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21st October 2004, 04:31 PM
The ‘sun’ was shining almost directly down as Zelig stood before the kneeling statue before the common guildhall. His back was too the hall, and he was facing the central circle statue. Corrint was lecturing him, though Zelig was only paying minor attention. He recalled Corrint telling him of how she spelled the statue to mimic the winner of ancient tournaments between the Faceless and the Kaiden, which would not be changed until the next tournament... sadly due to deaths, the tournament was discontinued. In times of dormancy the statue simply morphs into the speaker for the common guild.

Zelig smiled beneath his mask – this would soon change. “You are the one always lecturing the Faceless on balance, do you not see how you disrupt it?” Corrint finally said exasperated. Zelig was standing on his left foot, his right leg extended fully in front of him. He had chosen this specific location because the statue made his training look more impressive. While the statue bowed to him, upon the tip of his boot, his sword was balanced, tip downwards up in the air. Yet even more impressive was the point of his sheath resting point down, atop the ball-grip hilt of his sword.

“Corrint, it was pure accident that I came to Sartera. Yet, tradition mandates the oldest faceless rule unless he can be defeated in battle. I had no reason to try to take the position but it was given to me by Master Terrace upon my arrival. I. had. no. choice." Corrint was a small woman, ash suddenly swirling around her like a whirlwind at Zelig’s words. From a faceless, though he had not raised his voice, the way he said the words was as much as a yell. Zelig continued to speak, “You are not good at hiding anxiety Corrint, calm yourself.”

Corrint visibly blushed as her magic settled around her bare hands, much more then any normal scholar had. “You misunderstand, take your current trick for instance. Terrace has been practicing since you first showed them, and can now-” Zelig interrupted her, “I know his, I have been awake here since dawn to show Terrace a new ‘trick’ as you put it." Corrint blushed, and as if on cue Master Terrace began walking towards Zelig. He looked exactly the same as any other faceless; dark loose fitting robes, flexible boots, a darkened steel cane and an obsidian mask; Yet Zelig could tell each faceless apart, as they could each other. That was a skill that came naturally as breathing.

Terrace walked up and began to speak to the now silent Corrint and Zelig, they had been chatting earlier. As Terrace opened his mouth behind the mask, Zelig held a single finger on his left hand to his own mask, indicating silence. Terrace, now mildly unsettled, notices that Zelig is doing one of his balance exercises. The mans right leg was stretched out before him with the mans weapons of choice balanced atop each other. Terrace now smiled behind his mask, because had practiced for three nights without sleep trying to duplicate the exercise and accomplished it the night before. Then abruptly Zelig spoke to him, “I find that unless it is ‘noon’ precisely the spell of this caverns ceiling causes the shadows to pull down on the weapons. Terraces eyes went wide behind his mask, Zelig was now standing on his right leg, left holding the weapons. Shamed, terrace held out a folded piece of yellow parchment to Zelig, which was immediately snapped up, and terrace took his leave in a silent fury towards his... no, Zelig’s guildhall.

Zelig read the paper,

[ Tournament: All Warriors Invited. It will be held on the moon Killer
All skilled warriors must arrive and register at least two days before the tournament is held.
It will be decided, as it is every few years, who are the most powerful warriors of all the worlds. ]

The smiled behind his mask turned to a grin as he crumpled up the paper and through it behind him. A Kaiden warrior was assigned to watch him, snatched it from the air. Zelig heard a slight crumple indicating that the paper had indeed been caught, zelig spoke “Take that to Xolotl, he wants to see it,” He heard the Kaiden begin to smart off, but the man thought better of it and just walked away.

21st October 2004, 05:56 PM
Nox was very much alone in his own guildhall, mostly because he hid away from the others often not wanting his presence to be known. However this was not an easy task, and the Scholars of Simplicity were almost as attentive as the Faceless. The room was made of fine marble and refined wood mostly, but Nox didn't care much for what material it was made of. He mostly cared about how much water was available for him to bath and lounge in, moreover there was only one single fountain in the center of the dormitory hall.

I guess I should see Zelig now, it has been a long time since I have left this house, and I am eager to leave it. This particular building needs more moisture and water in it, perhaps I could change that being the current leader of the guild.

