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29th October 2004, 06:47 PM
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She had dropped her Sith disguise, the Jedi Council headquarters of the universe right next to her. The black robes, perversions of a Jedi's, would have made her stick out like a sore thumb. Instead, she wore a pair of snuggly fitting pants, tinged in the usual brown of the galaxy, flattering to say the least. Her top consisted of a tank top with nearly non-existant straps, the white cotton pressing tightly against her impossibly well defined body, cut off mid-riff leaving her flat abdomen exposed. It wasn't often she blatently displayed her body, but now was an exception, and she smirked inwardly as the patrons of this bar paid more attention to her than the entertainers.

"Listen, miss, I'm afraid you need to leave. You're ruining business."

The owner of the Hairless Wookiee, a strip club near the Jedi capital was a paradox of sin next to the self-proclaimed saviours of the light. She titled her head to look at the gyrating Twi'leks behind her, then looked back at the man who had spoken to her. Waving her hand in front of his face, she told him she would be staying. He nodded and offered her a free drink, and walked away.

She spun her body back to watch the dancers, tilting back in her chair, only two legs balancing precariously on the floor. Her slender fingers ran a rhythym on her leg as her fingers rose and fell as she waited. Fenris, her apprentice, had designed to meet her here for "business", and she wondered if he would recognize her, as she had never been out of her robes as long as she trained him.

If he can't sense me, then I've wasted my time on him anyways.

Leaning back, she downed a glowing blue drink in a highball glass, and continued to wait.

30th October 2004, 04:33 AM
... O.o; And now I wish I knew what a 'tank-top' is supposed to look like... Damn lacking vocabulary >.<

Alright... Time to land... The stranger typed in some commands, flipped a few switches, but then finally parked on one of the "parking zones" on Coruscant, the streamlined arrowheadlike ship standing out a little between the other ships docked there. He didn't like that very much... But no one asked any questions as he called for a cap and set off towards the bar his mistress had indicated. The Hairless Wookie... Whatever a Wookie was.

It didn't take him very long to get to the stripper's club, and leaning into the window of the Repulsorlift craft, he quickly 'paid' the driver. Except that no money ever left his hands. Turning around, he walked into the bar, confidence radiating from his six feet stance, his blonde, short hair being messed up a bit in the shifting winds between the towers of the city-planet. Staring into the bar with his greyish blue eyes, he smirked a little at seeing the dancing colourful aliens with tentacles poking out of their head instead of normal hair. Stupid aliens... Now where is she? He knew that his mistress wouldn't be wearing the robes she wore in the Shadowacademy... He closed his eyes, scanning not through his normal senses but those he had only learned recently to use. Again he smirked as he found her sitting in a chair in a rather unattentful corner of the club.

"Aaaah... Lethal beauty."

Clothed in a natural black which suited him, he approached her, scratching his beard slightly. The outfit she had chosen to wear was rather... Suggestive. Seductive even. And he was sure that he wasn't the only one who thought about it in that way. He knew that he would blend in with the rest of the crowd, except for perhaps the fact that he had never visited the place before. She however...

"Sorry to keep you waiting."

30th October 2004, 11:26 AM
OOC: It's like um... a wife-beater. ._.'... I dunno how to explain it. Annointed is also joining this quest, so we'll wait for him.


"It was no matter."

The front legs of her chair clicked to the ground as she lowered herself to an even keel, and turned to face her apprentice. She rose, pulling out a chair, and motioned to Fenris to have a seat. Lowering herself back to her own seat, she waved her hand at a waitress, ordering two of the same drinks she had just had.

"We need one more for our party. Have a drink, and I'll explain in more detail where we're going. Until then, just enjoy the view."

The waitress returned, sliding the glowing drinks in the long-stemmed glasses to both Fenris and herself, and she twirled the glass in her fingers before taking a small sip. Again, she tilted back in her chair, dangerously far back, arching her neck backwards and watching the patrons of the bar in her now upside down view as she waited for another to join their escapade into the underground world of the city planet.

