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9th December 2006, 08:12 AM
Delita Hyral, make the first post. This is a recruitment thread for the Paraguean Knighthood clan and will close on the 16th of December.

Registered members: ~Delita_Hyral~, Absolution, istLasher, Istar_Magus and Lord_Asiram. Two more members are required.

Good luck.

9th December 2006, 08:51 AM
Thank ye kindly

This is a recruitment thread for the Parageuan Knighthood! Form up maggots, you're ass is mine now!

Ranking system.

Commisioned ranks

Commisioned officers in the Knighthood are given command of the enlisted forces.

Supreme Commander: This rank can only be bestowed by His Majesty King Ramza Beoulve himself. This rank is in charge of the entire military force of Parague save for the Dragoons.

General: This rank is subordinate to only the King and the Supreme Commander, to attain this rank, one must have sufficient time in service and earned the graces of both the Supreme Commander and the King. In charge of one of the different branches of the Knighthood.

Commander: This rank is given to those who have proven themselves to be capable leaders on the field of battle and manages a battalion. This rank is bestowed by any of the three higher ranking ranks.

Major: This rank is given to those that have shown exemplary skills as both a soldier and a leader. This rank is in charge of a large squadron of men.

Captain: This rank is given to those that are capable of leading men into battle and have proven themselves to be proficient on the field of battle. This rank is in charge of a unit of men.

Leiutenant: This rank is given to those whom are skilled with managing troops and fighting. A leiutenant is assigned to a Captain and is in charge of delegating orders from the Captain to the troops.

Enlisted ranks

The bread and butter of the knighthood. Though they are not given command of large units of men, the enlisted soldiers in the knighthood are excellent fighters and can best some of the officers, yet lack leadership abilities needed to become commisioned.

Seargent: Seargents are the closest thing to a commisioned officer that the enlisted ranks can attain. A seargent will be given command of a few men to test his ability to lead, and to see if he has the makings of an officer.

Corporal: These soldiers are talented fighters that can sometimes even beat officers in a straight duel.

Private: These are the frontline soldier. While strong in combat, these soldiers tend to lack any real leadership qualities and are not quite as talented at the senior officers.

Soldier: The first rank you get when you enlist in the knighthood. These soldiers are the raw recruits from the academy and would be hard pressed to best even a leuitenant in battle.

Recruit: These are the newest candidates to the knighthood and are under the ever watchful eye of the Officers and Instructors at the academy.

Optional Classes

Knight: Knights are the tanks of the knighthood, their heavy armor allows them to take most any attack, they are armed with a long sword and shield, or a bastard sword of their choosing.

Paladin: Holy knights of the One. These fighters wield a sacred magic that allows them to heal their wounded comrades on the field, while still wearing heavy armor that rivals a knight, these men can still fight efficiently, and are highly effective of the undead. They wield a heavy mace and a shield.

Lancer: These are the elite of the knighthood, falling just shy of Dragoon status, the Lances wear lighter armor than the knights, yet are so much more devastating on the field with their lances.

Archer: These ranged units are very poor in melee combat, yet are deadly from afar with their bows.

The Dragoons

The Dragoons are a special, elite fighting unit in Parague seperate from the main knighthood. They are under the command of Odjn, the ancient wyrm and father of the dragon brood north of Parague.

Dragoon Commander: This rank is appointed by Odjn himself and not even the King can object.

Dragoon Leiutenant: This rank is given to a maximum of three Dragoons and is given by the Dragoon Commander.

Dragoon: The main body of the Dragoons, a Dragoon excels in melee combat, and can take even the Supreme Commander in a fight. A single Dragoon is more than a match for anyone, and can usually overcome entire platoons of men single handedly. With the rank of Dragoon also comes a Dragon partner to which you are life bound to, increasing your life span to that of the dragons, yet also making so that should either die, the other will also perish.

Current Members and ranks.

Officer Ranks

Supreme Commander: Delita Hyral (~Delita_Hyral~)

General: None yet

Commander: None yet

Major: None yet.

Captain: Osiris Rebourne (Ace_of_Spades) Zealot (ArchedEdge)

Leiutenant: Cidolfas Orlandu (itsLasher)

Enlisted Ranks

Seargent: None yet.

Corporal: None yet.

Private: None yet.

Soldier: None yet.

Recruit: Istar, Asiram, Abs (until they give me ranks they want) Draco, Noobserv (Untill I determine Dragoon-i-ness) Amethyst

Dragoon ranks

Dragoon Commander: Algus Olinas (~Delita_Hyral~)

Dragoon Leiutenant: None yet.

Dragoon: Cless Hyral (~Delita_Hyral~), Cidolfas Orlandu (itsLasher)

The goal of this clan is to preserve Parague in all her splendor, however the knighthood must also eradicate the endead from the face of the world. No undead is welcome within the boarders of Parague and must be terminated on the spot. (Exception to PC characters that have managed to earn the trust of Parague.)

