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Dracizian Republic
General Information


The Dracizian Republic is a Nation of united people under the Rule of the Draciz royal Family and the Mighty Draconic Council. The Dracizian Republic is a powerful Galactic Superpower. It is based on the Dragon world of Draiik III, a red encrusted planet with only one Vegitation covered continent, Draiik III is the original world of all Dragons.


About 2 millennia after the Planets were formed the Great Dragon god, IO was born from Gshik, the creator god, also known as the source. The Dragon God, decided to create a people in the image of his Father, Gshik, and Himself, He gave birth to the epitome of Dragons, the Dracons, a Humanoid race of dragons that change into Dragons at Will. The Dracons became a nomadic race and wandered the endless Crimson dunes of Draiik III, the Dragon world. As time progressed they found their way to a ocean surrounding a massive uncharted continent. It was a surprise to the people of Draiik III because the only large bodies of liquid they had ever seen were of Lava and Mercury, but here. . . There was water.

The Dracons created rafts to travel across the sea and came to the uncharted Continent, they settled there in a small village at the center, where the land was strangely fertile and forests bloomed. They became slowly edgy however and asked IO for a leader, IO chose the most trustworthy of the Dracons, A silver Dragon by the name of Azurn Kash Draciz. Azurn immediately was proclaimed leader of the fledgling tribe and his family was blessed with eternal Leadership of all Dragon Kind.

Many years passed and the people became tired of living in such solitude, they prayed to IO for skills to help them grow larger on this holy continent. The Dracons were blessed with the art of Science and Terraformation, they terraformed the entire continent and named it Dracizia, after their Ruling Family. They became more and more powerful as they grew into bustling cities of activity. They became technologically advanced for their age.

Billions of Years passed, and the Dracizians stayed on the continent of Dracizia, they became the most advanced people in their part of the Galaxy, but they did not know that. During the Years after the first Terraformation, they discovered the many different species of Creatures on the planet. But the most famous was the Draike, a Draconic creature that could only stay in its Dragon form, and was primal from birth until it aged into sentience.

Soon however, Dracizians became tired of this lifestyle and began to use the magic that they had held so dear to travel away from Draiik III. As punishment for deserting their home world, these Dragons lost the memories of the Dragon Home world, and were forced to believe that they came from other worlds.

Dracizia soon discovered Technology to allow them to travel between planets, they began constructing vesells of impossible design and size, they developed weaponry and veichles, they built towers and skyscrapers.

Dracizia soon divided itself into multiple sectors after the birth of the Dracizian High Council, the mages and warriors chosen by the Emperor, who at the time was named Kirin Tarn Draciz. Each sector flourished under the rule of a single High Council member.

Now, the Dracizians were ready to start colonizing the rest of the planet, but some objected, saying, for respect of their gods, they were not to colonize the Red dunes. The emperor agreed, he designated the Red Dunes preserved, they did not want to colonize their sacred birthing grounds.

The Dracizians then began to colonize other worlds however, they met the other advanced people of the Galaxy and began forming alliances. The Dracizians however, were forced into many wars. They became powerful, and very respected, their natural Dragon forms became feared throughout the galaxy.

The Dracizians finally decided to help form the Galactic alliance under the rule of Vincent Christian Draciz the Fourth, father of the Present Emperor, The Galactic alliance was formed on the Capitol Planet of Mek’rana.

The Dracizians became famous for the Emperor that forged the Galactic alliance because of his incredible Diplomatic skills. He became a fabled emperor, especially after his Youngest son, Viper, became a Emmisary to the primitive world known as ‘Earth’ The Dracizians soon however, were put into a state of depression after the eldest of the brothers, Vincent Christian Draciz the Fifth, vanished immediately before the Great War.

The Dracizians soon lost their leader to an assassin. And plunged headfirst into Civil War, The Deranged Abyssal Dracizian, Lucas, took leadership of the rebel side of Dracizia.

Soon though, the young Prince of Dragons returned to Dracizia and began a revolution to retake the Capitol and the most powerful nation in the Galaxy.’

Many years afterward, Vincent retook the capitol and vanished without a trace, leaving his young son, of 21 years of age, to become ruler of the Republic.

1. Emperor: Master of All Dragons and ruler of planet Draiik III

2. High Council Member: (7 Members only) the board that oversees the Emperors plans and votes on new laws before sending the last vote to the Emperor.

3. Dracizian Senator: A senator that goes out to different planets and nations to discuss diplomatic treaties and the like.

