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28th June 2006, 12:51 AM
A-slice-of-cake, make the first post. Good luck on maintaining this clan.

Mod notes:
- 28 June 2006: Clan thread made. Yay for active members.
- 21 December 2006: New clan thread made as per request clan leader.

Oh, and here is a freaky fact; I actually have a mystery PM, like the one in your story, a-slice-of-cake. The thing is that it has no sender at all and it was sent to me at 1 january, 1970. Hrmnnnn... ^_~

29th June 2006, 02:58 PM
The abridged story of EAC's founding can be found through this link (http://www.giveupalready.com/showthread.php?t=42086) on the first post. Read it before continuing. Here, the rules for this clan are contained.

Please do not create a character for EAC until you've been RPing on GUA for a while. This is mainly to A) reduce the amount of time we spend training new guys and B) help the storyline progress more smoothly.

Concerning character creation: We'll be using the standard BA character sheet, but I'll be adding a few necessary notes below.

Name: You don't need to put your real name. My character is named Richard O'Riley, but that is nowhere near my actual name.
Element: Pick the element you would most logically wield. Secondary elements are OK.
Race: Human (unless, for some reason that changes. If you want to be non-human, you must PM me and convince me why)
Alignment: Think about it. What are you?
Gender: Same as yours.
Age: Somewhere around yours, if not exactly yours.
Eyes: Same as yours.
Hair: Same as yours.
Height: Same as yours.
Weight: Same as yours.
Home: Where did you live before you were transported to the BA? Now where are you?
Other: Anything else?
Attitude: What type of person are you? Describe yourself as you are right here.


Be LOGICAL with your equipment. Chances are you weren't sucked into the BA with a crossbow and tower shield on your back. In fact, you probably won't even have a weapon to begin with. Though you might.

Concerning Armor:
Substitute clothes here; unless you're a cop or in the army, I doubt you're wearing armor.

Other Equipment:
Here, I leave it up to you to decide what was with you within reason when you were transported. I reserve the right to overrule any of your decisions concerning this or anything else material-wise.

Chances are that you'll only have some sorts of items if you wandered around for the two weeks before you heard about EAC. If you want to incorporate that, cool. If not, that's cool too.

About Spells:
You may not start out with spells. Because we cannot cast magic in real life, and we are RPing as ourselves, we have no knowledge of anythign magical. You may, however, train in the Academy's masters' threads, as that will happen after you've been in the BA for a while.

Skills: Any special skills you have should be in your character thread. Explain them, to what degree you're competent, and how you got them.

History: First, tell us a bit about yourself. We don't need to know your entire life history, but we do want to learn about your important points.

Then, sum up what happened when you logged on to GUA that day and found the PM from *XX.* Describe your reactions, what was going on that day, what you did after logging out of GUA, what you were doing when you blacked out, and what you did before you found EAC. For flavor, perhaps include an encounter with one of your BA characters.

You do not know about EAC until your person is transported to the BA.

All EAC characters will be posted in the BA's "character info" subforum. It is legal to RP with in non-EAC spars, quests, and tournaments.

To join, create your character there, then immediately post a link to your character's page here. Do not post ICly in this thread the first time, but after that, you may. Please post OOC questions in the tavern. Either I or a sub-Leader will read over your character info and enforce necessary corrections, and, upon change, will approve your entry. Eventually, we may have you do a character interaction spar to prove that your RPing skills are good enough. We aren't looking for elite, but we are looking for a good effort.

Ranking System: The ranking system will be based on seniority and RPing skill. We have six ranks, but we have no "points" system to determine them. The clan may vote, and the sub-Leaders and the High Veterans may debate amongst themselves and influence me, and I'll usually agree with both. However, unless I state otherwise, I may overrule any clan decision and have the final say.

Ranks in descending order. Ranks may change in time.

Leader: That's me. I call the shots of the clan and am in charge of, well, leading it. I may evaluate members, start clan quests, call clan tournaments, etc., etc. Having problems in the clan? PM me and I'll see what I can do.

sub-Leaders: My right-hand men. There aren't very many of them, and they can RP the best, have been around the longest, and know the protocol as well as I do. Their exact rights have not been determined yet, but they have plenty of them.

High Veterans: These guys have been around a while and know how to RP. They know what's good, what's bad, and what's ugly. Not as many rights as sub-Leaders, but I still give them plenty of trust.

Veterans: They've gone through a lot to get here. If you are having trouble, talk to these guys; they know how the clan functions and can RP pretty well. To earn this title yields great respect - and responsibility. A couple more rights than members.

Members: Full-fledged members of EAC. They have voting priviledges and are essentially, along with veterans, the backbone of the clan.

Recruit: Either you just joined EAC or your RPing really needs work. Sometimes both. After you've participated in a couple of spars or quests, including one clan activity, and done decently, you'll become a member. Sorry, no voting priviledges.

Theme: There are plenty of themes that will be covered in EAC. The main ones are:
1. How are we going to get back home?
2. Do we even want to leave this magical, wonderful place and go home?
3. If we can't/Until we do get back home, how will we cope?

I think that covers the basics. Soon, I'll create a separate forum for EAC talk. Only major announcements and member submissions will be allowed here.

Current members:

Leader: a-slice-of-cake (Richard)

sub-Leaders: None.

High Veterans:
Squidi (Freshy)

Veterans: None.

Marushia (Maru)
Uther (CJ)

Lord_Asiram (Ryan)
Istar_Magus (Ian ?)
Angel (Hikari)
Draco (James)
Desent (Daniel)
Andanin (Mariam)
Shade (Greg)
Fotiadis110 (Glen)

(?) = Create your character and post a link to it here.
(Name ?) = character not fully approved yet.

29th June 2006, 03:15 PM
I joined to ya know. BTW, I PMed Legion with the misspelling of Coalition or "Coaltion" as he said it. Anyways, my character... well, myself... is in my siggy.

Lastly, I think this thread is supposed to be for IC stuff and the tavern is supposed to be for OOC... Not sure if that is an actual rule though, but it seems to be the norm.

29th June 2006, 03:20 PM

Still needs some touching up, but I at least have one. I’ll work that out this weekend, hopefully.

EDIT - ASOC, check it again.

29th June 2006, 03:29 PM
I have told you both what you need ot do in your character threads. When you've done that, I'll approve them, and you can enter EAC ICly.

EDIT: Squidi, Freshy is approved.

29th June 2006, 05:03 PM
So, do you want me to post IC in this thread then? Also, you may want to describe the building since I don't want to describe it and fuck it up...

29th June 2006, 07:39 PM
[OOC]Mike Wallers stats. (www.giveupalready.com/showthread.php?p=750062#post750062) not the one in my signature!!!!

30th June 2006, 12:41 AM
Here (http://www.giveupalready.com/showthread.php?p=750182#post750182) is my character for this clan. I hope it's good enough.

Edit- Changed element to no secondary.
Edit2- Edited in special skills.

30th June 2006, 10:39 PM
Angel, your character is reviewed. Looks good, nearly approved. very well done. Approved.

Apollo, see your character thread. You need some work.

Maru: Close, but still not approved yet.

Squidi: As a present for being our first approved member, I'm interested in your description of the place. Just keep in mind that it's a well-furnished manor because Irdof is filthy rich. However, Richard's the only one in it. No servants or anything. If you go too off-course, I'll PM you. EDIT: This aplies to you too, Angel, if you get to it first.

Richard's profile is up. If it means anything to you.

1st July 2006, 12:07 AM
I edited my character to your specifications... now what?

1st July 2006, 07:57 AM
Fucking Zooga. Why'd I have ta create such a stupid character that just goes around beating the shit out of blind men and kids and then steals their stuff. Seriously, shorts and a single stupid sandal... WHO STEALS SHORTS AND A SINGLE STUPID SANDAL! And where the fucking hell was I? Was I dreaming... No, too realistic. It was too weird... too magical... I was definitely in GUA's Battle Arena. It was rather obvious really. I looked around the town square and noticed the ratio of black-clothed men, wearing hooded cloaks and/or trench coats and equiped with a katana, to everyone else. It was something like 25 to 1. I bet that if I surveyed everyone at that very moment, the results would show that ninety-five percent had their parents murdered while they were at a young age. Classic... Heh, at least I could be proud to say that Zooga had a happy childhood and that he dressed in pink colors. Still, the fucker stole my shorts and a sandal.

Stop looking at me in awe, ya dumbass unoriginal newbie characters. I walked up to one of them and began to talk with him. "So, yeah, where the hell am I?" I asked. "I... Uhh... Don't know." he said very monotone. Great, we're in one of those generic cities in the BA that don't have a fucking name. "Well, can ya tell me where I can get some shorts and a sandal?" I questioned, growing rather impatient. "Shorts and sandals. What's that?" he said again... monotone... I hated people that spoke like that. I hate people that write like that too, using the dreaded Screenplay style, where tone of voice didn't matter, and all that matters is who said it and what they said. "Man, you suck!" I cried in his face. "Go away. Find some tree and jump out of it in randomosity to spar some dude you've never met before for no reason whatsoever." The hooded man nodded his head, and his emotionless voice spoke, "Good idea."

Agitated, I left that fucking guy and the town square all together and entered another alleyway, conveniently dark and narrow. Somehow losing myself in the maze of intersections, I came upon a dead-end. Before me stood an edifice of originality and, therefore to me, greatness. A structure in the shape of a dragon's head. A long tongue was rolled out of its mouth that was the walkway up to the door, which was back deep in the its gaping, razor mouth. Its teeth were like stalagmites and stalactites of a deep cave. The eyes above were stainless windows of red, blue, orange, and yellow, like fire. Wow! I walked up the pink tongue and found it... soft, like a real dragon's tongue. I was definitely more than a bit freaked, especially when the tongue rolled back into its mouth, creating something sort of like a playground slide. The doors near the back flapped open, and as I stumbled through them, screaming in fear and joy, I half expected to shoot straight down as if I were entering the esophagus. But no, I entered a rather marvelous room instead.

Mixed shades of blue marble covered the floor, red covered the walls to the left and right, orange the walls in front and behind, and lastly yellow hovered above me on the high ceiling. Polished oak chairs, tables, counters and the like were placed perfectly about. Statues, weapons, armor, relics found themselves hung on walls, in glass casings, propped on the dining table, everywhere my eyes turned to. This guy is richer than Gates and Buffet, before he donated eighty-five percent of his cash, combined! Damn... A spiraling staircase was off in the far left corner of the room, leading to the second floor, and although the first floor was magnificent enough, curiosity pulled me to see what the second was like. I skipped steps as I circled up and around until I was up in the second floor, no less lavishing. A kid around the same age as me looked through one of the fiery stainless window at the maze of alleys before him and the dragon's tongue, which had whipped back out of the mouth. "Uhh... Hello," I said, hesitating. "Sorry, for trespassing, but this place is nice. It yours?"

Well, I like it. Ooh, big paragraphs. I'll be waiting for your PM :D.

1st July 2006, 10:53 AM
Here's (http://www.giveupalready.com/showthread.php?p=750766#post750766) my char for this clan. Hope to join it quickly.

1st July 2006, 10:16 PM
Okay, here's my character. I'm sorry the history ain't up yet, I'll get to that on Monday (I can't get to the computer tomorrow). I'll make an IC intro when I do.

http://www.giveupalready.com/showthread.php?t=42285 (http://www.giveupalready.com/showthread.php?t=42285)

2nd July 2006, 06:51 AM
Here is my Charecter. http://www.giveupalready.com/showthread.php?p=751104#post751104

3rd July 2006, 12:07 AM
Okay, here's an update. Though I'm going to start posting these in the tavern from now on.

Marushia: Character approved. Have fun.

Uther: 1337 as usual. Approved on the first try.

Desent: Nearly approved. See your char thread.

Draco: Need a history, dude. Check out your thread.

Squidi: LOVED that post. Brilliant. Especially the bit about the noob characters. Everyone, when you enter ICly, use that description of the manor.

Actor? Hah! This guy sure did manage to get in someone's favors...

Richard had been gazing out the beautifully stained window to see if anyone would approach his headquarters. Unfortunately, in a not-too-uncommon occurence, he had drifted into thought about Irdof's real identity. His eyes gazed upon the teenager heading down the path to the draconic manor that was EAC's home base, but his brain did not comprehend it.

Why would he lie to me, just to give me this huge palace? Maybe he wants to protect his identity... his name's probably not even Irdof-

Uhh... Hello. Sorry, for trespassing, but this place is nice. It yours?

Startled, Richard hopped involuntarily and spun around to see who the intruder was. The young man in front of him looked, upon his inspection, harmless enough, allowing him to relax a little. Trying not to chuckle at the fact that he was only wearing one sandal, Richard grinned and created a reply, "Yeah, I guess you could say that."

"This place is actually the HQ for my clan," Richard continued, carefully choosing his words so as not to spook the teen. "You see, I'm not from around here, and I'm trying to get back home. Unless you're also from -"

Hang on, that shirt says Quicksilver. And it looks modern. He must be from GUA!

