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22nd October 2004, 05:18 PM
A slender, strong, green figure approaches the hideout of her enemy. She swallows hard as she walks, and her antennae jiggle as she walks. The hideout. A massive and dominating structure makes Mantis feel small as she enters within. She can see within that there are metal corridors, and guns line the walls. Today, she has come here to negotiate, not to fight, and also she has come here without her usual bronze swords, carrying only an electronic messenger which she has smuggled out of her clan's headquarters the night before. And that is hidden in her pocket.

In the meantime, Shade waits anxiously in her and Tim's room, staying by the other, hidden electronic messenger. Though both don't know what magic is involved to make these devices work, they most certainly know how to invoke it.

Two guards, one with a pug nose and a wicked grin, and the other with a wicked smile and pointy teeth, approach the green figure. "State your name and business." One says. The other chuckles a little. "Hello there, mutant."

The mutant chooses to ignore the other, and wisely, too. "My name is Mantis," She says, raising her hands as a gesture of peace. "I have come here to negotiate for an end to this war."

The guards laugh hard, knowing this to be impossible. But then they remember what their boss has said, and they motion to her. "Come in, come in."

Mantis walks along the metal hallways, flanked by the two guards, both quite taller than she is. She feels dwarfed, but nonetheless she stands tall. The mutant continues down into a large room.

"Hello," She says to a figure who is looking out the window, near a long table. "I am Mantis and I have come to negotiate. As per your request, I have come without any weapons, nor have I come with any clansmembers. Now, let's talk."

Paradise Wandering
22nd October 2004, 07:46 PM
Meanwhile, Zach is back at the Dragonriders HQ, his Lin'Houan escort had come through. But, much to his suprise, by the time he returned to the clan base Mantis had already left on her mission. No! Im too late. She is already gone...

The young water master slowly opens the door to Tim and Shade's room, a slight creak escaping it's hinges. He is unaware that Shade has the device and is secretly listening to Mantis on a 'radio', and he slips in.

"Umm, my Lin'Houan guard is here, awaiting your orders." He looked around nervously before asking his next question.

"I have one request." He started, "I would like your permission to go to the building, infiltrate it, and follow Manits. I dont like the looks of this. I am getting worried about her. Besides, if i were my elven cloak, i will be virtually invisible to them, and i can easily follow them unnoticed.

No one would know, not even Mantis. Just you and me. But i would like your permission before i do anything."

His starlike blue eyes glistened exitedly as he asked.

23rd October 2004, 06:50 AM
Caught completely off guard, Shade stiffens for a moment, then turns the device off and places it inside a drawer, shutting it lightly, so it would look as though she is cleaning, Then, she turns around. For a moment, she wants to say, "yes, please do," but she remembers what Mantis has told her.
"Shade," Mantis had said. "If I sneak out of the base to go negotiate--"

"No," Shade had said. "Please don't."

"I wlll give you this electronic communicator. Hide it at all costs, do you understand?" The mutant handed her the communicator.

"Yes, but--" The sorceress was interrupted as she took the communicator.

"No buts. I will always have this on, so you can listen to me whenever you please. Now, I want you to tell Tim, Zach, anyone who asks about my whereabouts that I have gone for a walk in the woods because I needed to think. Understand?"

The white-dressed woman nodded.
"No," Shade says to Zach. "She's..." She hesitates, not exactly remembering what to say. She stumbles on words for several moments, not really giving a convincing statement as the stumbling completely ruined the confidence of the statement. "She...out...for...a-a....run--walk...in...the...zoo--I mean, woods. I don't know when she will get there---I mean, back."

23rd October 2004, 08:07 AM
Charnel: Has she?

The cold voice of Charnel was drifting in from the hall through the slightly opened door Zach had forgotten to close. A moment later he appeared in the crack and push the entrance open completly.

Charnel: I doubt that. She has gone off alone to the "negotiations".

The tone with which he said "Negotiations" revealed his doubt in their plan.

Charnel: She is isolated beyond our reach. I hope you have some contact with her or she may be dead before we even know she has arrived.

Paradise Wandering
23rd October 2004, 08:20 AM
From the tone in Shade's voice, it was apparent that she was lying, but Zach decided not to put up a fight. She has to have gone to negotioate... But i trust Shade almost more than i trust anyne else, from all the time ive spent around certain people, her, Mantis, Talen, Rakoth, Tim, and Darius, i have come to trust my life with them. But... She cant even keep her story straight... She has to be lying, to... protect Mantis.

The resisdent water master was pulled from his thoughts as Charnel came in the door, speaking in a grim voice.

"No she hasne't Charnel," He began, "She has gone for a run in the woods. She should be back later. Dont worry, we can trust Shade. She wouldnt lie to us."

At least, i thought she wouldnt.

The small room got even more crowded as a small reptile like face craned it's slender neck to peek in. The draike, Venus, had also accompanied Zach from Lin'Hou. It was anxious to see Jade, Shade's young draike. The draike she had met when she was training with Shade. (I promise ill post there later, Shade, my activity in training has dropped because i am trying to keep up with all the spars im in)

The draike looked around uncertainly, and, seeing the beautiful Shade again, it lept for joy. It knew that if Shade was around, then Jade would be too.

"Um, Shade, i think Venus wants to catch up with Jade. Do you know where she is?"

He tried to keep a stright face as he watched the antics of the funny little dragon hop around, but then remembered his reason for being here in the first place.

I dont care what she says. I am going after Mantis... Tonight.

23rd October 2004, 08:38 AM
Charnel: Hm. Sure she has.

Charnel turned and left the room, caring not to hear more wartime lies, he had heard far too many in his lifespan to be tricked by any, not that even the most gullable of people would fall for Shade's pitful attempt to lie while keeping herself composed. He knew the negotiations were going to fail and had already place Hex Mark outside, ready to leave. Now he just needed to signal of battle.

He took to the outside of their HQ to stand next to his dragon, who growled an anxious way when he came into the cold dark forest.

Charnel: Not quite yet Hex, but it will not be long.

23rd October 2004, 08:40 AM
Bread walked back into the room since he forgot his sword somehow, and saw strange expression on everyone's face. He looked around and heard Zach trying to cover up for someone, looking rather uneasy, trying to change the subject. He took a quick head count and found that Mantis was missing.

"Alright folks, we need the truth. Where is Mantis? If she has already left to kill herself... er... negotiate, she better have some sort of communication. She's smart, she probably does. Now we need to ask Tim what his plan was, since he seems to have one. Dance in behind her, was it Tim?"

23rd October 2004, 08:44 AM
A frown comes over Shade's face. She feels guilty about the lie she has just made, but yet, yet she has to tell what Mantis told her. Unless, unless there is another way. "Zach?" She whispers in a low, low voice, so low that Charnel doesn't hear it. "Can you keep a secret? I'll tell you exactly what's going on, but Charnel or anyone else for that matter must not know, not even Tim, though I will tell him if he asks. A secret, only between the two of us. And above all, you mustn't let Mantis know that I told you where she is"

At this moment, Jade comes flying into the room, stopping by Venus for a little, on her way to Shade. She lands on the sorceress's shoulder. A mental image of Mantis followed by a questioning idea goes through Shade's mind. She turns to Jade and whispers. "Can I trust you?" She asks.

An affirmative answer goes through Shade's mind. "Okay," Shade whispers. "She's gone off to negotiations. She's trying to stop a war."

Jade gives a worried growl, follow by a happy chirp as Shade begins to pet her.

OOC: The idea for this quest is that something has to go wrong FIRST, duh, so don't get too far ahead of ourselves, you know? ;)

23rd October 2004, 08:59 AM
Bread plops down on a couch while putting his sword back into it's sheath, an angry expression on his face. At this point he has figured out where Mantis went, and also decided that he doesn't care anymore. He tried to protect his fellow clanmate for the longest time, even arguing with his superior, something that goes against his principals, and they still treat him and his words like dirt. Well, he thought that's the end of Mantis. The fool.

"Guys, Mantis is done. As Tim said, she can take care of herself, though that is highly unlikely that she could take care of herself against at least two armies. Now all we can do is sit around waiting for the body. Nice planning on Shade and Tim's part."

Bread gets up and slams a fist into the wall of the cave. Small cracks branch out and a little bit of rock chips off, leaving an indentation of his fist in the wall. He begins to walk out the long hallway to vent some of his anger while making sure he didn't hurt anyone.

Paradise Wandering
23rd October 2004, 09:03 AM
ooc: Well, who is RPing Mantis and the guy she is 'negotiating' with? Draco?

ic: Zach moves in closer to Shade so that the others cannot hear. "Of course i can keep a secret. By now surly you know that you can trust me." He speaks in a soft, low tone inaudible to the others.

A war? I knew it. "Ok. No one will know. Please, Shade," He asked, "Let me follow her. I will not interfer with anything, just spy on her."

His thoughts about sneaking out so that no one would know, changed. He is going to let Shade know about this, because she has trusted him with this information.

He is pulled back into the real world and out of his conversation with the sorceress by the voice of Bread. "Well.. er, Bread... The truth is that she is running through he woods. What, you dont trust Shade here? You can trust her. As you can trust me. She is fine, and will be back later."

Now, Jade, He speaks telepathically. From spending time with Venus he has learned that he can not only recieve mental images and words from her, but, do the oposite: Send them. All he has to do is reverse the cerebral connection between her and himself, and he can speak telepathically. You must not tell Venus about this. She is a good draike, but she is young and mischevous. She likes to spoil secrets. Eventually, she will learn not to, but, for now, keep it a secret from her.

"Shade," He says, his voice reverting to a wisper, "What now?"

23rd October 2004, 09:38 AM
OOC: Sorry for the GMishness of this post. And uh, this isn't really Bread's good normal side, in the clan thread Tim did some hacking and yea, his bad side's back...

IC: Bread, in a flash of anger ran back to Zach and grabbed his collar. Lifting him a good six inches off the ground, Bread began to speak in a heavily angered tone.

"Zach, you are one of the last people I excpected to lie. I hate liars. She's out for a walk, is she? Let's go find her, you and I. I need to ask her a question. Who in their right mind goes for a random "run" at a time like this? Let's go."

Bread, still holding on to Zachs collar began to march him outside. His face had now become red, and his body was giving off steam. He had too much anger to control himself at this point, and began to form a fireball in his free hand.

"Zach, if we can't find her, we'll just burn the forest down until we do. Don't you want to help?"

23rd October 2004, 10:18 AM
Shade steps forward as Jade leaps off after nodding her head to Zach. "Bread!" She says in an authoritative tone, quite out of character for her. "You will not be going out to the forest to burn it down, and the process burn Mantis up! This part of her routine! Every morning, she gets up, stretches, anad goes for a run! Then, after lunch, at this time (ooc: It is after lunch), she goes for another run!" Shade is much more comfortable in this statement as it is not a lie, it is the truth. She speaks what Mantis's routine actually is, not a lie. "And," She continues. "This is not proper clan conduct! Now, stand down! I am a superior here, so I would advise you to stand down." Whether this is true or not, Shade doesn't exactly know, but being Tim's wife, she had better be of higher rank than Bread. "The purpose of Mantis's running is so she can clear her mind! Her running goes on for hours on end sometimes, because she stops and talks to Mantidae on the way! And," She snarls in rage now. "You will not burn the house that Mantis, myself, and Tim, lives in to the ground! NOW, STAND DOWN!"

As Shade begins to yells, Jade flies over to Venus and scoops her up, taking her to another part of the cave, away from the area.
Sorry, She communicates to her fellow draike. But trust me, you don't want to be around when this happens!

With this, Shade pushes everyone else but Zach and Bread out of the room, slams the door, and locks it. Then, she separates the two, placing them both at opposite ends of the room, Bread being the farthest away from the door so that she or Zach can grab him should he try to run.

"Now, STOP THIS STUPID FIGHT! WHAT'S GOTTEN INTO YOU, BREAD?!" She shrieks. "I know you hate us all, but I don't think you want to hurt any of us!!!!"

************************************************** ********************
The figure in the shadow turns around, and Mantis has to repress a gasps. This person is green and slimy, with fangs for teeth, and a small nose. He speaks in multiple voices. "You wanted me?" He asks, turning around, his acidity drool eating away at some random metal fragment on the ground. He sits down at the table, his drool sizzling on the table, but yet, it doesn't corrode this metal. It must be acid-proof.

Mantis tries not to wince as she, very boldly, takes a seat without being asked. "You are the leader of the Slimians, no?"

"That I am," He says, and suddenly turns into a human. Mantis turns around and sees that the guards have turned into Slimians. "Now, what did you want? Oh yes, negotiations. Then let's talk."

"Yes," Says Mantis. "Let us talk."

Little does she know what she is getting herself into.

OOC: I'm gonna take the shadowy figure then. If Draco ever decides to post here, then he can take the figure over. Are we talking about 1 army vs. ours or two factions vs. us? I'm a little...lost on that...someone fill me in soon...PM me.

23rd October 2004, 10:56 AM
Bread wasn't aware of Shade's position of power as wife of Tim, and admired how she began to yell. He let out a huge laugh as Shade spoke, falling on the ground holding his gut.

Shade: "Now, STOP THIS STUPID FIGHT! WHAT'S GOTTEN INTO YOU, BREAD?!" She shrieks. "I know you hate us all, but I don't think you want to hurt any of us!!!!"

Bread: "Well that is some comedy. I see the door is being kept from me, but really I'm the one who wanted to talk to you. Now, if anyone tries to leave this door will be welded shut. I will now begin to ask questions and expect answers. And Shade, if I seem like I hate you guys, it was your idea. If I want to hurt you guys, I'd put myself into a cage."

Bread got up from his chair and started to pace, smiling, and walked infront of the door.

23rd October 2004, 11:54 AM
Shade sits down on the bed. "You can ask all the questions you want but I cannot guarantee you that you will get answers." She ignores the laughter and looks down at the floor, refusing to make eye contact with anyone, feeling somewhat ashamed of herself; not for lying, but for having yelled and gotten angry like that.

Jade licks Venus's face as she puts her to the ground. "You okay?"

Shade lies down on the bed now. "Go ahead." She says reluctantly.
Time to fudge some lies...

OOC: She's pleading the Fifth :p

Paradise Wandering
23rd October 2004, 02:42 PM
Got ahead of me now did ya?


Yes, I am fine. Thank you. Came Venus's reply to Jade's question. What didnt you want me to see? Why can't i be where all the action is? (Yeah, yeah, she's a young draike... Everyone, even draikes are curious about everything when they are young :tongue: )

"Put me down!!" The young mage shouted as he was lifted from his feet. That's when Shade intervened. When the boy is set on his feet again, he flashed Shade a thankful grin, though he said nothing.

As the conversation between Bread and Shade ensues, Zach sits down on the floor and crosses his legs. He nods at her last phrase and awaits a question.

ooc: you can weld te dor dude, but dont forget, a water drill is one of the few things that can cut diamond. :P

23rd October 2004, 03:11 PM
Charnel could hear the bickering from all the way outside the cave, and he clung to every word. Shade and Zach were trying desperately to keep Bread occupied to avoid allowing his wrath to pour into the war they were attempting to avoid. It was a futile effort, Shade was terrible lier and Bread had already made up his mind as to what was truth and what wasn't, no matter what was said to him. Charnel knew very well where Mantis had gone, and that her success was an impossibility, but what angered him more was that Bread was overstepping his clan authority by use of threats toward a fellow commander.

He truned and made his way back to the room just as Bread threatened to weld it shut. He did not announce himself but remained outside to hear the interogation and destroy the door if Bread attempted something so bold.

23rd October 2004, 05:53 PM
Tim walked into his and Shade's room, pondering this war in the southern country. He saw the other members of his clan, and immediately knew something was afoot. So he walked in to intervene.

"Umm . . . hi," he said. "Is something wrong?"

Meanwhile, thousands of miles away, the human king swiveled his throne around to face Mantis. He was a short, fat man, wearing a robe of purple silk. He had a look in his eye that said, quite plainly, that Mantis's mission was going to fail. Nonetheless, he decided to play it her way.

"Ah, yes, Mantis," he said. "So, you have come. But tell me, are you authorized to accept terms on behalf of the dragons?"

OoC: Meh, crap post, but I have to go, though you'll still see me logged on.

23rd October 2004, 06:29 PM
Shade gets off up the bed and nods, hurrying over to Tim and holding him tight, while whispering in his ear, inaudible to anyone else, her voice breaking up at times as she is quite upset. "I'll tell you all you want to know as soon as you get us out of this, I promise, my love. I trust that you will keep it a secret, as well." Then, she begins to cry into his shoulder and says in a normal voice, "Bread, he's...he's threatened to meld the door shut if I don't answer him!"

Meanwhile, Mantis smiles grimly beneath her helmet. "Yes," She says, lying with ease, speaking casually with him, and with a professional air. "I am authorized to make such a deal. What, pray tell, are your terms?"

23rd October 2004, 07:07 PM
Charnel: Don't let him scare you Shade. If Bread dared take so bold a step before Tim, or, in fact, any of us, I doubt he'd leave the cave with every limb still attached.

No longer hideing, Charnel pushed the door completly open and entered the doorway, filling it comepletly with his head touching the top of the sill. His cold red gaze fell upon Bread.

Charnel: Your recent actions disturb me Bread, there is battle within you and you're loseing. Badly. Do you even want to retain your old self?

Charnel's body posture wouldn't suggest it, but he was ready to pouce upon Bread and slit his throat if he went over.

23rd October 2004, 07:27 PM
Shade begins to sob loudly and openly now, bringing Tim over with her, clinging on to him for dear life. "Please...do...something...I...don't...like...this. ..anymore..." For Shade, it is reminiscent of her being kidnapped. "Don't...please...hellllllllp....me-e-e-e..."

Jade turns to Venus. "When Shade gets mad...it's horrible...and then she starts to cry...please...promise me you won't go back there...stay with me and we'll talk.."

23rd October 2004, 07:37 PM
Bread, completely ignoring everyone else in the room, put one hand on his head and began to stumble out of the room, running one hand on the wall for balance, almost falling a few times. He brushed passed everyone in an attempt to get outside, but failing badly. He tripped on a small rock and layed there, on the floor for a bit before getting on his hands and knees, trying to crawl out. He didn't know why he couldn't walk anymore, or why he was just in a room full of people, but he didn't want to know as he crawled out of the small room. He got about halfway through the door before he fell flat on his face for absolutely no reason, and again, pains of old were felt as he lay there, no longer able to go due to the immense pain. Agh! What did Tim do in there? The memory of a black flame shot through Bread's arms as a troll stepped on his back. He screamed in pain once again, completely pale and unable to move his limbs.

Paradise Wandering
23rd October 2004, 07:58 PM
Ok. I promise. The young draike's glossy silver eyes with green pupils brightened up. What do you want to talk about?

"Everyone leave now!" Zach shouted as SHade burst into sobs. He pushed everyone out of the room and walked up to the two standing there. He layed a comforting hand on Shade's shoulder and spoke softly. "I'll leave you two to sort this out. If you need anything, dont hesitate to let me know." He smiled slightly, and left the room. Closing the door tightly and almost tripping over Bread in the hall.

"BREAD! What happened?! Are you ok?" He knelt down by Bread's side and laid a hand on his forehead.

"You are really warm. Are you sick? Tell me what happened."

Gotta help Bread here... dont know why as he lifted me up earlier and looked like he wanted to kill me... Someone needs to play the hero... And i still need to find a way to get out of here and spy on Mantis. Hmm...

23rd October 2004, 08:18 PM
Charnel moved out of the way as Bread, then Zach, both left the room. He turned to Bread, sprawled out on the floor, apparently struggleing with something.

Charnel: Well, it seems my words have jarred something within your mind. Something strong from the looks of it.

Charnel made to walk past both his clan members but hesitated next to Zach and wispered in a low voice so Bread would not hear what he had to say, in case it would send Bread back into his rage.

Charnel: *In undertone to Zach only* We need to keep him out of this. Battle will completly destroy his "light side" so to speak.

23rd October 2004, 08:28 PM
Tim sighed. Things were getting to chaotic, there was only one thing to do. He reached into a small bage, and pulled out a small, black sphere. He tossed it onto the ground, and a bright flash of light burst forth. It was accompanied by a loud bang. Everyone would now likely fall unconcious, unless they were immune to any magical sleep effects, like him.

The Slimian King grinned.

"Good," he said. "Now, first of all. . . ."

Suddenly, one of the guards pointed at Mantis, behind her back. A bolt of light flew from his finger, headed right for her. It would knock her out if it hit, and if it didn't . . . well, that wasn't a very strong possibility.

23rd October 2004, 08:29 PM
"Zach!...Come here!...Tim," Shade yawns. "What...what did you just..." With that, she falls asleep on Tim's shoulder, snoring a little loudly. But in putting Shade to sleep, Tim has kept himself from the secret that Shade has.

Mantis's antennae jerk and she falls out of her chair, the bolt missing the Slimian king. She knows something is up now, and knows she can't resist. SHe berates herself for walking into such an easy trap and puts her hands up in surrender. "Well," She says. "At least, don't knock me out.'

OOC: You forgot Mantis's innate reflex, didn't you?

23rd October 2004, 08:37 PM
Through the door comes a strong light that Charnel did not like the feeling of. Haveing said what he needed to and haveing no desire to have something happen to him, Charnel mearly seized Bread by his clothing with one hand and quickly hauled him out of the cave.

When he had left the HQ Charnel dropped him on the moist grass and stared down at him, waiting to see what he would do next or if he was even awake. Charnel himself felt drowsy and thought the flash probably had something to do with it.

OOC: Sorry, I got a little confused by that one.

Paradise Wandering
23rd October 2004, 08:45 PM
ooc: it is lunchtime Charnel... Read Shade's post a few posts back

ic: A loud bang and a brilliant flash of light speed through the lair and it is almost instant that everyone is knocked out. Fortunately for Zach, he reflexes are fast enough that he has just enough time to cast a spell:

Damage: none
Mp: 100
Once cast, the user is totally immune to all sleep and knock out spells/attacks for 4 turns.