4. Dracizian Official: Official that represents the Dracizian Republic inside itself.

5. Dracizian High Mage: Leaders of the Dracizian Army

6. Dracizian Scientist: Invents new technology and ideas.

7. Dracizian General: Heads of Sections of the Dracizian Army

8. Dracizian Lieutenant: Heads of Army Divisions

9. Dracizian Solider: Ordinary Solider.

10. Dracizian Adept: An adept to the Dracizian Army.

Code of the Dracizian Republic:

1. The honor of the Dracizian republic is above all else, the most important thing to be preserved. Also the principles of Science, heritage, magic and kinship must always be revered.

2. Everything done must be done for the greater good of the Dracizian Republic and all dragons and people everywhere.

3. There may be only one Emperor, and the transition of power can only be given to the son of the Emperor or another at his dying breath or if he retires from his post, then he must be approved by the entire clan.

4. The Emperor has the final say in any course of action carried out by the Republic, whether it be war, peace, or a quest. The emperor is advised by the High council with each of these decisions. The High Council consists of 7 members that will stay in this position till their dying breath or they retire.

5. The means of punishment for those who break the laws of the Republic are as follows.
a. 1st offense or misdemeanor: Warning or slight drop in trust
b. 2nd offense or minor felony : Continual Drop in trust and possible Demotion
c. 3rd offense or major felony: Demotion to Exile
d. 4th offense or Multiple felonies: Exile

7. The means of recruiting new citizens of the Republic will be an interview with the Council members or the Emperor himself (in rare cases)

8. Promotion or Demotion in the Republic is reserved for the Council or the Emperor himself.

10 All activity that is against these rules or the GUA official rules will be reported to the Emperor.

11. To Be promoted one must ask for the new position from the emperor or a High Council Member. Then a vote will take place and it will be decided if the requestee will be promoted. Thus removing the need for a points system.

Members so far:
Rank 1 (Highest): Vincent_Draciz
Rank 2: (7 Only) Draco, Pustolio, Shade, Iocane
Rank 3:
Rank 4:
Rank 5:
Rank 6:
Rank 7:
Rank 8: Fatbreadstick
Rank 9:
Rank 10 (Lowest):

Things to Do:
Create the Recruitment Thread Complete!
Recruit all 7 High Council Members
Create Clan Logo Complete!
Create Clan Thread Complete!
Create Clan Quest #1 Complete!
Create Clan Lounge Complete!
Refurbish Palace (JK)
Recruit Even More members Ongoing
Create Promotional Clan FFA Complete!
Create Draike Training Ground Complete!
Create Draike Hatchery

Dracizian Republic Alliances:


-Kings of Dragons


The Dracizian palace, located at the center of the Republic dominion is a vast area of lush soil and tall aincent buildings. Beautiful and Rare Trees are found in abundance in the royal gardens. Elite Guards patroll all sides of the palace. Inside is lush and Aristocratic style furniture, but dont be mistaken by the appearance, The Dracizian Royal family are hard working officials always looking for a way to improve the nation that they rule. On the walls of most halls are the portraits of the most famous Dracizian Emperors and Empresses in History. The throne room Is a sight to behold, the throne, covered in rare gemstones is one of the Dracizian People's prized posessions. All people rever it for It was given to the First emperor by the Aincent Wyrms as a gift.

The High Council Citadel, a Galactic Preserved Wonder, It stands high into the clouds and is held up by magical energies. The hundreds of floors are full of aincent architecture, marble and glass. Gold statues fill many of the corridors that are seamingly a maze to the intruder. Only those who are accepted into its halls may be guided to the top floor. An amazing structure entered only by two small tunnels, these tunnels are semmingly not strong enough to hold up the large structure. It floats above all else releasing an aura of power upon all people who dwell within or around it.

The High Council Chamber, a large circular room with Seven equally standing chairs. Each council member governs a seperate piece of dracizia. In front of the High Council seats is a mural carved in the diamond strewn floor. It is an image of Seven diffrent dragons circiling a single Gemstone. "The Heart of Dragons" An aincent gemstone said to hold the unstoppable power of all dragons.

Sean sits at his makeshift throne in a base just south of the Dracizian Capitol, Sean sighs, his short red hair falling just over his eyes. He blows it out of the way and looks below himself at an angle. He sees seven chairs each to be sat on by one of the new Dracizian High Council.

You have traveled far across the Galaxy to reach Dracizia, you know that the awesome galactic power has recovered form a Civil war. Palace, deep within the Dracizian Capitol. They come to question you and ask why you are here, then they allow you to enter.

The halls are beautiful Victorian style, soilders march through the hallways having casual conversations with eachother. You ask for directions and they lead you to a large set of doors, two gold handles glimmer in the artificial lighting and organic flames. You open the doors and enter. As you enter you see a Red haired man staring at you from seven feet in the air.

