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Duke Manboy IV
25th October 2004, 09:11 AM
DT may make the first post.

25th October 2004, 09:33 AM
For many long years The Legions of Harse-Force, Jenson, Palo and Rouge have been at war for many years. The wars would go on for days and weeks sometimes months. Neither legion would back down from any fight. Every now and again a Legion would join with another and Fight against Another, but this usually resulted in an Argument about which Legion had Won out of the Allies which again led to more fighting.

At one point there was the Battle of Four, which obviously consisted of each Legion fighting in a Free For All battle. This resulted in the Death of All Four Kings and thus the Legions all decided to form a council, this council would consist of the best thinkers, fighters, diplomats and advisers each legion had and would be called, The Council of the United Legions. The Council work surprisingly well and before long the legions were starting to bind together and spread further out until one great city had been formed called Umbaroth.

Again though, strife began to form inside the council and they all began to branch out and Form little associations of their own which were mainly little gangs, which had, around the city, small hideouts. This clearly leads to trouble and Gang wars about the City. Many people in the gangs die and they all have names.

The Gangs names are the same as the old Legions. (Gang leaders will be decided when the clan is made)

Council Leader - Jan (DT)
Harse-Force Gang Leader -
Jenson Gang Leader -
Palo Gang Leader -
Rouge Gang Leader –

Misc. Members of the Council and What Gang they are in:

Clan Type: Fantasy (e.g. Swords and So on, just because we got gangs and stuff, we still have like Swords and stuff, OK?)

Things to Do when started: Banner, Clan Lounge (this is used to discuss idea’s for wars quests and spar etc….) Clan Home Thread (This will be TOTALLY in character, don’t think I wont report you! Here we do all the real life ‘Councilly’ stuff!

Thanks A lot, Any Suggestions from joining member will be very welcome! LETS GO!

29th October 2004, 06:06 AM

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