(Hehe... eat that Draco! Zach is still awake! lol)

He hears Shade call for him between low sobs and, a little rattled by the loud noise and bright flash, but still awake, stumbles into the room of his leader, Tim, and Tim's wife.

Shaking the stars from his eyes, made by the loud flash, he looks up at the girl asleep in front of him. He grabs his head in his hands and holds it for a few seconds.

"Tim, what was that? Man. Ive got a headache now." He slaps himself, bringing back the sanity.

"Whoa. She is asleep too? Is there a way to counter your orb, Tim? I can try to use the same spell that kept me awake on her...but... I have never tried it on another person before... Just me.



I have been fine... Pretty much hanging out in the rebuilt Lin'Hou with Alexandra... I dont know if you have met her. Zach made her my dragonsitter while he was away. But, now that im with him again, im free to roam the Dragonriders headquarters and eat whatever i find. (not really, but lol)

How have you been?

23rd October 2004, 09:22 PM
Though the ball Tim had thrown down would have put Bread to sleep, he had already been knocked out from the excrutiating pain. When he woke up about fifteen minutes later, he found himself on something wet and soft. He noticed this fairly quickly and tried to jump to his feet, but couldn't. He could barley move his arms, let alone the rest of his body, and, with a huge amount of effort, finaly made it onto his back, staring up at a blue sky full of clouds. This disturbed him greatly, since he had just been in a cave and now was not. He also saw Charnel standing over him, but he did not know if this was a good or bad thing since, despite the fact that he and Charnel were friends, Charnel had seemed kind of mad at him for some reason unknown to Bread.

"Uh, what are we doing out here Charnel?"

24th October 2004, 06:26 AM
Charnel: Staying out of the way. Tim used something to clear the cave and I had to drag you out here.

Charnel turned and moved over to the waiting Shadow Drake, patting it slowly on the snout.

Charnel: You really lost it in there, I think you should take a backseat and let us handle this. You're not stable upstairs, if you know what I mean, and I think a fight could push you too far. Get some air and wait for Tim to let us back inside, and while we're out here, think about it.

This was as soft and discreet as Charnel could force himself to be and he hoped Bread wouldn't argue or he'd find the end of Charnel's patience very quickly.

24th October 2004, 08:03 AM
Tim shook his head.

"No, that won't be neccisary," he said. He took a small cylinder out one of his pockets, and handed it to Zach. He showed him a small button on one end, and an odd device on the other.

"When I leave this cave, give me five minutes. Then put this end---" he indicated the end with the odd device "---to her neck and press this button." He indicated the button on the opposite end. Tell her I'll be back soon when she wakes." With that, he left the cave, and went over to Charnel and Bread.

While Bread was still unconcious, he moved him a small distance away. When Bread awoke, Tim was kneeling next to him.

"Bread," he said. "Do you remember anything that happened in the last half hour?

OoC: Zach, the device is, basically, a hypospray.

24th October 2004, 08:45 AM
OOC: Okay, Draco, that was bad....as you'll soon see...and will you please capture Mantis already?

IC: Without Tim to support her, the sorceress falls to the ground with a crash, still snoring loudly. Thankfully, since she is sleeping, the falls seems to have done nothing to her. She rolls around a little, mumbling to herself, then is still, her chest rising and falling very slowly, almost gracefully. She reaches out for something, then is still once more, snoring loudly as before.

Jade "grins." "I've been fine, thank you. I love my owners. They feed me well, though Shade can get a little annoying at times. They always think it's cute when I burp, and I love when Shade giggles when I lick her face. Is Zach a good owner for you?"

Paradise Wandering
24th October 2004, 09:32 AM
"Ok." Was the only word from Zach's lips as Tim handed him the spray and left the room.

He was unsure why Tim had asked him to wait five minutes instead of doing it himself, but, surely enough, Zach waited five minutes, knelt down by the sleeping girl, pressed one end of it to her neck, and pressed the button.

The young mage had never seen this type of device before, and knew not what it would do, but he did anyway.

She began to rouse, rolled over a few times, and opened her eyes.

Zach's blue eyes locked onto hers. "It's ok, Shade. Everythings fine. Tim threw an orb on the ground and you passed out. He will be back soon."

He stood up and extended a hand to help her to her feet.
Yes, he is quite a good owner, and i am never hungry. He will always share his food with me, no matter how little he has. He loves to be around me, and i like being around him.

I thought i was supposed to develop a telepathic bond with him. But it has not happened yet. I mean, sure, i can talk telepathically with him, but not from far away. I need to be within about ten feet of him for him to hear it.

Ooc: kinda godmoddy, i know, but i wasnt sure how else to RP it. :P

24th October 2004, 09:32 AM
The king slimian grinned.

"A wise decision," he said. He snapped his fingers, and ten more guards appeared, five had rifles and five were armed with greatswords. They encircled Mantis. The king gestured with one hand.

"Take her away."

24th October 2004, 10:09 AM
Mantis compliantly looks down at the ground and offers her hands to be handcuffed, just in case that is what they have in mind. After a few minutes, she decides to put her hands behind her back, figuring this to be more appropriate. "Lead the way," She says, with a tone of coolheadedness and no fear present in her voice. "Lead the way."

Shade blinks, her eyes adjusting to the room, then she sees Zach. She smiles back at him.
He's...he's like my brother that I never had...

The sorceress momentarily panics, then relaxes as Zach tells her what has happened. Then, she remembers Mantis! "Listen," She says. "I want you to tell Tim where Mantis has gone...to 'negotiate.' No one else must hear of this. BUT, I don't want you to go after her, at least not yet."

She goes to a nightstand by her bed and opens a drawer, taking out the electronic device. She turns it on, and hears, "'Take her away.'" Shade gulps. "Listen," She says. "Let's wait...if Mantis needs any help, I'm sure she will say...oh, who am I kidding?! Go tell Tim, then hurry after Mantis. BUT make sure to tell Tim that I need him more than Mantis needs him, and don't tell Mantis that I told you where she was..."

24th October 2004, 10:21 AM
A young man approaches them, he is very tall, which proves his species. He has Green hair with Light blue streaks going through it. He wears a set of loaned armor from the Dragonriders clan and under it a set of baggy black cargo pants, a tight black t-shirt and a set of black cleated boots. He wears on his back a extremely lethal spear that is around six feet long, He is accompanied by a Draike, it is extremely large, and stronglly built, it has shimmering golden scales that illuminate the room. The Draikes name is Tiron, the Radiant Draike.

"Im here. . . What is the situation. . ." The man, now recognized as the Draikensinger, Zen, says and leans against a wall.

Paradise Wandering
24th October 2004, 10:29 AM
"I understand. I will infiltrate the Slimian fortress and not be seen. I will not intervene unless Mantis needs me, and she will not know that you have sent me. Is that about what you want?"

He then realized Shade was still on the floor and his hand was still out, so he leaned down a little closer and reached out a little more to help her to her feet.

"Here, take my hand. I can help you up." He said sympathetically.

He is interupted when a tall man enters with a long draike, and leans against the wall without an introduction. He looks up to the man, hand still extended to the sorceress, and looks him up and down with lightning like blue eyes.

"Hello, my name is Zach Neron, i was just leaving, but, is there anything i can do for you?"

24th October 2004, 10:34 AM
"Neron. . . Theres a name I havent heard in a long time." Zen thought aloud and then approached Zach.

"I am Zen, The Protector of Draikes, this is my Brother/Companion, Tiron, he is a Radiant Draike." Zen said calmly and approached them.

"It is good to meet you Zach, I have heard many good stories about your battles againts Draike Hunters."

24th October 2004, 11:30 AM
Same thing here. But I kinda like being small...I don't think I ever want to get big, and I'll control it so I don't. What about you?

Shade takes Zach's hand and stands up, actually giving him a quick hug. "You're like my brother," She finally voices her view on him. "I thank you for being here for me. I can always trust you." Then, she turns to Zen and gives a little courtsy. Him being a draike trainer/tamer, she thinks of him as her superior. "Welcome, Zen," She says. "I am called the Draike Mistress, if you were looking for me. The situation is normal. That's cute draike," She says, trying to distract him so Zach could get out. "What's its name? oh, and by the way, two other draikes are at the other side of the cave, if it wants to socialize with them."

24th October 2004, 11:34 AM
Tiron stood up, distinguishing himself.

"I am Tironskanrai, or Tiron for short, I come from the Draiik III Heavenly plain." Tiron said calmly and then turned sniffing the air. It walked past Zach and toward the other Draikes on the other side of the Cave.

Zen pulled off his Spear and examined it.

"It is good to meet you Draike Mistress, Time and Time agian I have heard of you, you have raised a Variety of Draikes and that is a very respectable feat, and that includes having a Silver Draike as a Famillar." Zen said calmly and walked forward to take a seat, his eyes showing that he truly did come from the world he had said.

24th October 2004, 11:48 AM
Shade cheeks get red. "Thank you," She says, averting her eyes to the floor. "I try." Then, she hears the most remarkable thing: A draike, speaking Basic?! "WHOA!" She exclaims. "Um, sorry...it's a pleasure to meet you Tiron." She turns back to Zen, blushing. "Your draike can speak basic? How?"

24th October 2004, 11:51 AM
"Draikes are incredibly intelligent creatures, Once they reach the Human age of 40 they become sentinent and are able to converse with others. During this time they are also able to trans-mutate into a human form for speaking with humans who are nervouse around Draikes." Zen said and then turned to Tiron.

"Tiron here can take the form of a young boy, looking around the age of 12," Zen said calmly.

24th October 2004, 11:55 AM
Shade nods, quite impressed. "Jade?" She calls out. "Venus? You might want to meet someone..."

Jade comes flying in, carrying Venus once more, then plops her on the floor befoe going over to Shade and perching on her shoulder. She then licks Shade's face, causing a bout of laughter from the sorceress. "Jade," She says. "This is Tiron. Tiron, this is Jade."

Jade's eyes light up. An Elder Draike? She has never spoken to one before! She immediately begins to speak rapidly, as fast as machine-gun fire.

"Hello! My name is Jade! Tiron, it's a pleasure to meet you. How are you? What's it like to be such an Elder Draike? Do you like it around here? How do you speak basic?"

Paradise Wandering
24th October 2004, 11:59 AM
"Many sotries? I dont know... I have had a few, but most of them were of my father... Ben Neron, King of Lin'Hou. He would not stand for draike hunters. He hunted the hunters and put them where they belonged: the Lin'Houan jail cells.

And then... Mal'Jerek..." He stopped, the mention of the aweful mage's name bringing back quite a few bad memories. He shivered at the thought of them, and shrugged them off. That's about when Shade hugged him.

It was a big suprise, as it had never happened before, and then she wispered that he was like a brother to her.

"I'm glad to be here." Was his breif responce to her. He gave a smile, blinked his deep blue eyes, and walked off. But not before stopping next to Zen, shaking his hand, and saying "Nice to meet you. I am sorry, but i must now go."

At that, he slides out the door, into his room, grabbing his elven cloak, that would make him completely invisible to the naked eye; and finally outside. He stops at Tim on the way out and wispers everyhing to him. About Mantis's 'negotioations' and everything that Shade has requested he tell Tim.

"Oh, and Tim," He says, turning away toward the forest, "Please stay. Shade needs you more than Mantis does. I will be fine."

He slips on his elven cloak and darts off into the forest.
Probably the same... Being big, for some reason, never appealed to me.

She stops as she is lifted from her feet by Jade. She enters Shade's room again and sees a large, majestic looking elder draike.

Hi, im Venus. Who are you?

24th October 2004, 12:00 PM
Tiron raises an eyebrow, his single protruding golden horn on his head glints brightly as he takes in the questions.

"I am quite fine young Jadernkian, I have heard of you and thats why I know your Basic names Translation. You are one of the first Draikes ever to live out of your settled homeworld. Quite a accomplishment. Although I am old I am only as smart as a well taught human, (a scolar) I speak basic because of my Humanlike Sentinence, and also, Yes, I like this place very much, The cave I chose is a great place to live and collect my horde." Tiron grunted and then prowled away, waving his glittering body side to side as he hummed a old Dracizian tune that he heard a while back, forgetting a few of the words.

24th October 2004, 12:04 PM
Hey!... Jade yaps after Tiron. Where are you going? i have so much I want to talk with you about!

Shade turns to Zen. "Well, the two of them seem to be having fun," She says. "So, what have you been up to these days?"

Meanwhile, Mantis waits patiently as the guards prepare to escort her away.

24th October 2004, 12:13 PM
Tiron prowled up and then took to the sky, grinning, and then turned around to enter his Cavern.

He looked around at what he had done to the Cavern, it had straight and flat walls with old paintings on it. He had a set of bookcases around the room and a few of them were on the ground open, turned to random pages. The books that were open were titled.

A History of Draike Society

A beginners guide to Basic

Lord Ferdinand Draciz' Guide to Human Personai

Lord Darin Draciz' Guide to Portals

Tiron passed them by and walked into a set of newly carved in caverns, it took some time and they stopped to disable a few wards but it led them to Tiron's horde, a huge pile of Gold trinkets and magical items. Tiron picked up a silver coin and handed placed it before Jade.

"Silver Draikes love the taste of Silver Coins, just as I cant resist luminus gold." Tiron said and ate a few Gold coins.



"Fate has been kind to me thus far. I have been growing stronger and Tiron has accumulated quite a horde, that he keeps in a pocket dimension, I predict that he has already began renovating his Lair. I want to see, but I must respect his Privacy."

24th October 2004, 12:39 PM
Tim bit back a remark as Zach told him everything. After a moment, he sighed, walked a small ways away, and collapsed onto a rock. He put his head in his hands.

Why? he wondered. Why did I start this clan? I should be out there, hunting down and killing those who would harm dragons and draikes. And instead, I'm here, head of this pathetic group, sitting around making plans while day after day, dragons and draikes are being killed. And even if the clan were in better shape, I'd be tied down because of Shade! *Sigh* There's nothing else to do. He stood up, and walked over to the group outside. He beckoned for them to follow, then went into the cave, where the rest of the members were.

"Guys!" he called. "It's time to go. We depart for the southern continent immediately. Grab whatever you need, and meet me out front in five minutes." With that, he left the cave.

24th October 2004, 12:49 PM
Zen sensed his longing.

"You made the right choice foriming this group, and your love for Shade is without comparison. You may be thinking harshly about it. . . but . . . you will see the truth behind your actions soon." Zen said and walked out, carrying his spear behind him. There was something about him, he did not reveal, something he knew and others did not, it was a similar feeling given off by other Dracizians.

24th October 2004, 01:03 PM
Tim stiffened, thinking Zen had read his mind. But then he relaxed, and looked up at the setting sun.

"That's as may be, but it's aside from the point. So you are ready to go?"

24th October 2004, 01:24 PM
Bread had been laying there for a bit, thinking about what Charnel had meant when he said he had lost it, and wondered why he wasn't able to move for the moment. He had been rudely dragged around more by Tim while in a state of rest, which abrubptly woke him up. A few minutes later, Tim had asked him a question that made him even more confused, something about the last half hour. Bread tried his hardest to remember something, but he couldn't remember anything from eating lunch until waking up on the grass. He lay quite while those around him moved about, trying to remember something, a sight, a sound, anything, but he couldn't. As feeling returned to his limbs, he stood up and made his way to Tim.

"Tim, I don't remember anything from between lunch and waking up on the grass. What happened? Whatever it was, it has caused Charnel to become uneasy about me fighting, and I value his advice. If you don't want to tell me, that's fine, but if it was bad, I think some sort of cage would be called for now."

24th October 2004, 01:30 PM
Tim thought for a moment aout what to say. He finally decided on the truth. But first, a question.

"Bread? How much of your memory have you regained?" he asked

24th October 2004, 01:36 PM
"Well, see, the thing is, I have a memory for about a week then it... leaves somehow. I have the memory of getting it back, but then something in my brain buries it again. Right now I feel like a library of facts about mythical creatures, and well, maybe while I'm in that cage I could write it all down. Put a few books in the library or something."

Bread looked uneasy at the fact that he was going to be in a cage instead of fighting alongside his friends, but Charnel had never led him astray.

24th October 2004, 02:10 PM
"It is my belief," said Tim, "that you are suffering from a dangerous case of scezofrenia (SP). That is, your brain harbors two personalities: one from before you aquired amnesia, and your current one. I fear that your previous one was, no offense, evil." Tim looked up at the mountain that housed the base, and let out a shrill whistle. A young gold draike flew from one of the caves, and landed on his shoulder. A wave of gold (the color) washed over his mind. Smiling, Tim stroked the draike.

"By the way," he said, "meet Io. He's a gold draike I named after the dragon god, Io."


The guards led Mantis to a cell. It was small and cramped, and somewhat smelly. It didn't have a bed, and the door was made of solid iron, with a small hole through which to push food. The guards shoved Mantis in, and slammed the door shut. The guards closed the door and locked it, leaving Mantis alone, in the dark.

24th October 2004, 02:43 PM
Zen sat down and offered a treat of a Gold coin to IO. He smiled as the Gold Draike ate it and chirped happily, its full body wings (going from its shoulders untill it reached its tail.) Flapped Graciously around as it lifted into the air and onto Tims Shoulders.

"Gold Draikes love gold coins, they are their favorite snack, but being gold coins, they dont come cheap." Zen said calmly and then looked up to see that the lamps had been lit in Tirons Cavern.

"I suggest we wait for Tiron, he hates missing a battle." Zen said calmly and then practiced a few swings with his Spear, he made a miscalculation and cut a Boulder next to him cleanly in two.

"oops. . ."

24th October 2004, 02:55 PM
OoC: Nice God-Mod :mad:.

IC: Io chirped happily, and took the gold coin from Zen. Tim smiled.

"Yeah," he said. "A single gold coin tends to cost at least one gold coin." He looked up at the caves, impatiently waiting for the others.

"Could you tell him to hurry up?" asked Tim. Then he shouted back into the main cave.


24th October 2004, 03:01 PM
OoC: :frusty: Im sorry!


"Come on Tiron! We need to go!" Zen yelled and then Tiron came, his brilliant light colored scales illuminating the passage. He then landed on the boulder and sighed.

"You refuse proper training Brother. . . That is why you are destructive." Tiron sighed and then looked at Tim.

"He is a Very Frustrating Child."

Zen raised an eyebrow.

"Lets go. . ."

24th October 2004, 03:02 PM
Thank you! Jade says as she eats the coin up ravenously, snarling and biting at it, before swallowing it and belching quite loudly. Sorry...umm...this is a nice place you have here, but for me, there's nothing like living in the same room as my owner, and sleeping at her feet.

Shade nods hurrying after Zen. "I feed my draike raw meat. She loves it! And it's a pleasure to meet you. Now, about battle, I don't know...crap! That reminds me! i'll be back later!" With that, she races back into her room, taking out a second radio. She had put a transistor in Zach's pocket before when she hugged him, and now she can easily communicate with him. "Zach, come in Zach! Can you read me? When you need to, there's a red button on the back of the device in your pocket. Press it, and then you can--" She gets annoyed as Mantis's radio starts crackling, so she turns it off. "Press it, and then you can set it so that you can only talk to me. Do you know where the enemy's headquarters is located?"
Mantis slams up hard against a wall and takes a seat on the cold, stone cot to the left of the room. There are two chairs, and in her frustration, she slams a chair up against the stone wall, making an echoing CRRACK sound as it breaks apart.

24th October 2004, 03:09 PM
OoC: I thought I said there was no furniture in the cell . . . meh, ah well.

IC: Tim stalked back and forth. What was taking them so long? He checked a pocketwatch. Then called back into the main cavern.

"Anyone not out here in three minutes is playing catchup!"

Paradise Wandering
24th October 2004, 03:55 PM
Zach was in the middle of the forest when he heard a strange unearthly beeping coming from his pocket. He reached in and heard Shade's voice. He pressed the button, and started speaking. Though he knew not what it would do.

"Um... Hello? Shade?"

Can you read me? When you need to, there's a red button on the back of the device in your pocket. Press it, and then you can-... Press it, and then you can set it so that you can only talk to me. Do you know where the enemy's headquarters is located?"

"Yes, i hear you. No, im not sure where the Slimian headquarters is." He started, "But im tracking Mantis. She is a powerful fighter, but... She isnt very... How can i put this nicely?-- Discreet. She leaves footprints. Hehehe.

So i am here trailing her. But better directions than foot prints would help iof you have them."

24th October 2004, 04:25 PM
Bread sighed and headed towards the cave. He wouldn't be going on the trip. He wouldn't be fighting. He gave his sword and bag to the Pyrahs and walked back outside. Now next to Tim, he whispered into his ear for some reason, maybe it just felt right.

"Tim, if you don't want to tell me what happened, I understand, but could we get me into a cage of some sort? I don't want to hurt anyone, and it would seem that people are acting like I was."

24th October 2004, 04:28 PM
Zen hopped up into the air with the agility of a Draike, he landed after a few seconds upon the back of Tiron. He patted his surrogate brothers shoulder and smiled, he then rehooked his Blacksteel Spear on his back and got ready, latching up his boots and tightening up his armor.

"I must thank you, Tim, for lending me this armor, let us ride and save your friend, Mantis was it?" Zen said and then smiled, the magicless warrior ready for any situation.

"I am afraid however, when It comes to magic, I am handicaped, I cannot cast spells . . ." Zen frowned and then Tiron looked at him, his expression, was that of kindness.

"Its ok, brother, I will protect you with my Magics." Tiron said and then Zen nodded and Zen turned to Tim once more.

"I am ready."

24th October 2004, 04:43 PM
Tim nodded.

"Good," he said. Then he reached out a hand to stop Bread.

"In fact, we're doing exactly what your "other half" suggested. We'll need you in this coming battle, so I expect you to be ready in . . ." he checked his pocketwatch "two minutes fifteen seconds. I suggest you hurry."

24th October 2004, 05:03 PM
OOC: I was just wondering, Draco, when will you get Tim's sheet up? And everyone else you use?

IC: Bread looked at Tim confused, and ran back in to get his sword and bag. He was now extremely confused, but still called on Typhon to follow him out of the cave, and they sprinted out, the dragon puffing along happily. He walked back over to Tim, showing he and Typhon were ready.