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31st October 2004, 02:29 AM
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[2 Hours earlier]

Jennifer that where pretty young where at the City Planet for personal business when she had received note from her commander that she where to rapport in a local strip club. In her old fashion style whit a top showing of a little breast and stomach which she by the way where not very popular for because it was not very usual for a human to show skin like she did in public, and her tight pants Jennifer started to move out but first she had to take a trip to her hide-out to get what ever gear she needed...

can’t show up for something whit out my gear that would be suicide

Jennifer walked fast, almost as she was running towards her hideout, she reached the doors, looked around to se if anyone was looking and typed the code 141255 to open the door. The door responded and opened it self, she walked in and typed the code again and the door shut it self again, she walked up the hallway and she turned left in the house complex, there was some Guard patrols ahead talking to the owner of the complex of her and she quickly hid her self listening to what they said

"There is a girl here, she is known by the name Jennifer Starlight. Where is her room?"

The Owner of the complex where terrified and showed them the way towards the door

Oh no, if they se my room i will have half the troops knocking on my door

She quickly ran silence towards her room behind the troops, and she used her mind trick on them and they where told by the mind trick to stop and walk back and out.

Jennifer ran into her room grabbed all her gear, her light saber from under her pillow, her Sith Robe where litter lie threw it into her backpack and she grabbed all her valuable items and showed them into the backpack and she used her Burst of Speed and started to run all she could towards the entrance before the guards went out of there mind trick. She couldn’t afford to kill the guards, that would only make them turn up missing and so the city would be crawling whit guards...

She looked back and the guards where out of there trance and they where looking right towards her and they yelled


She quickly pressed the code 141255 to open the door and then she typed 149875 which made the door locked and could only be open if you had the right security card +code

that should give me some time

Jennifer tried to always stay in the crowd while moving as fast as she could towards the meeting location she where told to go for. She saw the door but she also saw the 2 guards from the complex behind her and they had reported about her presence, she used her burst of speed to run into the back alley of the club and used her force jump to reach a open window above her which she jumped into and she landed inside, she where inside the "entertainers" dressing room, looking at all the people before bursting out of the door and sat down at the closest table.

that where close, I hope I lost them

Looking around she could not recognize any familiar persons but those she would recognize would probably not be wearing there sith robe unless they had a death wish. She started try and sense the force whit in the room and she was able to locate 2 people which where outstanding from the rest of the crowd in the force and she was pretty sure that was them and so she walked up to them and grabbed a chair and looked at them.

"Am Jennifer, I was told to rapport here. Sorry am late but I ran into some trubble behind there."

31st October 2004, 10:12 AM
Aradia rose to her feet, pulling out a small datapad from her back pocket and setting it onto the table, flicking it on. The screen blinked once or twice, then began to display an animation of what looked like Coruscant.

"Don't worry about anyone who might be after you. They won't follow us where we're going."

She pointed to the screen. It showed the top of a large building, and then went down, down, down, the animation travelling down the massively tall building until it showed what appeared to be the ground floor, where the building had long ago ceased to have windows. All of a sudden, it showed under ground, a series of tunnels, where people were walking around. Then, it stopped showing detailed images, and became a simple map made of lines, apparently the stick map of the underground tunnels.

"This is where we're going. The people you saw have information on anything we want. Although, I'm not quite sure what you're after, Jennifer. If you could remind me, I'll take us there and we should be out fairly soon."

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31st October 2004, 10:40 AM
"Don't worry about anyone who might be after you. They won't follow us where we're going."

what a relief

she saw down on the data pad and observed every detail, and scanned every millimeter she saw like she where burning it into her memory, when she saw the people and it became like a map her eyes looked like she had seen a ghost.

that place, I have a feeling I have seen it before, that place is what iv been searching for... I don’t know what iv been searching for but something is drawing me down there

"This is where we're going. The people you saw have information on anything we want. Although, I'm not quite sure what you're after, Jennifer. If you could remind me, I'll take us there and we should be out fairly soon."

"I don’t know what am after, but when ever I can I sneak down in the underworld to search for something, there is something down there that is attracting me, its like am walking the world in blind to find a spot. What ever it is it is strong enough to attract me from across the galaxy. The past year iv been here and each day I sneaked down searching for whatever that is attracting me, but believe me, where not wanted down there."

31st October 2004, 10:59 AM
Fenris nodded as his mistress told him that it didn't matter that he was late, and to sit down. Quickly, he pulled up another chair and sat down, staring out in front of himself a little disappointed as she told him to wait. Why do we need another one... Could it be that at the moment he just wasn't ready? Has to be it.