"Who are you? Why are you here?" The man asks quizzically.

"I am Sean Erik Draciz, Prince of this planet and son of the last king." Sean says introducing himself.

21st November 2004, 01:08 PM
OOC: Is there a reason you keep leaving me off? Okay, my RPing is weak at this moment...

IC: Kahzehr walked down the smooth halls of the Dracizian Republic building once more, to report in as he did every once in a while. As he entered the large room, the familiar son of Vincent Draciz appeared, looking down on him. Kahzehr nealed on the groung and bowed, intorducing himself, his cloak glowing eerily.

"I was once a loyal follower of your father, and still am, but now I also pledge my allegience to you, my prince. You may or may not be familiar with my people, but they colonize the barren deserts just outside of the republic where humans and humanoids, besides us, couldn't... see, we are composed entirley of fire."

21st November 2004, 01:23 PM
On one of the seven chairs lay a brown cat, asleep. Indeed, this was no cat at all, but a catgirl, a humanoid cat-like creature capable of chnging into a feline at will. The cat's tail twitched in it's sleep. Then Kahzehr walked in, waking the cat-girl up. She gave an annoyed "meow", and jumped down ontot he floor, changing into her humanoid shape, about as tall as a normal human. She rubbed the sleep out of her eyes, and nodded a greeting to the Pyrah. Then, she sat back down in her chair.

"Greetings, Kahzehr," she said. "Have a seat."

21st November 2004, 01:32 PM
"Welcome Kahzehr, to the Dracizian Republic." Sean said, trying to sound like his wise and mighty father as best he could, he did not succeed however, Vincent's voice was not one of his hereditary gifts, he recieved his mother, Silvias soft and sweet voice. He shook his head to the sound and nodded. The young man looking at the two.

21st November 2004, 01:50 PM
Starslayer turned to face Sean.

"It is my belief you should send out messages to the higher-ranking members who are not here," she said. "I'm sure some of them don't even know about the change in command yet."

21st November 2004, 02:50 PM
"Hello," Shade says, walking in with Jade on her shoulder and Mantis behind her. "Hi," Mantis says. "We're here!"

21st November 2004, 03:46 PM
Shinriko strolls into the room, Shadow sleeping (as usual) on the top of his head, snoozing softly (from time to time growls in his sleep; dreaming of fighting evil minions of darkness.) "Hello, I am here," the demon called out, giving a welcoming nod to everyone in the room and approached the new leader Sean. Shinriko kneeled before him and bowing down in his in extreme respect of the Draciz bloodline. "I am here to serve," he faithfully murmured.

Kenji bursted into the room after Shinriko, waving his blue guitar madly in the air. "I'M HERE! I'M HERE!!!! DONT FORGET ABOUT ME!!!!" Shinriko gave a wary glance and under his breath he muttered, "Kinda of hard not to...."

21st November 2004, 03:51 PM
Jade flies over to SHadow and licks him on the face, as if to say, "Come on, wake up." Then, she cowers in fear and hides behind Shade's back. Shade, too, jumps back at the sight of the noise. Mantis stays her ground. "Hello," She says. "Who are you?"

21st November 2004, 04:30 PM
Shadow perks up his head in surprise; looking from right to left in confusion. It yawned a bit and hopped down from Shinriko and crawled over to Kenji examining the extremely shining and beautiful object in the boy's hands.

"Me?" Kenji asked surprised at first... but then regained his cool and replied, "Kenji Yukisara, GUITARIST and ROCK STAR EXTRAORDINAIR!!!!!! Not to mention, a pretty good fighter." Kenji whipped out his bass guitar and plucked a string, emitting an extremely low pitched hum... "Yea... thats it..." he laughed to himself. "Anyway, I come to join this clan. I always love an adventure..."

21st November 2004, 04:44 PM
OoC: So, he's like a Bard (from D&D), only a modern one? Hmmm . . . interesting idea. . . .

IC: Starslayer studied this new recruit for a moment. Then he turned to the others.

"What do you think?" she asked.

21st November 2004, 04:58 PM
Sean stumbles over his words, this is the first time he had ever been introduced to a new recruit. He was very nervous.

"I erm. . .well that is to say . . ." He tapped his communicator necklace and spoke into it for a moment, he waited about 30 seconds and then nodded.

"I accept, how about the rest of you?"

21st November 2004, 05:01 PM
Starslayer considered the new recruit.

"Well," she said slowly, "I would have to see him in action before I could decide. To be in the republic is by no means a hazard-free occupation. Kenji Yukisara, do you have any proof of facing hazardous situations before?"

