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9th December 2006, 11:20 AM
~Delita_Hyral~, make the first post.

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lol, and yes, I did copy and paste, I'm lazy.

Commisioned ranks

Commisioned officers in the Knighthood are given command of the enlisted forces.

Supreme Commander: This rank can only be bestowed by His Majesty King Ramza Beoulve himself. This rank is in charge of the entire military force of Parague save for the Dragoons.

General: This rank is subordinate to only the King and the Supreme Commander, to attain this rank, one must have sufficient time in service and earned the graces of both the Supreme Commander and the King. In charge of one of the different branches of the Knighthood.

Commander: This rank is given to those who have proven themselves to be capable leaders on the field of battle and manages a battalion. This rank is bestowed by any of the three higher ranking ranks.

Major: This rank is given to those that have shown exemplary skills as both a soldier and a leader. This rank is in charge of a large squadron of men.

Captain: This rank is given to those that are capable of leading men into battle and have proven themselves to be proficient on the field of battle. This rank is in charge of a unit of men.

Leiutenant: This rank is given to those whom are skilled with managing troops and fighting. A leiutenant is assigned to a Captain and is in charge of delegating orders from the Captain to the troops.

Enlisted ranks

The bread and butter of the knighthood. Though they are not given command of large units of men, the enlisted soldiers in the knighthood are excellent fighters and can best some of the officers, yet lack leadership abilities needed to become commisioned.

Seargent: Seargents are the closest thing to a commisioned officer that the enlisted ranks can attain. A seargent will be given command of a few men to test his ability to lead, and to see if he has the makings of an officer.

Corporal: These soldiers are talented fighters that can sometimes even beat officers in a straight duel.

Private: These are the frontline soldier. While strong in combat, these soldiers tend to lack any real leadership qualities and are not quite as talented at the senior officers.

Soldier: The first rank you get when you enlist in the knighthood. These soldiers are the raw recruits from the academy and would be hard pressed to best even a leuitenant in battle.

Recruit: These are the newest candidates to the knighthood and are under the ever watchful eye of the Officers and Instructors at the academy.

Optional Classes

Knight: Knights are the tanks of the knighthood, their heavy armor allows them to take most any attack, they are armed with a long sword and shield, or a bastard sword of their choosing.

Paladin: Holy knights of the One. These fighters wield a sacred magic that allows them to heal their wounded comrades on the field, while still wearing heavy armor that rivals a knight, these men can still fight efficiently, and are highly effective of the undead. They wield a heavy mace and a shield.

Lancer: These are the elite of the knighthood, falling just shy of Dragoon status, the Lances wear lighter armor than the knights, yet are so much more devastating on the field with their lances.

Archer: These ranged units are very poor in melee combat, yet are deadly from afar with their bows.

The Dragoons

The Dragoons are a special, elite fighting unit in Parague seperate from the main knighthood. They are under the command of Odjn, the ancient wyrm and father of the dragon brood north of Parague.

Dragoon Commander: This rank is appointed by Odjn himself and not even the King can object.

Dragoon Leiutenant: This rank is given to a maximum of three Dragoons and is given by the Dragoon Commander.

Dragoon: The main body of the Dragoons, a Dragoon excels in melee combat, and can take even the Supreme Commander in a fight. A single Dragoon is more than a match for anyone, and can usually overcome entire platoons of men single handedly. With the rank of Dragoon also comes a Dragon partner to which you are life bound to, increasing your life span to that of the dragons, yet also making so that should either die, the other will also perish.

Current Members and ranks.

Officer Ranks

Supreme Commander: Delita Hyral (~Delita_Hyral~)

General: None yet

Commander: None yet

Major: None yet.

Captain: Osiris Rebourne (Ace_of_Spades) Zealot (ArchedEdge), Sycos (Rhinohide)

Leiutenant: Cidolfas Orlandu (itsLasher), Aurell (AliDeheren)

Enlisted Ranks

Seargent: None yet.

Corporal: None yet.

Private: None yet.

Soldier: Koji (Amethyst), Kamal (Darth_Armando), Spark (Collo), Kelly (Hoax), Ayika-Archer (Carnival), Tammo

Recruit: Draco, Noobserv (Untill I determine Dragoon-i-ness), Sukaru (Burice)

Dragoon ranks

Dragoon Commander: Algus Olinas (~Delita_Hyral~)

Dragoon Leiutenant: None yet.

Dragoon: Cless Hyral (~Delita_Hyral~), Cidolfas Orlandu (itsLasher), Zurich Kelitic (Lord_Asiram), (Darkstrike, he's making a new character), Aviel (Poby), Tellah (Istar_Magus), Zachariah (Absolution)

The goal of this clan is to preserve Parague in all her splendor, however the knighthood must also eradicate the undead from the face of the world. No undead is welcome within the boarders of Parague and must be terminated on the spot. (Exception to PC characters that have managed to earn the trust of Parague.)

Other important stuff

Gaining rank, to gain rank you will need a certain ammount of rank points. Rank points may be earned by beating a memeber of a higher rank (this will not get you his rank), starting a clan quest or spar, participating in a clan quest or spar, or doing some extra curricular stuff for the clan. Also, at any point in time, a member of Commander or higher may step promote you to a higher rank with at least 2 supporting votes from a general or higher.

None yet, will assign points once the clan starts up.

Unit assignments

I'll be updating this to be more in-depth shortly. Also, if you so chose, you can pick a name for your units.

Unit 1: Captain-Sycos, Executive Officer-Aurell, Soldiers-Koji, Kamal, Ayika.

Unit 2: Captain-Zealot, Executive Officer-Cidolfas, Soldiers-Spark, Kelly.


The grand city of Parague nestled between two mountain ranges. The city seemed to sparkle in the afternoon sun as the common folk went about their daily lives. The palace seemed like a white becon, it's brilliant white walls reflecting the sunlight and making it seem like it had a light of it's own. The only points one could look at without squinting would have been the long blue tapestries that were drapped from the walls. The emblem of the white lion's paw emblazoned on the center of them. A few blocks away from the Palace was the academy of Parague, where inside the instructors trained the recruits and examined the officers. There seemed to be more hustle and bustle today, however, as new faces seemed to be in the crowds. Delita was in the academy, sitting at his desk and begrudgingly doing paperwork that Teta kept pushing his way, refusing to let him leave until it was finished, until the new arrivals began to filter in....

Enter however you like, talk to Delita, don't talk to Delita, go to the Academy, don't go to the Academy, pillage and ra.... I mean explore the city as you see fit >.> Welcome to the Knighthood! You no longer own your own life, congratulations!

9th December 2006, 11:13 PM
Damn this palce was down for a long time... a really long time

Osiris was apparently the first to show up from the other recruitment and knew not what to expect. His silver chain mail, tarnished as it was reflected light over the area in which he walked. Blinding people and ultimately annoying them to no fortunate end. His body was small for a paladin of such stature, but knew not how he became of his unbridled strength. He knew that him alone had thus far been able to cary the giant sword that stood almost as tall as he fastened to his back. The leather hilt was detrimental to the rest of the diamond sword's true beauty that seemed to match perfectly to the only jewlery he wore around his neck, a golden cross that was fastened with a clear diamond in the center of the crucifix. His blood stained white shirt underneath his chain mail, and his tattered brown pants and beaten shoes further detiorated from any worth or nobility that Osiris may have deserved.

Still his presence was ubiqtious, and the air around him electrical. His footsteps laid heavy into the ground as people moved away from him in cowardice of his towering appearance. Lightning bounced around his fierce pale grey eyes, and seemed to make his own short blonde hair stand on end and His hands clinched inside his leather bound gloves seemed to make him appear more menacing. Osiris' ferocious lion voice echoed towards the one sitting filling out paperwork. "Delita I have come as you have requested, what do you wish to be done?"

sorry for the semi-crappy entrance

9th December 2006, 11:14 PM
What happened to GUA!?

Cidolfas Orlandu gazed down at the majestic city that was Parague as he circled overhead on Thorn, his crimson red dragon partner. Thorn's scaled glistened in the bright afternoon sunlight as did Cid's mythril plate armor. It is black with a crimson red lion's paw, matching his eye color and dragon, with silver claws to denote his lieutenant rank in Parague's army. The black sheath on his back carried his massive steel claymore that was hand forged by Parague's elite smiths.