"I don't think I should go to fight, and neither does Charnel, so why am I going? In any case, showing up to a country of dragons while riding on dragons won't leave any good first impressions. I suggest that we walk there somehow or fly on one of those ships and have our dragons arrive side by side with us."

24th October 2004, 05:44 PM
Shade stands firm and rigid to the spot. Go find Mantis? But that would mean that she would betray her closest friend! She sits down now, head buried in hands, wondering what to do. "I...can't...I would betray her...She might be fine..."
Mantis remembers that Shade has that radio and cues it, only to find that it has been shut off! "Damn!" She says, slamming her fist into the wall. "Damn! Damn! Damn!" She sits down in the cell, head buried in hands, and begins to cry softly.

So this is the end...

OOC: Let's wait for Zach to get there first, okay? It's my quest so you have to follow this one bit of instruction. It will lead up to something exciting, I think...

24th October 2004, 07:46 PM
Tim faltered for a second, his brain finally catching up with his emotions. He nodded slowly, then held up a hand, indicating for the others to stop.

"Change of plans," he said, and then paused a moment. "We will . . . search for the resistance movement, the one comprised of both dragons and humans. Maybe we can . . . find out what exactly is going on, get more information about the situation."

OoC: Shade, that okay with you? If not, PM me and I'll just . . . have some dragonslayers attack them, or something like that.

24th October 2004, 07:51 PM
Shade hears Tim's comment and she smiles, running out to Tim and hugging him greatly, before giving him a kiss on the cheek. "Thank you," She says. "Now, let's--uh-oh...the radio! i forgot the radio." She disappears into the cave again and returns with the radio, it still being in the off position.

Just then, a swarm (10) of dragonslayers come charging in.

"What?!" Shade says. "If Mantis is okay...which she still is...then they shouldn't be here...let's wait until Mantis radios back to us and tells us the situation...and take these guys out!" They near closer, and Shade sees that they are not of the same faction that Mantis is negotiating with. "Must be bounty hunters."

Jade flies with Venus out of the cave, behind it, away from the action. "Don't go near them! Your life might be put it grave danger!"

Paradise Wandering
24th October 2004, 08:19 PM
Yeah, yeah, yeah. Im getting to it :P


"Shade? Shade? Are you there?" Apparently Shade had not heard Zach. Maybe i should try again later... she might here me if i give it some time and...


He stopped in his tracks. He had been so intently concentrating on the strange contraption that Shade had given him that he had not noticed himself walk out of the forest and accross the Slimian borders.

Just ahead of him, within throwing distance, was the fortress of the Slimian king. It was huge, and loomed in the sky with jagged towers. It was black, and high. A deep moat flowed around it, and ten guards stood at the entrance. (ooc: not sure what it looks like so... anyway, if you want the description changed let me know via pm, aim, msn, etc)

Now all he had to do was... get past them. But he had a plan. Use a fairly simple spell to distract them and lure them away from the gate.

He closed his eyes and concentrated on the water under ground. The water beneath everything. When he opened them, sure enough, a massive geyser exploded about ten meters from the guards. They, not knowing what caused it, went over to investigate the occurance. While they were looking in awe at the huge water spout Zach slipped through the gate.

The fortress was harder to infiltrate than he had suspected, as the front gate was thick and locked. So he did the next best thing: Scale the wall and enter through a window.

He slid in through the window, and ran down a long hall. There was a large door. When he opened it, what was behind it? But a long row of cells. As he slowly strides down the hall, he hears a subtle crying. Upon following it, he discovers that the green-clad mutant is behind the noise.

"Mantis? Is that you?"

24th October 2004, 08:26 PM
"Shoot!" Shade says, then races back in to get the other radio. She brings that one outside. Then, she remembers that she has turned off Mantis's radio, then she turns it back on. "Zach?" She calls into one, not hearing any crying. "Are you okay?"

Through the other, she thinks she hears something like crying. "Mantis?" She asks, concerned. "Are you okay?" In the meantime, one of the slayers races up behind her. Shade draws her sword, and, spinning in a complete circle, takes the man's head off. She then takes both radios back upstairs and sits there. "Tim," She says as she goes inside. "Have fun! I have to make sure everything is all right, then I will let you know what is going on."

Mantis turns her radio off in response, then turns to Zach, still sobbing as she races to the door of the jail, rattling the bars. "Get me out!" She sobs. "I want to live!" She has the presence of mind to pocket her own radio. "Listen, there's a few guards around here, you might want to take them out...we'll need to head back to the group and help them find this place so we can destroy it." Her composure breaks down again as she rattles the bars more urgently and begins to sob again. "Just get me out!"

Paradise Wandering
24th October 2004, 08:41 PM
He looks down at the large padlock around the door. he desperately tries to get it to open, but to no avail. The mutant is still hoplessly stuck. Then what Mantis said gets into his mind: Listen, there's a few guards around here, you might want to take them out...

It occurs to him that he can knock a guard out and steal the keys to the cell.

"Be right back."

He rushes down the hall, and hears a slight tapping noise. Two guards round a corner. This is where his elven cloak comes in. He slips it on before they see him, rendering him completely invisible.

He pulls blackjack out of his cloak and sneaks up behind the men, He tapps one of them in the back of the head with it, the absent-minded guard instantly assumes it was the other guy who did it, and attacks him. They wrestly for about a minute, until they are both too tired to keep fighting. The larger of the two, in a desperate last-ditch attempt to win the bout, finally grabs a club and pops the first one in the back of the skull, knocking him out.

At this, Zach steps infront of the large Slimian, drops is cloak, making him visible again, and uttering the words: 'Thank you. You have done my job for me." Before delivering a quick jab to the guard's face. He reaches down and swipes the keys to the cell, darts down the hall toward Mantis, inserts the key into the lock, and opens the door.

A shrill creak escapes the hinges as the are opened.

"Mantis, are you ok?" He runs over and sets a comforting hand on her back. "They will have heard that hinge. We better get moving before they come after us. They didnt hurt you did they?"

24th October 2004, 08:51 PM
An alarm blares in the compound, and red lights flick on and off. Mantis immediately recognizes this to be an alarm, but, despite herself, she gives Zach a warm embrace, words of thanks flowing from her lips. "Thank you," She finally says, still sobbing a little. "You are like the brother that I never had, unless you want to make it more than that..." With that, she rubs her hand. "No, they didn't really, though my back hurts from them shoving me in her, and I punched a wall." She looks down at the floor in embarassment. "Let's go!" She says, holding back sobs, just hugging Zach for a few more moments, then radios to Shade. "Shade," She says. "We're coming back."
Shade recieves the message from Mantis. "Negative," She says. "We are under attack by a group of mercs."
"We'll be fin--i'll radio you back in a few..." With that, she shuts the radio off. A large Slimean stands before her. She goes up and punches him, but the Slimean just laughs and throws her into a wall, knocking her unconscious for the time being. Then, the guard advanced on Zach.

"Zach!" She says as she passes into unconsciousness. "Help me...don't forget me!"

Paradise Wandering
25th October 2004, 07:16 AM
Still slightly confused as to where all these hugs were coming from, and wondering why all of a sudden several people had called him their "brother", he shrugged it all off and returned Mantis's embrace.

Thank you.

"It's ok, we are going to get out of here."

You are like the brother that I never had, unless you want to make it more than that...

"What? What do you mean by tha--" He stopped as an arrow sped past his head, heralding the presense of a sniper peeking out from around a corner. Then a loud bang was heard from somewhere behind him. A guard had punched Mantis, a loud, satisfying crack escaping his knuckles on contact.

The guard then turned to him, this guard tall. Very tall. A full seven feet tall, compared to his meek five and a half feet. This guard towered over him. It wound up for a large punch, right as the zipping of an arrow was heard from behind.

With Zach's catlike reflexes, he dodged the arrow with a Matrix-like backwards bend, (the way Neo dodges the bullets from Agent Smith in the Matrix) The arrow flew over him, right as the large guard unleashed his deadly fist.

The fist connected with the arrow, the head of it, and part of the shaft, imbedding themselves deep into his hand, breaking several bones.

"You people just keep making my life easy by beating each other up, dont you?"

Zach managed to say those few words before the large Slimian brute let his rage overtake him. He yelled loudly and dashed at the young mage, but that is the weakness of angry people: when anger fills them, they are stronger. But, they tend to charge in without analyzing things, and often make stupid mistakes.

As he charged forward Zach did a simple sidestep and held out his foot, the brute hitting it and tripping onto his face. This knocked him out totally. As for the sniper, Zach did have a few homing spells up his sleeve, like greif flame.

He allowed his mind to slip out of reality, out of conciousness, and into those horrible memories of his family. How they were murdered before his eyes, how Mal'Jerek had destroyed them. The greif was powerful, and filled him. He pushed it into his right palm, which then took on a greenish hue, and began to tremble from the dorment greif that had just been awakened.

With a loud yell, and a push, the greif exploded out of his hand, tearing through the air at the sniper at incredible speeds. The Slimian tried to run, but could not escape this homing spell, it followed him relentlessly until he gave up. It hit him squear in the stomach, knocking the wind out of him. Blood spurted from his mouth as he was fell to the ground, out, but not dead.

"We need to get out of here, NOW!"

He rushed over to the mutant, heaved her onto his shoulders, and hobbled down the hall. He was much slower, but he could still walk. Loud tapping was heard in the halls, and ten more guards ran along down the hall after them. Zach approached the open window, and with one hand, froze the water molecules in the air in front of him, forming a flute.

With that one hand he played it, the other struggleing to keep the mutant girl balanced on his small shoulders. A sweet tune escaped it that minute, and after that, he tosed it to the ground, shattering it. He jumped from the high window in a leap of faith. If he hit the ground from this high up, he would die instantly. No one ould live through a fall from this height.

Surely enough, an instant before he contaced the ground, a large black dragon swept him and Mantis out of the air and onto it's muscular back. It had caught him, and began to fly back to the Dragonrider's base.

He patted it's neck, while lowering Mantis onto it's broad shoulders and laying her down. "Meet Onyx, my dragon." He wispered to the unconsious girl before him.He grabbed the reighns, and kept flying, waiting for Mantis to awaken.

25th October 2004, 08:12 AM
A few more arrows ring out, yet nothing more happens as the dragon continues to fly. Mantis opens her eyes, her vision blurry. After several moments' worth of blinking, she finally sees where she is--then looks down. She shrieks and grabs on tight to the dragon, her knuckles turning white and her arms going pale with fear. Flying has never been her thing.
Shade heads for a window and summons up her sorceress and light energy, creating an orange, glowing ball. This ball she sends flying into a group of three dragonslayers--through the window--causing them to be thrown from their horses.
Come on! Mantis...hurry!...

Paradise Wandering
25th October 2004, 08:52 PM
"Whoa!" Zach shouts, a little suprised at Mantis's sudden shreik. "It's ok, Mantis, you are not going to fall." I wont let you.

"We should be there in a few minutes. Hold on tight and dont panic."

All the sudden, a huge cannonball fired from a trebuchet buzzed passed the Dragon's face.

Zach patted the dragon's neck gently to calm it down. "Come on Onyx, you arent going to let them do that to you, are ya?"

Dragon: "ROOOAAR!!!" (Translation: are you kidding?)

It unleased a huge blast of fire, a pyrokleptic's dream, at the unwary attackers.

"Look! Mantis! There it is!" He shouted as the dragon neared the Dragonrider's headquarters. They came closer and closer, swooping down, returning several blasts of fire, incinerating the trebuchet that had sent them.

They swung down in a wide arc, and landed gracefully. Onyx, the dragon, bent down humbely (sp?) to all allow Zach and the girl to slide off, and get back to thier friends.

Zach hopped off of the mighty beast and held out a hand to help Mantis down from it''s back. "Shade! Tim! are you guys there? Charnel? Bread? I am back and i have Mantis!" He patiently awaits the girl's hand, ignoring the arrows flying past his head.

Oh... Attacking me while i am innocently helping a girl from a dragon. That was a mistake... You will soon see that.

25th October 2004, 08:57 PM
Mantis keeps looking at the dragon's hide, her grip firm on the dragon, focussing every last ounce of effort on hanging on. She sighs with relief as they land, her body still shaking violently.

Shade comes running out, ignoring the barrage of arrows, and hugs Zach. "Welcome back, my brother." She says reverently. Then, as the slightly shaking Mantis comes off the dragon--now not shaking enough to be noticed--she embraces her friend. "Welcome back." She says simply.

Mantis hops of the dragon, returns the embrace, then hugs Zach in a long embrace. "Thank you," She says. "How did you find out where I was anyway?"

Shade doesn't react to this as she kills another merc who had "thought" that he had successfully snuck up on her.

26th October 2004, 04:59 AM
Tim called out to Mantis and Shade, and Zach.

"Perhaps we should save this discussion for later," he said. He raised his hands, and started weaving them about in a complex motion. A web of fire formed in front of his hands, each strand like the edge of a burning knife, capable of slicing through steel. He let the web fly at a pair of Slayers. The Slayers, and their horses, were cut up into so many pieces al of which quickly caught fire and became nothing more then dust.

Paradise Wandering
26th October 2004, 09:25 AM
hehe. 'Thought' lol


Zach did not want to lie to Mantis, nor did he like to lie in general. But especially not to one of his closest friends. And maybe even more than that.

"Uh...er...", He started, "I uh, kinda... You know, it really is a beautiful day out here, aside from the fact that we are under seige." He said, while returning the hug and managing a slight wink to Shade.

"Down! NOOOW!" He shouts, he quickly pushes Mantis and Shade to behind a tree wide enough for them to use as a makeshift 'bunker'. Fortunately, Zach's Lin'Houan guards had held off the mercs long enough, but they were falling. (brief GM there... shame on me, and it wont happen again)

"Venus!" He desperately yells, "Take Jade! Go back to Lin'Hou and bring Kinsey here! She is our only hope!"

A brief feeling of Ok, i'll be back soon. Take care of yourself. Passes through his head as he sees Venus fly out of an open window. Jade, come with me! She telepathically says to Jade.

"Tim, we need to hold them off long enough for Venus to get Kinsey. Do you think we can do it?", He asks. Before Tim can answer Zach is off and into the fray, kamas gleaming in the sun, flitting back and forth between his fingers, darting in and out of the hearts of mercs. Blood spurted with every stab, shouts of agony coming from his dying opponents.

I would bring this entire place into an ice age... but i cant. There are people i care about here. No way can i do that... they wouldnt survive, but it would be an instant battle winning spell. Maybe later...

Everything seemed to be going in slow motion for Zach, everyone and everything blurred out of his mind. All that there was in his mind was the battle at hand. As he looked at the blurred and demented faces of the Slimians, the mournfull memories of two years ago flashed into his mind. They looked like... him... Him, the one who destroyed Lin'Hou before Zach took the throne, the one who murdered Zach's family before the thirteen-year-old mage's very eyes. The one who radiated darkness and agony. Who struck fear into the hearts and minds of everyone around him. The one, whom the boy had yet to defeat; Mal'Jerk.

That gives me an idea. A desperate spell, but it will work, to at least hold them off until she arrives.

"I hope you all like the cold." He muttered to the Slimians, "Mantis, Shade! Stay behind the bunker! Tim, well, i sure hope that your fire moves can keep you warm, too."

Zach closed his powerful blue eyes. Muttered a few words in his native language, inaudible to those far away, and those close to him wouldnt understand it.

"Se'shim, quintasynal, delluvatina!"

His head 'looked' straight ahead of him, though his eyes were closed tightly. He repeated the phrase again, and opened his eyes. His eyes locked onto those of a merc right in front of him. The merc had gotten it into his demented little skull that Zach was praying, and that he had a chance to attack while Zach's attention was on the mantra. He was far from right.

When the mage's icy gaze fell on the merc's, the little scoundrel of a soldier stopped in his tracks. Completely frozen out of fear of the monstrous power that Zach kept locked up inside him, that he only used when he had no other choice. If one were to look into Zach's eyes that very second, they would see a subtle change in color. The sapphire blue eyes that were Zach's best feature, morphed, melded into a starlike electric blue glow.

He uttered that phrase one last time, and stomped the ground once. A huge shockwave of ice was sent out in a 360 degree circle around the boy. Freezing everyone it touched. There faces frozen in a scream of terror, an everlasting nightmare instilled upon their perverted brains.

Zach breathed heavily from the power he ad just unleashed. His Deep Freeze spell was indeed very draining, and a single bead of sweat slid down the young master's handsome face, as his eyes reverted back to their former glorious blue selves.

After this he colapsed from the exhaustion of casting this spell, he ws still breathing, but he had passed out from the drain. He was far frm dead, but definately out. The mercs and Slimian guards would saty frozen for long enough for Kinsey to get there.

26th October 2004, 10:25 AM
"Who is Kinsey?" Jade asks telepathically as she takes off out through the window. "And where's Lin'Hou?" The terms are strange and foreign to Mantis, Shade, and Jade.

The two women watch as Zach's spell unfolds, then turn away, shivering as the freezing wave passes by them. A shrill chirp is heard from the forest, and out, right after wave has passed, comes Mantidae. The trees all frozen, Mantidae bristles in anger, but then calms down as she sees the water mage and the frozen attackers. "Hehehe...I guess they had it coming, no?"

The two women go up to the insect and hug her, then Mantis turns her attention soley to Zach and races over there. "Zach?" She calls out, choking back her sobs. "Are you--" She stops as she sees the subtle rise and fall of the teenager's chest. She picks him up reverently in her arms and carries him inside. Shade gets a bucket of warm water and begins dabbing his face, while Mantidae stays at the cavern entrance, looking to see what has happened to Tim.

Mantis holds Zach's hand. "Come on, come on!" She urges. "We need you...I need you!"
(OOC: I'm doing the commander, not the king)
"PREPARE THE DEFENSES!" A reptilian voice snarls, his voice carrying through out the base. Several catapults wheel out in response, and a whole battalion comes out as well. Then, casting a spy spell, he sees the enemy fighting the mercs that they had sent earlier. "Brilliant! OFFENSES?!" A bunch of dragons, turned evil and with an evil glow in their eyes, underneath some spell, assemble, being ridden by several men with spears.

"Reporting for duty, sir!" The squad leader says. "Excellent. We wait until they dispatch our troops, then we attack! The dragons WILL remain under your spell, sir," He says, turning towards the king. "Am I right?"

Paradise Wandering
26th October 2004, 03:48 PM
Mantis must be pretty stong... if she can lift about 140 lbs of sleeping teenager. lol


A very powerful light user. Venus started, And a quick thinker. She is a friend of Zach's, and i think would make good friends with Shade, as they are the same element and alot alike. She has some very useful light spells and would benefit us greatly in this war.

As for Lin'Hou, it is Zach's home country and kingdom. It was destroyed by an evil mage named Mal'Jerek, and then Zach rebuilt it and swore to someday defeat him. (future quest) It is not far from here. In fact, look! She gestured with her wings to a pillar of smoke rising from the sky about a mile ahead of the two draikes.

That is it! That is the smoke from the fireplace of the dojo that Zach learned his first spell at! It is in the very center of the city. Let's go.

She swooped down, landed, and waited for Jade.

The twin jewels Zach had for eyes slowly opened, at first blinking a few times as his blurry vision cleared. "Stop, stop!" Is the first phrase from his lips as his mind falls upon Shade's relentless dabbing with a wet cloth. "Then he realizes the rudeness of his last words, and sits up apologizing.

"Oh, i'm sorry. I know you were justy trying to help me," he says embarrasingly, "I just wasnt expecting to wake up to being poked by a wet rag." He chuckles softly at the thought, then, his mind retracing what had hapenned, which was only the few seconds he had been up. "What was i laying on?" He askes the sorceress, then turns around, his vision finally returning, and the first thing he focusess on his Mantis's face (or is it a mask?).

"What happened?" He inquires to the mutant, "What did i do to get knocked out? Was i hit? Is everyone ok? How long was i alseep?!" He rubs the sleep from his blue eyes, finally completely awake. His mind is instantly flooded with questions about what had happened prior to his awakening.

*Gasp* "The battle! We need to get out there and help! My soldiers might be dying and i am in here sleeping?!" He tries to get up, the memories of his last few thoughts before he left consiousness now coming back to him. Ordering Venus to find his friend Kinsey, the horrible black eyes of that evil merc he had frozen to death.

"TIM?! Is he ok? Did i freeze him? Did we win? I need to know everything that has happened while i was out." He stared into Mantis's eyes (what color are they?) and found comort, like everything in the world was at peace.

One of Zach's abilitys was short range telepathy. He rarely used it, and the only two people who knew about it were Alexandra and Tim. But since he already knew Mantis could talk telepathically, he made an exeption for her.

Are you ok? You really seemed rattled on the dragon. i was worried about you.

26th October 2004, 03:57 PM
As the wave of ice reached him, Tim looked inside himself and found his earth energy. He transmutated his body into ston, then sunk into the earth, melding with it until the wave past. After a few moments, and rose back up from the earth near Zach, first as a spire to break the ice, then he changed back into his human form.

"TIM?! Is he ok? Did i freeze him?"

Tim adopted a mock brittish accent.

"Not bloody likely," he said. Then he dropped the accent. "You were only out for a second, nothing has happened."

26th October 2004, 05:55 PM
OOC: Mantis can bust a table, so yeah, she is strong :). Mantis has a helmeted visor, for future reference. No one can see her eyes, or the rest of her face for that matter. Ask her about it, and I'm sure she'll tell you why she wears it.

IC: Mantis blinks, her eyes unseen beneath her mask by all. She, too, stares back at Zach, then indicates to Shade to stop dabbing at Zach's forehead. She sighs as all the questions flood Zach's mind.

But I guess that's only to be expected She winks to herself at that thought.

""I just wasnt expecting to wake up to being poked by a wet rag." Shade smiles warmly at her "Brother." "No harm done," She says quite simply. "None at all."

What happened?"
"You got knocked out by some powerful spell of some sort...one that you created...it caused everyone to freeze." Mantis replies.

"Is everyone ok?"
"Yes, we are all fine, thanks to you." She smiles warmly at him from beneath her visor.

