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24th November 2004, 05:02 PM
Vinny maketh the first post, hope this one works out as planned.

24th November 2004, 05:11 PM
There wil be NO MORE advanced level assigning, once you join the Khaido magi, you will start at an Acolyte, no more, no less.

The Khaido Magi Clan,

Current Members: lord_troja, Pustolio, Vinny, Fatbreadstick

Clan Purpose:
Magic Training Academies built to train members of the Khaido clan to be the best spellcasters in existance. To help Train Newbies to be even bettah, and to assist other Clans with clan wars and ect. Elite roleplayers are highly reccomended to help pull this clan into greatness.

This clan is made for the best and those wishing to become part of the best.

The Birth – As Recorded by Skalor

Many centuries since the birth of the magical arts, a set of three young magi were born, their names were Askan Ethren and Eerabu Khaido, the three powerful magi were wise beyond the years of any of their predecessors, their knowledge and natural abilities with magic were unmatched and their bonds with each other, unrivaled. They began to traverse the primordial plains of existence, recruiting followers of all races, of all kinds, but only with good in their hearts.

They became strong, and even greater talented. They began teaching others the arts of magic, they began to form a collective, a group of a chosen few, to form what would soon be a mystic clan of people, known as Khaido.

They formed a code; an honor bound tradition, the three words of their tradition, Knowledge, Valor, and Honor. They forged the tri symbol upon the first silver brick that would be used as the cornerstone of the structure that, by their own hands, would be built, and with it, the construction of a new age for magic.

The Forging – As Recalled by Skalor

Ten years after the birth of the Khaido Magi, the three young brothers completed the tower of Khaido. They named it, Ter’ena; after their mother, a wonderful and sinless woman descended from the first elves and angels alike. The brothers brought their followers to Ter’ena and the followers basked in its glory.

They built settlements around the improbable tower, growing larger and larger each passing year, they began to occupy the tower, learning its mysterious secrets that the Khaido magi kept to themselves, they wanted to test the people of this world, see if they were truly worthy of their guidance.

The Khaido magi began to forge sacred symbols, sacred wards that would remain around the tower of Ter’ena for all eternity. They began to build libraries of their knowledge so that they might teach it to the next generation of wizards and warlocks, witches and sorceresses. They had formed the first school of magic.

The Eruption – As Witnessed by Skalor

Many years passed, and the Khaido Magi became strong, they became wiser than ever, and their beloved Scholar, as they called him, recorded their travels in a tome that is now lost in history. Their world, known as Sularak, became largely populated by the beings of sentiency. They became stronger with each passing year, their minds becoming as one and their bodies becoming as many.
Soon however, because of this eruption of population, there was an eruption of beings with magical abilities; they became convinced that the Khaido, the ones that had guarded the world from the outside lands, would help them control their power. They immigrated to the isle of the Khaido and settled on the shores, the isle became so populated that it became a city in its own, a city-state of sorts.

Soon, many were powerful and intelligent wizards and the like, only a few had learned the wisdom that the Khaido order taught. They became unruly, and ill tempered, as did the humans and other beasts of the outer world, they became, hostile to one another, and a new thing was born. War.

The First Great War – As Experienced by Skalor

Thirty years after the ones named Khaido had died, the young boys had grown old, and they grew wise, yet old, and Left this world behind for the greater paradise. The people became restless, knowing that they were without the perfect teachers and were left with the experienced ones, the ones that would teach after the ones named Khaido die.

Their loyal Scholar, as they called him, took it upon himself to record the events that happened beyond this point with great interest. No one knew why he did it or who he was, but they respected the Loyal Scholar. As the tides began to rise on a bright day, the war began; humans and other kinds, battling each other for supremacy over the lands.

The Khaido’s students, ones that were taught neutrality, were forced to choose sides with their families or not. They chose the wrong decision once and a while, and that pitted long friends against each other in what would be called, The First Great War.

The Creation of the Black Fist – As Seen by Skalor

As in every school of magic, there are those who excel in the arts; becoming the greatest mages the people of Ter'ena have ever seen. These pretigious mages continue to train and assisted the younger trainees. This was their grand and tasking obligation to the memory of the orgiinal Khaido Magi. However, there are also the rejects; the hoodlums; the students with different views in mind for their newfound powers. Many of these students grew dark and unjust ploys during their training; becoming mad with power or obsessed with the Dark Arts.

Students continued to fall deeper and deeper into the tainted arcana; diligently studying the forbidden magics under the cover of darkness. Within the libraries of the Scholar, there were those who were foolish enough to steal ancient texts of the oldest and most devious of black magic and necromancy. It was not longer after that the teachers sense the growing and nurturing dark energies and auras of the collectives; in result, every one of the students involved were immediately banished from the school.

