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21st December 2006, 07:47 AM
A-slice-of-cake, make the first post. This is the official Earth Anomaly Coalition clan thread.

Mod notes:
21 December 2006; enough clan members to restart this clan, and it was requested to start a-new, both with the main thread as well as the tavern thread. - For we are many

26th December 2006, 12:28 AM
The abridged story of EAC's founding can be found through this link on the first post. Read it before continuing. Here, the rules for this clan are contained.

Please do not create a character for EAC until you've been RPing on GUA for a while. This is mainly to A) reduce the amount of time we spend training new guys and B) help the storyline progress more smoothly.

Concerning character creation: We'll be using the standard BA character sheet, but I'll be adding a few necessary notes below.

Name: You don't need to put your real name. My character is named Richard O'Riley, but that is nowhere near my actual name.
Element: Pick the element you would most logically wield. Secondary elements are OK.
Race: Human (unless, for some reason that changes. If you want to be non-human, you must PM me and convince me why)
Alignment: Think about it. What are you?
Gender: Same as yours.
Age: Somewhere around yours, if not exactly yours.
Eyes: Same as yours.
Hair: Same as yours.
Height: Same as yours.
Weight: Same as yours.
Home: Where did you live before you were transported to the BA? Now where are you?
Other: Anything else?
Attitude: What type of person are you? Describe yourself as you are right here.


Be LOGICAL with your equipment. Chances are you weren't sucked into the BA with a crossbow and tower shield on your back. In fact, you probably won't even have a weapon to begin with. Though you might.

Concerning Armor:
Substitute clothes here; unless you're a cop or in the army, I doubt you're wearing armor.

Other Equipment:
Here, I leave it up to you to decide what was with you within reason when you were transported. I reserve the right to overrule any of your decisions concerning this or anything else material-wise.

Chances are that you'll only have some sorts of items if you wandered around for the two weeks before you heard about EAC. If you want to incorporate that, cool. If not, that's cool too.

About Spells:
You may not start out with spells. Because we cannot cast magic in real life, and we are RPing as ourselves, we have no knowledge of anything magical. You may, however, train in the Academy's masters' threads, as that will happen after you've been in the BA for a while.

Skills: Any special skills you have should be in your character thread. Explain them, to what degree you're competent, and how you got them.

History: First, tell us a bit about yourself. We don't need to know your entire life history, but we do want to learn about your important points.

Then, sum up what happened when you logged on to GUA that day and found the PM from *XX.* Describe your reactions, what was going on that day, what you did after logging out of GUA, what you were doing when you blacked out, and what you did before you found EAC. For flavor, perhaps include an encounter with one of your BA characters.

You do not know about EAC until your person is transported to the BA.

All EAC characters will be posted in the BA's "character info" subforum. It is legal to RP with in non-EAC spars, quests, and tournaments.

To join, create your character there, then immediately post a link to your character's page here. Do not post ICly in this thread the first time, but after that, you may. Please post OOC questions in the tavern. Either I or a sub-Leader will read over your character info and enforce necessary corrections, and, upon change, will approve your entry. Eventually, we may have you do a character interaction spar to prove that your RPing skills are good enough. We aren't looking for elite, but we are looking for a good effort.

Ranking System: The ranking system will be based on seniority and RPing skill. We have six ranks, but we have no "points" system to determine them. The clan may vote, and the sub-Leaders and the High Veterans may debate amongst themselves and influence me, and I'll usually agree with both. However, unless I state otherwise, I may overrule any clan decision and have the final say.

Ranks in descending order. Ranks may change in time.

Leader: That's me. I call the shots of the clan and am in charge of, well, leading it. I may evaluate members, start clan quests, call clan tournaments, etc., etc. Having problems in the clan? PM me and I'll see what I can do.

sub-Leaders: My right-hand men. There aren't very many of them, and they can RP the best, have been around the longest, and know the protocol as well as I do. Their exact rights have not been determined yet, but they have plenty of them.

High Veterans: These guys have been around a while and know how to RP. They know what's good, what's bad, and what's ugly. Not as many rights as sub-Leaders, but I still give them plenty of trust.

Veterans: They've gone through a lot to get here. If you are having trouble, talk to these guys; they know how the clan functions and can RP pretty well. To earn this title yields great respect - and responsibility. A couple more rights than members.

Members: Full-fledged members of EAC. They have voting priviledges and are essentially, along with veterans, the backbone of the clan.

Recruit: Either you just joined EAC or your RPing really needs work. Sometimes both. After you've participated in a couple of spars or quests, including one clan activity, and done decently, you'll become a member. Sorry, no voting priviledges.

Theme: There are plenty of themes that will be covered in EAC. The main ones are:
1. How are we going to get back home?
2. Do we even want to leave this magical, wonderful place and go home?
3. If we can't/Until we do get back home, how will we cope?

I think that covers the basics. Soon, I'll create a separate forum for EAC talk. Only major announcements and member submissions will be allowed here.

Yeah, like that happened.

Here's what parts of that message still apply/are modified slightly:

Base: This (http://www.giveupalready.com/showthread.php?t=42086) is the link to the beginning of EAC. Please excuse the crappy writing.

Joining: If anybody else would like to join, that person must go through an evaluation now. I'm not looking for 1337 RPers, just people who can push a storyline along and react with their character honestly. Any member can give an eval, where the person would use their to-be-EAC character and the member, a non-EAC character. A Sub-Leader or myself will judge whether that person's good to go. (NOT required for my starting seven). Oh, yeah, I've gotta know you've got enough BA experience to be relevant, too.

Character Approval: Actually, that's pretty much the same. Follow what it says above, and I'll look it over and either approve you or ask you to modify something. Unlike before, however, this is done after approval into EAC.

Ranks: Ignore that. Member list and new ranks info are found in the tavern.

Themes: Yeah, sure, why not? Look relevant to me. More may be added, though.

Ignore the last paragraph of that message.

Tavern: This (http://www.giveupalready.com/showthread.php?t=49569) is the link to our Tavern. Check it often; that's where all OOC EAC chat, announcements, etc. go.

Layout: As described here (http://www.giveupalready.com/showthread.php?t=42144&page=2) (the first post). This is just for EAC chat in character. Small talk, building up to a quest/event, etc.