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1st November 2004, 04:13 PM
[OOC: A battle between the Guilds of Sartera and the Talvorian Magus Council. PM me to participate.

More information here: Crushing the Darkness (http://www.giveupalready.com/showthread.php?t=3752)]

After dispatching the bulk of a group of the Knights of Darkness, and making himself known, Xolotl watched as the rest of the Guilds of Sartera left through a portal back home. Tournament or not, the Azteca Warrior wasn't done yet. The blood soaked into the green skin of his fist only pushed him further towards war and domination. War. Battle. The last conflict was over, but Xolotl was left with a feeling of emptiness. There were better combatants here; worthier ones. Xolotl remembered the last cocky warrior who left the bar, the one who escaped unscathed. The memory lingered in his mind, like a nail in his skull that could only be removed by destroying someone stronger.

The Kaiden Guildmaster walked proudly forwards, past empty tents, in the direction of Drake and the so-called Magus Council. After all the commotion, and with the tournament closed, there was bound to be someone he would run into that would be stupid enough to pester him, or even attack him. Maybe even Drake himself, though Xolotl didn't figure that such an egotistical idiot would actually fight.

6th November 2004, 05:25 AM
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The Council was in tumult. Recent events had had a great impact on the band of loyal men, and women I feel obliged to say, and on top of all that, the leader Drake had suddenly dispatched the Council.

“And that whilst there is a battle to be fought!”, a young boy, not even sixteen years in age, mumbled while storming off into the night.

He had also had a rough night, being part of the Tal'Vornian Magus Council himself, and the sudden conclusion Drake had reached had not been one he could find himself approving. He didn't know much about what was going on, and thus he was not totally qualified to judge his superior's reasoning, but he could still disagree, and so he did. For the people that knew him this was only what could be expected of the young boy. A high-spirited boy he was, a boy with a choleric, maybe even sanguine temperament, not someone that would take an insult lightly. His impetousity had driven him into trouble many times before, but up 'till now he had always somehow seen a way to work himself out of the mess again. This could probably best be seen as the merit of his great abilities as a warrior. Though still young in age, this boy had already fought several heroic, tough battles. Be it a simple Spar against a friend, be it a fight against some of the more diabolical foes existing, fact was that this boy knew how to handle himself in battle. For this boy was no-one other than Darius Garothan, The HeatsTouch. A Council Approved Fire Master, loyal student to many a Fire Dojo, with Zadok Ben Misgab's as his most favorite and only one still having Darius as one of its students right now. A Council Approved Weapons Master, Fire Master in the Tal'Vornian Maguc Council, Leader of the Flames of Havoc in the Armies of the Forbidden One, Trainer at the Armies of the Forbidden One, such were his titles. He was proud of them, they showed the world what he had already accomplished in his short life. Some other people might not care about the titles that had been given to them, or some other might find it too cocky to show with them, others might not think their titles of any importance, but not Darius. As most teenagers he was almost more concerned with how the rest of the world thought about him than anything else. Vanity one might call it, puberty fits just as well.

He shrugged, a chill running down his spine. The cold, eastern wind was strong tonight, making his skin crawl. But he would not be much of a Fire Mage if he didn't have a solution to his body-temperature dropping. Closing his deep-brown eyes for not more than a split-second, his body suddenly radiated with a glow of warmth. As he opened his eyes once more, the beautiful, intruiging deep-brown color was gone. Instead a fiery, glowing red color filled his irises. It was almost if one was looking at fireplace through a big, red sapphire, the spectacle of different sorts of red all wanting to be the one most prominent in his eyes one to remember. With his body-temperature back to normal Darius relaxed a bit. Exhaling thoroughly he blew off some steam, how ironic that may sound after he had just filled himself with Fire Energy, and decided it was time to return to his chambers once more. The night was cold, his stubbornness and anger gone and his will to have a warm bed to lay on, so he could think things over quietly, only greater. Pausing for a moment he gave one look to his surroundings before turning a hundred-and-eighty degrees and turn back home. But no sooner had he done two steps or he stopped again. A frown sliding over his face, he turned around again and checked once more.

'..What the...??...There's something unusual..'

His need for a bed suddenly overcome by curiousity, Darius walked on for a few steps but was again forced to halt almost immediately. Some thirty, fourty yards in front of him a huge ogre, Darius couldn't think of another word that might describe the being best, stepped out of the night. It seemed determined to reach the Tal'Vornian Magus Council, Darius could tell by the look in his eyes. Since the creature was silent Darius had no first response to the situation and more or less stood there frozen. Not with fright, he wasn't struck dumb either, but simply more because of absence of knowledge about what to do. As the creature came closer and closer, Darius gathered all his bravery and decided to speak up.

