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19th November 2004, 02:25 PM
A lot of threads have been made outside of their correct places. Its partially my fault for not being assertive and moving them, but now I'm back and I'm fixing this.

If you have a problem with the setup, here is the place to discuss it. Vote on whether or not you like the setup and want it changed. If a majority of people dislike it, then I will talk to my superiors and work something out.

Edit: I just wanted to make sure everyone knew that I moved threads to their respective sub-forums. So no, I did not delete it, it was just moved. Look for it.

19th November 2004, 03:55 PM
Well I have a few things to say in this matter as well. Only one thing is directed to CCRunner...errr one part. (technically two things)

A lot of threads have been made outside of their correct places. Its partially my fault for not being assertive and moving them, but now I'm back and I'm fixing this.I've been modding the forums every other day and I haven't really seen 'alot'. Also, the reason I never moved some of the threads that should have belonged in the subforums was mainly because that the game or the series of the game was cross console, being in more then one making it not right to put it in one sub forum over the other. The Final Fantasy games are a good example. Sure they are now made on Sony, but what if people wanted to discuss about the old games. The games before Final Fantasy was moved to Playstation. This is why I don't move the threads for Final Fantasy if it's placed in the main thread. (Unless it is obviously refering to a specific game.) One last thing, you could have left a redirect of the threads that you moved so members don't have to go searching for them. Makes everyone's life easier, and it's suppose to be by default when it's moved unless you turn the option off. :\

I know what I'm gonna say now isn't gonna be really helpful but it could be and I just want to point out some pros of the subforums. (Plus I'm stating my own opinions here, but I ain't gonna vote.) Firstly, for those who hate the sub-forums, think about it this way. If there aren't any, wouldn't it be difficult to find the thread that you want? Sure this wasn't a problem through the last few months on the old forums (for those who were registered at that time), but as activity in Gaming increases this will be a problem and as these few months have passed, activity in Gaming has definetely doubled possibily tripled from before but hasn't reached the height of what it once was. Some members also have only been using the Gaming since it is not more diverse and organized then it once was. When it was all one with no sub forums some members felt it was disorganized and difficult and just completely left the Gaming section of the forum. (Though others could have left when the subforums have returned but I haven't seen this happen.)

Once again these are all my opinions and things that I think. You can obviously disagree with me.

19th November 2004, 07:47 PM
You're right. I wasn't thinking about things like FF. I'll get to work moving threads back the other way. The only reason I took off redirects is because they look ugly on the screen, and I made the announcement to move them.

I just wanted to get more involved and so I made this poll to see what people feel, but it seems fine. I'll move some threads back out into the main thing. Unless you've already done so.