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11th November 2004, 08:14 AM
OOC: Those with a good alignment may join this quest but... your character may not enjoy the aspect of the way my character... works...

IC: I must find him, thought Argon, wiping a bit of sweat from his forehead with his hand. His plain features were barely visible, even if he did remove his black cloak they would still be hard to see. His small five and a half foot frame moved quickly to get out of the rainy night. He tripped and fell on a crack in the rocky road in the small town, scrapping his face painfully across one of the sharper rocks. Cursing, the small man moved up, his pride hurt more then his face. Injured, tired, hungry, and cold, he moved slowly down the path, keen to find his target. Argon was so concentrated that he crashed headfirst into a pedestrian. Argon fell to the ground again, this time rising angrily.

"I'm... so sorry, here let me..." before the unwitting man could fully apologize, Argon acted like lightning. Drawing his steel sword with great quickness, he plunged it straight into the man's heart, instantly killing him. He then quickly withdrew the sword, sheathed it, and searched the man for valuables.

"Poor guy doesn't have a single coin on him," muttered Argon, dragging the large frame onto the side of the street. He proceeded quickly, keen to get out of the area before the guards found out what had happened. He looked side to side on the street, desperate to find a safe hiding place. A lantern, better put that out, the murderer thought, moving swiftly towards the light. For a few seconds his face was visible. His skin was a dark, purple hue, like a dark elf's skin. His bright yellow eyes matched in colour with his teeth. The blood had come down from his forehead to his nose, and threatened to obscure his sight. Argon quickly withdrew a silk cloth from his pocket and wiped his face clean.

"Oh my... What happened?!"

"Is he dead?"

"Look, he's been dragged here!" Cursing, Argon took his water flask and poured a little bit of water into the lamp. Instantly out. Putting it down onto the street, he began to walk quickly away from the scene, eager to discontinue his venture in the area. Looking over his shoulder, he clearly saw four men and one women rousing attention to the dead man. Damn those pitiful human's curiosity, thought Argon, stomping the ground hard. He began a slow jog, before...

"Hey you! Come here," Damn. They found me. Maybe I'll just pretend I didn't hear... The murderer kept up his slow jog until he heard footsteps coming closer to him. He began to jog faster, eager to get out of the scene. He rounded a corner, hiding behind a crate of vegetables.

"I'm talking to you! HEY! GET OVER... here?" The man stopped, dumbfounded. Where is he? He must be here somewhere, I... He fell to the ground, arrow prodding from the side of his head. Argon quickly pulling the arrow out of the unsuspecting man's head and placing it into his quiver. He began to search the man. Suddenly, he froze. Was this his target? Quickly, he rolled the man onto his back, staring hard at his face.

"Yes, this is him," muttered Argon, clapping his hands together gleefully.

"John! Hey John! Jonathan Brenshaw how dare you leave us here like that! JOHN!" Stupid humans, they'll never learn, thought the murderer. Quickly, he withdrew his steel sword and began to sever the man's head off. Come on, come on,


Almost... there...


Just a bit further...



"What have you done to John you vile, ev..." Argon brandished his steel sword. The man froze.

"Run. Come on, I dare you," Argon grinned maliciously, poising the blade to ready for the throw.

"No. I won't. This can't be," cried the man, looking at John's headless body. "You will pay. YOU WILL P..." Shink! Thud!

"Stupid humans, showing their emotions will be their downfall someday, I guarantee it," muttered Argon, withdrawing his sword from the chest of the man. The man gasped with pain. The murderer, with three kills now, froze.

"Still alive, eh? Alive, but badly wounded. Still, dead men tell no tales, as the old saying goes. Goodbye, dead man," Argon placed his foot on the man's throat, leaning closely with his steel sword. He slit the throat, and blood began to spill everywhere. He claims his prize and begins to leave, until he hears something...

11th November 2004, 10:11 AM
Isaac, as he's walking along the side of the road, sees a man suddenly kill a pedestrean. As he sees the man jogging away, he sprints ahead. He dodges around a building in an attempt to circle. As he does this, two guards appear. ISaac sees them quickly enough, jumps, twists a guards neck, then before he even hits the ground, he draws hs daggers and stabs him twice in the neck. The other guard shouts for reinforcements, and swings his sword. The blow glances off ISaac's armor and hits his arm, barely. Isaac, cursing, purposly slams the other guards sword. His blood-steel broadsword starts to turn red from it's power. Then he lights his sword using his fiery powers, and slashes at the guard. His sword hits, then he realeases the flame energy. He makes a long gash in the gaurds chest, then watches as he yells in pain from the fire. Isaac doesn't take time to pickpocket them, and runs, again trying to continue his circle. He sees the othere guards coming about half a mile away. He had not had a very good past with guards, and from this, there was at least 50. Though this did not matter, for he knew that there were many gaurds on the other side of town, and from the yelling of the people, would be coming. Finaly ISaac rounded the last corner, and ran up behind the murderer. He saw that the murderer had seen him, so he drew his dagger and put it around the murderer's neck, "I do not wish to kill you, stranger, but I will not let a fellow dark ((I'm evil and seocndary is dark)) be caught by guards. There are at least a hundred coming, with snipers. I could slay those easily, but not when I'm surrounded on all sides and getting shot by enemies. We must run the way you came, quickly." Isaac says quickly

11th November 2004, 11:17 AM
Um, my character IS an assassin by profession, so does that mean I can join? If so, PM me and I'll edit in some IC stuff, otherwise, I'll delete this post.

13th November 2004, 03:34 AM
G3-19, HAV-7 Series Robotic Warfare, was patrolling the city streets. Strangely enough his sensors had indicated primitive forms of hostility between a few members of the city's populace. The unit now had two possible choices to choose from, as provided by his main computing unit. Ignore his intelligence and not become a part of the matter.
Enforce Cirus laws upon these delinquents.Since G3-19 had been freed from Cirus' main network systems he had a free will of his own, and had gradually developed a personality on somewhat of a level. In a few fractions of a second G3-19 had chosen to enforce the Cirus laws upon these convicts.

With a quick blast from the rocket boosters located on his back, G3-19 propelled through the air at astonishing speeds and soon caught up with the two lifeforms who seemed to be in league with each other for the crimes.

"Halt you are under arrest for violating the perpetuation code of biological beings. Surrender your primitive weaponry or face instant death as a result," spoke aloud G3-19 in a rather emotionless voice.

Then the sensors on G3-19 hit critical danger and his attention was brought to the cohort of city law enforcers; G3-19's tactical systems already knew these contemptuous people would attempt to terminate him, and he needed to react. Turning around and at the same time grabbing his blaster rifle from his shoulder G3-19 took aim and instantly killed twenty-one law enforcers at once. Unsurprisingly the instantaneous death of twenty-one law enforcers set the cohort in turmoil and G3-19 easily picked off the last of them one by one with his blaster rifle. By the time all this had passed it had only been a less than a minute since he last spoke to the two convicts, and he turned back to them at once.

"You are sentenced to thirty years in Cirus prison holdings until you exceed your lifespan, get a pardon from the high court, or serve your thirty years. You must accept or be terminated. Decision must be finished in twenty seconds. Twenty seconds before termination... nineteen seconds before termination..." again in a voice full of not feeling, it was obvious G3-19 was using protocol and now the only chances of his future captives was to convince him not to go by protocol.