As the waitress approached them and handed him a blue glowing drink, the stranger showed his true colors by recoiling from it. A glowing drink? He had the strange feeling it was radioactive... And at the very least something he did not want to know the contents off. But Aradia was drinking it, and she seemed to be human... What do I have to lose... Sipping it once, he found the taste... Rather bitter, yet delicious. Though he hadn't tasted anything like it. But then he suddenly jerked his head towards an approaching woman, her aura reddish like his and his mistress'.

"Am Jennifer, I was told to rapport here. Sorry am late but I ran into some trubble behind there."

"Grmn... I hope you won't bring us... Any complications... Nice to meet you, Jennifer. My name is Fenris Vaye."

He realised that he had to speak with caution here. Being so close to their arch-enemies... Any wrong wording could be their undoing. For a informant was often quick to spot those who spoke dangerously. Being a terrorist taught him as much. Secretcy was needed. He looked up as Aradia stood up, bending forward a little to examine the datapad she lay down on the table. As the map snapped into action, he again recoiled a little. I didn't know they had portable holographic generators!

"This is where we're going. The people you saw have information on anything we want. Although, I'm not quite sure what you're after, Jennifer. If you could remind me, I'll take us there and we should be out fairly soon."

"... Hmmm... I have a question..."

His eyes squinted a little as he stared at the stick version of the map. He didn't like it... He didn't like it one bit. To him, it seemed that they lacked precise data on how the tunnels curved and went. He did not want to doubt Aradia's abilities... But heading into an area about which one knew little was dangerous. Standing up, he pointed towards the sticky tunnel map, whilst staring at Aradia.

"Do we lack information on the exact layout of those tunnels?"

31st October 2004, 11:10 AM
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The glass shattered, sending the blue liquid spilling over the table as Aradia's fury boiled up, and she crushed it from the other side of the table inadvertantly. Everyone in the bar was now looking their way, the only sound that of the music blaring over head. She gritted her teeth, waving her hand agrily, blotting out the peoples' memories, and they returned to what they were doing. Softly, she put her hands on the table, and leaned over to glare at Fenris, her brown eyes swirling with a deeper menace.

"You're welcome that I spent months gathering these maps, and allowed you to come along with me."

The answer was that yes, she did have exact information, but she didn't want her underlings to doubt her, thus the recent display. She picked up her datapad, putting it back into her pocket, glancing around to make sure no one had seen it before she started to go.

"I suggest you follow. I wouldn't want to accidentally alert the Jedi to a Sith presence..."

With that, she headed to the elevator that was in the back of the room. She had picked this place because it also carried them directly to the ground floor, close to where they wanted to be in the underground. Pressing the down button, a small yellow light came on with a ding. After a moment, the door opened, and she stepped in, smirking silently to herself as she looked to the side. The man wore a brown robe, with a white shirt underneath.

"So, you going down?"

She bowed slightly, reaching across the man's body in an exaggerated motion, causing excessive contact between their bodies, and pressed the "G" button. She tilted her head slightly, looking down to his belt, and she saw a lightsaber hanging there, confirming that he was indeed a Jedi. Standing back against the wall, she waited slightly behind him. He turned to Fenris and Jennifer.

"Are you two with her too? It's kinda suspicious that this many people go down at once, isn't it?"

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31st October 2004, 11:30 AM
Jennifer felt like Fenris Vaye didn’t like that she was here and maybe even considered her a threat to his status as a Sith.

"Grmn... I hope you won't bring us... Any complications... Nice to meet you, Jennifer. My name is Fenris Vaye."

not a bit, you’re eyes revile that you wouldn’t mind me walk over to a cliff and jump head on down it

Jennifer where sensing the intense tension between the 3 of them all when she heard Fenris Vaye say

"Do we lack information on the exact layout of those tunnels?"

and his master answer pretty angry back at him

"You're welcome that I spent months gathering these maps, and allowed you to come along with me."

Jennifer just followed the master's lead and when the jedi figure asked

"Are you two with her too?"

she didnt hear the rest before she had already answered


and at the same time she quickly grabbed Fenris Vaye in his hand and turned right to walk out while she whispered to him

"I know another way"

and she just prayed that he wouldn’t make a big deal over it

31st October 2004, 11:37 AM
If you want, I could have them encounter Kathy - she sneaks off every now and then to do certain errands. Of course she will survive the encounter without any real wounds... On second thought that might be counterproductive >_>

Fenris was horribly taken back by the reaction of his mistress... But soon understood what she ment. It wasn't his place to doubt her. It would never be his place to doubt her. That much he had to learn... Or rather, he had to unlearn being the leader himself. He was not!