"How long was i asleep?!"
"Not very long."

"The battle! We need to get out there and help!"
"It's over, unless the enemy will somehow unfreeze..."

"My soldiers might be dying and i am in here sleeping?!"
The two girls exchange a knowing smile. They know how stressful it is to run something like this. "Relax." Mantis says soothingly. "All is fine now."

"Did we win?"
"For the moment, yes," Says Mantis. "But we tripped that alarm, remember? Their forces must be massing." Then, not to disturb him any further, she says, "But I'm sure it will be a while until they all actually amass. Relax, take it easy." She continues to hold Zach's hand, staring back into his eyes, when--

"Are you ok? You really seemed rattled on the dragon. i was worried about you."

She shakes her head. Zach?! A telepath?! But, she keeps quiet about it.
"Yes, I am fine...quite rattled, but fine. Flying has never been my thing...I'm afraid of it. But I'm much better now, especially since I'm with you."

Jade flies with Venus towards the smoke. Coughing a little in short snorts, she says, "I still don't know how he or she is going to help us..."

Paradise Wandering
26th October 2004, 06:56 PM
Kinsey is a she, Jade, Venus starts. Follow me.

She began a funny draconic waddle toward the dojo, and, upon peeking her reptilian head inside, she saw the girl working on a new spell.
There she is.

The dragon slunked in, crawling low to the ground so she could keep and low profile and not distract the newer students. But what she did was the exact opposite of what she had wanted, what she wanted, as previously said, was not to be a distraction, but it is a very funny thing to see a small blue dragon slithering accros the marble floor, almost looking like she was 'stalking' the light mage, Kinsey. Though she wasnt.

Oooh, Kinsey, guess who.

The girl whirled around, her curly black hair waving around with her. She looked right and left, up, and, finally down. Her deep brown eyes landed on the two draikes before her.

"Venus!" She shouted. The entire dojo looked up at her and blinked a few times, the funnyest looks befalling their faces, looks that almost said 'Omg, what is that girl's problem? is she deliberately trying to disturb me from the new spell i am working on?'

The beautiful girl looked around, embarrassed at her own squeal of joy at seeing the draike again. She did not have a draike of her own, but she loved them so much; hense the exitement she so blatantly exhibited. She reached down, swept Venus off her feet, an squeezed her tightly.

"So, why are you here? Shouldn't you be with Zach? I thought you were with him."

A picture of war, with Zach in the very middle, kamas gleaming, flashed through the young girl's head.

"What happened? Is he ok? Does he have friends to help him?"

Yes, he does. He is fine, and has quite a few loyal freinds out there helping him. Speaking of friends, i want you to meet one of mine: This is Jade.

"It is a pleasure to meet you, Jade." Then her face turned from a beautiful smile to a stone cold and determined stare. "We should leave, now. Can you keep up with Breeze?"

Who is that?

"My horse. So named because he is faster than the wind, and can get us to your friends faster than you think.

Let's go."

Remembering his spell now, and getting the confirmation that it worked, Zach breathed easier, and let out a long sigh of releif that none of his allies-- or... Mantis, were dead or hurt.

"Good," he simply said. He felt good in the presence of people who cared about him, and whom he cared about. It was a warm, fuzzy feeling that he did not want to ever leave. "Shade, have you gotten any confirmation from Jade that they have found Kinsey yet?"

26th October 2004, 07:06 PM
A little perturbed by the stare, Jade simply bows her head, and says, "Pleasure to meet you."--That is, until she sees how friendly she is with draikes. Jade flies onto her shoulder and licks her face. "Any friend of my friends' is a friend of mine. As for your horse, I fly fast, but not as fast as you have described...speaking of which, time to let Shade know we've found you..." The draike trails off has she notices the many people who are watching the scene. Jade begins to shake a little in fright, feeling suddenly vulnerable. "A-are t-those p-people o-okay?"
An image of a woman, whom Shade has never seen, passes through Shade's mind. "I think I just did...anyway, while we're waiting for them to come back, do you need anything?"

Mantis gives Zach a spontaneous, deep embrace. "Can you stand up, do you think?"
__________________________________________________ ____________
The commander snarls with satisifaction. The mercs may have failed, but now they are worn out. "Sir?" He says, turning to the king. "Do I have the authority to order my troops to attack?"

26th October 2004, 07:11 PM
Tim cocked his head for a moment, studying the horizon. After a moment, he turned back to the others.

"I don't know. . . ." he said. "I get a bad feeling this isn't over yet."

Paradise Wandering
26th October 2004, 07:32 PM
"Actually, i dont know if they are ok," She responds to jade, "I have never really taken the time to talk with them. I just come here to practise my magic. But i woulnt worry. There are many reliable and powerful masters here, so, if they arent good, they will easily be stopped." She puts a slender hand on Jade's back and rubs it reassuringly.

"Now," she says, getting back on the subject at hand, "Let's put your flying skills to the test."

She stops to put her two fingers in her mouth and blows hard, a sharp wistle escaping her pink lips. Within seconds, a soft neighing is heard from outside the dojo. "There he is. You guys ready?"

"Yes, Mantis, i think i can stand up. Thank you for the concern." He says kindly, returning her hug.

"Shade, what did the girl you saw look like?" He asks, to make sure it is Kinsey she had seen.

He stops and looks to Tim. "What did you say? Why dont you think it is over?"

ooc: Kinsey is about 5'5" or so, has wavy dark hair, big brown eyes, and a flirtish smile. I will describe all of that ICly whe she meets Mantis, Shade, and Tim. (Just so Shade can answer Zach's question :D )

26th October 2004, 07:37 PM
Jade pants like a dog almost as her back is rubbed. "Ooh! That felt soo good! *ahem* Flying..."

Jade begins to flap in place and does a few "laps" around the dojo, slowly yet steadily, moving at a moderate pace. "Is that fast enough?" She asks, coming back to perch on Kinney's shoulder once more. "OOH! A horse! I haven't seen one of those yet!"

Shade nods. "She was a little taller than me (Shade is 5'1"), with dark hair like mine, only wavy. She had brown eyes and a graceful smile..."

Paradise Wandering
26th October 2004, 07:58 PM
"Whoa," Kinsey says to Jade, "Easy on the sugar there, i woulnt want you to crash."

"We should get out of here. They will be waiting for us."

Fine by me. I dont like having so many people watch me. Said the draike, Venus.

Kinsey ran out the large, open double doors, into the city, and hopped onto Breeze. "You guys ready?" At that, the horse darted off into the trail that went between Lin'Hou and the Dragonrider's headquarters.

"Yes, that is definately her. Can you tell how far away she is, Shade?"

26th October 2004, 08:03 PM
Tim shook his head.

"I don't know . . . it's just . . . that seemed kind of pathetic for an entire army, don't you think?"


The king grinned, his victory was at hand.

"Yes," he said. "Order them to attack, tell them to show no mercy. Tell them to leave none alive."

26th October 2004, 08:07 PM
A confused look comes over Jade's face, if that is possible for a such a creature to look confused. "Sugar? What's...OH! That's sugar...I ate one too many cookies... An embarassed feeling passes through both Venus's and Kinney's mind. Jade stays by the door, flapping and waiting for Venus to come with her. Then, she sends a mental progress report to Shade.
"Okay," Shade says, recieving the message. "They have just left the town. Jade seems really excited about something...oh wait...I fed her too many cookies." She blushes. "But I love it when she's hyper like this! It's so cute!"

Mantis gives Zach another hug for no particular reason; she is just glad that he is safe and in her presence.

Paradise Wandering
26th October 2004, 08:23 PM
I fed her too many cookies.

"It's ok. I like cookies too. I can understand how easy it is to overeat on them. hehe." Zach says quietly to Shade. Just then, he is struck by yet another of Mantis's infamous and comforting hugs. But that's just fine, he likes them alot.

He really likes being around this small group of close friends, and enjoys every once of time with them. Mantis, i have a bad feeling about Venus, Jade and Kinsey. I fear they are going to be attacked. Do you think we should go find them?

Meanwhile, The light mage, and the draikes, of course, have been on the trail for about thirty minutes now, and and enter a deep luscious forest. They get midway through it, and hear a stick cracking behind them. Like something heavy has stepped on it and broken it.

Jade, did you hear that?

26th October 2004, 08:32 PM
The commander of the Slimeans grins. There is someone running practically all by themselves, an easy kill. "Dragon #5," He says, indicating the lesser of the possessed dragons. "Go!" The black dragon with tainted red eyes takes off, spurred on by its master. As it nears, it begins to prepare to breath fire. As it does so, it knocks in a tree branch, creating a cracking sound.
"Don't be silly," Mantis says, putting an arm around him. "They'll be just fine."

Shade nervously chuckles, still feeling quite embarassed about Jade's hyperness.
Jade's ears prick up, and she looks over her shoulder, then, she puts on the brakes momentarily, trying to shake the dragon, but it is no use. "Kinney, Venus! We've got company!" She immediately communicates with Shade, telling her the situation.
"Jade and company are being attacked by a black dragon in the forest!" Shade exclaims.

Mantis looks at Zach. "Relax, it will be just fine. You'll see..."

27th October 2004, 03:38 PM
"A dragon?!" exclaimed Tim. "But . . . but why are they attaking us, I wonder? We'd better go help." With this, he started to dash off, when he realized that he didn't know where they were. He shouted out to Io.

"Io! Where are Jade and Venus?!"

The gold draike took to the air and looked around. Finally, he spotted the two draikes engaged in combat, and swooped back down to Tim.

"Follow me," he said, telepathically. He led Tim into the forest, and to the new battlefield.

OoC: Just finished a proposal paper, so sorry if this post seems a bit . . . under.

Paradise Wandering
27th October 2004, 04:28 PM
What do you mean, Draco?


I sure hope that you are right. He said to Mantis, I really want to thank you for being here for me. I appreciate it.

He looked around, amused that Shade was still sitting there, giggling at her draike's hyperactivity. I know how they get when they eat too much sugar... It is quite funny, but it makes it hard for them to concentrate on anything.

"Oh no you didn't!" Kinsey exclaimes as the dragon flys after Jade, and gaining on her.
"Eat this." She mutters to the dragon, from Breeze's back. At once a huge flash of light blares in the dragon's eyes, unless he closed them in time, this would blind him.

"Jade! Venus! Fly as fast as you can while he is blinded! Trust me, he wont be down for long!"

"Being attacked!??!" the young mage chokes out. "What if they need us?!" His eyes dart around rapidly, as he gets worried about his draike, friend's draike, and his friend.

27th October 2004, 04:34 PM
The possessed dragon's eyes squint shut, flames going in all directions.
Jade nods in midair, banks to avoid the flame, and gestures for Venus to follow by wagging her tail. ""Come on! We need to get back to the others!" With that, she banks hard right, flying out of the forest and zooming into the clan headquarters, smashing into a wall. Shade comes running. "Jade!" She screams, gingerly picking her best friend up. "Are you all right?" Jade shakes her head rapidly, then nods. Shade heaves a sigh of relief. "I wonder why the dragon is attacking us, anyways?"

Mantis signals back to Zach. "And I am glad you have always been here for me!"" She hugs him again, then speaks aloud. "I'll go out there...alone...with Kinney, and see if I can help..." She begins to walk off towards the forest, but not yet out of the cave, walking slowly as if waiting for someone...

27th October 2004, 05:11 PM
OoC: I mena, if my post seemed a bit sloopy, I'm sorry. I had just finished a proposal paper for history, and I was temporarilly brain-dead.

IC: Tim quickly arrived at the battlefield, and analized the situation. He saw something in the dragon's eyes that made him suspicious. He closed his eyes, and opened his mind. He sent out a tendril of thought, trying to hack into the dragon's brain. Maybe there he could figure out what was going on. He was sure to keep some mental barriers up, though. If this was the work of a Psi Mage, he could be in big trouble. But if the dragons had allied with the humans. . . .


Io was flying circles around the great black dragon. He was shouting at it, not knowing if he was having any effect.

"Stupid dragon! Get a hold of yourself! We're trying to help, to defeat the human oppressors! Why are you attacking us?!"

27th October 2004, 07:05 PM
"Jade," Shade says. "Are you hurt?" A negatory feeling goes through Shade's mind. "What attacked you?" An image of a black dragon goes through her mind. "Why?" She shudders as Jade sends an unknowing feeling through her. She squeezes her draike gently and smiles, rubbing her (Jade's) back. Jade begins to pant a little, like a dog, and Shade giggles.

Mantis continues walking slowly out of the cave, silently hoping that someone would come with her...that someone being Zach.
As Draco looks into the dragon's mind, he sees:
A black dragon, the same one that Tim is looking at, is held in a cage, being tortured by someone who is slimy and who has fangs. The man looks at "Tim." "What?" He says, then shoots a powerful shockwave, knocking Tim out of the dragon's mind. The slimy crerature hopes to have disabled Tim's mind temporarily in doing so...

As though in response, the dragon turns towards Tim and shoots a flame at him, before returning towards its original prey. The Slimean on top of the dragon shoots a blast of water at Tim, hoping to disable the Fire mage.

27th October 2004, 07:24 PM
Tim was stunned by forceful counterattack. Fortunately, he was able to instinctively magically erect a large wall of earth. The attacks hit the wall full-on. However, the magical energies inherent to the wall of earth redirected the attacks, sending them back at their original casters. Meanwhile, he atempted to invade the dragon's mind again. Only, this time he wasn't aiming to gather information. He was aiming to kill the slimian scum, who had defiled this noble beast, and free it from the creature's control. The image it would see would be him, his image flickering, intertwining with that of a great green dragon.

Paradise Wandering
27th October 2004, 07:38 PM
ooc: Kinsey (not Kinney) blasted light, not fire. Sry if i wasnt clear.


Wait for me!! Was the phrase that passed through Jade's mind as she wagged her tail while flying. She flew as fast as her young draconic wings could carry her, occasionally turning to send a few short bursts of water at the black dragon.

She flies in soon after Jade, missing the wall but slamming directly into Shade. (accidentally of course :D ) I'm so sorry, Shade! I was not aiming for you, i promise. It was an accident.
Zach sees Mantis slowly walk from the room, almost out of the cave, but, not quite, seeming almost as if she is waiting for him to follow. The teenage water master struggled to his feet. He walked off after her, when he caught up, he descreetly slipped an arm accros her shoulder, and began to mentally talk. Now, if you dont want me here i'll leave. "But," He said, now out loud, "We need to find Tim, and i want to give you company...er... aid in battle."

Knowing he Mantis had heard him slip there, he began to blush slightly. He turned his head away, embarrased slightly, as a single bead of sweat slid down his handsome face.

Kinsey, realizing that aid has come for her, as the driakes fly away, begans to attack the Slimian atop the dragon. Working with Tim, as he focuses on the mental attacks, and she focuses on the magery.

A blast of light here, a dash away from the occasional spell, then a lunge at him and stab! Then, all of a sudden, they vanished. Tim and Kinsey had both disapeared from veiw. What the Slimian didnt know, is that a light mage can bed the strands of light to make someone appear completely invisible, though they are not.

Everything fell silent. A sly smile slid accros the girls face and her eyes brightened. She tried not to make any noise as Tim was fighting in his mind, and did not want to break his concentration. SHe walked over to him, bow and arrows in hand. She knocked the arrows back into the notch and string, and readied herself to defend if she had been wrong and the Slimian could still see her.

27th October 2004, 07:51 PM
The slimy creature looks back at Tim and sneers. "Nice try," He says simply. "But King Slogos is who I answer to, and not you!" With that, he unleashes another powerful mind blast, only this time, he is aiming to shread apart Tim's mind.

The dragon turns towards Tim again, breathing fire at him, then again turns back to his original prey.

Meanwhile, the commander looks on with interest. "It appears that the draconic one is trying to invade our dragon's mind. The fool will be ripped to shreds!"
Shade catches the flying draike in the side, then puts her on the sorceress's shoulder. "It's okay," She says after wincing a little, then begins to stroke both draike's backs with tender, loving care. "I only hope Tim will be fine..." She looks at both of the draikes simultaneously. "What could I do to help?"

An unknowing feeling comes across Shade's mind, this from Jade, and she shudders. If only there is some way to give Tim that mental edge. But yet, she can't use her phobia spell for fear of hurting Tim's mind as well as the dragon's.
The dragon's flames are momentarily put out by Venus's squirts of water, and then the dragon stops in its tracks, wondering where its intended quarry could be. The man on the top also begins to look wildly around.
"What?!" The commander says, still watching through his spy spell. "Where did he go?!"
Mantis gives Zach a deep embrace, then motions from him to follow. "What do you suggest?" She asks. "I've got a feeling that there's more where that came from, once this dragon is gone."

27th October 2004, 08:23 PM
Tim sensed the attack coming, not a millisecond too soon. He quickly disengaged the telepathic link, and the mind blast barely affected him. Then he called out to Shade.

"Shade! His me with your Phobia spell! I don't have time to explain, just do it! But first, tell the others not to attack the dragons, but king Slogos! He's the one controling these dragons!"

27th October 2004, 08:34 PM
"Slogos?" Shade responds, but nonetheless fires off her phobia spell at Tim. "Forgive me, my love..."
The king Slogos chuckles. "Excellent." He turns to a figure in a black cloak, but he has it down now so one can plainly see his blue hair. "Your strategy has worked!"

The man says nothing, simply putting his cloak up. 10 men come up on both sides of the King; these men have laser pistols, and are the only ones to have such advanced technology. "Shadow," The king continues. "You've outdone yourself this time." Then, Slogos turns to the commander. "Attack!"

The commander issues the order to attack and the remaining four dragons come flying across the field, readying themselves for attacks. In the meantime, 5 NEW dragons (all are possessed) take up the front line of defense, followed by the catapults, followed by the battalion, and then they are ultimately followed by the body guards.

Shadow grins. "But what they don't know is that only I have the key to freeing these dragons' minds."

27th October 2004, 08:59 PM
OoC: The following is a spell that Tim will gain at the end of my quest. (Speaking of which. . . . *Ahem.*

IC: Tim stood there, as the Phobia spell neared him. He had his eyes closed, one thought locked into his mind. The figure he had seen in the telepathic battle. Slogos.

The spell his him, and Tim doubled over, watching all his most painful memories over again. But then, they seemed to fade. Tim roared witht he pain and rage that swept through him. His body became completely enveloped by a black egg-shaped sphere of anti-light. The shell expanded, until it was hug, larger then any dragon. Then the shell shattered.

What was revealed was Tim. However, above him now was a HUGE black dragon, twice the size of a normal dragon. This dragon, however, was obviously inherantly evil. He radiated an invisible aura that could set any sane being running in fear. And he definately looked evil with his slightly distorted, yet still dragonish, features. Tim was collapsed on the ground. He seemed dead, but he was merely unconcious, in a comatose state. The great black dragon roared, and flew off towards the castle, three times faster then the wind.

Paradise Wandering
27th October 2004, 10:09 PM
Really, i didnt mean to Shade-- Venus stops as she feels the girl's comforting hand lightly rubbing her back. Thank you. She communicates. She give's Shade a long, wet lick. And her dragonish silver eyes with deep green pupils gleam brightly at the sorceress.

I would never hurt you on purpose... She stopped. A devious 'smile' wriggles accross Venus's reptile-like face, and her shiny blue wings fold back at once, nicely blending with her scales of the same color.

Ooh, this is good, She says, communicating to both Jade and Shade at once. I think Zach REALLY likes Mantis. He doesnt know i can tap his mind yet. Actually, i didnt either. But, just today, a started recieving signals from him whenever he shows a strong emotion, like, love, rage, and greif. I first noticed this earler when he used that Greif spell to save Mantis. I was nowhere near him, but i could sense when he used it.

I think this is it! I think we are finally developing ou mental 'bond'! Isnt that great? SHe stopped when she realized that she was rambling, and didnt want to bore her compadres. Anyway, i just felt a surge of love flow accros my mind when i saw Mantis hug Zach over there. She uses her tail to motion to the two walking from the cave.

Zach hugs Mantis back, tightly embracing her in his young arms. "No." He says softly. He quickly withdraws, and speaks nervously. "I like you alot, but i cant stand her and hug you while my friends are in danger. We have to keep moving."

He gazed at her visor through crystal clear blue eyes, so many thoughts racing through his mind.

I need to help Tim! I wonder why she always wears that mask? What time is it? What color are her eyes? I hope Venus made it back to Shade safely. How is my breath? I am so nervous around her... I have never felt like this before. I hope she likes me as much as i like her. Are those Slimians still frozen? Am i wearing fresh boxers today? (lol)

All of these thoughts shot through his head like a machine gun, bouncing back and forth, tormenting him with questions, both stupid and benine.

He looks straight ahead, and hears shouts coming from behind a large tree several meters away. He grabs Mantis's muscular hand, and holds it carefully. He knows it is a very strong hand, and it would take someone much more physically built than him to hurt it, ut, nevertheless, he holds it gingerly, as it if is as precious as gold.

His blue eyes begin to change color again, back into those powerful electric blue auroras; the look he only gets when he feels strong emotions, mainly those of anger, fear, love, and rage. This time it was because if the anger dorment within him, from the sounds he heard from behind the wide tree. They were the sounds of fighting, sounds of battle. he coulnt tell whether his friends had the upper hand or if the were losing pathetically. They could very well though, have been glowing from the feelings he had for the mutant beside him. For he felt just as strongly about that.

He looks at Mantis again. "We need to help them," He says. "They may be in trouble." Still tenderly grasping the mutant's hand, he rushes off into the fray, but, suprisingly, his friends are not there. The dragon and Slimian rider seem to be sparring with shadows, figments of their imagination, loopholes of reality. But they are not. They are indeed dueling Kinsey and Tim. The boy just cannot see it.

"Zach!" A shout comes from right next to him, no more than two feet away.

He whirls around in suprise. "Who is that, and where are you?"

"Standing right next to you, silly."

"Kinsey? I cant see you." The girl bends the strands of light yet again, now making Mantis and Zach invisible to the Slimians as well, and also makeing herself and Tim visible to the boy and mutant at her side.

