View Full Version : New age?

6th April 2006, 05:13 AM
I'm making this thread to sooth some tension recurring of the fact every single age we have to keep reminding people that the admins will inform everyone when the new age comes... yet we still get the random tom, dick or harry who ignore all global notices and make a thread asking "When's the age gonna finish/start?"

This is to remain a permanent sticky thread to state the following:

We do not know when the current/new age is to conclude/commence (respectively). Once the Kings Of Chaos Administrators schedule a date for it all to happen, they will inform everyone both here on the Official Kings Of Chaos forums and in the news section on the Kings Of Chaos website front page.

Official notices of this kind are not new. They have been posted every age in the form specified in the paragraph above.

As a way to combat ignorance, any thread from this point onwards that ignore this notice and ask when the current/new age finishes/starts, they will be closed on the spot with or without a reply.

Any questions/comments/queries, PM the KOC forum mods... or myself if you really deem it necessary.