"... I apologige, mistress."

It was not like the people would remember that sentance anyways. Aradia had erased their memories... Or something simular to that. As she headed out, he followed with a decent afterpace... A way to show her that he learned his place. He was not her equal. As she pressed the button of the elevator, he waited patiently, walking in after her. He stared at the brown robed man for a moment, but then quickly turned to watch at the level indicator. Aradia chose a place somewhere behind the man. He chose one a bit to the side, his back leaning against the wall of the elevator, his foot drawn up against it.

"Are you two with her too? It's kinda suspicious that this many people go down at once, isn't it?"

"Heh... One would think that, if one got something to hide or fear."

He smiled a bit, acting normally as if it was one of the most normal questions of the world.... Or galaxy. He realised that the man was a Jedi - his outfit told him so. Which ment that he had to act fast... And careful. But, he didn't dare take action without any signal of his mistress. Killing him might not help them. But then, Jennifer suddenly seized his hand, whispering something towards him.

"I know another way."

A slight cold in his eyes told her... Or at least should, that it was not her place to command him. There were only two who he would obey. His mistress, Aradia, and his lord, Anubis. Though... Perhaps he should take a better look on the other Sith's data when he hacked the computer again.

Damn simutanious post. >.< Well... At last his loyalty seems to become clearer...

31st October 2004, 03:05 PM

"Oh, this is my floor."

That said, the doors whooshed open a moment before Jennifer had taken Fenris off, and the Jedi exited, apparently nonplussed by his meeting with three Sith in the middle of going to the ground floor. The metalic portal slid shut, and they descended even more, until they felt a small thump as they touched the ground. Aradia stepped out, looking around.

It was a hallway, walls made of white cinderblocks, arcane versions of lightbulbs hanging above, still reliant on tungsten filaments and loads of electricity. A door at the end led them outside, to the actual planet of Coruscant, where things once lived before the colonization. Brown earth sat there, dead from centuries of the sun being blocked by skyscrapers, no life visible. There were no windows around for dozens of floors, and their actions would not be noticed.

"Welcome to the bottom."

She was about to continue speaking, when a red blaster bolt came flying from behind. Twirling quickly, her hand shot out, a small red aura surrounding it, and the laser bullet crashed into it, dissipating harmlessly. Looking to where it came from, she saw a humanoid figure ducking behind a building with a large rifle.

"Damn it... They're the ones with the information we want. Let's get them."

That said, she began to run in the direction of the shot, and turned the corner of the building, coming face to face with 4 of the armored men, wielding repeating blasters, and she grimaced, wondering if the other two would be of any help.

OOC: Whee, battle posts.

1st November 2004, 10:58 AM
Fenris looked at the door as the buzzer went, smiling as he made some way for the Jedi to walk through. It was clear to him that he had to leave on this level.

"Oh, this is my floor."

"Farewell then."

He didn't quite know how exactly people were treated here... But he hoped that nicities were met by niceties, so in order to keep up his act, he had to wish the pathetic weakling goodbye. Though, it was hard to miss how he muttered a swearword and banged the metal wall of the elevator sometime after the Jedi had left. Finally, they seemed to approach the final floor, the one where they had to be.

"Welcome to the bottom."

Fenris slowly followed after her, staring at the dead area... The air smelled old here... As if there were frequent ventilation problems. He was surprised at the feel of normal earth under his feet. Bending his knees, he stared at it, hand reaching to touch the soil... Until a loud sound caused him to jump up, just seeing how his mistress had protected them from a laser bolt, and how someone ran for it. Quickly, he reached for his own weapon. It was a good thing he had learned to deflect some bolts...

"Damn it... They're the ones with the information we want. Let's get them."


As she sped away, he followed, training Lightsaber firmly in his right hand. He didn't activate it yet... It was better to preserve the element of surprise for now. As he rounded the turn as she had done, he skidded to a halt for a moment, staring at the men who held the large rifles.

"... Heh..."

