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Boromir aka Rob
10th June 2006, 07:01 AM

Boromir_LOG here..

i will tell you this
rochgreat_SIN decieved me on msn..
what i was walking about was about something else..

i would like 1 thing..(about he changeing my account is true)

1 of u guys can add me on msn..
i will speak to 1 guy
i will tell him or stenno cheated or not
and he will post ALL

and then close this thread of cheating and trying to fuck eachother up

btw uvi.. dont try to get thing loos on msn.. u was not carefull enough while asking..


10th June 2006, 07:07 AM
I got what I wanted didn't I?

Boromir aka Rob
10th June 2006, 07:35 AM
u knwo what you got?

these word.. i am not a trator nor ever will i be a trator..

u are a bastard and i highly advice every1 to get pissed on you and ditch you or hack you
becouse people like you make koc not a fun as it was in age3 and those people should be hacked and u can think ur big but u make more shit in the game then u solve with people u think that cheat.. i know 10's of people who stopped becosue people like u

so shame on you and please stop being like that

10th June 2006, 07:47 AM
To make sure:

1) I don't use turk tools i have never used them our clan did NOT JOIN IxC for tools or what ever look at IxC's click transfers on LACN he gives clicks !!! It just a kind of merge, we would join him and he would give us clicks.

2) Guys like Uvi and richtthegreat, take this oppertunity to black me !

And ofcourse i wouldn't click on links email give my login away and so, i had learned of my hack last age.

Ps. wondering how fast MNR gets her account back if he got hacked :S Can't the admins just check and give me my account back then ?? If worked really hard for it, and it is so painfull so painfull to see it gone ! :(

10th June 2006, 04:02 PM
First of all I must clarify some points.

We had a deal with stenno 2 days ago. I was gonna give him xxx clickbacks per month. The first ammount had already been sent 2 days ago as he said.
This age Turks split into 2 because of an argument which as someone said in another topic.
Turk_Power and ICxI.Also all my officers are not Turks. There are belgian , dutch people.So I can say we are half-national chain :icon7:

I am not sure TP uses tools or not but I am sure that neither me or my guys uses it.

16 hours ago Salieri-playa 26,929,534 Gold stolen 15 306 51 xxx,756,521 xxx,976,890 details
2 days ago TapaGeuR_CoF 17,220,869 Gold stolen 15 751 68 xxx,155,744 xxx,080,532 details
3 days ago Carnage_ 18,266,046 Gold stolen 15 748 106 xxx,587,560 xxx,197,951 details

This is from my attack log. I got attacked for gold everyday.

I warn people here who will try to blot my name ; talk about what you know , "not about your dreams" .

Sten ; I hope you could get your account back mate. I hope admins will be sensitive.


10th June 2006, 10:27 PM
Please email your accusations to the admins, and don't post them here. Post them on your own forums. GUA is neutral ground, and if we allowed accusations, it would descend into a flame war, as everyone would accuse everyone else of cheating, and they would defend themselves by saying it was someone else, etc.

Anymore threads on this subject WILL be closed as well, and all who post in it WILL be warned.