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D Stortion
9th November 2004, 08:38 AM
A bird was soaring in the heavens. It slowly circled far above the treetops with inflapping wings outstretched to catch the thermal updrifts. The green canopy below hid all sorts of food from the bird, and the bird knew this. It's two beady eyes scanned the breaks in the trees. It's ears listened intently to the screeching of the monkeys, birds, and other edible creatures.

Movement! Instantly, the birds wings folded around the body, and the mass fell to the earth in vertical dive. The bird plummeted towards the spot where it had sensed movement. And now it could see its prey. A small, brightly colored bird flitted between shade and sun, briefly disappearing before reappering from beneath a large green leaf. The hunter hugged his wings tightly to himself, hurtling on to the death of the parrot. Ten feet above the prey, the wings popped open, and the strain nearly popped the wings out. But the hunter held on, and slammed into the back of it's prey with such a force that its body was shattered instantly.

As the parrot's broken body fell to the jungle floor, the hawk perched on a limb and looked down at its prey. Another hunter looked at its prey, and waited. The bird examined its dead enemy with cold, blank eyes. Then, it simply spread its wings and took off, back up to the heavens.

Arkanum stared up at the hawk in disbelief. Why would a hunter leave its prey untouched? Why would the hunter not eat his prey? And Arkanum knew that this was a sign. He knew that blood would be spilled this day, and there would be no eating of the prey. For the prey would be human, and the blood would be his own.

10th November 2004, 08:11 AM
Many years has passed since Kenzo had fought. Now he lives alone inside the deep jungle. Losing his humanity inside him for a very long time. He has adapted to skills in the jungle and learned hunting tricks by animals.

Kenzo has wandered deep into the forest now. He was in deep trouble as he cannot find a way out.

"dammit. how in heavens name am i going to return to my hut? " Kenzo whispered to himself quietly. As he continued to find his way out, he heard a rustling sound nearby the bushes.

animal, I heard no human was to set foot here!

Kenzo fired 2 flame bolts from his glove shooter and jumped high onto a tree.

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D Stortion
12th November 2004, 06:32 AM
The two flaming arrows flew through the bush across the clearing from Arkanum, lighting several leaves in their wakes. The little flames danced and jumped from leaf to leaf, slowly spreading through the bush, attempting to consume the entire thing.

The omen has come true. This is my prey. And I shall hunt him.

Arkanum watched in disgust as the man jumped up into a tree. Arkanum moved as slowly as he could, picking his bow up from the ground and putting nock to string. He followed his prey with his eyes, waiting for a mistake that would allow a good shot, or until he was spotted.

12th November 2004, 09:21 AM

Kenzo saw the man with leafs concealing him. He knew that that this stranger would probably have saw him. His vengeful red eyes concentrated on the man, looking for a weak spot. As he saw the cross bow aimed at him already, he knew that there's no more time for deciding. He jumped to another tree with agility and attacked the stranger from behind with his katana.

D Stortion
15th November 2004, 09:12 AM
o.o.c. Yeah, uh, I don't have a crossbow... And sorry for being a bit inactive, I'll try to participate more often. Also, instead of just saying that you attacked me, you should describe the attack in as much depth as you can. It makes it easier to describe how you defend yourself. I had my guy act before yours attacked so you would have a chance to describe how you "attacked" me.

Arkanum watched, with every muscle in his body tense, ready for action. As he watched his opponent's every move, the man stared right where Arkanum was hiding. The two locked eyes for a moment before his foe jumped from his present tree to a new tree, behind Arkanum. Arkanum stood up from his crouched position, revealing his upper torso through the top of the bush. His body and bow followed the flight of the man. Before his enemy landed, Arkanum moved aimed the arrow ahead of his opponent, leading him, and let fly towards above the branch that he calculated his enemy would land on.

15th November 2004, 06:58 PM
Kenzo's Katana stopped halfway, almost hitting the man's head, while the stranger's bow aimed at his head. A cross.

