally show up. Zimaru snorted into Shim’s ear, making him twitch and look at the red dragon. “Yeah, yeah, I know.” He said, patting his dragon friend on the head. “Shut up.”

29th October 2007, 06:46 PM
Ashantee grabbed Jasika’s hand and pumped it up and down rapidly. She was beaming at the chance to finally meet someone new and maybe make a new friend.

Ashantee was not at all bothered by the question of her race and she shrugged her shoulders as she said, “Yeah your right about me being part elf, half elf actually. And yes I did have a reason for coming here I did not just randomly wander here. I came here because…..” Here she paused not sure whether or not to tell her, then decided it was okay since she was a member of the tomb. “Well,” she continued “I came here because Calypso’s my cousin and I need his help.”

As Ashantee was responding to Jasika’s questions she heard a snort of laughter from a doorway not too far away because of her very strong elf hearing. She slowly meandered over to the shadows that she heard it coming from and saw a man with blonde hair sitting there banging his head onto his propped up arms. She arched her right eyebrow in and placed her hands on her hips. “And you would be …..?”She questioned him. “Also, what’s so funny?”

30th October 2007, 05:19 AM
Shimizu heard the girl coming and smirked. He’d drawn unnecessary attention to himself. His head fell back and tapped the wall behind him. He stared up at the huffy female with half closed eyes. He chuckled a little more, making his chest vibrate and shoulders shake. He lowered his head and continued to laugh. What was so funny? That was a good question. What was so funny? He didn’t know. It was a mystery to him.

Looking back up at her with a dumb smile he shook his head and shrugged his shoulders. “Dunno, maybe you can tell me?” He snickered a little more and turned his head down to stare at the floor in front of him. His smile faded and his eyes narrowed. The old image of that picture in his pocket came back to him for some reason. Glancing up at her for only a moment, he groaned a little and pulled himself to his feet.

Standing straight, he was a little over 6 feet tall, and, considering his current mood and facial expression, surely Shimizu wasn’t a fun person to stand in front of. He took a deep breath, closing his eyes and then exhaling. At this point he had turned away to breathe so she hadn’t seen his expression change. He spun around and stuck his hand out to her, “The name’s Shimizu.” However, just as soon as she would reach for his hand to shake, he would grab her, tuck her under his arm and give her the noogie of her life. “You little squirt.” He laughed, putting her down and then messing up her hair one last time.

30th October 2007, 04:05 PM
Ashantee smiled and stuck her hand out to shake his, “Ashantee.” She said smiling, she laughed as Shimizu gave her a noogie and she tried to break free. After he put her down and messed up her hair even more she reached up to smooth it down.

Then Ashantee looked up and said, “So where is everyone around here? I thought there were lots of people here, or was I totally misled?” As she said this she cocked her head to the side a bit. “Oh yeah, I kind of heard some people talking before about there being some kind of ball or party here soon, so is there anything they need any help with? Also, I would really like to know if and where there is a room I could stay in, because I’m getting kind of tired.” After she said this she took a big breath and smiled, “So, what are we waiting for, or are you too busy right now? I can always get Jasika to show me around, but I don’t think that she would know where an empty room is, she might, but I don’t know.” After she said this she stopped talking and waited for a response.

31st October 2007, 05:03 AM
Shimizu was pleased that his noogie tactic worked. He crossed his arms behind his head, watching the girl fix her hair. His eyes shifted to the rather silent Jasika. She’d been here much longer, however it seemed Shimizu had exchanged more words with this Ashantee. However, Ashantee was Calypso’s cousin… was there something about that? Being related to Calypso, was it something that drew Shimizu in? What was it about Calypso? He hadn’t thought about it much really, all he knew was that he had an undying loyalty to the half phoenix prince. Why was that? Where did it come from? His past with Calypso was less than fantastic, always being set on fire and never being trusted, always being put behind others. This began to weird Shimizu out a little bit.

He was brought back to reality when the half-pint began to speak again.
“So where is everyone around here? I thought there were lots of people here, or was I totally misled?”
Shimizu smiled, “You weren’t misled, there are over 20 people staying in this place, I think… I haven’t met them all myself, most happened upon this tomb and entered it within the last 2 weeks. I am one of the ‘veterans’, as is the leader, co-leader, cook, and a few others. Our seniority is seemingly being threatened by the little people that are hopping about. But I don’t mind.” He paused for a moment to reflect on this. Was their tomb sending out a homing signal or something?

“Oh yeah, I kind of heard some people talking before about there being some kind of ball or party here soon, so is there anything they need any help with?”
“You’re correct, there will be a party tomorrow evening. I’m sure you’ll be invited to it. Latias must be having a hay-day with all these new people coming in… That means more food.” He placed his hand on his chin thoughtfully, “I don’t think there’s anything you can do that would help. You hardly know where anything is so all you’d really be doing is asking for directions and bothering those who know what to do. Sorry, tough luck.”

” Also, I would really like to know if and where there is a room I could stay in, because I’m getting kind of tired.”
Shimizu’s eyes opened wider and his face took on a confused expression. “You mean… Cal never showed you to a room?” He asked incredulously. He scratched his head awkwardly, his left eyebrow sitting higher than his right giving him an even more confused look. ’Wow… didn’t know we were lacking THAT many experienced people…’ “Okay uhm…” He looked around to see if Jewel and Latias were coming, he couldn’t see either of them yet… “They can hear me… Latias, Jewel, I’ll be right back!” He called to the couple and then took hold of Ashantee’s hand. “You’re absolutely right about Jasika not knowing where any free rooms would be.” He smiled at the female who he considered to be a child, “This shouldn’t take too long and you should be able to rest.”

There was only one room that Shimizu knew of that was empty, the one across from his that Jamie hadn’t been allowed to take before. ’If that Khongol has a problem with this, he can shove it up his rear. I want a neighbour.’ “Here you are.” He opened the door for her, to reveal what lay inside. The room was girly or guy-like at all, it was quite plain in that regard. It was lacking a ‘personal touch’, as Shim liked to call it. His room wasn’t the cleanest but it felt more like home with his things strewn about. “You can put any of your things in here and rest if you need to.” He looked at her, to see if she liked it or not.

“Well, I have to get back to the entrance before Latias and Jewel throw a hissy-fit.” He messed up the girl’s hair again and walked off. “By the way,” he looked at her over his shoulder, “I’m one of your cousin’s good friends, in case you were having any difficulty finding out what I was to Calypso.” Still smiling, Shimizu returned to the entrance.

As he waited for the two that wanted to go shopping more than he, he looked at Jasika, sighed heavily and began to speak. “Okay, we’ve never actually talked.” He leaned against the wall he’d been sitting against before, “So, let’s start from the beginning,” He walked over to her and stuck out his hand. “Shimizu Uziki.”

1st November 2007, 07:22 PM
When Shimizu responded about there actually being probably 20 or so people there, Ashantee couldn’t believe her ears. “Are you serious? There is that many people here? I never would have guessed.”

When he told her that her help wasn’t needed she had actually been pretty relieved, because a wave of tiredness had swept over her and she thought that she might collapse from exhaustion. She managed to stay up right and looked at his confused face as she asked about a room. “Nope, Calypso never showed me a room, but I think that’s because he was really busy or something. That’s okay. I understand that he has other priorities, being the leader of this clan and all.” She said smiling, trying to hide the fact that she was tired.

When he reached for her hand she took it willingly and walked beside him as he led her to her room. As she looked up at him to smile a ‘thank you’ she saw him giving her a smile as if she was a child. She rolled her eyes realizing that since she hadn’t told him how old that she was he probably saw her as only a child, “You do realize that I’m not that young right? I am 15.” Still she couldn’t help but smile to herself after she said it, because she realized that everyone in the tomb was probably way older, or at least not as young as her.

When they got to the room and he opened the door for her she immediately decided that she wouldn’t be able to fall asleep unless she gave it a few personal touches. Just as she turned around to thank him her hair was messed up yet again. She rolled her eyes again and considered slamming the door in his face then decided that she wasn’t that mean. Besides he had started to walk away anyway. She returned his smile then yelled after him, “Thank you!” Then she closed the door behind her and started to put pictures of her family that were still in their frames onto the night table beside her bed.

When she was done she flopped down onto her bed and slept until 2pm the next day, after all she had walked for 2 days and nights without sleep to get here.

Fire Princess
1st November 2007, 08:01 PM
hey Shim, Sab sorry for the wait, well from where I last posted things have changed so I'll fix stuff in this post ;P

Jewel stood outside waiting for Shimizu and Jarin to finish their conversation. 'Ha and they think women talk forever.She wasn't standing close enough to actually be a part of their conversation but still close enough to be a bit of a nuisance.

When Shim noticed her standing there he came over and calmly asked her to go wait inside. "I'll go wait inside if you'll hurry up." Jewel said this with a calmer voice but Shim probably heard the edge of impatience in her voice.

As Latias made his way outside as well he overheard the comment that Jarin made about Jewel and was not happy about it. As Latias got right up in Jarin's face Shimizu very quickly came to his rescue. When Latias started freaking out Jarin had to fight not to start laughing at him, he did want to get off to a bad start in the clan. "Hey don't worry about it, I forgive you, and I'm sorry for the comment I made as well. I was taught to have much more respect for women than that. Had my father been here when I said that I would have got a swift kick in the butt."