*O.o* "Oooo, who is this?" She asks, eyeing Mantis. "Is she your giiiirl friend?" The beautiful human runs her hand through her wavy black hair and blinks tauntingly, her flirtish lips quivering, almost as if she is about to burst out laughing at the unlikely couple.

Zach instantly turns red with embarrasment, he really likes Mantis, but nothing is official as of yet.

"So i assume you are ok, and not hurt?"

Kinsey: "Me? Hurt? Are you kidding? You have known me for years, and have you ever once seen me lose a fight? No you havent." She answers her own question without waiting for a reply.

"Now are you going to stand there talking or are you gonna help me and this man?" She gestured to Tim, whom she had not yet been introduced to. "Who is he anyway? And who are you?" She asks Mantis.

His glowing eyes sort of creep her out, but she keeps a straight face as he turns away from her.

Zach: "Yes, right... back to the fighting."

Still hand in hand with the wind-mage-mutant, he points his free arm at the Slimian. He searches deep within himself for all of his fear, it is almost bubbling from a pot of emotions that are swirling from his head. Long black tendrills of fear slowly begin to slide out from his sleeve, twisting in and out of themselves, twirling around, forming a ball shape. A deep purple ball of fear known as the 'Dark Bomb'.

He tosses it into the air directly above his head, it leaves an eerie black vapor following it into the sky. When it reaches it's peak height, Zach is ready for his second spell. 'Anger Beam'. He now searches that same pot of emotions, for anger. Which is pletiful, because of all the strife and power struggles going on currently, and even partially from Kinsey's ever-so-slightly snotty attitude. This fills his free arm, giving it an eerie purple hue.He blasts this deep purple beam of anger into the sky, it collides with his Dark Bomb, a slight explosion takes place in the air above him, as the fear and the anger meld into one, forming a tiny, dense black ball of emotions known as 'Ultimate Dark Bomb'.

This was tiny, compared to the dark bomb's size, which ws about the size of a bowling ball. This, this powerfull dark spell ws only about the size of a golf ball, but with many times the power. This tightly packed little spell fell from the sky, caught by Zach with catlike reflexes. All of this, the making of the spells, the emotions, the throwing and catching, took place in less than a second. If you watched closely, you would see a very suble flinsh in Zach's arm, and one second it was empty, the next there was a black golfball crammed with emotions.

Still hand in hand with Mantis, never breaking a sweat, the mage hurled the spell at the Slimian, it exploded on the ground right below the dragon's feet. The dragon would not be harmed, but the Slimian would, unless his reflexes were like that of Zach's or faster.

The explosion of the spell was so intense that one would not be suprised if the people at the Dragonriders base felt the wind from it, and saw the fireworks that were sent into the sky from the force and exploding debris.

Kinsey quickly formed a wall of light between herself and the shrapnel, stopping the chunks of debris from hitting her.

All of a sudden, the air in front of Mantis seemed to grow cold very rapidly, and, suprisingly, a huge thick wall of solid ice formed between Mantis and Zach, and the flying debris. Zach and the girl on one side, chunks of earth, metal, wood, and the lie on the other side.

"Are you ok, Mantis? You arent hurt, are you?"

ooc: wow... that only took.. an hour. Shade, i though Shadow was Shade's father.

28th October 2004, 04:50 AM
Shade giggles. "No problem, Venus," She says. "And yes, I have noticed the attraction, too. It's great to see her be in love like that." She grins widely. She thinks about running off into the battle, but knows that her first duty is to save the draikes. She nearly screams as she sees Tim fall to the floor. "Venus," She says, quietly, yet urgently. "Can you tell me if Tim is still alive?"
The Slimian on top of the dragon falls straight to the ground, right and Mantis's feet. Mantis grabs the man by the neck, and, readjusting her stance slightly, slams the man to the ground, bending backwards to do so. A resounding CRRACK! is heard. She vibrates from Zach's spell and nearly loses her balance. "Yes, I'm fine," She says shakily, then turns to the Light Mage. "My name is Mantis." She says simply. "Friend of Zach, Shade, and company." She gives Zach's hand a slight squeeze and grins. "Now what?" She answers her own question, racing over to Tim and throwing him over her shoulder. She sighs, relieved that she can feel Tim's chest rising and falling. She takes Zach's hand again, smiling warmly at him all the while.
The dragon rushes back towards the camp. Shadow is right there and casts a will spell on the creature. The creature turns around and speeds back towards the battle 3x faster than it had come. "Excellent," Shadow says evilly. "You know, if it wasn't for that fool wizard who ressurrected me, I never would have gotten this chance. But now, now it is time to get even with my daughter."
The remaining four dragons close in on the forest. Then, they all stop, completely confused. Where is their intended quarry?! They begin to systematically search the area using their eyes, but yet, they see nothing. "Roar?!" One of them says in confusion.
As Tim nears the castle, he can see thousands upon thousands of troops, at least a dozen catapults, and there, in the middle of it all, is Shadow. Shadow has come outside upon seeing the black dragon come...but then sees it is not one of his. Shrugging his shoulders, Shadow senses every single negative emotion possible, so he shoots two huge energy balls filled with love, joy, and pure happiness.

The commander sees the dragon. "Attack!"

Hoardes of arrows come raining up on Tim as Shadow disappears back into the castle, next to the side of king Slogos. "What now?" Shadow asks. "We wait until they take out our defenses...if they can..." comes the response from the King. "But--"

"No buts, Shadow. I have to watch this."

28th October 2004, 07:14 PM
OoC: There's a twist :D.

IC: Dark Tim grinned, as the orbs neared him. Foolish humans, they knew nothing of the nature of emotions. They could be manipulated, changed, corrupted, like anything else. It was the nature of the second law of thermodynamics, things become more chaotic as time passes. Thus, the good emotions could be made to become chaotic, and evil. Tim's eyes flashed red, and at the same time, so did the orbs. Then the orbs flashed, and turned black. All the positive emotions in them had been turned into the darkest emotions known, their power intigrating into his body, strengthening him.

The arrows pinged off of Tim's scales. As they fell back to the earth, they erupted in black flames, scorching any whom they came into contact with. Tim opened his great mouth, and let loose a torrent of black fire, raining destruction down upon the enemy below.

OoC: Trying to be more scientific with my posts. Tell me what you think. If you don't know the second law of thermodynamics, read Stephen Hawking Theory of Everything, that explains it all.

28th October 2004, 07:24 PM
The men scream and begin a hearty retreat, headed for the castle, when Shadow appears. He puts up his hands and orders them to begin attacking again, this time shooting a phobia spell at Tim. But this spell is so powerful, that it seems real. The spell itself is homing, so it is almost a guaranteed hit.

If the spell did indeed hit uncorrupted, Tim would see the following:
Shadow raced across the battlefield, ignoring all the battalions of troops, all the fire, and running through the forest towards the Dragon Rider's camp. He seizes Shade from behind and puts a knife to her throat.
"Tim!" Shadow called out; he knows full well who this is, having heard of the draconic/human marriage around town. "Either you come back or Shade dies! You hear me?! Dies!" He disables Mantis and Mantidae, throwing them off into the forest.

28th October 2004, 07:37 PM
The Phobia spell did indeed hit uncorrupted, Dark Tim didn't even try to stop it. But there was barely anything sentient there to affect. Fools. Didn't they know that this stuff only made him stronger? Obviously not. Even if there was anything sentient there, it wouldn't care about Shade, or anyone else. His instinct was to attack. Attack, until either he or his enemy was dead. And when his eney was dead, he would attack everyone else, until he was the only living being on the planet. And that owuld include Zach, and Mantis . . . and Shade. So he did the thing he was born to do: attack.

He flew straight at Shadow. If he hit, the first weapon to hit would be his Dark DragonFire Breath. Then would come his teeth, and then his talons. First the ones on his forepaws, the the ones on his hindlegs. One thing was certain, he would kill Shadow if it was the last thing he did.

Paradise Wandering
28th October 2004, 07:40 PM
I think he is, but i cant really tell for sure... maybe if i could get closer... She hops from Shade's shoulder and slowely starts to waddle away toward the battle.

"My name is Kinsey Electra Slider, at your service." The beautful girl responds to Mantis's introduction. She gives a subtle bow and looks around. The dragon's attacks have stopped, now that Mantis has killed it's rider.

"Is there a way we can take that spell off of the dragon, now that it is riderless?" She inquires.

I dont like this, Zach started speaking mentally to Mantis. They cant see us, but, still, i dont have a good feeling...[i] He returns her squeeze playfully, and looks at her mask. [i]I wonder what she looks like, without the mask. I'd really like to see her face... He says this to himself, completely forgetting that due to his telepathic conversation with her, he still was mentally connected to her brain. Everything that went through his head, she could 'hear'.

28th October 2004, 07:53 PM
A flash of light, so bright that it would blind even the Legendary Jack Cyboro, the Harborer of the Light Medallion, the one with perfect eyes. The light began to burn at the skin of the enemy soilders, the light of the flames was dwarfed by the light, the light, was Angry. The light compacted before Shadow it began to morph into a form, the form of a man, with long hair and a strong built body, the man was tall, but his features were inarticulate. A voice then, echoed from the light, its voice holy and powerful, shaking the foundations of the entire planet with pure rage.

"SHADOW, LEAVE MY FRIENDS ALONE OR SUFFER THE TORRENT OF THE GUARDIANS!" the Mighty voice of Enziken, Mighty leader of the Guardian Gods and Guardian god of Light, Energy, Good and Evil, and Life. But, Enziken, Shades Adoptive Father, did not take his human form, but stayed in his pure energy form, his forboading form dwarfing the powers of all around him.

28th October 2004, 07:55 PM
Shade runs after Venus, grabbing her by the tail and pulling her close to the sorceress's body. "No!" She whispers urgently. "Sorry about grabbing you the way I did, but that was a stupid thing to do. You could have gotten yourself killed!"

Mantis blinks. "What do you mean, a bad feeling?" She stiffens a bit as Zach "mentions" her face. "I *sob* I wish I could show you...but if I take my mask off for too long, I will die..."

Mantidae takes Tim's body from Mantis and hops back to the headquarters, laying Tim in Shade's/his bed. "Snap out of it!"

28th October 2004, 08:01 PM
Tim growled, and turned away from Shadow. He didn't know why, but king Slogos was his target, not this pathetic human scum. He circled over the castle, looking for Slogos, meanwhile keeping an eye out for any attacks.

OoC: Yes, I know it's crap. But I have nothing else to really say till Shade posts.

28th October 2004, 08:02 PM
Shadow grins and disappears from sight, a simple teleportation spell that takes him far, far away. The foolish king wouldn't listen, eh? Well, then, he'd just have to sit back and watch the show from a long, long distance away, not even visible to Tim. He uses his spy spell and chuckles as the king cringes in horror.

The commander swears as the rain of fire pours down upon his troops. Then, he orders the catapults to fire. The catapults shoot huge cannonballs at the dragon.

The king is down to his bodyguards. Shadow orders the black dragons to come back and attack Tim from behind. Two of the five attempt to bite Tim's wings off, while the other two attempt to dig into his back. The remaining one stays tormenting Shade and company.

Next, Shadow also teleports Ezikiel to where he is. "Welcome, Ezikiel," He sneers. "I've heard all about you...I have come to claim what is rightfully mine...Shade."

The king's bodyguards open fire on the dragon while the king stands, rooted to the spot with fear...

28th October 2004, 08:10 PM
Dark Tim checked behind himself, and saw the four drgons coming in for an attack. He waited until just the right moment, then disappeared. Unless the four dragons had very good reflexes, they'd all become entangled and fall to the ground.

He reappeared inside the castle, in the main chamber, near the King With a roar, he let out a great blast of dark dragonfire. Then he flew up and over the king, and aimed low with his tail, to knock the king off of his feet, and back into his thone which he loved so much.

28th October 2004, 08:15 PM
The ethreal Ezikiel backs up, its form transfixed upon the evil man named Shadow. The Ethreal Ezikiel then growls, its body becoming more and more visible. Untill, the image of the man, Ezikiel Khaid Zhar. His eyes a crisp blue, his hair was pure flowing white as it flowed in the wind. His form tall, and his body garbed in a robe made of seemingly cloth gold. Ezikiel raised his right hand and allowed his Divine energy to flow out of his body to his hand. The cataclyzmic energies with absolutely no limit flowing quickly and painlessly to his hand.

He opened his mouth and the words echoed throughout alls minds.

"White Judgement." Ezikeils voice echoed as he unleashed a torrent of white energy toward him.

"And Shade is not your Property, she is My Daughter, she is a person, not a piece of PROPERTY!" He roared as he pushed even more energy out.

Paradise Wandering
28th October 2004, 08:32 PM
I just wanted to check on Tim. I am sorry.

I mean, i feel that somehow they know we are here, and are just not attacking so that we will let down our guard. And then... They attack.

He sees Mantis's mask grow tighter, and feels her heart rate quicken as he holds her hand. He soon realizes his actions, the consequenses of which he is seeing now in Mantis's apparent dislike to his last phrase.

You will what? Die? How is that possible? He cuts the mental bond so he can think. I have to find a way to help her remove it. I dont beleive she will die if it stays off for long. Soon after, the mage reopens the cerebral connection, allowing free conversation again. I am sorry. I didnt mean it like you think i did.

Obviously embarrassed, the boy turns away as his face grows cherry red, and, despite him hiding his face, he puts a hand on her back, slightly rubbing it. I am sorry about... what i said... Is there any way i can make it up to you?

28th October 2004, 08:43 PM
Shade blinks, hearing someone's voice in the distance. "Father?!" She exclaims softly to herself. "Is that you?!" Shade strokes Venus's back lovingly, and does the same with Jade, one draike on each of her shoulders. "It's okay, Venus," She says. "Just...try and think before you act next time."

Meanwhile, the commander retreats, but not before ordering the rest of his battalion to attack.

Mantis sighs as Zach rubs her back. She needs that; her back is always so stiff. "Yes, I will die if I remove it. Now, as for making it up to me, perhaps you would want to come to the tavern with only me after all this is said and done?..."

The troops near and Shade yells out: "Company!"

"Looks like you were right, Zach, my love."

Thousands of soldiers pour into the the forest, then stop, seeing...nothing...

Shadow laughs and puts up a dark barrier, but in doing so, loses the link to the dragons. He curses himself, then smiles. "This will be a day long remember, a day where I finally get my possession back!" With that, he shoots a massive dark beam at Ezikiel. "Two can play at that game. And if you aren't satisfied, perhaps my daughter could persuade you to give up..."

Meanwhile, the dragons continue to claw at dark Tim, recognizing him to be evil...

The one dragon turns and faces the battalion, shooting flames at it, killing some of the troops, but is obviosuly in need of some help.

"Zach?" Mantis asks outloud. "Do you have like a water barrier or something?"

29th October 2004, 02:18 PM
Ezikiel spins to deflect the strike, it reflecting off into the sky where it explodes violently in bright light. Ezikiel then clenches his fists. How dare he speak of Shade as a posession, she is a person, not a thing to own. This was not right.

"She is no ones possession, you are a foolhardy bastard who thinks not for anyone but his own well being, for the diobolical sins you have committed, I will not rest untill you . . . not die, that would be going easy on you. Utill I have you imprisioned for eternity in the Twisting Nether." Ezikiel growls so spitefuly that some of his holy energy begins to twist and stretch out to grasp hold of Shadow.

"Alpha Saber!" Ezikiel roars as his hands are filled with purifying light in the shape of a sword, he rushes forward, his blue eyes glowing as he swings left right and then a uppercut at this demon shade once called a father.

29th October 2004, 03:05 PM
Dark Tim once again dissipated into a black mist, and the attacks went right through him. Then he flew at the king. He made his jaws solid again, and grabbed the king by the waist. Then eh turned around, and started trying to find a way out of the castle. After a few minutes of searching, he found an exit. He flew out of the castle, the king whimpering all the time.

"P-please d-don't k-kill meee! I'll d-do anything you w-want! J-just don't kill meeeeeeee!"

29th October 2004, 04:56 PM
"She is no ones possession, you are a foolhardy bastard."
Shadow stares coldly at the man who has taken away his beloved possession. "I would not," He says icily. "Say such words...do it again, and so help me, I will bring Shade into this."

"Utill I have you imprisioned for eternity in the Twisting Nether."
"Sounds like fun." Shadow chides. As Ezkiel charges, Shadow does nothing until the last moment when he erects a shadow wall. The wall is impenetrable by those who use light magic, and can have deadly effects on the light mage who touches it. Of course, it could be undone by a more powerful light spell. While behind the Shadow Wall, Shadow makes a dark bow and arrow and readies it.

So long, Ezikiel, nice knowing you...

The king begins to cry. "No! I'll do anything! Just don't eat me!"

The dragons follow dark Tim again and prepare to maybe bite off his head. This dragon, to them, is evil and must be destroyed.

Meanwhile, Mantidae begins dabbing Tim's forehead with a relatively warm rag.

Paradise Wandering
29th October 2004, 09:21 PM
Now, as for making it up to me, perhaps you would want to come to the tavern with only me after all this is said and done?..."

"Yes, of course, any time."

"Looks like you were right...

"Soo not good!" He shouts as they flood out.

Zach, my love."

*:heh:* The boy's handsome face again turned red, that is, until the troops came close enough to slit his throat. But, they cant see him, thanks to Kinsey's spell, which is still in effect.

Do you have like a water barrier or something?

He turned to her, took her hand, and spoke softly. "Of course, Mantis. Now, what do you want me to do with it?"

Kinsey sat there rolling her eyes at the 'mushy' conversing between the mage and the mutant. "Cant you people ever fight? You always have to bring love into things." She said this sharply, she wasnt really what you would call the romantic type. Of course she, like any other girl who possesed such beauty as she did, would flirt whenever they had the chance, but she was not really a person who liked to sit around calling people things like 'darling' and 'my love'.

Time for some fun... She told herself. Her element was light, and her occupation was sorceress. So she did what light sorceresses did best: illusions.

She closed her eyes, and put her mind to creating the image of a large, fifty foot anaconda. This monstrous beast of a snake slithered out of the forest The draikes had recently fleed from with Kinsey. This snake snapped and clamped it's jaws angrily. And it's cold stare fell upon the small army below.

It recoiled it's head back, and dove at the battalion, striking suddenly. The girl's hope was to use this beast to scare the army temporarily, long enough for someone to conjure a spell that would do real damage.

One of Zach's spells is an ice flute for just such a time as this... If it doesnt mess the story up i can have him conjure and play it to make the dragon friendly toward the clan... i know it kinda already is, but if it is berserking then it will kill anyone in it's path, not just the Slimians.

30th October 2004, 09:32 AM
Dark Tim flew back to the main DragonRiders base, and dropped the king near the clan members. Then, it's eyes locked onto Shade. It made to attack her, but then something went wrong. It seemed to be held back by some invisible force. It let out a great roar, and began to dissipate into it's mist form. But instead of disappearing, the mist flowed back into a shell around Tim, tossing Mantidae several feet away from the shell. The shell became opaque, then solid. Several moments passed. Then, all of a sudden, the shell shattered. Dark Tim was gone, and inside was Tim, beginning to stir. He slowly began to it up, and moaned, putting a hand to his head.

"Oh, man. . . ." he mumbled. "That was not pleasent. . . ."

30th October 2004, 09:32 AM
"Well," Mantis says, smiling warmly as Zach takes her by the hand. "We need something to prevent those troops from getting to us. Maybe a water wall or something? Something that you can put up as we get ready to fight, then collapse on the enemy...if you follow me, that is..."

You always have to bring love into things.
Mantis blushes a little beneath her helmet. "Hehehe..." She giggles. "Your time will come, trust me."

The army, in the meantime, ducks and covers, waiting for the jaws of the beast to come down upon them.

"Idea!" Shade shouts. "How about Zach puts his water wall up, then Mantis puts her earth wall up. The earth wall and the water wall both collapse upon the troops?"

Mantis squeezes Zach's hand. "How about it, my love?"

Just then, the dragon comes to attack Shade. She screams in fright and faints.

In the meantime, Mantidae gets thrown against a wall. Getting up, she communicates to the newly-revived Tim. *Chuckle* Let me know when *chuckle* you're going to *chuckle* do that *chuckle* beforehand...anyway, your dark form just caused Shade to faint in the middle of the battle...

Paradise Wandering
30th October 2004, 12:34 PM
Hmm... Zach says to himself, earth and water... collapsing... makes a... mud slide! Yes! Thats it!

"I gotcha Shade. It sounds good to me."

The boy clutched Mantis's hand firmly, closed his eyes, and held out his free hand in front of him. The air around him began to swirl, but, not because he could control wind, no, that was Mantis's job. He was controlling the water vapor in the air, bending it to his will. The water vapor in the air all around him stopped, and moved as he pulled it with his mind to the space in front of him. He flattened it out, and condensed it, and finally, put it under much pressure. Effectively forming a wall of liquid water, much stronger than a brick wall.

Mantis. He said, reopening the mental link between them, Add your earth anytime. He winked at her.

Your time will come, trust me.

"What makes you so sure? You know nothing about me. I have never loved, and you dont know if i ever will."

She spoke with a sharp tone in her voice. Her attitude, was just slightly stuck up, for she was amazingly beautiful and she knew it all too well. She ordered her light serpent to attack again, and again.

Mantis, i have an idea... He looked kindly at her mask, still wondering, somewhere deep inside, what her eyes looked like. I think, maybe a hurricane can drive these Slimians away. If i could call a storm, and you could create a vortex with your wind control, that just may make a hurricane strong enough to take at least some of these guys out.

30th October 2004, 01:09 PM
""What makes you so sure? You know nothing about me. I have never loved, and you dont know if i ever will."
"Perhaps I could be wrong," Mantis says, winking at her beneath the mutant's helmet. "But I think you will...you seem like you will...I could make a 1,000,000 gold bet that you will fall in love, maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow, but at least within the next 20 years. And," She continues with something more than an amused undertone. "I have that gold to place a bet with."

