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6th November 2004, 06:44 PM

This quest is about an Orken Empire named the Gah`Ytel Empire. There are five castles, each containing elemental orbs made to destroy the world. You are a brave adventurer in the land of Prydain, on the opposite of the Juyt River from the Gah`Ytel Empire. You must venture to Gah`Ytel, and destroy the orbs. The price of this quest will be high and will make all characters make large sacrifices. Though think not that this is worthless. If you save the world, you will possess elemental orbs. Although you will not be able to use them to their fullest extent they could improve damage of that element well. You might also find new friends, armor, weapons, and other riches.

Quest System:
When it is you're turn. You may move, pick up, examine, or anything else you need to do. You get a turn every two posts that are not yours. So if you post, you'll need two other people to post before you can post again. You may always post right after my posts, even if you have not waited.
You post
Person1 posts
Person2 posts
You can post again, or

You post,
I post,
Everyone can post again.

You cannot do extreme feats. Even if your charatcer is god, you cannot hump twenty feet, take out an army with a few spells, then jump off and swim across the Juyt River.

Those are basicly the only rules of this quest.

Battle System
When we encounter a battle, I will post like this. (Rat can be anything, like an ogre, a spider, etc. I would list specificly what the thing is if we were really fighting though. But for simplicity, I'll use rat here)

Giant Rat #1 (I'll put level here)
Hp: 50/50
Attack?: Yes (Yes is for normal, Yes-Spell is for spell. Spells take Mp)
Target (If attacks, I will not put this if it does not attack): Keiray
Hit: (Again this is only if the monster attacks. There can be misses, hits, counters, blocks, and critical. Miss means you don't hit. Hits mean you do normal damage. Counter means you hit for normal damage, but the target gets a free attack that does not hinder anything. Blocks is a normal attack but it does 0.5 as much damage. Critical means you really got the enemy, critical can make you're attack do as much from 2 to 5 times as much damage. I'll use 'hit' for simplicity, which is represented as 'Yes') Yes
Damage: 16 Hp (This means the rat attacks for 16, it might also say poison etc. I'll explain that later)

Few quick things. The better you rp, the more likely you are to get a critical, and the more damage. When you get attacked, you must rp the damage. If I put hit, and you say it misses, you take 20 damage. The better you rp damage will improve chances of enemies attacking and getting, "Blocks" and "Counters" from you. IF you rp poorly, then you will do less damage, and have more chance to miss or be countered or blocked.

Now, I'll do a practice battle.

Giant Rat #1 Level: 1
Hp 50/50
Mp 5/5
Attack?: Yes-Spell
Target: Keiray Juyt
Hit: Yes
Damage: Spell: Poison Fang! (2 Mp) 4 Hp. Poison misses.

Keiray tries to strike the vicious rat, but is bit before he strike lands. He is bitten by the rat, and almost poisoned, but she manages to resist it. He hits the rat with the hilt of her sword knocking him down to the hard earth, where she kicked him lightly, revealing his stomach. He drives her sword towards the rat.
(Notice I did not but drives her sword INTO the rat, because that would be closed. If you do that, you miss, and take 20 damage.)

Keiray Level: 3
Hp 300/300
Mp 200/200
Attack?: Yes
Target: Giant Rat #1
Hit: Critical (The rping was short, but sweet, explaining the situation)
Damage: 20 (x3) = 60 Hp

Rat, Destroyed.

Here you would receive EXP points, that will eb explained later.
(Note- Here, I will explain miss and stuff as if YOU did them.)

Rp well to do better attacks.

Critical: Attack that can cause anywhere from 2 to 5 times as much as the normal attack. (Is increased by good rping on your attacks)

Hit: Normal attack. Criticals and Hits are improved by strength and good rping.

Block: An action that makes the target take less damage. (You block more if you rp damage well, you get blocked if you rp poorly, you'll block enemy attacks more with higher defense.)

Miss: An attack that completely miss. (You will miss more if you rp damage badly, if you rp damage well, enemies will hit you less. You will be missed more with higher speed and reflex.

Poison: Stat afflicted by enemies. Slowly chips at health for five turns, or until you use Antidote.

Paralysis: Stat afflicted by enemies. You're speed is greatly decreased and it's hard to move. Continues for 7 turns, unless you give up two turns to exercise.

Darkness: You cannot see for 5 turns unless you have glasses.

EXP System

You can get to level 20 max.

When you start, you have 100 Hp, 100 Mp, Level 1, 10 Reflex, 10 Speed, 10 Defence, and 10 strength.

(Note- Some things require high amounts of reflex, speed, defence, or strength.)

To gain a level, you need EXP. You get EXP from enemies. Look at the chart below.
Level one is 100, 4 is 1,000, 8 is 10,000, 12 is 50,000, 16 is 100,000, 20 is 250,000.

Level 1| Level at 100 exp (Sends you to level 2)
Level 2| Level at 200 exp (Sends you to level 3, etc.)
Level 3| Level at 450 exp
Level 4| Level at 1000 exp
Level 5| Level at 1800 exp
Level 6| Level at 3200 exp
Level 7| Level at 6000 exp
Level 8| Level at 10,000 exp
Level 9| Level at 15,500 exp
Level 10|Level at 20,800 exp
Level 11|Level at 27,500 exp
Level 12|Level at 50,000 exp
Level 13|Level at 60,000 exp
Level 14|Level at 75,000 exp
Level 15|Level at 85,000 exp
Level 16|Level at 100,000exp
Level 17|Level at 120,000exp
Level 18|Level at 155,000exp
Level 19|Level at 160,oooexp
Level 20|Level at 250,000exp

This scale is not balanced. You may need 50,000 to the next, then only 5,000 after that.

Levels in green give you 20 skill points, 10 Hp, 10 Mp, and 5 Upgrade points.

Levels in red give you 25 skill points, 20 Hp, 20 Mp, and 10 Upgrade points.

Levels in yellow give you 30 skill points, 30 Hp, 30 Mp, and 15 Upgrade points.

Levels in blue give you 40 skill points, 50 Hp, 60 Mp, and 25 Upgrade points.

Levels in Rainbow give you 50 Skill points, 60 Hp, 70 Mp, and 40 Upgrade points.

Skill Points: Points that you can split up on Reflex, strength, defence, and speed.

Hp, Health Points
Mp, Mana Power

Upgrade Points: Can add 5 or multiples of 5 to Mp or Hp. So if you had 15, you couldn't add 7 to Hp and 8 to Mp, but you could give 5 to Hp, and 10 to Mp.

Every point except Hp, and Mp, can be saved. For the cost of one Skill point, you can ask what the next large battle will need, then after doing that you can add upgrade and skill points to you're various stats.

Strength: Raises the amount of damage you do, and lets you lift heavier things out of battle.

Defence: Lets you withstand strong blasts or damage out of battle, as well as makes the rate you block at higher.

Relfex: Allows quick reflexes, and thinking. In battle causes enemies to miss you more.

