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11th November 2004, 12:40 PM
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IC: Shade begins to shake in her sleep, right night to Tim, causing his body to vibrate slightly. She begins to sweat profusely, and breathe quickly and shortly. She is in the usual hut on the island, and what she is experiencing is both a dream/nightmare and a slight possession of sorts, all caused by Shadow.

Shade is clinging desparately to a rope above a fiery pit. Fire demons grasp at her ankles, and she screams in pain and agony. Suddenly, she is lifted up above the pit by someone. Looking up, she begins to say, "Thank--" Then she sees who it is: Shadow. Her eyes go wide and she screams at him. "I'd rather be dead than to be saved by you!!!" Grinning wickedly, Shadow conjures up a cage and sticks Shade in it. She goes unconscious as fumes invade the cage.

Next to Tim, Shade becomes stiff and rigid, passing into a coma. Jade wakes up and immediately begins to lick Tim's face in a desparate attempt to wake him up. "Tim! Tim! It's Shade! Somethings wrong!" She quickly flies into Mantis's room and wakes her up, but gives no explanation. Next, she flies over to the keep, but remains outside, sending a message to Darius, Ingold, Zach, and Rakoth, telling them the same thing she told Tim, and also sending lound sound waves to try to wake them. Then, she flies over to where Shinriko is and also tries to wake him.

Finally, she flies over to Ezikiel's house. Not knowing if this would work, she sends a message nonetheless. "Ezikiel, father of Shade, something's wrong with my mistress! Oh please, please wake up!"

With that, she flies back to the hut, where Mantis has fallen asleep again. She continues to lick Tim's face, hoping and hoping he will wake up!

11th November 2004, 01:13 PM
Who, what? Who disturbs my meditation? Hmmm, nothing, okay then, back to the meditating

The words send by the draike went unnoticed by Ingold as he had been in a deep state of meditation. He had of course been pulled out, but the meaning of the words had been long forgotten, only the faint reminder of a sound remaining within Ingold's mind. Dismissing it as nothing, Ingold just picked up again where he had left, returning to the most inner part of his soul, yet lately, this place had lost a lot of its former self and the peaceful state of mind Ingold used to experience there had slowly faded away over time, no longer offering a safe place for Ingold to retreat to.

11th November 2004, 01:50 PM
Shinriko Kotaru moved the sliding door of his "home" to the right, letting in the full moonlight of the night. A loud howling filled the air, the sharp breeze ripping at the thin branches of the bare cherry blossom trees that surrounded his isolated hut. Shinriko's home was a small one; only having two rooms. One room was where he ate, cooked, slept, and wash his clothes; the other slightly larger was his own dojo. With no windows to let light in, the amounts of training equipment could be seen so well. Upon the walls, were lines of battered and new swords; as well as bracers and body armor. Piles of broken cement blocks were piled in the corner placed along side with piles of split and splintered wood piles as well. A large black punching bag filled with many pounds of sand hung in the far corner and a old coat rack was used for improvising his melee combat techniques.

The samurai stepped out into the moonlight and sat upon the the steps of his hut, his body dripping with sweat and the demon's breath heavy and visible in front of him, interupted by the cries of something in the night but it was gone now. The cool night breeze lifted the excessive heat from his rigorous training exercise; the night without a cloud, letting the moon and the brilliant stars shine their blessed light. Shinriko wiped his face setting his murasama down beside him and stared blankly with his crimson eyes towards the sky. A small and swift creature soared past his vision and vanished into the distance; just as quick as it came. What was that? the samurai wondered, shaking the thoughts from his head... but something now did not seem right. Something was terribly wrong, yet Shinriko could not figure out what it was... he continued his mindless thoughts as the shape's image returned to his mind, recognizing it was Shade's draike Jade. Jade? Without Shade? Those two are inseperable. I wonder if something is wrong... No, it must be something else. Shinriko pondered with confusion. The demon gave stretch and layed down on the wooden planks, the image of the figure still lingering in his head. What is going on?

11th November 2004, 02:28 PM
The hyperactive Jade flies out of the hut again, headed back towards where Shinriko is. Something tells her that of all the people, besides Mantis and Tim, of course, she knows, Shinriko is very reliable. She flies back over to Shinriko, and lands on his shoulder, licking his face rapidly. "Shinriko....something's wrong! Shade...she just...went stiff!...while asleep! Please, you've got to help!"

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11th November 2004, 03:16 PM
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As hard as the demon could try, the short instance of seeing a draike's form and the silver tint of its scales. No... it can not be Jade. It must be some other silver draike. I have nothing to worry about, nothing at all... Shinriko thought slipping into a troubled slumber, the visions of Jade rushing to his head. He moved restlessly right to left; sweat dripping down his face; mumbles of cursing and moans. Outside his dreams, he heard the flapping of wings and the scratching of claws against the floorboards. A heavy weight landed on his shoulder, and something moist and soft on his cheek aroused him.

"Shinriko....something's wrong! Shade...she just...went stiff!...while asleep! Please, you've got to help!"

"Jade!?!?!?" Shinriko cried in surprise, his scarlet eyes opening to see the same form he saw before. "SHADE?!?!?!?!? Stiff? What the hell!?!?!?" Shinriko blurted in a single breath and rushing into hut. Grabbing a black kimono from a line above his head, he quickly slipped into it... grabbing his white cloak that rested on his table and rushed out the door, grasping his murasama and sprinted his way towards the direction of Shade's hut dodging the barren trees, the hut vanishing from view. Shade, please be okay... please!!!!

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Paradise Wandering
11th November 2004, 03:20 PM
As Jade sent the message throughout the keep, it did reach Zach; but first, it passed through the ever-listening ears of a certan black wolf. It's shaggy dark fur blew back and forth in the wind, a subtle moaning slipping through Zach's open window as the wind passed through the trees, almost making a 'screaming' noise. The wind blew gently, softly ruffling the long wolven hair. As Jade's mental message echoed through the keep, it slipped into the sleeping mind of this black apparation of an animal.

It's eyes quickly shot open, revealing the deep brown retinas and large black pupils. It raised it's head from it's place on the end of Zach's bed, and glanced around. It huffed loudly and jumped to it's feet. It hobbled around for a minute, for the animal was not used to the comfortable matress on which the boy lay. This wolf was not used to hearing words in it's head, it knew not of telepathy, and the words from the little dragoness Jade startled it. It whimpered involuntarily out of fright, and stumbled accros the bouncy mattress and curled up into a tight little ball of fur next to Zach.


"Zach, Zach! It's Shade! Somethings wrong!"

These words entered the sleeping mind of the teenage mage Zach Neron, invading his dreams, bouncing back and forth accross his brain, repeating, calling to him. "Huh, what?" The boy awoke, his blue eyes glowing in the dim light, small beads of sweat dripping down his face. "Shade!" He shouted as the meaning of the words finally hit him. He sat up quickly, accidentally bringing his hand down upon Umbra's hairy tail. The animal gave a loud yelp as Zach put his weight on it's tail. In surprise, Zach gasped and retracted his hand immediatly. "Sorry." He said as he saw what he had done.

"Did you get that message too?"

The wolf nodded in an affirmative way.

"Do you know what that means?"

The dark wolf gave a puzzled look at the master, so Zach continued to explain. "That means," He started, "T-that Shade is hurt. And I... Must go see if there is anything at all that i can do to help her, or comfort her." He stuttered a little, finally taking the shock of it all. He had no idea though, that what had happened was a coma; and it would take far more than comforting to help her now.


Zach slid out of bed, pulled his cloak over himself, and left the room. Umbra went too, but not through the door. This looked exactly like an ordinary wolf, but it ws not. No, far from it. It moved like a poltergiest, through walls, walking upside down on ceilings, running across walls, and soon the two had made their way out of the keep and to Shade's island.

When at last they reached the hut, near the center, they ran up to the wooden door, and Zach loudly banged his fists. "Hey! Tim, Mantis! Shade! What is wrong?! Open up the door!"

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11th November 2004, 03:30 PM
Upon seeing her mission is complete, Jade flies as fast as she can back to the hut, ramming into Mantis several times until she finally wakes up again.

"What?" The mutant asks, rubbing her back, quite annoyed.

"It's Shade...she's...stiff!"

"WHAT?!" Mantis yells as she bolts for Shade's room. Sure enough, there is Shade, lying stiff as someone who is dead, the only sign of her living are the VERY subtle rises and fallings of the chest. "OH MY GOD!" She begins to shake Tim. "Tim! Tim! Wake up!"

By this time, Jade is crying on Shade, trying to help with her magic tears, but that doesn't work either. She lets out a long, mournful roar as she hears pounding on the door. She curls up into a woeful ball next to Shade and lets out another monstrous, mournful roar.

Mantis bolts for the door. Opening it, she sees...Zach. She cries a little as she hugs him. "It's *sniffle* Shade! She's *sniffle* stiff! She's *sniffle* not responding to anyone! Can you help?! *sniffle*"

11th November 2004, 06:05 PM
OoC: This post is gonna suck, I'm not in the RPing mood today. Hnece my absence.

IC: Tim was right in the middle of a lovely dream about dragons when he felt Shade's body begin to shake. He quickly woke up, worried about his wife. He shook her shoulder.

"Shade! Wake up!"

When he was unsuccessful in waking her up, he closed his eyes. To anyone else, it would look as though he were asleep, only sitting up. However, his friends would know the truth: he was really linking his mind with hers. Hopefully, he would be able to gleam more information about this odd coma from the link.

Paradise Wandering
11th November 2004, 06:55 PM
"Mantis," Zach began as the mutant opened the door to the hut, and then hugged him. "I dont know if i can help," He continued, "But Shade is one of my dearest and most trusted friends. I will do everything within my power to help her out of this."

Umbra moved in and nuzzled softly against Mantis's leg. The wolf knew that it did not know Mantis very well, but animals had a way of comforting people, and he wanted to see if he could too.

"Now," Zach said, "What can i do?"

It isnt neccecary, but if needed Umbra can do weak spirit spells to heal. Though i dont know if that would stop a coma. :P

11th November 2004, 07:07 PM
Mantis smiles and looks down at Umbra, then takes him in her arms tentatively, and begins to stroke him very gently. Jade comes over and lands on Zach's shoulder and licks his face.

"I just don't know," Mantis says. "Do you have any ideas?" She also looks inquiringly to Umbra, too. Jade lets out another long, mournful roar. "Please tell me she'll be all right!" She says to Zach.

Mantis doesn't hear this one as the question is sent directly to Zach.

Tim sees the following:
Shadow sneers at Shade. Come, come. You honestly didn't think I'd save you in this dream to kill you. No. Well, I will, but very, very slowly. You see, Shade, I have your mind all in my control. I could destroy it right now!

Shade gets up, wearily. "No," She says, her voice a deathly whisper. "Father, do you realize what you are doing?"

"I am NOT your father anymore! I am Shadow, the Ultimate Lord of darkness!"

Shadow gestures with his hand, and Shade is forced to bow to him...

11th November 2004, 07:26 PM
OoC: Would you mind explaining the surroundings in this Dream-World?

IC: Dream-Tim observed the exchange between Shadow and Shade. He hovered just out of "sight", but took in every detail. He couldn't relay any fo this to the others, there was too much change Shadow would see him. No, he'd stay out of sight for now, unless Shade's life was truely put in danger. And if it was . . . well, he'd just have to intervene. However, he knew his chances against Shadow, under present conditions, was less then favourable. So he could either watch, or find Mindstealer (I'm pretty sure that's his IC name). He opted to do the former.

11th November 2004, 07:41 PM
The firey embers of the pit just slightly behind Shade, and the red lands makes this world an incredible place to be in. There are several foot-long-and-wide torches, easy to hide behind, and several mountains in the background. But the centerpiece is the macabre, twisted picture of the volcano in the center of it all. Just beyond it is a hut, a twisted and rotten hut, burnt from fire, and a green mask as well as scales near the hut.

Shade spits at Shadow and rattles the bars of her cage. "Let me out!"

Shade grabs her shirt and pulls her close to him. Without warning, he smacks her. "You always dreaded being kidnapped, didn't you? I bet you never thought of being held hostage in your own dream...you created this world, and i simply used it to my advantage."

With that, Shade's knees buckle and she is forced to sit down, her charred wedding ring glowing a little, glowing with inscription of a dragon, while the other ring on her other hand is made of charred diamonds.

Morbid, isn't it? For those of you who can't figure it out, she's just had a dream that Mantis, Tim, and Jade got killed in a volcanic eruption.

11th November 2004, 08:55 PM
Shinriko rushed through the barren trees of his forest that surrounded his hut, readjusting his sloppy kimono (since he slipped into it in about 30 seconds.) SHinriko darted through the dead trees, from right to left, leaping over trunks, tripping over rocks and his clothes becoming wet plunging through a small stream. SHinriko continued to run, realizing his stupidity, then sprinted towards a shadow casted by the moonlight and a tree and plunged into the shadows. Within the hut of Shade and the others, a shadow in the corner quivered with Shinriko slipping out of the black… his form first appearing like a man encased in a black film all over his body, but in about 2 seconds the blackness seeped away revealing Shinriko’s new appearance instead of the usual red kimono he would wear. The demon rushed into the room of Shade, with one look on Shade, he backed up against the wall and slid down… his face covered in shock and helplessness. “Shade… no…” he whispered bitterly. “What can I do to help?” he questioned with newfound determination to help save his treasured friend.