Fear and agression spread through the ranks of the dishonored and banished students. Questions ran through there heads: What will they do now? What will do they do since they were forbidden to perform magic? However, one boy (Karath) denied the answers to these questions... to him, the questions were how the students were to continue learning the forbidden arcana. And so, on that dark day, the students formed into the collective, now known as the Black Fist. They swore to further extend and create new techniques in black magic and necromancy... and to take down the descendants of the teachers of the Khaido school.

The War of Magi – As Participated by Skalor

The faction of the Black Fist steadily grew in power; many years passing from the day the Black Fist swore allegiance to each other, to the powers of darkness, and to the future of their reborn arts. The original members are now old; but still retain all of their wisdom in the Dark Arts. Out of the twenty seven original students, thirteen of them have died. The leader was still alive and was the head. All of the Black Fist followers (young and old) admired his skills and leadership. In their eyes, as long as the elderly leader was kept sustained with unholy might... the Black Fist will grow to be the most powerful faction ever.

The Khaido clan aged as well... the fellow classmates of the Black Fist astonished to see those same boys now completely honing and perfecting the Dark Arts. The older magis were greatly troubled by these turn of events; for necromancy and black magic could not even be controlled by the Magis of the Khaido themselves. Many feared that darkness will completely consume all of the land if the Black Fist was not stopped... yet, there did not seem to be a way to stop the necromancers and enemy mages; without causing the start of an epic conflict. Even with all of the wisdom the Khaido had collected, it could not help the Magis find a peaceful solution.

Yet, some Magis were not as pacifismistic as the others. A Khaido radical had the dangerous and mad idea that the clan was based solely on the Dark Arts... that the dark energies were the source of the Black Fist's success. And so, this man committed the unthinkable. Without the Khaido knowing, the man left the Khaido and joined the Black Fist. From there he stole and burnt all of the archives and spellbooks of the Dark Arts... and if it was not suicidal enough, he managed to overcome the unholy powers that protected the leader of the Black Fist causing him to die. The Black Fist immediately found out and tortured the man to death with their magics... the iron was dropped... the Black Fist craved revenge on the Khaido, assuming they made the first strike. For years, the Black Fist and the Khaido fought; with no end in sight and the casualties increasing in alarming numbers. However, on the final battle, the elders came forth (with reinforcements of Celestial angels and clerics) and broke through the undead enemy and causing the Black Fist to surrender and collapse.

The Aftermath – As Assisted by Skalor

After the great battle, the Khaido became slightly weaker, attempting to rebuild after their great battle. They became unruly, trying to devise a way to keep together their now dwindling numbers, the tower of Ter’ena was damaged and there was only one way to fix it, they would have to admit all the people that were begging entrance into the school of magic. The Khaido became much stronger very quickly and the Black Fist with them.

The Khaido began to devise a plot to remove the Black Fist and all their potential recruits from the world, they began to conduct research into the most powerful of spell magic, they began to revive the old magics of the Khaido brothers, the birthers of the order and the masters of all magic.

The Khaido knew that, only by infiltrating their numbers, would they be able to even temporarily remove the Black fist, they began to train small groups of magi in the arts of stealth and trickery, the art of Pure Illusion was born, these warriors were the masters of stealth, the lords of deception. They became possibly the most diverse part of the Khaido.

The Banishment – As Written By Skalor

The Illusionists, as they were called, entered the ranks of the Black fist, planting spies in specific locations within their infrastructure. They devised different ways of casting the ultimate spell upon these beings, but to no such avail, until one was lucky enough to come across the Shadow Stone, a gem of magnificent unholy power, a gem that controlled the energies of all the Black Fists.

The Illusionists snuck in the one called Scholar into the chamber of the Shadow stone, and allowed him to cast the mighty spell upon the stone, the stone was pushed away into a dimension that contained a world of pure evil, a perfect haven for these dark beings. The Black fist, permanently connected to their Stone, was drawn into the side dimension with it.

The Black fist had finally been defeated, but for how long? The one called Scholar devised a plan to build a strong structure for the Khaido, and allow them to prosper even further, they began devising. A system called, the High Council.

The Council – As Devised by Skalor

The Magi were relieved for the threat of the Black Fist was gone... even though they suffered many casualties; they were still formidable even without their leader. But now they were sealed away; however, measures had to be taken to ensure the safety of all future members of the Khaido clan as well as the inhabitants of Ter'ena from the return of the Dark Arts. Thus, the system of the Council was devised... the elders of the clan having the most experience and power; thus, they were the heads of the clan. Their task was to guide each member of the clan to rise in the ranks and develop skills for the coming of the Black Fist. As the years passed, Acolytes would increase in power and intelligence and would take a position within the High Council. It was an organized and efficient system; for the young will be taught by the old... the past revealed to the future

The Present Day – As Foreseen by Skalor

The system of the High Council was finally put into action. The Khaido clan's system worked well; with younger and more ambitious members joining the Magi and advancing quicker than ever. The 'Scholar' was now very very elderly, barely able to speak or walk. However, his presence still gave the clan strength and confidence. However, one day he simply disappear. Of course, this could not be as simple as it sounds... Rumors spread about the Scholar being abducted. This was an absurd conclusion since there was no enemy left to harm the leader. There was one rumor about the Scholar moving through his expansive library and "vanished" into the pages of literature. People wept for the disappearance of the Scholar, however, to preserve his memory and legacy the Khaido continued to spread and grow; as well as pay tribute to the 'Scholar.'

