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19th November 2004, 08:15 PM
*Callisto walked down into the subterranian cavern of the Kings of Dragons' headquarters. Being stationed in a mountain provided many advantages, like giving naturally formed rooms for meetings, sleeping quarters, training spars, and most anything else. As he walked down the stone steps, he was followed by another fighter. This one was wanting to be inducted into the Kings of Dragons ranks. The only way to determine if he was ready was to test his skills. He would go through a test spar where the leaders of the clan would watch, and judge. The two reached the bottom of the stairs, opening into an elliptical-shaped room, roughly two hundred yards by a hundered yards.*

"Wait here."

*The elf walked silently across the cavern to about fifty yeards away from his opponent. Knowing that the leaders were watching, Callisto turned to face Fukachi.*

"You may begin when you feel prepared. I am ready, so let's go."

Amethyst Shine
20th November 2004, 02:38 PM
Fukachi followed his guide through the caverns, duly noting every detail as he passed through. His eyes shifted nervously under his black, wide-brimmed hat. He kept his right hand under his black leather trenchcoat, gripping his sword. He wished he could have brought his pistol, but the Guardians told him not to bring it into this world. Why was something he was still trying to fathom. When he came to the cavern, he halted where his guide told him, and drew his sword.

"You may begin when you feel prepared. I am ready, so let's go."

"I am prepared," Fukachi said. He closed his eyes for a moment.

21st November 2004, 02:18 AM
*Callisto smiled with approval at the concentration this one seemed to have. He unsheathed his left katana with his right hand, holding it diagonally downwards across his legs. Since both combatans were ready, and Fukachi didn't make the first move, the samurai granted himself the first attack.*

You're in for a battle, that you are.

*Callisto began to raise his left hand quickly. As it rose, a small sphere of flames, about the size of a baseball, appeared in his palm. As soon as his arm was parallel with the ground and stable, he released the fireball. It sped through the air on a straight path, heading right for Fukachi's stomach. Callisto was confident with this as a starting move since it would determine how his opponent would likely fight for the rest of the fight. Being able to read your opponent was just as important as being able to wield a sword in the first place. As the fireball closed the distance, so did the elf with his silent footsteps. He began to approach his foe, anticipating a move to a hand-to-hand combat in the future.*

Amethyst Shine
21st November 2004, 10:21 AM
Fukachi was presently relying on his hearing to guide him. He heard Callisto approach, heard his breathing and the beating of his heart, and opened his eyes. At the same time, an identical image of him appeared behind Callisto. But in truth, neither of the two were the real Fukachi. The real Fukachi had teleported a ways off to the side, and turned himself invisible. He charged at Callisto, ready to knock him out. He wouldn't kill him, this was just an evaluation spar. But he would try to knock Callisto out.

OoC: I know that technology is unallowed, but is it possible to make a revolver made of lightning?

21st November 2004, 02:56 PM
*Callisto continued approaching Fukachi as his fireball appoached even faster. The time had passed for when a normal person could dodge the ball completely. Knowing he had hit his target was a good thing, but it wasn't a critical hit. That was just a preceding attack for the rest of the fight. However, the ball did not hit his opponent...it passed right through him. The figure didn't even move as the ball continued to the far wall.*

No. A mirage!

*The samurai hastily sent out his fire energy into the cavern, creating an invisible shell of energy. Any heat that was present in the area would be felt by this energy. Callisto looked behind him to find another image of Fukachi, but it was only an image. Having taken enough time to look back, his opponent closed in on him from Callisto's left. He didn't need his energy to see that his opponent was fast, and going right for him. Using his close combat instinct, the samurai twisted to the left, away from Fukachi's attack. The punch made contact with Callisto's right shoulder, sending a shock thourgh his arm. He almost released the grip on his katana, but still held it in the end. He then turned in the opposite direction, making an upward slash at Fukachi's stomach.*

Now you'll get it. I'm now stronger that I have leveled.

Amethyst Shine
21st November 2004, 03:14 PM
Now that Fukachi had attacked, he was visible again, and the two illusions faded. With lightning speed, he angled his sword downwards to block his opponent's counterattack. Then he jumped backward, and teleported about a hundred yards away.

