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21st October 2004, 09:03 PM
My character's profile can be located, here (http://www.freewebs.com/noxxy/). Anyone may join this quest, and in case you were wondering the title means "confrontation".The night's covering sheet encumbered the vast countryside with its horror. Pillaging, death, and violence ruled over the lands during the deadly hours of darkness where the evil creatures emerged from their lairs. Among the evil are the thirteen advocates of the one, who will bring the end of all to the land and ultimately enslave the peace-loving populace of this land. From far corners all over the world, heroes and adventurers have heard of this great peril, and already many venture from far away to meet this common enemy and confront them.

Legions of undead soldiers rally on the far hill to the east, the thirteen shades of the one are already positions. Their skin glows an awful bright green, and they wear but black over their skeletal body. The legions of the undead are but minions of the one, ready to serve and fall in the hands of the one. All but a few of the evil creatures of the world had sided with the one, and now only the good survive and their armies are significantly smaller compared to that of the one. Soon defeat will become a distinct possibility and all will end as the good know it, however hope presides in every soul on the battlefield, good or bad. For the bad have hopes of winning, and the good have hopes of defending.

Each legion containing up to a thousand undead soldiers, each controlled by one advocate making thirteen legions, or close to thirteen thousand strong. Unfortunately for the side of the good and the righteous they have less than half the soldiers accountable, and defeat is almost inevitable for their enemy cannot perish by the sword, axe nor bow. They must be dispelled by clerics and those who study the light magics, such people with this knowledge had gone scare. Probably because the one had them each individually murdered, the one definitely wasn't some pushover he had expansive plans that were unknown to all, even his advocates.

Along the lines of the good, few are present but they definitely aren't as generic as the masses of skeletons that the one controls. No, the side of good had almost every race accountable, even a small lizard. The lizard was that of the Weirdling race, ancient creature who traveled deep to avoid the evil ways of the upper sanctum. But now standing alone with giants and valiant men on his side, he looked at his enemy and pitied these brave souls for risking their lives. The side of the good was not organized at all, all were in malformation as they had not worked with each other before. Although this was evident, some of the good doers were grouping and forming small war parties that would work as a team to destroy their enemy in a more efficient way.

The Weirdling's name was Nox, and he was sent to the upper sanctum by his race in order to gather as much information as possible for their race's benefit. Nox was distinct noticeably different from those around him, he had four finger-like feet and a tongue-like thing on his forehead. Not to mention he bore no eyes... Hoping that someone would invite him to join a war party, Nox waited as he was full of fear and anxiety for he was about to fight the most dark, and dangerous souls this world could produce.

22nd October 2004, 10:58 AM
Tyran looks on at a distance at the growing masses of the undead littering the vast scape. At first he'd assumed they were men, for they have the same characteristics as men, and they burn and loot like men do. But they do not move like men, with that terrible efficiency of men, nor do they move with the unerring grace of the evil elves, the drow. These shuffle slowly, staggeringly, but with the inevitability of the darkness that chases the sun from the sky every evening. Even from as far off as he is, he can make out ragged clothing flapping in the night breeze, ragged flesh dripping ichor that pulses dully beneath the sky, and jagged bone that gleams like metal in the moonlight.

On the opposite end of the field stretched the tenuous lines of the opposition, of every race, color, and creed. Tyran saw men, yes, but also elves, dwarves, even an ogre and a troll or two, as well as such hybrids as merfolk, naga, gryphons, a sphinx, and even a smallish dragon. Tyran makes towards the assorted multitude. If such men are here who do not fear what they are not, perhaps there is hope for their kind, and for mine. He approaches, hands widespread. As he draws closer, he notices a smaller creature, a strange-looking lizard that, though it has no eyes he can see, seems to be alert and aware of its surroundings. Tyran makes toward it slowly, unthreateningly. Across the plain, the army of undead stirs, shuffling in their ranks as if eager to decimate the relatively few who stand against them. But to Tyran, it is worth suffering to find even one human who may be trusted with the truth. This beast seems, for some strange, inexplicable reason, to draw him to it.

"Greetings, friend," Tyran says to it when he is close enough. He does his best to sound formal, so as not to risk offending this being with words too casual for waht station it might hold. "May I ask what this is all about?"