His body let out a yelp of delight, whether he willed it or not. Hastily, the leader took his comrade's hand firmly and shook it while looking him in the eye. "Well, welcome to the Earth Anomaly Coalition! Name's Richard. Hope it wasn't too hard to find us. You're actually the first one to come. Feel free to pick any empty bedroom on this floor to call your own." Richard's giddyness was not masked, nor did he believe it could be if he had wanted to.

Wait a sec - people have characters from Earth too. Oh God, what if this one is a character and not a RPer? Stupid, Rick! Letting your emotions decide your judgement again! Well, what's done's done, better see his reaction before continuing.

3rd July 2006, 02:28 AM
Here is a link to my EAC character: http://www.giveupalready.com/showthread.php?t=42339

I hope it is good enough.

3rd July 2006, 11:49 AM
Stepping out of the portal opened by his character, the lost young man coughed a bit and tried to move. However, he seemed paralized by pain caused from entering the portal.

"The pain will leave shortly."

"I know that! Geez, I created you. I think I know how your spells work. Hey, that gives me an idea. Maybe you can teach me some spells."

With a smirk, Rain turned toward CJ. "You should know better then any that I'm no teacher." Waving his arm at what seemed a dragon's head, he spoke again. "Here you are. The Earth Anomaly Coalition. It's a clan and by the description, it will work with you." Without waiting for thanks, or anything else, Rain created another portal and left CJ to himself.

"Damn. Maybe when I get back, I'll make him a bit nicer to me... ah, who am I kidding, I like him the way he is."

Walking slowly to the toungue of the dragon/house, the man in the pink shirt stopped suddenly. In his mind, he played through a few scenarios about what would happen when he stepped onto the dragon's tounge. One involved the dragon actually being real and eating him. Then, at least he would become shit, unlike what his dad had said to him before. Another came by his head that it was just a strange, yet cool house that someone with too much time and money built. After a few moments, he took a step onto a very squishy tounge. Why does the worst case scenario always come true? Rolling up, he found himself being flung down the door like it was a throat. Expecting a splash of stomach acid, the morsal found himself instead in a room.

"Man... that was fun... Let's do it again!"

After standing, he suddenly realized that he wasn't alone in the room and that there stood two other people who looked way out of place in the world he was in. However, they didn't notice him yet, so he stood back a bit and listened to them.

"Well, welcome to the Earth Anomaly Coalition! Name's Richard. Hope it wasn't too hard to find us. You're actually the first one to come. Feel free to pick any empty bedroom on this floor to call your own"

After this, he couldn't remain hidden any longer. "The Earth Anomaly Coalition! So, Rain was right." Taking a few steps forward, he extended his hand to the 'leader' of the group. "Name's Cr... CJ. I was told to come here by a character of mine." Before he could ask if he could have a room, his stomach growled at him. In all the excitment of coming into this place, he had forgotten about his lack of food. With a wry grin, he spoke again. "Hehe... there wouldn't happen to be free food here, would there?"

3rd July 2006, 01:35 PM
LOVED that post. Brilliant. Especially the bit about the noob characters. Everyone, when you enter ICly, use that description of the manor.
Good to hear read. You might want to put it in the first post, so any new comers won't have to hunt down the description—even if it is a few posts down.

As the kid spoke, I started looking around the room at the polished oak doors, which lined the fiery marble walls. Suddenly, the boy grew all ecstatic, and he whipped me around to shake my hand, staring me straight in the eye, and welcoming me to some place that I'd never heard before. Earth Anomaly Coalition... what the hell. Sounds like some kind of environmental club. My school was full of those. Never joined though cause I'm no fucking tree hugger. Pick any empty bedroom... Where the fuck was I?

"Look, dude...Eh... Richard," I said, starting to back away. "I only came in here to check this sweet place out. I don't know what the fuck this Earth Animal Coalition thingie or whatever it is you said is. But, if you'd excuse me, I'm getting out o' here." I spun around and bumped into an older guy a bit shorter than me but much bigger. "My bad, man. I'm just leaving. You have fun saving the animals and stuff." I patted him on the back and started to hop down the first few steps of the stairs. Damn, you'd think a building of a dragon would be housing warriors or something.

3rd July 2006, 03:01 PM
Yay! Finally done.

"Well, we have to wait until dark," replied Kieresul.

Oh shit, I forgot. I turned around and saw light still pouring into the entrance of the cave. I was tempted to walk out and touch it but I feared for myself. I'd always done my best to keep myself from harm and was not yet over my squeemishness. I thought long and hard. Apparently, Gayal knew what I had wanted to do. In a show of machoism, he approached the entrance, remaining well within the shadows. The light came down on a slant that well-defined the shadow's edge. After rolling up his left sleeve, he thrust his arm across the threashold. It seered and hissed before the light burned into his flesh as though someone had spilt acid on his skin.

Out of pain, he recoiled his arm to his chest and let out a hissing shreik. "You see," he said, gazing intently at me. Were I more confident of my powers, I would not have been so afraid of him. "This isn't a joke, we can't go outside yet."

"Make a cloud cover," I said. They both looked surprised and faced each other. "You're both more than capable," I continued, "of calling forth clouds and blocking the sun." They agreed that I was right and laughed wondering why they themselves had never thought of that before.

The vampires approached the shadow's edge. By now Gayal's seered flesh had healed. They concentrated their energies, combining their powers to reach far and wide outside the cave. I could hear the wind from there and I could feel it as it swept across my face like cold needles. I could see the ground outside getting darker and knew that clouds were being blown in to block the sun. Not wanting to make Gayal feel like a gruntling, I told him to maintain control over the clouds while Kieresul would test to see if it was dark enough. Gayal seemed happy with this decision, though Kieresul less so. His slant eyes looked nervous and he hesitated a moment as he stretched forth his hand. I held my breath. He did not burn like Gayal did before but the worst was not yet over.

"Go a little farther," I said.

"Why don't you come here and do this?" he asked defiantly.

"Because I don't have the experience of recoiling back if it's still too dangerous." Reluctantly, he agreed and ventured further, each step making him feel even more uneasy, as it meant one more step away from shelter.

I stood next to Gayal and eased us forward, ever so slightly. Kieresul was at the mouth of the cave where the wind hit him hardest. He looked up.

"It's dark grey," he said, "I think it's safe."

Gayal stopped channeling his energy and relaxed. I breathed a sigh of relief.

"I don't know how long this will last," explained Kieresul, "So we'll have to move quickly."

I was tempted to ask why they don't just adjust the clouds as need be when I realized the risk of doing so in direct light. It would take time better spent on running to another sheltered zone.

"Follow us," they said and took off out the cave at what seemed an incredible rate. I pushed off with my legs, still stunned, wondering how I might keep up with them when I found that my own speed was just as impressive. My body felt light as though riding the wind or walking on the moon. Each step propelled me at least a yard or two - I didn't stop to measure then - and was as effortless as running on air.

I soon caught up to my creations who were running in an almost zig-zag fashion. It wasn't until later that I learned why. Their senses were sharp and could detect the best footings, even at that speed. I trailed behind when on the horizon was a town. We raced towards it, though only Gayal and Kieresul seemed to be in competition. I wasn't yet fully aware of just how risky a maneuver this was.

We neared the town. All the while, I was fearful that the clouds would part enough to cast a single ray on my back and burn out my heart. Then, as if by some miracle, thunder cracked. The three of us slowed our gait as we all knew what this meant. A storm was brewing from our plan and the clouds weren't likely to disperse anytime soon.

When we arrived at the outer walls of the city, it was starting to rain. Gayal and Kieresul put their hoods up while I cringed at the cold wetness until I was drentched and then it no longer bothered me. I stood just behind my guardians and guides. There were two soldiers on the outskirts of the city, each with spears. They barred our path. The two vampires looked at each other to confirm that each was holding the same idea. Then, in a sudden burst, they hurled themselves upon the guards and sliced their throats. Their lips and claws were bloody and, as I watched, I got a sickenning feeling in my stomach that made me hurl. I'd never seen a dead body, nor a murder in cold blood, let alone two. It was perhaps the scariest thing I'd seen thus far, but I would soon get over it. Residual morality, I knew, would leave me once I'd made my first few kills. But it would be getting there would prove most difficult. For starters, I tried to convince myself that these people were not real, that they were part of some fantasy I'd been trapped in. Of course, my very being there and how real these men looked were no help either.

Kieresul, who I could tell took a greater liking to me than Gayal had, called me over to the man that he had striken down. "Gaze upon him," he said and I did, "Take in this sight as it will need to be familiar to you." I threw up all over the corpse. The sheer disgust of the site made me thrown up again. I thought by now my stomach was empty and I would have an easier time of it when my bowels finally drained.

I was wrong. I still had a little left in me.

Gayal said not to worry about it, as there would be plenty of time for me to become intimate with death, including my own, which had not yet fully taken hold of me. I was still pink from their blood and each of them had had their fill of mortal bile that the three of us were satiated as we entered the city, but not before I took the clothes of the cleaner guard. Were I not an art student in life, the site of a naked man would have made me vomit again, assuming I had anything left to up-chuck. Conveniently, he was my size.

We stalked down the streets and around some back alleys. The citizens there presumed I was the escort of two strangers. I fancied myself a Roman legion as the man's garb was red and black and gold, though the symbols greatly differed. The taste of my own throw-up was more putrid with a vampire's senses than I'd imagined. I held my mouth up to catch run-off from a roof and rinsed it clean.

Presently, we came to a large dragon head made of stone. "That's the coolest thing I've ever seen," I said, "but how'd they manage to hide it so well like this?"

"I think that's actually what we're looking for," said Kieresul.

"Well, then let's go inside," I suggested.

We walked along the tongue and it was soft and mushy like a real tongue would be. I thought that was even cooler. "Maybe they made it out of a real dragon's tongue," I suspected. After all, this was the Battle Arena, where magic was abound. I wondered if I'd run into Carix at some point. I'd like to give him a piece of my mind, I thought, before realizing the pun. Er, maybe not, so. Besides, it was Gayal and Kieresul who'd applied for Wind Evaluations and it'd be pointless of me to get involved, since I had no control from within.

I opened the doors and was nearly blinded by colors. "What the fuck?!" I exclaimed, "What the fuck? Did we just enter into some McDonald's gay playland or something?"

I laughed at how rediculous the place looked before noticing what I could only imagine as the gay version of Ronald McDonald himself. He was dressed in pink and standing near the center of a group of people, equally estranged.

"Wait a minute, that guy looks familiar. Where have I seen him before?" Then it hit me. Squidi's banner. That was Zooga! which meant that maybe Squid was also here. "Hey, Squidi," I called out, not recongnising him among the crowd, even though he'd given me a fair description of what he looked like. The others there were all new to me.

4th July 2006, 12:43 AM
“Excuse me, but can you tell me where I am? I’m lost.”

Hikari’s words fell on deaf ears, almost literally, as one person after another passed him by. Being ignored wasn’t something new to the young man, but this many people blatantly ignoring him was beginning to get on his nerves. He had replaced his rollerblades with shoes shortly after entering the town, and all three of his wooden weapons were secured on his backpack. Maybe it was the pair of black zip-off pants he was wearing, or perhaps nobody understood the meaning behind the PS2 controller with the words “Control Freak” on his black shirt. Whatever it was, it was really starting to annoy him.

“Hey, kid, over here.”

Despite all logic, Hikari turned to look where the voice was calling for him from. Unsurprisingly, it was coming from a dark alley not too far from where he was sitting. The voice’s owner was a wrinkled old man, and he was beckoning Hikari with an almost skeletal hand. This, Hikari thought, looks like something that would start a spar in the BA. Old man calls from the shadows, then attacks the helpless wanderer with speed and skill he shouldn’t have. Yet… things like that don’t happen in real life, do they?

Apparently, the old man got tired of waiting for Hikari to come into the alley and decided to take matters into his own hands. The trap was going to catch the prey whether the prey liked it or not. Despite the exhaustion that racked his entire body, Hikari somehow found the strength to get up and run away from the psychopathic old man waving a dangerous-looking knife.

“Out of the way! Coming through! Excuse me! Sorry!”

Trying to be polite was difficult while being chased by a crazed killer, but Hikari had to try. Only when he heard an all-too familiar sound did he stop and turn around. What he saw was nothing less than a dream come true, and it was his favorite dream, too. There, standing between him and his would-be murderer, was an angel with a pair of golden wings. It was strange, though… she looked so familiar.

“A… Althea?”

“Ah, I see I finally found you, Hikari. I was beginning to wonder where you were.”

“What do you mean? Who is looking for me? And why are you…”

“I don’t need to answer those questions, do I now? You already know the answers.”

“Oh… my… I’m in the Battle Arena. Aren’t I?”

“I’ll hold this man off. You go look for a dragon’s head. When you find it, walk into the mouth. You’ll find a few more people like yourself in there.”

“Wait, you want me to walk into a Dragon’s mouth?”

“Do you really doubt me so? I’m hurt.”

“… I’m sorry, Althea. I trust you. So… which direction do I go first?”

