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5th September 2004, 02:00 AM
OOC: I'm not good at coming up at titles. Only rule I wish to put in is that this spar won't be a lethal one (meaning I don't kill you but you don't kill me).

Markets. They always seemed to buzz with life as soon as the sun came up, merchants yelling that their ware was the finest, that their fish was the freshest and so on. And it seemed the city was going all out; even the blacksmiths had put up a stand, various metal weaponary and armour laying on shacks for display. People of all sorts were walking around; city guard, children... Even little men with large beards, helments and shields and people with pointed ears who were dressed quite richly. Kyra was glad that she didn't stand out of a change. She didn't like it when every face was looking at her.

But then again, Kyra was something else to look at. She had anclelength, pink hair flowing out behind her, four inch metal ears, which looked quite catlike, and dark lines running over her skin. Compared to the clothing of the townspeople, hers was quite futuristic: a white T-shirt, bearing the school emblem, and a pair of blue sporting shorts, white socks and sporty trainers. Only looking fifteen years of age, and standing five feet and four inches tall, the girl looked into the world with happy violet eyes, glad of the attention she didn't recieve.

"Pears! Get your pears 'ere! 'nly twelve cupper coins for a pound!"

Kyra looked over to the merchant, and her stomach gave an odd rumble. Ohh... She hadn't eaten in some time, but... She didn't have any money... The girl sighed. She would have to steal her food again; something she hated to do. But the alternative wasn't that pleasing either. Concentrating, the girl suddenly vanished from sight, having become invisible. Slowly, she sneaked over to the merchant, careful not to hit anyone, but then waited for the right time. The merchant looked over to the other side. Now!

Quickly, the girl reached out and grabbed an apple, before retreating her arm in one smooth motion. She remained silent, while standing crounched a little, checking whether anyone had noticed, but then, she slowly sneaked away from the stand, the big red apple safely in her hands. In the business of the market, she thought that he wouldn't miss one apple. Breaking free from the crowd, she walked into an empty street. Checking around, the girl thought she was safe, and let go of her invisibility. The odd girl looked at the apple, sighing. I wish I was home... But then went to take a bite out of it.

5th September 2004, 02:27 AM
OOC: I wasn't going to use any spells above my level, but since there aren't levels, I'll be using them like I used to, for now.

IC: *The samurai watched the crown as they were intent on listening to the man in his booth, making his living by selling fruits and other harvested seed-bearing plants. While in the cities, Callisto always had his energy around him, sensing any ambushers who might want to steal his cash pouch. The elf never trusted stranger human much, which was also another reason he kept his guard up. Noticing an empty area of air, but sensing a being, Callisto focued on that part of the air. It moved into an ally where the air took the shape of a girl. He reached her by the time she raised the apple to her mouth.*

"A clever trick you have there. I'd put that back if I were you. If I couldn't have sensed you, you would have even gotten by me."

This shouldn't be a problem. If she's really intent on it I may give the merchant the money for it, but we'll see.

*Callisto held out his right hand, gesturing for the young girl to return the apple. In case she actually had some combat skills, Callisto held his left hand down near the edge of his katana, ready to loosen it if needed.*

5th September 2004, 02:36 AM
Don't worry, neither am I. I apologise for the lack of a stat page, but it's 1:30 in the morning, and I don't have the patience to make one right now. Then again, who needs one? ^_^


Twisting around him as he walked through the busy market place, Terra Ambius' tattered robes brushed the ground lightly. A distant smile was plastered on his thin face, which was beginning to show signs of age. It was a tad suprising however, as they shouldn't have been there, considering how young he was in comparison to others. The fact that he was an elf only made it more suprising. He was barely a quarter of his way through his long life, and already he had the markings of an old man. It didn't seem to bother him though. He had seen enough during his years to warrant them. His deep blue eyes made that perfectly clear.

He looked around the market, glad that he wasn't one of the only elves in the area. Too often had he been alienated because of it, and that was one thing that he could do without. His eyes passed over many people, of different races and species. An elf, a dwarf, a young girl, nothing out of the ordinary. A slight prick in his mind caused him to turn back to the young girl, as he sensed that something was out of the ordinary here. When he didn't find her, nor sense her, he knew he wasn't mistaken. From the looks on a scarce few others in the market, he realized that he wasn't the only one to sense it, but that he was the only one who really cared.