Jewel the whole time was listening and watching this and was almost dieing of laughter. When Latias came and stood beside her wrapping his arm around her shoulders Jewel looked up at Latias and said, "look hun people are going to make much worse comments than that. You just got to learn to ignore them, I have, ok."

After that Latias decided to try and explain their whole situation to Shim in record time. Throughout the tangent Jewel mentioned to him to breathe a couple times. Shim got it and told them to quickly get ready to go and meet him back there. Jewel ran off to her room, quickly changed out of her pajama's and grabbed her purse and ran out the door. She saw the new guy done the hall going into an empty room. Jewel looked at him and decided she was going to quickly go and say hi to him. She walked to the door and stood there.

Jarin took Shimizu's advice and went to check out the inside of the tomb. He wandered the halls for a while but got tired of carrying all his stuff around so he went on a empty room hunt. He looked around for about 20 minutes before he found a room at the end of a hallway. It looked like no one had touched that room for a while, dust lined everything in there and when Jarin tried opening the window it stuck a bit.

Jarin looked outside the window and took in the view. He was pretty high up, off in the distace Jarin could see Nic flying around enjoying himself a lot, further in the distance there was desert, but as he looked closer toward the tomb plant life started to appear. "Whoever does the gardening around here does a good job."


"Thanks, it took a lot of work."

Jarin spun around and looked at Jewel. "Hey you're that elf that Shimizu was talking to before aren't you?"

"Yeah, we were asking Shim if he could take us to town, we need to go do some shopping." Jewel took a step into the room and held out her hand. "My name is Jewel Azikari, it nice to meet you."

"Jarin Kamasae, it's nice to meet you too." Jarin took Jewel's hand and shook it. "So you do all of the gardening yourself?"

Jewel looked up and then outside. "Um, yeah well I get some help, and I absolutly love gardening. I'm a bio mage so I have a special connection with plants."

"A bio mage, cool. I am a lightning mage but I've met a few bio mages along my travels. But most of them were more of the "create poison after poison and kill" kind...those guys aren't fun."

"Ha, well I can make poisons as well but I perfer to use the plants themselves to fight. Oh shoot, look I got to go, um, it was nice talking to you, see you later." And with that Jewel took off out the door and to the enterance.

"Um...bye." Jarin turned around and laid down on the bed. "I think I'm gonna like it here." With that Jarin fell asleep.

Jewel could hear Latias waking Jamie up and after that she heard Shim saying that he would be right back. Jewel ran to the kitchen to pick up the list that she had made before. She slid into the kitchen, looked around for the list for a few seconds, found the list, grabbed it and ran out to the entrance. Where she saw Jasika and Shim talking. "Hey what you two talking about?"

just added some stuff to give Shim and VC some time to do there stuff

2nd November 2007, 05:11 AM
Shimizu could see right through Ashantee’s illusion, it was more than obvious that she was dead tired and wanted sleep right there and then. He could feel it in her hand as she took hold of his, her grip wasn’t the strongest and she seemed a little preoccupied; yet another sign of being sleepy. When he turned down to smile at her, she saw right through him and knew he considered her to be a child, if not very young. “You do realize that I’m not that young right? I am 15.”

He scoffed, throwing his head back up to look down the hall. “Pshh! 15 is very young, especially when you’re apart of a clan that fights monsters that come out of a portal from hell. You’re a child and need to be protected if anything. Plus, if you’re Cal’s cousin, you are related to royalty and therefore must be treated as such. You follow?” He grinned at her, “Now, I’m not saying that me dragging you around by the arm is considered royal treatment, but this tomb has never been the most civilized of places.” Finally reaching the girl’s room, Shimizu’s gaze turned on Ashantee to see her reaction. She seemed a little perturbed that she would have to make some touch-ups to be able to sleep, but aside from that the room seemed to be adequate.

He started to walk out of the room, knowing the girl was tired of him already. It was fun messing with the new people, he had to admit. Hopefully someday he’d get higher up the clan ladder and be allowed to meet the new comers as they came and scare the living daylights out of them like Khongol did.

Now he stood in front of Jasika, awaiting her response.

Vibrating Chibi
2nd November 2007, 04:37 PM
"Calypso's cousin, eh?" Jasika said in reply to Ashantee's answers. Jasika thought about that for a minute. Ashantee seemed to be a lot more open and happy then her cousin. It's almost like they were complete opposites, at least from what she knew about them. But then again, that's usually how families work.

Suddenly the half elf just turned and left in the direction of the door. ‘What’s that all about?’ Jasika wondered, her gaze following Ashantee into the shadows. He gaze landed on Shimizu sitting by himself snickering at Ashantee. ‘Well that’s sure a nice way to welcome her here.’ Jasika hadn’t realized that Shimizu was also making fun of Jasika by doing that.

Jasika watched the two exchange words. It didn’t seem to be going the greatest at first but soon the entire atmosphere change. Shimizu and Ashantee were acting like old friends, but she had over heard them introduce themselves. They had to have just met. Jasika covered her mouth, keeping her laughter to herself. Ashantee was like the new little sister to the clan, well, to Shim at least.

Seeing Shim and Ashantee acting like brother and sister reminded Jasika of her own brothers. Jasika used to love hanging around with her two brothers. They were both older then her, but they were always there when she needed them. But that would never happen again, they had been killed just two years before this.

Jasika tried hard not to think about it, but pictures of her brothers kept popping up in her head. Jasika walked just a little past the spot where Shim and Ashantee were standing just a few moments before. Jasika had been so caught up in her thoughts that she hadn’t realized that they had left in search for a room for Ashantee.

Jasika was about to go outside to get some fresh air and clear her mind when Shimizu came back alone and properly introduced himself to Jasika.

“Okay, we’ve never actually talked. So, let’s start from the beginning, Shimizu Uziki.”

Jasika took Shimizu’s hand and smiled sweetly at him. “Jasika Hayes. And you’re right; we’ve never even been properly introduced.” Jasika still hadn’t met many people in the tomb. She had become good friends with Jewel, and she knew who some of the other members were. But she had never had an actually conversation with many of them.

5th November 2007, 06:26 AM
Shimizu was saw the tormented look in Jasika’s eyes no matter how hard she tried to hide it behind a sweet smile. His eyes narrowed as he studied her expression. It was so obvious… Did she always have this look? If so, why didn’t he notice it before? It was such a thing that you couldn’t overlook when you looked at her. She was sad but had she told anyone? Could anyone else see it? Had she spoken to anyone to comfort her? Something bad had happened to her and she hadn’t been properly consoled yet it seemed.

Going from a very questionable look, Shimizu’s face took on an expression of pity and sadness. He couldn’t understand himself at this time, why did he feel bad for Jasika when he had no clue as to why she was upset? So many questions floating around in his head made him frustrated.

He looked away from the blue haired female and shook his head, trying to shake the thoughts but all he did was draw them closer. Images of what could have possibly happened to her flooded his retinas and view. It was like the images were being projected onto the back of his eyelids. He threw his head back up to look at Jasika, eyes open now but tears were forming and starting to slip down. He opened his mouth to speak, to ask her all these questions that he had and more. Why was she sad? What happened? Could he help? Why did he care so much? What was it in him that made him so weak like this?

But no words would come out. His throat tightened and he struggled to take a breath that came out sharp and awkward. He immediately placed his hand over his mouth and bit it hard, turning away from Jasika as the tears still managed to fall out of his tightly closed eyes. He spun and punched the wall next to him cursing loudly. ’I have to ask.’ He turned his gaze sharply on Jasika, knowing she must be thinking some strange things about him at this time.

“What happened to you.” He had straightened himself by this point and stepped closer to her, leaning down so their noses were nearly touching.

Vibrating Chibi
5th November 2007, 08:49 PM
Jasika was trying to use her smile to cover up her sadness, but for some reason now Shimizu also seemed to be upset about something. Her smile quickly faded back to the saddened expression she had just a few moments before. Jasika put her head down, letting her long hair fall in front of her face to hide what she was feeling. She felt as if she was the one that made Shim so upset, even though she didn’t do or say anything to offend him. At least she didn’t think so.

Since Jasika’s head was down for a little while, she didn’t notice that Shimizu was also trying to hold back tears. But she did lift her head at the sound of the wall being hit.

A few tears had started to role down her cheeks as another picture of her brothers suddenly appeared in her head. She quickly brushed the tears away before Shim turned back around. Jasika didn’t want him to worry about her, but it seemed as if it was a little too late for that.

“What happened to you.”

Jasika knew that someone was bound to ask her that question sooner or later. But the fact that someone she hardly knew had asked her came as a little bit of a shock. Even though she had just barely met Shimizu, there was something about him that let her know he could be trusted.

“It’s …it’s about my brothers.” Jasika started, her voice was shaky as she recalled the day she found out what happened to them. “They were killed about two years ago. The two of them were training in another country to become members of the army. While training one afternoon, another army suddenly ambushed them. Many young men were killed because that day, including my brothers.” Jasika tried to hold back the tears that were forming in her eyes as she continued. “After two weeks of not seeing my brothers, I got a letter from Seth, my oldest brother. In there he told me how much he missed me and couldn’t wait to hear about what has all happened at home since he and my other brother, Kalin, had left.” Jasika tried to talk as normal as possible, but her voice kept shaking.

Jasika brushed away a few tears that ran down her now reddened cheeks. She was embarrassed to be crying in front of someone else, and it didn’t help that Shim’s nose was almost touching hers.