A small click, followed by a jagged hissing and humming as his firey red and yellow blade of lethal light revealed itself. Standing to his mistress' right, slighty behind her, all he could do was smirk at the men who wanted to ambush them. He took them in for a moment... But then thrusted out his open hand towards the one who stood exactly opposite of him, attempting to knock him back with a strong push of Force.

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1st November 2004, 12:58 PM
Jennifer where still standing in the elevator whit her hand holding Fenris's to make sure he didn’t do any hasty. She heard the jedi say

"Oh, this is my floor."

and to her surprise she heard Fenris say

"Farewell then."

Jennifer looked at the jedi as he walked out and she said while bending her head just a inch down.

"Live long and prosper"

the elevator door closed and just as it did she smashed her first into the wall and at the same time realized that Fenris banged the metal wall of the elevator.

I can’t believe I actually did that

"I sure as hell hope it was worth the words to take away his suspicious about us, if he got any suspicious they will probably send some jedi's to investigate, we cant risk that."

she looked at the others and before she knew it the door opened and they walked out

"Welcome to the bottom."

Jennifer heard it and started to respond

"Well thank you, now lets slay..."

she was interrupted when a red blaster bolt came flying from behind, she got her Light saber activated and where ready to deflect in a defensive stance but the master had already taken care of it. Looking over at Fenris she saw that he was already up and standing again.

"Damn it... They're the ones with the information we want. Let's get them."

Jennifer and Fenris answered at the same time


Jennifer deactivated her light saber as she started to run along whit the others, getting up on a line whit Fenris on the left side of the master. They where face to face with 4 of the armored men, wielding repeating blasters [occ: what on earth are 4 armored men whit repeating blasters doing down there? There’s only beggars and underworld people ho live down there, they can barely afford a rusty dagger…]
She used her force power stun on the guy on the left flank, ready to charge at the masters command, they had the upper hand, the troops where about to face a deadly threat, 1 of them where about to be stunned and another to be force pushed and yet all 3 could run forward deflecting and slash on the remaining 2 and then finish of the other 2 before they could realize what was happening.

1st November 2004, 02:48 PM
OOC: It's my quest, I can make up what I want. ^_^... Besides, it's more fun this way than fighting hobos with plastic spoons.


A small click was heard, and a blue bubble formed around the one Fenris had attacked, an energy shield deflecting the blast, then turning off. Aradia grimaced at the realization they were probably outcast mandalorians with poorly replicated models of armor. They were at least semi-dangerous as long as they had the armor.

"Kill them. One each. I'll handle the other two."

With that, she launched a quick offensive, bringing an instantaneous pulse of Force to herself. The rippling energies pulsed through her body, fortifying her muscles tremendously, and she darted between two of the mandalorians, spinning with an arm extended. One managed to get out of the way of the blurred arm, but the other was caught on the side of the head, and a sickening crack was heard as his neck was broken by the force of the blow.

Finishing the spin, she ended up facing the other, who fired three blasts at her from his blaster, and she smirked, lifting her hand, the bullets once more dissipating over a Force-created energy field, and she tightened a fist, constricting the man's throat, choking him to death.

All of this took under a minute, and she turned to look back at the other two to see how they had fared with their opponents.

4th November 2004, 08:19 AM
-.-; Good thing I know a thing or two about personal forcefields. Never get yourself in a corner with two boxing Gran...

Fenris glared as his attack failed him. If this power was so powerful... Then how come one could just activate a shield and deflect it? The grip the apprentice had on his Lightsaber increased. You're mine... But so is that technology!

"Kill them. One each. I'll handle the other two."

"Yes mistress."

As Aradia darted away to deal with the two in the middle, Fenris glared once again at the one in front of him, but then also burst out, Force aiding his speed. As he sped onward, he brought up his energyblade in his hands, as if to strike the Mandalorian on the head. And as he expected, the thug raised his shield again. Got you there... Sparks ignited for the spot where protective and lethal energy met, his blade not penetrating the shield.

But the trick worked. The Mandalorian hadn't noticed Fenris' quick kick, against what looked like an activated piece of circrity. Instandly, the shield failed, the apprentice seizing the opertunity to again push the Mandalorian against the wall, trying to crush him. But of course, the Mandalorian wouldn't go willingly. Aiming his blaster, he tried to shoot Fenris in the head. He countered by pushing him harder against the wall, and whacking his blaster away with his Lightsaber.

"Just die already..."