She squeezes Zach's hand firmly and watches as the water wall forms. Then, she collects particles of dirt. These particles build un into a thick slab on the ground, then jut up to form a land edge. Mantis then makes a pushing motion in the air with her free hand, then the mudslide begins. The troops get washed back towards the castle and flinch more and more as the serpent continues to attack. But yet, they fearlessly begin yet another charge.

Thinking she has won, Mantis gives Zach a deep embrace, only to hear the subtle vibrations on the ground.

I think, maybe a hurricane can drive these Slimians away. If i could call a storm, and you could create a vortex with your wind control, that just may make a hurricane strong enough to take at least some of these guys out.

"Perfect!" Mantis thinks to Zach as she breaks away. "Let's try and push them all the way back to the castle and get them trapped in it! Then, all that has to happen is Tim torching the castle to the ground! What do you say, my love?"

30th October 2004, 01:35 PM
Tim moaned slightly, and stumbled over to Shade.

"Then, all that has to happen is Tim torching the castle to the ground!"

"Actually," he said, "I'd be more adept at just burying the whole thing several miles underground. But I digress." He put a hand on Shade's forehead, then took a cyndrilical device out of his pocket, just like the one he had given Zach to revive Shade earlier. He put one end to her neck, and gave the ther end a twist. This would revive her, hopefully. Unless something else was wrong.

30th October 2004, 01:46 PM
Shade's eyelids flutter, but she doesn't wake. Instead she shudders and begins shivering, cowering in fright as though trapped in some sort of nightmare. "D-don't ear me..." She mumbles in her "sleep." "T-tim...don't!" She shrieks.

Mantidae comes hopping out. "Erm," She communicates to Tim. "Yeah...umm...umm...you turned into/summoned this evil, dark dragon and it brought the human king back into the throne room and, and...then it turned on Shade...I think she's in shock..."

Mantis turns to Tim. "You can read my thoughts?" She asks. She is tempted to say, 'you can read my thoughts, too, then?' but then realizes that if Zach wants anyone to know about his skill, he would have told them himself by now. "Burying it actually seems better, now that I think about it...come on, Zach, get the storm going!"

30th October 2004, 01:56 PM
Ezikiel brushes the blast aside, but as he does a bead of the energy cuts his hand open, his hand begins to bleed, but not red blood, no normal color at all. Thick Silver ooze dribbles down his hand, the silver blood of gods. Ezikiel grows darkly as he blasts white energy behind him to boost forward, and then vanishes in mid air, leaving behind him a burst of supernovai light.

"Will, Trust, Courage!" The voice of hundreds of fallen holy knights begin to echo throughout the area.

"Hear those words. . .?" Came Ezikiels disembodied voice.

"Those are the words of the Holy men that fell before you, that I will ressurect to take you down!" Ezikiels voice echoes as bodies of the fallen holymen begin to rise from the earth.

30th October 2004, 03:40 PM
"Damn," muttered Tim. "I knew I shouldn't have done that."

"You can read my thoughts?"

"Yes," said Tim. "I tend to pick up any stray telepathic communication, it's an innate ability of dragons." He sighed, and reached inside his pocket for another hypospray. He pulled one out, examined it, and administered it to Shade. This would cause her to fall into a slow, dreamless sleep. He only administered a tiny bit, so she would wake up in a few minutes. He gestured to Mantidae.

"Take her into the base's infirmiry," he said. "Let her recover there."

30th October 2004, 03:54 PM
Mantidae "nods" and takes the cowering Shade inside, placing her lightly in a bed near a window. The mantis opens it. "There...fresh air should help..."

In the meantime, Mantis waits patiently for Zach to begin his storm while shaking a slight bit with worry for Shade. She sends several questions through Zach's mind with the speed equivalent to that of a machine gun.
"Is she going to be okay? What should I do? Will the storm hurt her? Will the hurricane hurt her? Can I actually do this?"

Jade flies after Shade, landing on her bed and begins to pace as though keeping guard over her. She signals telepathically to Venus. "Come on, Venus. Let's help Shade!"

Paradise Wandering
30th October 2004, 04:03 PM
Shade, Draco knows that Zach is a telepath. It's a long story that involves a quest to kill a dragon and Zach and Tim going to save it but pretending to be enemys etc. Really complicated, but somewhere through that quest Tim found out. :P


Still looking at Mantis's mask, the teenage master nodded subtly and turned away. He let go of her hand, and looked to the sky. His eyes slowly closed. "My friends, i sure hope you dont mind water because it's about to get pretty wet around here."

Black thunder clouds slowly rolled in. Several small streaks of lightning jumped accros the darkening sky.

Plop! The first drop of water, heralding the storm's awakening fell upon one of the Slimian's heads. He looked up at the sky as the droplet landing on his head with a loud plunk. Seeing the storm clouds sliding accros the endless expanse of sky an angry fown curled over his lips.

This one hated water for some reason. "Who did that?" He asked. He looked around nervously, seeing no one, but knowing that this was no natural storm. It was a perfect day, not a cloud in the sky, until these rolled in. He knew something magical was up, especially as the snake attacked over and over but did no damage to anyone.

Plunk! Another drop fell.

Plunk! And another. Soon, they were not just falling one at a time, but in heavy sheets of cold water. The thing about light magic, was it could make you see illusions, or see whatever the caster wants. But, it could not make you smell things. It had no power over the sense of smell, and a human scnet hung heavilty in the air from all the humans present.

It sniffed around, following the smell of the humans, stopping right in front of Zach. Smelling his face, looking stright at him, though he could not see him. Going just by smell, he raised his masamune over his head, and, as luck would have it, just as he was about to bring it down, (which would have killed Zach) the sword acted as a lighting rod for Zach's storm. The Slimian was struck down by a huge bolt of electricity from Zach's storm clouds, and was killed.

Mantis, bring on the wind.

"Maybe i will, and maybe i wont. It's not up to you to decide." Kinsey walked off, away from Mantis, maybe slightly jealous of her getting Zach, or, maybe it was just her stuck up attitude. We may never know.

Zach recieves the mental panic from Mantis. Dont worry, she will be just fine. He spoke comfortingly, hoping it would help to ease Mantis's questions.

As the storm began, several drops fell in through the open window, landing with a plop on Shade's cheek. The water was cool, but not like ice. It would actually be a pleasent way to be revived, if it did revive the girl.

Sure.[/u] Venus flys over to Shade and Jade. [i]I'll do anything i can. Where do i start?

30th October 2004, 04:19 PM
"Well," Jade begins. "When she wakes up...we want to give her loving licks on the face and nuzzle her face. We need to show her lots of love to get her feeling right again. Also, it might be a good idea to get her a glass of water..." The rain begins. "On second thought, the rain should do it for us...we also need to be really quiet, too. I just don't want to have her wake up to a lot of noise...she's like my mother, you know..."

Mantis turns back towards Kinsey. "No...look, I didn't mean it like that...come back!" She slaps herself in the helmet and a low, metallic sound echoes throughout. Then, the rain started. After the draikes flew away, Mantis summons her immense wind power. Before she does so, she communicates to Tim. "You might want to go inside...can you keep an eye on Shade for me?" With that, she focuses solely on nature and the subtle breezes blowing throughout the area. She focuses, but this time, she sends the wind into a pocket, which gets bigger and bigger. Soon, a hurricane has indeed formed. The logistics that make the hurricane (warm and cold air), Mantis doesn't know; all she knows is that this is the first time she has ever done something like this. She turns to Zach and gives him a huge hug. "IT'S WORKING!"

Meanwhile, Shade sighs as she lapses into non-dream land. She slowly begins to awake, her eyes opening very slowly. Before long, she feels a wetness on her face and begins to giggle. Her eyes focus and she sees Jade, licking her face like there's no tomorrow. Shade hugs the draike close to her. "My baby, my beautiful baby draike!" She giggles some more, and before long she is wide awake. Jade still continues to lick her face and sends a mental "motion" for Venus to join in.

30th October 2004, 04:29 PM
Tim nodded to Mantis, and snuck into the main base. Using telepathy, he kept an eye on Shade, but he didn't go to her. No, that would probably be a bad idea. After all, he had just tried to eat her. Granted, it hadn't really been 'him', but still. . . . He strted humming a tune to himself.

"Little flame mouths, la de da . . . la de da dum, dum de dum. . . ." He hummed it under his breath, so Shade woldn't hear him.

30th October 2004, 04:55 PM
Mantidae hops over to the window and shuts it so that Shade doesn't get any more soaked than she already is. Then, she hops over to Shade. "Your husband might be--" She begins.

"I--I know." She shudders at the memory, then sighs contentedly as Jade nuzzles her. "I know he might be worried about me...and I know that the dragon wasn't exactly him, but...I just don't want to see him yet...I'm not ready and I'm afraid of what my reaction would be..."

Mantis continues to guide the vortex while keeping in constant telepathic communication with both Zach and Tim. "Tim...is Shade...okay?...I wouldn't recommend going near her...yet...though..."

30th October 2004, 04:59 PM
Tim stopped his humming as Mantis spoke to him.

"The same thought had occured to me." he said. "Yes, she's fine. The sleeping potion worked perfectly, and she's awake now. How are thing's going out there?" Then he grinned. "How's the weather?"

30th October 2004, 05:17 PM
Mantis looks down at her jumpsuit it has turned a dark green by now, and looks a little shiny. "The weather is...wet." She says simply, then grins.

The troops begin to see the hurricane and slowly begin to back away.

"This is going to take quite some time...I hope you don't mind being cooped up like this..."
Shade shakes his body, removing the water from it. A sadistic grin appears on his face. "I wouldn't do that." He says coldly and snaps his fingers.

Shade disappears in a poof of smoke. Mantidae gasps. Jade roars with grief. Then, she does something she has never done before: she begins to cry. She flies over to where Tim is. "Tim! *sob* *lick face* It's Shade! She's...gone! *sob* *sob* Venus! Come here! *sob*"

Shade reappears by Shadow. Her eyes grow wide and she begins to shake. "S-shadow?"

Shadow nods and growls, going over to Shade and smacking her. The sorceress begins to cry. Clearly, the bond, whatever little of it there may be, is still there. Ropes made of shadows begin to appear around Shade's ankles, rooting her to the spot. Shadow laughs maniacally. "Now, I have the ball in my park. Do NOT summon those warriors, or I will kill Shade."

OOC: Draco, DO NOT have TIM interfere...this is a father-father thing ONLY! Sorry, but I need to get Vince involved a little bit more ;)

30th October 2004, 07:05 PM
Tim stiffened as Shade disappeared. He was still telepathically linked with her, s he knew everything that was going on. Then Jade flew towards him. He stroked her neck.

"I know," he said. "But there's nothing I can do. She'd be dead before I could get a shot off if I interfered." Then he spoke to Shade, there in her mind.

"Shade, I'm here. I can't interfere, you'd be dead before I could do anything. Hang in there, I'm sure Ezikiel will get you out of this. Truth be told, he's a much better fighter then I am."

30th October 2004, 07:17 PM
Jade buries her head in Tim's shoulder and breaks all telepathic communications but hers with Tim. "Is she still alive? *sob*"

Shade continues to cry.

"That's FATHER to you, young lady!" Shadow snarls.

Hearing Tim's telepathic communication, she decides to keep the brain wave open; she is not telepathic, but by keeping it open, she could send all of her thoughts to Tim and Tim alone.

My father...back?! But...but I killed him with my own hands! And he hit me! Owch...that hurt...*sob*...my only hope lies in my TRUE father, Ezikiel, but yet I still feel somehow obligated to my other father....but I loathe him! So confused...it will take a long time for me to get over this...why does everything always go wrong for me?! Tim...I must survive for Tim's sake...and mine...but Tim has given me something to live for!...I never, ever want to throw that away! And here I am, a pathetic mess! *sob*

OOC: Everything that Shade thinks Tim will hear, in other words.

Paradise Wandering
30th October 2004, 08:23 PM
Venus! Come here! *sob*

Venus slowely moved over, she was glad to be around these people, but was hesistent to get too close because she was a new addition to this 'family' and didnt want to interfere with Draco and Jade.

Suddenly and unexpectedly, after the formation of the hurricane, Mantis hugged Zach. This was not an ordinary hug, but, the mutant's strenth was much more than she knew, and, upon the superhuman squeeze, Zach let out a slight yelp from lack of air.

"Please...l-let...me...bre-breath!" He choked out. "Y-you...are stronger...th-than...you know!"

He gasped for air, Nothing personal, but can you please squeez just a little less hard next time? (lol)

30th October 2004, 09:17 PM
Jade continues to sob, extremely upset. She still tries to get Venus to come over. "Do you think she'll be okay? Where is she, anyway? Who took her?" She then lets out a soft, grievous roar, then goes back to sobbing.
Mantis gasps and lets Zach go. If anyone was to see beneath her helmet now, they would see a very, very embarassed expression upon her face. She blushes and gives Zach a pat on the shoulder. Instead of hugging him, this time, she places her hand upon his shoulder and nuzzles her cold metal helmet against his cheek. "That better?" She asks in an embarassed tone of voice.

Paradise Wandering
30th October 2004, 09:24 PM
As the mutant let the mage go, he gasped for air. When he had caught his breath, he looked up just in time to see a large green mask moving toward his face. A cold shiver, the shiver he normally dealt with only while casting dark spells that had to do with grief; rolled down his spine when Mantis nuzzled him.

*Shivers* "Yes, much better, thank you. I really have othing against you at all. I like you ALOT. But you are mych stronger than you know you are. It looks like the huricane is driving them away. Any more ideas to finish them?"

30th October 2004, 10:20 PM
The men continue to retrait, heading right for the castle. Unfortunately, they are moving quite slow. Mantis giggles. "Perhaps you could do something to...speed them up?" She nuzzles Zach again before noticing his shivering. As a result Mantis looks down at the ground. "Is my helmet too cold for you?" In the meantime, she contacts Tim. "Tim, is Shade okay?" She has no clue as to the kidnapping.

Paradise Wandering
31st October 2004, 04:49 AM
"You want speed? Let me show you just how fast i can make them go." He said with a slight laugh. He possesed a certain dark spell, a spell that when cast, would create a cloud that, if breathed in, would instil utter terror on the vicim.

The boy closed his eyes and sarched for the fear deep inside him. He held out his hands in front of him, and long black tendrils of smoke, that was fear in it's true form slid out of his sleeves. These tendrils twisted, and twined around each other, in and out, forming a thickcloud of fear gas. He recoiled his hands and pushed them out again in a pushing motion, the cloud burst forward toward the Slimian army.

It got there, it surrounded them. It cut off the air supply inside it, foricing them to breathe no longer oxygen, but itself. Upon the instant the breathed it in, the uttmost horror ws instilled on them, causing them to scream like little girls and run awaay to safety.

"Kinsey!" He shouted, "Get back here!"

When the girl reappeared, he requested that she make him visible again. When she did this, Zach strode calmly over to his cloud, and stepped inside.

Then one word rang accross the entire battlefeild. One word audible to every ear between where they were, and Lin'Hou:


Muffled screams of terror were heard from the Slimians behind the veil of fear, as they swore and cursed at Zach, but, nonetheless, they kept running, faster and faster until most were out of sight.

"Is that what you had in mind?" The boy looked lovingly at Mantis

31st October 2004, 08:53 AM
Tim sat down in a chair, and took Jade off his shoulder. He put her on his lap, and put a comforting hand on her wing.

"She's okay," he said to both Jade and Mantis. "But Mantis, you're not going to believe this, but Shade's been kidnapped again. And you'll never believe who kidnapped her this time. Shadow. He's back." Tim continued to stroke Jade, hoping to calm her.

"She'll be fine," he said aloud. Ezikiel will save her. He's on the scene now." At that moment, Io flew into the cave and perched on Tim's other knee, and licked Jade on the muzzle.

"Cheer up," he said. "There are few beings more powerful then Ezikiel."

31st October 2004, 12:12 PM
"As you wish. . ." Ezikiel growled as he lowered his hand, the cries of the men dieing down. Ezikel, then, behind his back, began to conduct the hand motions for a new spell, one that with hopes, would at least scare Shadow away from them for a long time. Ezikiel stepped forward and raised his left hand, and his body grew slightly, the air about him began to radiate with powerful holy energy, a burst of protective light exploded from his hand and surrounded Shade, the indestructable and inpenetrable barrier protecting his daughter from the Derganged man.

"Keep Shade out of this, its just you . . . and me . ." Ezikiel growled and continued the hand motions behind his back, preparing further for the spell.

31st October 2004, 02:09 PM
The men retreat into the castle, shutting the doors tightly. Mantis grins at Zach and nuzzles him again. "Yes, my love," She says outloud. "That is exactly what I had in mind."

She gets news of Shade from Tim. "What?! Shadow?! But he's...dead...isn't he?! One thing I know for sure: you will need to be there once Shadow has been killed or once he has vanished or something; the two of us need to be there, Tim, we have to...and Shade's real father, the one who actually loves her, too..."

Jade continues to sob. "Shadow?! But...but...he's dead, isn't he?!" Then Io licks her on the nuzzle and slowly yet surely, she begins to calm down. She returns the deed to Io. "When this is over, Io, Venus, and I will have to show Shade all the love and affection we possibly can..."

Meanwhile, Shade begins to shake and begins to wail openly now. Kidnapped! Again! Her face stings so badly from her father, Shadow, but yet she can't do anything as she is rooted to the spot in fear. "Tim?"! She tries desperately to reach him, not knowing if she is succeeding. "If you can hear me, please answer..." Naturally, Shade can communicate with Tim; she has the ability to telepathically communicate, but only at short periods of time and only with her husband; this is the limited benefit being merged with that serpent has.

Shadow sneers and prepares his phobia spell behind his back. When it is ready, he extends his arms and fires it at Ezikiel. Fortunately, Shade sees it being formed and is able to shout: "FATHER!!!!!! LOOK OUT!!!!" before Shadow fires it. The wizard now attemps to slap Shade again, but Ezikiel's spell, he finds out, is inpenetrateable.

31st October 2004, 02:16 PM
OOC: Note, I am using Ezikiel as a NPC

Ezikiels pale eyes narrow, his body blurrs as he steps to the side in 1/1000th of a second, he then mutters something under his breath, the light energy flowing through his body, he extends his hand and says a word of power, his body glowing brightly and his energy increasing rapidly. The beam that erupts from his palm is a blast of pure energy, it eats away at the air about it with such force that it would kill any normal man, but Ezikiel knew that this would only terrify Shadow, and not kill him.

"Leave this place, and never return."

31st October 2004, 02:25 PM
"People can return from the dead, Mantis. I have done it before. And you must also realize that Shade can hear everything you're saying, as well as she can hear what I'm saying now."

"Tim?! If you can hear me, please answer..."

Tim cocked his head, listening.

"I can hear you fine, Shade. Don't worry, I'm here, in the back of your mind, watching. And from my PoV, Ezikiel is doing a good job. I'll be there as soon as Shadow is dead. As I said, I can't do anything without putting your life at risk. Jade, Mantis and Io are very concerned for you as well."

After a few moments, he slowly nodded, his mind made up. This was his clan, and by all the great dragon gods, he was going to lead it. He picked up the two draikes, one in each arm, and put them on his shoulders. Then he marched out of the base.

"Zach, Mantis, there will be plenty of time for that later. It would appear Shadow is the one responsible for the spell controling the dragons. Furthermore, it would appear the spell controling the dragons has been broken, due to the caster's being in combat with Ezikiel. Zach, I want you to find out if this is true. Mantis, you're on special assignment with me. Mantidae, how far away is your mantis army?"

31st October 2004, 05:14 PM
"I can hear you fine, Shade. Don't worry, I'm here, in the back of your mind, watching. And from my PoV, Ezikiel is doing a good job. I'll be there as soon as Shadow is dead. As I said, I can't do anything without putting your life at risk. Jade, Mantis and Io are very concerned for you as well."

"I don't want Shadow to die...he's my original father...."

Everyone blinks. Mantis inclines her head. "Huh? Assignment for what?! And if you don't mind, can Zach come along? I know you told him otherwise, but please?" She takes hold of Zach's hand, a subtle clue as to what is going on between the two.

Mantidae ponders this for a moment, then nods. "They are about 5 minutes from here; say the word and I shall call them..."

Shadow's eyes widen. What in the world can that possibly--
His words are cut off as the beam hits him. Unbeknownst to Ezikiel, light has a special effect on him. Shadow gasps his eyes going wide, suddenly seeing 5,000 Ezikiels. "We'll finish this some other time." With that, he vanishes, the spell he had put on Shade vanishing. Shadow is gone, but Shade knows he'll be back. Shade breaks down in absolute tears, shuddering and sobbing wildly.
Jade licks Tim's face, but is still extremely, extremely upset. "Is Shadow gone now?"

31st October 2004, 05:18 PM
Ezikiel waves his hand quickly and the shield spell disperses, he rushes over and drops to the ground, embracing his young daughter deeply. His hand caresses her head as he patts her back.

"Its ok . . . Its ok now . . . Just let it all out . . ." Ezikiel whispers into her ear, calmly and humming the sweet tune that he once played on his light flute for her to calm her down.

31st October 2004, 05:22 PM
Shade continues to cry, wailing at the top of her lungs, burying her head in her REAL father's shoulder. "And..." She says between sobs. "And...to think that...that I killed him so many years ago..." Grief racks her brain, and not knowing what else to do, she continues to cry, and cry hard and at the top of her lungs. "If...if...it...hadn't been for that demon...I might actually have lived in happiness with him...but I guess...I guess it's better this way..."

31st October 2004, 05:47 PM
Ezikiel hugs her tightly, the sound of footsteps is heard and he turns, hands burning with white light.

"AAAH! Im sorry! ouch!" The voice of Zen calls out as he rubs his head, his Draike following behind him.

"I found Zen under a pile of boulders, he just cant keep himself out of trouble." Tiron grumbles.

"Uggg. . . Did we miss anything? Whats wrong with Shade?" Zen groans as he rubs his head.

"Were fine, give me a moment with Shade and Ill look at those wounds." Ezikiel says, and looks back at Shade.

"It will be all right. . ."

31st October 2004, 06:00 PM
Shade continues sobbing, looking up at the draikes with watery eyes. "I...I...met my....original...father..." She sobs. "And he...he...he...tried to...to...to...to kidnap me..."