There is only one path to greatness, you must pass tests, not accumulate ‘points’ you must become better than that, you must first request to take a test to become a higher rank before you take a test and then, if you pass, you will be promoted, no questions asked.

High Council Arch Magi; There are 6 High Council, they are the leaders of the Magi and the most knowledgeable beings on the planet, they are experienced warriors and spell casters and have the largest amount of followers.

Arch Magi; there can be a large amount of Arch Magi, these are ones who have proven themselves worthy through the ranks of the Khaido, they are knowledgeable and extremely skilled with their magic’s.

Scholar Magi; These are the most intelligent and wise of the magi, before the Arch magi, they have written and created new magics to be taught by the Khaido. They have added many a section to the ever large library of the Khaido.

Magi of the North Tower; these are the magi who are the closest to achieving the highest ranks. The north tower is the most challenging level of learning the Khaido has to offer, once you master the learning

Magi of the East Tower; These are the magi who have learned much during their time under the tutelage of the Khaido, they are powerful spell casters and are quite potent with their powers, but they still lack the great experience that the others have.

Magi of the South Tower; these are the intermediate magi who have just finished the study of the advanced arts of their affiliated elemental power. They are arcane wizards who understand the basics of spell casting and a bit more.

Magi of the West Tower; after excelling past the stage of the monk, these Spellcasters and Warriors are able to learn from Scholars and understand the as advanced as the basic form of their magic can go.

Monk of Khaido; after graduating from the rank of Acolyte, the Monk is able to cast slightly more advanced basic spells and is also able to recruit followers into their personal armies.

Acolyte of Khaido; A beginner if there ever was one, these are the lowest level of magical learning, they can only understand the basics until they graduate to the next level, they are unable to recruit followers into their fold.

Special Ranks:

Illusionists: These are a special branch of Magi, trained specifically to use illusion, they are very powerful adversairies, and must first pass through the four towers to receive this rank, after they have become Illusionists, they cannot progress any further through the ranks of Khaido.
Current Members


High Council Arch magi: Vinny, Pustolio
Arch Magi: None
Scholar Magi: None
Magi of the North Tower: None
Magi of the East Tower: None
Magi of the South Tower: Fatbreadstick
Magi of the West Tower: Shade
Monk of Khaido: None
Acolyte of Khaido: Draco , Sepheroth

Special Ranks:
Illusionist: None

24th November 2004, 05:32 PM
The wind picked up gracefully as a tall man walked past a group of young people who were tending the fields, thier faces drenched with sweat and their skin tanned and burned from the bright sun above. They turned and bowed quickly to the man, about them, many futuristic buildings sand glowing in the sunlight, thier silverish forms glinting brightly. The man examined them calmly, taking in their detail and their beauty, they were stunning, the metal had been engraved with statuettes and silver knobs here and there. The man pulled back his hood, that was attached to his black silk traveling cloak and revealed his face.

The man looked to be out of his twenties, but he was actually a mere 50 someodd years, to his elven appearance. He had deep, black hair that was pulled back into a short pony tail and very mussed up from his travels across the seas surrounding the isle of Ter'ena, the isle of magi. The man turned his head to examine a structure of mythological proportions, the building was made of silverstone, and its four towers circling it and jutting from be base, and then going ever so higher into the sky than the others. The west tower the lowest, the south tower taller, the east, taller still, and the north, the tallest. In the center, a citadel made of beautiful stone and mystical properties.

The man, looking at the golden watch on his wrist, thought, and then hid his hand back into his cloak. He walked up to the enterance of the building, its beautiful doors colored a deep violet.

"The Khaido have awaited you Ashaaran." A voice called out.

"I understand mighty ones, I have come to the fold once more to forge the new Khaido." The man said in a deep, gruff voice.

"You have done well, One who Uses Thunder." Another voice said.

"I thank you Mighty brothers who forged the Khaido." Ashaaran said gruffly.

"We are pleased, and we must make our final leave, and return to paradise." A third voice said, slightly higher pitched than the others.

"I will not fail you Great ones." Ashaaran gruffly said and stood before the doors, awaiting anyone who decided to join the Khaido Magi.

24th November 2004, 07:32 PM
Within the bright light of the sun, a short and small figure sat perched upon a tree limb outside the fields in which there was no cover or shield from the hot sun. The slight wind and the breeze provided a soothing kiss that blocked the young workers from the burning heat; the breeze tickling the tip of the gnome's nose; making his giggle a squeaky sort of voice. The little gnome watched from afar the overbearing and tall figure robed in splendid black robes, made from the finest silks. The metallic and advanced city shone bright and flared the gnome's eyes with a stinging pain as the light reflected off the surfaces in all directions. The strange being rubbed his eyes with small fingers; the world returning from the distorted one caused by blurry vision.