With a couple of odd sounds, the Mandalorian seemed to cough up blood, the Sith apprentice having pushed a bone through his lungs. Releashing him, Fenris stared at the corpse for a moment, feeling exhausted. But then he ripped the piece of technology off, which projected the shield. Could be useful...

Reason why it sucked: mum telling me to start on homework. That and Fenris is hell to RP right now.

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5th November 2004, 08:57 AM
Jennifer saw what kind of equipment they where using and though to her self

how did some poor beggars afford this kind of equipment, it doesn’t make sense there had to be bigger fish behind them that could afford to provide the items

She heard a voice that snapped her out of her thoughts, it was the master speaking

"Kill them. One each. I'll handle the other two."

"I will slaughter what stands in my way"

Jennifer jumped whit force speed up against the wall and bounced behind the soldier and kicked the soldier in from behind his legs, the soldier lost his balance and his gun started firing into the air

oh shit those shots are going up into the upper world!

Jennifer kicked the Soldier in the head knocking him out and threw her Light saber whit Force speed into the first bolt and used the force to guide it onto the other but yet 1 shot remained that she wasn’t able to get.

Jennifer was swearing in all the languages she knew about, but then she looked over at the soldier that was still knocked out and got an evil grind on her face

She knocked the helmet several times against the wall until it broke and inside the guy’s head where pretty messed up from the hits against the wall to break the helmet. She got a nice grip around the guys throat and levitated him up against the wall whit her hand as the guy where starting to wake up and she looked over at the master

“Will you have the pleasure to interrogate this worthless scum?”

She looked at the other how they had slain there opponents and though to her self

a dead guy is not a talking guy… unless you have the appropriate equipment but as far as I know we don’t have anything near that equipment beside once where done whit this guy I can get his items because as far as I know its still not damaged

5th November 2004, 05:35 PM
"We have all the information we need. Feel free to dispose of him how you wish."

She was looking down at her wrist as she spoke, attaching a silver energy shield to it from the corpse of her fallen. A small pistol also hung from her belt now. Looking up, she flashed a plastic I.D card from one of her dead, and she slid it through a crack in the wall. A rusty, grating noise was heard, and the wall slid back into a hidden passageway, leading downwards.

"Follow me, if we're lucky, we won't have to fight anyone else."

She had no sooner entered the building than she was surrounded by many more, well armored men, and she pulled out her newly begotten pistol, considering the odds. After a moment, she lowered it, gesturing to Fenris and Jennifer, sending a message to them that they would hear in their heads.

Let them capture you... they will take us to their leader, then we can make our move from there.

Then, the silver-clad men tied a strong but coarse rope around her wrists, binding her hands behind her back, and shoved her down the hallway, the others moving to do the same to Jennifer and Fenris.

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6th November 2004, 05:38 AM
"We have all the information we need. Feel free to dispose of him how you wish."

Jennifer lifted the guy about 10 inch’s away from the wall before smashing it back into it whit all her strength and the head cracked and guy where dropped to the ground to die a horrible slow death. Jennifer grabbed his shield generator, the blaster and a ID card.

Jennifer looked at the master as she started to walk downwards

"Follow me, if we're lucky, we won't have to fight anyone else."

but as she had said that Jennifer already had seen and sensed several more armed guards and she where about to putt up a fight to her death if she had to but then she received a telepathic message from the master.

Let them capture you... they will take us to their leader, then we can make our move from there.

Jennifer hid her Light Saber inside her clothing’s and then threw the Blaster in front of her on the ground like that had been her primary weapon and the soldiers felt for it, they believe it had been her weapon and they did not search for another weapon so they didn’t notice her light saber. Jennifer’s arms where on her back and she tried to test the robe on its strength and came to the conclusion that it could easy be taken off. While they had been starting to walk behind the master as a prisoner she started to remove the robe, or at least untie it so that she didn’t haft to think about it when the time of action came. A guard noticed and where about to say something but Jennifer managed to react whit the force power mind trick and she altered his opinion that the robes should not be untied. She spoke to the master telepathic

"My robes are untied, am ready for combat, i was able to hide my Light Saber, what is you’re status?

6th November 2004, 11:24 AM
What exactly is Jennifer's rank?

