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5th September 2004, 10:44 AM
OOC: This is the quest from the old GUA, the members are myself, Wolve, Callisto, and Vincent. There will be no new members joining. If you wish to join, PM me, and I'll try to work something out.


He sighed as the he looked around, his keen eyes lighting on the forms of the defeated dwarves. They had finally made it to the first goal, and he realized that he was one step closer to amassing an army to defeat the rising Darkness, and he put his sword away, closing his eyes for a moment.

When they opened, the dwarves were gone, save for the two or three that had been killed in the fight. It was strange that they would leave so suddenly. But before he could think about it, the ground under him began to heave, and he was thrown off of his feet. The scaly red earth rose and fell, until he finally recognized why the dwarves had left.

"It's... a dragon..."

He and the group were cast to the actual ground beneath them, the cold earthen rock of the cavern, and he could only watch in wonder as the dragon that had provided their floor rose to his feet, majestic wings beating. The shimmering armor he naturally wore provided a warm light as the air he beat with his massive wings heated the room. A small puff of fire came from its nostrils, causing the air to quiver, and then it ended.

"That damn dwarf..."

They had been set up, the king almost certain that the four couldn't defeat a full-sized dragon, and Illuvatar grimaced.

"Alright... it looks like we've got a fight on our hands..."

5th September 2004, 12:38 PM
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*Vincent grew quite surprised when the remaining dwarves scurried away in fear. Had they really taught them their lesson? No, it wasnt like dwarves to run from a fight, even when their lives were on the line...Vincent then grew quite concerned from the silence. He heard something breathing and stomping in the distance. He slowly turned his head and started to glare down the dark tunnel, his fears slowly being realized as the creature came further and further...it was a dragon!*

"Oh my...."

*Vincent instinctively stepped backwards, crowding himself nearby the others. The dragons breath could be smelled, and that only raised his fear. He didnt know what they should do. Vincent held his sword out in front of himself in a defensive stance and addressed the others*

"Uhh....how are we going to do this?"

6th September 2004, 01:01 AM
OOC: Yep, thanks Earendil.

IC: Dangit! A fire dragon is our new opponent. Now that we have this to face, we really have to work as a team.

*From having a fire dragon himself, Pyros, Callisto knew well enough about their potential power. He tightened his grip on his two katanas, holding both in front of him, but they would be useless if the dragon made any attack. Thinking of a way to defeat this new opponent, Callisto decided first of all that the wings must be taken out first. Without those the dragon could be on the same, or lesser, fighting plane than the four members.*

"Vincent, we distract it, then strike. We must stay on the offensive and go for its wings first. I'll start."

*The elf nimbly ran away from the group and towards a darker area of the cathedral, near a pillar, attempting to split the dragon's attention. When in slightly darker surroundings, Callisto waited for the dragon or rest of the group to do something, but for now, Callisto would volley attacks form here; at least until he knew the dragon had multiple targets to worry about. Attacking from the shadows was dishonorable and a cheap way to win in Callisto's opinion. Callisto quickly send his energy thorugh the stone floor and directly beneath the dragon. He released the energy, blasting up a furious column of flames, which would engulf a large amount of the dragon if he didn't move (Eruption).*

Alright, let's go guys...

6th September 2004, 01:39 AM
The wings?!? Is he mad?! How are we going to get up there?

*Vincent was very surprised at Callisto's wit and knowledge of dragons. It would have taken Vincent a lot longer time to figure out where to strike first...or he would have just let the sword figure out for itself. As soon as he realized it Callisto was already springing into action. Vincent looked over his shoulder at Illuvatar*

"Uhh, shall we?"

*Vincent then faced forward and charged towards the dragon. Holding the sword in one hand, he created a electric orb in his left hand as he ran towards it. He stopped about 10 feet in front of the dragon and threw the orb with all his might. He awaited to see what Callisto was up to, for he wasnt over here...and he was all alone in front of a powerful dragon that's ready to strike...*

6th September 2004, 08:42 AM
Illuvatar watched in amazement as Callisto used a fire attack on the dragon. He was wondering if people knew that dragons liked the fire. Shaking his head, he watched as the pillar of fire twirled around the dragon, harmless against his magical hide and fiery body. The lightning attack, however, would prove slightly more effective, the electricity running over his skin, equating to a shock or somesuch other amount of power.