"Ay, 'tis time I make me entrance!!!" the gnome happily said, hopping off the branch; landing softly upon his strange looking shoes (a bit curved at the ends of the shoe) and started running towards the fields towards the city. His short stature made only a peculiar looking coned hat been seen as he ran as fast as his small legs could take him. He huffed and puffed; stopping for the moment to catch his breath. "Bloody... me tinks I still gots long ways to go!" he squeaked. The gnome noticed the pieces of grain sticking to the sides of his dark green overcoat and began to pluck them off one by one. 'GAH! BLASTED GRAIN WONT COME OFF!!" he blurted out, making his long beard and mustache quiver. The strange little creature took off his satchel and began dusting himself off from the green coat, to his cone shaped hat, to his green slacks and the interesting and unorthodox shoes. 'Ay! TIS GOOD NOW!!!" he shouted in happiness; taking his satchel and running off again towards the light reflected by the city.

After several more breaks and a drink of ale, he had passed the workers in the field. (All of them stopping to stare with amusement at the bobbing red cap only visible in the field; looking closer to see the gnome waddle his way towards building. A few of them chuckled at the sight and they returned to their work. A wide crooked smile spread over the gnome's face as he saw the man at the violet doors and releasing a sudden burst of speed; running quite swift up the stairs and towards the man... But in his excitement, he tripped over his own feet and stumbled onto his face. "AAAAAAAAAAAAAARGGH! BLOODY SHOES!! ME HATES THEE!!!" he shouted; the roars partly muffled by the gnome's face right next to the floor. He scrambled to his feet and bowed to the elf. "Ay, me lad. It is I!!! GNARF!!!! THE MAGICAL GNOME!!!! GNOME ILLUSIONIST EXTRAORDINARE and COMIC RELIEF, SIR!!! I REPORT TO YOU TO JOIN THE RANKS OF THE KHAIDO!!!" Gnarf said proudly, with the same crooked grin.

24th November 2004, 07:42 PM
Ashaaran's eyes narrowed blankly as he looked at the comical little figure waddle up to him, he pulled away his cloak and looked down at the figure. He heard his name and his eyes widened with astonishment, this was an impossibility, this little one could not possibly the Gnarf that he had heard so very much about! He brushed back his messy black hair and yanked on his ponytail and thought for a few long seconds.

"Its hard to belive that the one called Gnarf, a man who was placed in the highest of ranks in the Khaido, is a Gnome, then again, the name fits." Ashaaran said cooly and then closed his cloak back up, the soft whisper of black silk brushing against the cold stone and adding to the sound of the calming breeze.

"Welcome little man, to the Khaido, tell me, of what Affinity art you?" Ashaaran said calmly, pulling back his black hair. It shined brightly in the light of the great sun and it smelt of Kija berries, a delicacy for the adventurer on the go, the Kija berry could easily fill and reenergize a warrior or magi who needed the extra boost.

24th November 2004, 08:06 PM
A strange smell began to seep through the fields that moment. A smell of metal, and with it came a strange rushing noise under the feet of the workers. It was as loud as thunder, but originated from below as a few jumper, and a few fainted, leaving the rest in complete shock at the sudden coming of the irritating noise. A few long plants and grains were dragged under, and the roots of trees groaned as millions of grains of metal zoomed past, with only one destination in mind. The Khaido weren't new to odd things like this, but they weren't exactly accustumed to it either, and as the roar grew closer and closer to the Khaido building, it grew faster and louder until it was almost as if a volcano was erupting inside of a tornado. An intense rumbling could be felt underneath the feet of the two men of the Khaido, when suddenly a cloud of silver shot out of the ground, the dust swiriling, converging onto one spot next to them. As quick as it had come out of the ground it had dissapeard, leaving a giant, about eight feet, standing in it's place. The sun reflected off of his smooth, silver body, and as he moved an enourmous hand, a loud, irritating screech could be heard, until he stopped that is, and turned bright red. A sudden blast of heat was felt and the smooth silver turned into bubbling red, and the once metal giant turned into one made of lava, heat escaping into the air. As he spoke, his deep, rich voice could be heard booming through the plains, and as he stepped back a little, two holes, about six inches deep, became visible.

"Hello, I am Durik. I would shake your hands but..."

24th November 2004, 08:11 PM
As the ground rumbled Ashaaran quickly turned, his hands moving in quick formations, under his breath he was uttering many words of power, preparing to unleash an assault on the attacker, he narrowed his eyes when the figure burst from the earth, leaving behind a trail of lava and fire. He was interested, this person must be somewhat skilled to be able to pull off that type of trick. He grinned and extended a hand in greeting, his spell holding itself back in his hand in case of this man being a hostile.