“Ah, not that good with directions, huh?”

“You know me.”

“Yes, that I do. Go down that road three blocks, and then take a left. Travel one more block and look for a mansion. You can’t miss it.”


Turning in the direction the Angel had pointed, Hikari took off at a slow jog. There was no point in pushing his body to exhaustion, and he had complete confidence in Althea’s abilities to keep the old man occupied. After going past the right road twice and taking three wrong turns, Hikari found himself facing down the meanest looking dragon he had ever seen. This, given that his experience was limited to one dragon, didn’t really mean all that much. He stepped on the tongue casually and watched in amazement as a pair of doors opened where he thought the throat might be. Just as he had been told, there was a small gathering of people there already.

“I still say it’s pink, CJ. Are these friends of yours?”

4th July 2006, 11:51 PM
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Wow, way to go, Rick! Now you've scared the bastard. But hang on... here comes another.

Name's Cr... CJ. I was told to come here by a character of mine. Hehe... there wouldn't happen to be free food here, would there?

Putting on a cheery face, though still abusing himself mentally for scaring the pantless visitor, Richard replied, "Welcome, welcome indeed. So, you're from GUA? What were you back there?" he inquired, in a volume projected so that the descending youth could hear it if it meant anything to him.

Opening his mouth to speak, another visitor arrived, with two "friends" following closely. His mouth shut as he studied the young man below; something seemed... different about him. The man called out, Hey, Squidi. Still maintaining a hopeful disposition, which was becoming more and more accurate, he greeted the newcomer. "Ah-hah! Another one! Come upstairs so we can all meet each other. Mind you, I'm not Squidi, but I am from GUA."

But they kept on coming. Yet another arrival occurred as Richard got ready to reveal his own GUA identity. Distracting him again, he summoned the new arrival to ascend the spiral staircase. An aura of confidence began to exhude from him, rather contrasting to his inner indecision.

I suppose we should have something so we can lal get to know one another... a party! That's it! We'll have a party tonight! I could probably hire a last-minute chef from around here to cater... someone must have made a NPC like that.

5th July 2006, 01:03 PM
Where did I or anyone write anything about Zooga being in the building, Maru?
I started spiraling down the steps as quick as I could. Stupid tree hugger organization... Hopping down the last five steps, I landed hard on the marble floor. My bare foot smacking against the cold surface, and a loud clapping sound echoed from the sandal. I stopped in my tracks as a few more guys entered the main room. "Hey, Squidi!" one of them cried. Oh ya, that's me. I looked the older guy up and down and tried to recall some of the faces shown in the picture thread back at GUA. He looked a bit paler and his hair was a different style, but I knew at once it was Marshall or Maru or whatever. What was he doing here at this tree hugger place in the BA... Maybe it wasn't.

"Hey, Maru, whatcha doing here?" I said, my voice low, one time described while talking over Skype as a big, black guy's voice. "And, who are these guys with you? Oh wait, never mind ... They're vampires, eh? ... Dude, you're waaay to obsessed over that stuff."

5th July 2006, 04:16 PM
Maybe it's his lost twin or some random NPC. lol

Anyone else get the sense that this RP is gonna wind up like Click?

I entered into McDonald land with the type of eerie feeling one gets from watching Care Bears after Fight Club, or Barney after Gothika. It just wasn't right. It was too childish, to bizarre, to ... fucked up. I liked the outside, though. I wished the interior could have been as nice. I felt like I was at Chuck E. Cheeses now and half expected to large mat blocks scattered about. I wouldn't be surprised if there were.

A man approached me. I believe my first impression of him was that he was a jock. He wore a black t-shirt that reminded me of the type my brother usually wear, with the sadistic - though cool - writing on them. He had irridescent eyes, this man. My vampiric sight gave me a new appreciation for just how beautiful eyes could be. I had always loved deep eyes, but this was euphoria. I supposed I could have spent hours just peering down those wells of moss and water and small gold coins that wishers had cast. He was also very tall, easily half a foot more than me, mabe even a whole one. It would have helped if I could remember my own height. He was calm and I was calm, though I think that I would still have been sedated had he been a terrible monster. I was feeling good, feeling poised, feeling unstoppable right then. I loved this feeling of confidence. I felt better than anyone there and not just because I had powers.

His words were soft spoken, despite his inflection, like classical music but what he had to say rather irked me.

"Ah-hah! Another one! Come upstairs so we can all meet each other. Mind you, I'm not Squidi, but I am from GUA."

I scoffed. "Well then who the fuck are you? And why are you talking so funny?" It wasn't that he had a distinguishing accent. I usually just went along with those. It was more that his words seemed contrived. If he was from GUA as I'd imagined, then why did he speak like a newb's NPC? I'd have sooner taken ghetto speak than bear another minute of that kind of language.

Another voice with another face had drawn me away - thankfully. This time, it was him. It was Squidi.

"Hey, Maru, whatcha doing here?"

His voice was much deeper, much more endearing and inviting, like Barry White, though I had always figured DoctahLuuuvvv spoke more like that, seeing as how he'd kept ol' Barry as his avatar. Then again, to say he spoke like Barry White is a bit too extreme, though it was certainly deeper than I anticipated.

"Hey Squid, so that's you?" I was rather surprised. He was entirely unlike anything I'd imagined him to be. What a mysterious youth. "You're still not what I'd expected. Well, I guess I'll have to live with that. That reminds me, you never did post a picture on GUA."

He seemed his casual self.

"And, who are these guys with you? Oh wait, never mind ... They're vampires, eh? ... Dude, you're waaay to obsessed over that stuff."

I laughed sort of embrarrased, my face turning pink. "Yeah, well, so far it's not bad. They even made me one too. Just thought I should warn you in case we're ever alone for a long time. Just be careful, ok?" I spun around with my arms out like one showing off clothes. "But yes, I'm a vampire as I've wanted to be. I daresay that now my physical being will be as potent as my mental capacities, hehe. So close to being a perfect being, ya know? And who doesn't wanna be a god? I mean really. Still, I don't know how I got here or if I can even get back. Do you know?"

I very much doubted it. If I didn't know, why should Squid be any different? Still, it was worth asking.

5th July 2006, 04:29 PM
I cracked a smile and tried hard to keep myself from laughing uncontrollably in Maru's face, as he completed a turn and showed himself off. Queer. "Vampire... cool. Ya better not do any of that Anne Rice hypnotizing crap on me and stuff." I was then going to ask him how he got here, but he beat me to it. Fucker was probably reading my mind or something. "Nah, I don't know how I got here," I began saying. "One minute I was on GUA, watching TV, and studying for some chemistry test, then the next I was in a dark alley and got my ass beat by Zooga ... Ya, don't be laughing or nothin' though, he's quite the unsuspecting fighter. Well, you'd know, you RPed him before."

5th July 2006, 06:27 PM
It was a bright and sunny day in Massachusetts. One of the first in a while, in fact. I had just gotten out of bed and grabbed som breakfast, and was about to log onto GUA for a short bit of RPing. As soon as I logged on, I saw I had a new PM. Intrigued, I opened it and started reading.

Prepare for another reality. What? I thought. I had no idea what this guy was talking about, so I decided to write him a reply.

Prepare for another reality.What do you mean?However, when I hit send, I got a User Not Found message. Odd, I thought. I looked at the time, and saw I was running late, as usual. Startled, I shut down my computer, grabbed my helmet, and got in the car. My mom was already waiting for me.

A couple of hours later, I found myself at the top of a hill. This wasn't just any hill either. It had an extremely steep slope, and was littered with roots. It was called The Hill Of Death, Doom And Destruction, and with good reason. However, there were two people chasing me; I had no choice. They were the cats. I was the mouse. I rode down the hill. Halfway down, the front tire caught on a root, and me and the bike went flying. In mid-air, I suddenly blacked out.

When I woke up, I was lying on what looked like an endless expanse of sand. Lucky that sand was here to cushion my fall, I thought. Then it occured to me. SAND?! I realized I was no longer at the park. In fact, when I looked around, I noticed I wasn't even in Massachusetts anymore, as evidenced by the mountains on the horizon. Now, I've read a lot of books, so I know a dimensional shift when I see one. I dunno, I'm just crazy like that I guess. At first I freaked out. But then I realized there really wasn't much I could do about it, so I looked around for my bike. I saw it lying in the sand a few feet away. I stood up and looked around.

I was in a desert. I was standing on what looked like the only road for miles. In one direction, I could see what looked like a mountain range on the horizon. In the other direction, nothing. Just desert, desert and more desert. And it was getting hot. God, I hate the heat, I thought. I knew I couldn't stay here, I'd starve to death if I didn't die from the heat first. The mountains seemed like a promising place to go, at least there would be water. And maybe even a town. I picked up my bike, and started riding towards the mountains.

A day later, I had left the desert behind me, and was now traveling down a dirt road littered with trees. I was really quite nice. Two days after that, I had reached the mountains. Sure enough, there was a city there. I was a big city too. After getting a drink of water, I started wandering around the back alleys, looking for some food. It had now been three days, since I'd eaten, and I was hungry. I came upon a large building, the entrance resembled a dragon's mouth. I looked down, and saw a recent newspaper. I picked it up, and saw an article about a new clan, called the Earth Anomaly Coalition. I browsed the contents, and realized that this may be a clan of people in the same situation as me.

After reading the article, I realized that this building must be the EACs headquarters. I walked into the dragon's mouth, and yelped as the tongue turned into a slide. I slid through the doors, and into the mansion. When I looked around, my first thought was, How can someone fresh from his home dimension afford such a place? However, I decided to let that slide for a moment, and walked up to the man who looked like he ran the place.

"Excuse me, this your place?" I asked him. "Word is you're also from from the 'outside world', that true?"

5th July 2006, 08:11 PM
What is going on here?

That was the only think Hikari could think about as he watched the verbal exchanges take place. He almost felt forgotten, but that was something he was used to feeling. It also gave him an opportunity to stand back and watch some of the people he had only role-played with talk to each other. He didn’t learn much that he didn’t already know, but he did finally realize just how much of a stuck-up jerk Maru was.

"But yes, I'm a vampire as I've wanted to be. I daresay that now my physical being will be as potent as my mental capacities, hehe. So close to being a perfect being, ya know? And who doesn't wanna be a god? I mean really. Still, I don't know how I got here or if I can even get back. Do you know?"

“And would I be right to assume that your mental capabilities fry in the sunlight like the rest of your body? Besides, what’s the fun in being perfect?”

If Maru really was a vampire as he appeared to be, that meant that there was really nothing that Hikari could do to hurt him should the need arise. That, and the fact that Maru had two “Minions” that were also vampires made his sarcastic remark all the more dangerous. Hikari, however, wasn’t afraid of retaliation. Stepping foreword, he looked at the assembled group and did a quick assessment. Everyone but Maru looked like someone he would meet down the road, which gave him the impression that they were all in the same situation he was in.

I can’t believe this. It’s like a dream, but it’s not a dream. It’s everything I’ve ever wanted… almost. There are two things missing. If I’m really a character in the BA, that means that I should, theoretically, have access to magic. Just… how would I go about learning it? It’s not like I can just walk up to some…one… Or maybe I can…

“Does anyone know what’s going on around here?”

Meh. I never really liked vampires.

5th July 2006, 08:26 PM
"Does anyone know what’s going on around here?"

I thought about this for a moment. My hunger was fogging up my brain, but I was still able to think a few things through pretty clearly.

"Well, I'm no expert," I said, "but I think this is some kind of dimensional shift. You see it all the time on the BA, and in books and movies. I just never thought it would happen to me.

"If this is anything like a traditional dimensional shift, we're here for a reason, probably we need to do something only we can do. Either that or someone tried to summon the "creator" again, and got us instead. If I'm right, we're destined to defeat some kind of evil, possibly from our own world, blah blah blah, etc., etc., and we'll end up getting home about the same time and place we left." I winced at this thought. "Which'll be pretty painful for me," I added dryly.

I looked around, and saw a large kitchen. I pointed at it. "You think anyone would mind if I grabbed some food? I haven't eaten in three days, and I am hungry."

6th July 2006, 05:50 AM
ASOC, you have approved my character but haven't posted it in the memberlist.

This will take place after my character's history, carrying on from that last occurence.

As I turned around to look at who had spoken, I noticed something glimmer in the sunlight. I stood up completely and walked towards the object. When I reached it, I bent down and picked it up. It was a short dagger, with a black handle and the initials GR engraved on it's handle. One of Goru's daggers! I thought to myself.

Stabbing Daggers
Damage: 1 per stab/dagger
Description: Five identical daggers kept in his leather belt around his waist with black handles that have the initials GR engraved in gold on them.

Remembering the voice that told me to come in, and thinking how foolish it was to turn your back on someone in this world, I pocketed the dagger and turned around to look who it was, but instead I saw what must have been the back of a type of house, with a porch that had a few steps that led to a door that was closed. I wonder if there is anyone in that house that can help me, I thought as I made my way to the door.