21st November 2004, 05:13 PM
Kenji smiled in reply to his acceptance to the clan, giving a bow to the young looking leader and turned to Starslayer. Kenji Yukisara, do you have any proof of facing hazardous situations before?" Kenji's look immediately changed, to a bit of a grim one. "Yes..." he whispered bitterly, taking off the guitar from his back. Then proceeded to remove his black jacket and tanktop to reveal many many many scars upon his stomach and upper area. Turning around, revealed a series of scars that were still looking a bit fresh (as though made by a whip.) His arms were bruised much; and if one would look close enough, a bit of bandage stuck out from his black pants. "Is this enough proof for you?" he asked in a bit of retialence for the doubts of his ability despite his age. "Or do I have fight?"

21st November 2004, 05:24 PM
Kahzehr got up and began to walk around the young man, examining the scars. His hood dropped down, and flames shot a foot or two in the air before returning to it's round, head-like form. His cloak still glowed, and even more now that he wasn't trying to suppress himself, fire slightly showing from out of the sleeves.

"My friend, getting yourself injured in battle, though some may call it "manhood" or "warrior markings", getting injured does hinder allies in battle. They have to not only hinders your preformance, but the preformance of others as they have to tend to you. Though, I have no doubt in your ability, this isn't a way to prove yourself. He has my vote."

Negative S
21st November 2004, 07:37 PM
OCC: Im new so forgive me if get anything wrong

IC: "Well Hiyde we have made it. We have arrived at the heart of the Dracianz Republic, what do you think."

"Its amazing so much bigger than the hidden sand village where you live."

"Dont remind me, we left there on not so good of terms with father remember?"

Hiyde didnt say anything he just sat there on Mitzuhide's shoulder and stared off into space. The royal gaurds were everywhere. THey were huge and impressivly obedient. Mitzuhide stopped one gaurd and asked direction to the leader of the Republic"

Guard: "Down the stranger, there will be a giant set of doulble doors. GO through them and there you will find who you seek."

"Thank you for your help gaurdsman."

The guard walked off to continue on his patrol. Mitzuhide and Hiyde continued down the hall until they reached the doors the guard spoke of. Mitzuhide opened them and walked in. There was a red hired man in the room watching him from high above the ground.

"Who are you? Why are you here?"

"I am Mitzuhide of the Hidden Sand Village. I am here seeking new allies and friends, and to make sure that the young one here gets raised among others that can help me learn more about his proprer care."

Mitzuhide pointed to is draike and continued his introduction.

"I felt that he was not being properly rasied among my people so we left and came in search of the Republic."

"I am Sean Erik Draciz, Prince of this planet and son of the last king."

Mitzuhide dropped to one knee and Hiyde hopped f of his shoulder and bent his neck. IT was only proper to perform such customs for one of noblility.

"My lord I am humbled by your presence, but I must ask your permission to join your Republic. I have no where else to go and I do what I do so that he may grow properly."

22nd November 2004, 07:00 PM
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IC: Kenji remained silent... the words hit him hard like stone thrown at his face. The words had an unescapable truth within them; and the teen was a bit emotional.Kenji moved silently to the wall and slid down thinking of ways to convince he was an adept warrior. True... I am not the most strongest warrior. Yet, I fought and defeated some enemies too. I guess i have to train extra hard to not hold anyone back. Kenji's brooding ended as soon as came and he replied with a smile, "Don't worry. I'll show you my worth!!!"

Shinriko looked at Kenji for a moment; saying nothing as well for the moment. But this silence did not mean he objected the teen's arrival into the clan. He had seen many young ones like his age do great and awe-inspring feats. Hmm... this kid has something special about him. I don't know what though.... We shall see. Shinriko gave a nod to the recruit's entry. "I felt that he was not being properly rasied among my people so we left and came in search of the Republic." The demon looked up from Kenji and examined the newcomers. "Hello... Welcome to the Dracizian Republic."

22nd November 2004, 07:29 PM
Starslayer pondered what was said. Finally, she nodded.

"Kenji, if the others think you deserve to join the republic, then I guess you are worthy. And yet, consider my challenge by no means withdrawn, I do still wish to battle you, and see just how skilled you truely are.

"Now, Mitzuhide, before I deem you worthy of joining, I must first see proof of your accomplishments. Do you have any on you?"

Negative S
22nd November 2004, 09:32 PM
IC: Mitzuhide's heart skipped a beat when council member Shinriko said welcome to the Dracizian Republic, but another council member questioned his admitance Mitzuhide panicked. Hiyde and Mitzuhide had spent so long on the road looking fo this place that they hadnt had a chance to complete any quest of any kind.

