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27th May 2006, 04:42 AM
Good news, the ranktrackers are working again ;) The admins have changed the pages, so I had to do some changes, but that's done now ;).

What is a ranktracker?
A ranktracker is a page on the web, where members of an alliance can see how they are rising in rank, army size and fortification, and how they are doing compared to others.

You can host it yourself, but you can also sign up at the free ranktracker hosting ;)

Homepage: http://hosting.forsakenshockclan.com/ranks
Hosting registration: http://hosting.forsakenshockclan.com/ranks/welcome.php?page=install
Download link (if you want to host it yourself): http://hosting.forsakenshockclan.com/ranktracker.zip
Support forums: http://hosting.forsakenshockclan.com/forums

Current features (v1.0.5)
totally free
unlimited users
Great support
The ranktracker displays race, name, rank, rank evolution, size, size evolution, fortification and fortification evolution.
You can order by name, new rank, old rank, rank evolution, new size, old size, size evolution, new fortification, old fortification and fortification evolution, descending and acsending.
The ranktracker can be updated with 1 simple click. Admins can enable/ disable public update.
CSS skin editor and header editor.
Inactive users are hidden, and displayed again when they get active.
Banner & Forum link option
Split pages after x users.
A request system, so users can request to be added to the tracker. This can be enabled/ disabled by admins.
Stats page for every user, with race, name, new rank, old rank, rank evolution, new size, old size, size evolution, new fortification, old fortification, fortification evolution and detailed chain information
Simply the best ranktracker system around!

Future features

1.0 -> 1.1
There will be 2 new stats: number of officers and clanrank. Just like in for the other stats there will be the officer and clanrank evolution, and the option to order by clanrank and number of officers (old, new, evolution)
All stats from the last month will be stored. Users can compare 2 times (for example 1 week ago and 2 weeks ago). On the personal stats page there'll be a table in which you can see all stats from the last month, and there will be a graph for every stat. There'll also be an animated gif you can put in your forum signature which will show all graphs, and the most recent stats Wink
There'll be an option to create different groups of users. For example a group with chain members, a group with forum members, a group with allies, and a group with enemies. Admins can set which groups are shown by default, and users will have the option to choose this aswell. The admins can also create seperate pages for different groups. There'll be an option to set a group icon for each group. Using the buddy list icons from KoC, or by using your own icons. (you'll have to upload it yourself on photobucket or an other host). It'll will also be possible to move users who request to be added trough the request system automatically to a usergroup, for example a validating group.
Admins can choose in the admin cp which stats are displayed by default, and in which order. Users can set this for theirselves aswell.
There'll be updates to the updating system. I'm going to try to add a system to automatically detect a koc lag, or a wrong koc login. Maybe there'll also be a javascript updater (admin cp only). This updating system would be 100% legal, and it would be better if KoC is lagging again.
Maybe there'll be an option to add users by KoC name and recruit link.
There'll be some coding improvements and some small new options, like setting a thousands separator.

v1.1 -> 2.0
1.2: A registration and permissions system, and also a forgot password option (finally :p).
1.3: A portal system, with the option to include an IRC applet, a shoutbox, and background music.
1.4: A farm list system.
1.5: Skin updates: a wrapper editor like invisionfree has, an easier css editor, options to set your own images, support for multiple skins, maybe IF integration.
1.6: Maybe a buddy list adder.
1.7: Support for more games, bug fixes, features.
1.8: Support for more games, bug fixes, features.
1.9: Support for more games, bug fixes, features.
2.0: Bug fixes.

v2.0 -> 3.0 (download only, will not be hosted)
OOP code (most people probably don't know what this means, it's basically just a better way of coding.)
A template system
A language system
A plugin system (auto mod installation system)
Backup/ import system
Integration with forum systems (SMF, vbulletin, icebb, not ipb)

27th May 2006, 09:18 AM
this is a nice thing. congratz.

27th May 2006, 04:41 PM
Yeah, you´ve made a lot of improvements. Good work, ours is working just fine. Is there still any problem about them being ok with the KoC rules???

28th May 2006, 04:10 AM
I don't know, I never got an answer from the koc admins. It does load pages automatically, so I'm not sure. But recruiters load them automatically too. Anyways, when the javascript updater is done it would be legal for sure ;)

29th May 2006, 12:31 AM
thank goodness.

i was wondering what was wrong wrong with it. im not mcuh of a programmer. LOL


29th May 2006, 03:04 PM
just tha the admins rquire you to login to see the stats oages, and that they added the highest rank feature ;)

30th May 2006, 12:16 PM
Awesome mcm, another great job with these improvements ;)

30th May 2006, 02:34 PM
thanks :p wait until v1.1 is done :p it'll be even better :p

1st June 2006, 07:44 AM
I modifed coldstream original ranktracker but I don't know enough php to do all the things you did and make it work this age...

I was curious though, do you have anything that makes the appearence easy to modify, like a stylesheet? Or should we just do that in the index?

Nevermind, I found it. You really have just about everything in this ranktrack

1st June 2006, 08:49 AM
yes, you can edit the stylesheet ;) you can just copy your invisionfree or ipb css, or create a new one ;)

and btw- I found a pretty dangerous security bug in coldstream's ranktracker :/ I thought he was a good coder, but this one is pretty easy to find :/

10th June 2006, 01:05 PM
I love the tracker, but when you host it yourself how does the update system work?

10th June 2006, 01:41 PM
the same as if you host it at fsc :p no difference at all ;)