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30th October 2004, 07:02 AM
A flickering torch on the wall reviled a lone zombie lopping along a long dimly lit hallway, groaning and mumbling as it dragged its left foot down the clay brick hallway.
Its movements were stoped suddenly as a blue bolt struck the mindless undead monster in the back, scattering its limbs in a blackish gooey mess on the dirt floor.

From the deep shadows stepped forwards a male figure dressed in brown robes and cloak, a wooded staff with a red gem embedded into the head levelled at were the zombie had stood just moments ago.

As the man walked forward it was clear to a trained eye that this man was a magei, just how powerful was kept hidden from all, even his face was hidden by the hood of the cloak kept his face partly hidden in the dark lighting of the catacombs…

…for looking around you could easily see this is what they are, dead bones lie in beds build into the wall, skulls mark sections in the wall were some were cremated, torches lite the walls every few hundred meters creating strange dancing shadows on the walls, the whole atmosphere was touched off with the moans and groans of undead, strange gargles and shrieks of small scavenging monsters, the rattling of skeletons and the growls of imps.
All hidden and echoing all around the lone figure standing in the hallway, never flinching, never showing any signs of fear for what was hiding just beyond the next corner.

The man was Hoax, a mage of little global consequence on his own, however for the moment; he was the most powerful creature inside the catacomb…

*Hoax looked around and wondered why he had wandered into the catacombs alone, with out waiting for any one else to join him, it seemed.... fool hardy, now that the only entrance and exist was several levels above him.
Still, a few zombies and skeletons shouldn’t be a problem so long as he kept his cool and watched his back.*

hysteria and me only pls

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