Blindly, he looked around, trying to find anything out of the ordinary. He didn't find anything until he noticed out of the corner of his eye an apple swiftly go missing. He smiled, as he realized what it was that was happening. A simple invisibility spell. Using his magical sense, he followed the invisible girl at a distance, until she arrived at an empty street, where she reappeared. Her appearance didn't startle him that much, considering all that he had seen. Quietly, he walked up behind her as she was preparing to take a bite out of the apple that she had stolen. He wasn't quite sure how she would respond though, so he kept his fingers on his staff, just in case. Lightly, he tapped her on the shoulder.

"Hello there. Did you pay for that?" he said calmly, trying to sound as gentle as he could. He knew how people could panic, and he did not want a fight.

5th September 2004, 06:00 AM
OOC: If you're good enough, you don't need stats pages. >.> I only need them so that I don't forget their height, weaponary, skills and spells. Bad memory. O.o? So it'll be the two of you?

Kyra wanted to bite and chew just before she heard someone walk up to her, and turning around, she saw someone who reminded her of a certain television series she had seen. Something about the old Japan. For a moment, she stared at him, but then she stared down at his feet and closed her eyes. Easy gain, easy loss.

"A clever trick you have there. I'd put that back if I were you. If I couldn't have sensed you, you would have even gotten by me."

"Yes sir..."

She was about to give out the apple when someone else tapped her on the shoulder, making the girl look around again. One of the pointed ear men was standing behind her, smiling gently. She wondered what was going on.

"Hello there. Did you pay for that?"

"No I didn't... But..."

The girl looked from the pointed ears' man to the television series man, and back again, questioningly. But then, something inside her clicked, and she stepped back from the pair of them, the apple still in her hand. The girl looked frightened... If these two men were the same as... She started to crush the apple in her hand, she felt tiny amounts of juice dribble from her fingers to the ground. Not again! Her other hand became a fist as the girl's face was starting to show signs of anger.


Them again. Those, who changed her to what she was now, who brought her here. And then sent someone who proclaimed that she was a 'flaw', something which had to be terminated. She glared at the two of them, but turned around and dashed away from them, before turning around again in one swift motion. Apparently, it was her desire to create some distance between them. The apple she had crushed in her hand now was somewhere behind her head, but then she threw it as fast as she could, the apple turned projectile being hurled at the Elf as she brought up her clenched fists in a fighting stance.

OOC: No offence ment by 'pointed ears men' and 'television series man'. ^_^; Kyra isn't very intelligent and she doesn't know about medievil races and classes.

5th September 2004, 06:18 AM
Don't see why it would matter anyways. Anyways, this should be interesting... *smiles*


Terra's smile melted away when he saw that the girl was getting upset. He wasn't sure what he did, but he could tell that no good would come of it. Stealing a swift look to his side at the other man who had followed the girl, his feeling of uneasiness only intensified. He could feel in the very center of his bones that something bad was going to happen.

The elven mage reeled back slightly in alarm when she cried out suddenly, and darted away from them. Instinctively, he reached out, realizing soon after that it wasn't the best thing that he could have done, but she was too swift for his grasp. He watched her stop a small distance down the alley, away from the two of them, and throw an object at him suprisingly fast. Once again, acting on instinct, all he could think to do was raise his staff to block it.

A loud crack could be heard when the object impacted. Taking a quick look at his staff, he realized with a slight groan that the object had hit the gem atop the staff. A few dim rays of light could be seen in the dimness of the alley, finding their ways out of the cracks. He sighed, knowing that it would be difficult to get the jewel repaired, and even harder to survive until he could do so. Deciding to disregard the obvious handicap, he looked back at the girl, a desperate look forming in his eyes. From the speed at which the... apple, he discovered, looking down at it... had been thrown, she was no normal girl.

"Wait! I mean you no harm!"

5th September 2004, 07:07 AM
OOC: >_> If that scared you... Be glad I removed the ability (or curse) to turn into a homocidal killer cyborg something.

