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22nd October 2004, 01:46 PM
Blankwidnow had just gotten back from setting up one eval when it was time for another. He opened another portal and motioned for Bob and Strider. (if your using one of your other chars ace just post an ooc and i will change this post) He walked thru the portal first. . The effects of the travel didn't effect him anymore. But he was positive the others would feel it. To them it feel like they were both hot and cold. As well it felt like you wer ebeing destroyed and recreated. Which you were as you passed thru various conduits of differing sizes. Both being stretched and crushed. But it wouldn't be painful just strange.

Strider will know what is coming when traversing my portals, but will Bob?

He stepped out onto the new realm and looked around. It was a giant metaloid box. The metal was a creation of himself and a few others. NO magic could effect, not even Blankwindow's and he was the main creator. The box was a qaurter of mile, by a quarter of a mile, by a another quarter. (It's a quarter mile cubed if that confused you.) In the very center were six pedastols of the same metal and were coming straight out of the floor. On three of the trays sat three blue balls made of iron. They only weighed about a pound. ON the other side was three vials of differing liquids. Water, H2SO4 (Sulphuric Acid), As (Arsenic).

"Here are the rules so you know. The temperature in this room will fluctuate from 0 degree fereignheight to two hundred aad twelve degrees fereignheight. the walls and pedastals are magic proof no magic at all will work on them. The things on the pedastals are different though you can dsicover what they are on your own."

he turned to go back thru the portal. Each person sat on the opposite side most benefitial to them. Strider on the metal ball side of the pedastals and Bob on the other. Also no light was presently there though as the room heated the metal would give off some light and as it cooled it would become pitch black again.

22nd October 2004, 07:44 PM
Ooc: I always thought that it was just the one FFA that you kept mispelling my name, apparently not. It is Strider, not Striker, for future reference. Don't worry about changing it.


It was dark. The emptiness seemed to last forever in the eyes of those that were ensnared by the darnkess. The rules were as follows, adapt to the fluctuating heat, don't break to many things, and hit the solid things on top of the pedestals to see what they did. Now the question is, which changed the heat, which spilled the acids, and which changed the lights. The only problem being that there was no light at all, and the only other life structure was Bob's, seeing as Blankwindow left. Meaning that he could sense the structures, but he could see Bob, the obstacles were an obstruction.

Strider cracked his neck, it had been a little while since he had a fight. The rules seemed simple enough. As usual he focused on Bob's life energy. It was an odd signature, not like most other elementalist. Infact his matched no other element he had faced, which left him in an unkown situation(sp?). He could have atleast left the lights on in this place. Strider hated the dark. He ruled over a lot of what children feared in the dark, and he knew what they could do, but this placed seemed new, and safe enough.

No sooner than he though about the darkness did he realize that his vision was coming back to him. It was a reddish dim color, and it got brighter, as well it got hotter too. "Well, Bob is it, looks like we start things off hot, at least we can see." Sweat started to bead on his forehead, Blankwindow wasn't joking when he said 200*F. The sword is out of the question for atleast a little but... it will get to hot, and the sword will just simply heat up through to my hand.

Strider grabbed the rose from over his ears. He was working on a new technique now seemed the time for it. He put the rose inbetween his fingers. He eyed Bob, looking for the fastes way to get the attack to Bob before he realized it. He found it, a simple straightforward attack while the lights were still dim. A simpl flick of his wrist and the rose flew across at a blazing speed. As it flew it spiraled and began to harden into a screw type figure, easy going in, hard to take out.

22nd October 2004, 10:57 PM
Interesting place black. Nice description.

Spades I suggest we make a time table for the heat up/cool down cycle so we can't change it to suit us as need be. I say two cycles to warm up, 1 at it's peek, 2 to kewl down, and 1 at it's coolest. Agreeable?

Ps. You charecter is weird. He seems to be Psy/Bio/Fire/Spirit user. Am I correct?

As Bob was lead by an unknown clan member towards an arena that was to be used for his evaluation, he smiled. His Gamma powers would slaughter a noob like this Strider guy, him hacing no experience with the awsome power that was Gamma. Thoughs like this paraded though his mind as he was lead up to a swirling mass of nothingness. He saw the clan member step though, quickly followed by his opponet.

He couldn't breath. He was cold, no hot, cold, hot. He couldn't descripe it. Was the portal malfunctioning? had he died?

The answer was quick to follow as he slanded on the ground of the arena. Cold metal touched his hands as his mind raced tring to find what happened. He didn't want to show weekness so he stood up. His ploy feeled though as he was visable shaken by the experience.

After surveying the arena and steping into position the light cut out. Bob was never afraid of the dark so he immeditaly set to work. Kneeling on the ground he placed his right hand onto the cold steel of the ground, sending his mind out into the metal.

Something was wrong. There was nothing beneath his hand. This metal was simple not their to his Gamma magic. If he couldn't use his Gamma skills he would die......unless hose balls. If those metalic balls were made of metal then maybe the creater of this place knew he had Gamma powers and had placed them their to help him out.

If this was true then undoubtly the vials were there for Strider. Bob knew that whatever was in them must not be allowed to come under the influence of his opponet.

Hearing something wizz by over head, he tried something he had never did before. A non-touch transformation. He closed his eyes and let his mind seek the vials.

Nothingness greated him for the second time that day. Everything was nothing. He couldn't even see his body. The room started to spin as the astral form started to get worried, had he died? was this hell?

Slowly his mind became awear of six things, three of a round shape and three of a odd shape. His mind knew what these were. These were the vials and the balls it was tring to change. Rushing towards one he entered it.

What greeted him was a whle new experience then touch change. He coudln't see the indivudale fibers, all he could see was sand grains, million and millions of sand grains. Thinking this was dust he blew some of it away.

If anyone was looking at the vial on the center pedestal, they might of noticed a small leak starting.