Speed: Increases the rate at which you run, and move. (Example. You're moving and then you see a pit, with your high reflexes, you notice it quickly, but if you don't have speed, you could not jump or stop very easily) In battle increases the rate at which enemies miss you.

From now you, you must choose a color, all your posts must be in that color. (This is just for fun.) MY color is Indigo

Also R= Reflex, St= Strength, Sp=Speed, and D= Defence.

Current Questers.

Isaac Bloodth
Race: Elven Vampire
Hp: 100/100
Mp: 100/100
R: 10
St: 10
Sp: 10
D: 10
UP: None (upgrade Points)
Sp: None (Skill Points)
Exp: None
Current Weapon: 18" Double Sided Broadword
Side Weapon: Daggers (x2)
Range Weapon: Elven ShortBow
Current Spell: Fire Ball (Spells improve with levels)
Chest Armor: Elven Leather
Arm Armor: Elven Leather
Helmet: Green hat
Leg Armor: Elven Leather
Hands: Cloth Guanlets
Boots: Leather Boots
Shield: Wooden
Back: Green Cape
Pets/ Companions: None (They can attack once per turn, but they can only attack if they are from this quest. A little ways inwards, pets you already have can join and fight, but if you have them now, they are only pets and companions)

I'll post your stats once you gimme some feed back
Starting Weapons you can choose:
18" Double Sided Broadsword
5 Foot Iron Staff
12" in diameter, circle battle axe
Metal Knuckles
(If you have a weapon that is not here that you wish to start with, pm me, but it has to be only slightly good)

Side Weapons:
Short Sword
Daggers (x2)
Small Wrist Blades

Ranged Weapons:
Two spells for current
Throwing Knives
??? Shortbow (Of you're race)
(Pistols can be obtained later)

Current Spell: ??? Ball (Of you're element. If you have two spells for you're ranged then you get ??? Beam, which is the spell after ??? Ball)

Chest Armor:
??? Leather (Of you're race)
Iron Plate
??? Robe (Can be sorta like cloaks, the ??? is the color of it)

Arm Armor:
Plate arms
Robe arms

??? Hat (??? is color)
Weak Helmet

Plate Legs

Cloth Guanlets
Cloth Gloves

Leather Boots
Weak Metal Boots

Weak Iron

??? Cape (Select a color)

Note- All Iron and metal and plate armor, decreases your speed by 2. So if you are wearing full, you could have basicly no speed at first.

Negative S
6th November 2004, 10:41 PM
OCC: Maybe this one will prove to be more fruitful than my last

Lokey walked into the tavern. He was looking for a job. Lokey had been without food and a good place to sleep for many weeks. He had been sustaining life through meditation and prayer to the gods. He had to find something to eat for his traveling companion, the firecat Kaytara, was beggining to wear away.

"Wait here girl maybe I can scrounge up some scraps here....wait a sec what is this."

Help needed to destroy the Gah`Ytel Empire!
Equipment found, gold, and more, I'll discuss this is you meet me.
Meet: Behind the vines at 1 hour of the new day, Ke'hal. You'll see me. Or I'll see you.

"Salvation....this is exactly what I need now to get to the meeting place"

He burst back out the door whistling for Kaytara to follow. With the moon shining bright above, his cloak billowing behind him, the hood masking his face, and the soft glow of Kaytaras eyes to guide the way they looked like demons burst from hell on a mission where failure was not an option. After 45 of running Lokey arrived at them meeting place. He collapsed on the ground hoping he would not die from the many ailments he surley endured.

"Maybe I can truley rest now....and if I wake up....somone can help me."

6th November 2004, 11:45 PM
ooc: hehe, hopefully it will gvie me somethign to do O.O! My masters are like never on. I think Callan is really moving to Canada...

Ic: From his place in the vines Isaac Bloodth waits. He contemplates what he, and if he gets one, his band will do at the empire.

It had been three years since the Gah`Ytel had killed his mother, and he had found out of their sinister plan for the world, and universes beyond this one.

Suddenly two characters came into view running towards him, he guessed, considering this place was banned, but soon he noticed it was a man and a... cat made of... fire... They collapsed suddenly, and Isaac saw the poor health of the two beings. He barely COULD see the cat. He quickly broke cover, and seemingly melting into the background rushed out to the two people.

"I hope you've come to help me, if not, then I'll still help you." He says quietly. He took out some herbs and water, and made a sticky drink out of them. "Drink this, it will restore some energy to you atleast..." He says out-stretching his arm to the fallen man. "I don't know how to help you're... cat. You'll have to attend to it when you feel better."

OOC: If anyone else wants to join, right now would be best, but you can join up until a point where I will in bold tell you, but that won't be for a while. So if we're visiting a village or soemthing, and you decide to join rp your way in as say a resident of the village?

Btw, this quest will have puzzles, a fight based system, and once we get going, I'll try to give scenic descriptions of our locations.

I'm using this post as the game status post, even though it's the second not first, pm or put a ooc to me to change anything, or to update the ???'s.

Current Questers
Isaac Bloodth- HP 90/120- MP 250/250- Armor: Vampiric Garb- Weapon: Double-edged broadsword (Blood-Steel). Two small daggers. Items:Healing herbs x3(heal 30 hp), 7 days rations for 3 people. (so about 4 days for 4 people and 2 for 5 etc.)- Pet:None

Lokey- HP 130/130- MP 258/260- Armor: Elvish Travelling Armor- Weapon: Magical Forces, Elvish Long Sword- Items: -None-- Pet: Kaytara the Firecat

Zach- Hp 125/125- MP 270/270- Armor:???- Weapon:???- Items:???- Pets: Lotus tEh Horsey, and a wolf, named Umbra. (Sry had to do that, I'll correct it later)

StarSlayer- Hp 200/200- MP 120/120- Armor:???- Weapon:???- Items:??? Pets: Ziernast the Draike

Adventurer #1- Hp 100/100- Mp 50/50- Armor:Leather briches and tunic- Weapon: Long Sword- Pets: N/A

Adventurer #2- Hp 120/120- Mp 30/30- Armor: Chainmail- Weapon: Two daggers- Pets: N/A

Adventurer #3- Hp 70/70- Mp 80/80- Armor: Robe Weapon: Weak fire and water magic- Pets: N/A

Negative S
7th November 2004, 04:03 PM
Lokey felt a warm and sticky substance flowing down his throat. He swalloed not knowing what it was just knowing that it tasted good. He hadnt tasted anyhting this good for weeks. He looked up to see a man standing over him holding the cup. instantly he felt revitaized and felt as tough he had feast in his stomach.

"Thank you my friend owe you my life. Now I mst attend to my companion."

Lokey stood up and looked at kaytara she was very weak. He put his hands together the thumbs and index finger pointing out and touched the index finger to his forehead. He began to chant a spell and pointed his hands to the woods. When he finished a small orb of mgic leaped from his finger tips and mad a small pop. A few seconds later two large rabbits glowing the color of the magic he had released had appeared in front of him.