When I reached the door, I turned the handle and found that the door was unlocked. I opened it fully with my hand still on the handle, and before entering I tried to observe as much of the room as I could. The room that greeted me was a room that was not empty as I thought, but not completely full. There were people talking to each other, but none of them looked like they were entirely sure of where they were or of what was happening.

I entered the room, so as not to attract any attention from the other people in the room, and just drifted in between the little groups, catching parts of their conversation. Most of them seemed to be speaking about a PM, GUA and this XX guy.

I had to go through the back, as the entrance seems to have been in a city or town, not in a field.

ASOC: I edited it.

6th July 2006, 12:06 PM
Hearing a familiar voice, CJ turned around and saw his friend from the real world.

"Hey man. And besides, it's lightish red. Man, I didn't expect to see you here."

With a smile, he notices others coming into the manor. Man, I better get out of the way. Stepping to the side, he watches and listens to the others talking. His shyness around a bunch of new people starts to kick in and he withdraws into himself. As he stands thinking, he begins to wonder if perhaps he could have some way to learn the spells and the way of weapons of the Battle Arena, since he is obviously stuck there.

Suddenly, it clicks in his mind that he never really answered the one person's question that he asked. However, that didn't seem to matter as he was talking to other people . After a few moments, he decided that he should scour the house for food, as apparently he was the only one who's stomach was growling at him.

Ok, well, I can't think of what to write at the moment, so... consider this post filler... hehe.

6th July 2006, 02:57 PM
Okay, unlike the last one, this post is worth reading.

And King Phil, there is no greeter. I'm going to assume that you came in quietly; please edit your post to coincide.

Entrances, revelations, tales too improbable and fantastic to be lies... Richard's head spun with all the dialogue happening around him. After all, he was one of the newer RPers from GUA; these people already had bonds over years of telecommunication that he had not forged yet. Using his height to accentuate his natural stage presence, and seeing that most of his fellow earthly men were heading downstairs, he slid on the rail of the spiral staircase and, after nearly falling twice, jumped off to draw attention.

Breathing from his diaphragm to support his loud stage voice, he boomed, "Okay, everybody, so, how are y'all? Those of you who don't know me, I'm Richard." Cutting the volume a bit, he explained, "I was Cake on GUA."

"Sorry about my hesitant and somewhat character-ish dialogue earlier; it's hard to tell who's a character and who isn't around here. Gotta be careful. Seems most of you know each other decently already, which should help our causes.

"I heard someone ask what's going on here. Truth is, what I know is shot to hell. I was just riding my bike, then, Poof! I black out and wake up in some desolate field God knows where. That's my story.

"I was thinking, let's all introduce ourselves with our name and GUA name. Because honestly, I have no idea who's who. Though by the sarcasm," Richard pointed at the recently turned vampire as he spoke, "you're either Angry or Maru.

"But before we do that, I was wondering: did any of you get this weird sort of PM from that XX guy? After that happened, I found myself here..." Richard trailed off, waiting for those around him to add.

6th July 2006, 03:24 PM
Hearing someone shout above all the other people, CJ couldn't resist but to see who was speaking. Seeing that it was the person who he had spoken to before, he realized that this person had to be the leader of the EAC. When he mentioned about recieving a pm from an XX, he felt he should speak up. However, he couldn't gain the courage for speaking outloud. Arguing with himself for a few moments, he finally beats out his shyness. With a deep breath, he speaks out.

"Yeah, I got that same pm before I found myself here. On GUA, my account was Uther. My name is CJ." After this, he stopped talking and looked around, waiting to catch other people's names. However, he would most likely forget the names multiple times before he would remember them.

6th July 2006, 04:23 PM
So... Much... Going... On... In... This... Thread... GAH!

Before Maru was given a chance to speak, or at least given the opportunity for me to listen to him speak, my attention was drawn to the kid from earlier, who was staring out the window, and now riding down the stair's rail. I'd rode down rails before, but not the kind that circled around, just the straight down kind. Anyways, it looked fun, and I'd want to do it later. But, for now, I listened to him speak. Of course, it didn't concern me, but I always liked answering questions when I knew the answer, even if I wasn't supposed to answer it. So ya, I answered Richard's... or the fuzzy sock's... question regarding the vampire who stood beside me.

"That's Maru," I claimed. "Angry hasn't been online for a while, at least not on MSN." I then mumbled to myself, "Perhaps he's the lucky one." Continuing on with his speech, Richard posed another question to which I knew the answer. To which I think everybody knew the answer to after I heard TJ... no CJ... had the same occurence as me and the sock. I spoke up next about my expirience, "Well, I already told vampire Maru over here. I was on GUA and stuff, got that same PM from the X dude, pretty much ignored it though. Anyways, one minute I was on my laptop next I was here in the BA. Oh ya, my name's David but people back at home call me Freshy. Almost forgot, back at GUA I was Squidi, that guy that created that pink fucker Zooga, who stole my shorts ... Maybe I'll find a pair in this house later."

6th July 2006, 05:14 PM
As the others were talking, I walked into the kitchen to grab some food. Hey, can you blame me? I hadn't eaten for three days! Someone had installed a fridge, opperated, I assume, by a Chill spell. It was one of the spells I had seen on Pstr2blvia's spell list, or something like it. I reached into the fridge, and grabbed a leftover sandwitch. I scarfed it down, then went back into the main room.

I got back just in time to hear a guy named Richard speaking. I thought about what he said for a moment, then replied with my answer.

"'Ex-ex'? Yeah, I got a PM from him. Or her. I tried to write him a reply, but I got a User Not Found message. Somehow I get the feeling that he has something to do with all this.

"Oh, my appologies, my name is James Aaron Carter. On the GUA boards I'm known as Draco."

7th July 2006, 12:54 AM
“I was thinking, let's all introduce ourselves with our name and GUA name. Because honestly, I have no idea who's who. Though by the sarcasm, you're either Angry or Maru.

“But before we do that, I was wondering: did any of you get this weird sort of PM from that XX guy? After that happened, I found myself here...”

“Yeah,” Hikari said, “I got a PM from him. It said something like ‘Prepare for another reality’ or something, right? And my name’s Joseph, but please call me Hikari. You’d probably know me better as ‘Angel’ or ‘Angel of Light’ from GUA. Unfortunately, I happen to know Uther, or CJ, in real life as well as online.”

Glancing over to the uncharacteristically quiet CJ, a small smile crept onto Hikari’s face. It was more of a smirk than a smile, and the quick “heh” that escaped quietly from his lips was directed at CJ. You just keep lying to yourself like that, CJ. You’ll believe it one of these times.

7th July 2006, 01:38 AM
Everyone had stopped talking and were listening to the various people that were introducing themselves. He was terrible with names, and struggled to remember them. The all seemed to come from the same situation as each other and himself, reaching this world straight after receiving a PM from the same unknown user, XX. What a coincidence, he thought.

The last person that introdaced himself was a user that called himself Hikari. Once he had finished, there was a moment of silence and I had an impulse to say something, and before I could stop myself I started speaking.

"I also received a PM from this XX guy, but just thought that it was a mistake, so I ignored it." "My name is Philip in case you were interested, on the GUA forums that I am sure all of you are pretty familiar with, my username is KingPhil." I noticed that everyone was looking at me. "And that's about it, yeah," I mumbled.

Their attention shifted to something else, that I wasn't sure of, because I pretended to be interested in my shirt's buttons.

7th July 2006, 02:10 AM
I agree with Squid, to much is going on here.

James Aaron Carter

That’s even better!! :tongue:

Well, Squid was no help, as I’d imagined. I liked the guy. He was cool and fun to talk to, but positively useless as an information center. I thought it’d be fun to punch him in the mouth, but didn’t because that would have just been rude. I often got impulses to hurt people I didn’t like or who I thought were acting stupid. Squid didn’t fit that, yet I wanted to punch him for the sheer hell of it. I must have been losing it.

More and more people began to show up. The most recent of these was a kid on a bike. He talked funny as well. Well, there’s another world hero, I thought. “Man, can there be this many people come to this world from ours? And to think I once lived in the same universe with these nuts. It’s a miracle I’m not suicidal any longer.” I could only imagine what they were like in real life. Probably not much different, I supposed.

Kieresul and Gayal approached me in a way that suggested I should stop making such a fool of myself. I didn’t care. I was their maker. And in this world, I could do as I pleased, within reason.

An unfamiliar face came near and spoke to me.

“And would I be right to assume that your mental capabilities fry in the sunlight like the rest of your body? Besides, what’s the fun in being perfect?”

He obviously wasn’t impressed that I was a vampire. I’d have to soon show him.

“’What’s the fun in being perfect’?” I repeated, “Why the challenge of it all, of course. Then again, I’m not perfect yet, but getting closer day by day. And no, my mental capacities don’t fry in sunlight. In fact, I could challenge you to a battle of wits right now and I know you’d lose. But since there are more important things to contend with, I won’t bother. Speaking of which, who the fuck are you? I don’t seem to ever recall you. What’s your GUA name?”

If he was in fact from GUA, he’d know exactly what I was talking about. He seemed calm when looking at everyone else, but I could practically taste his fear when he turned to look back at me. Yes, I thought, aren’t I scary? At least now, I was getting the gaul to start backing up things I’d said. What a confidence boost it was. And how short-lived it was.

I keeled over before I could discern an answer from the mystery man, if he even gave one. It was like someone had stuck a knife through my stomach - or so I’d imagined, as I hadn’t ever been stabbed in the gut in the real world. Consequently, I missed everything ASOC said after he had announced who he was. My timing was impecable, I thought. I would have grinned if I could bear it. At least Squid had my back and answered his questions for me.

“Aw, shit,” I heard Gayal mention, half caring, “He’s going through it. Kieresul, help me out here.”

Everything was a blur and a din. I wanted to ask what he meant, what I was going through, and what Kieresul was to help with. All I could muster was a moan. It was the worst stitch I’d ever felt, except that it was far more serious than any stitch. I was dying and didn’t realize it. Of course, it’s nothing to be afraid of. It wasn’t dying in the normal sense. Well, it was, and was the most excruciating pain I’d ever felt before or since. My insides were being eaten away, slowly being replaced with new blood plasma to fuel cells that would harbor the brunt of my vampiric powers. New cells that were stronger, more resiliant, faster healers, and otherwise genetic freaks whose only weaknesses were direct heat or radiation. Deep within the recesses of my mind I knew all this, but it still hurt like a bitch and I couldn’t stop thinking about the pain. I wailed and whined and wanted it to be over with but it dragged on. I flailed on the floor as Gayal and Kieresul dragged me off into some room away from the others.

“We’ll be back in a few minutes,” he said apologetically. My sharpenned hearing picked it up through my deafenning screams.

They stuck me in a tiled room of white and black and stripped me of my clothes. Under any other circumstances, I might have felt shamefully vulnerable. After which, they left the room and locked the only door. The only window was barred and it was still raining heavily outside, thankfully. They were waiting there until I stopped screaming.

The first thing I felt was a pain in the gut. My stomach was being eaten away - petrified by new tissue that was thinner and more flexible, yet tougher than ever with more powerful stomach acids that would completely obliterate anything and everything I ate. Next was my liver, or what I presumed to be my liver. The nuitrients absorbed from my stomach went towards fueling the production of new blood and a new liver and a new pair of kidneys to house it. Next I could feel a rising sensation as the virus crept along my veins towards my heart. This was perhaps the most painful part of the whole ordeal. I clentched my hand against my chest and struggled to rip my own heart out like Rei to stop the pain. Fortunately or unfortunately, I was unable to as my ribs had already pressed in on themselves to become a dense wall surrounding my chest cavity. Inside, I could feel an outward pressure that was my heart growing bigger and morphing with my lungs to form some hybrid organ capable of doing all cardio-pulminary functions but better. Next, the pain spread to my arms and the rest of my torso as the viral bile pumped through my old arteries to make them anew. It was an unpleasant tingling sensation like being stabbed with thousands of tiny needles. God! I hated being pricked in odd places with needles. At least after this, every other type of needle would seem a joy.

My arms and torso were finished and the torture had spread quickly to my legs. If you’ve ever been kicked in the nuts before, you’d prefer it to what I felt then. Trust me. Lastly was my head. After my heart and genitalia, this was the worst. Migrains and hangovers had nothing on this. I wondered if this was how the fat guy from The Mummy felt when he died. Then, as the pain came over me, I thought it was far to merciful.

For a while, I thought nothing at all, I think. I know at some point, my brain had been transformed and the worst was over. Everything else there after was a numbing chill that made me shiver and convulse profusely. I silently cursed at why my head wasn’t the first thing to go, as that would have made everything else seem less agonizing. After all, pain is only in the mind. In retrospect, maybe that was why: to teach me that pain was a state of mind and that from here on out, no amount of pain would ever be as brutal as that, and therefore no amount of pain would ever bother me again.

I stopped wailed and started whimpering like a beaten dog or a belted child. I could hear Kieresul through the door say, “It’s done.” I don’t know how long I had spent in that room, but I placed great faith in my cohorts that they would protect me in my clearly vulnerable state. At that, they succeeded. No one came in, not even them. It was then I realized I was supposed to let myself out, which I did.

