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29th October 2004, 07:02 AM
One could say what one wanted about forrests... How they were filled with ghouls, vampires and werewolfs, that children who became lost in it were eaten by goblins, that a great deal of predators live in there. Lunya didn't care. Though she knew that those stories about maneating goblins often had a core of truth, she liked the forrests. It was where she grew up, with the Rawulf. However one look at the girl and one could be sure that she was no Rawulf. Streching her arms, she sat down on a large, flat boulder on bed of a small lake, happily smiling.

She was clearly an Elf, two long ears extending from her head. Her hair was golden blonde, reaching down to her chest in a low ponytail, a red band keeping it together. If she was standing, one could see that her stance was as high as five feet and seven inches, and that she seemed to be seventeen years of age. If she was human. Her clothes were that of a Rawulfian healer; a white cloth shirt and skirt, red wristbands and cloth 'belt' around her waist. Underneath those, black cloth clothing. For shoes she wore leather buskins. She closed her forrest green eyes for a moment, thinking. A leather traveling bag lay next to her, a quiver, filled with arrows and a bow slung over her shoulder. A bamboo traveling staff lay to her other side.

Slowly, she took something from her bag, and placed it on her lips. A flute. As a wind swept over the tall grass in the clearing surrounding the beautiful silent lake, the girl began to play, slowly and faintly, the mystical tones carrying out over the water, rocks and grass surrounding her. Nature Calling. That is how she named the ever shifting song. Hmmm... Colours began intermingling in the water before her; imagines to help her clear her mind, to discover what she really wanted to know. A young, fourteen year old Rawulf appeared, looking like an upright walking German Shepard. Lunya's brother. She smiled faintly and sweetly as the picture in the water became clear. Stiek... I'll find you again... But you're not the only one I'm concerned about, am I? The Elven healer continued playing, as the shapes in the water before her again shifted. This time, the immage of a girl appeared, fifteen, silverish grey hair reaching down her waist and two dirty wings poking out of her back. The Elf stopped playing, slowly extending her hand towards the girl in the water, staring back at her. But as soon as she did the girl wavered and dissapeared again, leaving the Elf alone in the forrest. Nikita... She would have to find the Angelic girl again...

Another wind swept the tall grass of the clearing, and again Lunya placed the magical flute on her lips. Even though she played the same song as before, it did not sound that way. The new Nature Calling was fast, loud and compedative, even. Like the songs of adventure, sang by bards. This time, Lunya hoped to attrack an adventurer like herself; someone with whom she could practice her magic, and melee fighting...

Open spar. Don't care much who enters as long as he / she is active and a decent RPer.

29th October 2004, 12:59 PM
Firith wandered the lonely forest land. The crunch underfoot echoed through the shifting maze of trees before him.
I sure hope I have not shifted direction...

Of elven descent from that of an ancient forest from a far western continent, firith and his kin excelled at practical skills. He could sense moisture in the air,

Water? I hear no noise.. a lake?

Continuing on, something nagged at the recess of his mind. He walked faster now, bringing him further forward to where he became increasingly sure the lake was.
As he approached a jog, the song suddenly entered his hearing; It did not surpise him, it had been playing inside his head all the time.

At once the trees dissapeared and he was at a lakeside, the water shone like untouched crystals as he gazed down at the unbroken sheet of liquid.
He smiled to himself and prepared to walk across as he jumped.
There was a girl standing before him, playing a flute. She seemed unaware of his presence and continued to play.

Firith stood in awe of this girl, he face seemed to show no worry as she played on. Her elven ears protruding from her hair.

Unwilling to interrupt to the song, firith broke the tune by speaking.


29th October 2004, 02:14 PM

Slowly, Lunya stopped playing, hearing that someone had approached her. Lowering her flute, she turned around, staring at the Elf who had followed his... Well... Ears. Smiling innocently, the girl put the flute back in her bag, but then stood up and faced this stranger.

"Hello sir."