"Here my friend this should help you"

Lokey placed the rabbit in front of the cat and she ate it very quickly. Her firey glow returned to her body and eyes. Lokey set the other rabbit down and gathered 8 stones together in a circle he pointed his finger again at the middle of the ring and a small black orb popped from his finger tip. It landed in the middle of the ring and started to produce a black flame. He stuck the rabbit over the flame and not 10 minutes later it was cooked skinned and cleaned.

"I thank you for restoring my health stranger. I am Lokey Malorent. I know I look human now but in the day you will see that I am a dark elf. I am an Elf from the Highest houses of Tier Breche, but that is something I do not wish to go further into. Please sit and eat with me."

Lokey sat down and offered the man some of the rabbit.

"I am looking for the man who posted the job offer back at the tavern in town. I am interested in paticipating in the quest."

Armor: Elvish traveling armor Weapon: magical forces, elvish long sword Items : none Pet: Firecat named Kaytara

7th November 2004, 04:11 PM
"You're welcome for the potion, I am part Elven as well, and recognizes your heritage quickly. I'm glad you and your cat seem to be feeling better, and I am the one that posted the sign in the Tavern." Isaac says standing up and checking his possessions and checking to see if anyone was close. "I have already eaten, we will talk about the matters of the Gah`Ytel later... We'll need more adventures anyways. Eat, I'll be keeping watch for others."

Isaac walks over towards the fountain, and sits on the edge. He sips some water still thinking. He looks overhead and looks at the sky. "Quite a nice night, with the full moon out." Isaac says, looking at all the stars and the moon, the essence that powered him. "I'll quickly explain my plan right now, I'll explain it more in-depth later when there are more of us... The Gah`Ytel are an army of orcs, far away from here, across the sea. We'll haev to get ahold of a ship, either by buying our passage on or stealing one, then cross to the empire. Once there, we'll have to dispose of the 4 brother leaders in surrounding castles, and after that... We'll finaly get to destroy him... The emporer Gah`Ytel!!!" ISaac says sounding quite perturbed. He countinues in his normal voice, "Each of the castles has an elemental orb, when all are down, all protection of Gah`Ytel's castle willl be destroyed, where we can then finish him off, taking the orbs back. However this will not be as easy as it seems..."

ooc/ updated the stat stuff

Paradise Wandering
7th November 2004, 05:15 PM
I am not sure that if this quest is open. I will take the liberty of posting since i did not see any 'invite only' stuff. If i was wrong, and am not allowed to post here, please let me know right away and i will delete this.




Those are the rapid yet light steps of the feet of a trotting mustang making contact with the earth. A jet black mustang, name Lotus to be exact. The drunken villagers that were brawling and arguing in the center of the town looked up at the sounds, for someone rich enough to own a horse like this one was a very rare sight in these parts. The hoofsteps slowed, and eventually came to a halt, followed by a loud whinnie as the regal steed's speed decended. Howling was also heard, accompanying the neighing horse in an almost-harmony.

As the Lotus trotted into the very center of the village, the figure atop the beast, wearing an indigo blue cloak, that had a slight magical sparkle to it hopped off. He wore a deep blue hood, and his face was hidden by it. It almost seemed like there was a void where the face would be, all exept for those eyes. Those electric blue phantasms, almost starlike in their celestial glow.

He ominously loomed in the moonlight, for it was near-nighttime now, and getting darker. The town only lit by torches, and of course the stars themselves. By now several drunks had grown suspicious of the figure's origin, and why he was interupting their bout. The howling that had been heard earlier, had originated from a wolf, black as night. So named Umbra.

The wolf howled nervously, and the howling was soon joined by more uncertain whinnying from Lotus.

"Umbra! Lotus! Calm down. I agree, this is indeed a strange town, but the villagers know not yet who we are." Almost as if in responce to this, two of the villagers who had been fighting hobbled up.

Drunk 1 ~ "Who'er ya? And what'er ya doin interuptin' our little fight here?"

The cloaked figure's blue eyes darted from person to person, resting on each for about a second, and then moving to the next. A few of the less sober villagers tried to follow his ethereal gaze, with their whiskey-filled bodys in stead of their eyes. And, with their sense of ballance in a weakened state due to all of the booze, fell to the hard earth, landing with a slight yelp as the contacted the ground.

The more sober ones, who had been brawling, closed in as they did not like interuptions, especially from non-townsfolk.

Drunk 2 ~ "You better be tellin us purty dern soon who yall are, or we gonna have ta teach ya a lesson you wont soon be fergettin'!"

The man reached for his hood with baggy sleeved hands, and drew it back, revealing his face. The drunks present gasped at the sight, instantly apologizing for not recongizing the boy.

Drunk 1 ~ "AH! We'er sorry your majesty. We knew not yer identity!! PLease, tell us what ever you need! Ad we would be happy to give it to ya!"

"That is ok. You did not know. Now it has been quite some time since i have been to this village, would you mind to show me to the tavern?"

Drunk 2 ~ "Of course, Prince Zach. Anythin' fer ya. Right this'n way."

The young man, who had now been identified as Prince Zach Neron of Lin'Hou, which was a neighboring empire, followed the drunks as they led him through town. When he reached the tavern, he stopped at the entrance, upon seeing a flyer had been put up by someone who seemed desperate for help.

Help needed to destroy the Gah`Ytel Empire!
Equipment found, gold, and more, I'll discuss this is you meet me.
Meet: Behind the vines at 1 hour of the new day, Ke'hal. You'll see me. Or I'll see you.

"This seems like something i could help with. What do you two think?" He looked at his two companions, Lotus and Umbra. The wolf and the horse exchanged confused glances, but both nodded their furry heads.

"Good. We will wait here tonight, and maybe this traveler will find us." He allowed the wolf to venure off through the town, looking for scraps on the road to eat. The animal would return in the morning. As for Lotus, the horse that had accompanied him since before he could remember, the horse that had been the teenage prince's best friend for years, was told to go to the stalls at the back of the tavern and get sleep. This horse could not talk, or anything like that, but it could understand human speech perfectly. It nodded, it's black main falling in front of it's eyes,a dn trotted off the the back of the tavern.

The leader of Lin'Hou entered the building, and approached the bar, which at this point was being manned by the old owner.


Owner ~ "Zach? Is it you?"

"Yes, it is me. In the flesh."

Owner ~ "It has been years!"

"Two to be exact."

Owner ~ Wow. I never thought i'd see you here! What can i get you?"

"Just a place to lay my head for the night."

Owner ~ "Of course. Anything for you. You saved me from Mal'Jerek a few years ago. And i have yet to repay you. Go down the hall and to the right. There is an empty room, with a comfortable bed to sleep in."

"I owe you one, Wallace."

The prince walked down the hall, and into his bedroom. He took off his cloak, leyed down, and was soon asleep.

I took a lot of liberty in that post. I apologize. I named the tavern owner, RPed a few villagers, and so on. Please forgive me.