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11th November 2004, 08:59 PM
As Tim hid behind one of the torches, he sensed a weird twisting feeling in his stomach. It was then that he saw the scales, and the mast, and the twisting intensified. He knew, somehow, that the green scales were him. He then observed the area, trying to locate any potential Strategy Points, should a battle occur. He realized that he couldn't do anything alone, so he decided to risk Shadow overhearing him. He kept his message to the others short, and to the point, relaying all of the important information. He left out the fact that in the dream, the "other Tim" was dead. He briefly wondered weather he could bring the "other Tim's" corpse back to life.

At that moment, another being suddenly appeared. She was a beautiful woman, wearing a long flowing gown of red and gold. However, the gown somehow didn't hamper her movement. She was still able to move quite easily. She was holding a BEEPER (Bio-Electric Particle Rifle), aquired, Tim could only guess, from the planet Draikk III. Tim sighed, relieved that she was here.

"Dragantha," he whispered. "Good, you're here. Can you keep an eye on Shadow for me?"

"Sure," whispered Dragantha. She hid behind Tim's torch, and Tim disappeared, back into the realm of the living.

OoC: Is this like the Matrix, as in those inside can "bend the rules" a little? It IS a dream, after all. . . .

11th November 2004, 09:00 PM
OOC: Now it's my fault, eh? :p

IC: Mantis gives Shinriko a friendly hug and sighs sadly. "I don't know...Tim's trying to work on it...I just wish I knew what caused her to do this..."

Jade buzzes over to Shinriko and licks him, then lets out her usual long, mournful roar. "She will be okay, won't she?"

Mantis hears it this time and begins to think hard, not coming to any conclusions. SHe wants to say yes to Jade, but at the same time isn't sure. She doesn't want to say something that could be a lie. Instead, she gives Zach a warm ebrace, tears leaking from her helmet. "The question is what can we all do...and I don't know...I've never felt so helpless before...except during the fire...I can't lose her like I did my other friends!" She gives a hard sob at this.

Then, she hears the message.

Shadow sneers, too focused on Shade at the moment to concentrate on anything else. He slaps Shade again, prompting the girl to cry. "What now?" Asks Shade's father mockingly. "You've seen the corpses...you have no one to fall back on...and you are powerless! You've dreamt this all. Not only are your pet and husband dead, but you have no magic powers."

Shade, through restrained sobs, says. "Wrong. I was powerless, but," She heals herself. "Only in terms of saving my family." Then, she returns to crying.

OOC: Depends on how you want to bend them....making things go slower is okay, as is moving really fast. But keep in mind that Shadow can bend the rules just like you...

11th November 2004, 09:19 PM
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IC: All this time, Tim was in constant telepathic communication with Dragantha.

"Listen," he said, to the others. "I hope you all got my message. If not, I don't have time to repeat it. We need to somehow get into Shade's mind, and defeat Shadow. How many of you have telepathic powers? Zach, Mantis, I know you do. What about you, Shinriko?"

At that moment, Io, a gold draike, flew into the room. He didn't need to ask what was wrong, he had recieved the message. He flew over to Tim, and licked his face.

"I want to help, too," he said.

"Sure," said Tim. Io then flew over to Mantis, and started licking her face, regardless of the fact that it was covered by a mask.

OoC: Shade, see you on Sunday. The rest of you, he's going away for two days, he told me in a PM. Shade, hopefully by the time you're back, I'll have some ideas for combat in Dream-Land.

One other question: Can I change the scenery in the Dream-World?

11th November 2004, 09:27 PM
Jade flies over to Tim and licks his face. "Anything I can do, I will...*sob* I just want her to be back with you, me, and the others so we can be happy again *sob*"

Mantis nods. "Okay, what do we do?" She asks, through sniffles, still embracing Zach. "And I'm not too sure about this...shouldn't Shade have her dreams to herself?" She doesn't quite comprehend that Shadow has hijacked the dream.

Mantis smiles and laughs sadly as Io licks her mask.
I wonder what helmets taste like...helmety?

OOC: First, you might have a moral dilemma...would a husband reall want to manipulate his wife's mind that much? Second, if you DO change the scenery, it must still have Mantis, Jade, and yourself dead and Shade still locked in...something where Shadow can get at her. That is integral (for me anyway :p). But Shadow can also change scenery. Third, no simple solutions, like "Tim changes scenery so Shadow falls down an endless hole..." Same holds true for me against you. Finally, should you "kill" Shadow, the real one will still live on...Vince is finally going to kill Shadow eventually, in some other quest.

Paradise Wandering
11th November 2004, 10:04 PM
So i am getting into your mind? Kinda confused, but i'll keep up as best i can. Also, who is running the quest qhile Shade is gone? Draco?

One more thing: Have fun Shade. See you soon :)

Zach released Mantis gently upon receiving Tim's orders. "Yes, i am a telepath. All of my few mental powers are yours to command, Tim. How do i get in?"

"Mantis," He said, his attention returning to the real world. "I need to go help Tim. Now you can come or stay. Either way, just remember it is for Shade. So we cant mess with too much in there. We all care for her, and i dont want to see her hurt."

Umbra begins to cuddle up in Mantis's arms, enjoying the moment of comfort. He nuzzles his fury face up against her arms, feeling totally calm and happy.

Another dumb post, but i am just getting on whenever possible. I am pretty busy today :P. As promised before, though, i will make a decent post that is at least 15k chars for you all a little later.

12th November 2004, 05:34 AM
Mantis smiles warmly as she feels the wolf nuzzle up against her arms. For a moment, she is totally calm and quiet, a rare moment of serenity in an otherwise chaotic event. Then, she bends down and nuzzles the wolf before returning her attention to Zach and others.

"I don't know..." She says. "I'm afraid of what might happen to her if anyone gets involved. But yet, Shadow must be stopped. I would like nothing more than to deliver the final blow to him..." She sighs. "Just *sniffle* tell me *sniffle* how to get in *sniffle*"

Jade shudders a little, repressing a sob, and lets out another mournful roar. "Should I come, or should I try once more to get the others up?"

(OOC: Erm, okay...Draco can move it on, but plz, plz, plz, no attacking Shadow until I get back ;))

12th November 2004, 02:56 PM
"Okay," said Tim. He was in his calm state, the battle commander in him coming to the fore. He thought about the situation for a moment.

"If only there were a way to find Shadow in the 'real' world," he muttered to himself. His attention snapped back into the here and now when Zach and Mantis both asked him a question.

"Okay," he said. "You simply open a telepathic connection with Shade as if you were going to talk to her telepathically. Then you move your conciousness through that line and into Shade's mind. Simple.

"Now, we are going to make several visits there. The first will be to scout the area. None of you are to engage in combat with Shadow or anyone else, is that understood? Good. Mantis, Jade, I want you both to stand guard here, in the 'real' world, as the rest of us will be helpless while we're there. The rest of you, let's go."

With that, Tim closed his eyes, and went back into Shade's dreamland.

Paradise Wandering
12th November 2004, 03:22 PM
Whoa. This should prove interesting. I've never RPed invading an innocent girl's mind. lol

Zach nodded slightly, gave lifted Mantis's hand, gave it a light kiss, and turned away. Right as he was about to close his eyes, and open the mental connection, he heard a low wimpering and a light clawing at his leg. Umbra stood there, looking up at his face with big puppy dog eyes, pleading with him not to go.

"No, I have to go. I need to help her. You stay here with Mantis and Jade. Who knows, you an Jade may have something in common."

*More low wimpers*

"I will be fine. I promise." He then turned and looked at Mantis one final time, and added softly "I love you.

He quickly padded over to Shade's bed, kneeled on the floor beside it, and closed his eyes tightly. He opened a cerebral connection with the mind of the beautiful Shade. Here goes nothing. He pushed his mind through the connection, losing contact with reality, and drifting carefully into unconciousness. It was a pleasent sensation, like he was being lifted into the air by powerful arms, and softly being tossed from his mind to Shade's. He felt himself leaving his body, and seemingly floating through the air and hovering above Shade. He felt himself entering through her ear, floating like an apparation through her nevous system, past her cerebral column, and finally into her dreaming mind.

"Wow. It's wearid in here. And, i have an echo. Strange. Whoa!" he shouted as he finally saw Shadow moving throughout the girl's mind, and Tim behind a torch. Tim... I have to get to him. The boy moved carefully through her mind, careful not to cause any wreckage, or do something stupid.

"Tim!" He said as quietly as possible, "Tell me where to go. What ca i do to help?" He said as he neared the man.

Horrible RPing on my part, but i am pretty confused here :heh:

12th November 2004, 03:29 PM
Tim watched Zach follow him into Shade's mind.

"Good, you're here," he said. "I want you to survey the area, check to see if there are any elements we can use in the event of combat. Any dangers, too. Leave no stone unturned, litterally."

12th November 2004, 03:30 PM
OOC: yes, shade it IS your fault. lol. :D

IC: Shinriko does nothing, his state of being shattered momentarily at the sight of Shade. He barely notices the hug given to him by Mantis; his thoughts drifting away from him into a realm of nothingness and despair. "I don't know...Tim's trying to work on it...I just wish I knew what caused her to do this..." The demon did not reply again, silence was his only form of communication at the moment. Jade flies over to the shattered samurai and licks his face. He does not smile back, his blank stare towards the floor. "She will be okay, won't she?" The samurai looks up from the floor towards Jade's eyes and softly replied, "She will be... don't worry..." The demon pulled himself together and walked towards the others next to Shade. How many of you have telepathic powers? Zach, Mantis, I know you do. What about you, Shinriko?" "I can breach into her mind with demonic magic and meditation. I assure you, my magic will not harm her at all," he answered. Shinriko grabbed a chair and placed next to Shade's bed. Sitting down on it, he reached out with his fingers and for a moment pressed them lightly against her forehead. Closing his own eyes, a red outline of an oval-like shape began etch across his forehead, a third eye opening slowly from the outline. A scarlet eye which glowed bright and onimously with its crimson light. Shinriko withdrew his fingers and kept his normal eyes closed, falling into a deep trance into the dreams of Shade.

Shinriko saw himself in the twisted dream, seeing Zach and Tim in the distance. He moved across the plain meeting with the two of them and said quietly, "I'm here..." he siad then listened to Tim's order. The demon gave a silent nod then moved away from the others searching anything that could be used as a weapon.

OOC: i assume we do not have weapons here. just curious.

12th November 2004, 04:51 PM
OoC: You have whatever weapons you already have.

IC: Tim continued to observe the soon-to-be-battlefield. The volcano, he thought. That could be a problem if it erupted, but it could also be used as a weapon. There was plenty of dirt, rocks, and lava, so there was no problem utilizing his powers to their fullest extent. He then observed the setting sun. That could be a problem if it got into his eyes, but an asset if it got into Shadow's eyes.

He then considered the hut. It could prove to be a valuable hiding place, or it might provide cover. He'd have to somehow scout it out, make sure there was no-one hiding inside. He turned to Dragantha.

"Drags, could you scout out the hut?" he whispered. "It could prove valuable."

"Sure," replied Dragantha. She turned invisable, and headed off to the hut.

Tim then noticed that he didn't have his weapons, or armor. Well, that's easily solved, he thought. He pondered his choices for a moment. He seemed to remember Shadow as beng more of a mage then a swordsman, though he was quite skilled in the latter as well. So he'd have to play to his strengths.

What were his strengths, he thought. Well, he was quite an advanced magic user. However, his superiour strength, and ability to change his physical shape, gave him an edge in close-quarters combat. What did this mean, he wondered. The answer was obvious. Shadow was obviously one who didn't play by the rules of honor, he was the type of person who went straight for the kill. He didn't seem to have any weapons, it was true, but that could change. He would probably conjure a sword out of thin air and try and stab him through the heart. So he would either have to stay at a distance, or try and trick him. He decided to keep his distance, then slowly close in on him.

In other words, he would have to play it by ear.

14th November 2004, 06:07 PM
Shadow notices the sudden appearance of the two visitors, but pays them no mind, concentrating on Shade, pulling her close to the bars of the cage. "Father!" She shouts.

Shadow laughs hard. "Me? Father? Nay. i am a black mage now...a sect that I started for the sole purpose of killing you and those around you...I did a good job of 'killing' Tim for you, now didn't I?"

Shade's eyes go wide as she screams in fright.

Meanwhile, Dragantha sees a few small "people" moving on the ground: creatures moving, created from the ash within the hut. Fortunately, these creatures are mute, but occasionally spit ash in her direction, sensing her but not seeing her. There is a charred wooden table and several burnt doors. In Mantis's room, if she journies there, there would be the rest of her green costume.