She was surprised that the one that responded to the song was an Elf - one of her kind, even if she was raised by the Rawulf. But still... A part of her longed to know more about her real race, her heritage. Perhaps she could ask him afterwards, but now she needed to press on her current desire. The elven girl again bent low, picking up the staff to her left, but then slowly approached the other Elf, six feet bamboo staff in her left hand, her right extended in a gesture of friendship.

"It's nice to meet you. My name is Lunya of the Crossing Moon. I was hoping to find someone willing for a friendly spar, of both magic and melee fighting. I hope that someone is you."

Still smiling, the girl backed away a little, turning her side towards the Elf. Shifting her feet outward a little, she provided herself with a strong base, before gripping her staff in the middle, the end closest to her opponent near the ground, the other hovering above her shoulder a little. As the girl waited, a third wind swept over the grass, trembling as it reached up to the edge of her buskins. As far as she remembered, there was enough room for them to spar in, and the grass did not hide any rocks from sight... At least not as far as she remembered.

29th October 2004, 03:29 PM
Firith looked at the girl before her. She looked a keen warrior, graceful, she moved around the air with steady movement.

This might be difficult, I am fighting someone very experienced, but she seems gracious enough, I don't see much harm coming from it.

Elves were not male dominated, and as they lacked upperbody strength as a species, women weren't look down upon as fighters. But he had a suprise for her.

Pulling up a side of his tunic, he showed a belt made up of interconnected wooden sticks weaving around him two whole times, he untied a leather strap inbetween two of them and pulled them from him.
Picking up this sectioned whip, he gave the leather peeping out of one end a hard pull and twisted it round a small hook and before him was a rod capable of rivalling his opponent's.

He smiled in a calming manner,

"As you so wish, m'lady."

He spun the rod above his head, and as an opening gambit took the spin down and swung the rod it at his opponent's side.

1st November 2004, 09:25 AM
Sorry for not posting... I kind of got addicted to watching anime and forgot. :heh:

Lunya's smile faded a little when the Elf did not reply to her. She hoped that he would be willing to fight her, but if he was not... She couldn't blame him. Not all were interested in fighting. In fact there were enough who downright dispised it. But then the Elf did something rather unexpected by removing a... Weapon apparently, of a design unknown to her. This will be an interesting fight... She waited for him to ready his weapon... It was only fair.

"As you so wish, m'lady."


She blinked once, wondering whether this man knew her perhaps... After all, she had the title of "lady" when she joined the Trump Monarchy clan. But somehow she doubted it. As the man started spinning his makeshift weapon above his head, she tensened herself a little, waiting for him to strike first. And he did. As he struck down to her side, the healer quickly reacted by turning her own staff to her side, and bringing it up. A clash of wood on wood followed, as Lunya turned, her front facing his again.

"Nice... But, might I ask what your name is?"

She smiled at him for a moment, but then went to the offencive. By a quick pull to the side, the girl let her staff slip upward between her hands, before tightening her grip again. By stepping back with her right foot, the girl aimed the staff with it's tip upward, for the other Elf's chest, and thrust out, hoping to knock him off balance.

1st November 2004, 11:08 AM
The attack was easily dodged by this elfin girl he had befriended, but it was only intended to get the fight going.

"Nice... But, might I ask what your name is?"

My name?

Firith was about to reply when the staff was thrust at him. Caught momentarily off guard, Firith was more sluggish in reacting. He stepped back and brought his hand towards the pole as simple reflex action. But it was futile, the pole's blunt service connected harshly with his shoulder and jolted his frame back as one foot shot out behind him to steady himself.
Hopping backwards, out of range, he smiled.

"I am Firithserk, an elf of the ancient elven woods to the far east. May I know about you?"

Getting into the pace of things, his hands and pole behind his back worked quickly and quietly. He unhooked the leather around the hook and felt it fall limp in his hand, clasping one of the furthermost rungs on the whip, he swung it round over his head towards his opponent. Flicking the wrist at the last available moment the whips trailed off the side while firith strode forward, quickly, hoping his diversion worked, he planted a kick towards his new found combatant.