Letting out a roar that frightened the gods Thorn dove 80 degrees vertically, hurtling through the air toward the palace. People on the ground looked up in terror afraid the Dragon would crash right into the palace. 75 ft from the ground Thorn pulled up and soared back up, his spiked tail almost grazing the rooftops. Thorn glided to about 20 ft from the ground and hovered.

Standing up, Cid leaped down landing kneeling in front of the palace. He stood and walked inside to speak with Algus.

10th December 2006, 04:20 AM
That was messed up, down for ages.

Zealot walked through the city, remembering the layout from the several times he had been here. Looking at the note in his hands, he walked onwards towards the Academy.

He soon arrived there, and saw another man going in. Confident he had the right place, he pocketed the note and after a quick adjustment to his armour and weapons, walked in.

He saw Delita sitting at a desk, doing paper work. Smiling, he took a step forwards and spoke.

"Delita, good to see you again. I'm here as your instructions asked."

10th December 2006, 05:52 PM
Just an FYI, any and all Dragoons do not report to Delita, they report to Algus, as Lasher demonstrated :p

Delita looked up from his stack of papers, greatly relieved at the newest arrival.

Delita: "Welcome, welcome. Ah... well for right now you're free to do what you want. I'll have orders and such once I've gathered all the officers."

After that, Zealot walked in, again a welcomed reprieve from the drudgery of doing paperwork.

Delita: "Zealot, good to see you as well. Ah, as I just finished telling Captain Osiris, you're free untill later, once the others have gathered."

Meanwhile, in the Palace, Cid entered the hall to find Cless and Algus speaking, Cless turned and waved to Cid.

Cless: "Good to see you Cid."

Algus: "Glad you could make it, I'll be having a meeting with the other Dragoons once they've assembled. There are some urgent things I need to discuss with you all."

Also, if noone has noticed, there's currently a mini-quest going on. Once that is over I'll open up my next major storyline quest which will heavily impact the clan, participation is encouraged ^^

10th December 2006, 06:00 PM
Sycos made his way through the town, noticing that it was nearing four in the afternoon. Somehow, he wasn't sure why, he had gotten separrated from Aurell and Delita after their last adventure. But he still wasn't alone.

"Please Sycos, just reconsider! I just want to keep my brother, and not lose him into a society that i'll never be allowed to join!"

"Thorven, for the last time, I cannot quit this. I am in charge of twelve, thirteen if you count the fact that Aurell also works with me, people whom I cannot just abandon... You can always join up too if it means that much to you..."

"No, My brother. I can't join, because I'm a Barbarian! Do you not get that? I am primitive, ruthless, and ill-fit to survive in a 'civilised' society. I can't be part of that world... Besides, I have to keep our small 'town', thank you, by the way, for bringing strangers, and their families, into my secluded, privately owned, large patch of land, now I'm going to have to clear a road for travellers, and make another way out of the plains, and prepare for traders, which means I'll have to clear out more land..."

"Brother! I'll help! I'm going to ask if I can station my men in our town for a period of time so that they will be put to use to help build this town that they were part of starting... But now," Sycos continued as they neared the Academy, "I have to go inside, and the only way you're getting in is if you enlist. Thorven, I know that things are going to change, but You'll survive, you always do. You're The Thorven McDell for God's sake!"

The Barbarian watched as his brother walked up the stairs. When The minotaur was no longer in sight, Thorven sighed,and mounted his horse Sampson, and galloped away for home...


Sycos entered into the Academy, Passing a small young man who had been watching the whole argument occur. The Monster didn't even say anything, he just stared at the boy, and began to bare his teeth anf growl . The child-like kid, undoubtedly wanting to become a recruit, ran off screaming after he was sure that he was about to become a mad monster's lunch.

"Damn kids..."

Sycos continued along in the direction of the screaming child, and came upon a familiar sight. His good friend, and now highest ranking boss, Delita. He lumbered over to the man, seemingly not busy at the moment, and spoke.

"Master, I have returned from my journey home, and I have a few more things to ask you... But first, it's great to be back." The officer stated without the same amount of enthusiasm he'd had the day he became a Captain.

11th December 2006, 11:54 PM
Spark had been spending some time in a tavern in Parague, taking a break from trying to find a house to rent, as he definitely did not have enough money to afford his own house but still wanted somewhere to call home.

It just so happened the tavern he was in was frequented by the knights of Parague, and one of the knights, seemingly a recruit had been sitting alone, looking rather glum. Because Spark was a nice guy, and wanted somebody to talk to, he approached the man, offered to pay for another drink, and sat down, attempting to start a conversation.

It seemed the recruit had been humiliated on his first day of training by a rather cruel sergeant, but Spark suspected he was perhaps playing up the events that actually happened. Still, he was quite sad, and Spark offered him some advice on how to deal with authority figures that had let their power go to their head.

In the course of the conversation, Spark had voiced his own desire to enter into the armed service of Parague, mentioning that it would be a good way to make a crust. The soldier had asked why he didn't join, and Spark remarked that he wasn't a citizen of Parague, and could thus not join the knighthood.

The soldier suggested Spark apply for both at the same time, saying that he wasn't even sure you needed to be a citizen of Parague to be able to join, even going so far as to offer to vouch on Spark's behalf. Spark had thanked the man, saying there was no need as he knew Delita, being a lightning user and under his tutelage, which earned him quite a large amount of respect from the recruit.

And so here Spark was, at the academy to find Delita in the hope he would be able to enlist. Perhaps even earn a position as a commissioned officer. He had waited in the group for quite a while until he had managed to approach Delita, hoping to discuss and overcome the problems he faced.

ďMaster Delita, Iíve come to join the Paraguean Knighthood, but, you see, there might be a couple of problems. Iím not actually a citizen of Parague, which would be a prerequisite, wouldnít it?Ē

12th December 2006, 06:43 AM
Down the streets of Parague two figures walked side by side. on the left, a young woman with brown hair and blond tips, her only highly distinguishing feature being her yellow eyes. on the right, a man in a deep black cloak, anonymous, inconspicuous, and just like every other person in a cloak who wished to remain un-noticed. as hoped they were both drawing no attention to themselves, for they were both more than they seemed.
stopping half a block away from the academy entrance the pair disappeared into a near-by dark ally way...

Kelly ~ "please don’t make me go. can I lean this shit somewhere else?"

Cloaked man ~ "yes but the training here is superior to none, paladins and knights from all over the realm come here to train and spar with the dragoons. if you want to learn the tactics of organised troops this is the place to do it."

Kelly ~ "yes but what if HE spots me? I’m not exactly sure if my... 'kin' are entirely welcome in this city."

Cloaked man ~ "you'll be given a uniform I think, that and it is a large organisation. I don’t think he will take the time to see ALL new recruits...
failing that, from what I have read of Deltia he will believe your extended cover story. he might even pull some string to keep your secret - secret. as long as you behave.

that said, don’t go looking for trouble here! I know you don’t like paladins but for the moment you will be training with knights, they shouldn’t be as bad..."

Kelly ~ "humph... I cant even have a training 'accident' with one? your no fun at all. was that all?"

Cloaked man ~ "no. not all. I got you something....."

*from somewhere under the very concealing cloak the man produced a large blade of exotic design. the initial blade was a little under 3ft long and a solid 7 inches across. the tip was crimped horizontally across, creating a flat blunt end with a single sharp edge. it had a traditional sword hilt, large enough to be grasped with 2 hands, but also another grip cut into the large unwieldily blade about half way down, apparently to allow for such moves as above blocks.
Kelly grunted as she took the sword by the hilt from the cloaked man, obviously unused to the heavy and unwieldy blade...*

Kelly ~ "Ungh! err, why thankyou... it most certainly is very.... umm... heavy..."

Cloaked man ~ "unsheathe it..."

Kelly ~ "what?"

*taking the sword from her the man grasped it by the hilt and the handle in the blade. giving the hilt a funny twist the man first pushed the hilt in half an inch before giving a solid yank.
with a dramatic ~shink~ the large unwieldy and unusual sheath parted from the actual sword, revealing a beautiful silver coated longsword. Kelly gasped, obviously impressed...*

Kelly ~ "woooow... a sword with in a sword... but why silver?"

Cloaked man ~ "well I figured that since no self respecting *cough* 'Kin' would carry a silver weapon that it would only aid your cover story..."