Jade whimpers, but less than usual, calmed somewhat by Shinriko's words. She turns to Umbra and signals both of them..."What should we keep an eye out for?

14th November 2004, 06:52 PM
"I don't know," said Tim to Jade. "But it's better to be safe then to be sorry, as peope commonally say."

Dragantha wasn't injured by the ashes, but she wished she was in her dragon form because it was annoying. After scouting out the hut, taking note of any collapsed or weakened sections of the hut, she returned to Tim, extending her invisibility shield around him and the other humans.

[b]"Nothing much to report,"[/i] she said. Nonetheless, she gave him a detailed report of everything she had seen. Tim pondered the data for a moment.

"No more or less then I'd assumed," he said at last. "Though I do wonder how the rest of Mantis's costume became seperated from the rest of her. Nor to I wish to know," he added after another moment of thought.

Tim now, finally, came to a decision about what weapons to use. He concentrated for a moment, and his entire body became a mass of light. Then the light reformed back into Tim, only he now had differant weapons and clothes.

He was now holding a sword that at first seemed rather plain, except it had a green blade. In his left hand, he was holding a BEEPER similar to Dragantha's, only slightly smaller and made for use in only one hand. He was now wearing a set of mythril plate mail, and he had a red crystal hanging on a string around his neck. He had a ring on his left ring finger, a gold ring with an oval emerald set in it. The emerald had an enscription of a dragon, and seemed to change color as he tilted it. The enscription glowed for a moment, and Tim felt a surge of power flooding through him.

OoC: Note, everyone who's invisible can see everyone else who is invisible.

OoC 2: Note, Tim's armor does not include guantlets.

14th November 2004, 07:09 PM
Jade begins to fly mindlessly around the room, her equivalent of pacing, while Mantis pulls up a chair and waits. A knock comes on the door. Opening it, she sees Mantidae. "What?" Mantis asks, after taking a heavy, relieved breath.

"It appears as though nothing is up; I just wanted to report on what---happened to Shade?"

"Coma," Mantis says simply. "Bad Dream."

"Tim, wake up!" She goes to nudge him, but then is stopped by Mantis, who roughly pushes the insect out of the room. Shaking her head, she sits down again. Outside, Mantidae hops away. But she makes it known that she is going to return.

Meanwhile, Shadow sees the bright light, yet ignores it, instead focussing on Shade. "You know," He says, evilly and very persuasively. "This isn't just a dream; what you see here is what I am doing in the real world: soon, all your friends will die...unless you let me take your life. Keep in mind that if I do, you will die in the real world, too."

Shade's eyes go wide, but then she smiles smugly. "P-prove i-it."

"Erm, well...erm *smacks Shade*" Truth be told, he has been caught in his own lie. Shade begins to cry again as she is smacked, this smack drawing a little blood.

14th November 2004, 08:17 PM
OoC: Tim's invisible, remember?

IC: Tim clinched his fists as Shadow hit Shade, but forced himself to remain calm. He conversed with Dragantha through telepathy.

"Dragantha," he said, making himself heard to the others as well. "I have a plan. I want you to drop the invisibility shield around me, so I can fight Shadow. But this will be merely a distraction. I want you, Zach, and Shinriko to take positions around Shadow in a triangle, remaining a fair distance away. We will have to time this perfectly. Drags, when I say, I want you to fire upon Shadow. Aim for the head. Shinriko, Zach, I will conjure rifles for you two as well, unless you have spells that can do the same thing as one. Zach I want you to aim for the heart, Shinroko, for the robcage. Does everyone understand their orders?"

14th November 2004, 08:22 PM
OOC: You created a light form of him. By definition, light is visible, so :p

IC: Shadow sneers at Tim, then turns to Shade. "It appears as though we have some *slap* guests."

The sorceress, still crying, looks in the direction of Tim. following Shadow's gaze. "B-but *sob* how..? Y-you're dead...aren't y-you? Just like...Mantis and...and...Jade..."

Shadow sneers again and conjures a dark sword and level it at Shade first, making his threat clear, then at Tim.

Paradise Wandering
14th November 2004, 08:35 PM
"I understand, but, what is a rifle?" The young boy was a mage, such weapons as guns were unknown to him. All of his life, he had been comepletely oblivious to firearms, preferring to use magic and melee weapons.

"I prefer to use my own toys... I have not a spell, or sword that would work here, but i think that you will be pleasently surprised. My weapons are not built around power, but around stealth and speed.

Watch and learn."

The boy nodded, showing that he understood everything else, and circled quickly around Shadow, giving himself a good aim toward his heart.

He raised a baggy-sleeved hand and flicked his wrist. In a fraction of a second, his fingers held about tweny five thin, long, sharp needles. He recoiled his hand, lining up a shot and aiming for the heart.

"Awaiting further orders, Tim."

14th November 2004, 08:49 PM
Tim nodded to Zach, then Dragantha dropped the cloak.

Tim didn't answer Shade, his full attention on the battle ahead. His eyes were fastened on Shadow, but his full attention was on the ground beneath Shadow and Shade. Suddenly, as the sword was leveled at him, a magical barrier of earth erupted out of the ground between the two. Tim grinned, and aimed his BEEPER at Shadow.

"Now, prepare to die!" He pulled the trigger of his weapon, and a bolt of greenish energy erupted from the barrel of the gun, streaking towards Shadow.

OoC: I gotta go to bed now. It's 10:11 PM, and I'll be back on around 4:00 PM tomorrow (sooner, id my luck holds. Maybe as soon as 12:30, maybe by 6:30 AM. Anywho, G'night.

14th November 2004, 09:11 PM
Shadow shakes his head in mock scorn and raises a black mass of a shield, blocking the energy bolt. This mass becomes green and Shadow throws it back at Tim, the eergy still potent in the shadow shield. "Well?" He says to Shade, but his eyes never leaving Tim. "What is it?"

No answer The poor Shade is so dumbfounded that she has no clue what to say or do, other than to cry long and hard.

15th November 2004, 03:44 PM
Tim would have tried to comfort Shade, exept for one slight problem. The bolt of energy headed for him. He concentrated on the dream-world around him, an charged directly at Shadow. The the last moment, he jumped into the air, sommersulting over the bolt of energy and past Shadow. He sommersulted, shooting blts of energy at Shadow, and turned a hundred and eighty degrees to face him again.

Tim was now close enough to strike Shadow with his sword. He slashed at his neck with his sword, and aimed a kick at his groin. And at the same time, he fired one more blast of energy from his BEEPER, at point-blank range. He telepathically spoke to Zach, Dragantha, and Shinriko.

"Wait for it. . . ."

15th November 2004, 03:53 PM
Shadow sees the attack coming and ducks the sword while falling into a roll, the kick contacting with his shoulder. Groaning a bit and repeating the same tatic he has used before (Absorbed energy shot back at you), he sneers and laughs evilly. Shade shrieks in terror as Shadow puts the blade to her neck, then retracts it and returns to the battle. "Well?" Shadow persists, speaking over his shoulder. "I can kill them right here, that is, unless you would be willing to trade your life for theirs. If not, then you all die." Shade shakes her head defiantly. "It was worth a shot." Shadow concede, then returns his full focus to Tim and the others.

OOC: Saying point-blank range is a gm; only I can make it be point-blank. You can say you attempted to make it point blank, but I would have to confirm that. The same holds true in the other direction

15th November 2004, 04:37 PM
OoC: Right, my mistake.

IC: Tim fell into a split, the refleced attack passing over his head. He then got back onto his feet, and began to manipulate the earth around Shadow.

Two iron plates formed above Shadow, and two more below him. Tim used his manipulation of the earth to keep the bottom plates below Shadow, and the two upper plates began to rub together really fast. Sparks began to form between the two upper plates, and to ark between the two. Suddenly, a bolt of electricity shot from the upper plates to the lower plates. Quickly manipulating the earth below him, Tim formed a depression, so he could shoot up at Shadow. As the bolt of lighting struck (I said struck, not hit), he shot another blast of energy from his gun, so the two attacks were coming from two seperate directions.

OoC: This is taking place while Shadow is talking to Shade.

15th November 2004, 04:48 PM
OOC: Just a quick reminder: The idea is to defeat, not kill, Shadow

IC: Shadow catches the energy and as he is about to shoot it back, the bolt of lightning comes. His eyes go wide as he is struck on the arm. It vibrates for quite a bit before settling down. The Dark Mage grabs his arm tight, meanwhile laughing. "You see, Tim," He sneers. "I would suggest returning to the real word; perhaps we can continue soon after that. Another Dark Mage is going to murder you if you don't."

Shade inclines her head in a confused gesture. "But he's already dead...isn't he?..."

A knock comes on the door where Jade, Umbra, and Mantis is. Sighing, she opens the door, only to be pushed down by a person dressed in a black cloak, but it is not Shadow.

"Umm...Tim...if you can hear me, we are under attack by another mage here..."

OOC: Slight detour ;)

15th November 2004, 05:16 PM
"SHIT!" cursed Tim. He sighed. He spoke to the others telepathically.

"Change of plans! We are about to fall under attack in the real world. Zach, I want you to take my place until I get back! I will now leave, and return when the new threat has been dealt with. Shade! I will be back soon, and after this is over, I will explain everything! The others are not dead, don't give up hope!"

With this, he became incased in a piller of sparkling light, and disappeared.


In the "real world", Tim woke up, only to be faced with the other dark mage. He quickly snapped into a fighting stance, and noticed he was now completely unarmed. He leaped back, a fireball forming in his hand.

"Mantis! Jade! Umbra! We need to lead him outside!" This message was telepathic, of course, so the agressor wouldn't hear him.

15th November 2004, 05:25 PM
Shadow laughs callously. As soon as the others are gone, he changes the scene with a wave of his hand. When the others return, they will in a wide, brick, grey hallway. At the end and to the left will be Shade, in a prison cell. In one cell is Tim's dragon scales. In another is Jade's dragon scales. In the third is Mantis's helmet, while her suit is in yet a fourth cell. Shadow cracks his knuckles and waits.

Meanwhile, the dark mage shoves Mantis roughly aside, slamming her into a wall as he advances on Shade, his hands outstretched, ready to strangle her to death. But Mantis leaps up and shoves the man to the floor. The mage gets up, and, using a spell, causes Mantis to become quite dizzy and disoriented.

Jade recieves the message and begins to tug at the man's hood. He simply smiles and flicks Jade away, only to have her come back, clawing at his face. This mage howls in pain and staggers back a little, then uses the same spell on Jade.

He proceeds to advance on Shade.

15th November 2004, 05:33 PM
Tim jumped between the newcomer and Shade, reaching under his own pillow with his free hand. From it, he produced a solid gold handgun. He pointed the gun at the dark mage, and pulled the trigger. A bolt of white energy leaped from the barrel at the newcomer. He aimed a frontal kick at the guy's groin, and the hand with the fireball burst into flame. He attempted to pummel the guy's face in.

Man, he thought, we have to get him outside!

15th November 2004, 05:44 PM
OOC: Whoa, whoa, whoa! You can't do that many attacks at once!

IC: The Dark Mage steps out of the way, then takes the kick in the groin hard and falls down to the ground. After groaning for a little bit, he stands up, his legs weak, and once again begins his run at Shade.

OOC: Only two attacks at max...the gun and the kick...repeat the flame thing next post and edit it out here.

15th November 2004, 06:04 PM
At that moment, Tim's hand (the one with the fireball in it) burst into flame, and the fireball disappeared. He charged at the mage, and attempted to pummel the guy's face in. Or his spine. Or any part of the man's body that he could reach, for that matter.

At that moment, a steady stream of iron shards flew into the hut, and rose from under the floor. The shards melted into four large rings, enscribed with odd symbols (not magical, but they look cool, Egyptian in nature). Two rings hovered over the bed, and two on the floor below it, and started spinning against each-other, the adjacient ones spinning in opposite directions. They started sparking, and emitting bolts of lighting, effectively forming a protective cage around Shade.

15th November 2004, 07:19 PM
OOC; ok guys, real sorry for inactivity. busy busy busy.

IC: Shinriko moved about in Shade's head, stopping immediately to see his body fade away into nothingness. His outline was blurred, and every part of his body seemed to become less and less opaque with each passing second. Damn it... Shinriko thought, fading away from the dream world and reawakening in the real world. "Shit. I can not last that long in her mind," he murmured to himself, his third eye losing its shimmer; a sign that his spirit was waning from the stress of maintaining a constant connection with Shade's mind. A sudden cry in his head bursted, rattling every fiber of his mind and soul. [B}Umm...Tim...if you can hear me, we are under attack by another mage here..."[/B] The voice followed by a loud crash and the sounds of pain. Tim had awoken from his trance, the dark assailant barging into Shade's room. Shinriko leapt up and drew his blade, realizing immediately this was one skilled in the element. However, Shinriko knew its secrets as well.