Fenris hastly stuffed the piece of technology in his back pocket as his master told him to move, his Lightsaber clicking and hissing as the light retreated into the black handle again. As the two women headed into the newly created entrance, Fenris followed, stopping once he saw all the guards. Shit! He did notice that Aradia had a pistol out, and the readiness for battle nearly shone off Jennifer. But he wasn't in any shape to fight and win. He would prefer running for it and taking them down one at a time...

Let them capture you... they will take us to their leader, then we can make our move from there.

"What the?!"

Words shooting throughout his mind were something uncommon to him... As long as he wasn't connected to a computer, anyways. For a moment, he wondered what was going on, but then finally he understood. He slowly pocketed his Lightsaber and raised his hands, while closing his eyes. He wanted that his own message got through...

... Understood...

A guard pulled down his hands, tying them up behind his back as they did with the others. Rope... There were worlds full of technology out there... And all they had was rope? He smirked a little - but then remembered that prisoners rarely smirked, unless they were insane, making his smirk dissapear like snow in the sun. As his master was shoved forward, the stranger took it as a hit to get a move on and followed - though this did not spare him from shoves along the way. Damn you!

The reason the mental message is in size=1 is because of interferance... And lack of knowlege.

6th November 2004, 12:07 PM
They were led through tunnels, vast and winding, ever deeper into the underground, rusted metal doors to the sides opening occasionally, revealing rooms for living, recreation, and other purposes off to the sides where people looked out from. Finally, the hissing lights above became those of the over-world, tubes filled with gasses, creating a bright silent light above, and they were taken into a large chamber, where two people stood to the left and right of a chair.

"Lord, we have some prisoners for you."

One of the soldiers who was behind Aradia spoke, and a door opened from the back with a soft woosh, and a man clad in black armor came out, standing in front of the chair, and finally sitting down.

"What is it... you want."

A monotonous mechanical voice came from the apparent leader, inquiring as to why there were there, and Aradia glanced around, checking how many people there were. Three of the soldiers they had encountered from above and were holding them hostage, the leader, and two seemingly elite bodyguards.

"We come seeking knowledge which it is rumored you possess. I am a Sith Archon, and your aid will be greatly re-compensed."

For a moment afterwards, the room was silent, the unheard swirling of the gas in the lights the only sound as the master considered her words. It seemed like he would agree to her wishes, when he suddenly waved his hands at them, and the two bodyguards began to advance, pulling out a humming variation of a virboblade, glowing a faint blue energy.

"You'll be sorry."

She pivoted on her foot, and brought her right leg up, delivering a quick blow to the guard behind her, knocking him off of his feet and against the wall, leaving him out of commission.

"Each of you, get the bodyguards, leave the leader alive."

With her hands still tied behind her back, she lept towards one of the weaker guards behind Fenris, sprining nimbly off of the ball of her feet, sending her into the air, and she landed, sitting on his shoulders, facing the opposite direction as him. She flipped her body to the side, snapping the soldiers neck and bringing him down with her, where she hit the ground and rolled to her knees, spinning to face the last of the holding guards.

However, she had misjudged the speed of her last attack, and she barely managed to avoid a red bolt of energy from the blaster of the guard. The powerful bullet ripped through her tanktop, leaving a burning gash in her side, where the blood quickly left a red stain on her white shirt. Growling under her breath at the guard, she engaged her energy shield and closed her eyes, concentrating on the force, determined to give this guard a proper death. Red blaster shots deflected off of the blue bubble that now surrounded her, and she smirked as streaks of red lightning pulsed out of her body, slamming into the armored man, and sending him also against the wall, where he collapsed.

The leader remained calm, watching this happen without moving, and Aradia turned to see how the other two would manage with the other bodyguards.

OOC: The bodyguards are more heavily armored and junk, so it should be harder to beat them as you RP it.

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6th November 2004, 01:01 PM
Jennifer walked and felt like she where walking for a eternity when they entered a door and in front of them where 3 people, 1 that had a leader like look and 2 elite bodyguards.
One of the guards that had escorted them spoke

"Lord, we have some prisoners for you."

Jennifer saw a door opened from the back of the room, the door made a soft woosh sound, a man dressed in black armor came out, standing in front of the chair, and finally he sat down.

"What is it... you want."

The Master spoke to the leader

"We come seeking knowledge which it is rumored you possess. I am a Sith Archon, and your aid will be greatly re-composed."

The Lord where sitting there and considering there words but then he suddenly waved his hands at them, and the two bodyguards began to advance, pulling out a humming variation of a virboblade, glowing a faint blue energy.