“Hey! You! Where do you think you're going? What is your buisness with the Tal'Vornian Magus Council? You are not allowed to come here, unless you provide a legal reason, so I'm going to ask you to leave, now Sir!!”

Darius voice had sound resolute, no sign of any ignorance or incertainity could be found in it, but inside Darius had no idea how he should handle such an unexpected guest. Just to be sure he gathered a small amount of Fire Energy in his hand, might the intruder try something funny.

6th November 2004, 12:55 PM
Not a single change swept over the face of the Xolotl as he proceeded forwards, his eyes looking blankly into those of the boy before him. As he neared, and as the child addressed him insolently, Xolotl believed that he had found something to occupy his mind for a short time; if not to even challenge him, than at least to offer a slight distraction to hold him off for a few more minutes. As strange as it was, it was war that brought him peace, and the absence of it that wreaked chaos in his mind.

By the time the boy had finished speaking, Xolotl was already upon him, towering like a green statue. His red eyes burning with the fires of havoc, the Azteca Warrior quickly lowered his body to drop down on one knee, bringing his elbow downwards upon the top of the boy's skull.

6th November 2004, 03:23 PM
If Darius had been counting on one thing, it was for the stranger to attack him. Knowing quiet well that Tal'Vornian wasn't the most peaceful of places and that the council was at war, despite the recent drastic changes they had undergone only a few hours ago, Darius had been very alert. Alert enough to have his reflexes respond in time to this sudden and silent attack. Before Darius could blink with his eyes the ogre had heaved its mighty elbow above Darius' head and was bringing it down with such an immense might that if Darius wouldn't do anything, he would surely die.

But luckily, before the ogre could blink with his eyes, Darius had used his flexibility to make a evading move, a simply roll sidewards to be exact, and the elbow missed its originally intented target, instead hitting nothing but air. In the splitsecond that Darius now had to think about whether he should address this person one last time before battling him, in a pathetic attempt to keep his dignity, or if he should simply start firing spells back, he decided the latter.

His instincts just told him to. Darius wasn't a boy of politics. He was a boy of raw action. And so, as soon as his sidewards roll had ended in a stance with on knee on the ground and one foot giving Darius support, he stretched out his arms and smiled.

“Feel the heat, baby.”, he mumbled, just before a huge beam of fire made its way over to the strange opponent. (Flame Cannon)

6th November 2004, 04:25 PM
Xolotl snarled for a moment, realizing that the small human wasn't about to stand and die, and was quite acrobatic. Frustrated enough by earlier events, the Aztec was in the mood of attacking first and thinking later, and soon after his attack was evaded, he stayed on the offensive, charging towards the boy. Suddenly his body dropped down and turned, sliding his feet into the legs of his opponent. While it wasn't particularly strong due to a lack of velocity from a short distance, his weight would be enough to make up for it. Just as he slid forwards, a blast of flames shot forth above him, barely missing the top of his head.

The Aztec's game was to attack furiously, never stopping, in the hopes that his opponent wouldn't have time to think and would thus break down.

8th November 2004, 04:50 AM

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Darius hadn't expected his first attack to hit when fighting another experienced fighter, like this Ogre seemed to be. Had it been an Ork, or a Goblin, then Darius would've been mad at himself for missing such an easy target the first time around, but this time he forgave himself. As the beam hit a tent in the background, disintegrating the leather it was made of within seconds and sending its inhabitants outside screaming, Darius had little time left to evade the tackle the Ogre had meanwhile thrown at him. His flexibility and his reflexes were fast, as we had already seen before, so Darius immediatly came into action.

Sitting on one knee and having his other leg placed firmly on the ground, as if he was bowing before a king, Darius used his standing leg, which happened to be his right one, to push himself into the air. As soon as he was standing he added a little speed by using the tip of his left foot to give him that last push he needed to get above the sliding Ogre and left the ground. But no matter how fast he had been, he had not been fast enough. The Ogre's legs weren't particularly small ones and Darius had not been able to reach the heigth needed to totally evade them. While still lifting off he felt his right foot being hit hard and he tumbled forward. Seeing the head of the angry Ogre slid by beneath him, he landed in a roll, immediatly coming up in the same stance he had been in only a few moments ago. Difference was he was facing the other way, a fact he had accomplished by simply turning himself a hundred-and-eighty degrees while getting from his roll into his stance. It was a specialized move, even though it looked simple from the outside, but Darius had learned to perform it flawlessly with the thought of these kind of fights in mind.