"Get the wings...I'll aim for other parts..."

There were certain parts of the wings not covered in scales, such as the top ridge of them, the connection with the body, and part of the membrane, and he expected the others to attack those. He, in the meantime, would use his arrows to attack his eyes and stomach. However, he was forced to run very far backwards as the dragon reared up, and unleashed a wave of fire that swirled outwards in a wide swath, forcing him to retreat so as not to get burned.

6th September 2004, 06:29 PM
Excellent, so it likes fire does it...? This could be easier this way.

*Callisto watched as the dragon bathed in the flames, almost taking a refuge in it. The lightning had a different effect however, it seemed to charge throughout the entire front surface of the dragon, slightly weakening that part, but the dragon quickly recovered. The group had scattered from the front of the dragon as it let out a great stream of flames, spanning the floor of the cavern.*

"Keep going guys! Fire at the wings if you can."

*Callisto shouted out to the other members in the cavern, hoping they would hear him. No doubt the dragon heard too, and it showed slightly by the wings folding slightly in, but still open to show the beast's glory.*

Alright, now again.

*Callisto placed some more fire energy directly beneath the dragon, planning to do another Eruption. Callisto then moved fully behind the pillar, puting it between him and the dragon. He then released the fire energy underneath the dragon, forming another pillar of flames.*


*Just after releasing the fire energy, Callisto flashed with fire energy from the outside. He was soon gone as his body, now entirely flames, passed through the ground to the point of where he released the Eruption, coming above ground as fire. He now changed back to normal, assuming the heat from his own body would not be felt by the dragon right after the attack. The elf crouched low beneath the dragon's hind legs, making as little sound as possible, which was almost none for an elf if he chose. He then watched as his fellow members continued their assault on the dragon.*

If this works, we'll be in business.

7th September 2004, 09:19 AM
Yeah, nice to have it back. I've come to find that I really like this Quest.

Darius had little time to wonder about the dwarves running away, for the ground beneath him almost immediatly broke, making the four tumble down. Landing on their feet, a dragon rose in front of them.

'..Oh boy..'

Before Darius could think of something to do, Callisto had taken the lead and sprinted away. Vincent and Illuvatar kicked in only mere seconds later. Knowing that Dragons liked fire, Darius decided not to use his spells too much in an offensive way, as more in a defensive way. After Callisto's harmless attack, the dragon spread out a wave of fire from his nostrils. Though Darius knew Callisto wouldn't be hurt by it, he doubted about the others and quickly jumped into action himself. Concentrating on the Fire that approached them, Darius quickly started searching for a pattern in the Fire. It was something that only trained Fire Mages could see and it is hard to explain what exactly they see. They call it a 'pattern' but that's actually a strange word to use here. But I don't have time to discuss that now, maybe some other time. Fact was, Darius had soon found it and as soon as he had done so, he could 'lock in' to the Dragon's Fire, as he liked to call it. This actually meant that because he knew the pattern of the Dragon's Fire, he could control it. (Flame Manipulation).

Now that he was in charge of this wave, he simply turned it back towards the dragon, slightly aiming for its wings.

"Guys, I got you covered with his Fire Attacks, so don't worry about them! You attack him, I'll keep you guys safe!"

7th September 2004, 01:41 PM
*Vincent leapt up into the air, trying to slice the right wing with his electrically charged sword. In doing so he brought the attention of the dragon towards him, and it shot a wall of flame towards him. He leapt away from the dragon just in time to avoid the flames, but it stopped....? He noticed that his other compainion Darius came to the rescue. Couldn't have been at a better time. He got up and wiped the dirt off his legs, but noted his cloak was slightly singed*

Phew...close one! Thanks Darius...

*Vincent then pointed his sword towards the dragon and smirked. He then adjusted it to face the wings. He only hoped that his plan would work, or at least distract the beast so the others could clip his wings. He felt the energy that was inside of the sword pulsate, and in a burst he released the energy, causing a bolt of lightning to leap from the sword's tip towards the dragon*

I doubt he can dodge that...