Jennifer led out a war cry as she broke lose from the robe that where holding her hands

”Fell the wrath of the sith cult!”

She grabbed her light saber out from her cloths and where standing in a aggressive stance, she where holding her light saber ready to deliver a heavy blow, a guard fired 3 shots against Jennifer, they all missed, Jennifer looked over to the guy ho had been shooting and saw that he had started to shoot at her just before the master had jumped him, the master flipped her body to the side, snapping the soldiers neck and bringing him down with her. Jennifer nodded to her as a thank you.

She got back to the elite guard he where standing there in a defensive position and Jennifer grabbed a small dagger like weapon from belt. She used the force to gain speed [Force speed] running towards him, she stabbed the dagger forward and the guard used his virboblade, they where standing face to face and Jennifer where pushing the small dagger forward and the guard where resisting the best he could

“now I got you, you’re hand is busy and all you can do is block and receive”

Whit a evil grind she stabbed her light saber forward and into the guard, the light Saber went into the flesh and the guard threw him self backwards and where on his knees. He where holding a hand over his wound coughing up blood. But then he started to drag him self up and Jennifer threw her dagger at him but he deflected it in a arrogant swing whit the blade. The Guard lifted his hand holding it towards Jennifer and she where lifted of the ground and she felt she where being choked, grasping for air desperately she started to get dizzy as she used force push at the guy.

Jennifer where on her knees grasping for air before looking up at the guy, she activated her light saber again and made a jump slash downwards at the guy, he where still on his knees but quickly got his blade upwards and blocked but the power of the strike where to strong for the blade and it shattered, the blade broke and the light saber went right throw it and the guard received a light saber cut from the troth and all the way down the lungs. Jennifer stood up and looked down at him as he where grasping for air in all his pain, and then she stabbed the Light saber into the guy’s hart ending his life. She looked up and saw the lord where on his out the door.
Jennifer used her force power to drag the lord back and he felt to the ground and where dragged away from the door.

“where are you going, the party isn’t over”

9th November 2004, 07:24 PM
OOC: It looks like Legion quit. We'll just finish it w/o him. I don't feel like making too much more happen, so just say what you want, and then you can RP getting it, and if you want, doign whatever it is you might do with it if you're building something or whatnot in this thread.


Aradia stepped forwards, moving in front of the apparent leader of the clan, and stared at him, her eyes glaring with a fury, her arms still tied behind her back, the laser wound on her side staining her shirt red, and she asked quietly one question.

"Where do you keep your information?"

In a slightly shaking voice, the man peered out from under his black visor, and answered, inquiring what they wanted.

"What is it you're looking for?"

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10th November 2004, 01:39 AM
Jennifer walked up next to the master and looked down on the lord

"Where do you keep your information?"

she could se how the lord where very scared and his voice told her he was.

"What is it you're looking for?"

Jennifer looked at him like she where going to hurt him real bad

"why dont you tell us?"

she said whit a evil grind and smile getting a small dagger out and holding it like she where going to cut him up if he didnt answer soon.

16th November 2004, 02:59 PM
The man glared at Jennifer for a moment, wondering if she was stupid.

"I'm not the one who's just invaded your base. How should I know what you want?"

Aradia heaved a sigh, sliding her hands out of the handcuffs easily, and crossing her arms across her chest. After a moment, she figured she'd say what she wanted.

"Give me your archived data on lightsaber staffs."

Snapping his finger, a droid carried a datapad in, and handed it to Aradia, and tilted its head at the leader, awaiting his next order.

"Please, anything you'd like that I have, name it and it's yours."

OOC: This is basically the end of the quest, since it was just a short one to get a couple items. Just say what you want, as long as it's not like, a battleship, and you can get it.

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19th November 2004, 03:02 PM
occ: that limits my request for controll of the galaxy eh? ;)


"why dont you show me some cash and i wouldnt mind some light saber crystals, do we speak the same language?"

Jennifer dragged the dagger down his leg creating a smal rift in his leg from his hipp to his knee and a couple of blood drops came out. she looked at him whit some evil eyes and used her Mind Trick abiletie to alter his perspect of fear to make him as scared as possible to increase the chance of him giving it to her...

occ: sorry but iv been away for nearlie a week becouse of personal reasons.