"Hello, I am Durik. I would shake your hands but..."

"I see, welcome Durik, to the citadel of Ter'ena, the fates were wise in chosing you, you are truly welcome among our ranks, and will learn much here. May your eyes grow strong and your mind grow wise." As the old words of the Magi say when you greet someone that one is impressed with.

Ashaaran's hands calmed and the raging energies behind them dispersing, he was pleased to see a fellow spellcaster that was not one of comedic stature, but he still respected his small little colleauge.

24th November 2004, 09:25 PM
A familiar face enters the place, her face radiant with beauty. At her side are two swords and a mask, tied to her belt. She speaks in a soft, sweet tone of voice. "Hello. May I join?"

Another figure, dressed in a green jumpsuit, also enters. This figure wears a green helmet with antennae sticking out from her jumpsuit. "Hello," She says, in a voice that demands respect. "I want to join this clan."

Finally, a voice echoes through all of their minds. "My name is Mantidae. May I join the clan?"

24th November 2004, 09:34 PM
Ashaaran, sensing the presence of the beautiful little girl turned and examined her quickly, he sensed latent or greater powers inside of her and took no notice of her appearance, he stepped forward and extended a hand in greeting, he noticed that she had no true experience with magic, she needed training, but she was however, experienced enough to become at least a Magi of the West Tower.

"You have power, but no true knowledge of your powers, as I can sense." Ashaaran said cooly, keeping his hand out.

"You and your two friends are welcome, I am Ashaaran, and this is Gnarf, we are the two Khaido Council Arch Magi. We will be your leaders." Ashaaran said calmly

24th November 2004, 09:47 PM
Shade and Mantis bow at the same time. "Thank you, kind sir," Shade says. "I won't let you down." HEr voice, though soft, is full of determination.

Mantis speaks in a demanding and determined voice. "I will not let you down, either, sir!" She salutes and bows again. Then, she remains standing, wondering what is next.

A mystical voice drifts through everyone's heads. "Thank you!"

Now, Mantidae, the giant mutant, has been hiding in the shadows the whole time, afraid that she might scare someone, as that is a logical response to seeng something as strange as her.

24th November 2004, 10:19 PM
Through this long intro, Durik seemed to be shrinking. By now he had reached five feet tall, and began to grow smaller and smaller even faster. Finally, he dissapered from view, underground yet again, trying to escape the messages rocketing through his body. What are the- Thank you! What? I can't move my limbs properly! Oh sweet mother of pearl. Now that his body was more of a liquid then anything else, those pesky messages were blocked and he could function normally. The only problem was, the upper levels of the ground and lower levels of the air were getting hot, no matter how hard Durik tried to suppress it. With a mental sigh, he slowly let his head resurface and yelled out to those above ground.

"Would you please stop sending mental messages? Or at least focus them to the head section? I don't have a central nervouse system like you, and it interferes with my whole body!"

24th November 2004, 10:28 PM
Mantidae immediately begins to probe the man's body, trying to sense his mind. But yet, his mind is everywhere. She soon finds a bundle of nerves near the head and it able to pinpoint where she should send it to in the head. "Is this better? And it's not my fault; you see, this is the only way I can communicate "

25th November 2004, 11:42 AM
Ashaaran smiled plainly and looked up to the sky, he thought for a moment and then heard the voices of the elders speaking into his mind once more, it shocked him that they would return so early, but he nodded and accepted their minds into his, allowing a strong link to hear their voices within the expanses of his mind.

Tell the young girl, that she will be most welcome here. . . The first said, his voice deep and unruly.

Tell the others, they must go out and recruit more of their kind. The second said, his voice a sophisticated one.

Inform them, tell them they must find more, time is of the essence. The last one said, his voice a higher pitch than the others.

Yes my lords. Ashaaran thought.

"We must go out and recruit more Khaido, there are plenty of those who have the potential to form this group, go now, and help us grow strong." Ashaaran said wisely.

"I will remain here and welcome those who wish to join us." Ashaaran said calmly and then pointed to Gnarf.

"As will he, you have the blessing of the Arch Magi." Ashaaran said calmly, his eyes narrowing.

"Young girl, you are most welcome here, so say the Great Khaido."

25th November 2004, 12:33 PM
Windstrider approached the temple of the Khaido, his slivery, metallic fur rippling in the wind. His ears were cocked forward sightly, and his heavy muscles rippled under his fur as he walked. His tail twitched nervously as he approached Ashaaran. There were not many of his kind lift, he didn't know how he would be recieved. From his experience, most humans feared that which they didn't understand, and reacted agressively. His hand subconciously drifted towards his blaster, and he forcefully jerked it back.

"Excuse me," he said. "I have come to aid your clan."