“I know you’re probably thinking, it’s been two years, get over it. But….it’s just so hard to.” Jasika said quietly, almost as if she was telling herself to do that exact thing. To just move on.

6th November 2007, 02:37 PM
Shimizu felt pretty silly and ridiculous for crying in front of a girl but he couldn’t help it. He noticed that she started to react but much differently than he had thought she would, considering his most recent movements. Her head was down and her hair was falling over her reddened cheeks. As soon as he was closer, he could see that she was definitely much worse off than most assumed. Her eyes showed him that she was recalling painful thoughts before he’d even asked her to tell him what happened. He was glad that it wasn’t his fault but still felt a little bad about it.

She lifted her head up just in time for him to lean in to her. The question didn’t shock her, but the man asking it did. That surprised Shimizu. Sure, he hadn’t gotten to know her completely and they had just ‘met’ with the proper introductions, but that didn’t mean Shimizu asking her that question first was a rare occurrence.

“It’s …it’s about my brothers.”
Shimizu’s eyes widened. She’d seen him and Ashantee goofing off and it brought back old memories. Now, the question in his mind at this time was; did she remember that something horrible happened to them or was it just that she missed them because she’d been away for a little while now? The next sentence out of her mouth answered his question.
“They were killed about two years ago.”
He cringed and gently placed his hand on her shoulder to give her support and show her that he understood her feelings. Despite not having brothers himself, he knew it was difficult losing someone that close to you. The way her voice was cracking made the tears in Shimizu’s eyes harder and harder to fight back. He wanted to say something to her, anything that would make her feel better but he waited quietly, respectfully, as she finished the story of her brothers’ deaths. It was very hard on her to recall this, he could see that much quite clearly.

“I know you’re probably thinking, it’s been two years, get over it. But…. It’s just so hard to.”
Shimizu’s eyes narrowed and he shook his head. Without a sound he reached forward and wrapped his arms around her to give her a comforting hug, pulling her in close to him. “Jasika…” He whispered very softly, “I’m sorry I made you relive that. I made you think of them even further than you had already while watching Ashantee and I. I never meant for you to be hurt like this.” His eyes were closed as he allowed his tears to flow freely instead of stopping them. Anyone who ever tries to stop their tears always ends up cracking and letting them go anyway, why try to prevent the inevitable.

“Your brothers are watching over you as we speak and I’m sure they’re proud of you for being so strong. You’ve tried to get over it too quickly, it’s time you let it all out, Jasika. You held your emotions in too long. It’s not shameful to cry, it’s always okay to cry.” His voice didn’t waver as he spoke despite how many tears he shed for her. “You feel like you still need your brothers now, that you’re missing a protective shadow that would always seem to be there for you no matter what.” He backed away enough from her to stare into her eyes, “If it would be alright, I’d like to help you.” He smiled kindly at her. “I would like to be that shadow for you, Jasika. You need help getting over this. It would be too cruel of any one to tell you that you must get over this by yourself. I want to help you. So please, may I?”

Vibrating Chibi
7th November 2007, 08:05 PM
Jasika was a little shocked when Shimizu gave her a hug, but at the same time she was thankful for it. She too wrapped her arms around him and started to cry on his shoulder, but this time she didn’t try to hold them back. Instead she just let them fall, making his shirt wet with tears.

Jasika listened to his soft voice as he apologized for making her relive the memories of her brother’s death. She wanted to tell him that it was alright, she didn’t have to stay and watch them, but nothing came out of her mouth when she tried to speak.

What Shimizu said about her and her brothers was true. Her brothers had always been there for her, good or bad. As he kept talking Jasika didn’t feel quite so bad for shedding so many tears in front of him anymore. His words really meant something to her, especially since she was already crying, so having Shim say it was alright just made her feel that much better.

As Shimizu pulled away from her, she returned his gaze threw tear stained eyes and noticed that he too had been crying. Jasika figured it was because of what she said and felt kind of bad for making him feel that way too. But it really seemed to help her.

Out of everything Shim said to her, his last couple of sentences meant the most to her.

“If it would be alright, I’d like to help you.”

‘Help me?’ Jasika asked herself only because she still couldn’t find the strength to speak yet. But then he continued on, explaining what he meant.

“I would like to be that shadow for you, Jasika. You need help getting over this. It would be too cruel of any one to tell you that you must get over this by yourself. I want to help you. So please, may I?”

Even though Jasika was still a little upset, she had a smile on her face. For only knowing Shim such a short time, Jasika already felt so comfortable around him.

Jasika nodded her head in response to Shim’s question. “Yes, that’d be nice.” Jasika said and looked back up into his aqua colored eyes. “Shimizu…” She paused for a few seconds to give Shimizu another quick hug. “Thank you, I really appreciate it.” Jasika said sweetly to him.

Even though Jasika’s eyes were still a little red, she already looked so much happier then she did just a few minutes before that. Shimizu either really wanted her to feel better or he really wanted to help her, but either way what he said still had an effect on her.

9th November 2007, 06:24 AM
Shimizu was amazed with himself. He could hardly believe he was doing this let alone saying all those things. The words that he was thinking in the back of his mind were just falling forward like it was nothing. He could hardly saying ‘what happened’ before without choking up and now he was giving her a comforting speech that he didn’t know he could make. Whatever the case, it was happening and he meant it so it didn’t matter if he couldn’t understand the workings of his own mind right now.

He could feel her wrap her arms around him and it made him smile, she was crying more now and he soon felt his shirt dampening and it began to cling to him a little bit. Through his wet shirt he could feel the outline of Jasika’s face and the warmth of her tears that just kept coming. He only smiled as he held onto her, waiting for her to feel better.

The fact that she was getting the wrong impression bothered him a little. She kept thinking she made him feel bad and that it was her fault. He wanted to tell her that he was just an over emotional moron but he knew that would ruin the magic of the moment and kept his trap shut. Suddenly he could feel her cheekbones rise a little and he recognized it immediately as a smile. ’I got her to smile.’ He thought proudly.

“Shimizu…Thank you, I really appreciate it.”
The only words she spoke through the whole experience but at least they were thank you’. He could see how much happier she was and he couldn’t stop the grin that was making a hostel takeover on his face. He gave her one last comfort hug for good measure then rubbed her head like he had Ashantee. “Glad I could help.” He said. “Just come running to me if you need something. Chances are I’ll say yes. In fact…” He placed his hand on his chin thoughtfully. “I don’t think I’ve ever really said no…”

He scratched his head, thinking about that, then went back to Jasika. “You can join us if you want. Latias and Jewel need to go shopping. It sounds like Latias is waking Jamie up so you three girls can hang out while Latias and I do the heavy lifting I suppose.” He started chuckling at that.

Vibrating Chibi
16th November 2007, 09:25 PM
After Shim had messed up Jasika’s hair she let out a giggle. She looked up at Shim as he kept talking, and at the same time, tried to flatten her hair with her hands.

Jasika gave a small but noticeable nod after Shimizu’s offer for needing help. “Don’t worry about me, but if I do need something, you’ll be the first person I ask.” Jasika said just before she turned around back into the tomb.

Before Jasika got too far she heard Shim address her again. She quickly turned back around to hear what he had to say.

“You can join us if you want. Latias and Jewel need to go shopping. It sounds like Latias is waking Jamie up so you three girls can hang out while Latias and I do the heavy lifting I suppose.”

Jasika couldn’t help but laugh with Shimizu, even though she wasn’t so sure what was so funny. Maybe it was the fact that the girls would be shopping and the guys doing the lifting.

“Sure I’ll come along.” Jasika replied; just after she heard Jewel talking, and it sounded like she was talking to them.

"Hey what you two talking about?"

“Oh, hey Jewel.” Jasika started. “Shim was just asking me if I wanted to go shopping with you guys. I hope it’s alright if I go along with you.” Jasika said, looking at her red haired friend.

Fire Princess, sorry about the delay on noticing Jewel. I was just waiting for the right time for Jasika to notice her.

Apple Jacks
18th November 2007, 12:22 PM
Jamie was trudging slowly along in the desert, heading for the Keepers of the Tomb. She looked up and laid her green eyes upon the sight of the tomb ahead. It seemed so close and she was almost there. She could feel how close the gate was but suddenly the ground started to shift and the tomb began to slide into the distance, away from her. She reached for it, shouting but no words came out of her mouth. The one thought popped into her head, ‘I was so close’. This walk was taking too long and felt like it would never end and now it seemed as though it wouldn’t since the tomb decided it would go for a stroll.

She started to run for it, hoping she’d make it in time for the party. Suddenly a hand shot out of the sand below her and startled her. She slipped and fell to the ground, staring into the eyes of a dead woman. A scream escaped her throat in the form of ‘MOM!?’ She tried to scramble away but her body suddenly felt like a sack of lead. The only thing Jamie could think of was ‘I killed you!’

The woman disappeared in a flash and just as quickly was on top Jamie, her cold hands grasping Jamie’s shoulders and shaking her violently, screaming in an inhuman manner. ”Why did you kill me? What did I do wrong!? JAMIE!!”

At this point Jamie woke up to see a stranger’s face. Long, bright red hair hung down and curtained both their faces. She gave a slight hesitation and stiffened at first but then remembered where she was. Rolling her eyes back and trying to close them again, this guy didn’t seem to want her to sleep. “Alright, alright… I’m up, I’m up…” she pushed Latias off of her a little and sat up. “This had better be important,” She said in a groggy voice, for she has just woken up form a deep sleep, as restless as it seemed to be. “Or I’ll release my disturbingly bad bed breath upon you.” She groaned while rubbing her sleepy eyes.