7th November 2004, 05:35 PM
ooc: You're so stupid! You wrecked my quest! You entered a open quest without being invited! j/k
I didn't put 'Invite only' cuz it's open to anyone. I need somethin to do.
Takin liberty is fine in this quest, have the fun you like :)
Also give me some information about you're character. (I'll put down his hp and mp though)

Ic: Near morning Isaac grew restless.

God damn sunlight. It'll soon be up, better start moving.

Isaac walked over to Lokey,checking to see if he was awake. Upon hearing a slight murmur from him, he told Lokey what he was doing and left for the Tavern. Once there, he took his sign a shouted, "All you drunks, adventurers, and villagers, heed my warning. The Gah`Ytel empire will soon destroy this side of the Guosim Sea, including this town, and the surrounding empire Lin'Hou. They have created orbs powerful enough to make walls of the element they contain spanning thousands of miles in all directions. Do not think, "I shall go to heaven, and live a life of greatness." They have made the orbs strong enough to destroy the threads of time and everything that exists, including heaven, but excluding Hell. If you do not believe me, watch this. I ama lowly mage, but I possess one of the orbs. My mother gave this to me when she was dying, under the cuelty of her Gah`Ytelein husband." Isaac takes an orb from under his cloak, chants a spell, then touches a table near him. Within nanoseconds, the table was consumed by flame. Isaac then pulled out some powder and threw it onto the flame, extinquishing it. "That was a WEAK orb of fire, and you saw how it easily it destroyed the table. You might also have seen the powder I threw, called Gheir. It can extinguish the flame, but even usual water cannot. Does anyone here possess skill to summon water? If they do, I'll light the fire again and let you TRY to put it out. Will anyone help me overthrow this empire, and secure the safety of this land?"

7th November 2004, 06:02 PM
Starslayer sat by the fountain, meditating. However, she was soon interupted by her companion, a diamond draike by the name of Ziernast. His blue-gray scales shone in the moonlight. He tugged at Starslayer's brown fur. She opened an eye.

"What is it, Ziernast?" she whispered.

"There are people nearby!" whispered Ziernast, using telepathy. "I heard them talking about something called the elemental orbs, and the Gah'Ytel Empire."

"Indeed?" whispered Starslayer. "We'd better check it out."

Silently, they snuck over where the vampire was giving a demonstration, listening from a table in the far corner. After a moment, she spoke up, standing up.

"I will aid you," she said. Ziernast flew onto her shoulder.

"If the danger is truely as great as you say," he said, "Then you will need all the help you can get. I, too, will aid you.

OoC: Point of interest: Starslayer is a catgirl. If you don't know what a catgirl is, PM me. And a draike is a distant relative of the dragons. If you need any more info, PM me.

Oh, and are machina (futuristic stuff) outlawed in this quest?

7th November 2004, 06:13 PM
OOC: I knwo what cat girlz are from DarkCloud, and I love draikes :-p
To the machina question: Sniper Rifles and Tanks would not be allowed, but very basic elevators or pistols would work. MY character has two pistols anways lol. But still, no people in Reinforced Titanium that ride around in humongus tanks with nukes as the main weapons please. Also I left the vines a bit ago... So you can pretend you were at the inn, or it could be in the past. Also information of charatcers would be helpful!!!

IC: A few wandering adventures tht were currently at the inn volunteered to help. That is, weak adventurers. "Please we need more help, is there anyone skilled in magic?" Isaac calls out

7th November 2004, 06:31 PM
OoC: I mean, like a Laser Pistol. I edited my post, BTW.

IC: "Actually," said Starslayer, "I am quite proficient with multiple forms of magic, including Spirit and Wind. And I am quite a good martial artist."

Paradise Wandering
7th November 2004, 06:37 PM
Hi Draco! :D

Stats: Weapon: Wind and Fire Wheels (http://store1.yimg.com/I/martialartsmart_1811_3294704), and twin curved broadswords, as well as a few small shurikens (ninja stars) that are hidden in his baggy sleeves.

Items: None

Armor: Enchanted cloak. (offers minimal defense aka it would stop an arrow, or a weak dagger thrust, but not a bullet.

does anyone posses the skill to sumon water?

I am a master :P

"I do." Came the voice of the young prince, who had recently awakened and wandered from his room. Now by this time, Umbra, the wolf had found his fill of scraps in the vilage, and was waiting patiently outside the door of the inn. Zach looked out the back window, to make sure that Lotus was still safely in his pen. What he saw though, was the horse's head high in the air, and it's foot on top of a small pile of drunks that had pestered it throughout the night, and had thought that they had the skills to sneak up and capture the beautiful horse, which was far smarter than most humans.

He laughed at the sight, and heard a man asking if anyone can summon water. Upon seeing him, Zach immeadiatly assumed that it was the man who had posted the flyer, and walked up.

"Hello sir, my name is Prince Zach Neron of Lin'Hou, a neighboring empire. Dark mage, Water master, and several other things, which will be revealed shortly. I can summon water, now, tell me what to do with it.

This was a real crappy post... Kind of in a hurry, sorry.

7th November 2004, 06:41 PM
[OOC: Hoorah! More elemental orbs to add to the collection!]

A dark figure sits in one of the infinite shadowy corners of the tavern before one of the many empty tables. How mysterious. He sees lots of people reading a note at the front of the tavern, and knows it could only be some sort of adventure with some sort of good reward. How predictable. He gets up and walks out the the tavern, and no one even notices him. How strange. The skeleton runs to the vines and sees a group there. He follows them to an inn, stalking them slowly and silently. How obvious. Of course he wouldn't be making any noise, what good would he be then?

"BLAUHGAUGHAUGHAUGAHUGAHAG!!!!!!" The skeleton runs around in circles around the group at the inn, waving his arms around like a lunatic and weaving around the people. Despite the fact that he has no tongue. Though if he did have one, it'd probably be hanging out and wiggling side to side. How odd.

7th November 2004, 06:49 PM
"We'll need one more elementalist and we'll journey off ward." After stuff gets back to normal, well, as normal as things can get when one's world is in danger, Isaac orders some wine, then sits down, Zach, Lord Troja, Starslayer, and the other 3 adventurers sat near him. "I suggest you all check you're equipment, once we get one or two more adventurers, we'll be departing." Isaac says while handing each of the companions a sack of gold.

Isaac settles into his chair, sipping his wine nonchalantly, watching the rest of the world with darting eyes. After a few minutes, he takes out his sack as examines it.
3 Healing Herbs (+30 hp)
Blood-Steel BroadSword (Heats up- Deals 30-40, 60-100 when heated)
Small Iron Shield (-2 taken damge)
Leather Cloak (-10 Taken damage if attacked from behind)
Boots (-2 damage if attacked at feet)
Vampiric Mascot-Helm(Black helm with bat wings on side.-15 damage to-head)
Vampiric Garb (-20 damage at chest)
Vampiric Leggings (-15 Damage at legs)
Daggers x2 (10-15, 20-30 when thrown or charged)
Elven Amulet (Mystical amulet from mother)
Fire Elemental Orb (Burns objects quickly. Must be charged)

Um... Isaac ignores the skeleton which is devouring some of the local residents.