"Estemed council member I am sad to say that I have no item to offer as proof of my achievments, for me and my draike have spent all our time travelling here hoping to achieve greatness in your halls. The only thing that I may offer is a demonstration of my abilitys."

Mitzuhide's ninja training had taught hin many things but it had not taught him how to prove himself to a person such as this council member he didnt know what he would show the council let alone if they would accept a demonstration of is power all he could do was wait for an answer.

23rd November 2004, 11:01 AM
Starslayer observed Mitzuhide for a moment. She gestured with her hand, and a couple os servents bropught a dummy into the main hall. She pointed at the dummy.

"See that dummy?" she asked. "Destroy it."

Negative S
23rd November 2004, 12:24 PM
IC: "Heres your chance Mitzuhide go for it!"

"Thank you for your confidence Hiyde now hop down I wont be long."

"See that dummy?" she asked. "Destroy it."

Mitzuhide turned his attention to the dummy. He started to think of the best ways to destroy it. He had the choices of enrgy bombs suprise attacks or just brute strength. There were mny more ways that he could chose from bu he was there to impress. Mitzuhide thought for a second and finaly decided on a plan.

Mitzuhide turned and bowed towards the female councelor and bowed. He then knelt down on one knee and started to go through a series of hand movents. While doing so Mitzuhide started to gather a large amount of chakra. Chakra is what ninjas like himself used to perform the magical attacks that they used. It was a mixture of magical force and physical force. The mixture of the two created Chakra. After mitzuhide had gathered all that he would need. He started to move the energy into his fingers. The lines he had been tracing in the air started to take form and and created a symbol.

Mitzuhide stopped and placed his hands around the crest he had created and forced it towards the dummy it was faster than the blink of an eye. First it was in Mitzuhide hands then it was imprinted on the dummy. Just as soon as Mitzuhide had released the crest he was off at a dash he had moved dome more of the chakra he had stored into his feet to increase his speed. While he was running he pulled out one of hs Shiruken and charged it with the remaining chakra. He ran to the dummy and placed the star in the middle of the crest and ran back to his original spot. THe whole process, releasing the crest, running to the dummy, placing the star, and runnign back took about 3 seconds.

Mitzuhide arrived back at his spot and formed another sign out of his hands, and pointed it at the dummy. He whispered a small trigger phrase and the dummy exploded in a flash of light. When the light had dimmed the dummy was no more. Mitzuhide then turned back the the lady councelor and bowed again and allowed Hiyde to crawl back up on his shoulder.

23rd November 2004, 02:22 PM
Sean watched in interest, it had been some time since he had seen a Draike and its Partner working together, it had been almost two years, long before his father Vanished without a trace. He smiled and then nodded to the others.

"I think youd make a great addition."

23rd November 2004, 02:54 PM
Shinriko raised in eye brow after the dummy fell under its great demise. The demon mouth slightly gaped open, replying with sort an amused and satisfied chuckle, "Amazing. You are truly a worthy addition to this clan." Shinriko knew now the clan had just gotten considerably stronger. "Ninjutsu... very interesting art..."


Kenji bursted into shouts of awe and surprise and utter shock at the extent of Mitzuhide's attack. "WHOAH!!! That was sooooo cool. First you like <starts imitating and butchering the hand movements> and then you were like tracy tracy and then like SPEEDY SPEED and putting that crest thing on the dummy and BAM BAM, you like ninja star ninja-like and BOOM. That was so cool. It was awesome, it was....." Kenji continued to talk on and on, with Shinriko bopping on the top of Kenji's rambling head to shut him up. "You talk too much, kid," Shinriko whispered.

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23rd November 2004, 03:48 PM
Shade's eyes go wide, watching the awesome ninja magics at work. "Wow," She says in awe, fiddling with her wedding ring. "That's awesome." After a few moments of staring at when the dummy had been in astonishment, she says, still a littled awed. "He has my vote."

24th November 2004, 11:55 AM
Starslayer considered the attack, and nodded.

"I'm not easily impressed," she said, 'but I must admit that that was a very good attack." Then she turned to the others. "He has my vote."

24th November 2004, 01:51 PM
To whom it may concern, the Dracizian republic is not doing so well, (contrary to popular belief) I am planning to form a new clan that, to my calculations, sholud be much better than the Dracizian Republic, all members of the republic right now will be reimbursed in the new clan, i promise you that, if anyone is curious about the new clan, please PM me and I will answer any of your questions.

Thanks for being my loyal friends to the end.

Yo main man


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