*sheathing the sword again the cloaked man handed it back to Kelly along with a leather back holder for the swords "sheath".*

Cloaked man ~ "now if you will excuse me Kelly I do not belong in this world and must return to my own. I will be watching from there as always"

*leaning forward he gave Kelly a light, loving kiss on the cheek before walking back into the lightly crowded streets of Parague, quickly disappearing in a sea of faces. Kelly smiled and touched the kissed cheek. quickly putting on the holster for the sword Kelly struck her most official looking pose and marched up to the academy gate guards, greeting them with a smart salute...*

Kelly ~ "Tanya Adams reporting for registration."

:-p I'll let you make up your own mind about her motives here Deltia...

if your wondering who the person in the cloak is, well, its me. as in me - me. ^.^ yes I know... a total breach of the 4th wall...
Im also asumeing this clan is open and recruiting... :s

12th December 2006, 07:50 AM
Delita looked up at Spark and smiled, shaking his head.

Delita: "You don't have to be a citizen here to enlist. It helps, sure, but not required. That just means you'll have to work a little harder if you want to be commissioned. Otherwise, welcome aboard."

At the door to the academy, the two guards returned Kelly's salute and motioned for her to enter.

Guard: "Please go in, ma'am, the registration desk is just within these doors. Good luck."

12th December 2006, 10:18 AM
This was about to happen. Aurell would eventually leave her city for ever and live in the only place she really learnt to live. Wasn't it amazing how easy you can do without televisions, refrigerators, cell phones, ipods, cars and all that garbage? She would miss her job though. Those moments of silence, following the traced road on rails, embraced by the dark underground.

She spent a week with her parents and said little about where she was going. She invented an european place, really far north where communications were difficult. To her luck they knew little about north of europe were communications are the best for real. She said it was some kind of studies she earned in her job and they never reflected that the underground system would never pay such a travel or education. What they really believed was she enrolled some sect and was going after them to India... It was the same, the understood their daughter had to go for a good while and they only suggested her to keep a ticket to come back at any minute, no matter where she went, if she needed anything, they were here for her.

Something quite of a soap opera happened to her on this days. For her sanity, she always fought off the Callings of Earth saying she was a normal girl, she was born normal of normal parents. And her faith in this dissappeared when, as she left, her mother told her she was adopted. Oh come on! Aurell felt ridicule to say the least. Some cheesy story about their reasons to adopt, how they found her... And to her dismay she learnt a story about a baby found in a cave. In a cave! Social Secuirity Services never found the origin of the baby. Blood tests, DNA... something weird was on those results they never revealed. A lot more of that science fiction story she decided to leave behind as she closed that door, possibly for ever.

She walked ahead to the end of the city, admired of her own resistance, not needing to stop, nor needing for transport, and left behind the long, noisy streets, the selfish people, the industry of social murder and started to follow the road into the country. When the time came, she was taken by earth and her homecoming to Parague started.

* * *

She came to the city by night. Different to the first ocassion when, with Sycos she was almost arrested for wandering around, Aurell came in as an officer, recognized now as Lady Terranova.

She went directly into the palace and looked for her superior, Sycos, to report she was finally here, though she was also eager to find Zealot... And of course the Supreme Commander.

13th December 2006, 05:40 AM
*Kelly didnít bother replying to the gate guard, a smart salute as they parted was enough. sighing and marching inside Kelly was slightly taken a back by the hustle that was going on inside. the academy really seemed alive and Kelly was unsure why. spotting the registration desk Kelly sauntered up and walked over, only to bump into a very important looking man about half way there...*

Kelly ~ "ouf!"

General ~ "you alright there missy?"

Kelly ~ "my apologies sir, I'm fine..."

General ~ "no harm done. I take it your here to register young lady? whatís your name."

Kelly ~ "Sir am sir! Tracy Adams sir!"

General ~ "and what may I ask do you intend to bring to our fine order?"

Kelly ~ "I am the best fighter you will find here sir. I will beat any man woman or beast you place in front of me in single combat or die trying."

*it was a bold claim to be sure, but one Kelly was obviously willing to prove to defend. the General simply grinned at the statement, pausing for a moment to sum Kelly up before responding..."

General ~ "I'm sure you would. I hope you learn soon however that there is more to war than single combat and personal valour. carry on..."

*saluting each other the two went there separate ways, Kelly to the registration desk, the General down the hall and out of sight.
cracking her knuckles at the desk to get the mans attention Kelly gave a quick half salute...*

Kelly ~ "Tanya Adams reporting for registration."

Amethyst Shine
13th December 2006, 04:15 PM
Koji Maru. This was the name of the young man who stood in a field in the forests surrounding Parague. He was here for a simple reason: to join the Paraguean army. He had been hesitant about it at first, but he had decided that the army would teach him the kind of skills, dicipline and focus that he had set out on his pilrimage to learn.

Koji was a young monk from the Buddhist temple in the A'rid mountains. He was a young man of 14 years, though he had the attitude of a 17+ late teen. He wore a long-sleeved neon-blue shirt, though the right sleeve was completely torn off. His right arm and hand were completely wrapped in bandages, except for his fingers. His pants were the same color as his shirt, and he wore a pair of black leg warmers over his lower legs. He also wore a black pair of shoes and a belt of the same color. His blue eyes shone with excitement under his spiky blonde hair and black headband.

Suddenly, in a poof of smoke and a flurry of leaves, he was gone. Inside the Parague academy, at the registration desk, a small flurry of leaves appeared. Suddenly, in a small explosion of leaves, which strangely disappeared quickly, Koji appeared in front of Delita. He knelt in respect, then stood up again.

"Supreme Commander Hyral," he said. "I, Koji Maru, do hereby request entrance into the Paraguean Kinghthood."

13th December 2006, 05:28 PM
Here I am! Love me...

"Well, it's sure been a helluva long time since I was in THIS dump. Parague...<sigh> land of a million dashed dreams. But I'm BACK, and THIS time, they'd better make me a dragoon! I've darned well done a lot for my country, and I'm certainly not goin' away until I get the big yes."

A certain demeanor of agressive hubris had always follwed Zurich Keltilic wherever he went, and it always managed one of two things: success or total catastrophe, and it was almost always the latter. His blond hair flowed fairly and neatly as he strode casually to the gate, where two obviously annoying guard were going to stop him. He stopped just before entering earshot. "Let's hope the new guy in charge around these parts really knows his stuff. Last time I was here, these guards were...how do I put this lightly...toally freaking retarded. Duh-duh-dur..."

He then resumed his pacing, and advanced directly to the gate. One of the guards stopped him, halting his appraoch with a heavy, drawling accent. Zurich could instantly tell that this wasn't going to end well. He was ready to give the idiot a couple of slaps if he said anything stupid, which was a definite possiblility. Of course, he never said anything stupid. Zurcih honestly thought himself the smartest, handsomest, and most clever person he had ever met, and he had met a hell of a lot of people.

"Holt! Staete yoow bizniss!" the guard drawled.

"I'm here to see...lemme see...what was that guy's name again?" Zurich said. He began to stick his hand in the right socket of his mythril plating, and pull out a rumpled thatch of parchment. "Muzzamuzzamuzza...here we go! Says here his name's Algus Olinas. Dragoon captain guy. Important stuff. Now lemme in."

"'Owld own jus' a sec'ond! Oi don' ev'n knouw yoow naeme!"

"For all I care to tell ya, it could be Bob Bobberson! Just lemme the hell in! I gotta see this captain guy, Delita said so!"

"Ow! Oi saee na! Commaanda gots sum bizniss witch'a? Oll roight, le' 'im throo."

"That's more like it." Zurich said with a hint of callous prejudice. As the gates slowly lurched open, he entered the city. "Morons...big brains with no education to put 'em in..." he whispered under his breath. He looked around. The city was, as in the olden days, all a bustle. Of course, more people were here than two centuries ago, and Zurich had some pressing affairs to get to Algus, like becoming a dragoon.

The castle was only found after three hours of searching, and several occurrences of asking for directions. When the Tempest finally reached the center of the city, and the castle, he was gasping for breath, and sweating direly in the sun. "Since<huf>...when did...this...damn place...get so...damn...big? Why...<huf>did I...ask...buncha<huf> drunks...where this place...was? I told my...self...<huf>not...to<huf>...ask directions<huf>...froma damn...tavern again...<huf>...but NOOOOO..."

