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Orleans Martinez
12th November 2004, 05:20 AM
The problem is that I have is that I need to:

1) Visit a website
2) Enter details to log into an account
3) click on links to get to data
4) Copy tables of data
5) store data in intermediate file, in a certain structure, as it needs to be parsed according to specific rules.
6) Visit my website
7) log into my admin account
8) upload the file
9) Perform this once a day

What automation tools are there that can do this for me? Which is the best one?

13th November 2004, 04:53 PM
Will the links and data be exactly the same size and in the same position every time? If so then you could use JMacro (download at http://www.winsite.com/bin/Info?12500000038101).

This just repeats exactly what you do, so it will run into errors if anything changes.

Do you have any coding experience?
Are you looking for a free program, if not, what kind of budget are you on?
How dynamic is the data?


Orleans Martinez
14th November 2004, 04:51 AM
Hey! thanks for replying, very much appreciated!
Yes the data will be in the same position at the same size every single time. (I actually have to login with a number of accounts to access different types of tables). The data (on the page i want to retrieve from) is updated once a day at 5pm which i want to grab when it happens.
I have no experience in macro programming (besides the few trivial programs i made), however I have experience in all of the popular scripting languages. One of the major problems i have also (on my page after the file is uploaded, pt #8) is developing a lexer/parser to properly process the file, which in c/java/etc is straight forward, but becomes more of a challenge in one of these scripting languages (i'm using php in this instance).
I'm probably willing to only spend roughly around 100-200 dollars (but possibly more if it appeals to me) for a solution, as the whole process of manually fetching the data to processing the results takes around 3 days.
Anyway thanks heaps for the link! i'll check it out. cheers!

14th November 2004, 11:44 AM
Id say give that program a try, it might work at least for the retrieving and uploading of the data. The parsing is more of a problem, i'd suggest coding it yourself, can you use C, or are you restricted to php?


Orleans Martinez
15th November 2004, 04:38 AM
Yeh i'm going to take a look at it on the weekend. I'm tempted to use c to build the parser, but i'm not familiar with using it with the web? (i.e. after its done how do i get into the processing part which will display the results on the web). I was thinking maybe i could do all the parsing and processing with a c program which will generate all the results to a text file, and then use the macro program to open the results file and simply submit them as a form to be instantly displayed. As you can see i'm very confused as to getting around to an elegant and efficient solution.

15th November 2004, 03:26 PM
The macro program may allow you to open and run the C parser, then copy the data across (or whatever you need to do with it). That way everything would be automatic and all you would have to do would be to either press one button or set a time (cant remember if it has a time option). Also its only $40.

Other than coding a complete solution yourself, I cant see another answer.

The solution may be inefficient, but compared to doing the legwork personally...

The program can be trialed for a month, so you could see how it goes.


Orleans Martinez
15th November 2004, 07:21 PM
hehe, yeh that's why atm any solution that works is acceptable to me.
My plan of attack atm is to look at it from a modular view and create a macro for each of the points I made and then create a macro that combines them all.
Anyway thanks heaps for your help!
I will post details of troubles i have here as the project progresses. (I have around 1 month to do it).