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5th September 2004, 08:31 AM
Name: Galadan

Primary Element: Earth

Secondary Element: Water

Race: Half-elf

Tech Rating: 2

Alignment: Neutral

Gender: Male

Age: 145, but looks like a 20 year old in human eyes

Eyes: Dark-green

Hair: Has a mix of grass-green and tree-brown hair down to the middle of his back

Skin: Pale greenish skin

Height: 195 cm

Weight: 120 pound

Home: Javi

History: When Galadan was a child, Hagma, Galadans human father, was killed during the great war between humans and dark elves, when he was leading the army of Javi against the dark elves horde attacking the town, but Eliano his elven mother was in there house, and when she heard the news of Hagmas dead she quickly took Galadan and sweeped a carped around his little body, then she ran out, still carrying Galadan, to the stable and took Wedza, a light and fast horse, and rode as fast as the horse could, out of the city, not unnoticed by the dark elves leader who send a group of 4 dark elves after her. She rode for 3 days before she stopped inside the great forest of Nashur, here the dark elves stopped outside the forest and growled at her before they turned around and rode back. She then got of the horse, laying Galadan on the ground while she scoured the area for food.

After Eliano and Wedza had rested and ate some berries that Eliano had found, they continued into the forest, in a much slower pase, to find the rest of Elianos elven family. When they came to Canda, the village where the elves lived, she got of the horse and ran to the village elder, carrying Galadan in her armes. She then explained what had happened and asked for permission to live with them in Canda, wich the elder approved.

After a few years, Eliano found a new husband, called Evian, who lived in a small wooden hut a little outside the village, he was the village druid. As the village druid he teached the youngsters in the village about the forest and how to respect it. As he was very old he took Galadan as his own child and raised him as a druid, teaching him about good and bad herbs, and how to live with the forest and everything else that belongs to a druid.

One day when Galadan was out gathering herbs for his training, one of the youngsters that Evian was teaching, came running out to Galadan, with a message. He told Galadan that Evian was about to die of old age and wanted him there to say some last words of wisdom, before he leaved this world. In Evians last words he told Galadan that he wanted him to train more before taking the status as a druid, he also gave him a long wooden staff, with old runes all over it. Evian told Galadan that the staff had been passed from old druid to young druid in centuries, he told that the staff was symolic for the druids.

Galadan was then left alone with his mother to give Evian a druids funeral. After they buried him, Galadan took Wedza, his horse, and rode from the great forest to a training place where he could learn more about the earth and forest so he could live up to Evian.


hooded cloak - a simple hooded cloak

Druidic staff - a long wooden staff with runes all over it (no one knows the meaning of the runes, but there is some magical auras around the staff)

small dagger - a very small bronze dagger (not for fighting, only used to cut herbs)