The castle now lay in front of him, and he no longer wasted time complaining and just entered. He walked with as much regality as he could, trying to impress everyone with his appearance, sweaty as it may be. He finally advanced his way to the main hall, where he found many persons talking. He saw Delita there, and no one else he knew. He just simply waltzed in and demanded one thing: "Awright. Which one of you guys is Algus? I gotta talk with the guy for a sec. Oh, and try your hardest to make it snappy."

17th December 2006, 06:28 PM
I have come, at last.

What splendor! thought Kamal as he entered the city of Parague. Kamal had been to many cities in his time but few rivaled this one in sheer grandeur. The streets were packed with people going about their business; shopkeepers selling their wares, public orators reading off current events.

The people themselves were only the half of it. The walls if the local buildings were decorated with frescos and a myriad of art. Sweet smells filled Kamal's nose as he walked along the main drag, seeking a certain building in particular.

Long had he heard stories of the Dragoon knighthood. Their skill unmatched, their courage unwavering. They almost reminded him of the fabled Manso Knights from his home of Cerean.

For some time, Kamal had sought this place out. He had become quite frustrated with his lack of combat experience and figured that this was the best place to gain that experience. In any case, it would be even an honor to receive the lowest rank they had.

Walking further on, Kamal noticed the building he sought, There it is. The academy stood before him, his search finally ended. Approaching it he found two guards standing at its entrance. Walking up to them he spoke, "Excuse me. Where may I join the knighthood?"

"Inside, main office," one of the guards replied.

Kamal walked inside and found his way to the office of Delita Hyral; a member of the royal family and head of the knighthood. Stopping just before he entered he adjusted his clothing and his headband, making sure his left eye was covered. Lastly he checked his automale right arm to make sure it was not full of sand or any other debris. Sighing he knocked on the door to the office and said, "Excuse me, I have come to join the knighthood. My name is Kamal Danthomir."

17th December 2006, 07:10 PM
I'm gonna work on Duty posts, unit's and other things with some help from Istar, Abs, Asiram and Lasher. I'm still getting the rest of the kinks worked out as well.

The attendant at the registration desk nodded to Tanya as she saluted.

Attendant: "Excellent, always good to have fresh blood join the knighthood. Here, these papers have your dorm assignment and other pertinent information, such as unit assignment, rank, and duty post."

The attendent nodded and saluted Kelly and then dismissed her.

Delita nodded to Koji and Kamal as they entered.

Delita: "Good to see new blood, you're both welcome to the knighthood. I'll give you can recieve your assignments at the registration desk down the hall and to the right from here. There will be a formation soon, His Majesty has ugent news for the knighthood, be ready for the assembly when the time comes."

Meanwhile, at the Palace. Algus and Cless glanced over at Zurich as he strode into the building. His tone was, less than appealing.

Algus: "I am he, what buisness do you have with me? And do try not to sound too arrogant, remember, you sought me out."

17th December 2006, 08:01 PM
Was it all just a dream? Or maybe ... oh, screw this, it's getting old.

My name is James Aaron Carter, and I come from the master dimension. You see, I used to be just a normal kid. I'd go to school, eat a lot, visit with my friends, and post on GUA's RPing forums. But one day, that all changed, when I was suddenly sucked into the GUA world. Now, I'm just trying to stay alive, until I can find a way back home.

But will I find a way home? Maybe not. This was a depressing thought, but also a very real possibility. That was why I was here, in Parague. I found the idea of becomming a dragoon very appealing, and if I was to be stuck here, I would have to make a life for myself. And what better way to make my life here then to become a dragoon? I had a slightly difficult time getting past the guards and into Parague (I think they were drunk), but once I was past them, it was a piece of cake to find the academy.

Now I was in the academy, looking around for Algus. I never payed attention to how Delita (the user) described him, so I had a bit of trouble, but then someone came in looking for him, and Algus himself announced himself. I walked over to where he was conversing with some jerk, and waited politely until I had the opportunity to present myself.

Amethyst Shine
20th December 2006, 10:19 PM
"Good to see new blood, you're both welcome to the knighthood. You can recieve your assignments at the registration desk down the hall and to the right from here. There will be a formation soon, His Majesty has ugent news for the knighthood, be ready for the assembly when the time comes."

"Thank you, sir," Koji said, and grinned to himself, an amusing thought occuring to him. 'Good to see new blood....' he thought. That could be taken in an entirely different manner. With a chuckle at this amusing thought, he walked town the hall, and into a room to the right. There, he found the registration desk, and approached it with a slight salute.

"Koji Marushia, reporting for registration, sir," he said.

20th December 2006, 11:22 PM
Cid stood conversing with Cless and Algus, waiting for the other dragoons to show up when a man strode threw the doors. His arrogance greatly annoyed Cid and he called out to the man after Algus addressed him, "What reason do you have for your arrogance, true skill or false bravado? Either way I care not for your tone, I suggest you lose it."

26th December 2006, 11:45 AM
Aviel had never liked big cities, but for once there was an exception. She had been to Parague several times before, with her mentor Master Misgab, though she had never stayed alone in the city before. Or for this long.

She casually strolled through the city, marveling at the beautiful architecture and the people. In her mind, though, was a far different picture of the city than others would have. Aviel was in awe not only by the material view of the city, but by the life within it.

In her mind, she had slightly tapped into her Force powers, expanding her senses until she could sense everything within a few street blocks of her. The beautiful blue tendrils of Force energy swirled and danced, trillions of strands composing everything around her, flowing gracefully through the walls, the streets, the trees, the food, the people, and even Aviel.

Every citizen in Parague was different than those of other cities Aviel had been to, their inner glow far stronger and far more pure than that of a normal city. But that was nothing compared to what Aviel saw when she came within reach of the Palace, and her senses flared.

Inside, there was almost a complete expanse of white, so much life, so much energy and so much purity that the tendrils of Force energy were tightly packed, covering every square inch of the holy sight.

Aviel suddenly gasped, not realizing she was holding her breath the entire time she had been looking at the Palace. Her cheeks flared red as the passer-byers stared at her, but she lowered her head and moved on, trying her best not to make eye conact with them.

Releasing her senses, her vision returned to normal as she ascended the steps to the mighty Palace. She now remembered why she had come here. The name Algus Olinas rang in her head over and over, until she had accounted for every scrap of information she knew of the man - which didn't amount to much.

Finding him was another story. Though she was in the castle, she had no idea which way to go. Summoning her senses slightly, she felt an inkling of strong energy to her right. Making her way through corridors and hallways, she emerged into a great hall, where several men were already gathered. In the center of them, she felt that this was Algus Olinas.

But, approaching the man was another story. Aviel always did have a slight problem meeting new people, but she did her best. She approached slowly behind the men, stopped slightly to push a strand of brown hair behind her ears.

"They're in the middle of a conversation", she thought "I guess I can let them finish..."

And so she waited.

26th December 2006, 12:31 PM
Dragoon! Dragooooooooooooooooneh!
"Ha ha...."
Tammo laughed as he saw a flier advertising the Paraugien Knighthood. "I'll join."
*Delita's office/area/study/latrine*
Bowing to Delita, he said "Any chance of a Dragoonship? Or something?"
Sorry about this, i have to get off now.

30th December 2006, 11:19 AM
Algus looked around, there were quite a few prospective candidates for the Dragoon's. I still don't understand why His Majesty opened up enlistment to the general public... foriegners make me edgy... He turned around to face the two newcomers, since he had a spare moment while Cid gave Zurich a peice of his mind.

Algus: "You two, state your buisness, why have you sought me out?"

He eyed the two up, the female seemed to bve very strong, dispite her appearance, while the male seemed to be, less favorable. Though his sword was more than impressive, and seemed to have a strange, almost ominous aura about it.


Delita looked up at Tammo and shook his head.

Delita: "Tammo, I'll save you the trip to the palace, Algus most likely won't admit you into the Dragoons, you'll have to prove yourself first, and what better way then in the regular military."

Edit: I can't believe I missed that >.< sorry Draco.

31st December 2006, 11:59 AM
Sorry if this is a crap post, I've just come down with pnumonia (sp), and am recovering from a 105.1 fever. Also, I do have a weapon, check my sheet.

"You two, state your business, why have you sought me out?"