Kyra watched as one of them raised his staff in order to block her attack, wondering slightly why he did that. She had seen herself clear bark of a tree once when she threw an apple... That was the first time she was called a 'flaw'. The crystal atop the staff broke, she could see the light pouring out of it's cracks. She looked back at the man who held it, and slowly, her anger disappated for a bit, and she stared at him in curiouisity again. Why is he looking so desperate? Perhaps... These people weren't out to kill her?

"Wait! I mean you no harm!"

The girl lowered her fists, her mouth hanging open somewhat. Oh no... She slowly stared down at her feet, feeling sad and ashamed. She then closed her eyes, feeling tears well up.

"I'm sorry sir. I thought... I thought you were sent by 'them' to kill me. I'm sorry I attacked, I just... Felt scared."

A couple of tears rolled over her cheeks, hitting the ground. I can't even tell who is after me and who isn't... She whiped her tears, and looked up at the pointed ears man again.

"I'm sorry I broke your stick, sir. I would pay for it so it can be repaired but..."

A slight pain came from her stomach, accompanied with the usual sounds it would make as it was empty. Even though the sounds were probably to faint to hear for others, the girl couldn't help blushing, and reaching up for it as if her hand could somehow force it to remain silent.

"... I don't have any mon-... Ey?"

She felt funny. Lightheaded, perhaps, combined with cold and a slight pain in her neck, as if some electrical current suddenly shifted. The world slowly grew dim, and... What's happe-? The girl blacked out, her eyes becoming unfocussed and blank. But this did prevent her from collapsing. Somehow, the girl remained to stand and... Bring up her arms again, returning into a fighting pose once more. The focus in her eyes had returned. Though they were still voids. She continued to stare at them through those eyes, remaining motionless other then what was needed to keep her alive.

OOC: ^^; Had to find a way to keep the spar going. If I didn't do something like this she would've apologiged and left to steal some food for herself or something.

5th September 2004, 01:04 PM
Somehow I thought she had a move like that. And where would the fun in that be? ^_^


Terra smiled gently when the girl relaxed, glad that he had avoided a fight with her. Given from how fast she had thrown the apple, coupled with the fact that the gem atop his staff was cracked, he didn't know how long he could have lasted. Calmly, he took a few steps towards her, to reassure her.

"Don't worry about it miss. And I don't know who "they" are, but I can assure you, I am not in league with them. And don't worry about this. Money isn't something that... eh?"

Terra followed suit in not finishing his sentence, when he noticed that something was wrong with the girl. He watched her slump to the ground and then stand once again, the look in her eyes very clearly changed. It was almost as if she was... dead. But the fact that she was moving proved him wrong in an instant. When she assumed a fighting stance, it wasn't clear what was happening, but Terra knew what was going to happen. His eyes focused on the girl, and his hand tightened on his slightly-damaged staff.

6th September 2004, 02:55 AM
OOC: >_>? Must've phrased something wrong. She remained standing. >.< I hate having to start fights off. Oh, and Callisto PMed me telling that he won't fight here.

Kyra started grinning. Tilting her face forward a little, she brought her hands toghether, a light appearing between the two. The light pulsed and grew, but suddenly, the girl dissapeared again, though one could hear that she was running. Circling around him, the pulsing light kept growing, until it was the size of a football, and the girl stopped, skipping a little over the dirt.

For several moments, there was nothing but silence, but then, a ball of light appeared from thin air, heading straight towards the Elf. Again, footsteps revealing that the girl was on the move again, but she was still invisible.

OOC: -_-' Shit if that's all I can come up with I'm going to retire as an elite and call myself 'avarage' again. Unless this is one of those 'I adapt to someone else's RP style'-cases again...

6th September 2004, 03:03 PM
I must have read it wrong. And don't worry. They can't all be winners. Hell, most of my last hundred RPing posts have been crap coompared to what I used to be able to do. Besides, sometimes smaller posts are better.


Terra frowned slightly, not sure why the girl was smiling. He noted as she began to create a sort of light, but was somewhat suprised when she vanished completely. He realized that he was not dealing with any ordinary girl, but he also knew that it should have been obvious from the fact that she could turn herself invisible in the first place...