The memories are too much for Shade, the memories of Shadow and the memories of her killing him, the memories of her mother dying, the memories of her painful childhood. Unable to stand it any longer, she lets out a monsterous wail, holding on tight to her real father, the father who loves and cares about her.

Paradise Wandering
31st October 2004, 08:13 PM
"Yes, Tim, please can i go with Mantis?" He grips her hand a little tighter as he asks this. "I would be forever indebted to you." Another of Zach's unique gifts was total control over his eyes. Anyone could move their eyes around to see, but Zach could utterly and completly manipulate his eyes in any way he wanted. He used this gift right now to give the famous 'puppy dog eyes' where his eyes grew big and quivered. It was a very cunny sight, to see this coming from one who had normally very powerfull, exited eyes, but, it was happening.

Please? He telepathically asked.

"Yes." Said Kinsey, walking back. "Let the two loooovebirds be together. I will take Zachs task." She started, but soon realized that she was yet to introduce herself to Tim.

"I," She began, "Am Kinsey Electra Slider, Sorceress of the Light arts. At your service." She habitually ran her slender hand through her long, wavy dark hair, as her big brown eyes blinked flirtingly at Tim.

31st October 2004, 08:22 PM
Mantis shakes her head and gets annoyed. Her temper flares up a lot. "Excuse me," She says. "But Tim and Shade are happily married. Please don't try to interfere in their relationship." She gives a disgusted grunt. "Speaking of which..."
"Shade, can you hear me?"

Shade blinks and responds, finally believing in Mantis's telepathic powers. "yes, I can hear you *sob* my father...Shadow...he hit me!...*sob* Promise me you and Tim will come as soon as you can!"

Mantis nods. "I promise."

Paradise Wandering
31st October 2004, 08:59 PM
"Married? I am sorr--" She say at first. "I did not know." She finishes, humbled by her conceince stabbing at her for flirting. "Tell me, who are you?"

Uh, yah, Kinsey. He is married. Kind of a bad move you made there. He telepathically mocked her.

"AAH!" She shouted loudly. This girl, though she had known him for over a year now, had no idea as to Zach's telepathy talents. The sudden voices in her head definately scared her. "What just happened?"

Zach had not closed the mental bond with Mantis yet, so she had heard all of what he said. He knew she would think it funny, and he just decided to let her explain it to the girl, while he collapsed to the floor laughing.

31st October 2004, 09:04 PM
"My name," The mutant says. "Is Mantis. I am friend of Shade, more like a surrogate mother, and thus a close friend of Tim's. i am sorry for snapping at you." She looks at the floor. Then the telepathic episode takes place.

Mantis tries hard to withstrain her laughter, but ultimately fails and breaks out in huge laughter, doubling up. "I'm sorry..." She says between laughs. "Zach is a...a telepath...*guffaw*...you heard his voice in your head..."

1st November 2004, 10:40 AM
Tim had been distracted, lost in his own thoughts about what was happening (OoC: I was asleep). He snapped out of his reverie, and nodded to the others.

"Right, Zach, you will come along with Mantis and me. Kinsey, pleasure to meet you, you will take on Zach's job. Mantidae, summon your army, and have them invade the Slimian main base. Mantis, Zach, Io, Jade, Venus, over here if you please! Everyone else, stand at least ten feet away from me."

1st November 2004, 10:52 AM
Mantidae lets out a series of high-pitched squeals. Soon, an entire army of mantises come racing towards the group, stopping around Mantidae.
"Okay, troops, we're going to need to split into squads...you 10 form on, now the other 10" and so on until 10 squads are formed. "Squad A, you will be leading the rest. First, we need to go covert." She points to a mantis in the rear. "You! Go ahead and scout the place out." The mantis nods and begins to hop away towards the castle. "Now, we wait until we find out what sort of defenses this place has...besides the obvious troops cowering in fright.

Mantis brushes her suit off. "Um," She says. "Can Zach stop the storm first? I'm getting kinda wet..." Jade and company come over, but Jade lands on Tim's shoulder, nuzzling his face, as though completely oblivious as to what is going on. "Tim, what about Shade? Shouldn't we go and comfort her? I think Shadow is gone now..."

Mantis cocks her head in a confused, if not comical, gesture. "What are we going to do?" She asks. "And what are we going to do with the king, whom you brought back?"

Paradise Wandering
1st November 2004, 11:22 AM
"Humph!" The girl sneered. SHe didnt think it was funny, she thought that the two were picking on her; though they were not. "It isnt nice to catch someone off guard like that." She poked her small nose into the air, and walked off until she was ten feet from Tim.

Wha? Oh. Ok Tim, i'm coming. Came the small telepathic voice of Venus in Tim's head. She flapped up, flying slowly onto his shoulder. I'll do anything to help get Shade back. Tell me, what can i do to help you guys?

Zach hopped up from the ground, wiping tears of laughter from his ominous blue eyes. He looked up to the eye of the storm he had cause, nodded at it, and, as if it was commanded by some omnipotent deity, instantly subsided

The teenage master strode up to Tim. Mantis, are you sure taht you are up for this?

1st November 2004, 01:17 PM
Mantis nods. "I trust Tim that he knows what he's doing." She begins to check herself over for a few moments, feeling her heart race for the first time in what seems like ages. Is she ready? She takes a deep breath and is relaxed. But is she ready? "I am ready."

1st November 2004, 06:34 PM
"Mantis, Shade is our current destination. As for the king, I was going to attempt to find out how to free the dragons from Shadow's spell, but that would appear to be unneeded right now. But he is a valuable source of information, so I will 'ask' him what the rest of his species is up to. But I digress. Everyone ready?"

Io flew up onto the top of his head.

"Ready," he said. "Tim, what are you going to do?"

Tim grinned. "You'll see."

1st November 2004, 07:23 PM
Mantis nods, perhaps a bit too eagerly. Poor Shade, is all Mantis can think of, why did she always have to get kidnapped? She wonders what she can do to comfort the sorceress, but the mutant figures it would be best if Tim tries first. Jade licks Mantis's helmet, and then shudders from the cold. Mantis chuckles softly.

Paradise Wandering
1st November 2004, 10:06 PM
"Where exactly is she?" Zach asked Tim. "I am insure as to waht exactly happened over the last few minutes. One minute, Mantidae was carrying Shade inside, and the next, we are all trying to save her."

He made sure that everyone who was staying was more than ten feet from Tim, and redied himself for what was to come.

2nd November 2004, 07:52 AM
Tim didn't answer. He was too busy focusing on the earth below him. He was working magic, trandforming the earth; several beads of sweat rolled down his cheeks from the effort. After a moment, he sighed, and relaxed. Suddenly, A yellow square appeared around the small group, ten feet form corner to corner. Then, the square of earth dropped down, like an elevator, into an odd underground tunnel. The tunnel was just wind enough to accomodate the square of earth, and there were gears on each side of said tunnel. At that moment, seats rose out of the platform. Tim sat down in the frontmost one.

"Sit down," he said. "It's going to be a bumpy ride."

2nd November 2004, 11:56 AM
Mantis smiles and sits down one row behind Tim, gesturing for Zach to sit next to her. Jade comes over and lands on her shoulder, but not before licking Tim's face a few times. "Okay," She says. "Come on, Zach!"

Paradise Wandering
2nd November 2004, 12:04 PM
Zach runs up next to Mantis and slides into his seat. I'm glad you are going. He said to her. I just hope Shade and Ezekiel are ok.

Venus flys up behind Jade, stopping to give everyone going along a few loving licks, and plops down near Jade on Mantis's other shoulder.

2nd November 2004, 12:25 PM
"So do I." She smiles lovingly at Zach beneath her mask and drapes an arm around his neck. "I really, really do..."

She grins as Venus lands on her shoulder. "She seems to really, really like me"
Shade continues to cry into her father's shoulder, the stinging from when she was slapped still fresh on her cheek. Even though she utterly despises her father, there is still a little, yet very significant, bond between the two. "All I want," She whispers through tears. "Is to break the bond between my father and me."

2nd November 2004, 01:11 PM
Tim smiled, as Io settled down on his shoulder. At that moment, several straps made of long, thick vines appear on the chairs, strapping everyone in, Tim included. At that moment, the gears on the sides of the tunnel began to spin really, really fast, the ones on the left of the tunnel spinning counter-clockwise, the ones on the right spinning clockwise. The platform shot off down the tunnel at extreme speed, around three miles per second (360 MPH).

"Please do not be shocked," shouted Tim, over the wind. He was keeping a tight grip on Io, who was now in his lap. "The decelleration will be much slower."

2nd November 2004, 02:19 PM
Bread, who had for some reason or another dissapeared when the dragon hunters came along, just barley managed to jump into a seat before vines strapped him in place, restricting his movment, rendering him incapable of going back up for Typhon. The sudden acceleration of the strange vehicle had knocked the wind out of Bread, and as he sat there gasping for breath, he attempted to shout to Tim.

"Tim, how can we get Typhon, and why am I coming? I still advise against this!"

2nd November 2004, 02:28 PM
"Bread!" exclaimed Tim. "How did you get here? Listen, I need you to go back and aid the others in the invasion. Can you do that? I can quickly teleport you back, unless you have your own method of travel."

2nd November 2004, 03:09 PM
As the car starts to move, Mantis feels a lurch in her stomach. The car begins to gather speed, and soon she feels as though she is flying. The sensation scares Mantis greatly. She begins to panic and shake, eventually grabbing on tight to Zach's hand, but making sure not to grip it so as to break Zach's relatively delicate hand. The mutant swallows hard and begins to pale beneath her helmet...

2nd November 2004, 03:23 PM
Bread had regained his breath by the time Tim spoke up, but he remained as confused as ever. For a few minutes, he forgot where he was, and struggled to remember, which didn't work. After a few seconds, he gave up, just barley realizing that Tim had said "invasion". Music to my ears...

"Yea Tim, can you teleport me wherever it is I need to go?"

2nd November 2004, 08:05 PM
Tim nodded.

"I will do so now." Without turning to look, he raised his hands. They glowed for a moment, then the glow enveloped Bread, who then disappeared in a flash of light, and would reappear where he had entered. After a moment, Tim looked up.

"We should be almost there now," he said. "In fact . . . yes!"

The platform slowly stopped, then rocketed skyward. Outside, Shade and Ezikiel would see a square of earth, about ten feet away from them, glow for a moment, then disappear. Then the platform took it's place, revealing Tim, Zach, Mantis, and the draikes. Io flew out of Tim's lap and over to Shade, while the vine-straps disappeared. Tim rose, and rushed over to Shade.

"Are you alright?" he asked.

2nd November 2004, 08:50 PM
Mantis gets out and uses one hand to steady herself while using the other to support herself on Zach's shoulder. Her legs wobble and several times she nearly falls down. The ride seems to have had a great impact of the negative variety on her.

Shade runs over to Tim and shakes her head at his question. "My father..." She says between sobs, embracing Tim and crying into his shoulder. "He...hit me...Shadow, that is...it hurts a lot." Shade seems to be acting as though she is a kid; the appearance of Shadow seems to have triggered something in her mind.

"Come on Venus!" Jade "shouts" as she flies through the air and onto Shade's shoulder, licking the sorceress's face several times, then wincing a little as the draike tastes the salty tears. She nuzzles Shade affectionately, but the woman in the white dress continues to cry loudly.

Paradise Wandering
2nd November 2004, 09:20 PM
Right behind you! The draike flys onto Shade's opposite shoulder and gently nuzzling her tear-soaked face. Shade, it's ok, you are among people who care for you and would give their lives for you. We all would. She gave a strange, animated reptilian smile and continued to nuzzle her.

"Whoa, easy there, Mantis. What happened? Can you walk?" Oh, i hope she is ok, i really hope nothing will come of this unsteadyness and it is only temporary. This relationship is just starting and i really want to keep it giong.

What he doesnt know, is that cutting his telepathic connection with Mantis is something that slipped his mind, and he said that without thinking that she could hear it. He hopped from his seat and to Mantis's side. He pulled her arm over his shoulder so he could support her weight and use him as makeshift crutch.

Oh, please let her be alright! Please! Mantis has heard everything that has gone through his head, because their connection is still open, and thoughts between them are flowing freely, but the mage did not know this.

"Mantis," He took her arm carefully, supporting her whole weight. "Can you stand up? What can i do to help you?"

2nd November 2004, 09:34 PM
Shade nods and a small smile appears on her face, quickly replaced by the unhappy look as she begins to wind down a little, the sobs subsiding into small shudders, even though tears are still going down her face. She pets both the draikes and then returns to her embrace.

Mantis takes the crutch greatfully. "Don't worry," She says. "The ride...well, let's just say I don't want to that again any time soon. And yes, this relationship is beautiful, isn't it?" She takes a few unsteady steps, then stops, her legs still wobbling. "Geez...did he have to make the ride go that fast?" She puts most of her weight on Zach, but makes sure not to crush him with it.

"And yes, my love, I think I'll be fine *grin*"

3rd November 2004, 07:03 AM
Io flew over, and landed on Tim's shoulder. He studied Shade's face, then started licking it, regardless of the tears. After this, he knew, he would be wanting a lot of water, but that was okay.


Tim embraced Shade as he studied the area where Shadow had hit her.

"I think you'll be fine," he said. "Nevertheless, I've got some stuff to put on that back at the base."

3rd November 2004, 09:16 AM
Shade forces a sad smile as she continues to hug Tim. As she does so, her shudders gradually become less and less frequent, finally dissipating. Though tears are still flowing down her face, she giggles a little as Io licks her face. Then, she laughs even harder as Jade joins in. "Thank you," She says, her adult voice returning. "I needed that...I needed YOU." What she says is absolutely true. Truth be told, even though her father helps a lot, Tim is really the one who can drown her worries away. Ezikiel can too, but it takes just a little longer than Tim does.

3rd November 2004, 02:52 PM
Tim coughed slightly a few times.

"Well . . . I hate to cut this short, but I believe we have a war to get back to. I have a king to question, and I'm sure the others will be wanting to know you're okay. So, shall e get back to the main base?"

3rd November 2004, 04:30 PM
Shade smiles a little, still depressed. Her own father...hating him or not...smacking her...the memory is unthinkable. But, a lick from Jade and Shade is giggling again; things seem to be back to normal. She takes Tim by the hand. "Yes," She says. "Let's go."

(OOC: I'm going to RP the king for this interrogation...gives me a challenge ;))

3rd November 2004, 04:48 PM
"Right," said Tim. He stepped back onto the platform, and the chairs disappeared. They reappeared, with two extra, facing the other way. He sat down in the front-left seat. The vines appeared, and strapped him in. He turned to Ezikiel.

"Ezikiel," he said. "Good to see you again. Would you like to come along? And Mantis, don't worry, I'll go slower this time."

OoC: If he does come along, the chairs are in rows of three. If not, they're in rows of two.

Yay!, 179th reply!!

3rd November 2004, 08:43 PM
Mantis hobbles back to the seats, her legs feeling like jello as she moves, eventually sitting down, but dragging Zach with her. She lovingly drapes her arm around his shoulders, the vines strapping the two in.

"Father?" She calls out to Ezikiel; not even thinking about Shadow, she waits patiently for him to come. "We will need your help!" She beams a great smile, the first in hours.

Paradise Wandering
3rd November 2004, 09:28 PM
Whoa. What happened? Was the forst thought entering Zach's mind as he is dragged into a seat and strapped in. But then, as Mantis's arm falls around him, the feeling of suprise is pushed away by a strange feeling of pleasure.

Now at this time it was coming to the late afternoon, and the sun had just began to sink in the sky. It gave a really strange effect to Zach's look, as his eyes caught the light, giving a funny sparkle to his already jubilant and energetic eyes. But his eyes were not the only thing reflecting the dyeing light, his brown hair caught it as well, showing flecks of golden-blond.

"You know, it is very comforting to be here with you.[/i]

Venus continues to nuzzle Shade's tear-soaked face lovingly; glad to see her smiling again. Zach, Mantis, Jade! She communicates to all three of them, Look! Shade is smiling again!! The draike gives a reptilian grin, and buries her face in Shade's shoulder.

3rd November 2004, 09:39 PM
Mantis smiles as she recieves both Zach's and Venus's messages. She wants to say something to Shade, yet knows it is Tim's and her time alone.

"And it is comforting to be with you, too, my love. Your eyes...they look so pretty."

Shade pets Venus lovingly and grabs hold of Tim's hand, rubbing it a little. She sighs, relieved that all of this has passed. "I never, ever," She says, becoming a little sad. "Want to see him again." But then, she brightens, hugging Tim in a long, deep, embrace.

Paradise Wandering
3rd November 2004, 09:49 PM
Thank you. And... your mask looks so pretty. He is not joking, even though a bland mask is all he can see with his naked eyes, he knew her personality, and to him, no matter what she wore or looked like, to him she would always be pretty.

Still on Shade's shoulder, Venus reached out her tongue much farther than most would think possible, and licked Tim's face. It was indeed a hilarious sight, seeing the small draike with a tongue of more than a foot in length, and at the sight of it, had Zach not been strapped to a chair, would have doubled over laughing.

He did laugh, but he stayed close to Mantis, he had to! The vines would not budge. They were tightly holding him down. But that was ok, he didnt want to move. All he wanted now was to be with Mantis, and he was.

3rd November 2004, 09:57 PM
"I wonder what you like so much about it--"

She is cut short as she sees Venus extend her tongue. The mutant looks over at Zach and sees him laughing like crazy. So, slowly yet surely, Mantis joins in, too, but makes sure to embrace Zach while laughing.

"Venus is sooo cute!"

Jade snorts with laughter, too, as she flies over to Tim's shoulder and begins to lick him almost nonstop, as though to say, "This is how it's done."

4th November 2004, 08:01 AM
Tim started as Venus licked him, with her footlong tongue. He started laughing like crazy, then stopped as he realized he had a job to do.

"Ezikiel!" he called. "We're going now. If you want to join us, you can get to our HQ pretty quickly right? I'd stay, but I'm afraid I have a king to question."

The platform decended underground again, replaced by another square of earth that effectively masked the opening. Then, the tunnel's gear started turning, and the platform shot off down the tunnel at a much slower speed then last time. After a moment, bored, he started humming.

4th November 2004, 09:12 AM
Mantis smiles and takes a deep breath, relaxing her tight, tight muscles that she had been using to hold onto the vines. She hugs Zach again, then laughs at Jade, who is still rapidly lick Tim's face.

Mantis channels Tim's mind. "Thank you...I am sorry to bore you...but...travelling fast like that doesn't exactly go over well with me *;)*"

4th November 2004, 05:42 PM
Tim nodded.

"Don't worry about it," he said. He didn't turn around to face her. He couldn't, the vines wouldn't permit that kind of movement. Instead, he rubbed Jade on the back of the neck. "It gives me a chance to gather my thoughts." For the first time in a while, he added to himself.

4th November 2004, 06:39 PM
Jade pants as Tim pets her, stopping licking him and just feeling the soothing motion of Tim's hand--of anyone's hand, as long as it's someone she knows--go over her body. She "grins" as if to say, "Ooh! A little more in the back..."

Shade strokes Jade and Venus's backs lovingly and sighs contentedly. She wonders when the ride will be over, and who this "king" is, but she knows that all this will be answered for her in due time, once she is ready to speak of the battle again.

Mantis nods her head. "I'm glad. I know what it's like to not be able to gather your thoughts..." Outloud, she says, "How long until we get there? Just...don't speed it up or anything..."

4th November 2004, 07:00 PM
OOC: Yea, if someone could explain what I should do... I can RP another character of mine in if needed, so tell me what time period... They come with armies too, if necesarry

IC: In a flash, Bread again found himself in the middle of a clearing infront of the Dragon Riders Headquarters. What? Okay, so where do I go and what do I do. Man, Tim was really quite vauge... he did mention invasion... maybe I should contact him... Bread gave out a small sigh and began to walk into the cave that the Dragon Riders thought of as a second home, waiting for some sign for orders...

Paradise Wandering
4th November 2004, 09:44 PM
"Yes Tim, please dont spped us up any more." He said that out loud, even though deep inside going really fast was one of his favorite things. He longed for more speed, but woulnt admit it in front of the girl he loved. The things i do for love...

"Now, how far away was it Tim?"

He took Mantis's warm hug and returned it to the best of his ability, though he could barely move a muscle in the vine-laden seats. So all he ended up doing was craining his neck to her shoulder.

"If i had to be here, in the middle of war, strapped to a speeding platform with anyone, i'm glad it was you, Mantis." He said sincerly.

4th November 2004, 09:51 PM
Mantis notices the awkwardness that Zach has in moving, but then dismisses it with a shrug. She is stronger than most humans, so perhaps she can better resist the air or something of that nature.

""If i had to be here, in the middle of war, strapped to a speeding platform with anyone, i'm glad it was you, Mantis."

Mantis smiles warmly and embraces Zach again. In a very low voice, she says, "The same with me...I wouldn't have this any other way...except for the part where I screwed up with the negotiations, that is." She gives a slight chortle at the memory, but then remembers how her love had come to her rescue. "Though perhaps it worked out for the better..."

5th November 2004, 11:18 AM
Tim turned his head to face Mantis.

"We should be there in about five minutes," he said. Then he turned to face Zach. "Zach, could you contact Kinsey, and ask her how the talks with the dragons are going? Are they still possessed?"

"Shade," he thought to his wife, "this may not be the time, but I've been thinking. How about we start a Draike Hatchery? I know ther perfect spot, and it would help the population to bring more draikes onto this world."

5th November 2004, 03:14 PM
OOC: For the record, the dragons are absolutely normal.

IC: Shade thinks back to her husband. "That would be wonderful! And where is this spot?"

Mantis nods and begins to relax, leaning back against her seat, this time taking hold of Zach's hand.

Jade begins to flit happily around. "Ooh! A hatchery!" She has somehow picked out that conversation. "Wonderful Idea! I can't wait!"

5th November 2004, 03:36 PM
OOC: Draco, if you could do a flashback RP thing, or a thought thing of you leaving a note for me to find in the cave, and the contents of the note, that would be great...