The dark wielder's mission was plain and simple. Kill Shade at all costs. And this task was what he intended to do. Under his hood, Tim was right before him... a gun drawn from a secret hiding spot and pointed straight at the mage's chest. A soft click, a loud crack, and a bolt of light shooting forth from the barrel of the mystical weapon and was about to make contact with the assailant's body but he dodged. The holy and mystical energies of the light element would have been especially harmful to the mage... if it had hit it would causing a ripping a hole through his stomach, sending wisps of dark energy into the air, bubbling around the edges of his gaping wound. Instead, the bolt blew right past him and create a smoking hole in the wall. Next, a low blow kick between the legs was unleashed. The dark mage howl in pain, unable to dodge the attack nor stand straight in a single position. The blow was so hard, it ruptured the surrounding blood vessels and the bludgeoning opened wounds around the area sending streaks of dark red blood seeping down his black robes and onto the floor. Obviously, this man was extremely willpowered, moving to his feet again... The final blow was struck... a flaming fist of fury striking the painful and enraged face of the assailant... sending thrid degree burns throughout his face. The blistering heat scorched away at his skin cells. A rush of pain first ensued; the no more, as the flames burnt out the nerve endings causing him to feel nothing in those areas. Slightly portions of white were shone- the white of bones becoming visible as the layers of skin burnt away into ashes. The dark mage's eye rolled back; vision going black as he fell limp, in a sprawled mass on the floor.


Shinriko still kept his murasama drawn moving his way in front of Shade and her bed; the gleaming blade, shining brightly and placed in Shinriko's hands in a defensive position. His weight was placed so that he could brace a charge from the dark mage without hurting the physical body of Shade. A single sudden movement like that could snap her neck and she would be forever asleep. The red eyed warrior watched in curiousity as the mage fell under the hand of Tim. Strange... he should of not died that quickly. He barged through Mantis and the others like it was nothing. I have fought Mantis and she is a tough warrior. I know Tim is strong too... but something is not right... the warrior thought, not taking any chances; keeping his long blade unsheathed. Two sets of iron shards rushed into the room; the demon not knowing whether it was the work of the of the mage or Tim or Mantis or whoever else was inside the house. Shinriko dodged out of the way, a bit of scalding metal slicing at the side of his leg, but the burn had immediately sealed the wound; as the cage formed around him and Shade... obviously a barrier from the mage...


The dark mage lay still, his face burnt back, a bleeding mess on the floor... a single groan from the mage, his eyes lifeless and still. The mage's shadow gave a slight and very small quiver; so very minute, it was nearly impossible to detect. Another small quiver, this time, it was a bit more vibrant. Suddenly, the shadow detached from its former master and the shadowly form sped through Tim's legs and from the shaodw leapt the dark mage, his appearance blackened (but then his true form was revealed.) The black faded away revealing a cloaked figure, his face covered completely in darkness... spiked armored gauntlets pulsating with a dark aura that Shinriko was all too familiar with. 'SHIT!!!! LOOK OUT TIM!!!" SHinriko shouted, all too knowing about the dark mage's tactics. (THe demon himself used the same tactics on Mantis a while back.) A cold and bone-chilling echoed under the darkness of the hood. The dark mage seemed to have the advantage...

15th November 2004, 07:26 PM
Mantis shakes her head and recovers from the stun. As her vision clears, she notices that a few things have changed, but that the enemy is still there. Mustering up every last ounce of strength she has, she pretends as though she is going to tack the mage, instead doing a sweep kick.

Jade bristles a little, desparately waiting for Zach to come back so she can use her flame spell. So, she flits around the mage, attempting to distract him, if anything...

OOC: Um, yeah, Pustolio has the Dark Mage, and can we please slow down our response time, just a little bit? Thanks :D

15th November 2004, 08:05 PM
The dark elementalist whispered a cold sentence, "The dark will slay the light..." He raised his his armored guantlet hand, the swirling dark aura, concentrating into 5 long and sharp needles at each of the mage's knuckle. He was ready to stab each needle right at Tim's head as his hearing catches Mantis rushing in and about to tackle him. He relinquishes his attack on Tim and turns to face Mantis preparing to strike her instead with the 5 dark energy needles. However, Mantis falls short of the mage's strike as she was faking the tackle and performed a quick sweep. The part of Mantis' leg (the part of the leg from the knee to the ankle) hook the mage's right leg sending him into the air. He commenced to fall, but, the dark energy in his hand extended swiftly to his whole arm and shot out the arm, merging with Mantis' shadow and sucked right into it; but not before Jade swipes at his face and rip off a few shreds of his hood. The mage's quick thinking saved him from a vulnerable attack from the others and was hidden within a safe zone.


Shinriko looked curiously at the cage that surrounded him. Bolts of electricity surging throughout, as minor amounts of electricity flowed to his blade sending small volts of electricity thorugh his body (since of all the water in Shinriko's body within his system) causing him to drop his murasama. "RAAAARGH!! SHIT!!" he cried out... both at the mage's familiar tactics and the electricity flowing thorugh his body. His fingers were numb and at the moment he was defenseless. I just hope this mage does not use his shadow techniques to get into here... he thought, his arms limp and useless at the moment.


The dark mage gave cold laugh, shooting from Mantis' shadow straight above her head and plummet down... his hand moved in a palm strike postion as the dark energies swirled around his hand as a spike from the middle of his palm extended, planning to impale Mantis. The strike would be hard and fast; the point of the attack aiming for the top of Mantis head, straight through her helmet and perhaps stab her brain. She might die on the spot; she might survive... but the mage merely wanted the obstacle cleared from her true target.

OOC; ok, nuttin really new to say. just needs some more description (do as best as possible. you could described what it looks like when the antennae grows back. nuttin new besides that. i like to important role jade has. i wonder what she will do....

15th November 2004, 08:10 PM
Mantis cocks her head in confusion as the mage goes over her head. The hairs on her back stand up, though at first there is nothing. Then, suddenly, her antennae twitch, and she is thrown out of the way from the attack.

However, the needle DID clip one of her antennae off, so she hollers in pain, but still manages to pull off a roundhouse kick in the process. She quickly runs into her bedroom and cries of pain and agony can be heard as the antenna begins to grow back.

Jade snorts in surprise, looking down at her claws. She...? Ripping something not hers? A tear begins to form on her eye as she, too, heads towards the exit of the room, but remains loyal to Shade and stays in the corner of it. It is then that she finally realizes that this man is evil and she begins to make preparations to strike long and hard, but knows her reflexes will get her out of the way if need be.

16th November 2004, 10:13 AM
Tim sighed as the dark mage seemed to die, and prepared to go back into Shade's mind. However, it was then that the dark mage rose again, in his true form.

What the . . . Tim barely had time to think as the shadow mage tried to tackle him. He jumped up into the air, avoiding the attack. He now realized the lightning might not be completely effective. So he grabbed his fire energy again, and formed another fireball. However, this time the fireball floated over to Shade, then expanded, creating a swirling sphere of fire around her. Then the fire flickered, and became invisible. To the dark mage, it would look like the spell had failed.

However, it would soon be proven otherwise. The dark mage was between him and Shade, and he knew he had to attack. He pointed the gun at the mage, and pulled the trigger. Whatever happened, weather the attack hit or missed, the energy of the attack would scatter as it hit the shield, being absorbed into the shield.

16th November 2004, 04:10 PM
A silent chuckle crept up from under his black and tattered hood and landed with a smash onto the floor, in a kneeling position, his fall and energy output into the floor and splintering it. Mantis fled from the room in pain; bringing pleasure to the mage's soul. The cage adorned with heiroglyphics and elecricty sparked his interest; his main target so close and rewards so great in his sight. The mage moved from his position and walked across the floor; his loud footsteps radiating with cold chilling air around his body. SHade's still body was the most open and vulnerable target he had been assigned... yet the cage around him, would prove a challenge. As well, as the defenders outside and inside the cage, would prove a pest... The dark mage moved towards in line with the cage, with Tim as he left side with the sight of a fireball being conjured over the target's body and expanded but soon became transparent. Gicing no reply nor reaction, he moved his cloaked and unknown face towards Tim and to the blasted pistol of Tim's. Another soft click as the pistol unleashed another round of light energy; but the mage was ready and hurled a beam of dark energy at the light energy and cancelled each other out. A wave of combined energy dispersed knocking the mage back into the cage, lightning striking throughout his body and slumping to his knees... panting and trembling from the electrical burns created upon his back.


Shinriko's arms were still limp... the electricty had numbed and scrambled his nerves and unable to pick up his murasama... An expression of confusion ran over his face noticing the fire orb surround Shade; but he kept his distance. He had been burnt and shocked; and was not daring to suffer from another "surprise." Shinriko cursed for his uselessness and waited for what the mage was to do next.

16th November 2004, 04:22 PM
Tim extended his free hand towards the dark mage. A hole opened in the shield, visible by the ring of fire around it. Tim then aimed his gun at the mage, and fired. The metal was getting hot, he'd soon have to switch to a differant weapon, or this one would overheat from the energy of the blasts. As he did this, he called out to Shinriko.

"Shinriko! You'll need to engage the mage from inside the shield! I'll work on disassembling the shield!" Even as he said this, the rings began to break down into shards of iron, and the shield flickered, and became visible.

OoC: Engage the mage . . . hey that rhimes! Cool.

16th November 2004, 04:22 PM
Mantis screams again as a short stub grows out of her helmet. A small something, but a something nonetheless. She restrains her screams and they become groans as the rest of the antennae begins to jut up... (next post :p)

Jade seizes her opportunity and flies downward at the mage, ready to bite and claw him. She descends with her mouth open and claws extended, hoping to finally take him down for good. Granted, she knows nothing of the consequences of death, and, should it occur because of her, she will feel tremendous guilt.

16th November 2004, 04:51 PM
The dark mages body surged with bolts of electricty and surging into the floorboards of the hut. His body felt numb and the burns of his back were deep and charred black in 3 streaks vertically and parallel to each other. The pieces of cloth upon his back were sticking to the outside of his burns... the smell of charred flesh filling the room. The dark wielder snarled with fury, the emotions of hatred and rage fueling the powers of darkness... the dark aura around him filled the outlines of his body, struggling to get himself up for the next attack. He was vulnerable, weak, but would not allow himself to die so easily. Another click of a pistol, as another rush of light energy surged from the barrel striking the shoulder of the mage. THe dark aura around him protected him a bit, but the light broke through a portion of the aura, sending bubbling and bloody flesh to ruptured under his black robes. Grunting in pain, blood seeping from his shoudler and from his hood, he saw that the silver draike swooped in ready to swipe his face. "RAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARGH!!!!!" he cried out, releasing the aura and clouding the room in total darkness; impossible for anyone to see what was going on in the room, and hopefully it would buy the mage some time to get his target.


Shinriko felt the numbness ease in his body, able to grasped the familiar textures of his murasama and held it out; making sure he could still wield the blade. A hole began to form in the shield; molten at the edges from a fire spell casted by Tim.The molten edges made Shinriko gave a dirty look... his wound from before back in his head and never wanting to experience the pain of a scalding cut again. "Shinriko! You'll need to engage the mage from inside the shield! I'll work on disassembling the shield!" SHinriko nodded and was about to unleash a dark blade attack, but his vision was clouded. Only the flames of the molten metal were visible and the flickering of Shade's shield. "Damn it!" he shouted, opening his third eye to see if this one could see. "The dark will slay the dark, mage," he said scanning the floor for the direction of scurrying across the floor...

16th November 2004, 04:57 PM
Jade bristles, angry that such a man could attack her mistress. She again flies up in a corner, this time right above where Shade is.

Mantis groans in pain again as the second of three segments of her antennae emerges. The pain is sharp and real, all most like labor, but within her head.

Shade remains perfectly quiet throughout this whole time. But in her "dream," things are different. "They are losing," Shadow sneers. "I can sense it." Shade shakes her head defiantly. The Dark Mage simply shrugs. "Believe what you will."

16th November 2004, 05:10 PM
As the lights went out, the only light came from the flashes of lightning. The flame shield was now gone, and the rings began to quiet. However, Tim had two more tricks up his sleeve.

He closed his eyes, and connected his mind with the Force, the omnipotent energy that made up all living things. Then he formed that energy into a patter, and finally into the image of the world around him. In his mind's eye, he saw the dark mage edging closer to Shade. He took a chance, and crept up behind him. He pointed his gun at the guy's head. One more shot, and his pistol would hopefully not overheat. He pulled the trigger.

"Hasta la vista, baby," he snarled.

16th November 2004, 06:54 PM
OoC; sorry for this bad post.