I thought over my answer carefully, but quickly. One wrong move, one slip-up, and my chances of becoming a dragoon would slide down the toilet.

"My name is James Carter," I replied. "I've heard that enlistment to the Dragoons has been opened up to the public, so I decided I'd give it a shot. I'm willing to undergo any tests or trials you deem neccisary."

31st December 2006, 03:59 PM
"What reason do you have for your arrogance, true skill or false bravado? Either way I care not for your tone, I suggest you lose it."

"What? Who the heck are you? I don't think YOU'RE famous. I'm a hero and demonslayer of the highest caliber! Name's Zurich, and I'm known as Tempest of the East! Celebrity status, all the way. I have plenty of reason to be a bit haughty."

He looked at the man with a slightly overbearing look, and then turned his attention readily back unto Algus. "So, Algus. I came looking for a job as a dragoon, and I was wondering if you could, you know, help me out a bit...I worked here 'bout a century ago, but grunt life wasn't for me, so I leftr after two years of service. I had a couple of good moments in battle here and there when I was enlisted. But I digress. What's the word on how to become a dragoon?"

He waited for a reply with a hopeful look in his eyes.

31st December 2006, 06:32 PM
"Who the heck are you? I don't think YOU'RE famous."

"You could be the Tempest of Heaven for all I care sir, and I never said I was famous. I merely do not care for your arrogance and think you have no reason for it. I am Cidolfas Orlandu and, correct me if I'm wrong, I've been a Dragoon for near 5 years and you aren't even a Dragoon yet. Stop me if I'm out of line Sir Algus, I dislike arrogance."

31st December 2006, 08:26 PM
"You two, state your buisness" said Algus, "why have you sought me out?"

"Forgive me", said Aviel with a bow "I am Aviel Evas. I presume you must be Algus Olinas, the Dragoon Commander. I've come to train as a Dragoon, and help protect Parague as my mentor, Master Misgab, has done before me."

One of the few posts I've done with only dialogue... o_o

2nd January 2007, 03:55 PM
Tammo grunted. "Very well. I'll sign up. And..." Tammo looked around slyly, "Give this Algus felleh a recommendation, eh?" Tammo laughed. "Just kiddin'."

2nd January 2007, 05:15 PM
Tired of wandering around, Aurell decided to look for Delita right away. Asking for his whereabouts to an officer, she made her way to see him talking to a stranger she never knew before.

"Commander" She said, bowing formally to him. "I'm back, for good now, I think. Now Parague is my home and I'm ready to protect it with all my power and my life"

She said this not in a formal or regal way but sincerely.

Sorry Delita... two pages and no interaction is too much. I had little less to say

3rd January 2007, 02:03 PM
Not sure if im doing this right, and if im not feel free to PM me, or slap me w/e you guys prefer O.o

Ayika walked silently through the city, there was not much to say seeing as it was a new place to her, and Ayika didn't feel like commenting to herself the different sounds of people's footsteps... Ayika and her trusty blue jay on her shoulder went through the city quickly avoiding all possible interactions with the citizens. She wouldn't want her first day in the city to be her last, especially when she had such high hopes for joining the knighthood. She heard random things about it, but wanted nothing more. All she knew is that she had to be skilled, which she knew she probably was good enough at archery for this, and that she had to talk to someone named Delita.

Finally reaching the entrence to the building most likely to be the academy, Ayika walked up nearly bumping into a gaurd outside

From other posts i believe there is one outside if im wrong slap me again...

the gaurd growled and looked at the girl then asked "What be your name and buisness? State it quickly now."

Ayika replied quickly as she wished to avoid all possible troubles... "My name is er.. Ayika. I have come for information about the knighthood."

The gaurd nodded and said "Go on in."

As Ayika entered the building, she could sense numerous footsteps hurrying in every way, she had no idea where to start, but soon found the person she believed to be Delita.

"Um excuse me Delita sir, I've been wanting to register for the knighthood..." the girl said it rather shyly not trying to sound to arrogant, or full of her self in anyway. To be honest, she was quite scared of the man named Delita, and just wanted to run away right now, but she had to be brave. She then added , "My name is Ayika, I am an Archer a rather good one too when my blue jay is with me, nodding to the bird, but I wish to be truthful up front... I'm also blind." The girl made an attempt at a weak smile hoping her hinderence of the eys won't cost her any trouble.

Once again if i've done something wrong tell me...

4th January 2007, 05:16 PM
Check the first page, there's some updates. Carnival, I've identified you char as an archer, you'll get some extra items and other privileges for that job-class.

Algus shook his head at Zurich.

Algus: "No need to appologize Cid, I dislike his attitude as well, however his skill is undeniable. James Carter eh? I'll give you a shot, try not to dissapoint me."

Algus then turned to fave Aviel.

Algus: "You know Zadok eh? Well, I suppose turning you down would be folley, if Zadok trained you, then you must be strong, hopefully you don't prove me wrong."


Delita: "Aurell! good to see you back and well. It's good to hear you're here to stay. Sycos was just here a while ago, I have new members for your unit that I'll be assigning to you shortly. for now I'd like for you to take it easy for a bit, we'll be busy soon."

After that, a strange woman whom was obviously blind entered the room, yet though she was blind, she seemed to know where everything was. Delita listened to her closely and smiled.

Delita: "Welcome to the knighthood Ayika. It's not often we meet blind sharpshooters here, if you are as good as you claim, you will certainly be an asset. Aurell, this is one of your new members, I hope you find Parague to your liking Ayika."

4th January 2007, 06:09 PM
Aurell nodded at Delita and almost blushed when he asked for her patience. Was it so obvious she was uncomfortable with inactivity? Ok, she had to accept she was terribly expressive and probably her frowning would also show how angry she was at Sycos. He did't even look for her when she had been crazy all around trying to find him or have news of him!

Just then, Delita introduced her to Ayika. She smiled widely, for some reason she liked her. With one hand in her shoulder and other grabbing her own hand, the earth mage welcomed Ayika.
"An Archer, huh?" She said, amazed, not doubting she had to be really special to be a good archer even when blind. There is no grace in stating the obvious, but recognizing amazement is part of life. "I like your blue jay. Does he have a name?"

All of the sudden, Aurell frowned again but this time in recognition... "wait" she said "do you have earth powers as well? Hey! this is wonderful, isn't it? Come with me, I'll show you around!"

4th January 2007, 06:47 PM
"You know Zadok eh?" said Algus, "Well, I suppose turning you down would be folley. If Zadok trained you, then you must be strong, hopefully you don't prove me wrong."

Hearing Algus speak of Zadok made Aviel's cheeks redden. She hadn't realized, up until now, that having been taught by him gave her a sense of pride and confidence, something that could later develope into arrogance - a trait she sought to avoid.

"Thank you," she said with yet another bow, "I will do my best not to dissapoint you."

4th January 2007, 07:13 PM
"An Archer, huh?" She said, amazed, not doubting she had to be really special to be a good archer even when blind. There is no grace in stating the obvious, but recognizing amazement is part of life. "I like your blue jay. Does he have a name?"

Ayika smiled at the girl now talking to her. "Nope, but he will come when you need him. He has a way of knowing." the blind archer smiled again as the earth mage made another comment.

All of the sudden, Aurell frowned again but this time in recognition... "wait" she said "do you have earth powers as well? Hey! this is wonderful, isn't it? Come with me, I'll show you around!"

"Well I'm sure they aren't as skileld as yours are, but I use it to move around and sense where others are. I can't do any spells with it yet, it takes to much energy for me to even lift a pebble with it." the girl frowned on it, and thought the mage would be disappointed, but still followed her for a tour.

5th January 2007, 12:22 AM
Rory lay in the sun, his face soaked with sweat and his breathing heavy. The grass he was on had started to itch, his irritative skin tickled in its hot splendour. The blazing sun above him created a light that was totally alien to Rory, his lands always marked with cloud, even on the clearest days. This sky was unblemished, nothing to block the ball of fire, nothing to stop it from making him despise it, despite his fire origins.

Standing, his pulled off his shirt. Knowing he could become sunburst, Rory took into full knowledge his resistance to heat. If not for that, he would surely travel at night, when the cold darkness enveloped him. His pushed the shirt into his pack, which was over-full with provisions and other necessary things.