New technique, he thought. He charged at Callisto again, sword angled to knock his opponent out with the flat of his blade. But at the last moment, he disappeared, and reappeared a couple yards behind himself. Again, he aimed to knock his opponent out with his blade. Again, he disappeared. Again, he reappeared in the same place as before, only his sword was angled to deflect an incoming attack and his left fist was clenched, ready to hit Callisto upside the head.

22nd November 2004, 06:38 PM
*Callisto was amazed at first at Fukachi's speed, but if it was only speed, he would have hit Callisto by now. It was just teleporting and dashes. He'd seen it before, but not this passive. The elf heard with his ears, turning his head to look behind him. His fire energy confirmed what he had just seen, but then quickly it faded away, appearing behind him once more. He sent some energy into the ground through his legs, knowing he'd be needing it for this evasive opponent. Sensing as his opponent drew nearer, he crouched low, preparing to jump. A few feet before Fukachi reached him, he took off into the air, leaping backwards. The elf did a quarter front flip, facing the ground while he brought his sword ready to slash. As Fukachi passed under him, he slashed directly at his back.*

Get out of this one why don't you?

*Within the same second of slashing, he released his fire energy in the ground, bursting up into a furious column of flames, swirling with an intense energy. Based on Fukachi's path he should send himself right into it. However, Callisto felt a small cut across his left shoulder as Fukachi flew by. Apparently he had raised his sword to Callisto's height by then.*

Dang, I didn't think he could do that that quickly.

*The quick reflex by his opponent had caused Callisto to lose focus. For the rest of the flip, he knew he would be not completing the rotation. Pulling his legs in as close to his body as possible, he began to spin faster, but only fast enough to land on the back of his heels. His momentum from jumping backwards forced him to roll backwards onto the ground for one rotation. He then used that roll to get back up to his feet and see that the cut had been deep enough to not use a weapon in his left arm for the rest of the match. He would fix that afterwards, but he had to win this now.*

OOC: Sorry for slightly controlling your character. If you have a problem with it, PM me and I'll edit the rest of the post.

Amethyst Shine
22nd November 2004, 08:21 PM
OoC: Actually, it was a block, but I'll work around it.

IC: As Callisto leapt, Fukachi fell slightly to his left. This brought his sword up to block his opponent's. However, the elf was faster then he'd expected. Callisto's sword got past his defense, and made a nasty cut on his shoulder. However, Fukachi had another trick up his sleeve. He changed the block into a strike, and caught the elf on the arm, his sword making a long, but shallow, cut in his opponent's arm. Then he saw the lava ahead of him. (Note that he's still in his roll, as this is all taking place in the blink of an eye.)

Damn, he thought. In the time it took a man to blink, he ran through his list of options and settled on one. Again, he disappeared, to reappear behind Callisto, completing his spin.

"TAKE THIS!!!" he shouted. He teleported his sword to his left hand, and brought it around in a horizontal strike, from left to right. As he completed his strike, he landed on his left foot, spun around again, teleporting his sword back to his right hand, and made a similar strike from his right to his left, effectivally retracing his sword's path.

23rd November 2004, 11:58 PM
OOC: It's not lava, it's fire. There's a difference.

IC: *Callisto watched in disbelief as Fukachi was not on fire on the other side of where the Eruption spell had been. There was no logical explination for it. He had timed the blast to nearly the time it takes to blink, and apparently Fukachi was able to get out of the way. However, his answer came as he first sensed, then heard, and then felt his opponent. He had teleported behind Callisto once again. The teleporting was getting old, but that may be a good thing, for both fighters. Fukachi's blade slashed a half-inch-deep cut along Callisto's back, cutting through the leather armor, which fortunately protected Callisto from making it any worse than it was. He began to turn around to his opponent, feeling his movements the entire time. Callisto brought his right arm across his body, blade pointing downwards, blocking the follow-up attack that would have hit Callisto's left arm.*

Well, now that you're close, you're in my fight now.