With that Nox made his way slowly over to Zelig and Corrint, he was wiggling on and on with great effort. Going quite fast for a reptile, Nox came upon the two in a couple of minutes. Now with them, Nox spoke up to Corrint, "What are you and the Master up to on this fine day? The hovering light you call the 'sun' is upon us in such a rare angle, that only once a day you can see it in this way."

Appearing over to the Kaiden who had just went off from the two, Nox entered the individual's mind and extracted the Kaiden's most recent events.

I wonder why Zelig would send him off to Xolotl to simply deliver a paper. How disrespectful of Master Zelig, surely he must of have known it would be proper to give the letter to Xolotl himself. Then again, these customs of the upper sanctum tend to vary from nation to nation, not like the graceful ways of the Weirdlings.

21st October 2004, 05:57 PM
Once Bob had told his new recruits what to look for he started to feel uneasy. Something was amiss, though he knew not what.

He hated the feeling. When ever he got it something was always going to screw up his plans. He needed to take a walk so, after beconing two Warriors to flank him, he left the hall and headed for the centeral square, something was drawing him there.


After a few minutes of slow walking he spoted two faceless conversing, something passing between them.

"Flank them. Do not let that one escape. I want to be able to question them. Do you understand me?"

Twin "Yes my leage'' were heard as the two men flanking Bob did as he commanded. Bob waited another few secodns before deciding to move on again. He wondered if his men would be able to found up the faceless or not.

21st October 2004, 06:05 PM
Zalera walked slowly down the stretch of road of the town. His head prickled with hair just beginning to sprout from his shaved head, the nearly hairless head reflecting the sunlight. Stone cold eyes gazed thoughtlessly on the children about ‘playing’ their games of war, fighting in the streets with other Kaiden watching close by. A sleeveless white shirt covered his chest, his arms well built. Dirty trousers dragged along on the ground, under the heel of his soft leather shoes, built for soundlessness and use, not comfort. The Kaiden walked wit ha certain regard of dignity, his body baptized in blood, yet still he had ‘honor’ in this community. A worth opponent to fight.

Zalera came to see the statue in the center of town within view. He was unlike most of the Kaiden, in that he preferred the Spartan life, having known only living at minimum for the majority of his young, short life. He had no grand philosophies, just youthful angst and aggression, and a cold tempered will of steel.

He nodded to a fellow Kaiden as they passed, a note in the others hands Zalera would have been unable to read, even should the other shown it to his face.

Finding some grandmasters within the town center the ‘cleaner’ as he had called himself walked before them, standing silently aside from the conversation, observing for the moment, his cold gray eyes seeming unmoving, seeming precise, seeming critical.

A new day, I wonder what chores the masters have for us today. Zalera thought, remembering some of his previous laundry loads, filthy swine that he had disposed of with notable efficiency. Zaleras wandering stoen eyes traveled up the faceless named Zelig, known through out many ranks for his abilities, and as most faceless, known to their Kaiden ‘counter parts’.

22nd October 2004, 10:47 PM
Iwish - You were suposed to describe a bit of your guild hall in your first post, I will give you a chance to do it again here. Iwish, try to add the details of others posts a bit more in yours.

Zelig kept his leg firm, balencing his weapons on them, as the Lizard nox emerged from the Scholars guild hall. "Hoy nox, there will be a toruniment, soon, on another world. I was wondering if you would join," Zelig said with real respect, "I sent an invitation to Xolotl and..." Zelig looked up as Terrace entered the faceless guildhall, noticing Defector Hito approaching him, "I was about to send a message to hito, but he is doing me the favor of comign here first." Zelig then took a deep breath before shouting, "Hito! There will be a toruniment on another world, if you wish you may gather the best of your guild and meet me here in a few moments!"

Ignoring his inferior once again he looked to Nox, "It would be a pleasure to have you join my exhibition." Then Zelig spoke half to himself and half to Noc, "Alexis, a man I heard of is reknowned for his combat abilitys, will no doubt be there - Xolotl, Hito, or I would definately be good sport for him... perhaps you would too?" Zelig noticed several other Scholars, Kaiden, Faceless, and Defectors sulking through the streets though ignored him. They no doubt heard what he had to say to Nox and Hito, if they wanted to join they would either approach their respective masters, or Zelig himself.

22nd October 2004, 11:55 PM
it is hiko.