If he didn't reach Parague before three days had passed, he did not know what to do. He would live off the land, hopefully. Still, he could hunt with his magic. He could feel the heat radiating off animals as much as it resounded in the air.

Taking another step, he felt his foot his solid ground. It was cracked in the heat, dusty and rough. His boots, worn and all, scratched up the soil with every movement, making the dust rise up towards his face, irritating him even more. Another step followed the first, and Rory had started once again, through the valley upon which the city lay. He never expected going through the bush to avoid confrontation would be so harsh and willingly. And he wasn't even under cover from the trees, as it was too thick, forcing him to find an animal track, with nothing above it but blue. Cursing to himself, he stumbled upon, the heat draining his strength with every step.


Rory had only glimpsed the glorious city yesterday, after climbing the valleys side and peering in. The climb had been stretching and he often found himself want to go back to the main path. Still, the items within his possession were sure to be stolen or guards to prohibit him into the city. Yet, as he stood near the top of the valley wall, he could see the slight of a tall building, white and powerful, almost a beacon for his wary body.

Since that time, he had pressed on, un-obstructed and relentless. The sight had filled him with new vigour and he had never wanted to reach someone as bad as now. The valley's bush helped Rory during the night, feeding him and helping him with saving provisions. Still, he had not seen the city since, and was worried the road had turned into an off-leading path where the city lay, and he had gone past. Scouting through the bush sideways was as hard as straight, forcing him to cut away much form his path and slowing his speed, but as he stumbled onto the path, his stoped in awe, his mind throwing away his complaint just like that.

Before him lay a majestic city, huge by his standards, filled with busy people. They seemed ignorant of everything around them, the silver-clad men strolling past. The rich men in purple and gold, pacing with eight men surrounding him. The large buildings, awesome and strong yet lovely and secret. Especially the huge, white, palace like building, avert Rory’s eyes as he stared towards it. Blinking away tears of brightness, he willed himself forwards, wanting to experience the city up close. Parague, city of kings.


As he entered towards the gate of the city, where two sentries were posted, watching over any who entered, Rory grimaced as one pointed him out. Stopping him with pike, one muttered to him, under his breath so no-one heard;

“What be your business here? This city has none for the likes of such a stature in strength.”

“You seek to send me back along that path," Rory said back, "I have no trouble here, only wish to join the Knights of Parague!”

His words surprised the soldier, if anything. He nodded, muttering back words that surprised Rory more;

"Not many traverse this road to join, traders and the likes alone. Yet once, and I do not twist my tongue, I swear a dragon flew over my head."

Rory stared. A dragon? What forces did the group command? Nodding his thanks and flipping him a copper coin, Rory strode forwards, into the city and into a new life.


After wandering around the city, checking the market and other places, Rory found himself standing in front of the white palace, his back to it. The white marble reflected the sun like a mirror, blinding him more than ever now he was so close. He felt angry, his dark eyes causing him to miss out on the beauty behind him. Grimacing, he yelled towards the heavens, his eyes closed. A few stared at him but most moved on. One small lady approached, smiling delicately.

"What trouble you, young one? Life such as yours should be full of romance and love? Has time changed everything I once knew?"

"No, time has not changed what once was and is. I cry for my life. My eyes blind me in the easiest situation, their darkness taking light like life takes death. And I doubt you can help me..."

The despair in his voice made the lady cringe, then respond;

"You underestimate the love of others," her words seemed filled with a strange tone, and the statement made the hairs on Rory's neck raise. Muttering to herself, the woman stood for a minute. Time passed, and her muttering became audible, "Greatga UiEafr Pofrga Miyafgg!"

Rory felt a tingling in his eyes, as soon as the words finished, and rubbed them feverishly. It still persisted, so he held them shut. A few seconds past. He then opened them, and shock radiated through his body.

Ever colour, every sight and anything his eye was used for had increased drastically. He could see further, every colour was richer and everything he saw stood out more. Turning around, he gasped. The white marble building no longer was hidden in blinding light, he could easily stare and his eyes were fine. He studied every detail, savouring the architectural design. He stood for a few minutes, then turned to thank the lady. She was gone.

So after, he asked a passer-by with moderately rich clothes where he could find the Parague Knights location. She smiled, almost laughing, and pointed next door. Blushing, he thanked her then headed that way, arriving shortly.

He followed a path, entering the complex and wandering around, looking for someone to point him in the direction to become Enlisted.

Long intro post. Ah well. Get my pun? Enlisted with capital? AHAHAHA!

5th January 2007, 10:24 AM
Sycos, after checking in with Delita, had snuck away to Cid's bar for a quick bite to eat, and a bit of Parague's famous wine, and had sat and enjoyed the company of some travelling gypsies who had passed through the new township that His brother was running. From what he'd heard, the Town was becoming quite a well desired homeplace for soldiers who wanted to get away, and still be near to their main station. There was also talk of many travellers not afilliated with military who were settling down as well. The leader of the Gypsie caravan told The minotaur that the pathway that Sycos and his siblings had trod was now a suitable road.

"Well, if everything keeps up this pace it's on, My little home will become quite a fine city, then it'll need a name, and it might become as much a desired place to be as Parague, huh?"

The Gypsie laughed and nodded, and they turned their conversation towards other things...

After a few hours, Sycos and the Gypsies parted ways, and The Minotaur headed back towards the academy. He hadn't been in the building for five minutes when he heard a familiar voice cross the air...

"Commander, I'm back, for good now, I think. Now Parague is my home and I'm ready to protect it with all my power and my life"

"Aurell! good to see you back and well. It's good to hear you're here to stay. Sycos was just here a while ago, I have new members for your unit that I'll be assigning to you shortly. for now I'd like for you to take it easy for a bit, we'll be busy soon."

Sycos trotted his way over to where the voices came from, and arrived to hear Delita introduce an archer to Aurell as one of their new soldiers for their unit.

Interesting, another archer, I wonder how many we'll recieve, and wether or not they'll be able to cooperate with the originals well.

Aurell and the Archer turned, and Sycos playfully snuck up behind his companion, and after they had exchanged a few words, He quickly, and playfully, swept her up off her feet.

"Aurell! It is great to see you my friend!!" Sycos gave her a light squeeze of a hug, and set her down...

"I see you have been making new friends, Would you like to introduce us?"

5th January 2007, 11:42 AM
"Damn it...lost again."

Sukaru made his way into the city, keeping his blue angelic wings retracted. His clothes was in shreads, so he went to a local tailor and blacksmith to get himself some new wears. An hour passed, the city was still bustling, and Sukaru walked out of the blacksmith, weilding a new long sword and was wearing a full white plate armor suit, except for the helmit. He wanted his white hair to flow freely. Under his armor, he wore a white long-sleeve shirt, and grey pants. Over the top of his breast-plate was a white tabard with the symbol of his village, Serenity.

"Much better...now...what should I do here?"

He wandered around more. Some came up to him and asked if he was part of the Paraguean Knights. All he said in responce,

"Umm..no. I'm just a traveler."

The Paraguean Knights...that sounded familier to him. Finally he made it to the steps of the palace. He was greated as if he was one of the knights again and was shown the way in. One of the guards brought him to a man that was talking to someone else already. Sukaru told the guard to leave, because he knew who this man was all too well.

"Master Delita. It's been a while."

5th January 2007, 01:57 PM
Ayika sensed a new presence in the room quickly and soon heard many words quickly followed by:

"I see you have been making new friends, Would you like to introduce us?"

Ayika knew the new person was talking about her and she quickly replied for herself, "I am Ayika. I'm a blind archer, but pretty good if i do say so myself." The girl wasn't sure if the new person would accept this comment or not, but she knew she could prove it if she must wether by deuls, which she happened to hate seeing as most were to close for her to actually take her time... which she liked, or in battle. "If you also may be so kind to introduce yoursel?" the girl smiled weakly hopeing she wasn't to quick in her comments.

8th January 2007, 11:41 AM
"I am Ayika. I'm a blind archer, but pretty good if i do say so myself. If you also may be so kind to introduce yoursel?"

Sycos liked this girl from the start. When he had seen her face, it had a uniqueness that he'd never seen before, and when he learned that she was both blind, and apparently unaffraid to speak her mind despite that fact: He held her in a special place of his respect.