*Callisto continued spinning clock-wise to face Fukachi. As he did, fire energy began to build in his left hand, becoming intensely hot. It was glowing red with heat waves emminating out from his open hand. He reached his hand out to just a couple inches from touching Fukachi's neck. This would not only be a quick damage spell, but Flare caused damage over the duration of the fight. This was one of Callisto's most basic spells, but also one of the most dangerous. He enjoyed having such an effective and efficient spell at his disposal. Sure Fukachi had the chance to avoid it, but the proximity of the fighters made it doubtful.*

Even if you do, I'll be expecting it this time.

Amethyst Shine
24th November 2004, 07:33 PM
As Callisto turned, Fukachi's left hand began to crackle with lightning energy. This was too close-quarters for him to use his large sword, which was almost twice as long as that his opponent held. So, he tossed it aside to his right, bringing it around in a slash as he did so. Then, the fist came towards his throat.

Quick as the lightning which now surrounded his hand, Fukachiís now-free right hand darted under his coat and grasped a dagger. This was a very risky move, he knew, but he was confident in his ability to deflect any sword attack his opponent might make. It was, after all, one of his specialties in training. He brought the dagger up, out from under his cloak, and slashed at his opponentís hand.

Finally, he closed into very close quarters, bringing his hand up into an attack position, his hand open in a palm-heel strike. As his hand neared his opponentís chin, he unleashed his lightning energy in a simple, yet powerful, magical attack.

27th November 2004, 01:51 AM
OOC: You don't even have a declared element. How can you use lightning?

IC: *Callisto saw Fukachi's hand become charged with a lightning energy, but unlike any attack he'd seen in his life. As Callisto's burning hand came closer to his opponent's neck, he barely had time to notice the subtle switch of weaponry. He thought that his attack would succeed, but it wouldn't happen this time.*

Dang, he has a replacement weapon.

*The elf swiftly withdrew his hand from the target area. His hand returned to its normal pale color as Fukachi's knife made an almost unnoticable scratch down the side of his hand. Blood surfaced to the skin, but hardly ran at all. Just as his hand got back nearer to his body, he Fukachi's open-fisted attack came right at Callisto's jaw. Having hardly any time to react from the quick, successive attacks, all he could do was move his head forward a little to counter the blow. A small charge, like one you would get from a built up static shock surged through Callisto's mouth and jaw along with the force from his opponent's punch. He brought his head back up to level after the hit, feeling numb in his jaw bone.*

Well, that worked quite well. Now, feel this.

*Callisto thought up a scene of a mutilated elf from his homeland. He had been beaten well past death, bloodied and unrecognizable. The hatred for the orcs who had done it grew deep, giving life to a mission to exterminate the orcs. The picture then faded away as a black world began to take over. This was the pure emotions of the crime in semi-tangible form. In the middle of this chaotic world lie an eternal blue fire. Callisto grabbed some of that blue flame, mixing it with a pre-separated piece of his own energy. He then sent it into his left palm where the ball took form. The azure fire burned in Callisto's hand, much hotter than a normal fireball. He then released the fireball from his energy, sending the ball flying at Fukachi's chest. The proximity of the fighters would make it difficult to dodge, but Callisto anticipated the outcome, focusing on his fire energy that permiated the cavern.*

Amethyst Shine
27th November 2004, 05:21 PM
OoC: Oh. His element is Light/Lightning.

IC: Fukachi was rather satisfied with the result of his attacks. He had really not been aiming to do any more damage, he would have been surprised if he had. He was staring Callisto in the eyes.

"You are a worthy opponent," he said. "I haven't had this much of a challenge since before I can remember."

Then the fireball came at him. It was too fast for him to teleport, and he couldn't dodge to either side without putting himself into a vulnerable position. He ducked, but he was too slow. The attack hit, and sent him flying halfway across the room. Panting, he slowly stood up, putting his dagger away.

In his right hand appeared a ball of lightning energy. Fukachi flicked his wrist, and the energy became a whip which snaked halfway across the room. However, he didn't use it to attack his opponent. He used it to grab his sword, and pull it toward him. He stood up into a fighting stance and grinned.

"A nice move," he said. "It certainly leaves a sting." His hands began to glow, and he muttered a spell. He passed his free hand over his wounds, and they began to heal up nicely. "If this were for real, I'm sure I would be dead by now. Maybe."