Also I posted what my guild looked like in my first post in teh thread so I though I didn't have to do it here. That and it was a first post that I only read yours on because I didn't know Nox had posted.

Bob gremaced as the leader of the Faceless mispronouced his name.

"It is Hiko, not Hito. There is a difference you know. One refers to me and the other one dousn't. Get it right will ya? Also this Alexis charecter. How much do you know about him?"

Signaling with his hands to his two body guards he told them to go and fetch as many Defectors that wanted to go to a tournament. The saluted smartly and left.

"My men will be back shortly. How long do we have to prepare for the tournament?"


As the two men entered their guild's main hall they took a moment to survey their suroundings. roof of the building was roughing one hundred feet high, doomed at the top with the painting of some nameless battle.

Long, sparkling white collums spanned the height, made in the ancient roman style. Between each of the pillers was everyone that had ever joined the Defectors, only partialy filling the one thousand foot long room, many more spaces left in collums needed filling. At the far end, oposite the door, sat a lovely golden throne, which belong to the current leader.

After the few minuets they took doing that the men hurried to do their leader's bidding.

23rd October 2004, 11:10 AM
The sun overhead started to intrigue Nox, as there was no sun in the lower sanctum and for some strange reason it was brighter and more magnificent here in the guilds than anywhere Nox had been so far. Even so, the statue in the center made Nox ponder as to how he could get himself up there. Surely such a great honor would bring many Scholars to his cause, and he was considerably short compared to the other guilds.

Strange places these guilds are, fine architecture almost what I'd deem royal.

Then the words of Zelig came to Nox, "I sent an invitation to Xolotl and... I was about to send a message to hito, but he is doing me the favor of coming here first. It would be a pleasure to have you join my exhibition. Alexis, a man I heard of is reknowned for his combat abilitys, will no doubt be there - Xolotl, Hito, or I would definately be good sport for him... perhaps you would too?"

Nox knew that his reply to such an invitation would be too long to be spoken aloud, so he spoke to Zelig telepathically. "Of course I will join this exhibition you have planned, it would be a privilege to fight with many of the strong warriors in this realm. However, you said to Hiko that it was upon another planet? We Weirdlings have little documents on other worlds, so I might not be too enthusiastic about that part. Still, Alexis? You say he is very powerful, but he is a mere man. I feel he won't stand against the Weirdling magic, despite what combat skills he may possess."

23rd October 2004, 11:44 AM
Inside the highest chamber room of the ziggurat-like Kaiden Guild Hall, Xolotl lowered himself to the stone floor on both knees, raising his green fist and his demonic dagger up in the air.

"What am I to do, my gods? I kill and wage war, but for how long will it last? Will there be nothing left?"

The massive Azteca Warrior dropped his arms in despair, lowering his head. Give me some sign.. It was not that he disliked war; he loved it passionately. He simply feared what would happen once there was nothing left to conquer and kill. Suddenly, a youthful Kaiden approached from behind, still standing quite a ways shorter than the kneeling Kaiden Grandmaster.

"Grandmaster, I bring an important message for you."

"Ah... an omen!"


As the blossoming Kaiden youth neared, Xolotl flipped his dagger into a reverse position, suddenly turning to the right while rising, imbedding the Tlacatecolotl into the side of his victim. The young man staggered back, a look of horror in his face as he looked far up into the cruel red eyes of his betrayer.

"Are you not honored? You are barely worthy of having your blood spilled by this sacred dagger!”

The youth was a fool, getting the note all bloody like that. Not much of a messenger, with not much of a future; at least not a very long one. Xolotl picked up the note, reading it with the stone expression on his face that he always wore. To become a faceless was one thing, but to be born as if destined to be faceless was another. At any rate, his skill at hand-to-hand combat ensured that such a similarity with his Faceless Guild rivals would not serve as a problem, and made a tournament that much more interesting.

A tournament? Surely this is an omen, then!