Then to zach he says, "Here, weow these people what I mean. Try to douse this flame." Isaac takes out his orb and sets in onto the table. It ignites and sets a flame.

ooc: I g2g too, so it's okay, no laser pistols, and uhh... anubis scares me :(!!

7th November 2004, 07:33 PM
[OOC: Please don't godmode my character, he didn't eat anyone. He's a nice skeleton, if you didn't already notice. Geez...]

The skeleton sees that Isaac isn't noticing him, and so he starts devouring some of the local residents.

Negative S
7th November 2004, 08:14 PM
Lokey walks into the Tavern after having fallen back asleep after Isaac left. He saw him sitting at a table that was on fire with another person. Kaytara waited outside she was not friendly in crowds.

"Ah my friend I have found you I thought.....you do know your table is on fire dont you...oh well I guess thats your choice. Hello who is that in the corner."

Lokey Noticed Anubis trying to get attention by devouring local tavern goers. Lokey decided to confront the man for it was strange to see a human, if he was human, eating another person.

"My my you must be hungry if you are devouring people whole."

Lokey got closer, his sight still hindered by dried sleep in his eyes, and discovered that Anubis was not human bet skeleton.

"This....this is proposterous....no skeleton can be reanimated and do as it ppleases....I should know for I led a band of skeletal warriors against....wait Oh I see....please my good sir what was it that killed you, obviously you must have been a necromancer in the past life. Necromancy is one of my favorite things about studying the dark forces. I would like to learn some of your tricks of the trade."

OCC: I dont know I wasnt really thinking when i did this

7th November 2004, 08:20 PM
As a sick, fleshy material began forming in the skeleton's innards, it stared coldly at Lokey with its lack of eyeballs and opened its mouth. Suddenly, a vile stench filled the area as the skeleton spewed out the undigested, broken down bodies of many people, directing the bloody organic cloud at Lokey.

Negative S
7th November 2004, 08:27 PM
Lokey was fast as lightening when it came to casting. He knew what was happening. He lifted his hand and activated one of his rings with a thought. A blue aura formed around lokey and shot the stuff back at Anubis.

"Well I can see that I am not welcome here so I will leave you to your inhumane and demonic ways..good day."

Lokey walked back over to Isaac and his burning table and pulled up a chair.

"That Skeleton over there is a real...well..you know coo koo. He kind of creaps me out. IT woul;d be nice to have him if we can get him to stop eating people"

7th November 2004, 08:36 PM
"Yes, I agree. My table is on fire because I want Zach to try to douse it, and let the others see it is immposibble. Yes, I'm just ignoring the skeleton." With that Isaac stands up without a sound and flies at the skeleton with his broadsword out, and slashes at his spine tryign to make him into a pile o' bones.

Paradise Wandering
7th November 2004, 08:53 PM
Um... so a master cant douse a little fire?

The stood up, carefull to ignore the skeleton who was hungrily consuming the innocent taverners. He stepped back, closed his eyes, and recited a mantra.

"Se'shim, Quantasymul, Deluvatina!"

He repeated this several times over and opened his glowing blue eyes. His outstretched hand instantly took on a brilliant indigo blue hue, and the a smal geyser burst forth from the table. It blasted water everywhere, for about ten seconds. After this it slowly died down, and eventually stopped...

[ooc]Darkfirelord: Rp what Zach sees, i am not exactly sure where you are going. But dont Rp Zach. Only what he sees. Thanks.

7th November 2004, 09:00 PM
The skeleton laughed and absorbed the fleshy substance back within his ribcage. He then vomited it back up again into the fire, where a putrid, cloud-like smoke spread throughout the entire village, smelling like, well, incinerated people combined with vomit. The winds blew the ashes into the air, slightly blocking the sun and making the day darker.

As the skeleton approached Isaac, it stepped to the side with astounding speed in response to the attack, allowing the mere human to dive into the ground and taste dirt. The skeleton then seemed to move its face as if it were trying to smile, and it spun its head around in a circle to mock the attacker. The skeleton wasn't interested in fighting.

7th November 2004, 09:05 PM
ooc: Read my earlier messages, the flame created by the orb isn't destroyed by water and I wanted to demonstrate to the surrounding peoples. And which part did I rp zach thepart where I put
I want Zach to try to douse it ? Cuz there I ws just asking for someone to do it. Then the part about anyone summoning water was cuz you posted in the thread and I knew you were a water master,

ic: As the tavern goers that weren't being consumed watched, they were confused. A water master had shout a geyser stright out of a fire, and hadn't doused it. "See? The elemental energy created by these orbs is different. It cannot be negated by the normal opposites. Now if no one else will help, I will be leaving." Isaac leaves looking behind with a glance to have the others follow.

Negative S
7th November 2004, 09:07 PM
"Demonic Fiend you hve tried my patience long enough things like you have to be summoned and that means that you can be unsommened so If you wish for me to end it now please say so. IF you are willing to be a civilized being please sit down and explain yourself."

While saying this Lokey had Stood and spread his cape and begun to levitate. THe surroundings grew dark his eyes shone a bright balck and and his flowing white hair was billowing behind him. He was preparing every spell he could use to unsommon the creature and defend himself if it showed to be anyomre of a threat.

"I emplore you to please sit and be civilzed with the rest of us. IF you are what I think oyu are then it means you hve great skill in the dark arts and it would be terrible to loose one of such callibur."

7th November 2004, 09:08 PM
Arid Doman apeared from the back with a joystick, moving it rapidly. The skeleton began doing the robot, as Arid smiled. Speaking aloud, "I havn't figured out how to make it talk yet, but do you guys like my skele-toy? I am going to eb rich for inventing it." Laughing maddiningly, you notice that Arid is nakid, but you can only clearly make out his face and hads becaus ehe is completly covered in hair.

7th November 2004, 09:10 PM
The skeleton spun around its head again, but as it did so, one of the joints popped out a bit and caused the head to get stuck halfway-around. The bony creature followed Isaac with his head facing the opposite direction. Suddenly it realized that the orb was still on the table, and so the skeleton started running backwards, grabbed the orb in its hand, jumped in the air with glee, and frantically ran after Isaac, oblivious to the naked boy with the joystick.

7th November 2004, 09:15 PM
Realizes the skeleton is no longer in his control, and stabs himself in the heart with the joystick, screaming his final words, "MY MOTHER WAS RIGHT! I AM WORTHLESS!"

7th November 2004, 09:20 PM
The skeleton's face, facing backwards, notices the screaming naked boy. The skeleton runs over and quickly consumes the boy, joystick and all, as if he were simply breathing in colorful air, and then scampered off back towards Isaac.