Getting up was weird. I was heavy and light at the same time, if you can imagine such a feeling. I felt dizzy, yet everything was brilliantly clear. My mind was more focused, my breathing more clear, my motions more fluid, and my heart rate was, for the first time, silent. I couldn’t hear it, even with my vampiric aid. I checked my pulse. There was none. I was dead.

And yet, I was alive. I had died. The old me was gone. Now was the new me, the revived me, the Vampire Marushia. I laughed at how that sounded. It sounded good. I was ready to go out and be me no more.

I opened the door and it creaked. Gayal and Kieresul stood guard. My hair had grown out to the length I liked it and was frumpled beyond the worst bed-head. I walked out of the room and must have looked like a brunette Eric Draven, minus face paint and slightly shorter. I sure felt like one. I had missed a great deal of what went on outside the room.

My body ached, though from a different sort of pain. It was a fatigue of sorts that I could only imagine meant one thing. The first words out of my mouth were, “I must feed.”

Stuart Townsend, eat your heat out (or I’ll do it for you). :biggrin3:

I’m such a dramatist. :rollseyes:

13th July 2006, 11:18 AM
Okay, I'm going to try to get this rolling.

BTW, we have another member approved. Look out.

Richard listened intently as many of the RPers around him introduced themselves and gave a description of the strange PM that seemed to foreshadow their arrival here. Not able to resist a couple of laughs at Freshy's dilemma, the leader spoke again. "Okay, so, apparently, that's what hit us all before coming here. And you said you didn't find him on GUA, James? Huh, that's kinda weird...

"I've been thinkin', let's have a party here tonight. The guy who gave us this place also left us a bunch of money, so I'm sure we can get a few NPCs to furnish it. Maybe the ones from Shade's wedding thread... I'll look around town and see what I can find. Some of you can come, if you want. In the meanwhile - hold up, is he okay?" Rick noticed that Maru seemed to be having some internal troubles. His vampire characters carted him off, saying simply, We’ll be back in a few minutes.

"Okay, well, that was weird too. I'll fill him in when he gets back. Anyway, I was about to say that you all can claim your rooms up here. This place is a friggin' mansion, so trust me, there are plenty of rooms for all of us. You can store whatever you need to in them - though I doubt we all have much. We'll get to it later."

"So, I'm going out to find some sort of caterer in a couple minutes, if any of you want to come along, throw whatever you happen to have in a room and come back down. And Squid," he said, grinning slightly, "we've got some old clothes downstairs, apparently. I haven't seen them, so you might wanna go down there to see if they fit. Obviously, they aren't gonna - "

Maru had returned, looking incredibly morbid. What he said afterward didn't help morale much: I must feed.

"Whoa there, holy shit, he's a vampire too? How'd that happen?" Richard took a couple steps back, partly out of dismay and partly out of fear. God, he goes and technically gets himself killed before coming here. Great. Perfect. Who else is hiding crap? Well, I'm not about to kill him off - hopefully his buds'll help us out a bit. With a somewhat quivering voice, he half-pleaded, half-asked, "Hey, we aren't on the menu, right? 'Cause that would really not be fun. You, you're Gayal, aren't ya? Could you, like take him outside to eat some guy out there? Preferably a guy in black robes with a hood and a katana," he added, so as that new arrivals to EAC might not become targets.

Hang on, it's day, how'd they get here anyway? Aren't they supposed to fry? Hopefully whatever they did'll last long enough for him to gorge and then come back - then we'll see what happens from there.

13th July 2006, 12:11 PM
It took so long for me to reply because I had to read your post, Maru. XP
The other guys after me told their stories to which I half-listened. My attention was actuallly drawn to Maru, who looked like he was going to vomit while being stabbed fifty times in the heart or something drastic like that. I took a few steps back, giving him some space. I remembered in Anne Rice's books that once becoming a vampire their bodies turn dead. This usually happens while they sleep... during the day time. It was day time right now, and it kind of sucked that Maru was awake.

He was escorted away by a couple of vampire dudes, and I started to pay attention to what Richard the fuzzy sock was saying to me. Downstairs I'd find some shorts. Sounds good to me. I looked around the crowded room and noticed that besides the staircase leading up in the far corner, there was a stairclase leading down on the opposite side of the room. I jogged over to it and jumped on the railing to slide down. I wanted to cry "Whee!" as I spiraled to the basement but figured that be kind of queer, so I kept it to my thoughts.

It was dark. Black. I couldn't see anything, and somehow got the feeling like I was being watched. Man, where the fuck is the--Ow! Fucking wall. Oh wait, they don't have electricity. Err... I started to roam through the darkness blind, my arms roaming out, trying not to bump into anything again. My arms felt a couple of cardboard boxes, probably up on a counter. I reached inside and felt something soft... clothing... Yes! I felt around and grabbed a pair of pants, quickly tugging them up over my legs. I figured a shirt that didn't stand out so much in this society would be good thing to put on, so I did. Hopefully I didn't put in on backwards.

Well, I'll just end it here and leave the outrageous ideas I have for the next post.

13th July 2006, 02:11 PM
Heh, what'd be funny is if you accidently put on something completely rediculous.

My head still ached and there was an intense ringing in my ears. I could hear people whispering from every direction. It was like some cinema flashback or horror scene. Assailed by the din, I did my best to stand upright. My headache seemed to lessen and my vision was spectacular. What once seemed a McDonald's play place now seemed a heavenly faggotry with the intensely saturated and high-key chromas that surrounded me. It was as if someone had dumped all the nice, dark, earthy colors out of a box of crayons and used the rest to decorate the room. I hate crayons.

I quickly surveyed the room - a trully cruel act, really, as everything was so meticulously eye-catching that I wished to examine it all with my new wonder. Two new souls had arrived, so far as I notced. One who was there prior was also missing. The charismatic Squidmeister.

Kiersul placed his hand on my shoulder and leaned heavily on it, though my reconstructed frame supported him with ease. He whispered to me ever so subtly that he'd fill me in on what I'd missed later. I in turned whispered back to him my approval of the idea. Our lips barely moved and our voices barely carried, but in the midst of all the spectral whisperings, I heard him loud and clear.

ASOC was only just now beginning to speak.

"Whoa there, holy shit, he's a vampire too? How'd that happen?"

When you're a vampire, your body and mind can move so quickly that time appears to slow down and so things that might normally take mere seconds to a mortal can be intermissioned with a minute by a lich.

"It happened the way it happens to all vampires," said Gayal, seemingly disgusted by what he considered to be ignorance of reality. You must remember this was an entirely foreign world to men like ASOC and myself, yet it was the everyday occurance of Gayal and Kieresul. Gayal continued, "First he's bitten, then he's saved, then he goes through hell to wind up in heaven." You must also keep in mind that many vampires, particuarly young ones, are fiercely proud of what they are. And why not be? It's the closest any of them have probably ever gotten to reaching godhood.

I bore my teeth, now complete with fangs, and let out the hybrid bastard of a hiss and a growl. I suppose it could be more accurately described as a type of clicking in the back of my throat not unlike the sound the Predators make. To me, this wasn't a terribly unusual utterance. Back when I was still pretending to be a vampire, I'd make it often. It was intentionally low-pitched like the dull roar of a big cat. As the sound reached my ears, I wondered if that's what I sounded like when I snored.

"Hey, we aren't on the menu, right? 'Cause that would really not be fun.

I laughed my standard "hehehe" and said, "Of course it would. It'll be loads of fun ... for us."

Flicking my wrists one by one, two sets of short claws grew out of my fingernails. My use of the word "us" was indication to my coven that they should do likewise. I grinned as I approached ASOC slowly, a thousand yard stare in my eyes.

You, you're Gayal, aren't ya? Could you, like take him outside to eat some guy out there? Preferably a guy in black robes with a hood and a katana,"

Gayal was perhaps the worst person to ask for help, especially if you were a strange mortal. Instead of following either of our orders, he folded his arms across his chest and cocked his head to one side. Staring very curiously at ASOC, he simply asked, "Why?"

"Where's Squidi?" I demanded. Before ASOC could answer, Kieresul put his fist to his mouth and coughed. The sound was louder and clearer in my ears than it should rightly be. I turned my head towards my lackey to see him pointing to a far off corner of the room. There I saw stairs leading down. "Ah, excellent," I said, and dashed off in all haste for the stairs, leaving a trailing after image in my wake, no doubt.

I could still hear all the went on upstairs. I heard the shing-ing sound of Kieresul bearing his own claws and teeth. I felt something inside me that made me privy to their actions, despite my physical presence. I was reading their toughts. Was this a vampiric power or something else?

Kieresul was more receptive to my game and made sport of looming menacingly over my former fellow humans. He was already the tallest one there physically - even bigger than ASOC. Now he sought to infect them all with his prowess to make himself appear all the larger and more powerful. He stalked towards them with death on the brain. Gayal just yawned and felt bored.

13th July 2006, 03:24 PM
The hairs rose on the back of my neck. It was as if there was undoubtedly another presence in the room. I sometimes felt like I had predicting powers. One time I was watching Friday the Thirteenth, and it was near the end where the chick was out on the lake in her boat. I remember thinking, "Hey, wouldn't it be cool if Jason jumped out of the lake and drowned her!"

Well, needless to say I screamed. Kind of pussy. Whatever, not because it was scary when the incident happened but because I had actually predicted it. There were other times too, usually in eerie cirsumstances, but anyways... I was making one of those predictions at the moment down in the basement. I was thinking that something was going to fall or break, and I'd be scared shitless.

Having changed clothes, I started to roam around the room blindly. Then something behind me fell, maybe a broom or some more boxes and stuff. Whatever. I heard a loud grunt, and I screamed and ran for my fucking life in the dark. "HOLY FUCKING SHIT!" (Same words I shouted that time while watching Friday the Thirteenth). I started to sprint, throwing off the one sandal I had off my foot, and banging my body into a wall.

"OUCH!" I traced the wall with my arm and found the railing, sprinting up the stairs three steps at a time. I circled around and around and made it to the ground floor, breathing hard, heart thumping and pounding in my chest. I noticed that the clothes that I was wearing were hot pink. I looked up, wide eyed, cheeks flushing red. I saw Maru rushing at me... Shit, he's gonna eat me! Fucking vampire! GAH!

Confused! Which way? Ah! Somehow the downstairs basement seemed like a better place. I raced back down the stairs into the darkness, into the dragon's belly.

13th July 2006, 05:05 PM
While the others were introducing themselves, I was just hanging around watching the proceedings. However, when one of the new members started looking ill, I tried to approach him.

"Hey, you okay?" I asked. But his buddies took him to another room without answering me, leaving me to ponder this new development. After a bit, he came back out. A half-jogged over to him.

"Hey bud, you okay?" I asked him again. This time however, I got an answer.

"I must feed...." he said.

Needless to say, I was scared out of my pixilated mind when he and the other two vampires made their moves on the rest of us. However, I managed to keep my cool, considering the situation.

"Huh. Okay, you do that," I said. "Just do me a favor, eh? Don't feed on us. Try some thieves. I hear they're pretty tasty."

16th July 2006, 11:48 PM
After listenting to the others for... maybe a full second, CJ's stomach growled again. Man,there's got to be a kitchen here somewhere. Shortly after this thought, Richard spoke up again, mentioning something about a party and to go and get rooms.

"A party... that means food... but first..."

As quickly as he could, CJ left the group and began searching for a room. He would need a larger room for an idea that came into his head just a few seconds ago. Another thing he would need would be access to magic, but that could wait. After going through a few halls, he found himself near a very interesting door. As he went to open it, something further down the hall caught his eye.

"Oh, sweet, that's a nice sword!"

Running down the hall, he admired the sword on the mantle for a little bit. Then, he looked left and right seeing if anyone was looking. With a sly smile, he reached up and removed the sword from it's resting place. Holding it in his hands, he couldn't help but notice how finely balanced it was and had to resist the urge to swing it around a bit. With a flick of his wrist, he shouldered the blade and continued his search for a room, either a room to call his own, or the kitchen.

Further down the hall, another door caught his eye. It seemed somewhat plain, but had a neat insignia on it. This time, nothing caught his attention to go elsewhere and he cracked the door open. A wide smile came across his face as he saw the room was perfect for what he had in mind.

5th August 2006, 09:53 AM
Please pardon me for the godmode, Squidi, but we need to get this rolling.

Beautiful, beau-tee-ful! Just like Maru to come in here on the first day when we're all trying to get to know each other and crash the party with his vamp buds. God...

As the fiend approached Richard menacingly, he was retreating at about the same pace. His mind was racing for an idea, any idea, to save his hide and those of his fellow clanners. Time was running short -


The wall of the mansion prevented his movement any further. His hand moved across the marble ledge, no reason behind it, hoping it would do something drastic, dematerialize, anything. The vampire moved closer and closer...

He felt something.