Smiling with satisfaction within the dark, and moved his way towards the direction of Shade (his vision well adapted to the absence of light.) HIs form was slightly revealed by the flashes of lightning and flames; the dim silhouette revealed but his wheraobuts were lost in a millisecond. The dark mage crept his body low and kept as quiet as he could. He saw the red light of the samurai before him, a third eye glowing brightly. The dark mage smiled but it did not last for long as ther cold barrel of Tim's pistol was pressed again at his head. "Hasta la vista, baby," The pistol clicked one final time, the light beam bursting into his head. The dark mage fell to the ground, his head a bleeding mess of spilled brain juices and blood. As the lifeforce of the mage faded away, so did the blackness of the room, slowly allowing others to finally see again. The dark mage eyes rolled back but before he fell dead he attempted to take someone with him. Using last of energy, dark needles (hundreds of them) bursted out from his body (and instantly killing off the mage.) The needles had two very nasty effects... the first being that many puncture wounds would be created. If there was no biological objects hit they would simply explode. In addition, Tim and Shinriko and Shade were the closest... thus the ones most likely to take damage.


"Oh shit!!!!" Shinriko cried out, spying the needles shot out from the dead mage's body and aiming in all directions, a concentration of the needles heading towards Shade's body. "RRRRRRRRRRRRRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGH!!!!" Shinriko shouted in rage, using his blade to deflect some of the the needles, but some of them struck in his arms and chest. Shinriko fell back and clutched his chest... relieved to see he had blocked most of the needles from striking Shade, the rest striking into the far wall and harmlessly exploding. "Ugh..." SHinriko said, his body a bleeding mess, with the needles piercing his skin and huting terribly.

16th November 2004, 07:01 PM
JAde flies from the room, thoroughly upset and goes into Mantis's room, skillfully evading all the needles in her direction and avoiding all the explosions. By this time, Mantis has ceased to groan and become knocked out as the pain was too much to bear. Jade shivers as she licks the ice-cold helmet of Mantis, but eventually, the fully-healed Mantis wakes up. "Huh?"

Jade begins to cry.

"What's wrong?"

"It's the Mage...he...he...*sobs uncontrollably* was killed...his head just *sobbed* blew up *sob sob*"

Mantis sighs and hugs the draike close to her body, feeling the warmth of the scales against her. She strokes the draike calmly and reassuringly, trying to quiet the draike down. "it's okay...it's okay...relax...you did nothing wrong."

"But I did, I did! I scratched him!"

"You were doing the right thing, defending Shade.

But these words didn't comfort the poor draike.

16th November 2004, 07:23 PM
As the needle shot out of the dead mage's body, A hilt of fire appeared in his off-hand. It looked like the hild of a normal blade, exept it was made of fire. Then a blade of fire sprouted from the hild with a hiss. Tim, his eyes still closed, relaxed and let the Force guide him. He was able to successfully deflect the needles, exept for one which passed over his shoulder and exploded. By now, the lightning rings were gone. Tim then opened his eyes, the firey sword disappearing. He walked into the room containing Jade and Mantis.

"You are not to blame, Jade," he said, adopting a soothing tone. It was the same one he had used when he had first introduced himself to Shade. "It would have made no differance. Besides, I'm the one who killed him. It was then that he noticed how hot his gun was. He dropped it in surprise.

"Ow," he said. "Careful, that gun is hot."

16th November 2004, 07:39 PM
Shinriko clutched his arms and his chest, the needles seeping away from his body; sending more piles of blood towards the floor. The demon's blood mixed with the blood of the mage's blood, the opponent's body beginning to rot and fester "*gasp* Ugh..... damn that mage," he whispered, gingerly touching his wounds that bled much. Shinriko removed his white cloak and tore it into thin strips and wrapped it tightly around his arms and under his kimono to slow down the bleeding, by applying less pressure, but the blood soaked it completely and rendered the cloth useless. "Ah damn it..." he cursed again, removing the rags and rising to his feet. He sheathed his murasama and followed after Tim, searching for something to heal his wounds. Passing by Jade and Mantis and Tim, he paused for a moment, saying nothing to Jade's reaction. Shinriko sighed moving into the room, his body leaving a bloody trail in its wake. First turning to Mantis, '"You okay?" To Jade, "Forget about it... like Tim said, it is not your fault." To Tim, "Good work." Shinriko then turned around and headed back into Shade's room and began to attempt to break into Shade's mind again. (But not before kicking the mage's body a few times and impaling it.) It is a bit early to celebrate. This tirade is far from over... he thought, resting in his chair and opening his third eye and plunging into the deep and dark world of Shade's dreamworld.

16th November 2004, 07:51 PM
Jade buries her head into Mantis's shoulder. "It's just not right...his head...pop!...gone..." She shudders at the recent memory. "And I helped in that..." But as she listens to both Shinriko's words and Tim's words, she begins to calm down a lot. "But his HEAD!" She finishes that with a loud, mournful roar. "I can't get that out of his mind *sobbing* But please, go to save my mistress..."

Mantis nods. "I'll stay here," She says, rubbing her head as she has a migraine. "I'm not quite ready to go back yet..." She squeezes the draike and holds her tight to the mutant, not wanting to do anything but comfort the poor creature.

16th November 2004, 08:16 PM
Shinriko turned his chairs towards Shade, wiping off all the blood off from his hand and pressed his fingers against her forehead, once again, opening his third eye and closing his two normal eyes. He concentrated hard on his mind and spirit; feeling his mental energies flow from his own and into the dreamworld of Shade. A small black orb formed amidst the flames of the long torches as Shinriko's mental projection of his appearance resurfaced (without any signs of his former wounds.) He had not fully inspected the area and it quite disturbed him. This dreamworld was just as horrid and dark as this one (but at least Shinriko did not have the misfortune of being taken over...) and spied the skeletal and charred remains of a hut, and a green mask. In the distance was Shade locked within her cage and the enemy Shadow. Damn... how am I going to defeat this creature? he thought to himself, only having a murasama and nothing more. Shinriko moved through the terrain, keeping low and moving silently as to not attract attention. Shinriko weaved in and out, so he was close enough to Shade and Shadow. The demon drew his blade; and glared with fury at Shadow. Shadow's back was turned on the samurai; and with nothing better coming to mind, he merely charged and leapt incredibly high into the air (but not sure how he did it) and prepared to stab Shadow at the back of the head, where the head joins the neck.

OOC: sorry. posts been so bad lately. so very sorry.

Paradise Wandering
16th November 2004, 10:04 PM
Pust, your RPing, though your posts arent real long, is quite impressive :D

And, forgive the mega-crappyness of this post

The wolf, Umbra quietly crawls out from it's hiding place in the corner and padds over to Shinriko, seeing his fleshwounds and doing it's best to heal them by lightly licking them.


Zach never heard anything that went on outside of Shade's dreamworld, he just sat there, hiding, waiting for an opportune time. At last, he saw it. He darted out from his hiding hiding place just as the environment shifted. He blitzed off to the side and flicked the needles he had gathered earlier, all but one, in Shadow's direction.

He held the last needle gingerly between his fingers, and held up his empty left hand. His had was pointing up, allowing gravity to pull down his baggy sleeve to reveal the tattoo on his left forearm.

The black tatoo took on a cobalt blue glow, shining like the moring sun, brightly, with vibrant color. What would happen next, was a mystery to all but the water amge himself.

17th November 2004, 05:42 AM
OOC: Umm...Shinriko? You are now in a hall with 6 jail cells, no hut to be seen...

IC: Jade shudders, sobbing silently and roaring mournfully. "He...just...blew up!" THE draike lets out several more mournful roars. "And my mistress!...I hope the others can *sob* save her!"

Mantis continues to cuddle the creature, hushing her and speak in a soft, soft ton, almost a whisper. "Shh! Shhh! She'll be all right." She rubs the draike's head affectionately. "And the man, welll, I probably would have done the same thing as you. Please, please, calm down."

Jade nods and her sobbing gradually subsides into sniffles, complete with shudders.

Shadow sneers as he whirls around to block Shinriko with a intricately carved blade: one with inscriptions that glowed yellow on it. "Ha ha!" He says sarcastically. "C'mon, I know you can do better than..."

He stops sort as several ice needles puncture his back. But, he puts up his Shadow absorber and catches the rest of the the needles. "Heal me!" Shadow says. leaning against the bars of Shade's jail cell. "Unless you wish to die."

Shrugging, SHade has to choice but to comply.

After the healing is done, he takes all the gathered ice energy and shoots it back at Zach.


Paradise Wandering
17th November 2004, 07:42 AM
*laughs maniacally* do you really think that he can best Zach with ice spells? You know Zach almost more than anyone, Shade, and you know that his control over ice is unparralleled (sp?) *more laughter*

Also, does Shade know about Zach's telepathy? I'm not sure if she does but i am going to try something anyway.

It is not my place to kill him. That is Ezekiel's job. But no one sdaid i couldn't make him wish he was dead. I gotta save Shade...

He looked up, his eyes morphing into the color of blue fire. Anger building up inside him as he used Shade, threatening her to do his evil bidding.

The ice needles from Shadow came closer and closer.

Shade, Zach started telepathically. Try to put up a light dome around your cell. It is for your own good. With no further explanation, he set to work.

THe ice needles drew ever-nearer.

By now the tatoo in his wrist was glowing vibrantly, like a strong blue light was hidden just beneath the skin. His tatoo, which was the symbol of Lin'Houan royalty, was, unknown to anyone else, a rune. IT would come into play later.

Here were the needles, finally close enough to touch, flying at speeds faster than a bullet. He held out an arm, just in front of the speeding projectiles. As soon as they came within six inches of his palm, the ice disintigrated, melted, into a useless puddle of water.

"Oh Shadow, the way Shade speaks of you, you are so powerful and fearsome. But, it seems that she was mistaken. You can't even harm a teenager like myslef? I dont think that we have been properly introduced. I am Zach Neron, your worst nightmare."

17th November 2004, 09:13 AM
SHade blinks as she gets the message from Zach. Is she imagining things? Nonetheless, the advice that the voice in her head gives her is quite good. She goes within herself, focusing on happy thoughts and memories, one of which is of her and her father playing catch. But that memory soon fades into oblivion as the shield begins to grow and grow, making a nice-sized light dome within the cell, fitting Shade's form perfectly.

Shade sneers at Shade. "I'l deal with you later...you WILL still do what I want, else you die...my dear, my dark magic can eat your light dome up right away..." He turns back to Zach and chuckles maniacally. In an ice-cold tone, he says, "We've only just begun..."

The sorceress simply remains still, not saying anything, but shaking violently. Suddenly, a familiar voice enters her head.

Shade, my love, you are doing well...
Yes, that is who it is
But you're dead!
A creature dug me out of my grave and sent me to a healer...a silver baby dragon...now what was her name?
Yes, it's me
*-.-* I mean the baby dragon's name...
Yes, that was it...do you own it?
She is like my child.
I shall join you shortly. Shade, don't be afraid...
Kinda hard not to do that...

The telepathic voice travels around the room, next stopping at Shinriko.
"Demon, I do not know your name, but thank you for defending my daughter. But be warned...Shadow has some of the most powerful dark magic known to man..."

The voice then enters Zach's mind.
"Water Mage, I know not who you are, but thank you so much for defending my daughter! I look forward to meeting all of you soon...but be wary. Shadow can deflect just about anything and hurl it back at you. But he can only do it so many times before he needs to recharge...

In the real world, the voice travels into Jade's mind.
"Be strong, baby dragon, be strong...

Then, into Tim's mind. "Husband of Shade, I have heard a lot about you...I don't remember your name, but be strong! But also be wary. I shall be joining you in the dreamworld soon..."

The voice enters Mantis's mind.
Mutant friend of Shade's...Mantis, I believe, be strong, strong as you have been...be wary, but have courage in the face of danger.
Who is this?
Jade, mother of Shade
But I thought you were--nevermind. What brings you here?
I come to seek out Ezikiel, and defeat Shadow. I hear that Ezikiel is Shade's new father.
He is.
Good! Jade, the baby dragon, has told me much of him. I shall be joining you shortly....

Finally, the voice invades Shadow's mind.
Shadow, you b*stard! Let my child go!
You forget, she is both of ours
If you kill her...
That is the plan...
Shadow, you pathetic piece of sh*t! Why her?!
Because she can help me in my goal for world domination. And then, she, dies.
I look forward to fighting you, B*stard of all that is Evil![/b]

(OOC: Let's slow down the pace slightly, if possible...)
(OOC 2: Shadow doesn't know anything about Zach :p)

17th November 2004, 02:01 PM
Yes, it's me
*-.-* I mean the baby dragon's name...

LOL! That was funny.

IC: Tim straightened suddenly as Shade's mother spoke to his mind. He didn't question why she was alive. Shadow was alive, wasn't he? Even he, Tim, had come back from the dead once. But he did reply.

"Tim. My name's Tim. I will do my best to defend your daughter." Then he spoke to Umbra.

"Umbra. I don't believe I have met you before. But a friend of Zach's is a friend of mine, it's a pleasure to meet you. I will need you to alert us if anyone else invades the hut. Do you understand?" With these words, he walked over to Shade, and kneeled in front of her. He put a hand on her forehead, and entered back into his mind.