Suddenly the skeleton stopped, bent over, sticking its head between its legs, looked up at its crotched, scratched it with one hand, and noticed nothing was there. It almost seemed as if the skeleton with the backwards head was frowning, but then it rolled into a skeletal ball, and when it rolled back up to its feet, there was a joystick sticking out of its crotchal area. The skeleton flicked the joystick back and forth merrily, stroking its smooth, plastic-like surface and admiring its reddish sheen. The skeleton then thrusted its pelvis, spread out its arms, and flew towards Isaac at wind-breaking speed, pelvis first, before it landed on its feet, cracked its neck to the side, and turned it back to the normal position.

As skeleton with a joystick sticking out of its crotch waddled just behind Isaac, a viscous liquid dripping off the tip of the joystick and onto the ground, leaving a dastardly trail.

[OOC: That liquid is the naked boy's blood, since he used it to impale himself. What did you think it was?]

7th November 2004, 09:27 PM
ooc: How wonderful. From now on all questers are to pay no mind to other posters that aren't actually playing the quest. So Isaac, since he didn't evne leave the orb, still has it.
Also only one charatcer per quest please... plus there is no joysticks cuz this is a bkac-in-the-day quest.

Ic: Continues out the door and heads toward Sarim, the nearest port.

7th November 2004, 09:33 PM
The skeleton opened its mouth again, letting out a strange wheezing sound. After a few moments it became apparent that it was some sort of talk, as if the skeleton were speaking without its organs, using its bones and other such things to talk.

"...whhhaaaat doooo youu neeeed heeeeelp whiiiiiiiiiiiith?"

Negative S
7th November 2004, 09:35 PM
Lokey follwed Isaac out the door. He summoned Kaytara to follw him and she did.

"So I checked the map at the Tavern and the nearest port is in Sarim. I guess that is where we are heading?"

Lokey was Truley excited for he had never been to a prot city before and could only imagine what wonder it beheld for the group

7th November 2004, 09:38 PM
"Mr... Skeleton... I need help to overthrow the Gah`Ytel Empire which will destroy all elves, humans, dwarves, and... skeletons... and they will all suffer tremendously harsh fates, which even skeletons would not be elated by. Will you help, or are you just going to keep spilling your putrid breath over this town?"

Around everyone is a night lit sky, and as the brave adventurers carry on, you since a feeling of confidence. You are doing something noble. The night is coming to an end, and you are surrounded by noble beings, and skeletons.

Paradise Wandering
7th November 2004, 09:41 PM
*Very scared and disturbed by Anubis's last few posts* *Shivers*

"Whoa." Zach started, suprised at the fact that his mastership over water did nothing to the fire orb. He looked up to see Isaac leaving the tavern.

The fifteen year old master ran up alongside his new comrade, put his fingers in his mouth, and blew hard. A shrill wistle escaped his mouth, and instantly Umbra appeared at his side, closely followed by the galloping steed, Lotus. He hopped onto Lotus, slid his cloak back on, hood down, so that his handsome face was veiwable to all. Not in a bragging way did he leave this down, no. He was in no way stuck up. He left it down so that the morning sun could warm his face, and he could get fresh air.

But his features, his short brown hair, deep blue eyes, that were at this moment no longer glowing, and a nice face, gave him a very good appearance. He slightly pulled the horse's rein, slowing it to the same speed that Isaac was walking at. He reached a baggy sleeved hand down to shake Isaac's.

"I thank you for allowing me to jorney with you. I believe that i will prove useful because of my mastery of water, and my adeptness (is that even a word? :P ) at dark magic. Now, are you in need of a horse?"

7th November 2004, 09:50 PM
The skeleton didn't put forth the effort to respond to Isaac, but continued following him to show that he wanted to help. Or at least wouldn't mind. To be honest, the skeleton was bored, and he (yes, the skeleton can be considered a "he" now) didn't have much else to do.

His mouth began to salivate. Wait, the skeleton had neither water nor salivary glands. So no, the skeleton wasn't salivating. At any rate, it's legs were tired. No, the skeleton wasn't tired either, that's ridiculous. Skeletons don't get tired. Anyways, the skeleton stared at Zach, hoping that he would get to borrow a horse.

Negative S
7th November 2004, 09:56 PM
Zach was a very impressive person. 15 years old and already a water master. Most masters of elements that Lokey knew where in there late stages of life.

"Zach I must say I am truly impressed by your mastery of water at such a young age. You will truly be a great help in this quest if I do say so myself, and your horse and wolf truly magnificent animals. They are so calm and friendly towards strangers. Most wolfs I meet try to bite my head off whenever I get within 20 feet of them."

Lokey was admiring the animals when he felt a tug at his cloak.

"Oh yes all of you I must introduce you to my life long traveling Companion. This Kaytara she is a firecat from the Kher ridges. She is the last of he kind. I saved her from a pack of wildabeasts when she was a cub."

Lokey smiled at her and pet her on the head and continued on with the rest of the group.

Paradise Wandering
7th November 2004, 10:13 PM
O.o It looks like Anubis is actually joining the quest now :tongue: j/k. Welcome man.

Zach noticed the skeleton staring at him, and, assuming that he wanted a horse spoke up. "I can get you a horse, but it will take a while. (ooc: Umbra has to run to Lin'Hou, round up the horsys, and run back with them. In other words, you walk for now, and in two posts you get your horse)

Does anyone need a horse?" He is cut short by a stranger speaking up to him.

"Oh, yes, thank you. I agree, that i am indeed young, but there was one who was younger..." He looks at the sky thoughtfully, "My own master, named Vagor (LMHTG was his username on the old forum, i dont know if he reregistered yet), he was fourteen years old, and quite possibly the most powerful water mage ever."

He looked down at Kaytara with interest. He had never seen a firecat before, but he had heard of them. Umbra silently padded up to Keytara. The wolf, never having seen one like her before, looked very intruiged, that is, if wolves can show facial expressions, and moved over to smell the strange animal.

That was just when the boy was complimented on his animals.

"Thank you sir, yes. Lotus was given to me by my father, Ben Neron, King of Lin'Hou two years ago... just before... it happened." He did not want to bore his new friends with his sad story so he stopped, and went on to Umbra.

"I was given Umbra when i was quite young, by my mother. Umbra's mother, was my mom's pet. The name of Umbra's mother is Luminous, who one day suprised us with several babies. Umbra was one of them. He was given to be as a gift on my twelfth birthday, and has been with me since.

And yes, my animals are pretty domesticated, but that doesnt mean that they cant hold their own in combat. They are completly light hearted and kind toward everyone, until someone attempts to harm them or their friends. Then the countdown until that someone dies life begins.

As you can see by the pile of knocked out drunks over there."

He gestured to a small stack of drunkards on the ground, who had been unfortunate enough to think that they could take Lotus as their own the night before.

"I am ready to send Umbra for horses. Now, besides this odd little skeleton, who is in need of a horse?"

