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25th October 2004, 12:50 AM
I have made this thread to spar with a friend of mine, so he can evaluate my rping skills. I am wanting to apply for Mastership, so any comments to my rping is well appreciated, but please send them to me via PM, don't post them here. Thank you :)

The Night was cold and quite, an endless vista of serenity. The woodland streched out around him, the silence disrupted only by the calls of Nocturnal animals that named the Forest home. Deep within the trees laid an unfathomably powerful structure. The Temple was made of a dark red marble, black veins traced over the walls of the acient structure. Upon close examination, you could see a light orange wave crossing the walls at irregular intervals. Uurion was unsure as to what the wave was, but knew that it reminded him of fire. The Temple standing before him gave Uurion pause. It made him feel...somehow...infinitly unimportant. Uurion didn't like coming here much, but knew that this was likely the only place he could spar with his friend in solitude. Uurion drew his sword and began sharpening it's topmost blade with a small whetstone. The Double bladed sword had been with him for so long that he had forgotten the times before he had it. The blade was mystical, had a conciousness. Many times Uurion had been left to fight hand to hand when the blade had refused to fight against a creature that had a good morality. And many times more he had been saved by the blades whim. Uurion knew that the blade would respond to him tonight though, since he was only sparring with his friend, not trying to kill him. Uurion was beginning to get impatient, could feel his irritation rising as he waited for his friend to arrive. The night was still calm, and a light breeze played through the trees, carrying the scent of oak and lavender throughout the forest. In the sky above him, the stars shown brightly, and the moon hung half full. The season was just tilting toward winter, a slight crisp smell could be found in the breeze, if one concentrated on it. Uurion turned his blade over, and began to sharpen the other blade, and lost himself in the movements, meditating on the routine, while waiting for his friend to show up. After several hours, Uurion snapped to when he heard a nearby footstep. His friend had arrived. Quickly, Uurion jumped down from the rock he had been perched on, in front of the temple.

This Spar is invite only. If you want to participate, PM me