'..Funny how things you learn for always seem to happen one day or another in your life..'

And so facing the Ogre once again, Darius had the choice between two things. Either he would pose himself as a true Mage and would continue firing spells until one would hit, or he would show himself a Warrior and would unsheat his eight foot long and eight inch broad longsword, ready to fight the Ogre in close combat. Knowing quite well that he didn't have more then a few seconds to decide this, he decided to go for the first option. The Ogre seemed like a strong opponent and though Darius was quick, he wasn't too sure about himself being able to withstand the raw power this creature was showing.

Stretching his arms once more, he concentrated for a second, and suddenly twenty little discs, each about four inch in diameter, jumped out of his fingers, two per finger, and floated in front of him. They didn't remain motionless for long though, because with a simple nod of his head, Darius sent them off flying at the Ogre. The armor his opponent was wearing would not help him, for these discs were especially designed to go through any armor, be it enchanted or not, and hit the opponent directly. (Fire Shards).

It wasn't one of Darius' most powerful attacks, not by far, but atleast it had a great range. Darius had noticed the Ogre to be quicker than his body-size would make one think and since he found the idea of another spell missing completly a rather unpleasant one, he had decided to use Fire Shards. The twenty discs were spread out over such a big area that some of them were almost bound to hit. A lot would miss, indeed, but atleast the chance that two or three would hit was a bit bigger.

'..Better than fully missing the guy again..'

And so, as the discs found their way to the Ogre, Darius still sat there, one knee on the ground and one foot placed firmly in the mud. His right foot had been hit pretty bad for now that he had the time to think clearly for a second he felt the pain rise. Maybe it had been bruised, or maybe even broken, fact was that Darius didn't like the feeling of it and he simply hoped that his limp would cope with the battle at hand and not let him down.

'..God, would that be a dishonourable way to lose a battle..'

A chill went down Darius' spine at the mere thought of it, while he waited for what was to come.

8th November 2004, 03:01 PM
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Caught off-guard by the astonishing speed of his opponent, Xolotl used his strong arms to push himself up from the slide after it had finished its course. Seeing the small boy appear to cast another fiery spell, the Aztec was unsure of what to do, as the boy was already casting the spell and he had just gotten up. Kneeling and facing the opponent, Xolotl again put his shield up, ducking his head beneath the top of it and shrinking his posture to mostly fit behind the shield.

The Poctlinopal Shield seemed to be made out of obsidian, and Xolotl was confident that no normal fires could damage it. He was right, but only to the extent that the fires would have to be normal. These fire shards were not, and the flames of one shard passed right through the shield and into the side of his torso, searing across his ribs and muscle, sending a flash of pain into his mind and the realization that these were formed more of magical energy than of fire. Xolotl was especially resilient against these potent magicka energies, and as his green body almost seemed to glow with its own light, he stood upright, absorbing the fire shards into his body. One sank into his arm, one in his leg, and two more directly in his toros, dissappearing into his large mass. Each bloody, cauterized wound crackled with tiny, jade electric pulses as Xolotl Harvested the energies within them to quickly reduce the effectiveness of the fire shards. The wounds were still there, but they were cauterized and were shallow enough to be quite inconsequential. Simple black marks on his green skin.

Using inherent quickness and a dash of speed, Onuris Low-Shifted towards his opponent, somewhat-crouching yet at the same time blazing forth with speed. As he approached the boy, his body rose and pushed forwards, and Xolotl through his speed, sheer mass, and all his arm's strength at the area around the boy's neck and chest (the size range between the two fighters was simply that wide) in a Shadow Lariat. Such a thing was typically meant to dispatch only the meanest warriors, as the attack was incredibly strong, fast, and hard to escape. Most would call him cruel to do such a thing to a boy, yet at the same time he may have been merciful to attempt to end the conflict so quickly.

Duke Manboy IV
8th November 2004, 04:22 PM
The anxious cries outside caused Ghorgrond to snap out of his concentration as he was wandering trough the Council Halls, musing. Soon his head, topped by long dark hair and completely hidden behind a beard of the same black, popped out of the first floor window.