I am planning on intrducing an NPC when the horses come. He will only be with us for a few posts, then he will go back to Lin'Hou... Let me know if anyone has any complaints about that.

Negative S
7th November 2004, 10:18 PM
"SInce you are offering I will take you up on your offer. I have not had ahorse since I was back in my old home land."

Lokey was amazed at the talent that the young master possesed a great ally indeed the youmg man would be.

OCC: Im back and waiting for another person to post (3:25 pm)

9th November 2004, 04:18 PM
ooc: okay, since I hadn't posted in a while, I wrote like a page, and guess what!

My lovely lovely sister was mad because I went ot with my girlfriend and didn't play with her, even though she never asked and even said I could! Isn't that nice? So she got really pissed and she's like 9 so she deleted it all.... So this post won't be a long...
Btw I'm gonna take those three adventurer crap people out, I made them cuz I worried there wouldn't be enough real people. Anyways I'll explaint eh battle system.
I'll say what attacks what, and what damage is done. If I say you take damage, you have to rp the damage. You can attack one monster per post. You can post an attack after two other peolple's posts. After I put all the stats of peeps down after a turn, if you're not up, you have all hp still... You cannot say how much damage you do, I decide that. The better the rping and the more creative of an attack (creative not insanely powerful) the more damage it does. If I do not post what the monsters do, then you do have say. You can say the 'Ogre attacks you, then you attack back' while rping of course if I don't tell you wha tthe ogre does. If someone posts just before you and takes the hit from the ogre, and you had the hit, then the second person to post must modfy his/her post either changing the monster attacking or specifying that to monster attacked twice.


"I am in no need of a horse, in the next town, mine will be waiting. However the othrs may require one." ISaac said calmly picking an apple off a tree a biting it. "I will explain our plan of action once we reach Sarim, for now we shoudl just trud-" Suddenly 3 orcs came running down the hill, yelling, "Easy meat, get their damned guts!"and, "Just shoot them!" Isaac quickly shouted to his allies, "They have no bows or crossbows, there must be others! Watch out!"

Orc1 (87/90)
Attacks Isaac
-13 Damage

Orc2 (79/90)
Attacks Zach
-12 damage (Zach)
-11 damage (Orc)
(113/125) Zach

Orc3 (90/90)
Attacks Lokey
-10 Hp

Attacks Isaac
-2 Isaac

Isaac charges at the first orc, only to me slammed in his chest before he can strike, he then is shot by some bolt in his back, which luckily hit his plate so it barely did anything. Just before the orc was going to swing his huge pike, Isaac shot forward, twirled, and luckily since the sun was not completely up, Isaac was bale to lunge at his opponent, inking his teeth into his neck, then jumping back into 'En Garde' position.

Isaac (85/120)
Attacks Orc 1
-15 Orc 1
+10 Isaac (Blood)
Orc (62/90)

Negative S
9th November 2004, 05:17 PM
Lokey heard the warning but was slow on his reaction. He ducked but the orc got his shoulder and Lokey flew off into the opposite direction. In mid flight Lokey gave a mental command to two of his rings. One created a small protection enhancer around his cloathing it was good for softening blows and deflecting bolts. The other gave him the power to levitate above the ground. While lokey was in mid air he pulled from his memory of spells one that should take out at least 4 orcs but he wanted revenge for being blind sided. Lokey pulled the power into his hands and chanted

"Kamara Tokei!"

12 small mgical daggers flew from Lokeys palms headed strait for the orc. Since they were magical they would not miss their target. The orc turned around and fell. Lokey knew he was not dead but hopefully close too it

9th November 2004, 05:27 PM
Orc 3 (18/90)
Is attacked by Lord Troja

Lord Troja - 20 MP

9th November 2004, 05:32 PM
The skeleton's face seems to glow with happiness. A sickly snapping sound echoes around the area, cracking every half-moment as the skeleton spins its torso around in circles, using its undead arms as crude weapons. The skeleton runs right in-between a few orcs, trying to hit as many as he can.

9th November 2004, 05:43 PM
Anubis (--/--) (Chrushing blows would break bones, other wise basically invicible)
Attacks Orc 1, and Orc 2,
Orc 1 -13
Orc 2 -14
Anubis -0
Orc 1 ( 49/90)
Orc 2 (65/90)

Attacks Orc 1

9th November 2004, 05:58 PM
OoC: Starslayer would have a little more MP then you gave her. And, WTH, lose some HP if neccisary. And Ziernast isn't a PET, he's a COMPANION. There's a differance.

You since a feeling of confidence. That is GMing. Don't EVER do that to me again, or else.

IC: Starslayer had remained quiet through the trip, and just smiled with some amusement as the orcs attacked. She walked up to one of the orcs (orc1 ). He didn't even see her attack coming. In the space of a half-second, she had chopped him in the neck, punched him twice in the gut, kneed him in the stomach, and delivered him a palm-heel to the chin.

-12, -10, -10, -14, -22 = -68.

Meanwhile, Ziernast took to the air, and homed in on another orc (orc 2). He opened his mouth, and let loose with a roar and a great blast of multi-colored energy. The blast spiraled in, and homed blasted a crater in the orc's chest (if it hits, that is, I'll leave that up to you to decide).

-30 = -30.

Paradise Wandering
9th November 2004, 06:02 PM
Zach was surprised by the sudden ambush, and was nailed by one of the swords that swung at him. His magical cloak absorbed some of the damage, but he definately took some. He staggered a little, but that would not stop him.

He raised his hands at the orc who had attacked him, anger building up inside of him. He closed his eyes, and unleashed his attack. A soft rumbling was heard from the ground nearby, and seconds later, a geyser burst forth, erupting just below the orc.

How much damage it would do, the young mage did not know.

9th November 2004, 07:32 PM
ooc: Argh sorry I thought I killed this. Why don't we just quit this battle, cuz I gotta type soem stuff up.

ic: Isaac continues onward, after slayign the two others orcs. The archer had run off. They continued for a long time, towards Neu the next city

11th November 2004, 05:54 PM
OoC: I can't quite figure this new system out. Starting weapon: Wooden Quarterstaff.

IC: Starslayer nodded to Ziernast, who flew onto her shoulder. They followed Issac to Neu.

"Well, that was fun," she said. "Issac, what can we expect next?"

11th November 2004, 06:58 PM
"Expect? We cannot expect anything. Expect leads to failure, or ambush. Anything could happen. We already lost valuable time. We need to cover as much land as we can. I do not know how you all fare during the night, but at this rate we'll be traveling very far during the night. For now try to rest as we continue." Isaac says as he walks onward.

ooc: The system hasn't really changed, the levels are just new, if you don't really understand something, then pm me. I'll explain it in greater detail.

Negative S
14th November 2004, 02:00 PM
OCC: I was hoping to figure out the system more than this but here goes
weapons: main- iron staff
side- wrist blades
ranged- 2 spells
armor- Black cloak (hope to be able to enchant it)
arms- robe arms
head- helm (like diablo bone helm)
hands- cloth gauntlets
legs- robes
feet- leather boots
shiels- wood sheild
back- cape Shimmering black
IC: The battle had gone by so fast that he didnt have time to react it was over before it started.