"Well, my new friend Ayika, I am Captain Sycos, the leader of the squad you have been assigned to. Before you hear anything about me though, I'd like you to know that I'm not exactly human. I happen to be a minotaur. And since you have already met Aurell, I guess there's no more introductions to go through until we meet any more new recruits, and then until we meet the main force of the squad."

Sycos didn't know wether or not his new archer knew what a minotaur was, but he did want to see what kind of reaction she'd get from being in the charge of a monster...

8th January 2007, 12:25 PM
Delita glanced up as Sukaru entered his office, quite amazed that he decided to come all the way to Parague.

Delita: "Sukaru, it's good to see you also... but what brings you out to Parague? Are you here to join the knights?"

Just then, Rory entered his office, though he said nothing, simply stood there, it was a little unnerving.

Delita: "Um... can I help you?"

8th January 2007, 12:38 PM
Delita: "Sukaru, it's good to see you also... but what brings you out to Parague? Are you here to join the knights?"

Sukaru thought about it. He thought that his mother and father would be proud if he did so,

"Umm...y-yes sir. I would like to."

8th January 2007, 02:31 PM
Ayika laughed slightly.

"I've known you to be a minitaur, or well something along those lines big powerful.., since you walked in, and I don't care what you are since I don't need to. I also can't wait to well... work with you i guess. Sir"

The girl added the last word immediatly not knowing if she should be or not be formal with her new friend.

8th January 2007, 02:35 PM
Aurell laughed slightly at Sycos. She could very well say, by know, how worried he was in first impressions around people.

"Hello big fellow" she said, imprinting a kiss in his cheek before he put her back in the ground. Then she listened attentively to the formal presentations between captain and archer.

"Well Ayika, I'm sure you will feel more than comfortable in our unit. If anything, we get lots of fun and more or less the same adventure. I'm dying to see you in action and I am not joking on this, you know? maybe you can show me about this accuracy trick through earth. I never thought about something like that"

8th January 2007, 03:49 PM
Still pondering where to go, Rory wandered around like a lost dog, his eyes darting from one structure to the next. He knew this was the place, he often saw battle-worthy men and women run and walk past, ignoring him completely. At last he saw a point of interest, an office-like building, holding a few people that didn't seem so battle-worthy, and weren't out-fitted in awesome armour like the warriors that walked past him.

Stumbling inside, he saw atleast four people, he didn't know for sure, but saw they gathered round a point. Stepping forwards, he presented himself in full bodily view to Delita. With out a word, he tried to let him examine Rory. To no effect, he asked,

"Um... can I help you?"

Blushing, he replied warily; "Master Delita, I seek acceptance within your walls. I am here to join your Paraguen (sp) Knights." His words didn't hold as much effect as he had hoped, the last sentence coming off as a statement, when he intended it to be a request, but he smiled and waited for a reply anyhow.

9th January 2007, 03:01 PM
"I've known you to be a minitaur, or well something along those lines big powerful.., since you walked in, and I don't care what you are since I don't need to. I also can't wait to well... work with you i guess. Sir"

her interesting...

Sycos laughed as she called him by Sir.

"At least somebody got it right the first time! I will go by Sir, or Sycos, nothing Like Captain McDell or anything. Come! Let's walk and observe the life that is bustling today." The minotaur was aware enough of his words to not say 'watch', and be the first of the squad to offend his new archer.

He placed an arm around both women, and began to walk off in the direction of a few recruits, one looking rather much like the one he scared off earlier that morning.

"Aurell, Remind me later that I want to request that that Boy there be inserted into our squad." He indicated the man, who looked as if he was just yet still a child, that noticed them approaching and turned to run off...

Sycos chuckled, and gave his Lieutenant a bit of a smile that probably affirmed what she would be, if he were her, assuming...

12th January 2007, 06:49 PM
"At least somebody got it right the first time! I will go by Sir, or Sycos, nothing Like Captain McDell or anything. Come! Let's walk and observe the life that is bustling today."

"Well Sycos," the girl said, "I find that observing is such a creul way making it seem as if we are going to study other humans. I prefer to simply listen and 'watch' them." The girl had been around people who had known of her disability before, and she knew why Sycos had chosen the words he did and it really annoyed her she did after all just wanted to be treated like an equal and not osme fragile child who needs protecting.

17th January 2007, 07:35 PM
*panting and gasping for air the page scrambled though the halls of the academy. finding a group pf people the page halted, flailed, fell over and picked him self up. looking around rather embarrassed the young man spoke out, loud and clear to be sure every one in the area would hear...*

Page ~ "I have an urgent message Captain Sycos and Captain Zealot! has any one seen either of them?"

>.> short I know but I couldnít think of anything else for this...

18th January 2007, 08:16 AM
Aurell smiled at the archer's reply. It made clear how she felt about herself and the earth mage realized she respected this woman, and was eager to make good friends with her.

Quite the contrary, she didn't understand what boy was he talking about nor his intentions in that look. Sycos often did that... suppose she caught a hidden joke she was completely clueless about. She felt dumb.

"Heh? What boy?" She turned to Sycos... and before she could find any scared boy running away, her attention was driven by the name of Zealot, spoken by a man, some kind of messenger asking for Sycos as well.

"It seems they are talking to you, cap'n" she pushed him to reply.

18th January 2007, 10:19 AM
Zealot had spent time exploring the city, and checking out the advantages of being part of the disciplined army. The time he had spent was fairly long, he guessed that if his presence was required he'd be summoned.

Auras of people he knew flickered in and out of the city, and he smiled. Parague seemed to be recruiting people from all over the world, from the lowest farmer to warriors of extreme strength. The aura of Aurell washed over him like a surge of calm and pleasure.

Soon he decided he should return, so he grabbed his things lying on the floor of one of the training arenas and headed up there.

He came across his friends standing around, including Aurell and Sycos. Shouting a greeting he walked over when a person ran past him, asking for Captain Zealot. He grinned at the title and moved over, standing near Aurell.

"What is it page? I'm Zealot."

18th January 2007, 04:05 PM
"I have an urgent message Captain Sycos and Captain Zealot! has any one seen either of them?"

"Heh? What boy?" She turned to Sycos... and her attention was driven by the name of Zealot, spoken by a man, some kind of messenger asking for Sycos as well.

Sycos was just about to point out the boy again when Aurell spoke again.

"It seems they are talking to you, cap'n."

Uh-oh, what did I do now? How could I have gotten into this much mess yet, I've only been here a couple of hours... He turned to see what was going on.

"What is it page? I'm Zealot."

"Sycos here." He added as Zealot stepped beside Aurell. He had had no idea that he was known well enough to be called on by anyone yet, but here was a paige doing just that.

"Well, Whaddya need?" The minotaur said, lightly tapping his hoof on the ground.

22nd January 2007, 07:47 AM
Page ~ "Captain Sycos, Captain Zealot" the page saluted smartly before continuing with his message "there is a Commander Soban out side who wishes to speak with you, he said to say it is in regards to a mission from the king himself...
please follow me."

*with out even waiting to see if Sycos or Zealot were going to follow him or not the page left, not so much running this time as jogging tiredly. as promised out side was a tall man dressed in the regal of a royal guard captain. he stood by the gate, starring out at something, deep in thought and even from behind, looking very worried...*

Page ~ "Commander? the Captains are here to see you."

Commander Soban ~ "humm? oh, yes, very good, your dismissed privet."

Page ~ "thank you sir. captains..."

*saluting one last time the page beat a hasty retreat out of the academy court yard, having other things to attend to apparently. only with the page dismissed did Commander Soban turn to face Sycos and Zealot and officially great them with a casual salute.
his left eye was hidden under a black leather patch, and his left cheek had an old, deep scar running down it. tall, muscular and asides from the eye patch and scar a good looking blond. Commander Soban was obviously a leader of men, retired from active duty maybe, but a leader none the less...*

Commander Soban ~ "gentlemen, thankyou for meeting with me. if you donít mind Id like to give you the details about my reasons for summoning you and answer your questions when Iím done.

the king has seen fit to fund several science and research expeditions over the past few years, these exploration teams have been attempting to glean more knowledge about many things, but in particular we were interested in the origins of OTHER dragons, specifically dragons like Odjn. ancient and powerful ones.
one of our expedition teams has sent word back from a place known as Kiisanen. its a thriving river town in one of the mountain ranges of the same name. they claim to have found what they described as "a dragon grave yard" a place where primeval dragons travelled to in old age to die, its a vast cave network that spans several of the mountains underground, or so they theorise. they added that they have not had a great deal of time or luck exploring deeper than a few hundred meters.
while this in itself is interesting its hardly a reason for me to summon 2 of the dragoons finest unit captains. however, reports that these graves are being robbed might be. we have recommended to the king that we dispatch a contingency of dragoon warriors to investigate this region, establish diplomatic relations with the town and find out who, or what, is behind these alleged grave robbing.