A glass vase supplying roses with much-needed water was resting on the same ledge, his hand clamped around it. Unable to get any other idea in his head, he promptly snatched it and, in a pitch that would have made his baseball coach proud, launched it at the creature's face.

Taking his opportunity to run - if it hit - he instructed those that remained in the lobby, "Okay, everyone, get outside, and quick! This place ain't worth our lives. These vamps ignite in sunlight!" Though everyone else could leave the way they came, Richard was blocked by one extremely experienced wind-wielding vampire, and that was assuming that the other one had been affected by the projectile.

Maru was downstairs. Maru and Freshy... Oh Jesus. Taking his chances with the more inexperienced, and possibly less-evil Maru was the plan he chose, and so he sprinted down the spiral staircase into the basement.

Or at least he tried to. Fresh was running at the same velocity up the stairs. Both of the lanky teens colided, the wind getting knocked out of them, and, for Richard's part at least, he rolled down the stairs in a barrel roll.

Landing at the bottom, Richard was slow to get up. He had knocked his shoulder against a bar on the way down, and it ached, but it was bareable.

His eyes failed to adjust to the dim lights very well. He thoughts he saw Maru and... someone in pink? Or, rather... Zooga? The boken in his belt loop, which Richard had been lucky not to hurt himself on, was gripped in his hand and slid into a ready position. Walking as silently as he could and hoping that his footsteps would not be heard over the raucous between them, Richard stealthily approached from behind the fledgling vampire and began a hard swing to the back of his head.

9th August 2006, 01:27 PM

The room seemed to glisten with items like tubes and other items that seemed to be magical in nature. A smile slowly crossed the awe-struck man as he absorbed in all he could do with this equipment.

"This is better then I could hope for..."

Setting the sword down on the nearest table, he began to inspect the items much closer. Some of the jars had a strange liquid in them that he would have to figure out another time. Finally, his eyes caught a door at the back of the laboratory. Wondering what was inside the door, the curious man began to walk to the door.

Before he reached the door, he heard sounds coming from the direction he had came from. Once he heard the noise, his mind began to argue with himself. Part of him wanted to know what the sound was, and another wanted to finish looking at the room. After a few moments, he decided to go back the way he had came.


Turning the last corner, CJ saw the panic in the area that everyone was gathered in. Wondering what was going on, he remained standing in the hallway watching the pandemonium ensuing. Since he didn't know the cause, he was unaware of the vampires in the very next room.

9th August 2006, 01:29 PM
After a good ten minites of running, Istopped. And actually cheered! All of my life, he had been waiting for something like this to happen, to be somehow transported to a universe that actually had magic, and the like.

'wow. Feels great. But, how did that happen? I guess that will be reavealed later.' I thought

I felt as if this had all happened before, as if in a dream, but immediatly dismissed it.
I mean really, I may as well live this as I would in real life, even if it is a dream.
I suddenly realized how tired he was. 10 minites of sprinting really takes it out of ya. On the grassy floor, I took a snooze. If it is a dream, I won't be able to sleep Where my last thoughts, as I slept.

It was nighttime. Possibly midnight. Uncoincidently the moon was full. I woke up, and looked at the sky.

It's so beutiful I thought No pollution, just the stars, the moon, the nice, full moon... And then I stoped, and tryed to remember what was so special about the full moon. The full moon marks werewolves, but that's only in story's, and...I'm in a story. Shit. Forgetting how tired my legs where, I stood up, keeping my gaurd. Haven't heard any howls yet, so I must be safe.


Or not

Staying very, very queit, I army-crawled, in hopes to reach safety. But, I never found it. I heard a certain growling, that I knew was bad.

"Nice wolf, nice wolf, walk that way now." I said, now standing up, to show my full hieght. The werewolf leaped at my head, teeth out, with a clear intent. I ducked just in time. Looking around for some sort of stick, I realized I was in a Plains. Which means no sticks. Another howl brought me back to the present moment. But, what was there to do? A werewolf would easily over power me, out run me, and, though I could out wit him, there was nothing to make a tool out of. I had to survive through the night, that was for sure. But how. I quickly formulated a plan. Maybe I can outwit him I thought with a smirk. The beast lept, aiming for my stomach, and I jumped as high as I could, Adreneline rushing once more. I succesfully jumped over the werewolf, but, as I did so, I grabbed on to his fur, twisted around, and, my stomach was on his back, hads around his waist. The monster struggled, twisting, and turning, trying to get me off, but it was no good. Now, all I had to do was to stay alive for the night. I admit, I got drowsy at times, but, I lasted.

When the sun came up, the thing that I was riding turned back into man, and I hastened to get off. The ride has been alot more stressful on my body than I thought. My entire essence was tired. But I had made it. We where on the border of city however. The wolfs ride had taken me through forests, over hills, aross rivers a streams. But I had held on. And now, though I desperatly wanted to go to sleep, I decided to have a little chat with my mount.

"What is your name?" I asked.

The person who I was talking to was, in fact a scragely looking man, who was looking worse-for-wear. He had brown hair, and light black sandals. Faded probably He also had bron rage, hanging from hi skin. As to my question, he never responded, he just ran off, seemingly frightened, into the woods. Learning from last night, before I could go to sleep again, I decided that I would have to seek shelter. I entered the city.

The city had many buildings in it, and, as such many alley ways. Most of the inhabitents where wearing black robes, with hoods, and katana's.

"Ooooookay then."

I accidently bumped into a katana person. He immediatly drew his katana, pointed it at me, and hastened to saying,
"I warn you, for I am verry powerful."
Maybe I can get a weapon from this sucker.
In reply, I said, "Yes, I'm sure you are, but, I was just wondering if I could borrow that katana, I'm sure you don't need it, as you are a great fire spellcaster."(For maybe lack of sleep hurt my judge ment.)
"True, I am a verry powerful fire spell caster, but I am also a verry powerful katana master. As you can see, I am verry powerful."
hmmm, this will be harder than I thought. This must be a noobie charecter, which means, he is most likely a fire mage!
"How about this. You give that katana, and I'll give this very powerful shirt of doom! See, these runes (I was pointing to the Treble cleff, and the words) are very powerful, they make fire magic very powerful so when you put it on you will be very powerful, okay? Sadly, I do not know any fire magic, so it is useless to me. You can use it though, and all I ask for this marvelous treasure is your katana. But, I'll also need your not-so-powerful black robes, so I have clothes, you see."
The katana dude thought it over.
"Deal, I'll trade you my katana, and the top part of my robes for your verry powerful shirt."

So, we traded, and I was of. A katana up. The top part of my robes had a hood, that was black, and the shirt part was also black. I remembered runescape, and thought that they might resemble monks robes, only black. And the katana was just a plain katana, suplisingly light though, and I found that it slid into the earth very well. The katana, was, as that guy says, 'verry powerful.' And, it seemed to be made of silver. If I ever see a werewolf again, this can come in handy! I didn't know I could be so charismatic! Must have picked it up from my little brother! Of course, I didn't know how to use it, but, It was a weapon.

A few minetes later, I saw the guy fall over and die, probably becuase the person that made him was nolonger a noob. I took my shirt back, as that's allthat was left of him. I didn't put it on though, I just put it around my neck. The robes where Kewl.

Now, I was still tired, and still needed shelter. As I was exploring the city, somthing caught my eye. A dragon head. I contemplated slicing it with the katana, but decided not to. I aproached it rembering that dragons could talk. "Hi", I said, shaking. "What's you name?" I asked. I didn't get a responce, but instead, felt that it would provide me shelter. Katana out, I approached it, and stepped on it's fleshy tongue. I slipped an fell. I found myself in a large room. Katana out, I looked up first.
"This plase is a mansion!" I shouted, not yet aware of the other people there. Then I saw a vampire.
Vampires, werewolves, this is not my week!

9th August 2006, 01:33 PM
Okay, I was talking to Maru over IM, and he gave me permission to GM his characters, since he has very little time to do so himself.

Kieresul wasn't fazed by Richard's attempt to defend himself. As the vase approached him, he lazily raised his hand, forming a barrier of wind. The vase hit the barrier, shattering upon impact. However, his entire focus was on Richard, so he wasn't prepared for me.

I had been standing off to the side, not wanting to get in Kieresul's way. However, when he moved in on Richard, I knew I had to do something. I noticed the vampire's full attention was on Richard, and I got an idea. I snuck up behind him, and tapped him on the shoulder. He turned around, bringing his fist around in a punch, but he was too slow. I was already bringing my fist up in an uppercut, and I smashed him in the chin.

Now, a human would have been knocked unconcious after such a hit. However, Kieresul was a vampire, so he wasn't knocked unconcious. But he was stunned, giving me and Richard enough time to flee. I was going to run outside, but then I saw Richard running toward the stairs.

"Okay, everyone, get outside, and quick! This place ain't worth our lives. These vamps ignite in sunlight!"

I thought about running after him, but decided there was nothing I could do. I took the opportunity to run outside, while Gayal continued to watch.

Meanwhile, downstairs, Maru heard Richard falling down the stairs easily enough. However, he was quickly distracted as Zooga slammed the broom right in between his legs, smashing his groin. He doubled over in pain, and fell unconcious when Richard smashed him in the head with his boken.

9th August 2006, 10:59 PM
Time passed… people came and went through the mansion, obviously all connected by the fact that they were not from this world. Nevertheless, all of that simply passed Hikari by as he wandered through the halls of the mansion. He couldn’t really tell how long it had been since he started to wander, seeing how he had forgotten to put on his watch before he had been pulled into the world he was in now. His sense of direction had disappeared a while ago, however, and now he was simply wandering aimlessly, hoping to see something he recognized.

“Now this is just great,” Hikari said to nobody in particular, “I’m lost in a mansion… and I’m talking to myself. Just great. I won’t even ask what else could go wrong, because with my current run of luck…”

Just as the words left his mouth, a shout sounded through the halls. It sounded like… Ri- Rin… Rich… Richie… Richard. Yeah, Richard. He could picture the face, but names had never been Hikari’s strong point. Thankfully, he didn’t really have to worry about too much. He already knew one person, hated another, and the rest just fell somewhere in between those two ends of his spectrum. It was simple, which is how he liked things to be. Sometimes.

"Okay, everyone, get outside, and quick! This place ain't worth our lives. These vamps ignite in sunlight!"

Quickly assessing his options, Hikari found himself running toward the sound of the voice knowing that would be the surest way to the dragon-mouth exit. True enough, he rounded one final corner to the sight of someone beating up one of the vampires that waltzed in with Maru. Sprinting to the door, Hikari did his best to get into the bright sun, but unfortunately he was not paying enough attention to where he was going. It was a common mistake that the lanky man made all too often. Colliding with another young man with a treble cleff on his shirt. Hikari didn't even want to think about what the shirt said as he grabbed the other person's arm and hauled him to his feet.

"This way!"

Breaking out into the sunlight, Hikari squinted and reached to his backpack with his arms crossed and drew a pair of boken from the loops on either side of the bag. While he was concerned about the people still inside, he knew that he would not even be half of a challenge against either vampire. All he could do was stand there, both boken held in his favorite stance with one straight in front of him and the other curled above his head like a scorpions tail read to strike.

What have I gotten myself into? I wish I could have learned a little more from Mike before this happened...

12th August 2006, 12:30 PM
I'm wearing black robes I got from the noobie charecter, with my other shirt hanging from my neck.

Luckily, my katana was safely held to my side when the man ran into me. Both of us where lucky not to get impaled, and in fact, as the older man ran into me, I got bowled over, and my katana hit the ground, slid in, and got lodged there at a 45 degree angle, looking like a lever. I fell down on my head (on tile floor) as I felt an arm tugging at me to get up. Now I have been litererally flipped over, and twisted around, so I landed on my head, on a basketball court and said it was fun, but this felt like a truck. The back of my head had taked a hard knocking. I felt woozy. And my head hurt. Did I mention that my head hurt. I was up (the man pulled me up) and I tried to reach for my katana, but then my shirt fell off of my neck. I bent down, and got my shirt. Then I picked up my katana...

"OUCH! What the?" I said, feeling pain in my fingers. I had grabbed the blade instead of the handle. I tried again, this time aproaching it from the top. I missed completely. I saw 3 katanas. But which one? I tried the middle one, and got it! And There I stood, shirt in one hand, katana in the other.

This way!

I was pretty sure that it was the same person who had pulled me up, so I turned around, and thought He must have gone outside!
I went out the door, and saw 4 men who all looked the same.
"Waaaaaaa??? Are you guys twins? Or cousins..." I said this, and clucthed my head with the hand holding my shirt, and fell to one knee. "My head hurts...How about yours?" I asked.
"ohhhhhh... I'm tired..."

Incase your wondering, I have a concussion. That's what I get for standing in the doorway!

14th August 2006, 06:42 PM
Oops, that ended up being a fair bit longer than I wanted it to be. Oh well. Sorry it took me so long to get my entrance post in. If you want to shorten your reading, just read the ast paragraph.

“That’s it! If I ever get back to my reality, the first thing I’m going to do is petition the mods for a standardised weather system!”