"Well lets move on then shall we"

14th November 2004, 07:56 PM
ooc: Okay. I don't have time to update everything. The cloak could be enchanted if the items were obtained. (By now Zach's wolf would be back so let's just say we all have horses.

ic: "Yes, let's..." Isaac answered. Suddenly Isaac spots a town, and puts his white fingers to his lips. He blows a high note, and waits. After a few seconds, a horse comes into view. Isaac runs over and pats it. "Welcome back, my friend. It is good to see you, Jhakael." Isaac coos, saddling the horse. "Let's ride" Isaac yells, spurring his horse almost at full speed. Jhakael's black coat shines against the sunlight of the day. There is a small white charm of a lightning bolt, which symbolizes speed.

14th November 2004, 08:21 PM
"I don't need a horse," said Starslayer. Her form shimmered, and became pure energy. Her form changed, and where she had been was suddenly a large tiger. The tiger ran alongside the horses, easily keeping pace with them.

OoC: Wow. That was a really bad post. I'm sorry, but I'm tired. G'night.

Negative S
14th November 2004, 11:04 PM
IC: Waht a fine animal you are

Lokey was looking at the horse that Zachs wolf had brought back to him. Lokey walked all around the animal admiring every detail of it.

"Truly magnificent, Now my friend if you please let us follow the others with speed like no other"

Lokey Mounted the horse and they dashed off at full gallop after the others.

20th November 2004, 10:56 PM
OoC:I have attained permission from Isaac (DarkFireLord) to join this quest. He is here now, so after my post he will update his thread.

IC: Malice quickly ran across the earth, chasing the group in front of her. After dispatching an orc that seemed to be waiting for the group. She simply planted a dragger in his neck, parylizing him, then continuing to run on, . After a few steps, havign almost caught up, he took out her second dagger and slid it in beside the first, the orc's head slowly slid off. He cleaned her daggers quickly, hollered to the group and finished running, coming up beside who seemed to be the leader. "Who are you?" the figure said. He was mounted on a horse and staring straight at her, his eyes in a strange soft way. "I am Malice. I am a spy and mercenary, however I wish to offer my assisstance for free." Malice said, hiding a return smile. "We can take as much help as we can get. It's strange, I would normally not trust one such as you, though you seem easy enough to trust. We will be covering distance even longer than one like you might like, so seeing as there are no more horses, just saddle mine." the stranger said. "Oh, excuse me, my name is Isaac. If not trying to be to informal, whatis your real name. I can tell Malice is only your spying name." Malice let out her breath slowly, relieved he had excepted her invitation. "Yes, however I would rather you all call me Malice, it is only my spying name. My real name is Malithia." Malice said quietly. "Hahaha, whatever, just get on Malithia." Isaac replied chuckling.
Been a while since anybody has called me by my name...
Malice got on Isaac horse as the band started trotting off more.


20th November 2004, 11:04 PM
Malice does have permission to role-play my character, because one, I really don't mind aslong is it won't kill me, and second, since she knows me quite well, my actual post wouldn't be very different.

IC: After talking to the newstranger, who was actually quite beautiful to Isaac, he let her onto his horse, and the group finished into the town. "We shall rest here tonight, there is an Inn not far, and a tavern within it." Isaac says whle dismounting and helping Malice off. He then whisled and watched as he horse trotted towards a stable. "This way" Isaac said as he headed off.

21st November 2004, 09:42 AM
Starslayer observed the town, and changed back into her humanoid shape. She walked into the town, and observed the tavern for a moment before walking in

I wonder where exactly these orbs are, she wondered, unaware that Ziernast could hear her thoughts.

"Why don't you ask Issac?" Ziernast suggested.

"That's a good idea," said Starslayer. she walked over to Issac.

"I don't suppose you'd mind filling me in on the details of our journey, and what we can expect at the end?"

21st November 2004, 10:27 AM
ooc: okay Malice logged on here so now even though it says, 'Welcome back DarkFireLord' if I click the forum buttons, it will say I'm malice... so this is DFL... I don't know why I won't let me post normally lol... anyways, to your question, once I did type an extremely long paragraph about where the orbs are... but it got deleted... I'll re type here.

ic: "Yes, I shall speak once we are all in private. Let me get a room we can meet in." Isaac quickly replied after StarSlayer asked (Not gming, you already did it). We walked towards the tavern keeper and bought a room. "Come one everyone." He said as he sauntered off towards the room. Once there, he sat down. "Okay. There are 5 real orbs we have to recover, as well as some orc leaders to dispatch. The 5 orbs, and fire, wind, darkness, lightning, and water." Isaac said as he pulled a multicolored die, which only had one number on it, and showed it to the group. "As you see this is a 5, and the colored dots represent a castle, that is how they are positioned. As you see, the black dot for darkness is in the middle, lightning, yellow, is in the upper right hand corner, wind is across from lightning, fire is in the lower left hand corner, and has water across from it. There is also a spirit castle that is not a main target but may be helpful for one of the spirit element. We must first hit water. The orc leader there is currently being poisoned by some of my friends. However, this orc has invented a strange invention, that lets him breathe underwater. Therefore, if he was to know someone was going to kill him, he could lock the person in him room, and use his powers to raise the water to the roof, suffocating all within besides himself. We'll need someone that is extremely quick." Isaac said as he glanced at StarSlayer and Malice. "Next, comes lightning. This guy can create electric shields, or beams that can literally tear through you and make you explode." Isaac said as drawing out a picture of a person being shocked and exploding. "That was one of my friends, he was found out to be a spy, and shocked. I know it's quite gruesome, and that's why he's so dangerous. My plan for him is this. We'll need someone to get into his attention and manage to become an armorer. He only wears leather, which gives great protection to electricity, because he is touched a lot by his beams. However, if an armorer were to put shards of highly electric charging material into his armor, he would be shocked to death. That or we could just drop in form the roof and get'em. Next is fire. We'll need Zach here. Although the fire I showed you cannot be put out by normal water... Zach will be able to control the water orb. He can douse the fires, because, the whole castle is lit on fire. Once done, the orc will not have much energy left and will be easy to dispatch. However the flame can disperse millions of flaming enemies. Next is wind. He cannot hurt us extremely easily with wind, because I can control the fire orbs, and StarSlayer can probably control the spirit orb. Therefore even if he throws us against walls with wind, I can light him from a distance, and StarSlayer can do what she wants with the spirit orb. So, he will actually be quite easy. I have never seen the dark castle however, so I do not know much about there. Now, you all must get some sleep!"

21st November 2004, 10:38 AM
Starslayer shook her head.

"I do have one question. Why do we need to destroy the Fire castle? Don't you already have the Fire Orb?"

21st November 2004, 10:42 AM
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StarSlayer can do what she wants with the spirit orb