Upon his entrance, all the lights in the hall behind him started rapidly flickering off and on, with such rapidity that it was painful on the eyes. He slowly walked towards Shadow.

"Why do you imprison our remains, Shadow?" he asked. "Are you afraid we will come back, to haunt you? Because nothing can hurt you as much as a memory. Sword wounds, burns, disease, they all pass eventually. But a memory stays with you. Forever." With these words, his sword appeared in his hand, and he charged at Shadow.

OoC: Cue Matrix battle music.

17th November 2004, 03:48 PM
Mantis continues to hug Jade, comforting her, when she looks up. Sure enough, right in the doorway to her room is a woman with a perfect face and white dress, but no swords, nor masks.


The woman shakes her head. "No. Jade. You comfort my...animal counterpart...I need to get in...and I think I know what to do."

Mantis nods and returns to comforting the draike.

The draike blinks her eyes. "J-jade? The one I'm named after?!"

"Shh! Quiet. Yes, the one and the same. Now, I need to go into Shade's mind. I will see you later."

The draike nods, shudders, and then buries her head into Mantis's shoulder.

With that, Jade places a hand on Shade's forehead in the other room. In the blink of an eye, she is gone, only to be placed into Shadow's controlled nightmare. "I'm here now..."

"Mother?!" Shade exclaims. "How...?"

"Shh! Long story."

Jade prepares a light spell, disks of light to be exact. Shadow is momentarily distracted by his wife's sudden appearance, that he just is able to evade Tim, the sword creating a deep scratch in his arm, but yet it didn't bleed that much.

"Ha ha ha!" Shadow cackles. "A family reunion!" He shoots out a shadow imprisonment spell at Jade. "But unfortunately, you will join Shade."

Jade ducks and continues to charge her spell.

"Tim, when i fire this spell, it will overcharge Shadow's shield...then we can go in for the 'kill...' oh, and if I die, I die in real life, too..."

Paradise Wandering
17th November 2004, 04:05 PM
LMAO, Shades mom seems so nice in the telepathy to me, Draco, and you, but wen she talks to Shadow she is all mean, swearing, angry etc lol.

Umbra, though not a telepath like Jade, gave a nod showing that he understood, even though he was unable to respond. He guarded the door valliantly, making sure no one entered. That is, until Shade's mother came in. He knew it would be disobeying his orders to allow her past, but he couldn't. Something about her stopped him from attacking her. Something almost made him unable to move, unable to attack her, or anything. She just walked passed him and into Shade's room.


Zach looks back at Shadow. "Yes, your dark magic can stop her light dome. But it wasn't supposed to be there to stop you. It was suposed to be there to protect her from this."

He brings up his left hand, the one with the still glowing tatoo of Lin'Houan royalty. (if i can ever get photoshop to work right i'll make a pic of it for you.) The rune is fully charged, and is ready to go.

Tim. Duck.

He says this right as a massive arc of dark energy blasts out toward Shadow, almost like a huge wave of dark magic. It is so dark, that it appears to be a void, swallowing up even the brightest light that gets too close. It expands as if goes farther, getting bigger and bigger.

[to Shadow]We will see who is the best with dark magic. And i intend to be the victor.

Just then Jade's words come into his mind. He knows not this strange woman, but her voice is similar to that of Shade's. He instantly trusts her as she enters and Shadow begins to insult her.

17th November 2004, 05:15 PM
Shade gasps as the wave of darkness encompasses him. He can't see anything, and feels hands, almost, grasping at him, anchoring him in place. Shadow simply stares and says one sentence. "Bring it, Jade!"

Jade smiles, a little too wickedly for her character, and shoots the strong light disks. But Shadow slows down time, the disks now moving very, very slowly, it eats away at the shadows binding the evil man, and he twirls out of the way. "Nice try." He says simply.

With that, he shoots a dark spear right towards Jade...

OOC: She won't get hit, but i wanted to leave what you were going to do open.

17th November 2004, 05:38 PM
As thw two attacks neared him, Tim's body turned to stone. It then melted, and became one with the floor. At the same moment, a disk of earth erupted out of the ground n front of Jade, to block the spear.

Then, Tim's body reformed behind Shadow. But it formed slowly, discreetly. With luck, Shadow would be distracted by Jade, long enough for Tim to plunge his sword into Shadow's back. If not, he might distract him long enough for Jade to get in a lethal attack.

19th November 2004, 08:04 PM
Ezikiel awoke from his slumber, his silver eyes opened slowly as he stretched and examined the room he was in, the room was small, and filled with ancient and forgotten tapestries and paintings, his mind had been concentrating on deep meditation when, over space and time, the call for help finally reached it, it was from Jade, the young Draike of his daughter Shiandris.

Ezikiel immedieately went into action, his body curled up into a ball and his clothing changed to that of his casual self, best not show what I really am . His hair shortened slightly to reach a length of 4 feet down his back. His hair became silver and his eyes a deep blue, and he vanished.

He reappeared beside his daughter, she was stiff, and to his sighns, in a deep coma. He reached out and touched her forhead to check her temperature.

And he, once more, vanished.

WHAT IS HAPPENING TO MY DAUGHTER?! Ezikiels mind roared as he appeared in the plane of Shade's mind.

19th November 2004, 08:12 PM
Jade turns to Umbra as Ezekiel enters. "Don't worry, he's Shade's father..."

Inside the dream world, Ezikiel can see 6 cells in a dark hallway, one of which is near Shadow, the one that holds Shade. One has Mantis's helmet in it, while one has Tim's scales in it. The other two have Jade's scales and Mantis's suit. And he is in the 6th jail cell.

Shadow spins around and ducks, almost melding with the shadows, only to change the scenery once more. This time, they are in the same place, yet Shadow and Shade are on the other side of the hallway. Everything else is the same.

The change is so sudden that Jade is releasing the weak disks of light when it occurs. So now, they are headed straight for Tim. "Tim!" She gasps. "Look out!"

Shade sees her father and immediately calls out. "Father! Help me!"

Shadow growls. "He is powerless! There is a dark field keeping him in!"

Shade begins to cry yet again.

Jade, Shade's mother (a duplicate of Shade in everything but the mask and swords), comes racing over to Ezikiel's cell. "So this is the father of Shade, the one True Father of Shade. Please, help me! My daughter...she's...possessed...her dreams anyway, by Shadow, my ex-husband and Shade's Original Father. Please help..."

19th November 2004, 08:28 PM
Tim saw the disks coming at him, put two fingers to his forehead, and closed his eyes.

It's just a dream. . . .

With this thought, he disappeared. This was possible because the Tim that was doing battle was merely a dream image, the Tim in real life could manipulate him however he wanted. Of course, the same was true for everyone else, nthey could probably do the same if they wished. Tim, then extended a hand towars the disks. These, too, were merely a dream. He took control of them and directed them back at Shadow. Tim then flexed his muscles, and the walls rippled. Then he directed his attention to the bars containing Ezikiel. Using his ability to control this dream, he attempted to morph the bars away. And if that didn't work, he still had his mastery over earth. Meanwhile, he spoke to Shadow.

"This is all good and fine, but I'm getting tired of this game." Then he chuckled. "What if I were to tell you---" Tim's eyes now glowed a solid silver color, blazing with power "---that I've only been using 5% of my true power?"

20th November 2004, 08:41 AM
Ezikiel nodded to Jade (Shades Mother) he was glad to meet her but he was also more concerned about the wellbeing of his adoptive daughter. He did not however, know exactly what to do, this situation was beyond his knowledge, he may be what he says he is not. But, he does not have the power to control dream, only physical. He growled as he sensed the evil man, Shadow's presence within this dream realm.

"I know you are here, Shadow, you will not escape me this time!" Ezikiel growled and stepped forward for the first time in the dream realm, leaving behind glowing white footprints behind him.

I guess my powers are enhanced here somehow. . .

Ezikiel was confused about this fact, but he ignored it and walked forward to enter another epic battle against the Demon Man.

Paradise Wandering
20th November 2004, 09:24 AM
[ooc]yeah, yeah, yeah. late old me... always late...[ooc]

Zach shut his eyes tightly, preparing for a different spell that he had used so far here, one that he hoped wouldn't damage Shade's nervous system. He allowed all of the water vapor in the air to form a thick cloud around Shadow, and then seperated into ten small balls of steam. Ten, on all sides around him, hovering in the air. They all darted around, moving as one, though it was quite obvious that there were ten seperate ones. Whereever his eyes went, the steam orbs went. Trying to confuse Shadeow but making them move quickly in all directions.

At last, he released them. They all flew at Shadow, moving in on all sides. They wouldn't do much damage, but they would at least allow Jade and Ezekiel the time to attack him.

20th November 2004, 10:44 AM
OOC: The idea isn't to send Shadow away here, either, Vince ;)

IC: Shadow gasps as Tim has finally figured out the secret to the dream world. The dark mage, unable to move out of the way as the change has come so quickly, takes the light disks on the face, making thin slices, but just barely deep enough to caus him to bleed. The bars bend and then break and Ezikiel steps out. Unable to help herself, Jade gives Ezikiel a hug. "Now, let's finish this." She says.

Shade claps her hands, but quickly shuts up as Shadow gives her a piercing gaze. Then, the water droplets come. Unable to do anything more, Shadow begins to follow them with his eyes.

Meanwhile, Jade sends the outlines of a light dome above Shadow's head.
If he doesn't notice this, we may be able to win...

20th November 2004, 11:42 AM
Ezikiel growled and raised a hand, after thinking, he realized where exactly he was, he pointed his hand toward Shadow and grinned, to him, Shadow was a figment of Shade's imagination, a dark corner of her mind, a corruption in her soul, and Ezikiel knew just how to fix that. He energised his hand with his energies, his body not feeling even a tickle from the enormose energy flow from his core to his hand.

"You dont deserve death Shadow, but Shade here was kind enough to accidentally make a proper prision for you. You see, in the training I gave her, she created with her powers a seperate dimension, you see, as I trained her, her holy energies pushed out most of the darkness you left, and created that dimension just for you. And, because you are in HER mind, you cant do ANYTHING ABOUT IT!" Ezikiel chuckled smiling.

20th November 2004, 01:54 PM
This was all fine, but Tim knew that this wasn't the right setting for a battle like this. It was too cramped, for one thing. And now that he was facing the flickering lights, he understood just how annoying they were. So, he now decided to change the enviorment. The dim hallway and cells disappeared.

They were replaced by open sky. In the sky were a number of platforms, hexagonal in shape, and seven number. There was a large one in the center, and six smaller ones around it. All of the combatants were on the central hexagon. The sky was blue, and the twin suns (one large and golden, the other smaller and reddish) that made up the twin star system were high in the sky, indicating a time somewhere around noon. Shade was on one of the platforms. For some reason, there were still bards around her platform. Also, "Tim's", "Jade the draikes's", and "Mantis's" remains were still there on another platform.

Tim, too, had changed. His hair, usually black, was red, long, and crackling with energy. His eyes were glowing silver, and there seemed to be a vague aura of energy about him. He called out to Shade.

"Shade! This is YOUR dream! You can control it, do so! It's just a dream!" Tim then spoke to the others (but also Shade, of course).

"Let's finish this battle once and for all!" He leaped at Shadow, blade first, aiming to plunge it through his heart.

20th November 2004, 02:24 PM
Shade rattles the bars but they did not go away. She even kicked them a few times. Shadow laughs at the pathetic Shade. "You do realize," He shouts. "That others are all figments of your imagination, right?" He says smugly. Truly believing it, Shade nods.

"But," She says, a smile coming over her face. "How do you explain the clouds?"

In response, Shadow puts unbreakable shadow bars around Shade. "There." He says satisfactorily. At this time, Ezikiel says his speech. Shadow guffaws. "I am only in Shade's mind because I possess her dreams. I can leave willingly, unlike most of you." Meanwhile, Tim attacks him. In an instant, Shadow erects a shield, and Tim's strike bounces Tim off of it and onto another cloud. "Soon," Shadow continues. "i shall have you all imprisoned."

Jade, in the meantime, triggers everyone's mind. "Shh! Don't say a word about this. We need to launch all of our attacks at him at once."

20th November 2004, 03:17 PM
OoC: What clouds? Do you mean the platforms?

IC: "I understand," Tim said in response. He now started powering up one of his most powerful spells, as he recovered from the shock of the counterattack.

He extended a hand, as though trying to grab one of the suns. A stream of earth energy flowed from his fingertips, streaming toward the larger of the suns. The energy bonded the fire from the sun to itself, and the energy became one large mass of sunfire. The liquid mass of the sun began to roil, darkening from all the energy being taken from it. Tim smiled, pleased with the result of his workings. He created another mass of energy, and did the same to the other sun.

Time for phase two, he thought. Another, much smaller, mass of earth energy appeared above Shadow, a couple dozen feet up in the air. This energy was only slightly out of phase. All it required was the slightest tweaking, and all the energy of the suns would decend upon Shadow.

"Guys! It's about to get REAL hot here," he said privately to his allies. Then he spoke privately with Shade's mother.