25th November 2004, 12:48 PM
The little gnome still kept his crooked grin (a smile so silly and obnoxious it could make anyone laugh just by the slightest look at it.) Gnarf kept his body straight and completely still; as one would be if he was a soldier in line in the army. He continued to smile his stupid grin as the leader welcomed the gnome. "Its hard to belive that the one called Gnarf, a man who was placed in the highest of ranks in the Khaido, is a Gnome, then again, the name fits." "Ay, me lord. That is me... Gnarf!!!" he said proudly, sticking out his chest with his pride brimming from the edges of his posture. "Welcome little man, to the Khaido, tell me, of what Affinity art you?" "I be an illusionist, me lord. Master of trickery, deceit, confusion, and a wee bit of chaos!!!" he squeaked, his outrageous tone rippling his white beard. "I be.... EH!! WHAT BE THAT DELICIOUS SMELL!?!?!?!" Gnarf bursted out with the smell of berries enticing him. "WHERE? WHERE?" he questioned, as a rush of hot air slammed into. "OW! OW! OW! HOT!!!! HOOOOOOOOOOT!" the short gnome wailed and quickly jumped about face to see the source of the heat.

"HEY! WHAT DO YOU THINK YOU'RE- ehh......" Gnarf yelled, the little guy staring straight up at a bubbling magma giant right behind Gnarf. "NYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!!" he screamed scrambling away from the giant and hid behind Ashaaran. "Hello, I am Durik. I would shake your hands but..." Gnarf's eye remained bloodshot, under his breath he continued to mutter, "Don't soil yeself.... don't soil yeself...." until he finally realized that Durik was not another monster trying to eat Gnarf. Stepping reluctantly out from Asharaan, the small illusionist timidly siad, "Eh... Hello Durik.... DONT EAT ME!!! PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!"

"Hello. May I join?... "Hello, I want to join this clan." Gnarf, stopped his bawling and the fears grasped lessened as he saw Durik's form change and altar its form; with a new group of newcomers approaching the door. The one who first asked the question was very beautiful; his curiousity increasing when he spotted the female in green and what was under the green helmet. The gnome opened his mouuth to speak as another voice echoed into his head, "My name is Mantidae. May I join the clan?" "Eh.... yes, yes, and... um... yes?" Gnarf said, his mind jumbled by all of the events that have passed by with a blur. "Where is that voice coming from?" the illusionist questioned; as Mantidae appeared from the shadows. "WOW!!!!" Gnarf cried out running towards Mantidae and examining her interesting and unique form.

"I will remain here and welcome those who wish to join us...as will he, you have the blessing of the Arch Magi." Gnarf again with extreme pride, adding in, "AY! WELCOME ME LASSES!!!" The gnome then moved his with small legs towards the two other females and examined them too. "Hmm... hmmm... yes. Interesting. Much potential, says I," the gnome rambled to the girls.

"Excuse me... I have come to aid your clan." Gnarf's grin spread again, happy to hear the voice of a potential clan member. Rushing out from behind the two girls he saw the newcomer; and followed the tail of the newcomer as he walked towards Ashaaran. "AY... interesting!!! A fine addition I would say!"

25th November 2004, 12:55 PM
Ashaaran raised an eyebrow, the little man was a very strange creature, rambling on as if he was one of the drunken dwarves in the northern mountains, but he looked hardly like them, in his silly and often comical clothing and his strange little beard. He wondered still how such a strange man could be one equal to his prowess. It was quite a question indeed. Ashaaran closed his cloak, he wanted to look more intimidating, it was his way, of course.

He noticed the figure approaching them and that Gnarf was examining him and flirting with the girls. Ashaaran chuckled, his eyes glinting with mirth but his body stiff and true to his hard nature. He examined the newcomer closely, determined to figure out what this man planned, then he heard it.

"Excuse me... I have come to aid your clan."

then came Gnarfs Response;

"AY... interesting!!! A fine addition I would say!"

"I sense anxiety towards human kind in your aura, you need not worry, we are not prejudice here, we are a clan of all kinds, you may join us, you are a worthy member, you are titled an Acolyte, and will study and learn the ways of your magical affinity." Ashaaran said calmly, his eyes glinting with pride and his mouth widening into a stressed grin.

26th November 2004, 01:29 PM
OoC: Doh! I forgot to mention his race. It's the male version of a catgirl, a catguy. Catbeings, they're actually called.

IC: Windstrider bowed.

"I thank you, sir," he said. "It is an honor to serve with you. I would like to take a test to advance in rank, if that's possible."

26th November 2004, 05:47 PM
Gnarf is one to be known as easily distracted. In this case, the priceless look on Ashaaran's attention caught the gnome's attention. The illusionist smiled brushing his silver beard to straighten it. He was quite used to that kind of stare... Gnarf was a playful character. He loved to confuse and nonsense; for that is a key factor to knowing the gnome was truly a skilled illusionist. This was merely an illusion to reveal the true side of Gnarf... a powerful magical force was locked inside. His antics and strange behaviors were merely a mirage... much like the one Ashaaran was trying to attempting; wanting to keep his overpowering presence. The little gnome waddled towards Ashaaran, squeaking, "AY! Looks like we need more members! Three more I would say!"