" Who are you, stranger, and what are you doing in my territory? No man has ever entered this area and lived. I suggest you go out peacefully..... "

Kenzo hid hisleft hand behind him, a blue magical orb was in his hand. He was beginning to cast Chain Lightning at the stranger. Now, all he had to do was prepare. If the stranger leaves, it's fine, but if he dosen't it's killing time.

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D Stortion
15th November 2004, 07:05 PM
Arkanum stared back into the eyes of his enemy with disgust. The bow wavered not.

"This land is not yours, nor mine, nor any man's. This land is for all, for none. We may come and go as we please, but we do not have to stay or leave because a man wishes us to. So i suggest that you back off now. This arrow will break you before your sword could move. We can go on in peace, but it is you who have attacked me. And it will be you who is the first to surrender."

And he waited.

15th November 2004, 09:59 PM
" I did not say the whole jungle, but a small part of the lland. The townsfolk usually sends me letters if any person were to set foot here, and i'll guide them. " Kenzo said. Then, he flipped back 4 times and held his palm out, a lightning sparked out and shot at the stranger. hen, as he could with all his speed, he only managed to create a lesser but enough force to withstand an regular arrow's hit Lightning Shield

" My name is Kenzo, one of the old Crusaders who marched and battled the legion of the Undead 18 years ago! If you do not tell me your name i will slaughter you like the undead i've slaughtered before! " Kenzo shouted.

D Stortion
16th November 2004, 08:01 AM
As the lightning chain jumped at him, Arkanum let fly with his arrow and rolled to his side. The bolt fried the bush, instantly withering the entire plant. As he stood up from the roll, Arkanum no longer wielded his bow. That was on his back. It had been replaced by his katana.

"You do not deserve my name. You say this is your land, yet here you are, defiling it." He motioned to the shriveled bush.

"You will not have my name. But you may have the name of my sword; it is Menkhoag, and you will have more words with him then you will with me."

And with that, Arkanum charged at this Old Crusader Kenzo. When he was five feet away, he jumped up, and with both hands swung his katana at his opponnets right shoulder, attempting to slash him from right to left across his midsection.

16th November 2004, 09:36 PM
" Menkhoag, the legendary sword, but the weapon does not do anything, it's the skill that counts! " Kenzo shouted as he leapt onto a tree. Concealing himself.

His shining red eyes watched at the man. He knows that this will be a dangerous fight. Sheathing his katana, he waited patiently, then he will strike. He aimed his Glove arrows at the man, each with a black widow's venom on his tip.

D Stortion
17th November 2004, 04:10 PM
o.o.c. Do you think you could post regular posts, like how you defend something and then you attack? Instead of just leaping off into some trees, which is definitely not a good way of blocking a sword swipe, and "Concealing him." Rping is like writing a book, dude. Make it interesting to read (and grammatically correct, if you can help it.)

Arkanum stared into the trees, a bewildered look in his eyes. He stood, spread his arms wide, holding the sword at shoulder height. He looked sidelong at it, with an eyebrow raised in confusion. He shouted to the trees.

"The legendary sword? The legendary sword?! What makes it so legendary? Do you know anything of it's past? No. It is no legend! It is simply a sword which I crafted and I named, nothing legendary about it. Do not speak of things you do not know, Kenzo. It is foolish to do so."

He scanned the trees with his eyes. After a few quick sweeps, he noticed his enemy, but his eyes continued to rove the trees, pretending that they had not spotted him.

"Come out, Kenzo," he commanded. "And prove to me that you were not just talking about your time served with the 'Crusaders.'"

17th November 2004, 08:38 PM
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This man is crazy.... Why did he named that sword Menkhoag? I remembered one of the undead captains named Menkhoag because he killed my family....

Seeing that his opponent was looking at the wrong tree, but he knew this trick. ' When your opponent has located you, he will pretend to see another tree and leave a weak spot for the you. '

Kenzo's glove already had three arrows ready to shoot, but he had a more interesting idea. His started to use Cloning Chakra, a move that only some high-ranked Crusaders will learn. Kenzo than had a clone of himself. His clone leapt onto a diffrent tree. The 2 of them now had identical appearances, even the eyes glowed.

The Black Widow's venom will only stun him for a while, but an overdose of 4 will kill him.