Using his almost genetic ability to sense magic, he kept close tabs on the girl as she circled around him. He also heard her with his sensitive elven ears, but he concentrated more on sensing her than hearing her. Sounds could be made to trick hiim, but almost nothing could fool a magical sense. He turned to meet her when he felt something reappear, but instead of finding the girl, he found a ball of light heading directly towards him.

Raising his staff quickly, the air infront of him shimmered a little, creating a sort of shield. However, when the ball struck it, it was clear that something was wrong. Instead of the usually almost impervious shield, it cracked and shattered, letting the light through. It happened so fast that he had no time to react again, and was struck by it, even though it had been significantly weakened. Even so, it still sent him back a few steps because of his physical frailty. He was a mage by training, not a bodybuilder. The shock also caused him to lose his lock on the girl, leaving him blind to whatever she had planned next.

6th September 2004, 11:13 PM
OOC: ... What are you up to? I'm usually the one getting killed / wounded... O.o I'm not GMing am I?

Under her shroud of invisibility, Kyra grinned even broader. Either the prototype's systems were greater then originally expected, or the one she was fighting wasn't much of a fighter. Though it was also somewhat unexpected to see him turn around as soon as she launched her spell. Though it was of no matter. The forcefield or whatever he tried to conjur was of no effect.

"... Weaklings must pay..."

The girl dropped her invisibility, still grinning with those blank eyes. For a moment, she did nothing, but then the girl broke out in a run, heading towards the Elf in a high pace, as fast as a normal human would run. When she thought she was near enough, the girl quickly spinned around, her foot following the body to strike the Elf's side, somewhere near the region of his kidney... Or where it would be if he was human. But as she whirled around, something was visible in her neck. She had silverish metal stripes in her neck, and on one of them had two odd lights on them; one green, and one red. Lights that weren't there in the first place, and had to be related to the girl's strange behaviour somehow.

OOC: No, I definitly think it's my copycat ability/curse playing up again. -_-' If my opponent writes little, I tend to copy that, and if he writes a lot, I also copy that. I don't like it.

10th September 2004, 04:40 PM
Sorry for being inactive. As your signiture says, the first weeks of school are hell. Although moreso for me, considering I'm grounded. I'm supposed to be writing an assignment right now. But it's the weekend, so feh. And don't worry about kicking my character around. It happens a lot. Pain is almost attracted to him. Besides, I deliberately put him at a bit of a disadvantage. I'm sadistic with this character. ^_^


Terra stayed completely still for a moment, still not able to pinpoint the girl's location, even though he had a pretty good idea of where she was. The only problem was, that it was the alley they were in. It would take a good deal more time to find her, unless she was stupid enough to show herself for even a moment. Then he could lock onto her signals immediately. He doubted it though, because if he were in her position, he would realize the great advantage he would have had over her. It was unfortunate that the roles weren't reversed however...

Suddenly, proving him wrong again, the girl reappeared. He quickly whirled around to meet her face to face, shivers being sent down his spine when he saw her smiling. As she started running, he wondered why she had reappeared. It seemed almost... stupid to have done so. She could have waited for a near infinite amount of time, or even escaped, although he didn't see the need. Again, if he were in her position, he wouldn't see the need to escape. He cursed his frailty, and his stupidity for letting his staff being cracked. If he had simply been more careful, he could have ended this "fight" in a matter of moments.

Just a split second before she reached him, he noticed out of the corner of his eye a kick, aimed directly for his gut. If he had been faster to see it, or faster to react, he might have dodged, but as it were, he was struck in full. He bent over in pain, the already powerful kick being multiplied many times in pain. However, as he did so, he noted two peculiar lights on her. Although strange, he realized almost immediately that they must be the cause, or at least assisting, in the girl's rampage. However, due to the large amount of pain coursing through him, he was unable to do anything to take advantage of them. Yet, at least.

11th September 2004, 06:24 AM
OOC: You're also very close to being a dead man. >_> Are you sure you know what you're doing? (Evil side: shut up and take revenge for all those times you got kicked around.) Point...