IC: Confused and slightly dazed, Bread wandered back into the common room of the Dragon Riders. He expected someone to be there, Charnel, Michaelmas, or anyone would be fine. Not even bothering to check, he sped past the common room as fast as he could and went into the room with the map in it. It was still there, and Bread began to study it and the rest of the room, looking for a note of some kind to tell him what to do.

5th November 2004, 04:54 PM
As Bread entered the Briefing Room, he saw a note laying on top of the map. Should he read it, it would say the following:


Rescue Mantis
1-man recon mission: capture the Slimian king
Interrogate the king
Invade the Slimian castle
Free any PoWs
Reestablish the human settlements in the southern country (Lodoss)

5th November 2004, 05:13 PM
As Bread messed around in the room, he stepped on a peice of paper. It had obviously been knocked off the table by the people rushing out of the room, but as Bread read it, he realized what it was. The list of objectives written by Tim himself... had an invasion in it. Yes, it's time... Bread thought. Oh yes, it is time, and they shall soon see... Bread closed his eyes for a moment, then reopened them. He slowly walked out of the cave of the Dragon Riders and, once out, held his hand up to the sky. He let a fireball fly out on a seemingly random path, and it soon dissapeard from sight. Bread didn't fully comprehend what he had just done, or why he did it, other than the fact that his body was acting on it's own. As his body began to walk back into the cave, Bread didn't really know what to do. He couldn't try to regain control, since he didn't know what was controling him, nor did he know how to get help without control over his body, but it was just Tim, or so he had hoped...

5th November 2004, 05:24 PM
The platform presently slowed down, and stopped. It rose out of the ground, and emerged into the overworld. The vines disappeared, and Tim stood up.

"The island I had in mind is some three miles south of our island, and a little west. It's a lovely place. It's rather large, some nine miles long and five miles wide, with a bit of land jutting out on the northeast corner. It's got all kinds of enviorments, it's perfect for a hatchery."

As he was saying this, Tim was leading the group into the cave. He approached one of the stone dragons, who stood sentry along with one other. Tim pointed outside.

"There's a Slimian king outside, in human guise," he said. "Bring him in here." The dragon exited the cave without a word.

Paradise Wandering
5th November 2004, 05:38 PM
"Well i can," Zach started, then he had a flashback of the events that took place the last time he had talked to her that way. She totally lost her mind, clueless as to Zach's telepathy. "But i wont. I think we all remember the last time i talked to her telepathicaly. But, maybe Venus can." He gave the draike a look that almost said 'pretty please?'

The draike, knowing that it was her turn to contact the human, set to work right away.


"What? WHo? Where?"

"This is Venus. I am with Zach, Mantis and company on some kind of platform that Tim made. All i want to know, is are the dragons sain again, or are they still under the king's control?"

"They seem to be normal. How is everything in there, Mother Goose?"

"Kinsey," The draike replied, "We arent using code names."

"Oh. Sorry. Just tell them that they are fine." (Another little prank for ya there, Shade :D )

The draike cut the bond with Kinsey, which was something Zach always forgeot to do, and looked to TIm.

"Tim, The dragons are back to themselves again." Was the thought that would have sped through his mind.

At this point, the platform came to a stop and the crew got out.

"Here." Zach, upon exiting the platform, extended a hand to Mantis to help her stand up. Not that she couldnt, of course, but, Zach, being the person he ,was, coulnt let Mantis stay there alone. He gave a warm smile. "take my hand," he beamed at the muntat.

5th November 2004, 06:16 PM
Mantis giggles a little and takes Zach's hand, letting him guide her down onto the ground. She then gives him a huge, warm hug, but makes sure not to squeeze the air out of him like last time.
"I wonder what's next?"

Shade gets off and hurries around to Draco's side of the vehicle, holding out her hand, waiting for her husband to take it. "What do we do now?"

The mantis has finally infiltrated the base. Going up to the leader of the base, the commander who has replaced Shadow, she channels his brain. "My name is Mantisha, and I wish to defect."

The commander turns around abruptly and shakes the mantis's scaley tendril. "Very well. Call me Commander Hazun."

The mantis's pincers widen in a macabre smile and she reports back to the group, but not after severing the mind link with the commander. She reports back to Mantidae. "Okay, we have about a hundred or so men, and at least 50 mages. The commander's name is Hazun, and he also has archers as well as catapults...shall I try to sabotage?"

Mantidae responds with a shake of her head. "Negative...How'd you get in there anyway?!
I am pretending to be a defector.
Ah, I see. Let me know if any other mantises were captured...we seem to be missing a lot of them...especially the babies...

With this, she hops off to Tim and relays the information. "I would advise we wait a little. Mantisha is in, but as a defector. So, we need to act clueless. Awaiting further orders from you, sir. I would like to have her search for any POWs, if that is okay with you, sir."

Meanwhile, someone in the back speaks up. "But--I heard--"

The commander wheels on his feet. "No buts and NO interfering with others' thoughts."

[I]At least not yet...

5th November 2004, 06:31 PM
Tim took Shade's hand, and nodded to Mantidae.

"Make it so," he said aloud. He led the group into the map room, to wait for the stone dragon to bring the king in. Inside, he saw Bread. He didn't have to wait long before the stone dragon brought the king in. Tim put his sword to the king's neck.

"What is your name, and what are your plans for the eradication of the humans and the dragons, and the eventual conquering of the southern continent?" He demanded.

5th November 2004, 07:21 PM
Mantidae relays the information, then clacks her tendrils together, calling her HUGE mantis army to attention. She relays the information to them. "If her cover is blown, I will need two volunteers to recover her--" Even before she could ask officially for volunteers, two stringy tendrils shoot up into the air. Mantidae nods to the two, both relatively young for a mantis.

Shade hurries and follows Tim, then gasps in appallation as Tim puts the sword to the king's throat. Mantis hurries in, pulling Zach along with her, then smacks her metallic helmet, the sound echoing throughout the room. "No, no, no, Tim! That's not how you do it!"

The king smiles and remains steadfast in his resolve not to speak.

Mantis triggers his mind. "I know Shade doesn't like to do it, but we should use the phobia spell on him..."

5th November 2004, 07:47 PM
Tim thinks his reply back to Mantis.

"I'd rather try my method first," he said. "If that doesn't work, you can try the Phobia spell." Then he turned to face the king, pulling a hypospray out af another of his pockets. This one had a luminous red band around it. Then he spoke, slowly, almost casually.

"Have you ever heard of Exurominuosous?" he asked the king.

5th November 2004, 08:23 PM
Mantis, a little miffed, pulls up a chair and watches, as does Shade. Mantis makes a small gesture with her hands and Shade nods, forming a phobia spell in her hands beneath the table.

The king smirks a little, then looks at the hypospray, then back to Tim. "No," He says. "Should I have?"

Paradise Wandering
5th November 2004, 08:35 PM
Zach had trailed Mantis into the room. I was gonna ask Shade something... what ws it now? Oh. Right. The teenage water master slides silently over to Shade, staying far out of range of the hyposray, for he was uunsure of how it would effect those around him.

He gets really close to Shade, so that no one can hear what he says. He whispers to her, inaudible to the king.

"Shade, i request to send in Venus, after Mantisha as a spy." Still speaking silently he continues: "She will call herself a bounty hunter, saying that she is in it for money. She will stalk around within the confines of the castle, and keep an eye on Mantisha. SHe can stay in constant communication with me, and sabbotage whatever neccecary."

He finishes this, and locks eyes with her. "It was Venus's idea. What do you think?"

He moves back out at that, a little farther away and next to Mantis. He leans his head against her shoulder and speaks aloud. "I'm glad we are on the same side of the war."

5th November 2004, 09:33 PM
Mantis smiles and strokes Zach's head a little. "So am I."

Shade nearly luahgs, but somehow manages to keep it all inside. "Um," She whispers back. "You'll have to clear it with Mantidae...she's the one in charge of that operation..."

Paradise Wandering
6th November 2004, 08:51 AM
Zach nodded, gave a slight bow, and strode away to find Mantidae. I wonder where she is? Venus will be wanting to know her answer.

"Jade," Venus starts, I want to go follow Mantisha as a spy. I have finally developed my bond with Zach, but i can only communicate over long distances with either him, or another draike or dragon. So i can tell him what i see, and and i can tell you, but i cannot communcate on that much distance with Mantisha. If i am allowed the responsibility, will you relay to Mantidae whatever information Zach cant?"

6th November 2004, 11:29 AM
Tim observed the hypospray for a moment. Io jumoed back in astonishment.

"No, don't!" he said. "Let Shade try the Phobia spell first. Then, if that doesn't work, then try your method."

Tim nodded slowly, and put the hypospray away.

"Change of plans," he said. "Turns out some people want you alive." he walked over to Shade, privately winking at her. He nodded to her, noticing the prepared Phobia spell.

8th November 2004, 09:10 AM
Jade jerks her head up and down in a nod. "Sure...last I knew, she was about halfway to the castle...just promise me you won't get annoyed if Mantidae laughs at you..."

The king stops and stretches, headed towards the door. "THank--" With that, his body goes rigid and his eyes become wider than they have ever been. The phobia spell has just hit him. In his mind's eye, which is oh-so-real, he sees 5,000 dragons all swirling about him, and him being imprisoned in a cage. They come closer and closer to him, snapping at the king, trying to eat him.

"M-make it stop!" The king shouts!

Shade penetrates his dream, but only for a brief moment. "Only if you tell us what we want to know."

THe king, now persipiring, nods vigorously.

"Go for it, Tim!"

Mantis watches with interest and pulls up a chair, watching this spectacle as though it is a movie.

8th November 2004, 10:50 AM
Tim looked down at the king, still standing.

"I ask you again," he said, his voice hard. "What is your name, and what are your plans for the eradication of the humans and the dragons, and the eventual conquering of the southern continent?"

8th November 2004, 11:27 AM
The king swallows hard, ducking as more imaginary dragons snap at him. But there is one now that stands in front of him, talking almost. There is one sitting down, and a small one standing on the shoulders a majestic white dragon. The king's eyes go wide as he looks the blue dragon in the face.

"W-well," He begins. "I am King Tarnjuoa of the Western Continent. We s-seek not to e-eradicate humans, but rather we seek to t-take o-over the Southern C-continent, though we also a-advocate the destruction of all the m-mantises on the face of this p-planet, except for those that w-willingly d-defect. Our g-goal is w-world d-domination. The f-forces that w-we have I c-can't tell you; s-so much has changed s-since I was last involved with one of these things...though a spy could very easily tell you w-what is t-there, especially one who p-pretends to d-defect. The c-commander is t-too e-eager for m-more t-troops. Does that an-answer what you w-wanted to h-hear?" The man curls up into a ball, swiping at some more imaginary dragons, then hollers as they "bite" him in the fingers.

OOC: If I called him a different name earlier, let me know and I'll change it.

8th November 2004, 11:43 AM
Tim nodded, satisfied.

"One last question. Who is in charge of all your military opperations?"

8th November 2004, 11:51 AM
"I-it u-used to b-be S-shadow...I have no clue who w-was s-second in c-command...oh wait! It's...d-damn! I can't think of his n-name! Umm...no, s-sorry. But he's the one that I just d-described to y-you b-before! Let me g-go!"

8th November 2004, 01:18 PM
"The one you just described to me?" inquired Tim. "You mean the commander? Describe him."

8th November 2004, 02:38 PM
"W-well," He manages a wry smile. "H-he's tougher than me...Um...he should be in a black uniform wth a red falcon emblazoned on it...that's the s-symbol of our k-kingdom." He suddenly begins to panic as more dragons swipe at him. "L-look...make this stop...throw m-me into a dungeon or something...I-i'll answer all your questions...just...stop the dragons from h-hurting m-me!"

Shade and Mantis slap their forehead simultaneously. The white dragon (Shade in king's mind) lets out a monsterous roar, when in fact Shade has sighed. The green dragon also roars, again a sigh, and small dragon roars too, when, in fact, the roar is simply a little cute sound.

8th November 2004, 03:19 PM
Tim, the platinum dragon (he couldn't resist making himself royal in the king's mind), nodded with satisfaction.

"Very good," he said. "Shade! Take him to a holding cell, make sure he is well provided with food and water. And release the spell," he added privately.

8th November 2004, 03:29 PM
The white dragon's tail wraps around the king and drags him off. Soon, he is thrusted forward into a wall. Shade has no true way of deactivating the spell, so she smiles a "toothy grin" at the king and brings him a giant piece of chicken, some vegetables, mashed potatoes, and a salad. Mantis had made them a few hours earlier, and kept one saved in the case of guests. As soon as she does ths, the illusion is smashed as the king begins to hungrily munch on food.

"Can you tell your leader something?" He says after a few minutes of reflection. "Tell him that I realize that what I've done is wrong; I was told of fame and wealth, and instead, I get this. Can you tell him that I wish to ally with him?" Shade nods, but before she could leave, Mantis has already relayed the information.

"Perhaps I could stop the attack after all..."
OOC: The king is going to be an NPC; no real power, just there for support and stuff...

9th November 2004, 08:34 AM
Tim smiled as Shade came back from the holding cells.

"So he now wishes to ally with us, eh? Good, good. Tell him that I accept his offer. But Mantis, I want you to assign a couple of mantisi (plural of mantis) to watch him, just in case."

9th November 2004, 09:32 AM
Mantis sighs. This is quite embarassing. Her own kind that bears her own name, and she can't order them around?

Meanwhile, Shade rushes back to the kitchen and prepares a small snack of raw meat for Jade whilst preparing some swordfish for the king. Even though he is technically an enemy, she still believes that he should be treated with the same courtesy of that of clansmembers.

Jade comes flying in and snarls a little as she rips up the meat, before swallowing and licking her lips. "That was good...I can't wait until dinner!" With that, she licks Shade's face, prompting a bout of laughter from the sorceress.

"I'm glad you liked it..."

Paradise Wandering
10th November 2004, 10:41 PM
excuse my lateness :P

Venus is flying around looking for Mantidae. Zach has told her that she is in charge of the mission, and he apparently got it from Shade. So now here she is, flying around, looking for an oversized mantis, pondering as to waht she would say. She knows what she wants to say, but she really wants this chance to prove herself to everyone.

When she finally finds the curious creature, she swoopes down and lands by her.

"Hi! I know that we havent really met in person, but my name is Venus. Friend to Mantis and Shade. I have a request. I would like to pose as a bounty hunter assassin, to get into the castle and spy on the Slimians. I can also sabbotage where needed."

She looked hopefully at the large mantis's beady black eyes, her draconic green eyes almost pleading with Mantidae.


Meanwhile, Zach walks into the room where Mantis is talking to Tim. "Is everything alright with... Him?" He asked, reffering to the king, but not wanting to say it aloud. "What can i do to help with out situation with the Sliminas, Tim?" He asked.

11th November 2004, 07:22 AM
Mantis turns to Zach, stands up and races into his arms, but makes sure not to tackle him, and says, "Can you check with Mantidae about getting some mantis guards?"

Shade smiles and returns to the room where Tim is, but not before dropping off the swordsfish. The sorceress draps a loving arm around Tim's neck. "You don't mind, do you, my love?"

Mantidae lets out short, uncontrollable chirps, her equivalent of laughter. "You want want?! "You, a bounty hunter? You're kidding right?" Then, she notices Venus's puppy dog eyes. How can she refuse that?! Very well. But,I want you to keep in full contact with someone over here."

Meanwhile, Mantisha continues to relay information on the men with guns and the holding cells full of mantises. "[I]Tim, we are have men with laser guns over there!

Paradise Wandering
11th November 2004, 07:37 AM
"Yes, i can keep in contact with Jade and Zach. Zach, because he can 'hear me speaking' over distances, and Jade because she is a fellow dragon and can read my mind." Venus replied to Mantidae.


Seeing as how Tim has yet to answer him, Zach's attention shifts to Mantis when she requests of him to talk to Mantidae. "Of course. Do you know where she is?" He said, but added softly, "Anything for you."

11th November 2004, 07:44 AM
Mantis smiles widely and warmly at Zach from beneath her helmet. "As far as I know, she's right where we left her: halfway to the castle." She hugs Zach.

Mantidae chrips a little, then brings herself under control. "Well..." Again, she notices the pleading eyes. "All right. You can go. But first, tell me two things. One, why do you wish to go? Two, how are you going to sucessfully make yourself look like a bounty hunter?"

11th November 2004, 05:42 PM
Tim, lost in thought, hardly noticed Zach's question. Then Shade draped an arm over his shoulders, and he snapped back into reality.

"Um, yes, Zach. Yes, go round up some guards," he said. Then he added, musing, "You know, we really oughta get the support of the dragon clans (not the Draconic Triuum, but other clans made up expressly for this purpose). I mean, they are the species we're supposed to be protecting, and working with." Then he sent a message back to Mantisha.

"Yes, I know. I saw them." He relayed the information back to the others.

OoC: New Quest Idea!!!!

15th November 2004, 06:50 PM
Mantis nudges Zach lovingly. "Go on," She says. "I'll keep watch over the king while you get the guards."

30th November 2004, 07:00 PM
Tim considered the situation for a moment, and waited for Zach to go get the guards. After another moment, he realized that Zach hadn't left.

"Zach, go check on getting those guards! Mantis, could you do me a favor and find Bread?" Tim looked around quickly, but didn't see his fellow Rider. "I'd like to ask him about getting some more Pyrah guards."

1st December 2004, 03:50 PM
OOC: Que Dakith...

IC: Bread paced around the outside of the Dragon Riders headquarters very confused. He didn't know why he was still there, and why he was alone, but he did feel a bit drained. As he walked, he found himself near the top of a small hill just outside, and leaned against one of the many trees. As he did this, several men riding horses quickly moved in around him, their black manes shining in the sun, the wooden bows of the riders pulled back, several arrows in each. Another man on a black horse appeared, his gleaming sword pointed at Bread, and moved closer and closer to him until Bread was standing, back to a tree with a sword's tip just touching his neck. Bread's hands began to glow red as a fireball took form. Another man, on a white horse rode up, and examined Bread before jumping off of his horse and kneeled, the other horsemen doing the same, including the one with the sword drawn. Bread looked around cluelessly, waiting for an explination. The man from the white horse got up and drew his sword, a red sword with a fiery look to it.

Man: "It is good to see you once more Bread. You gave me this sword, and it has served me well. Thank you. You have summond us with one of your fireballs. We have come from hundreds of miles, and now we ask, why did you call us here?"

Bread blinked cluelessly as the men began to get up and mount their horses, the one who pinned him against the tree sheathing his sword and bowing before getting on. A host of maybe one hundred to two hundred followed close behind them, all on horseback, and Bread soon found himself surrounded by these strangers who wanted nothing more than to pay respect to him and follow his every command.

1st December 2004, 03:57 PM
Tim sensed the host of horsemen approaching, and rushed out to see what all the fuss was about. He saw the figures kneeling to Bread, and walked up indiscreetly.

"Friends of yours, Bread?" he whispered to him.

4th December 2004, 09:46 PM
Bread slowly turned to Tim, so as not to alert the riders, one of which had a crossbow aimed at Tim's head from maybe twenty yards away. He did not know who they were, but they did have weapons pointed at his good leader and great friend, and he did not want to jeopordize his life. He slowly took off his belt, his sword and sheath falling to the ground, and kicked it away with is bag, just incase they were meaning to disarm them.

"Tim... I have no clue who they are, but don't move..."

The man with the reddish blade looked a bit disturbed at Bread's self-disarmment and put his blade back into it's sheath. Wondering what was going on, he dropped his belt, which had his sword, two hatchets, and a long knife, and reached to his back and dropped his battle axe. He then held out his hand and introduced himself, though he did not think it was necessary. Surely his old master and leader recognized him...

"I am Dakith, leader of the Red Death, your old mercinary and bounty hunter clan... Master Bread, why do you not recognize us or our banner?"

5th December 2004, 08:30 AM
Tim was slightly disconcerted about the arrow pointed at his head. Not that he couldn't manipulate the arrow however he wanted, but still . . . he tried to inch close to Bread so he could whisper to him.

"these guys seem to see you as their leader, or something," he said. "so could you tell them to please not attack me? i have no desire to get an arrow put through my head."

6th December 2004, 05:44 PM
Bread slowly shook Dakith's hand and inched closer to him. He attempted to do this while stepping infront of Tim because surely they wouldn't fire upon their own "master". Another of Bread's memories came back, but all that was visible was their flag and a large battle, nothing else could be made out.

Bread: "Could you tell me who you are, and not point any weapons at the man behind me?"

Dakith: "Arrows off of the man. Master, we are the Red Death... your army. It would seem you have forgotten... This army was led by some bounty hunter, and it was made of ten men and used for assasinations. You came along a few years after they were succesful and succeeded in beating the man in a test of strength. You brought an army of fire, and the Red Death's reputation changed from elite assasins to elite armies, and I became your student. You taught me vaugly in the feild of fire before you left, taking your army, leaving nothing but this red blade in my care, and the human parts of the army. We recruited more so as to fufill our image as an army, and now we have grown stronger than ever imaginable from the beggining. You called us with one of your special flares to this mountain. What was your purpose, and who is this man?"

6th December 2004, 05:48 PM
"One, the 'man' is not technically a man," said Tim. "This form is but a disguise. Second, He, that is to say I, am the leader of the clan on whose grounds you are. Thus, this is technically my property. I will allow you to pass, as it seems as though Bread somehow summoned you here, but I would appreciate your announcing yourselves next time."

6th December 2004, 07:01 PM
Dakith bowed his head slightly and turned to the clan leader. He held out his hand and made a small introduction of himself and the Red Death.

"I am Dakith, leader of the Red Death, mercinaries trained in assasination, open war, seige, castle defense, building and maintaining seige equipment, weapons, and armories, blacksmithing, ranged combat, melee combat, and many other things."

6th December 2004, 07:46 PM
"Pleasure to meet you," said Tim, shaking Dakith's hand. "I am Tim, leader of the DragonRiders, humanoids (for the most part) trained in working with dragons to bring peace to the world."