18th November 2007, 12:42 PM
The hot sun beat down on the small figure as they crossed the desert that surrounded the tomb. They wore a white cotton robe that covered their head and torso, and even though it was very breathable the heat was almost in tolerable. The horse that the figure rode was walking slowly and with a lot of effort. It had been a long trip and the water that they did have had to be carefully saved.

"Don't worry Charger, we're almost there, then you can get some cool water and rest." The figure spoke with a soft, caring voice. They then looked up toward the tomb and the face of a young women appeared. She had alabaster skin with intense crystal blue eyes. Her soft blond hair was falling over her right shoulder.

As beautiful as she looked in her eyes was a look of hatred and betrayal as well as determination and longing. One might wonder if they looked into this woman's past what they would all see. Any somewhat perceptive person could tell that this woman had seen to much for age.

The woman jumped down from her horse and pulled the reigns down and led the palomino the rest of the way to the tomb. When she finally arrived at the tomb approximately half an hour later she stopped at the gate, the guards were sitting off in the shade trying to beat the heat with little success. “Excuse me,” the girl said with a quiet and shy voice. One of the guards turned and looked at her. “What do want?” The guard spoke to her very roughly and impolitely. “What is with all this newbie’s showing up today?” Replied another guard.

“Um…I’m sorry if it’s a bother but could one of you please tell me where I could find the leader of this clan.” The girl pulled down her hood and reviled her thick light blond hair. The head guard stood up and walked over to her. “Please excuse the others they are just grumpy from the heat and the fact that you are not the only one to show up here today. If you will just wait here for one moment I will go find someone to help you out.”

“Thank you very much sir, and don’t worry I’ve had to deal with many not so courteous men before.”

The guard headed inside while the girl led her horse over to some shade. “See Charger, I told you we’d make it. Soon you’ll have some nice food to eat and some cool water to drink and a nice place to lie down.

When the guard got inside he spotted Shimizu, not knowing where Calypso he went over to him and asked. “Excuse me sir, but do you know where Calypso is? There is someone here who wishes to speak to him.”

18th November 2007, 02:14 PM
Latias continued to shake Jamie until the girl awoke. She seemed to be afraid at first, no doubt since Latias hadn’t actually MET her yet. He’d heard her a few times during the day but that was about it. He stared down at the female with big eyes until she began to speak. A big grin came over his face as she shoved him aside. “Well it IS important Jamie!” He shouted, throwing his arms into the air excitedly. “Oh, by the way, my name’s Latias.” He took hold of her hand and shook it before she could protest.

“Shopping is always important, especially when you REALLY need supplies for a party! Unless you don’t want to eat you’d better come with! Not that we can’t do this without you but it’d be nice if Jewel could have some company.” His smiled broadened and showed off his sparkling white teeth and fangs. The smile could almost be considered frightening for those who aren’t used to smiles, but Jamie seemed like the type that would most likely smile with him than run from him screaming.

“Besides, if you did use your rancid bed breath against me I’d just plug my nose.” He demonstrated such by lifting his hand up and promptly squeezing his nostrils shut. “See?” He let go, “Anyway, get up!” He stepped outside the door for a moment, giving her time to get ready and then, as soon as she stepped out the door he took hold of her wrist and dragged her over to the entrance. Shimizu and Jasika were talking and Jewel was waiting to be noticed. Latias stopped next to his girlfriend and waited patiently and quietly beside her.

His attention was caught when he heard an unfamiliar voice. He turned his head in the direction of yet another guard. His jaw dropped and he looked at Jewel incredulously. This guard, like the last, stopped next to Shimizu. “Aw COME ON!!” Latias shouted throwing his arms out wide, careful not to hit Jamie or Jewel.

18th November 2007, 03:11 PM
Yeah, I’m sorry as well Fire princess :P Don’t get mad at me

Shimizu was glad he could make Jasika laugh again. The sound of her laughter made him smile, he felt better about himself now, he knew he could help others laugh again and that was good enough for him. He started to make his way outside when he heard Jasika say that she would come. He glanced at her and grinned. “Have you ever riddin’ on a dragon before? If not, this is gonna be fun.” Turning away once more he heard Jasika address Jewel and realized that he had ignored her up until this point. His face took on a concerned expression as he wondered what she’d do to him for ignoring her.

However, before Shimizu could even turn to talk to the elfen female, another guard confronted him. His expression went flat for an instant. How many new people could they get in ONE day? He stretched and crossed his arms behind his head, which was where Zimaru had placed himself for the time being.

“Listen pal.” Shimizu started, leaning forward so his face was really close to the guard’s. “No matter how many times you come running in and asking, Calypso is just too busy.” Dropping his right arm he swung it over the man’s shoulder and leaned in to whisper in his ear. “Why don’t you go and talk to Khongol? Okay? Right now,” he backed off and spun to face the other guys. “We’re going out, right guys? So let’s go!”

With that, Shimizu began to make his way out the door. Upon exiting he spotted the horse and its trainer. He sent Zimaru over the gate to grow in size to become large enough to take them to town. While Zimaru grew, Shimizu waved at the girl. “Don’t worry miss.” He said with a smile, “We aren’t ignoring you. One of the leaders should be out soon.” He nodded at her a little, “We’ll be back to meet you later.” Knowing that wasn’t the most polite thing to do, Shimizu didn’t want to wait any longer so Latias and Jewel would stop annoying him already.

Zimaru was enormous by this point, sitting and waiting for them. Shimizu ran over to the large dragon and hopped onto his foot and used every protruding part of the dragon, elbow, random scale, etc., to get up to his shoulder and onto his back. “Come on up guys!” He called down. “Once you’re up I’ll give a little instruction on how to hold on and then we’ll be off.”

Fire Princess
23rd November 2007, 07:11 PM
After Jewel reviled herself the Shim and Jasika she walked over to the entrance and stood there, hoping Shim would get the hint that she wanted to go.

Oh, hey Jewel. Shim was just asking me if I wanted to go shopping with you guys. I hope it’s alright if I go along with you.”

"Yeah that’s cool, the more the merrier, I made a list of stuff we need to pick up. I guess me, you and Jamie if she wakes up will get some stuff and Latias and Shim can get the big heavy stuff since they're our big strong men." When Jewel said the last part she looked at Latias who had recently joined them. She puffed out her cheeks, flexed her arms in the macho man style and furrowed her eyebrows.

When the guard showed up and talked to Shim, Jewel just looked at him and gave him a 'if you leave again you'll never see the light of day' look. She was quite happy when Shim sent him to talk to Khongol.

“Alright if we’re all ready to go let’s be off before someone gets distracted again.” Jewel followed Shim outside and watched Zimiru grow to an incredible size. She watched how Shim got up onto Zim and took note of the places he grabbed for handholds as well as footholds. “Alright I’m next.” Jewel stepped onto Zim’s foot and jumped up, doing her best to climb the monster of a dragon. She wasn’t used to climbing dragons, and she definitely preferred trees. But she made it up. She stood on top of Zim waiting for everyone else to make their way up.

23rd November 2007, 07:55 PM
Raylee and Charger were just standing there when suddenly Charger spooked and tried to bolt. Raylee gripped tightly on to the reigns but they were still slipping out of her hands burning them.

Raylee looked around trying to find out what spooking Charger so much, and when she turned around she found out. Standing there was a huge dragon. Raylee hadn't seen a dragon before and she was very shocked. She just stared at it. It was someone yelling something at her that snapped her out of her frozen state.

“Don’t worry miss. We aren’t ignoring you. One of the leaders should be out soon. We’ll be back to meet you later.”

"Oh...o...ok...um, yeah, see you later." Raylee, stood there watching first the guy who yelled at her then a young person that seemed to be an elf with red hair climb onto the back of monster. Charger had stopped trying to run away by now and was frozen with fear.

The guard who had talked to Shimizu turned and went off in search of Khongol. He found him in the armory. "Excuse me sir, there is someone here, I tried to find Calypso but Shimizu said he was busy, do you have time to come see her or should I just bring her inside and let her sit it the front sitting room?"

27th November 2007, 02:41 PM
The barbarian stands and rests his hands on the small of his back. He pushes as he leans back resulting in a loud series of pops. He nods to the guard, hiding his frustration at the buffoon, the man's saving grace is that he had a good reason. 'Cal's busy? Wonder what he's doin' aside from slackin'.' Rather than speak ill of the leader when it is just from his irritation he nods. As he makes his way to the door, Khongol grabs a towel and dabs a bit of sweat from his brow, ignoring the dropletson his shoulders, back, and chest.

THe large man follows the guard to the girl. He looks her over a long moment, studying her as if she was a book and laid open before his eyes. She was blonde and blue eyed, cute by average standards, and petite. But something in her eyes told him she may know a thing or two about magic as her body is not that of a fighter. He looks at her mount a moment as that can also tell you of the person. The saddle, animal, grooming, packs, every minute detail. The one thing that leaves him most concerned is the same as all the others. They are young, damn young. In the two or three seconds he studied her on his approach he made his choice but wished to speak with the girl. He extands his big hand, "Hail and well met, I'm Khongol Hackinemupp. Heard ya are lookin' ta join our lil band. Whatcha called and what do ya bring ta the group?"