Kyra backed away as her foot connected, still grinning. To her, this was fun, kicking the blood out of this man. It somehow gave her satifaction, and she hoped it would last. Though... She realised it would be more fun if he actually tried fighting back. But she wasn't picky.

"See ya!"

Again, the girl dissapeared from sight. However, it didn't take long before she was back; she appeared just two steps to where she was, facing the Elf with arms crossed. But then, another one appeared, and another, and another, until there were five, all grinning and all possessing blank eyes. They all appeared somewhat blurry, though. Simutainiously, the girls brought up their fists again, and again ran towards the Elf, bringing back their left fist to punch him against the face.

OOC: Picky picky >:P. Oh, and I left the color black to indicate the difference between the real Kyra and the psychotic one.

19th September 2004, 12:01 PM
That's how most of my spars go. Get the unholy crap beat out of the character, and pray they leave the unconscious body for people to mug. Anyways, I'm still unable to get on reliably, so...


Terra noticed that his vision was beginning to go blurry, just as the girl vanished from sight again. He was beginning to notice a sort of pattern happening, and he knew that if he did nothing to change it, the girl may very well kill him. As he tried to stand up to his full height, he coughed, a bit alarmed when he saw blood flying out of his mouth. This only reaffirmed the fact that he didn't have much time left if things continued as they were.

He looked around desperately, trying to find the girl once again with his sense, but he came up blank. Suddenly however, he sensed her jerk back into visibility. He turned to meet her again, but when he did, he noticed with a cry of alarm that she was multiplying. As if one wasn't enough, now there was five of them. He could only watch as they rammed their fists directly into his face, with such force that he flew backwards from the girl(s), directly into a wall. He heard a loud crack, but he couldn't tell if it was from him, or the wall. He didn't care either, as it hurt just the same.

He coughed several times as he looked up at the five of them, staining the ground with his blood. He grasped his staff tightly, trying to use it to stand up, but failing miserably. All he managed to succeed in was bring more pain to himself. However, as he fell back down again, he vaguely noticed that the cracked crystal atop it began to glow brightly. It was strange, considering he hadn't done anything to invoke it, and yet it was glowing the same. Without any warning, 10 tiny little arrows of wind began to form on all sides of it, which he recognised as one of his favourite spells. It was still strange though.

He didn't have much time to think about it however, as all 10 suddenly shot off in every direction, even in his. Using only his instincts (and the fact that the arrow wasn't directly aimed at him), he moved his head to the side, letting the arrow sink into the wall with a clunk. He wished he hadn't dodged though, as it only brought him pain regardless. There were still 9 arrows though, and he was sure that at least one of them would strike the girl. Regardless of that fact, he hoped that it would only strike her in a minor area. Enough to take her out, but not enough to kill her.

20th September 2004, 07:48 AM
OOC: Consider yourself lucky she still takes hits like a schoolgirl. I'm gonna throw you a bone now... But an explanation on how the arrows work would be nice (for instance, do they stay after they hit their target?)...

After seeing her punch hit, the original Kyra, hidden among the four halluciantions she created, slowly crossed her arms. The other four wavered suddenly and dissapeared in a small flash of light, leaving only one girl standing. She kept grinning, but this was starting to bore her... In her opinion he just flew through the air too easily, not much of a challenge.

"Boy, you don't put up much of a fight. Weakling..."

She snorted one last time, but then turned around and started walking away from the wounded Elf, not caring what he was going to do. Because... What could he do? Whack her with the stick? She would just...


She stopped, and reached for her head. By doing so, the girl's neck became visible again, and the two lights on the silver stripes. One of them was flickering in an odd way, but then, it corrected itself and kept lit. I'm not going to let you rule this body! For a moment, she remained standing, but then walked on again. Until suddenly she heard something hitting something else and whipped around, her long pink hair not immediatly following her sudden turn. And as she did, she felt several sharp things glance her left shoulder, tearing through her shirt and leaving two red lines in their wake. At the same time, she felt a third sting in her right side, something piercing her skin.


She let herself drop the the ground, clutching her wound in the side, feeling something just shoot past her. What the?! So... He still had some fight in him left. She would take care of that... Once she had taken care of that wound...