"It is an honor to serve with you. I would like to take a test to advance in rank, if that's possible."

A widening grin spread over Gnarf's face... he loved to make challenges as he sat down and pondered for a few minutes. "AAAAAAAAARGH!!!" he snorted in frustration... he did not know whether if his brain was put out of commission when he fell on his face or perhaps his hunger was getting a hold of him. "Oh BLOODY HELL!!!! I can not think of something. My kind feline friend, WHAT MAGIC BE YOU USING?!?! Perhaps me can whip up a test for ye, once I know what magics you proficient in."

26th November 2004, 06:11 PM
Now that whatever it was that was sending messages found the right nerves to send them to, Durik began to resurface, and began to give off steam. As the gelatonous mass got above ground, it formed itself into a body, turning all the soil into white ash. When Durik had fully reformed, he began to steam even more and turned silver once again. He liked this form better since there was less of a chance he would hurt someone without knowing it, but it did make a lot of noise for while until he got used to it. This has been too easy... His tall eight foot figure looked onto the small cat-like person, who apperantly joined the clan.

"Your name please good sir. I am Durik, Novice Magi of the South Tower."

26th November 2004, 06:18 PM
Windstrider quirked an eyebrow at the gnome.

"I, my little friend," he said, "am proficent in bio magic, to shift my shape, and to compliment my karate skills, but I rely more on gadgets." He pulled his sleeve up to reveal a watch, and flicked his wrist. A dart flew out of the watch and hit the nearby wall. "Poisonous, it can kill a person in thirty seconds. I have a number of useful gadgets like it." Then he turned to the being who had just adressed him.

"My appologies," he said. "I forgot to introduce myself. My name is Windstrider."

26th November 2004, 06:31 PM
Durik watched as the dart sailed into a wall, and waited for a reply from the small man, a reply that finally came after a short wait. He began to move towards the wall, his mettalic body screeching loudly, his large feet landing on the ground with a heavy thud, leaving foot deep craters in the soft soil. The small dart seemed like it would be effective against things like flesh, but wouldn't even scratch his mettalic body.

"Windstrider, I would like to know if there is something you could do against one such as myself, leader of the FireSpawn, the eight creatures. Though you needn't even impress me, I would like to know."

26th November 2004, 07:14 PM
Just in walking distance of the citadel. A figure that looked like he was in his mid twenties was carrying a sack on his back, two swords (one reverse blade, the other is a normal katana) and a baby dragon that was about 1 ft. 6" in size following him. The man stopped moving and bent over the small dragon and said to it, "Now Sigfreid! No funny stuff while we're here! I know you don't like magic, but I have to be taught some so I could avenge my family and friends deaths!" The dragon nodded then both of them continued walking over to the citadel. When they got there, Bakusho asked the short man, "Uhh excuse me, but is this where I can get taught to use magic?"

26th November 2004, 07:39 PM
Ashaaran grinned, this was interesting, one with a Dragon as a familiar. He approached the man with keen interest and extended a hand in greeting. His large body making surely quite an impression on this newcomer.

"Welcome, of what Aspect are you? That way I can properly help you with your magic." He said cooly, his hair floating backwards in the swift wind. And his large form imposing a great shadow on the doors.

26th November 2004, 07:44 PM
Bakusho extended his hand out as well and shook the big mans hand. "To be honost, I don't really have an Aspect. The only thing that I know that kind of counts as magic is my transformation into a dragon. Would you like me to show you?" Bakusho waited for an answer.

27th November 2004, 04:18 PM
Winstrider nodded to the Firespawn.

"Of course," he said. "I have a number of such gadgets. Take this for example." He reached into his pocket and pulled out a case of cigars. He pulled one out and put the case away. He pointed one end of the cigar at a column of the building, and twisted the other end. A small missile flew from the end pointing away from Windstrider, and exploded against the column. When the dust settled, the column was lying on the ground, severed from it's base.

"Of course," he said, "there are a number of other things I would rather use against one like you. For example, a PLK-83 Laser Pistol, like I have here." He patted the laser pistol on his hip.

27th November 2004, 07:55 PM
Bakusho just stood there still waiting for an answer. Then he looked off to the east and saw a man walking by. He was wearing some kind of symbol on his arm. Hmm. Is that what I think it is? Ung...grr! Bakusho then fell to his knees and held his head in pain. "No not now!" He did see that symbol before. It was the sign of the Slaying Mercenaries. Bakusho turned to his dragon and said, "Sigfreid! Get inside my bag NOW!" His little pet looked shocked, but he did what his master said. "Please! Help me!" Bakushos skin was turning into red dragon scales, his head began to take the form of a dragon head, his hands turned into claws, his feet turned into dragon feet, the holes in the back of his uniform had red wings coming out of them, his teeth turned sharp, and his eyes turned into a ruby red color. His transformation was complete!