"I am ready."

23rd November 2004, 03:33 PM
"Good," Jade signals back. "Okay, on my mark, we shoot our spells." Behind her back, Jade has formed a phobia spell.
The one spell he taught me.

But at the last minute, the sorceress's mother converts the black orb into a white orb and channels her regular sorceress energy into it, forming the highly explosive Light Bomb.

Shade smiles sadly. It is the first time that she has seen such a battle since Mantis and her negotiations went wrong, only her father saved her then.

When the others release their attacks, Jade will do the same. Surely, she knows, one must hit...

OOC: Where'd everyone go?! And about my negotiation quest...ahem.

23rd November 2004, 04:49 PM
Shinriko snarled with frustration as Shadow turned around and deflected his blow with the newly formed blade he had drawn. "Shit!!!!" Shinriko shouted, knocking backwards from the dream world and into the real world... Shinriko's head spazzing out backwards as well; his head throbbing with extreme pain. "DAMMIT!!!" Shinriko cursed with rage. "I can not stay in this state for that long. That means I have to constantly shift in and out..." Shinriko muttered to himself. The demon was not trained enough in the spirit element to develop a more powerful connection to break into the dream world. The pain continued to throb hard in his head... it was like a hard buzzsaw cutting deep into his brain; combined with tiny hot needles piercing into him. It was a increasingly unbearable and unpleasant feeling. "No, Shade needs me,' Shinriko howled, sitting back down in the chair and breaking into the dreamworld again.

The demon sped into the dreamworld slower than before; since his mind was becoming quite fatigues with the third renentry into the world... now appearing on a series of platforms within the sky; along with the others... and a series of readied attacks against Shadow. "Damn...." Shinriko muttered, getting himself into the fray and began charging up a shadowball from the emotions within: the hate, the frustration, the anger, the righteous fury... all fueling the growth of a crackling small orb. Shinriko's eyes glowed bright; signaling the intensity of his fighting spirit and the will to inflict much pain into Shadow. The orb continued to grow, now gathering energies from the samurai's dark aura. This guy is going down into the pits of hell!!!

24th November 2004, 01:24 PM
The other two warrior began to releast their spells, and Tim realized that there was just one thing to do. He focused on the great ball energy in space, which was still gathering fire from the suns. The smaller sun darkened, so that the eye could look at it directly, and the larger sun began to become more like the smaller one. Meanwhile, the ball of energy started glowing brighter then the other two combined. Tim checked the energy, making sure that there were no anomalies. That would ruin the attack. To his horrer, he found one.

"Guys!" he said. "My attack has formed an anomaly, I can't use it!"

At that moment, Dragantha popped back into the dream-world.

"Wait," she said. "I can correct the anomaly."

"Do it," said Tim.

Dragantha focused on the blinding ball of energy, focusing on the attack. After a moment, she turned to Tim and nodded.

"It's a go," she said.

Tim focused on the earth energy immediately above him, shifting the configuration ever so slightly. The energy suddenly became visible as a swirling green vortex. The blinding ball of energy disappeared, and reappeared as a blast of energy coming out of the vortex, aimed at Shadow. When it hit, it woud cause major explosion and a hot gust of wind.

24th November 2004, 09:37 PM
Jade brings her hand to her side, the light bomb showing clearly as she brings it up. But before she can fire, Tim has already fired. Before she fires her own spell, she scowls at Tim. "I told you, on MY mark!" With that, she positions herself like a baseball player and winds up, then throws her ball at super fast speeds. "Everyone else, now!"

Shadow's eyes go wide as he prepares to dodge all the attacks at once. Or, he reasons, he can simply disappear. That is what he is going to do. Live to fight another day. Soon, Shade would be his. It is only a matter of time.

Let's let them use up their attacks, then I flee..but, her friends will need to talk her out of this coma...

25th November 2004, 11:05 AM
"Oops!" Tim cried as his attack fired. "Sorry! It's a very unpredictable attack, I couldn't hold it!"

Shit, he thought. If the moves are ruined, it will all be my fault!

26th November 2004, 09:46 PM
Shinriko (in the real world) kept still in his sitting positioning; something under his eyelids moving back and forth. Shinriko was in the rapid eye movement stage of his dreams. The third eye kept glowing; but now at a paler dim... Shinriko's mind was extremely exhausted from the constant entries and maintaining of his mental self in SHade's dreamworld. Drips of sweat poured down his face... as well as bloody tears from his third eye. (Bloody tears is a normal anomaly for the demon. It is caused by an overexertion of his spirit and mind; particulatly if it involves demon magic that Shinriko is definitely not excelled in.)

However, within the dream world, the demon's situation and health was not as extreme and/or severe. In his hands, his emotions of rage and hate and the overpowered emotion to hurt was ebbing away.... releasing the last of his dark energy into the crackling shadow ball. It loomed onimously and sent out jagged red lightning from its destructive depths. "Everyone else, now!" Shinriko's eyes flared up with black; raising the orb over his head and with a mighty force of his mental and spiritual energy the shadowball towards Shadow. A gasping and dry throat filled the demon; keeping his guard up to make sure the ball detonated even if Shadow dodged it. The shockwave from the explosion would cause a bit of damage. Ugh.... I hope this attack counts...

OoC; a bit tired. a bit short. sry bout this.

26th November 2004, 09:51 PM
Shadow laughs evil and fades away from the view of the others, vanishing into thin air as he cuts the mental connection to Shade.
They are more powerful than I imagined...but I must excel! I WILL KILL SHADE!...I am merely toying around wth them...

Jade laughs bitterly as she sees Shadow disappear, then also disappears from the world, reappearing in the real world next to Shinriko, panting from overexerting herself. She will be there, she knows, for Shade's awakening.

Shade can't exit her coma until everyone else is. And even then, she needs to be talked out of this coma. "But...Tim..." She says. "You're...dead!"

27th November 2004, 04:23 PM
Tim shook his head.

"No," he said. "That was merely a dream. In fact, so is this, technically. Shadow had taken over your mind, but we drove him out. You are . . . were . . . in a coma. Technically, you should be able to awaken now. However, not until I leave." He waved his hand, and a doorway appeared behind him. He turned around and headed for the doorway. Then he turned around to face Shade.

"I will see you in the real world," he said. Then he walked through the doorway, and into the real world.

27th November 2004, 05:18 PM
Hesitating, but want to go after her "Reanimate" husband, Shade bolts through the door...

Shade's eyes jerk open and she looks wildly around, seeing her mother, Tim, Shinriko, and others. She smiles at long last, and shivers a little. "But..." She says, still believing this is still a dream. "You're dead...Tim...aren't you?"

27th November 2004, 05:36 PM
Tim shook his head, and stood up.

"I don't think I'm dead. And if I am, then this is not what I expected of the afterlife. I believe you'll find Mantis in the other room. Mantis!" he called. "We're 'back' from dreamland. Shade is awake." He put some emphisis on the last three words.

27th November 2004, 05:53 PM
Mantis comes running, tears of joy seeping from under her helmet and onto the floor. She hugs Shade like she is her own daughter, then notices Jade, steps aside, and bows. "I'm so glad you're awake!"

Jade blushes, then says, "Don't mind me...I can't stay for long...I need to find Shadow and bring him to justice. Carry on, Mantis! Act as her mother now. I doubt I'll be back anytime soon."

Her legs wobbling, Shade slowly gets out of bed and walks over to her mother, and hugs her for a long time. Then, she goes to Mantis and hugs her as a child would her mother, and then finally goes over to Tim, but not before pinching herself, then smiles hugging him warmly. Her voice weak, she manage, I must have been a pain in the neck to you, eh?"

27th November 2004, 06:09 PM
"of course not," whispered Tim. "why should you have been?" Tim ade as much of a bow gto Jade as he could under the present curcumstances.

"You have a fine daughter, Jade," he said. "I hope you fare well on your journey."

27th November 2004, 06:19 PM
Jade, the draike comes flying into the room and nearly knocks over the other Jade in the process. "Hi!"
"I'm Jade. I've heard I was named after you. Nice to meet you."
"Nice to meet you, too."

The draike's chest swells with pride, if at all possible. "Thank you! Wahoo!"

Jade and Mantis laugh at the draike, then Shade's mother says, "I must go now." With that, she prepares to head for the door.

"Well, I thought I might have been...Mother! Stay!"

Jade's face softens. "Well, okay," She says. "But...I mustn't live with you. You see, if I did, I would risk putting you in danger."

Both Shade and Mantis nod, as does the draike, conveying their understanding. The mother pulls up a chair. "But I will stay now until I am sure Shade is all right." She blushes as Tim "bows" to her. "I say," She says. "There's no need for that."

Shade begins to cry happily into Tim's shoulder. "For a moment, I thought I'd...lost you...

27th November 2004, 06:42 PM
Tim snorted.

"As the British say, not bloody likely!" he said. Then he turned his head to face Jade (the human).

"By the by," he said. He pointed at a katana that lay near the bed. It flew to him, as Tim summoned it using the Force. He tossed it to her. "You might want this, it's my latest experment. The blade is made of magnisium, it catches fire easily. It's mixed with a couple of other metals to make it catch fire even more easily, a directed beam of light should set it aflame."

27th November 2004, 06:55 PM
Shade's mother's eyes grow wide. "What...?!" She exclaims. "I...can't use it...but I'll take it...Shadow can't be harmed by weapons, only spells. But perhaps his minions can be."

Shade looks up quizzically at Tim. What's a British? (OOC: Very cultured, isn't she? :p)

Mantis simply sighs, relieved that all of this is over and sits down on the bed. "Jade," She says suddenly. "I want to go with you."

Jade shakes her head. "No."


"No buts! Shade needs you, more so than she needs me."

"But--but I--"

"No buts! If I run into trouble, I will not hesitate to ask for help."

"Fair enough."

Not knowing what else to do, Mantis goes over to Tim and gives him and Shade a hug. "I'm glad to see the both of you are back and alive."

The draike goes over to Tim and licks his face, then licks Shade's face, prompting a weak smile from the sorceress.

27th November 2004, 07:20 PM
"The British are people from the country of Britain," said Tim. Then he spoke up to Jade (the human).

"Fare thee well, Jade," he said. Then he pointed a finger at her. "If you run into trouble and don't call me. . . ."

27th November 2004, 07:48 PM
Jade frowns. "What will happen if I don't call you?" She asks, as though expecting something will happen to her. She hasn't been in society in a long, long time, so joking tones sound the same to her.

"He's kidding," Shade explains. "And where's Britain?" Poor Shade is very, very confused, having never heard of such a place since she's usually in one place, on her island. (Geographically inclined :p)

Mantis smiles beneath her helmet, simply glad to have her "daughter" back again.

Jade, the draike, chirps happily and flies in happy circles around the room, occasionally smacking into walls. But all is good, a definite feeling of calmness throughout, and relief, and happiness too.

28th November 2004, 04:46 PM
"Never mind," whispered Tim. He walked over to a cupboard, opened it, and pulled out a small bottle of wine.

"Won't you stay long enough for a drink?" he asked Jade.

29th November 2004, 08:21 PM
OOC; wow. i missed alot.

As soon as Shinriko had launched his shadowball; the last of his mental energy had faded away from him; his body breaking apart piece by piece... starting from his fingertips and his boots; spreading like wildfire up his legs and arms; then eating away at his body. His crimson eyes faded away; clouding his vision of the dream world and reawakening in the real world. His bloody eyes opening to see Shade alive and well, in loving embrace with her family. Shinriko simply smiled, wiping the blood and to his surprise what looked at tears. He quickly disposed of this sign and weakly smiled, "Glad to have you back....." Just barely, finishing his sentence and dozing off in complete exhuastion. A light breathing come from his slumber; his third eye closing as well... with a relaxed look on his face and the others talked away in the real world.

29th November 2004, 08:30 PM
Jade smiles and nods to Tim. "But of course," She says. "Since Shadow is quite a ways from here, I can have time for my family."

Shade realizes she hasn't made proper introductions. "Mother," She says, pointing to Tim first. "This is Tim , my husband. Tim, Jade, Jade, Tim." She then points to Shinriko. "This is Shinriko, one of my close friends. Shinriko, Jade, Jade, Shinriko." Then, she points to Ezikiel (as he comes out of her mind.) This is Ezikiel, my new father. Ezikiel, Jade, Jade, Ezikiel."

29th November 2004, 09:18 PM
Ezikiel slips out, his clothing changing to a pure white tint and his eyes a sky blue, he smiles brightly and bows, tipping his white top hat to Jade.

"Im sorry we were introduced in such dire sercumstances, but Im sure we will be able to get better introduced some other time. I am Ezikiel Khaid Zhar." Ezikiel said, extending a gloved hand, his long white hair going right down to his hips he grinned a white toothed grin and smiled brightly.

"Otherwise, it is wonderful meeting you, And I have plenty of time to talk, so, how are you this fine day? He said, a soothing white grin spreading across his face and a calming aura passing from his eyes and radiating about the room.