The king agreed and both your units were chosen for this task."

*the commander folded his arms and waited for the captains responses, he was obviously worried deeply, his brow furrowed in both anxiety and frustration.*

22nd January 2007, 03:28 PM
"Reports that these graves are being robbed might be. we have recommended to the king that we dispatch a contingency of dragoon warriors to investigate this region, establish diplomatic relations with the town and find out who, or what, is behind these alleged grave robbing.

The king agreed and both your units were chosen for this task."

Sycos looked over to his Peer Officer Zealot, and then to Commander Soban, and gave as much of a grin as a Buffalo headed warrior could.

"What the Heck, Let's do it! Where exactly is Kiisanen, and how do we get there?"

22nd January 2007, 04:31 PM
Sorry for the delay. There's a very good reason involving ferrets.

"James Carter eh? I'll give you a shot, try not to disappoint me."

I gave Algus a salute. "Yes sir," I said. It was clear he was done with me, and this left me slightly confused. Finally, I decided that if he'd wanted me to report to any particular place, he would've told me. Therefore, I walked outside, and took a look around. The sun was so bright I had to don my sunglasses. While I leaned against a wall, thinking, I overheard Sycos and Zealot talking with a member of the knighthood. Interested in some of the things they were sayingm I walked over.

"Um, excuse me," I said, slightly nervous. "I-I just became a dragoon, b-but Algus never t-told me to which unit to report. I overheard you talking about the dragoons, and thought maybe one of you could enlighten me?" Then I turned to the commander. "Also, if you're interested in the origins of other ... erm, 'tribes', if you will, of dragons, I know a couple of theories you might find interesting."

27th January 2007, 09:06 AM
"Hm.....awesome!" Zealot smiled and turned to everyone else nearby.

"Alrighty then, most of you probably heard what the Commander here just said.

Anyone who's willing to come along as a volunteer, meet us at the docks in a week's time, at noon. There, a fleet of ships will take us to this village."

He was up for some adventure, and Parague wasn't as exciting as he thought it would be. Some time away in a foreign country would probably do some good to him. He lowered his voice so only Soban and Sycos could hear.

"We'll take boat, since it'll save us time. I'm guessing correctly when I believe it's a fair distance away? I've never heard of it before. We'll take a couple of platoons of dragoons and soldiers with us.

We'll need plenty of supplies, and no doubt some skilled craftsmen. It sounds like we'll be holed up in this place for a while yet. We'll need blacksmiths, carpenters, people like that. Use your brains and go round them up." By now he had turned to one of the neaby pages.

28th January 2007, 04:13 PM
Hold it, this clan isn't dead yet, and I don't plan on letting it die.

Algus came outside in a hurry, obviously somewhat upset. He came up behind the general, captains and his newest recruit before anything else could be done or said.

Algus: "Hold it, the nobles messed up, this assignment was not supposed to have been issued to the regular military, this is for the Dragoons. Delita's going to flip out when he hears about this...."

Algus turned and started off back towords the Palace, leaving the others with the general.

28th January 2007, 04:26 PM
Aurell smiled, relieved. She was certain there was a mistake for Sycos team had nothing to do with the Dragoons and as far as she new, Zealot's either.

"Well, now we have to find a task for ourselves" She said to them both.

28th January 2007, 04:37 PM
I was all psyched about the upcoming mission, when Algus came bustling over.

"Hold it, the nobles messed up, this assignment was not supposed to have been issued to the regular military, this is for the Dragoons. Delita's going to flip out when he hears about this...."

Shoot, I thought. Oh well. As Algus started back towards the palace, I hurried to catch up.

"Excuse me, sir?" I said. "Uh, I'm not quite sure exactly what I'm supposed to do, or where I'm supposed to report?"

2nd February 2007, 03:48 PM
Well, now we have to find a task for ourselves" She said to them both.

"Yeah, but, what else is there to do? I guess I plan on searching for that freaked out kid..." suddenly a gleam sprang up on Sycos' eyes, and a toothy smile appeared.

He calmly said his goodbye to Zealot and Ayika, commenting to his new recruit that the next time they meet, she'll get the workout of a lifetime, and kissed Aurell's hand before he left.

He trotted down the pathway, and it wasn't too long before he once again saw the scared boy walking backwards, and crouched, obviously trying to make sure that Sycos himself wouldn't sneak up on him.

Too bad buddy...

Sycos waited till the boy was too close to run, and as the boy finally relaxed, when he turned, sycos stepped out from behind the corner of the building and roared, his teeth just inches from the boy's face.

The kid was not able to do three things: He couldn't run, and he couldn't stay concious. He also wasn't able to control his bladder.

"Well, that was fun." The minotaur grabbed an arm, and dragged the recruit to a fountain. Once there, he tossed the boy in, who came up aplashing and cursing up a storm.

"Atten-TION!" At Sycos' holler the boy snapped into what he assumed would be an acceptable position of salute. The boy finally saw through the water coming down upon his head, and almost passed out again.

"If you fall out of attention again boy, I'll eat your head off!"

Driven out of fear the boy willed himself not to fall over or even blink.

"Boy, you are just ten mnutes away from being in MY squad, So I suggest you search out Lady Terranova, or Lieutenant Terranova to you, and ask her where The Titans are being housed, and then get your gear there!" The boy's blood left his face, his worst fear finally come true.

"At Ease.........Get Moving Grunt!"

Sycos laughed as the boy streaked down the trail screaming once more. He knew that the boy would relax as soon as he saw his other commanding officer. Sure, he might not ever be able to not freak when Sycos was near, but he'll figure out that it was just the Boss playing around. The Minotaur made a mental note to apologise to the kid before he began training him.

He came upon the registrar who had taken the names of all rectuits that week.

"You know the name of that boy that's been runnning around screaming for no reason?"

"Yeah, he signed up just this morning.... Let's see.... Name's Nash Var."

"Ok, well can you send This to Delita?" Sycos said as he quickly scribbled out that he wanted Nash Var to be in his Titans.

"Sure thing."

Sycos thanked the registrar, and walked off, heading for a restaurant to get something to eat.

3rd February 2007, 12:05 PM
Ok, I'm in the midst of planning the first Clan quest. It will be mostly centered around the Dragoons, and at the end of the quest, the new Dragoons will recieve their Dragon partners. however, it's still in the works, so bear with me.

Delita was frustrated enough as it was with the nobles bungling orders that HE should be giving. He recieved Sycos' letter, and shrugged. If he wants to recruit Nash then that's fine by me, it'll only help him. After that, Algus strolled into the office with James behind him.

Algus: "you need not worry James, I have orders for us, as well as Commander hyral."

Delita: "Eh? Orders for me?"

Algus: "Ramza decided to enforce the nobles descision about sending the regular army down to that dragon resting place, however he also ordered myself and the new dragoon recruits to go there as well."

Delita: "I see... guess I should call in some squads for you then eh?"

Delita wrote up a quick message and handed it to one of the couriers in the room, whom then darted off to find Zealot and Sycos. The message told them to gather their squads and report in his office, asap.

6th February 2007, 01:11 PM
Tammo sighed. He didn't like evading orders, but this was a special case. He had to find out about these Dragoons. He found Algus.
"I hear you're the man to talk to about Dragoons?"

4th April 2007, 02:18 AM
"Cid!! You old man! Will you take a break and have some dinner with me? I'll pay for a couple o' big juicy steaks and i'll even treat you to my famous Sherry if you will..."

Sycos loved eating at Cid's, not just because it's the first restaurant he'd ever eaten at in Parague, but because The owner was one of his frist friends here as well..

"Please Cid, sit and sup with me."

The minotaur was looking forward to a nice meal, and then a bit of recruiting back at the academt, and wanted to catch up on all the news of the town since he was last here.

"By the way, is there any real talent coming to the army today that I might want to try and bid for when the recruiting moments actually arrive?"