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Paradise Wandering
7th December 2006, 06:16 PM
Cant_last, make the first post. You've got a week. If you need anything, let me know.

This better not get spammed >.<

Have a nice day.
Oi, if you make a recruitment thread, remember to add in the title when it closes. - For we are many

7th December 2006, 06:53 PM
welcome to the Royal Gaurds. We aim for peace in the land and protect the weak. here are the six ranks:

Royal Templar: cant_last-RF
there is only one more spot available. can also be dueled for by a Royal Knight.

Royal Knight:
a rank apove Royal Gaurd that protect's the king.

Royal Gaurd:
Keeps the peace in the palace.

Keep's the peace in the town's.

Dungon Gaurd:
self explanitory. gaurds the dungon.

a newly hired person in training.

these are the ranks for the Royal Gaurd. you may choose which one you want and i have no control over who gets Rayol Templar but the first to post gets it. the Royal Gaurds are dedacated to protect and serve. They are also trained to be skilled in hand-to-hand combat, and short range combat. they have heavy armor and 1 claymore and one longsword. they also carry specail weapons (which means your weapons). The also have Quests for the king to recover "specail" items to prove you worth.

hope you consider to join.

Sorry, no luck. Time ran out, *CLOESD.* - For we are many