9th September 2004, 02:20 PM
The fire attacks and redirections held little power over the dragon, his mighty scales and internal body heat easily withstanding his own fire. With the acceptance of a dragon-scale sword and magma, nothing could penetrate his scales. However, the lightning of Vincent had a mighty effect on the dragon, the scales once more conducting the large blast over its body, the tingling sensation briefly paralyzing the huge beast. That was when Illuvatar struck.

In an instant, his light feet carried him to under the dragon, where he lept upwards, somehow scaling the dragon until he stood on its head, an arrow pointed down directly between his eyes, the tip of it glowing a fierce blue. The hue that surrounded the arrow was so bright that the dull red glow from the dragon was replaced, the surrounding cave illuminated by the sheer power of it.

"You stop now."

The dragon was undoubtedly ancient, a friend of the dwarves, and would not continue fighting when it was defeated, as much to protect its own life as well as the dwarves he lived right next to. A mighty sigh came from the beast, the wave of hot air filling the cave as it slowly lowered itself to the ground, where Illuvatar lightly jumped off of its head to the rock below.

The king had promised them help with their quest, and he now went to claim it.

"You guys stay here... Rest or something until I get back. I need to inform the king that we've won."

OOC: Aka, I'm too lazy to post the conversation between my character and the king, so just sit around for a few posts resting or something.

9th September 2004, 06:35 PM
OOC: Dang, I was hoping to be all secret and stuff underneath the dragon.

IC: *Callisto watched as Earendil lept form the ground, ending up on top of the dragon's head in no time, but such was the agility of an elf. He figured he was distracting the dragon or had an idea of his own. Callisto lept out from underneath the dragon to strike at the wing. Just before he would send a bolt of lightning, the dragon began to moan and then began to topple over. He saw Earendil leap off the head and land on the stones.*

Hmmm, I guess he finished it for me. Oh well, whatever works.

"You guys stay here... Rest or something until I get back. I need to inform the king that we've won."

"Alright, sure thing."

*Callisto wiped the blood off his katanas before sheathing them. The samurai sat down and lay against a pillar, tired from the accumulation of mental and physical stress in the battle. A short rest would rejuvinate him though, preparing him for what was to come.*

10th September 2004, 12:18 AM
*Vincent leaned against his legs and breathed heavily. He couldnt believe that they had gotten the dragon that fast....I guess there is indeed a lot of power and dedication with this group. He hoped that it would last long enough for the real test that was to come. He sighed as he straightened himself up and walked towards Callisto. He watched as Illuvatar spoke and began to motion to leave*

"So...this was a part of the test too? The dragon...?"

*Vincent shrugged when Illuvatar left and looked around the cave, searching for a spot to sit back and relax. He sheathed his sword and walked towards a rock that lay on the walls of the cave. He sat down, and took a deep breath and gazed around in the darkness. The scent of fire and blood was apparent in this place, and that brought him back to the attention of his wound. He cracked his neck and began to work a better job on it. After a moment he got it better taken care of, and then looked towards Callisto*

"Now that I think about it, I hope the dwarves aren't mad at us...and I hope we passed their test..."

10th September 2004, 06:01 PM
"Yes, I would assume the dragon was part of the test since we had to battle on top of it first. If they're mad, then I suppose we'll have a whole colony on our hands, but the king should keep by his word."

*Callisto relaxed, letting his heart and breathing slow back to a calm state. Even though the king probably grew up lying and decieving others to get into power, he probbaly was capable of understanding the incredible feat of defeating a dragon. Not just a dragon however, one that the king chose them to fight above, and a dragon who was an ally of the dwarves.*

I'll be dealing with the king myself if we prove to not be sufficient enough fighters to gain his help.

17th September 2004, 02:37 PM
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A brief moment later, Illuvatar came back into the cavern, nodding his head slightly at the group, and spoke.

"I just spoke with the king, and he is going to keep his word. When we need it, he will send us with his army. As for now, the dragon we just fought will transport us to our next destination. Unless you care to walk a thousand miles over the driest land on earth?"