Rain slashed against two riders, riding along the winding road outside of a city whose name had long ago been forgotten, or more likely never given one by its creator in the first place. Trying to shrug herself further into her waterproof –hide coat, Mariam grumbled to herself about the fluctuating weather. One minute it was a bright summer’s day, then you move off the path and thunder rolls and rain pours. Glancing out from under her hood, she saw Azreda ahead of her, and was uplifted slightly by the fact that her creation looked just as soaked and unhappy as she did. The Wiccanfae was slumped slightly on a roan Fae mare (not Azreda’s usual horse, Mariam mused, due to her laziness in completing her profile), her long red hair falling in ropes from beneath her hood, framing her slightly frowning features. Her dress, split for riding, was hidden from view by a long, waterproofed coat made of treated hides, the same as the one that Miriam was wearing. Water coursed down Azreda’s form, and that of her horse, before dripping off onto the already torn up road, muddy and washed out from the apparently endless rain in this area.

Mariam had been here almost two weeks now, a week of that in Lairënórë, getting to know ‘her people’, finding out about the little quirks that had appeared where gaps in her own description had been lacking, enjoying the feast days of their harvest, and generally living it up. She and Azreda had become fast friends, being of similar relative ages, and having much in common. So, when Azreda had announced that she was due to go on boarder patrol, Mariam had jumped at the chance to accompany her. She was somewhat homesick, and being in a different reality had not done wonders for her missing of her fiancé. No doubt he thought she had left him, having not been there to talk to him every night. However, she had found no one who had any idea of how to get her back. The patrol, which would start around the borders of Lairënórë, would continue into the wider world, so that Azreda could find out any news that might concern her region, although Mariam expected this had much more to do with Azreda wanting to leave behind the tight lacings of being a leader for a while, and have some fun. Therefore, patrolling sounded the perfect solution to her homesickness. Of course, that had been before they had left Lairënórë.

Now, swaying on the back of her bay mare, Mariam groaned as the weather changed once again, shaking open her coat as the rain subsided and a shock of bright sunlight began to warm the air. The Battle Arena, as she had discovered this realm was, was a hodgepodge of environments, jammed together in the best way the laws of the realm allowed. Two steps could have you from summer beaches to icy snow-caps. Occasionally a good stretch of land remained the same, but only so far as a writer had described a journey, or such. This was rather how she had discovered that it was the BA, by stumbling across several places that she had read about long ago. Old dojo’s lay in ruins, cities were burned, and occasionally there would be a character, or several in a group, that were familiar to her, not because they were her own characters, but because she had seen them before.

Azreda pulled up her horse, and Mariam guided her own along side. The witch had thrown her hood back and opened her coat as well, revealing the magnificent dress underneath, swirling in all the colours of the different seasons, apparently unsure as to which this area was in. This had occurred on a regular basis, and never failed to look spectacular, all the greens, oranges, whites, all mixing together in a swirling mass of colour. Tearing her eyes away from the dress (much more spectacular in person than she had imagined), Mariam looked to where Azreda was pointing, and was slightly shocked by the building that stood in their path. Well, actually, it looked more like a dragon than a building, but Azreda quickly reassured Mariam that it was not any such creature, unless it was one enchanted into a castle state, which was always entirely possible in this realm.

“That wasn’t there last time.”

“What, someone created it?”

“Oh, no, it already existed, but it was further in that direction, another block or so over.”

‘Oh, I see… So someone moved it?’

‘It would seem so. Shall we continue into the town?’

Both agreed that this was a good idea, and within half an hour they had the horses stabled, and were wandering around the streets of the town, ducking inside one of the many taverns as another deluge began to thunder down. It was hard to figure out which tavern they had walked in to, due to their all being remarkably similar, and rather prolific. Azreda went to the bar to hassle the barkeep for a few drinks whilst Mariam tried to squeeze her way through the crowd to an empty table in the better lit part of the room, as most folks seemed to be congregating in the shadows, many wearing dark cloaks and trying to act mysterious.

In her week on the road with Azreda, Mariam had begun to feel slightly less uncomfortable, especially when they had stopped in a shop to buy some clothes that weren’t so outlandish, which resulted in her attracting far fewer curious looks. She still wore her GNR top, but she had changed the jeans for a sage green split riding skirt, which swirled around her wonderfully when she walked, and they had found her a sort of thick shirt that was open at the front, but could be laced with few problems. Grimacing as she squeezed past a large, hairy man with incredibly bad breath, Mariam slid into a spare table, and waved to Azreda, who was already making her way over with two tankards in hand.

After a good hour had passed, they had talked about much, but mostly about their encounters on their travels. After another tankard of the sweet liquid (Mariam couldn’t place exactly what it might be), the subject came back to the odd building they had seen on their way into the city. It had been rather spectacular, and Mariam wanted to go back and have another look. Reluctantly, Azreda agreed. Mariam put it down to her creat… Friend wanting to bunker down for the night, get some food, and possibly find a nice young Eyrian lad to spend the night with. However, apparently due to Mariam’s enthusiasm, Azreda finally gave in, and after they finished their drinks, the two left the tavern, and went back through the streets to find the structure once more, only to encounter several people, looking rather panicked, running out of the building. Hanging back at the end of the street, Mariam and Azreda decided to wait, and see what was going on, before attempting to strike up a conversation.

21st August 2006, 04:15 AM
Eh, this post isn't gonna be the greatest... but it's gonna be something...

Staying in his little hide-away, CJ watches as people run out of the room and some try to attack others who were obviously characters.

"Damn... Well, time to exit it seems."

Staying away from the major pockets of action, he quickly makes his way out of the mansion. However, a part of him begins to want him to go back inside and grab the sword he had dropped earlier. The only problem with that course of action was the one vampire in the way between him and the only known path to the weapon he found.

As he exited into the bright sunlight, he had to squint and hold his hand above his eyes.

"Damn sun, always being bright in the eyes..."

Looking to the side, he saw his friend with his boken out. Shaking his head, he turned a bit and saw two woman watching from the road. One seemed perfectly fitted to this world, however the other had a top that could only have come from the real world.

Hey, another person... Well, maybe I should try and talk to her...

What are you, nuts? You don't know her, and besides, you only want to talk to her because you're desperate

That's not nice... or completely true... I'm gonna talk to her anyways.

Ok, fine, go ahead.

After the fight with himself in his mind, he slowly approached the two people outside.

"Hello. Sorry about the panic, but... something happened though I have no clue what. Anyways, I'm CJ, part of the Earth Anomaly Coalition. I'm going to guess that you are from Earth, right?"

As he asked the last part of his question, he found his eyes dropping down to the one's chest. However, he quickly brought them back up to her face and was able to keep them there... barely.

Damn me and my cursed ways, why can't I keep eye contact?

Because, your desperate. Being single for over a year can do that to ya.

Shut up, your no help.

21st August 2006, 04:48 AM
Mariam had watched the guy practically colapsing to the ground, and was about to turn to Azreda to ask if they should perhaps go and help, when another guy came out of the building. She smiled as he walked over, despite Azreda making a soft mutterance about "always something".

Mariam shushed her softly, then turned her attention back to the guy. She figured he was just a bit older than her, but he definatly didn't look like he was from this world...

"Hello. Sorry about the panic, but... something happened though I have no clue what. Anyways, I'm CJ, part of the Earth Anomaly Coalition. I'm going to guess that you are from Earth, right?"

She tried to hide her shock, which was helped by her slight amusement as she noticed that his eyes had drifted down to her chest. As he lifted them, she did her best to meet his eye so that she didn't loose his concentration. She hadn't actually seen anyone else from her reality. In fact, she had still been unsure as to whether or not she had in fact been dreaming the whole time. Now, before her, was another person from her own reality, here, in the Battle Arena. she could have reached out and hugged him.

She managed to resist the urge, sending a bright smile his way instead. Her blue eyes focused on his, and she motioned over towards her friend.

"Yeah, I am from 'Earth'. GnR gives it away, eh? I'm Mariam, but most people call me Andi. This is Azreda, one of the 'locals'"

She shook her head slightly, her hair falling over her shoulders as she did so. She cast a quick glance over CJ's shoulder to try to see who the others were, but she had no idea. She gestured over to them, in particular to the guy that had fallen down to one knee.

"So, um, the Earth Anomaly Coalition? Does that mean that there's more of us? I haven't seen anyone other than characters for almost two weeks now! Er, should we be helping him out? He looks kinda hurt..."

21st August 2006, 06:53 AM
I...Can't think straight. Can't think...Noramal. Hard...Too think...sooooo...sleepy. Can't fall asleep... I didn't know at the moment, but I did have a concussion. I did know, however that I couldn't fall asleep. I didn't know, why, but I knew that I couldn't. I knew that I would die.

"I can't...Fall asleep. It's over then. Must...stay awake."
I struggled to get up. Everything was still wobbly, and I was seeing double, but I had atleast regained some control of myself. My katana forgotten on the ground, I offered my hand to noone in particular, thinking that someone would shake it.
"Hi." I said, dazed. "My...NameisDanielMourad." I then stumbled, but was able to regain my hunched over posture.

22nd August 2006, 11:15 AM
The smile that the one sent him caused CJ to smile himself.

Why do girls always flash me that smile? Gah, it has to be some sort of mind control.

"Yeah, I am from 'Earth'. GnR gives it away, eh? I'm Mariam, but most people call me Andi. This is Azreda, one of the 'locals'. So, um, the Earth Anomaly Coalition? Does that mean that there's more of us? I haven't seen anyone other than characters for almost two weeks now! Er, should we be helping him out? He looks kinda hurt..."

Looking behind him, he saw his friend and another person on the ground. However, he just shrugged and turned back to Andi.

"Oh yeah, there are more of us. And I wouldn't worry too much about him. I mean, we're in the Battle Arena, so it's quite possible there's a healer in the town. Speaking of characters, is your friend your own? I know I met one of my characters and he brought me here."

As if on cue, a dark rift opened up beside CJ. Out of it stepped a man in a dark cloak with his hood up. After he stepped through, the portal closed behind him.

"Speak of the devil... So Rain, what brings you here?"

Rain then smirked a bit, the only part of his face that could be seen.

"I believe I found a place that can teach you magic. You did wish to learn, did you not?"

"Yeah, yeah, later though. We're a bit busy here man. And I have no idea what's going on... Oh yeah, you have some healing right? I'm sure you do. But anyways, that kid who's offering his hand the the shrub probably needs some."

The smirk on Rain's face grew a bit as he walked over to the injured kid, leaving CJ to try and flirt with the newcomer. As he approached the kid, he spoke only one thing.

"This is gonna hurt... A lot."

Placing his hand on the dazed person's shoulder, Rain muttered a few words that no one would be able to make out. After this, the 'healing' process began as it painfully mended what was wrong with the kid.

Heh, gotta love it.

22nd August 2006, 12:15 PM
I looked over as one of my fellow RPers fell down, and got back up again, dazed. He muttered something about how he can't fall asleep, and I knew then that he had a concussion. I walked over to him and grabbed his arm.

"Woah there," I said. "Careful." I looked over to the one who called himself CJ. "Hey you, CJ was it? We need an ice pack, pronto." Then CJ started talking to someone from this world.

"Oh yeah, you have some healing right? I'm sure you do. But anyways, that kid who's offering his hand to the shrub probably needs some."

"Or . . . we could do that," I said. "Still, I think we should get him an ice pack just in case."

22nd August 2006, 12:50 PM
This is gonna hurt... A lot

"That doesn't sound very fun" I said, confused. I felt a very dull, yet intense pain in my shoulder, running up to my head. The pain was so intense that it took me awhile to notice a hand on my shoulder. I felt like I was getting electrocuted, yet, also as if something was being rerouted. A spark of intelligent thought told me I was okay.
He's helping me. It's just like the stuff that my mom sprays on me whenever i get cut. Disenfectant.
I still wanted it to be over. Then my hair suddenly felt wet. Red blood dripped from my hair, onto my the shirt hanging out of my black robes. But soon, that was healed too. The blood had still left a stain on the small diamond of hair on the back of my neck, and my shirt from the real world, but the wound was closed. The pain was gone too. I realized how right I was that the people who would beat me up at school where complete wimps.
Too bad I didn't get any stiches. Stiches are cool. Like teddy bears.
I smirked at the thought. The magical healing had somehow left my memory intact, and I turned to the man I vaguely rembered bumping into smashing me.
"What was that? You friggin' gave me a concussion! Look where you going next time!"
I then remembered that I had had a katana in my hand. Suddenly worried, I asked him,
"Are you alright? Did my katana get you? Sorry for flipping of the handel and all."
I just can't seem to hold a grudge I sighed, wishing I could. Hey, I can't blame them for being imperfect!

25th August 2006, 07:26 PM
Apparently Hikari had collided with the other man harder than he thought, given the fact that the other “kid” was now shouting angry remarks at him. Hikari shoved his twin weapons into the ground and walked over to him. Uther’s character, Rain, was already hard at work mending the injuries that Hikari had given him… and from what he remembered of Rain, healing really hurt. When everything was over for a moment, Hikari walked over to hopefully set things right again.