27th November 2004, 09:59 PM
Durik watched as the small, yet imimpresive missile. He waited as the smoke cleared, thinking about what might happen should his old men find him. The Khaido couldn't beat them. They would be over powered very fast... even with these missiles and lasers... Suddenly, another new clan member began to cry out and as Durik turned, even began to transform. His mettalic figure was very disturbed at this, and turned to aid him.

"My friend, what ails you?"

28th November 2004, 12:26 PM
Bakusho coulden't respond to Durik. He lost control over his body. His pet then got out of the bag and went over to Durik and said, "Please! You have to help him! The only way he can turn back is when he gets tired or if he drinks a special potion! Do you know anything that can help?" The transformed warrior flew up high in the air and dove down at the man wearing the symbol of the army that destroyed his village. The man started to run for his life, but he was caught by Bakushos claws. The man was then toren to pieces by the uncontroled dragon. After killing the man, he drew his attention towards the clan members.

28th November 2004, 03:11 PM
As the new clan member shot into the sky on the wings of a dragon, another one appeared from inside of his bag. Durik didn't really pay much attention to it, in awe of what his friend had done, until it became violent. As the newly formed dragon grabbed a man, a man whose fear could be smelled even from the clan building, and ripped him limb from limb, sending blood splattering everywhere, long pipe like entrails flailing in the air as the rest of his organs splattered on the ground. Durik watched in horror as his clan mate took joy in ending the mans life, and memories of him doing the same thing, taking pleasure in another's pain. He ran forwards, his mettalic body screeching with the sudden movement, as he tried to get the dragon's attention.

"Hey! That's not how we treat people around here! Calm down or face the consequences!"

28th November 2004, 04:09 PM
Bakusho looked at the man who was running towards him. "Hey! That's not how we treat people around here! Calm down or face the consequences!" When he herd that he calmed right down and fell to the ground. He changed back to normal, but he was knocked out!

28th November 2004, 04:16 PM
Shade's eyes go wide in fright as the man is ripped to pieces, cringing as the sickening sound of torn flesh reaches her ears. She shakes in fright as the dragon turns towards her, though not looking at her specifically. Not knowing what else to do, she runs and hides behind Mantis. "Don't eat me..."

Meanwhile, Mantis also cringes, but doesn't show her fer, stiffening rigidly and putting her arms out, shielding Shade as she hides and cowers behind her. "Please, stop." She says, a bit too loudly. "We don't want any trouble..."

Mantidae chirps and bends her legs, ready to spring into action if her friends are attack. "Don't attack my friends..." She leaves the threat hanging, and communicates only to the dragon.

28th November 2004, 04:38 PM
Windstrider rushed over to the unconcious, detransformed warrior. He pulled a hypospray out of his pocket, pressed it to the warrior's neck, and injected a potion to revive him. Hunched over the warrior, he secretly drew a dart from his pocket, examined it, and loaded it into his watch. He slapped the dragonman's face lightly.

"Hey, wake up," he said.

28th November 2004, 05:01 PM
"Ung! What... What happened?" Bakusho got up to a sitting position and looked at the man by his side. "Who are you?" the tired warrior said.

28th November 2004, 05:33 PM
"I am Windstrider," the cat-being said. "You changed into some sort of dragon and went wild, then you just collapsed. You're damned lucky no-one took aggressive action against you."

29th November 2004, 03:48 PM
"I need a place to sit! Can we go inside? I'll tell you everything there!" Bakusho tried to get up but he just fell back on to the ground. He felt really woozy from transforming.

29th November 2004, 09:30 PM
this is a recruitment thread not a rping thread, get that one extra member and get it over with.

30th November 2004, 12:33 PM
Well, we kinda are. We're RPing Seph's recruitment. And I believe we now do have seven people.

30th November 2004, 04:18 PM
If you did have 7 members, I would have yelled at you for not letting me know so I could make the thread. Fact is you have 6 members so get one more or don't get a clan at all. Thirdly, make a quest for it, has never been done before so it would be a first.

Draco, Shade, Sepheroth, Pustolio, FBS, Vinny

I'm in a bad mood, but I can still count

30th November 2004, 04:20 PM
erm, you forgot Lord-Troja

30th November 2004, 04:35 PM
Has he posted here? No, so get him to post here and I'll make the thread. People could say all they want that those members will join. Until I see them confirming that here, no clan.

30th November 2004, 04:42 PM
I seem to remember when I made my clan I posted in the thread for a new thread and you didn't ask any questions.

30th November 2004, 04:48 PM
Do you want me to come back on that? Just get troja to post here ... crap, just remembered he had comp problems ... alright, I make the thread, next time you have 7 members though, do let one of the mods know (or shade, you could have made it)


Here you go, have fun