A wisp of smoke entered the warriors vision firmly drawing itself against the utter blue sky, yet it was the source of this plume that stunned Ghorgrond. He immediately recognized his young friend Darius; the fire mage was fighting a foe obviously beyond his skill. This stranger was tall and muscled, just like the Viking himself, so Ghorgrond decided to interfere in this battle, to venture a trial of strength against this other gargantuan creature.

Without even being sensible, he patted down the small stairs and out of the gate he went, silently approaching the battle. His eyes were locked upon this newcomer, obviously not a human, yet immediately Ghorgrond noticed, this creature fortunately wasn't as tall as he was. Darius was sitting with one knee on the ground and an expression of utter focus upon his face, as the ogre darted forward with an incredible speed and was about to severely damage Ghorgrond's young comrade.

In but a heartbeat, the warrior being but a few feet away, Ghorgrond threw himself forward and as an arrow he sprinted forward, despair and concentration mixing up somewhere around his abdomen.
What if he would be too late? Would Darius be killed? He couldn't think about such things. He had almost reached Xolotl and it was obvious he would bash into the beast in mid-air, before the latter would reach the fiery young boy. Ghorgrond didn't know what the plan was, for now he just wanted to crash into the ogre left elbow first, and avoid the impact between Xolotol and Darius.

As usual the mastodon wore nothing but a pants and a pair of heavy boots, therefore his iron limbs were revealed, his skin rippling with nothing but muscles as he tensed every single one of it in a desperate attempt to help his friend. The tattoo's covering his skin in the shape of runes, looked as if they were going to burst open into one bleeding mass while the time kept on ticking away ruthlessly.

15th November 2004, 11:52 AM

I was inactive for reasons PM'd. Back now. I hope my inactivity will be forgiven. I will leave the fight between you two to you, and only RP me covering my ass as good as possible. It's up to Anubis what happens after that, since he's the one attacking as well as being attacked.


Darius watched in horror as his shards, who had indeed hit their target in a considerable number and had therefor done exactly as Darius' bidding had been, though futile the attempt as it now proved to be, passed right through his opponent. The green, massive, muscular body simply seemed to absorbe the shards with ease, the otherwise damaging discs leaving wounds, but apparantly not bothering the Ogre in any other way. This subliminal display of indistructability would've had every other opponent on their knees begging for mercy at the feet of his incredibily strong, ominous and seemingly unforgiving creature. Any other person would've trembled with fear, not only fear for his life but also fear of how it would end, a most horrible, painful and long death coming to mind when looking into the blazing eyes of the Ogre. Every other opponent, but not Darius.

Darius wasn't one of those cowards, one of those people who were willing to beg for their lives. No, Darius was a boy of honour, a boy with a great perseverance and not someone to give up. Even the impossible display of strength wasn't enough to get Darius afraid, no. But the only problem was that before Darius could show his bravery and attack the Ogre again, showing his confidence in a good end of this fight, the Ogre was right atop of him. Performing a flawless combination of building up speed, moving in an incomprehensible way, ducking then coming up again in a single, perfect motion and lashing out with a velocity that even Darius had not yet seen matched by anyone else, the young boy was left almost no time to react to the furious slash that was heading for his chest and neck. A slash that, would it fully hit its target, would probably prove to be deadly.

But Darius didn't want to experience that personally so, in a desperate attempt to save whatever there was to be saved, Darius held up his arm as if he was to block the mighty Ogre with nothing more but one limb. But before even the Ogre could blink with his eyes, a thick shield of fire appeared. It was exactly the form of one of those typical army shields, at least the typical armies Darius knew. Fact was it was big enough to block a pretty big object and looked like it could take a hit or two. With a handle on the back that Darius immediately grabbed, Darius' defense was now a lot stronger since the Ogre's attack would not directly hit him anymore. Sure, he would take the blow since he hadn't been able to evade the lightning-fast attack. But at least he would probably be able to take the blow now, without getting hurt fatally. (Fire Shield).

But just before the impact would be there, Darius saw something in his eyecorners. A flash, something moving at incredible speed, ready to intercept the Ogre in mid-air, so it seemed. What or who it was, was unclear to Darius, the speed at which it was moving to big. But the direction it seemed to have could only turn out to be one in favour of Darius. Wondering about what would happen, Darius readied himself for the blow, his head low and his feet placed firmly in the mud. What would come, would come...

18th November 2004, 02:46 PM
Xolotl continued to attack...