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7th February 2007, 04:52 PM
Not one to complain but i ve been getting chain sabb slapped like a little boy who sldnt have taken the cookie out of the jar the last 7-8 days only thing jarrs me is why? iam in no alliance i havent attacked any one and yes i have msged politly just asking Y nothing whingy like stop please as you gathered no response jus wondering what the other reasons could possibly be for such a well cordinated sabb these guys are sabbing all together everyday seems alot for just a random picking on and the worse thing is it will proply stop and ill never know why lol anyone got any ideas what else it could be?

7th February 2007, 09:55 PM
Random sabbings I've heard of, they're not that uncommon.

Random chain sabbings on the other hand I don't think happen to often. I don't think you're telling us the whole story. Not too many people would put in the effort to mass some random dude for absolutely no reason.

Maybe they sabbed you again for asking why you were sabbed in the first place. That I know happens. If you get randomly sabbed unless you're terminally curious don't ask why. Generally that'll just earn you another sabbing.

8th February 2007, 12:34 AM
honeslty that is the whole story the guy who is top in there chain probed me like a few days before and then randomly it all kicked of and i know i aint done nothing cuz i dnt sabb as i leave my spy as zero to keep my rank high and ive saved my attack turns got like 3k and i didnt send the msg till like the 4-5 day hmm maybe that egged them on alittle lol

8th February 2007, 07:22 AM
hell, it was comming, so why not. seems like you was just target practice.. rankers have the wepons to sab, so its easy target for sabbers to pratice on. get some sent. and build your wepons with the second highest rating...
u build twice as much, and man them easier. and it would take them to try to sab them because you can built it faster..
go and join a small Clan. good luck. O' if you can, give me the name of the head dude that started to chain you.

8th February 2007, 08:10 AM
It's because you are solo.

You are an easy target because being by yourself, your retaliation wouldn't do much. They are just boosting their sab stats on you and know they won't get massed back.

8th February 2007, 07:38 PM
It's because you are solo.

You are an easy target because being by yourself, your retaliation wouldn't do much. They are just boosting their sab stats on you and know they won't get massed back.

That is not always true. There are some solo players that are alligned with some badass clans that can mass them back easily.

9th February 2007, 05:43 PM
sent me the name of the head of chain sabbing you here or on pm

10th February 2007, 04:55 PM
Thanks for the offer but ill ride it out haha i aint got anything left to sabb its pretty much stopped apart from the head guy, apart from being in a alliance your pretty much screwed either way youll get picked on if your in a enemy chain and you get pushed aorund for being alone errrrrr least this experiance has at least doubled my sentry lol


10th February 2007, 05:32 PM
lol but u should join a clan in any case.u can be sabbed again.and being in a clan is really enjoyable,u sab-they sab...it is the fun of the game ;)


11th February 2007, 05:05 AM
:cussing: i might have to take one of your guys offer for help man cause saw the same guy in my intell logs sabbing me 8 seconds after i logged on errr his taking it 2 far lol i aint nothing left apart from some crappy 27 mil defense i caught him 9 times but he got one in ahhh there goes another 20 Is lol i think its 10 days now this guy must hate me hmmm (me and his mum was just a none of thing lol) what ever the reason is its even pushing my limits now its starting to jarr me i wanna join an alliance but last one i was in was well didnt offer much support sum one pm me a commander who actully gives a damn and offers help thanks


11th February 2007, 06:37 AM
i thought you wasn`t complaining?

11th February 2007, 01:22 PM
i thought you wasn`t complaining?

Haha ..good point but 3-4 days went past wen i sed that only so much one man can take :(