Dark Wizard
27th November 2007, 05:13 PM
After asking Shimizu about the ball she stood silent for a few moments trying to think of the right words to say to him. She had never asked anyone out to anything before, and it most definitely was not something that either her or her people have or would have done. Once when she had collected her thoughts about her reply to him he left saying that he had things to do and that they would talk later.

"Huh?" She questioned, looking back and forth for him, sighing in disappointment once when she realized that he was gone. "Perhaps, I took too long . . . " Looking around herself again she placed her hand in front of her mouth in a confused manner, wondering what she should do. 'Should I go and look for Shimizu again? Or should I just look for him again later and explore the tomb?' After thinking for a while she had decided. Forming her left hand into a fist she hit it against the palm of her right hand. "All right!" She exclaimed talking to herself in a louder voice than what she had ever done ever since coming to the tomb. "I will get to know myself around the tomb. And perhaps I could probably help anyone out with what needs to be done before the ball if they would allow it."

With that she quickly walked through the halls, looking into each of the rooms that she came across, keeping a mental note to herself where everything was. The tomb was something truly amazing and spectacular, giving off a beauty in it’s own sort of way. It was also really, really big, and almost easy to get lost in.

As she explored the tomb halls peeking into rooms, and going into various parts of the tomb, she eventually got lost. The tomb was really clean, neat and tidy ever since everyone started getting ready for the ball. No dust, no spiders, no cobwebs, nothing. Nothing but a bunch of streamers and other party decorations hanging up all over the place around the tomb.

“W-Wow!” Shasta couldn’t help but be amazed by the tomb and all it’s glory. “It- it’s so beautiful! They really have spent a lot of time preparing for the ball.” Looking all around the tomb she got so caught up in looking at all of the decorations she forgot to make sure that she knew where she was or how to get back to where the others resided. After wandering through the tomb for so long she came across the tomb basement.

A rather large door closed the basement off, but Shasta couldn’t help but feel a little curious. She wondered what on earth was down there, knowing that she probably shouldn’t go down there but she couldn’t help it. Her curiosity was getting the better of her. Pushing open the basement doors just enough so she could get through she slowly crept down the stairs. *Creeaaaakk, squeeeaaaak, creaaaak* The stairs made many strange, almost eerie sounds as Shasta made her way down to the bottom. “It sure is dark down here. . .” She whispered, talking to herself in a meek voice. She could barely see down there, which made the basement really frightful when she reached the bottom. Down there she heard a bunch of strange and monstrous noises, seeing a small glimpse of some of the things down there thanks to the thin rays of light escaping from the open door at the top of the stairs.

“AH!” Letting out a short but loud yelp, she took a couple of steps back, eyes wide open twitching slightly, she quickly made a dash for it bolting up the stairs. “Ahhhhhhhhhh!” Slamming the door shut behind her she ran as fast as she could. She didn’t know what was down there and she didn’t want to wait to find out. Running throughout the tomb hallways, she finally made it back to where she was before past the kitchen and everyone else, right into her room.

Closing the door behind her, she leaned against it taking in several deep breaths. All that running had exhausted her a lot, especially after being scared like that. Slowly getting up she walked over to her bed with clumsy steps, collapsing in it falling into a deep slumber that had lasted several hours.

“Mmmm, hmmm...” Slowly getting up Shasta wipped the sleep from her eyes realizing what the time is. “Oh my goodness. I can’t believe that I slept in that long.” Quickly getting up and out of bed, she quickly walked out of her room searching for everyone else. ‘Where did they go? They were just here before. . .’ Well, whatever the case, they clearly weren’t in the tomb, so she decided to look outside anyways just in case.

Once outside her mouth dropped open as she saw Shimizu’s dragon Zimaru for the first time. Well, actually, this was the first time that she’s ever seen a dragon, so she was truly amazed by this. Walking out of the tomb entrance, a couple of feet away from Shimizu she had to arch her neck up a little in order to see him. “H- Hey! Whe- Where are you guys going?” She asked him, completely clueless on what had been going on those last few hours while she was gone and asleep. “S- so can- can I come with?” Not wanting to feel any more left out than what she already was she couldn’t help asking that question.

Sorry for the extremely (6-8 month) long absence, and please don’t mind my not so great post. I had a hard time trying to figure out what to write.

28th November 2007, 06:13 AM
Shimizu was impressed to see how nimbly Jewel made it up to Zimaru’s head. A smile came over his lips and he pat her on the head, “Good job.” He was about to say ‘kiddo’ but thought better of it considering she was older than him. “I was expecting you to slip up or something, but I guess not.” He leaned forward and called down to Latias, Jamie, and Jasika; “Hey, if any of you guys need a lift or something, just shout. I’ll be more than glad to get you up here.” A grin took over his lips as he said this. It almost seemed as though he were mocking Latias by asking this, assuming the half demon couldn’t get himself atop the dragon without fumbling.

He sat down and hung his legs over one of Zimaru’s many scales, watching the others. He propped himself up on his right hand while his left sort of hung there. Khongol walking out of the tomb caught his attention, you don’t miss that. He watched the barbarian approach the smaller girl and he cringed. This girl must be freaked out. Seeing a dragon, Latias being a half demon, and now Khongol? That poor girl.

Shasta was next. She weakly called up to them, asking what they were doing. “We’re going to the next town to get some supplies for Latias and Jewel. Without food there can’t be a ball, right?” He laughed to himself at the thought of Latias making food out of anything he found in the kitchen. “Consider yourself lucky, Latias.” He smiled, “Without me around you never would have had a chance with this.”

The next words out of the Dream Keeper’s mouth were asking if she could join them. He was about to answer but then paused. A stupid grin came over his face and he leaned forward with one hand cupped around his ear. “What was that? I couldn’t hear you, could you speak up?” He was just teasing the shy girl, knowing she had a quiet voice since they had sparred once before.

In just a few easy steps Shimizu slipped right off of Zimaru, free-falling for a bit but then landing in front of Shasta. He leaned right into her face to stare at her eyes that she seemed to try to hide a lot of the time. “Sure you can come sweety.” He rubbed her on the head, between her ears. “Do you think I’d ever say no?” He started to walk back to Zimaru but paused, turning to Shasta, “Do you need any help getting up?”

Fire Princess
30th November 2007, 02:29 PM
As Jewel stood onto Zim with Shimizu he patted her on the head.

“Good job.”

"Thank you, I've been on dragons before and I am an expert tree climber so this is nothing for me." She put on the stupidest smile you can imagine and put her hand behind her head.

When Shasta showed up and got Shim off the dragon Jewel was close to blowing her top. "We need to go NOW!!!!!! If your coming then hurry up and get on. And what taking the rest of you so long, don't make me come down there." She stood there intent on leaving right away and she was doing the typical impatiant woman foot tap.

13th December 2007, 10:48 AM
“We’re going out, right guys? So let’s go!”
Latias cheered. “Yay!” He grinned madly, very glad that Shimizu wasn’t going to pull the ‘one minute’ thing again, like he’d done last time. As they made their way outside the tomb, Latias stared over at the new girl and smiled, waving at her. Shimizu explained to her immediately that they weren’t ignoring her or trying to stay away, something Latias was glad for. He would have felt bad otherwise. He continued to wave at her for a while, not quite getting when he should stop.

Suddenly he noticed Zimaru’s large form. He’d ridden on the dragon once before, remembering how scary it was that time. “Heh, hi buddy!” Latias called to Zimaru a little nervously. Just as he’d demonstrated last time, Shimizu was atop his dragon with such ease that it amazed Latias. ’Well.. I could do that to.’ He thought confidently. ’Yeah… I can show Jewel just how well I can.’ He smiled and nodded to himself, walking up to the red dragon’s side.

Before Latias could even swallow his fear of being eaten by this thing, Jewel was clambering up the dragon’s shoulder and onto its head. He swallowed hard, his ears slowly turning backward. “Mmmm…” He groaned, staring up at the very far away Jewel.

“Hey, if any of you guys need a lift or something, just shout. I’ll be more than glad to get you up here.”
Came Shimizu’s mocking voice. It was clearly directed at Latias as a shot to his pride, which only caused the half-breed to glare up at the spiritualist. “No, I’m good.” He said calmly, which was a show of great restraint on his part. He clapped his hands together and then quickly rubbed them, getting himself ready to leap up the dragon. Of course it wouldn’t hurt him, it was Shim’s dragon after all.

“Consider yourself lucky, Latias. Without me around you never would have had a chance with this.”
Latias turned his head upward again, seeing Shimizu’s boots hanging over the edge of the dragon’s skull, then the blonde hair peeking over to stare down at him. This boy was getting cocky, that was certain. However it didn’t bother Latias. He much preferred the normal, loud, full of himself Shimizu that he remembered than the emo, doom and gloom one. “Ha ha, very funny you twerp.” He called back in reply, his tail swishing agitatedly.

The half demon hadn’t noticed Shasta, Shim had spoken to someone but Latias wasn’t quite sure. His attention was caught very abruptly. Shimizu had leapt from the dragon’s head and landed directly in front of the neko girl. “Whoa.” He breathed, staring over at them. Shimizu got pretty close to the girl’s face, Latias wondered if she was uncomfortable.

His thoughts were interrupted by a very angry voice that belonged to his newly found girlfriend. His ears flattened against his head as he looked up at her. ”Hoo boy… what have I gotten myself into?’ He thought worriedly. “Eh uhm… Coming!?” he called up and then bent his legs, getting ready for a jump. ’Shim can do this, I can do this.’