9th December 2006, 09:19 AM

*ahem* I'm in with my good friend from the EAC. I assume I can keep my slightly futuristic stuff, as long as they don't have much of an impact? And maybe the gun I'm building?

I'd like to join as a Dragoon, if possible. That cool with ya?

9th December 2006, 09:21 AM
Very nice Delita, I'll add this to my sig. Question: Can someone be a lieutenant of the main army and a dragoon? Like Cid, his unrevised history says that he is a Lieutenant of Parague's army and a Dragoon.

9th December 2006, 09:34 AM
Woohoo!!!!!! Joey Leon!!! I'd also like to join up as a dragoon please!

9th December 2006, 09:35 AM
Draco, your in, however I can't give you the rank of Dragoon right off the bat. Especially since you're character is slightly futuristic. The Dragoons primarily use two handed weapons, lances and great swords mostly, there have been others. For a Dragoon character, I'll probably have the person create a char from scratch unless they have an existing character that fits the criteria for a Dragoon.

Yes Lasher, a Dragoon can hold a regular officer rank, however if he were to recieve two sets of orders, you'd be required to take the Dragoon's orders over the Leiutenants orders.

I've never actually seen your stats page for joey >.> where is it so I can take a gander and see if he's got the makings of a Dragoon.

Also you can have more than one character in the clan if you so chose. So if you want to create another character for a specific rank, you can do that.

9th December 2006, 09:46 AM
i would definately like to join, to bad i can't use strider, he is kinda undead, and definately evil now, and besides if i'm gonna start to roleplay again i guess i better start anew right?

so i would like to use a character i am developing called Osiris Rebourne

the only down fall is that his history is gonna be made up as i roleplay, i can give you the basics of what you need, but the idea behind him originally is that he has no history, no memory, and i couldn't come up with a non-cliché way to make him lose it, so for now he has no history, so no real point in putting up a character rap sheet.

9th December 2006, 09:51 AM
First, I would just like to say, wow. It's an honor to have you here Ace. And certainly you may join. Do you happen to have any particular rank in mind for Osiris?

9th December 2006, 09:52 AM
Well, what are the criteria for a Dragoon? Because I might be able to work my way up to it, as I do have some training in weapons that would not be out of place in Parague, namely unarmed combat, some training in the katana, and I'm recieving some training in the zanbato and stealth training from Dareth (on hiatus). Obviously, I would leave my futuristic stuff behind.

9th December 2006, 09:53 AM
I'm currently still hammering out all the criteria for being a Dragoon, however if you intend to work James' way up to being a Dragoon, that is perfectly acceptable.

9th December 2006, 09:55 AM
lol stop that delita, you make me blush :-P

lt would be cool, but anywhere you want to stick me is more than good. and i'm thinking i'm gonna try going for dragoon later too, i always liked that name

9th December 2006, 09:57 AM
Waesome Ace :p I'll stick you in as a Captain then, I'd give you a higher rank, but being a general + Dragoon would be bad >.>

9th December 2006, 09:58 AM
lol yeah that could get complicated, and captain is more than awesome, so how many more people do you need?

9th December 2006, 10:01 AM
I'm definitely in. I dunno which rank I should be, so you can choose.

9th December 2006, 10:04 AM
Delita, didn't I tell you a ton of people would join?!

Welcome everyone!!

Delita it says you are the "Surpeme Commander".

Amethyst Shine
9th December 2006, 10:06 AM
Oh, I am so in. I gotta make a name for myself in the BA, after all :tongue:.

Dude. I only made this thread like, two hours ago, and you've already filled your quota of seven souls, needed to be sacrif... Um... To make the clan thread. Should I do it now, or do you want me to wait a day or so, Delita? - For we are many

9th December 2006, 10:18 AM
@.@; I wasn't expecting such a turnout. Erm, you can make the clan thread if you want now Legion.

9th December 2006, 10:20 AM
lol we should have an idea of where we are to roleplay too, so i can do my always common flashy entrance :-P

9th December 2006, 10:23 AM
I'm guessing that this is gonna be one of the most active clans ever.


1) Delita's in it. So yeah.

2) There's so many people it's bound to work. WOOO

Amethyst Shine
9th December 2006, 10:27 AM
Personally, I think we should leave this thread open for a while longer. More members is always better, after all, and I think we should give everyone who's not online now the chance to post here and join, without having to make an IC entrance.

9th December 2006, 10:28 AM
can't we have both up? i mean this thing is good till the 16th but we also have enough members for a regular thread too

9th December 2006, 10:32 AM
Delita, I haven't been added to the list...

9th December 2006, 10:38 AM
Good idea Amethyst.... besides I need to polish off my initial post for the main thread. I'm just going to assume Arched is using Zealot, Amethyst which character do you plan on using?

9th December 2006, 10:45 AM
yeah, I don't got no other chars. I probably should.

No, no freebies. You either have a recruitment thread or a clan thread. - Which is located here. - (http://www.giveupalready.com/showthread.php?p=861546#post861546) Have fun. *CLSOED* - For we are many