22nd October 2004, 05:25 PM
Nox continued to glance outwards at the enemy, their massive numbers and horrendous looking captains struck fear in him and he quivered at the sight. He knew very well that no avail will come to him from this battle, but glory always had a high cost to pay. With one simply strike of lightning, the clouds above them darkened and spread the land with unspeakable evil. And at that very moment, a strange figure came over to Nox and the lizard's attention grew large and he immediately shifted towards the person as he heard him speak to him.

"Greetings, friend, may I ask what this is all about?"

Hesitating for a second, Nox spoke back to him, "If you do not know your cause of being here, I suggest you leave for this is a war that will end in your peril. All here, all around you will die in the end, for the enemy is an ancient evil that cannot be defeated. All is lost, everything, since before the beginning it already was the end..."

Obviously Nox was necessarily feeling too good about his current position, as he knew there weren't enough skilled to dispel all the undead legions and that the end would come quickly to them. Somehow he needed to gather more mages to their ranks that would aid them to prevail against the evil.

22nd October 2004, 09:43 PM
*Scouting the 'battle lines', the elf looked for some creature who would be of help to him. Another dwarven warrior, another human knight, none of which looked like a compatible match. They were all either frightened, or terrified to the point of being arrogant, covering their emotions. Though he didn't doubt many of these had been in battles before, they were not meeting Callisto's standards.*

Well, a battle I'll have to go at it alone. And a quite significant battle at that. It's not like I haven't done it before.

*The samurai was nearing the end of the faction of good when he spotted a small creature he'd only seen once before. It was called a wierdling, or something, but for good reason. The tongue-shaped head and small reptile body reminded him of a mage a while ago whose name was Nox. He didn't know enough about the race, so he couldn't tell them apart. Still, this wierdling seemed to have self-composure despite the creature's lack of expressions. He knealt down to the wierdling's level, inquiring as to his presence.*

"May I ask why there are only one of your kind here? The one wierdling I knew knew spells, so shouldn't the rest of you know them too. They would be of great importance here."

Odd how the wierdlings with their magic abilities choose to stay out of the fight which has the most significant impact on the world.

23rd October 2004, 10:55 AM
From far away Nox could feel the presence of the old Fire Master Callisto, of whom he was once colleagues with if only briefly. Many of the soldiers in their faction were either tired or scared, Nox had to admit he was fearful but any sensible creature would be.

Then Nox heard the voice of Callisto, "May I ask why there are only one of your kind here? The one wierdling I knew knew spells, so shouldn't the rest of you know them too. They would be of great importance here."

"Ahaha! This is the one you knew, Callisto. It is I, Nox and I'm afraid that my race is still scared of the upper sanctum for this exact reason. War," said Nox enthusiastically until he started to finish his words.

The darkness grew darker, if possible and soon the mortals on the good could only see a few feet in front of them. It was at this time when they all started to light torches and campfires on their lines, it would appear to be a standoff until the evil made their move. Nox realized it wouldn't be long before Callisto would make his own lights, and the Weirdling himself wasn't affected by the darkness due to his way of seeing.

Nox then addresses Callisto and the unknown figure, "Well I guess we could make a sort of fireteam together. Names are not important right now, unless this standoff lasts longer than I plan."

23rd October 2004, 01:38 PM
Tyran nods, understanding. War is the reason his own people do not venture from the forest, the fear of men and their warlike ways. But Tyran, cast out for his destructive talent, feels he may as well fight with these people, with men who are able to fight alongside such strange creatures as this Nox. He looks down at the front of the creature, assuming in the absence of eyes that this is the beast's face. This time, when he speaks, he drops the formality in his voice.

''Alright then, let's do it. What's the best way to stop these things?''

He reaches behind him and pulls the two shafts from behind his back, the blade in his right hand and the hook in his left. Leaning them back behind his shoulders, he turns to the elf who has joined them and sizes him up. The elf seems stockier than the elves of his forest, but also shorter. Tyran guesses this elf and the elves from the Edge Forest would be about the same weight, though this one would be stronger. His eyes and hair are brown, and the many rings and amulets adorning him mark him a survivor of many battles. He waits until the elf looks at him, and nods respectfully, then resumes scanning the undead, looking for the slightest indication of a charge.