With one push of his legs Latias shot straight into the air, his vibrant red hair pushed down on the way up but as soon as he reached the peek of this particular jump, his hair started to flow upward. He seemed to float in midair for a moment before gracefully slipped down and landed on the dragon’s head right next to Jewel. He looked at her and smiled, he had a similar look to him at this point as when the two were alone in the infirmary. His goofy-awkward exterior was replaced for a brief moment where he just looked plain cool.

13th December 2007, 12:07 PM
And shopping begins.

Shimizu cringed at Jewel’s impatience. “Yeesh.” He looked at Latias and smiled, “Good luck… pal?” As he spoke Latias had taken one leap to get up onto Zimaru’s head. “Wow..” He breathed, staring in amazement. “Sweet.” He spun and picked Shasta up, “Alright girlie, let’s go.” He then took a running jump, knowing that he wouldn’t be able use his hands this time. It took a few more jumps but he eventually reached the top. “Okay, anyone who’s not up here will get a ride.”

Shim then leapt down once again, picking up anyone who needed a ride up, taking a similar path as to when he’d taken Shasta up to Zimaru’s head. After everyone was placed on the dragon, Shimizu stood on the edge of Zim’s brow. “Okay peoples, listen up!” He called over the wind. “I’ll only say this once, okay? When holding onto Zimaru, you have to crouch low, find a scale and be sure to stick your fingers into the cracks and hold on tight. Do NOT start walking around on his back while he’s moving.” He scanned the group with a serious face. “Understood? Only I will do that.”

He looked down at Zim, “Okay buddy, let’s do this.” Zimaru gave him a low growl in response and got ready for lift off. “Another warning, the take off is usually a little rough and the pressure will most likely knock you down.” Just after the spiritualist said this, Zimaru’s mighty wings flapped and up they went, the air pushing on them and forcing them down into a kneeling position. Of course, aside from Shimizu, who you could only tell was affected by the fact that his hair went flat for a moment but then bounced right back up.

“Another thing.” He continued to stand perfectly straight while Zimaru tried to gently rise to a preferred level. “If anyone DOES fall off, don’t worry. I’ll catch you.” He winked at them, “Promise.”

With that, they were off toward the nearest town. Most likely during the hour or so that it took Zimaru to get there, people were pretty quiet. Air was sparse enough that high up, it would be best to just sit and concentrate on breathing in general.

Soon they reached the town, the market was in plain view as Zimaru slowly shrunk down and lowered to the ground. As soon as everyone was either pushed or helped off, Shimizu leapt off as well, allowing Zimaru to shrink into pocket size once again. “Okay, go get your stuff and we’ll head back. Someone lead the way.”

13th December 2007, 08:24 PM
Raylee had finally begun to calm Charger down when a quite large topless man came outside and introduced himself.

"Hail and well met, I'm Khongol Hackinemupp. Heard ya are lookin' ta join our lil band. Whatcha called and what do ya bring ta the group?"

"Hello, my name is Raylee Shindar. Yes I would like to join your clan although it is for a different reason than most people. I have a letter here from the King." She pulled a small paper out of the saddlebags that she had pulled off of Charger. It was a simple white paper folded up with a wax seal. The wax was red with a large sun stretched over a field imprinted into it.

"Its for your eyes only, you are the leader right." Raylee held the letter out towards Khongol. She was very nervous and a bit embarrassed about the contents of the letter. It was right from the Kings desk, Raylee and the King were the only ones who knew about this letter and the reason for her to come to the Keepers.

Within the letter was an explanation stating that the King was asking for Raylee to join the Keepers more for a reason along the lines of protection. A secret society that was headquartered in Raylee's hometown and founded by her father had a price on her head. Raylee was a major part in taking down most of the society and those who had escaped from capture would do anything to kill her. So Raylee was sent to the Keepers for protection and also so that she would still be able to help other people.

14th December 2007, 01:11 AM
A letter from the King of her lands? The behemoth of a man thinks to himself as sheoffers the scroll to him. He thinks a long moment before replying, "Ta be completely honest, I ain't the leader. Just second ta him. But he's been busy it seems so I can take a look if ya wish. Or ya can try ta raise Calypso at his office."

He stands with his hand outstretched beneath hers, he ignored the others and their goings-on because they did not involve him, and to be honest he did not care what was going on. So the loudest members were all going on a fieldtrip. That merely means things will be quiet for a change.

It's short, deal with it. it's after 3am and I'm tired.

Fire Princess
6th January 2008, 08:43 PM
Wow, you guys have really moved...yeah not really. :P

Jewel watched as Shim took crack after crack at Latias. And to her amazement Latias was able to keep his cool. Shim was still on the ground flirting when Latias made his very impressive jump onto Zim. "That's my boy." Said Jewel when he looked down at her and smiled. She hadn't known him for that long but Jewel was really surprised at how much Latias had changed. He went from this awkward, and slightly wierd guy to a funny, cool and all around nice guy.

With Shim giving people rides onto the ride Jewel was glad that they were finally getting somewhere. Shim gave the riding instructions and Jewel was already sitting down when Zim took off. The pressure was incredable but Jewel had been on dragons before so this wasn't the newest thing in the world. She stretched her legs out infront of her and grabbed onto the big scale infront of her, dug her fingers underneath it and held on. Jewel was quiet for most of the ride.W

hen they finally neared the town Jewel jumped off at a decent height. She landed in a crouching position with her bad hand on her back, and waited for everyone else, Latias in particular. She took the list out of her pocket and counted what was all on it and tried to divide it equally between everyone. Giving the guys, heavier items but fewer and the girls more lighter items. Between the 6 of them they would get the shopping done fast and without to much trouble.

When everyone was together Jewel raised her voice. "Ok everyone, I divided the shopping list into equal portions. What is on your list is what you are in charge of buying and getting back to Zim, Shim knows Zim the best so he will be in charge of making sure everything gets on Zim properly. That doesn't mean that he is doing all the work at that point, we will help, he will just be letting us know how everything gets packed up. We need to be fast. First get what is on your list, and then if there is time you can go shopping for yourself. But no matter what you must be back here in 2 and a half hours because then we have to leave. Everyone understand. And try to get things as cheap as possible. If you need more money come see me. Now go." Jewel threw her arms up into the air as if she was shooing everyone away. She waited for a bit giving people who needed it money then left to do her shopping.

10th January 2008, 07:13 PM
Latias couldn’t help but grin when he heard Shimizu’s ‘sweet’ comment. Compliments made him glow but he couldn’t ruin his cool moment in front of Jewel, so he stayed silent for once. Latias casually sat down next to Jewel and waited for Shimizu to get up with everyone else. He suddenly felt a twang of regret when he didn’t help carry all the girls up when he noticed that Shimizu was doing it all himself. By the time he gathered up enough… strength to tell Shim that he could help, the spiritualist was already long finished. He sighed heavily and then clutched the dragon’s scale, not wanting to fly off.

Shimizu gave his ‘in-flight’ instruction, and before Latias was even ready to ask a question about what happens if he falls off and Shim can’t reach him, Zimaru took to the skies. “Guh…” Latias wheezed at the feeling of his stomach churning as his heart felt as though it sunk into it. He managed to catch his breath, but not well. Shimizu was right, it would be a bad plan to try talking during this trip. The half demon looked at his spiritual friend and smiled in amazement and admiration. Shimizu could stand on Zimaru’s head while he flew AND shout at the top of his lungs without losing consciousness.

Latias decided that Shimizu was a strong man and he wouldn’t want to mess with him, ever. Upon landing, the redhead kept his silent cries of fear to himself so as not to show Jewel just how scared he was of this thing. That … and since Shim could do this all the time, he figured that he’d be looked down on for not liking it too much. The last time he’d ridden on Zimaru… it was much smoother and slower than it was this time. Why? He didn’t know, all he knew was that he wanted off and he wanted it yesterday.

The landing was frightening for the half demon, Shimizu told them to jump off of the dragon so Zimaru could shrink!? Latias was shaking his head vigorously, not wanting to speak when he watched Jewel hop off as though it were nothing. “Eh-but!” He reached after his newly found girlfriend, but she was already gone. “Mmmmm….” He groaned nervously. Suddenly a familiar voice popped into his head that he hadn’t heard in about a day or two. ”Quit your damned belly-aching and jump off that dragon, you wimp.” ‘SAITAL!!!’ ”You’re giving me a headache, just do it, okay?” ‘YOU jump off of this thing! It’s scary!’ ”Oh for- fine, I’ll force you.” ‘You’ll do what now?’

Before Latias could do anything, Saital had forcefully taken over their body and leapt off of Zimaru, falling head first for a few moments before doing an acrobatic flip and landing perfectly on his feet, hair still in place. ”There, now try not to mess up the ‘cool’ persona I’ve just created for you, hm?” ‘Heh… thanks Saital.’ ”Don’t mention it.” As soon as Latias regained control of the body, he managed not to fall over.

He smiled at Jewel as she started to hand out lists. Latias went and stood next to Shimizu, eyeing his list, wondering what it was he had to get. “Seems reasonable…” He muttered. He looked at Jewel and smirked. “Two and a half hours? I’ll try.” He made sure to memorize his surroundings to be able to get back to this point later. “Alright, then we’ll see you girls later. C’mon Shimmy.” He hooked arms with the spiritualist and started to drag him off.