Paradise Wandering
2nd December 2004, 09:39 PM
Arg. I am soo slow to post... The only way I know how to do this, and make up for it all, will probably be my strangest post to date. Gonna try a little FPRPing...

I heard a voice, a voice like Shade's only, seemingly angelic. It was shouting, for all to unleash an attack on her cue. Tim's was early, mine was late. But it mattered not. At once I called upon the water moisture in the air around me, I beckoned it, and it immeadiatly heeded to call of it's master. The obediance of the water was apparent, by the way it obeyed instantly whatever I commanded. I began another chant, a faster one than before. This was a mantra, by far my most powerful spell, and would do unimaginable damage.

"Set'seo, Kalachia, Me'ytsalata... Ometago..."

"Set'seo, Kalachia, Me'ytsalata... Ometago."

"Set'seo, Kalachia, Me'ytsalata... Ometago!"

Never before had I used that attack. I learned it many years before and was told that it was far too powerful to use; that only one so powerful as a god could control its raw power. I knew that I would likely perish, but Shade was one of my closest friends, and it was definately worth it to save her. I was ready to forfiet my own life for the lives of the others. Along with my beckon of Water energy, I summoned Darkness. I already knew the potential of water and dark working as combination spell, from several other magery techniques of mine. And I well knew what this spell was capable of. This was capable of summoning an apocalypse, but also of creating new life. This spell could go in either direction, good, or evil. I had but once choice to make:

Submit my own life for the lives of my loved ones, or try another spell that would allow me to live? I have no idea what went through my head at that moment, and what was the logic in becoming a kamakaze, a living bomb; but right now it mattered not. I had already began the creation of this spell, so I went through with it. I decided to make a last ditch try to contact Umbra, who was patiently awaiting me in the real world. With little effort, I opened a cerebral gateway between Umbra and myself.

"Umbra," I said, "You cannot speak English, nor can you communicate with humans, but I know that Jade (the draike) can somehow understand you. I need you to tell her to let Mantis know that I love her more than anything, and that Shadow did not kill me. Let her know that I did this of my own accord, and was willing to do it for Shade. Tell her that one day, I will meet her again, and that we will be together."

With this, I cut the connection, something that I rarely remembered to do, and continued my final spell. The darkness had finally gathered, and the water moisture was awaiting my command. I forced the water moisture to corm Ice clones of myself, that looked like me, and moved like me, that were by all means, me. Except for he little fact that they were made of ice. I now infused darkness, enough to give them minds, and skin. Dark skin. Pitch black, flesh of darkness.

My ultimate spell was nearly complete. Soon, Shadow would feel the everlasting effects of The Obsidian Diamond. Now for the final phase of the most powerful attack known to Lin'Hou. An attack no one had ever mastered. The last time this attack was used, it triggered a worldwide ice age. And now it was to be used within the cluttered confines of an innocent girl's mind.

Zach couldn't feel it, but during this, his eyes once again shifted to that vacant blue, a commanding, lightning like electric blue. The blue of stars, like tiny, twin auroras on the mage's face. Each of the ice clones, of which there were now fourteen, circled around Zach. The boy was totally oblivious to all that went on around him.

My spell was working. My clones had by now formed a circle around my body. Each one held out both it's arms in front if itself, and between it's two arms formed a ball of blackness. Not blackness as in normal, literal black, but as in utter absence of all light. Not even the brightest of lights could escape it's eerie, hellish vortex. It seemed as though each of the balls, now fourteen, each one in the hands of a clone, was a portal to another dimension, like, nothing existed. Like they were orbs made out of nothing but void blackness. Empty space in between the hands of the ice clones.

Now each clone finished their task. Each and every one of them fire their Apocalypse Globes into the air above my head. The fourteen spheres collided above me making an enormous explosion. I knew what I had to do. My time to turn back had expired, and it was time for this to end. I bent my legs, and sprang into the explosion, my body absorbed the full force of the attack, but I kept going. I dove right through the nova of darkness, ending up directly above Shadow. The full force of the explosion was contained within my body. At the last second, as I began to fall toward Shade's evil father, I froze my body. I allowed my icy side to take over, freezing me solid.

If one were to watch the mage during this, they would see his skin take on a light, icy blue tinge, and see his flesh frost up. Tiny beads of ice formed on his face at first, then began to spread throughout his figure. Within a split second, his body was nothing but an ice cube. This added weight cause his fall to speed up rapidly. Moments later, he contacted the evil mage. He had killed him, he was sure if it! The ice shattered instantly, followed by the explosion of the darkness within. There was no way that Shadow could take the strength of an attack such as this and still live. Zach’s final thoughts before his death, were to his ice clones.

”My clones. I want you to concentrate all of your firepower into the center of this explosion. He will not be able to stand the power.”

At once, all of my minions did so, sending their most powerful attacks into the shockwave.


I had died. I sacrificed my own spirit for Shade to live. I was somewhere, not in the world. There was a strange feeling, like, I was in heaven. I began to think of all the things I had missed. I had never seen Mantis’s face, nor had I bidden farewell to my clanmates and friends. I was sitting there, upon a puffy cloud, wallowing in self-pity.

At once, I heard a voice. I recognized it, but was unable to match it to a face. It was as if I had heard it before, but long since forgotten its owner. I whirled around, my eyes instantly falling upon the muscular form of my father, Ben Neron.

“Father!!” I cried, “You’re alive!!”

Ben: “No,” He responded. “You are dead.”

“I beat Shadow! My friends can live in peace now, Father!!”

Ben: “That is just like you, my son. Always assuming yourself the victor.”

“What? You mean-“

Ben: “Yes.” He cut me off, “Your death was in vain. He is not dead. He was able to somehow escape just prior to the completion of your spell.”

“But… NO!!!!!!! I died for no reason! And because of my stupidity, I will never see Mantis again!!!”

Newcomer: “Yes you will, my beautiful son.”

Another voice entered, from somewhere nearby. It was sweet, and serene kindness emanated from it’s peaceful tone.

Zach: “Mother!”

Newcomer: “Yes, it is I.”

Sure enough, my mother, Sophitia Neron was standing before me, next to my father.

Sophitia: “My son, you are not yet ready to join us here. Your time with your friends is unfinished. We must send you back.”

My mother and my father then turned toward each other, and locked eyes. Both pairs of eyes, Ben’s and Sophitia’s glowed a blindingly bright white, and my body began to fade.

Sophitia: ”Farewell, my son. We will meet in real life soon.”

Ben: “Good by, Zach.”

”B-but!” I stuttered, I had so many things to ask them, and our reunion was so brief. But I knew that it was time for me to return to my friends. My parents stared at me and waved calmly, kindly as I faded away.


My now-lifeless body in real life began to breathe again, my cold fingers twitched, and I sat up. My back hurt a lot, but I coped with it and walked into the other room. I saw, instantly recognizing a woman as Jade, Shade’s powerful mother.

I ran quickly over to her, and bowed deeply, expressing my gratitude toward her for her help against the man, who was still not dead.

“Ma’am,” I said, “My name is Prince Zach Neron of Lin’Hou. Water master, and friend of your daughter. It is a magnificent honor to meet the woman who bore this amazing girl.” I said, motioning to Shade.

I smiled at her warmly beaming, just telling myself over and over how good it was to still be alive. And I owed it all of my faithful parents, Ben and Sophitia. My ever-watching parents that I had until now, misconceived to be dead. But they were alive, inside of me.

Zach would be forever grateful to everyone who helped in the attack that day, and to his parents. Who had been watching him from above all along, and were proud of their son’s progress through life. They were also proud that he was in love with a girl so humble and kind as Mantis, and a girl that would love him back forevermore.

There. I know that it was kinda weird as it was done in first person perspective, but it was nearly 10,000 characters long. I hope that it makes up for my inactivity.

2nd December 2004, 10:06 PM
That post was very...touching :)

Shade gasps as she notices Zach's body has been completely rigid this whole time. Mantis, too, notices it and races over to him. Putting an ear to his chest, Mantis can hear the thumping of the heart slowing down until it stops. When it stops, Mantis begins crying hysterically.

Jade, both the driake and the human, race over to her.

"What wrong?"
"Is there anything I can do?

Shade wanders over. "What's wrong?"

"He's dead!" Mantis wails. "Dead! Dead!" She repeats the phrase over and over again, her head on his chest, still hoping for that heartbeat to start once more.

"Dead?! You mean he won't come back?"
Shade shushes Jade, for that might make things worse. "Well," She says. "Everyone has to die eventually."

"That easy for you to say!" MAntis snaps.

Shade begins to cry, too, her "brother" being lost from the living realm never to return. Jade licks Shade in the face, but that fails to solve anything. Her mother goes over to her and hugs her for a long time.

Suddenly, Mantis stops for a moment and hears the heartbeat start again. "What--?" Mantis says. "I--" It is at this point that Zach stands up..

"“Ma’am,” I said, “My name is Prince Zach Neron of Lin’Hou. Water master, and friend of your daughter. It is a magnificent honor to meet the woman who bore this amazing girl.”

JAde, Shade's mother, beams brightly and turns to him, placing an arm upon his shoulder. "And I am honored to be in a Master's presence." She curtsies.

Unable to control herself any longer, Mantis races up to him and give him a big, warm embrace. "I'm so glad you're back!"

Shade goes over to Zach, and she, too, gives him a hug, then races over to her husband and gives him a hug too.

3rd December 2004, 05:34 PM
Suddenly, Tim noticed that something was wrong. He looked over at Dragantha, who had been sitting at the table ever since Shade had woken up.

"Where's Zach?" he asked. It was at that moment that Shade let out a gasp of alarm. They rushed into the bedroom and saw Zach, lying dead on the floor. He quickly knelt down by him, and put two fingers to the water mage's neck. Unable to feel a pulse, he collapsed onto his knees. A couple of shudders ran through his body, then quickly passed. He turned to look at Shade. His eyes betrayed no sadness, just a sad resignation, just defeat.

"I should've known," he muttered. "All those closest to me always die. You would be better off getting as far away from me as possible." Another couple of sobs racked his body, and he buried his face in Shade's shoulder. Why did his friends always have to die? A flash of anger passed over his face. He turned around and started walking toward a table. His walk turned into a jog, then a run. He let out a cry of pain and rage, and smashed the table (a glass table) into many tiny pieces with one blow. It was a moment after that that Zach came back to life, and Shade hugged him. Tim, startled, put an arm around Shade and tried to be stern with Zach.

"What's the meaning of dying like that and worrying us half to death?" he demanded. But his eyes betrayed his true emotions, which were relief and joy that Zach was still alive.

3rd December 2004, 06:14 PM
Shade gasps at first with what Tim says about her staying as far away from him as possible. Instead, she buries her face into Tim's, but what startles her is his emotion. She can feel the wrath building up inside, so much so, that she breaks the hug, and hides behind a chair. Once Tim finishes is ranting, that is when they hug (After Zach came to life again) . She smiles as Tim drapes an arm over her neck, and she pulls him close to her.

Jade, the draike, flies out of the room, waits for the glass to shatter, then comes flying back in landing on Shade's shoulder and licking her repeatedly. Shade giggles, as this is after Zach came back to life, and lovingly strokes her draike.

Jade, Shade's mother, falls right to the floor, some glass shards being embedded in her head. Blood oozes all over the place, but she focuses on a happy thought, the thought of Zach coming back to life, and is able to heal herself with no problem and beams brightly.

Mantis nearly screams in fright, but she doesn't have time to do that as she dodges behind a couch. As soon as the shrapenel settles, she peaks her head up and is relieved. She walks over to Zach and gives him a deep embrace.

In the meantime, Shade smiles. "My love," She says. "I am just glad that you are here."

There is an awkward silence between the 4, not wanting to comment on Tim's shattering the glass table.

3rd December 2004, 06:25 PM
Tim examined his hand. It was loody, and had several shards of glass stuck in it.

"I really need to learn not to do that," he sighed. He started picking the shards out. Soon enough, he had picked out all the glass. He focused on the power he normally used to transform his shape, and morphed the wounds closed, not even leaving a scar. Then he noticed the awkward silence, and cleared his throat.

"*Ahem.* Well," he said, trying to change the mood. "We saved Shade, found out her mother was still alive, Zach nearly died but didn't. . . . Anyone wanna go get some pizza?"

5th December 2004, 08:22 PM
Shade and Mantis look at each other, then Jade looks to Shade and Mantis. For a moment all is silent, then Jade smiles. "I'd love to." She says.

Shade grins. "As would I. Only, what is pizza?"

Mantis nods. "Yeah, what is pizza?"

6th December 2004, 05:59 AM
"Well, you see," said Tim, "it's a circle of bread, with any number of toppings on it. My favourite toppings are tomato sauce, cheese, chicken, mushrooms, artichokes, garlic, and onions. But you can get whatever toppings you like. Or you could just . . . you know . . . get something else if you wanted."

OoC: Me smell immenent dropoff point.