"Are you alright? Did my katana get you? Sorry for flipping of the handle and all."

Or maybe he wouldn’t have to.

“I’m fine, and no, I didn’t skewer myself. But I should be apologizing, not you. I’m the one who crashed into you because I wasn’t looking where I was going. Sorry about that.”

Extending his hand slightly, Hikari thought for only a moment about trying his hand at removing any residual pain. He did know how to control his magic somewhat, but a second thought brought his hand back. Even though Alpha was the greatest at healing, improper use could prove lethal to the recipient, and that wasn’t something Hikari wanted on his conscience.

“Here, allow me to help.”

It was a sweet feminine voice this time, dressed in simple white clothes with only a touch of elegance. She smiled at Hikari then at Daniel and placed a soft hand on the recovering man’s shoulder. Warm waves of refreshment flowed into his body, removing the rest of his fatigue and any lingering pain left over from Rain’s healing.

“Allow me to introduce someone who I haven’t seen in a while.” Hikari said, pointing to the smiling woman beside him. “This is Cless AngelsGift, someone who-”

Hikari was cut off by something that could only be described as an anime-style glomp. It was probably an amusing sight with Cless dangling from Hikari’s neck and Hikari struggling to stay standing straight up.

“-Someone who I wrote up in my sleep.”

“Awww… don’t say that. Mister Joseph here made me a while ago then gave me some jerk as a husband.” She playfully scowled at him before continuing. “He really had himself in mind, but he couldn’t bring himself to make himself into a character… until now that is. He’s pathetic, but that’s why I LOVE him. Isn’t that right?”

“But… Oh, never mind. It’s true… I’m pathetic. Now… is everyone out of the house yet?”

25th August 2006, 11:19 PM
In simply a few bounds of his long legs, Richard had made it around the corner of the mansion and faced the head of the dragon's head. It seemed like some sort of raucous was going on, and chaos always led to him panicking. He'd have to head it off as soon as possible.

He turned his mad dash into an easier jog to make the feeling of his arrival as less rushed as he could. In reality he wanted to scream and get information about the evacuees with haste, but he controlled himself. His conscious part would direct him, and his logic warned him against taking that course of action. He knew from experience how disastrous that could be.

So all he did when he managed to join the group outside was take a couple of breaths and simply inquire, "What's going on over here?" Thinking quickly, he added, "Fresh with you?"

Short, but necessary post. Maru, please post and get this situation handled!

26th August 2006, 02:32 AM
As an angel character deceded, CJ couldn't help but to laugh. In fact, he began laughing so hard when his friend was glomped that he fell over. The resulting dialogue only made his laughter even more so. After a while, his sides began to hurt from the force of the laughter.

"Oh man, and I thought I was pathetic. Though, I did think of making a 'wife' character, but I don't think I'ld be able to keep stuff PG rated."

Slowly, he began to stand up, his laughter no longer verbal but still chuckling. Looking at the angel, who was using his friend as a vertical base, his smile burst out again, but he contained his laughter.

"Well, I'm CJ Cless. The man in the cloak-"

CJ suddenly stopped because he saw that another dark portal had appeared and shortly after he noticed it, the portal vanished.

"...Well, it doesn't matter. Man, I wish I didn't make him like that..."

Thinking about it, CJ was kinda sad that he didn't make a character that could be a girlfriend type figure with him. That way, he wouldn't be so lonely, but if he would have known he was gonna be coming to the Battle Arena, he would have probably made a lot more then just a girlfriend. He probably would have created a magical teacher, a place for him to stay, and probably a few servants.

Yeah, I'm vain...

Vain and pathetic.

...Shut up!

Suddenly, the person who CJ first met, and couldn't remember his name, came out of the dragon's mouth.

"What's going on over here?"

"Joseph is getting molested by one of his characters."

After saying this, he began to chuckle again. However, since he answered so quickly, he didn't hear the nameless one's other question.

heh, sorry, but i'm out of it at the moment... hehe

26th August 2006, 03:59 AM
Mariam and Azreda both had the same reaction to the events unfolding in front of them - a slight raising of the left eyebrow, then a quick shake of the head. They caught each other's eye for a moment, and Azreda grinned as Mariam tried to stifle a giggle. It wasn't that surprising, Azreda had been partially based on herself after all. It was still funny though. Mariam was still getting used to weapons, and healing, and everything else about the BA, whilst Azreda seemed to have seen it all before.

Deciding that it was probably best to try to figure out what was going on, she wandered over to the group, just as Richard ran up. Not that she knew it was Richard, but she figured that all these people must have something to do with this Earth Anolmaly thing, seeing as how they were all looking rather flustered about the whole thing. With a bit of a smile, she shook her head, and tried to avoid getting near the draped female

"No idea, I just got here"

26th August 2006, 11:31 AM
“Well, I'm CJ, Cless. The man in the cloak- …Well, it doesn't matter. Man, I wish I didn't make him like that...”

“The man with you was Rain, right? Joseph already told me all about you. It is very nice to meet you.”

Cless smiled and made a small bow to CJ before turning back to Joseph and slipping her left arm through his right. He blushed for a moment, but Richard’s arrival snapped him back to reality.

“What's going on over here? Fresh with you?”

“Joseph is getting molested by one of his characters.”

“Shut up, CJ.” Joseph said with a smirk. Turning to Richard, he does his best to brief him on the situation. “I don’t know names, but only us six are out here. I’m guessing Fresh is still in there, because there aren’t that many of us out here, and I recognize most of the guys. That leaves Maru and Fresh still inside.”

28th August 2006, 11:28 AM
“Shut up, CJ.”

With a smile, CJ just shrugged. He got the reaction he wanted out of his friend, so he was happy. He then listened in as his friend did a briefing for Rich... Rich... for whoever it was whose name he couldn't remember.

“I don’t know names, but only us six are out here. I’m guessing Fresh is still in there, because there aren’t that many of us out here, and I recognize most of the guys. That leaves Maru and Fresh still inside.”

"Oh yeah, speaking of inside, I found where I want my room already. Heh. I know, bad timing, but I don't care..."

Looking around, CJ couldn't help but sigh. His stomach then growled again, and he looked inside.

"Man, I hope that the party that was mentioned earlier will happen soon, I'm starving..."

29th August 2006, 11:47 PM
OOC: i'm IN.... took it long enough.

apparently my history is full of gamma errors... as a science student, i don't pick up on them well, any assistance with fixing it is most welcome..

I'm going to make my history shorter for Squids sake... i think it's a sign that one of these days i'll be as long as maru... though admittedly with more spelling mistakes.

cos of my history, i'm setting this to just before the evauation initallially, i ought to finish up with you by the end.

After wandering out of the woods with Silas The Kiwi at his side, somewhat more knowledgeable thanks to the kiwi's teachings. walking for a couple days he arrived in the town, only slightly weary and wearing clothing from a neighbouring town.

Upon entering the town he out that word about them was awfully strong almost all the locals talking about this strange group, but by the accents the locals were using they were not ‘kiwi’s’ themselves… Silas followed this time, as a merchant has talked of a pink thief stealing everything in sight from grandmother’s dentures to the banks' abacuses… and Silas decided he would escort him, as he would bear a distinctive distraction quality… and keep people and that thief from attempting to attack Glen…

Glen and Silas slipped up to the entrance and noted it’s structure…. A dragons head… Silas felt fairly sure it was only a light enchantment, but didn’t know of it’s strength… it didn’t help the disconcerting feeling we got as we felt ourselves slide down it’s gullet... silas stopped me before I opened the door at the end, and warned…

“I wasn’t sure if the source of the sent's before but I am now certain…. On the other side if those doors there are vampires…” just then things started getting strange.

The door flew open, and if it were not for standing where he was Glen would surely have been trampled as the group inside bolted for th sunlight. At this stage he realised the vampires must mean buisness.

watching as a person entering was colided into as another ran out, and watching even the slowest people tried to run out. Glen wondered if anyone was still inside and needing help.

Having no knowledge of the full dangers of vampires, and having a heroic moment, I went to go inside but found me feet unable to move from the ground, feeling as though his feet were nailed down. Turning to Silas he simply said to me,

Go in there kid, and you are going to be killed. Vampires are alot more than you can take on, get out into the sun and i will see what i can what i can do to help inside.Releasing the eletrostatic grip upon My foot, Silas headed inside to find what he could do. As i headed outside, i hoped i had made him powerful enough to take on vampires, but weak enough to avoid bringing down the building in the process.

Rapidly walking out of the mouth... I joined the group for the first time, missing most of the conversation so far, asking,

'how many vampires are we dealing with?'

"How many people are missing?"

I then noted that various peole still had their charicters beside them rather than facing off against the vampires, not a great idea. better to keep the characters fighting further away so that the humans would be kept safe.
um my link is im my sig, look at EAC

31st August 2006, 08:13 AM
While the group was discussing what to do about the vampires, I was examining the building from the outside. I saw the two windows resembling dragons' eyes, and could barely see the sillouetts of several figures fighting behind them. I looked up, and realized that the sun had come out while we were inside.

The weather sure changes fast around here, I thought. Wait, that's it!

"Guys, hang on," I said. I looked around and grabbed a large, heavy stick and started climbing the building. After a moment, I reached the windows. I grabbed my stick, and swung it at the window. The window shattered, spilling sunlight right onto the vampires within. But Maru was still in the basement.......

I hopped down off the building, and walked over to Richard, who seemed to have made it out successfully.

"Hey, you okay?" I asked. "That was some skirmish in there." Then I turned to the newest person to join our little group.

"We're missing one person," I said. "As for how many we're dealing with, three, though hopefully two less now."

ASOC, I'll let you RP what happens to the vampires, as I am really no good at GMing major things like that.

31st August 2006, 01:21 PM
I sniggered at the sight of a the fictional women hanging onto the mans neck.

He really had himself in mind, but he couldn’t bring himself to make himself into a character… until now that is. He’s pathetic, but that’s why I LOVE him. Isn’t that right?

Smiling, I silently agreed with her.

But i was realieved that he wasn't hurt.
"Oh, it's perfectly alright. It's my fault for standing in the doorway. My name is Daniel by the way. What's yours?" I said, offering my hand first to the man, intending to then shake the womes hand who had eased my pain.

I need to think of the details of what is happening, maybe when i find a place to call my own. But that would take awhile. I thought while waiting for them to shake my hand.

Amethyst Shine
6th September 2006, 10:42 PM
Hi guys.

Here's me.

Here's my application.

Here's my character sheet: http://www.giveupalready.com/showthread.php?p=793222#post793222

You said OOC only, and to post it in this thread. So, here it is. I'll shut up now and let you make your decision.

7th September 2006, 11:00 PM
Amethyst: posted in your char sheet. Thanks for following protocol.

Given any other situation, Richard would have definitely cracked up at Hikari's er... lovely character and his awkward position. However, as it was, the confirmation that Fresh - hell, Squid - was still stuck inside sent another dose of adrenaline through his body; his hands nearly shook with it. He was so focused on the group and geeting their attention - God, did all these RPers have ADHD? - that he totally missed some guy with a giant kiwi join, nor did he hear what the bird-toting fellow asked.

Instead, he rolled his eyes at CJ's sarcastic comment and bitterly snapped, "Great. So, we've got a problem. Maru ain't in there; he's out, last I checked. But the other two are.

"Obviously, we can't go in there right now; that'd just be stupid. We've got to make some sort of threat or ransom deal, or-" a loud crash in the mansion interrupted his speech, and the addition to the chaos only whetted his already sharp anxiety. Angrily spinning around to see the source, seeing one of the RPers who'd had the brilliant idea to smash the windows of the palce/ Damn it, what was he thinking? How was he supposed to exist with these people?

Hold up - light. That was it! Whether that guy had known it or not, he'd just helped their cause immensely. Ideas began churning... the vampires fried in the sunlight... safe!

The guy approached him and offered a casual, nearly insincere attempt at empathy, to which Rick responded, "Yeah, I'm fine," almost throwing the words away. "Look, we've got cover now, we can charge back into the place. Come on."

What was he going to do when they stood bathed in the sunlight there? He didn't know. But he began his jog back to the mansion nevertheless, glancing over his shoulder to wait for the others to follow.

10th September 2006, 12:17 PM
With the leader of the group outside, CJ was kinda disappointed that his comment didn't recieve any laughter. However, it was probably pretty bad timing on his part, but he was trying to lighten the mood a bit. Zoning out a bit, he began to think of stuff back home. Of his computer, which he was greatly missing, of his games and books that he used to pass the time. Suddenly, the one guy whose name he couldn't remember spoke up again. Not catching the words, but seeing him begin to go back into the mansion, CJ shrugged and began to follow.

blargh, crap for post... I'll get better ones later, time is pressing at the moment.

14th September 2006, 03:10 PM
soory for ooc only post, but i'm dreadfully confuesed. Could i have a summary of where everyone is, according to what my charecter knows, becuase right know, everyone is saying different things...