10th January 2008, 07:23 PM
Shimizu watched Jewel jump first and couldn’t help but grin. That girl always had a bit of fire, that was for sure. He looked at Latias who seemed to not want to get off. “What’s the matter, Latias? You love Zim so much you want another ride, do you?” He laughed and started to help other people off, if they wanted it. Latias could jump on his own, Shim knew that, so he was about to help the frightened half breed.

The spiritualist finally managed to help everyone down before Latias got up the courage to even attempt to walk to the edge of Zimaru’s back. “I wonder how long he’ll argue with himself before I have to push him?” He said aloud, watching Latias’ vibrant red hair flow in the wind. He had seen Latias’ face before, it seemed to brighten because of… something, but Shim couldn’t figure it out for the life of him. “Hey Latias!” He called up, cupping his hands around his mouth.

Before he could call anything else, however, Latias confidently leapt from Zimaru’s back, falling headfirst to the ground. “Heh… that’s more like it. Wait a sec…” he watched closely as Latias’ did his little flip before landing. Shimizu grinned, “I knew it.” He watched Latias’ face upon landing and could tell that it was Saital controlling the body. Latias NEVER frowned like that, not once since Shimizu had ever met the guy.

He placed a hand on Latias’ shoulder, “Heh heh… wuss.” He laughed and then retrieved his and Latias’ part of the list. “Well… as you said… this isn’t so bad.” He glanced to see what the other parts of the list looked like but Latias started to drag him off. “Huh!? Wah!? Hey!” He protested. “Where’re you taking me!? What’s the meaning of this?” He was making a big scene on purpose, of course, since he felt like it and doing nothing would have been boring for him anyway. Gotta keep things interesting. “I said put me down! I want my lawyer! You can’t do this!”

12th January 2008, 11:57 AM
Latias always knew six years ago that Shimizu was a joker and a bit of an ass, but he had completely forgotten that Shimizu could still be that way. It had been so long since he’d seen Shim’s silly side, he almost thought it was gone entirely. Despite the fact that Shimizu was demonstrating his goofiness on him, Latias still appreciated catching longer and longer glimpses of the old Shim he knew and loved so much.

It was surprisingly easy to drag the spiritualist away. Latias had thought that Shimizu would be like a big bag of bricks, really heavy and not fun to drag around. However, as soon as Shim started making a big deal out of it, Latias couldn’t stop laughing. It almost became hard to breathe but Latias managed and pulled Shimizu all the way into the depths of the market. “I REALLY need something Shimizu… You have to help me with this…”

Latias’ face started to flush a little bit, he could feel the heat in his cheeks and tried to shake it off. Just the thought of it was causing this? He didn’t know how he’d manage, but he would. He stopped in front of a Jewelers shop and stared in the window, dropping Shimizu in the process. “That one’s perfect…” He muttered, his breath leaving little fogs on the window. His eyes shifted to the price accompanying it and he nodded. “That’s pretty good…” He glanced back at Shimizu, “Don’t you think?” He knew that his intentions would be pretty clear to the spiritualist now, or at least they should be.

Latias hopped inside and went to look at the jewelry from the other side of the glass.

12th January 2008, 12:12 PM
Shimizu frowned when his teasing attempts didn’t work as he’d hoped on Latias. He was, however, pleased with his overreacting results. Latias’ laughter was always a good sound, despite how easily deterred it was. Shimizu sighed and allowed himself to be dragged along, not really trying to stop Latias, they were, afterall, going in the same direction anyway. He paused and looked at all the stands they were passing. “Uhm… Latias? Hey, Latias? Some of those merchants have some things we need…. Latias? Are we going to come back this way?”

The only answer he received was Latias’ little comment on ‘really needing something’. “Of course I’ll help you, buddy.” He pulled away from Latias just at the same Latias let go, convenient. He dusted himself off and fixed his clothing to the way he liked it. “Jeez… Latias?” He walked over to the half-breed’s side and stared into the window as well. “Hunh… Pretty.” He glanced at his demonic friend and studied his face. ’He’s not going to…’ Shimizu’s eyes widened in shock as he watched Latias march into the store.

“Hold it there, pal.” Shimizu ran up beside him again. “You sure about this? I mean… REALLY sure about this? That’s a big thing you’re thinking about…” He paused and scratched the back of his head. ’Well… what am I talking about? Latias is decades older than me, I think he knows what he’s doing… Hell, I could at least do something for him…’

“You know what, I’m sure you’ve got this under control and all, but I’d like to help you out with buying that thing.” He smiled at Latias and pat the other male on the shoulder. “You know I was just fooling around before, right? You’re pretty great, Latias.” He started walking over to the Jeweler, pausing to see if Latias had anything to say.

12th January 2008, 12:25 PM
Latias heard every one of Shimizu’s comments, but he was too preoccupied with his own thoughts to really pay attention. “Yeah Shim… we will…” He stared down at the rings, gold and silver and … very shiny. He smiled with a light blush on his cheeks, just imagining the scene unfolding. ’She would look so beautiful in this…’ He didn’t dare touch it for it seemed to be… too perfect. His hand hovered above it but he didn’t touch it, just picturing it on her finger. “Jewel…” He whispered softly, his ears slowly lowering down.

He sighed, what would she really say? They had JUST become girlfriend/boyfriend to each other. If he suddenly sprouted this on her, would she freak out? Probably… but then again she’d freak out regardless. Jewel was just as old, maybe even older than he was. It’s rude to ask a lady her age, so he wasn’t about to. Being so old, both of them felt pretty certain that they cared about the other… or so Latias thought. Women could always change their mind on a whim, so he wasn’t quite sure. He sighed and lowered his hand onto his knee.

Shimizu frightened him when he started to speak. He turned his gaze on the blonde for a moment and saw through Shimizu’s eyes that he was contemplating the questions he’d just asked Latias. “I know what I’m thinking about, Shim… I’m positive that this is what I want… I just… know I’ll chicken out in the end.” He sighed and turned back to the rings. Once again, Shimizu spoke but it sounded like he’d changed his tune. Latias’ eyes were wide when Shimizu started to walk toward the Jeweler. “Shim? What are you doing?” Latias got up and followed him, “I know you were joking, Shim… You’re not going to… Well…” Latias paused and looked at himself. He knew he didn’t have any money that was actually his, in fact it was all from the clan. He couldn’t use that.

He smiled sheepishly. “Thank you.” He averted his eyes back to the rings. “Thank you so much.”

12th January 2008, 12:34 PM
Shimizu grinned at Latias’ answer. “Good then.” He walked up to a man that wore a very nice black suit and tie. He had a funny looking moustache type thing going on, one of the types you’d normally see a queer man with, or perhaps a French one. Shimizu cleared his throat to catch the rather snooty looking man’s attention. “Excuse me sir, how can you possibly sleep at night?” Shimizu’s voice was low and sounding rather rough and scary.

The man turned to face Shimizu and flinched for a moment but continued on anyway, “What do you mean, sir?”

“I mean those rings in the window, how can you sell them at such a high price, hm? You’re practically asking for a fortune there! Those dinky little things aren’t worth that.” Shimizu leaned right into the man’s personal space area and nearly touched noses with him. His eyes had a very intense look to them as he negotiated with this businessman.

“I assure you that they’re quite worth that. I imported them from the main continent, they’re actually at a discounted price right now.” The held his ground against the rather strange spiritualist.

“Is that so? How can I tell that you aren’t lying to me?” Shimizu’s eyes suddenly took on a very dangerous and angry look, threatening the Jeweler just by staring at him. “Because if I bought them and then found out you were lying to me… I promise you, I’d come back here…” Shimizu had made a very subtle movement toward his rapier blade. “And I promise I’d pluck every single one of those hairs out of that well-groomed head of yours… and then I’d skin you alive and hang your hide on my wall as a remembrance that city-businessmen aren’t to be trusted… But that’s if you’re lying to me right now.”

The man’s face was ghostly pale at this point. He didn’t often get threatened, especially not by people like this. People like this one usually stole it and walked right on out without a fuss, mostly because no one really wanted to tango with them. The Jeweler cleared his throat. “I assure you, it’s as I say it is… but that’s just a … a… window display type, we have better, untouched ones, in the back. Please, allow me to get you one.”

Shimizu smiled as the man quickly walked away. He turned his head and winked at Latias, knowing that these types of shady people always attempted to keep the real merchandise for themselves to sell at better, higher prices, in the black market area.

The Jeweler returned with a beautiful violet box, “Here you are sir… I’ll … even give it to you at half price, how does that sound?” The man was sweating like a pig.

“What?” Shimizu suddenly had the expression of an innocent child, “Really? You would be so kind as to do that for me? Well of course, that sounds great! I’ll take them, thank you.” After purchasing the two rings, he lead Latias out of the jewelry shop and started to laugh. “Better than planned!” He cheered. “Now, you do your thing, buddy. I know you can do it.” He slapped the half demon on the back and started heading toward the actual merchant’s set-ups. “Time to finish that list… or start it, haha.”

12th January 2008, 12:35 PM
Latias stared in amazement as Shimizu strode over to the Jeweler. It wasn’t everyday that you met a man like Shimizu, and Latias cherished every moment he had with him. Tears came to his eyes just thinking about how great Shimizu was. ’I can’t believe he’s doing this for me… I’m so happy!’ He felt like dancing around but knew that would look silly. He paused when he heard Shimizu start the conversation, however.

’What is he doing?’ Latias thought worriedly. ”What does it LOOK like he’s doing, you lovesick dope!? He’s getting you a freakin’ ring, now just sit back and watch.” Quite frankly, Saital hadn’t been expecting this. Latias wanting to do this was as much a shock to him as it was to Shimizu, it seemed. ’Yeah, but Saital.. he’s … not being very civil about it. Why is he in that man’s face?’ ”Just sit back and wait, you’ll see.” He was a little curious too, also not having a clue as to what it was Shimizu was doing. He couldn’t tell, was Shimizu planning on forcing this guy to give it to him for free? Was he gonna threaten him until he got a better price?

Both host and spirit watched as Shimizu dealt with this man and, miraculously, got him to reveal that the rings in the window, the ones Latias had wanted, were fakes. Latias’ eyes were wide with shock, he hadn’t expected that. ’Is that why he wanted to do it? Awwwe… Shimmy…’ Latias stood with sparkling eyes as he watched Shimizu’s wink. ’You weren’t trying to force this guy to give it to you for cheaper… you wanted me to get a real set…’ Latias was all starry-eyed until the man came out and said he’d give it to Shim for half price.

”Heh, go Shim.” Saital commented with a smirk.

Shimizu’s turn to drag Latias around came and, as mentioned, Latias was pulled out of the store. “Shimmy… You are so great!” Latias leapt onto him and started hug him. “Yay yay! I love you soooo much right now!” he cried gleefully. “Yes, let’s finish that shopping before Jewel blows a gasket.” Latias shoved the rings into his pockets so as not to show them to her too soon.

Now’s your chance shopping people, hurry up and we can finally have that ball and finish the Xander search… Damn it Cal!!

Dark Wizard
16th January 2008, 08:06 PM
Looking up at Shimizu while on top of Zimaru, she tilted her head off to the side in waiting his response, hoping he heard her knowing that she wasn't exactly the loudest, most heard, or most excentric person in the group.

“We’re going to the next town to get some supplies for Latias and Jewel. Without food there can’t be a ball, right?”

"R-right!" She said nodding her head at this, agreeing with him. Without food there can't be a ball, unless you want to have a bunch of hungry party people who are bound to get tired and hungry from all of the singing and dancing that might perphaps be going on there.

“What was that? I couldn’t hear you, could you speak up?”

After hearing this next bit coming out of Shimizu's mouth left her confused. He heard what she had asked him at first, but not this? She was speaking at the same volume and tone as what she was previously, so why wasn't he able to hear her now? Closing her eyes tightly, she clenched her fists into two small fists as she tried to shout hoping he would hear her this time. "CAN I COME WITH!?" Yelling louder than she thought that she ever could surprised her very much, especially since right after she had yelled Shimizu had appeared right in front of her all of a sudden. Gasping quickly at his sudden appearence she tried hard to stop herself from falling down.

A small smile crept onto her face when he told her that she could go along with, "Thank you Master Shimizu, and about that whole no thing, it all depends." After his offer to help her up upon Zimaru's back she was just about to tell him that she would be fine, not needing help to get up there but was interupted by Jewel's impatieness. Ears flopped back on her head a little irritated and slightly frightened by the elven womans rather loud yelling, gave Shasta an even bigger surprise when Shimizu had suddenly picked her up on Zimaru's back. Sitting still in slight shock from just being picked up like that she soon settled down as Shimizu picked everyone else up onto Zimaru.

Listening carefully to Shimizu as he explained some very crutial instructions for what to do while on Zimaru once when they were in the air she followed his instructions carefully. Sticking her fingers under one of the dragons large scales she made sure to have a good grasp on it in order not to accidentally slip and let go, she placed her feet underneath her carefully in a crouching position in order to prevent herself from getting blown off, especially during the take off and landing. Throughout the whole ride to town she was silent, looking over Zimaru watching the landscape in awe. She hadn't really been around this world for all that long and things here continued to amaze her, no matter how bared and dry and dead the land was.

Eventually after flying for who knows how long Shasta was really tired, and yet somehow, not all that tired at all. In fact she was the kind of tired where your just way to tired your hyper. And that's what she was, hyper. Bouncing up and down slightly after they had landed she jumped off of Zimaru landing perfectly straight up on her feet like a cat, not needing Shimizu to carry her down or anything this time around. Going over to Jewel she asked her for her list of things and some money for the things they needed to get. Looking over her list she went off quickly to get the things needed on her list. As she did so she pulled out a coin from the money that Jewel had given them and examined it. Looking it over she couldn't help but notice all of the details put into such a little coin, which also facinated her. 'So this is money? And people use this to buy things. So all I have to do it pay someone the exact amount of money for an item each that's on the list for the most possible cheapest price. Sounds good to me.' She thought as she went off finding and then buying whatever items were needed that were on her list of things to get for the ball.

Fire Princess
20th January 2008, 06:47 PM
Jewel finished her shopping in record time, she wasn't the most polite person there because half the time most of the shop keepers were trying to rip her off but she used her amazing negotiating skills (nagging, flirting, and crying) to get everything at a reasonable price. After she got all of her stuff and dropped it off at their meeting area, but also hid it nicely Jewel ran off to go do some shopping for herself.

"Ok, I need...hair products, makeup, accessories and the most important part...A dress. The one I have at the tomb just will not do." So Jewel looked around for a while. She found all the makeup, and hair products she would need, but she couldn't go accessories shopping until she found a dress, and she couldn't find a dress until she had a friend with her. 'Um...Who should I take dress shopping...Jasika, I could get her a dress to if she doesn't have one.'

Jewel ran around the market until she found Jasika. Running up to her she stopped infront of her and asked her. "Are you almost done your shopping, because if you are would you come shopping with me for a dress for the party. I can never shop by myself, I don't know why but nothing ever seems right unless I get a review from someone else. Pleeeeeeeeaaaaasssssseeeeee say yes!!" Jewel begged.

24th January 2008, 06:49 PM
It didn’t take long for the two of them to finish up their shopping spree, in fact, Latias and Shimizu were done first. They had even made sure to get fitted for tuxedos and go to pick the suits up after their shopping was done. It was at this point that Shimizu sat agitatedly in the clearing where they had decided to meet when it was all over. He helped Latias pick out his rings, helped Latias pick out a tuxedo for the party so Latias wouldn’t feel silly. He’d even made sure his tux was very similar to Latias’ so the half demon wouldn’t feel overdressed.

Shimizu laid down, resting his head on his arms which were crossed behind his head. He had a piece of grass hanging out of his mouth and he stared up at the clouds. ’Shasta sure acted strangely… heh… not at all like she did in our spar. I actually managed to get her to shout, silly girl. Who knows, maybe with a little work she might find the guy perfect for her.’ Shimizu closed his eyes and an image of a tall, slender female appeared before him. He immediately opened his eyes against and ignored that little flash. Now was not the time to be thinking of her.

He rolled over and stared at the ‘well hidden’ items that had been on Jewel’s list. He found them almost immediately when he and Latias had arrived. He sighed heavily, it was obvious that the girl hadn’t exactly made the most of her time. She was probably off picking stuff out for the ball right now, which was something Shimizu feared she’d do. He knew she would, as did Latias otherwise the two wouldn’t have gotten new suits of their own. Shimizu hadn’t really owned one before that so he didn’t quite know what to look for, but Latias knew less than himself in that subject considering Latias’ past, so he had to be the one to choose what was best.

“They’d better hurry up…” He muttered, knowing that the time had expired yet, but he was getting irritated with how long it was taking.

Phoenix Ash
24th January 2008, 06:54 PM
Just as a general note, extended storylines lasting longer than a few posts are better off in their own quest thread. I'd recommend you move your existing plot to a thread of its own and make a good quest out of it. :) We like to keep the main clan threads for short RPs, such as introductions, petitioning to join the clan, and maybe a couple conversation posts. More than that, it's best to take to another thread.

29th January 2008, 09:46 AM
Okay guys, you heard the man… Some of you know the drill and, as I’m sure, some of you don’t. This has happened once before where… well… We posted in the wrong fashion in our clan. Okay, from now on the clan thread is for OOC and for new people to try and enter the clan. Anyone who wants to join the Keepers of the Tomb from now on will post in here, IC if they want, but it doesn’t have to be, but no more of that posting in our Tavern, that’s for the actual members only. (and maybe a guest speaker if I allow it ^_^)

Here's the link to the Random events thread (as I called it)

KotT: Random Events (http://www.giveupalready.com/showthread.php?p=1083047#post1083047)
From now on, we'll do OOC and such in here, as previously mentioned. Thank you.


15th April 2008, 05:52 PM
Well I finally had time to PM Nemi (sorry) with the post so gotta wait on her schedule to allow for her to get it and post in the thread.

18th April 2008, 05:34 PM
Wow, here I was thinking this whole website was dead... We should probably admit defeat and accept that this place is forsaken.

18th April 2008, 05:40 PM
NO! This clan WON'T die! Not before me, I won't let it. Nemi will post, I know she will. Right Nemi? She wouldn't let me down so we just have to wait a little longer.

20th April 2008, 10:58 AM
But... but... what am i to post? I haven't followed what is going on in the clan for over 6 months now, it will be weird if i magically appear again.

20th April 2008, 08:19 PM
Nemi, I sent you what you need to worry about ok? Just post my IC part of the PM and your reply (work my post for yours, if you have questions on how Khongol would work PM me and ask... aside from that I think you're the one to know him the best after me. I trust ya.

Besides, if you have ANY worries, I'll help you. What are friends for?