There was only a moment of thought before Xolotl decided that he would give a sacrifice to the gods to thank for the signs and for good fortune in the tournament. The Aztec grabbed the young man by the shoulder, painting the human sacrifice’s face with its own blood, and pushing him over to a large and circular stone table, shone upon by a ray of light flowing from an opening in the ceiling. He propped the youth on his back on the table, spreading out his arms and legs and binding them to the altar. Saying one last prayer, and standing at the side, Xolotl clenched his dagger high above his head, and powerfully thrust it down through the center of the sacrifice’s torso, just in the center of the circle. It was done. Xolotl put the boody dagger back at his side, and left the chamber, passing through a large, colonnaded stone hall and leaving through the High Entrance. The Kaiden Grandmaster descended the long stair and made his way over to the Great Circle in the center of Sartera.

23rd October 2004, 12:49 PM
Caim had been walking around in the streets of Sartera under the heat of the sun. His pale skin couldn't take much more of it so he decided to head back to his guild hall. As Caim walked the streets he looked down at his clothing and his white skin. It appears my skin is beginning to cope with the sun, it is no longer a pale white it has a almost golden tint to it.

With each foot step the halls echoed with the sound of metal on stone. Caim's light boots with the metal heel attracted attention wherever he went, but this Demon loves attention. The usual black and green robes that adorned the figure of the Demon were now replaced by a white robe with red trim. Laizo, the bone katana, still hung at his hip ready for the next battle to break out. The soul within the blade was calling for the taste of blood, it had been nearly seven days since the last blood shed.

When Caim finally arrived at the guild halls he spotted Zelig first, aswell as Nox the lizard and a few other people. The sound of Caim's foot step's were sure to let the others know that he was here but he still felt the need to annouce himself. When the Demon finally reached the group he gave a short nod to Zelig his superior before speaking, "What is this I hear of a tournament?" Caim said in his sick demented tone. "Laizo is hungry and I am in need of feeding my precious." Caim says as his eyes lift from the figure of the others and lower onto the magnificent craftsmenship of Laizo's bone sheath and hollow hilt.

Lifting his eyes from his creation a sadistic smile spread across his thin lips. "Don't you agree?"

23rd October 2004, 01:22 PM
The conversations was of a tournament. And spoken with such volume that lead Zalera to believe it was an open invitation to any who wished to join.

His grandmaster was approaching. Perhaps he would allow the young Kaiden to accompany him on the travel to this far off land, that he may further see and experience forms of hand to hand combat, so that one day he may become second in command.

As Xolotl approached the group Zalera threw himself to both knees, his arms spread, his palms upon the ground, his forehead touching the ground.

“I have heard news. I respectfully request to join the Grand Master on the expedition.”

The youth knew his master was at times cruel, but that was for their benefit. He had trained them well, and made them Kaiden, otherwise what would they be? Faceless?

23rd October 2004, 01:59 PM
Hiko loathed Caim and his pet demon, though he didn't let it show on his face. Nothing showed on his face for that matter. The man rarely cracked a smile or showed an emotion, this didn't stop him from filling them though. It was always better for underlings to think you were pasive and thinking, not controled by emotions.

"Caim.....is that thing truely your precious? What about Sartera? What about the balance that must be maintained inorder for our culture to survive. Our you saing that Sartera falls behind a peice of old bone in order of importance to you? You are a fool if you think this." His voice gave no hint at the true hatred Bob felt.

23rd October 2004, 05:18 PM
OOC: Just to make sure, The Faceless hate everyone but the Scholars, who are our friends. Right? If not, then I messed up here.

For some reason, I always picture Caden's voice as that of the guy who plays Hiei and Android 17's voices.

IC: Caden turned his back as the sun began to pass its highpoint in the sky so that the sliver of his shadow lay before him. He was a strange one, as his fellow faceless would always say behind his back, but he always heard them. He came to Sartera from a distant land many years ago. The clothes on his back were that of a ragged shiek. They were torn and burnt in some places, dark green, red and purple, and black, both naturally and unnaturally. He had no money with which to purchase new robes, but even if he did, he could not bring himself to cast these off. They were the clothes he had worn throughout his life as an assassin and, for the time being, remnants of that life still lingered on his shoulders.

He was no faceless, altough, for the time being, his allegience leaned most heavily towards them. Instead of a mask, which was traditional of faceless, he wore a rag over his face to cover everything below his red eyes. For now, his hood was up and his head turned down so that even those could not be seen.

“You are the one always lecturing the Faceless on balance, do you not see how you disrupt it?” Corrint finally said exasperated. Zelig was standing on his left foot, his right leg extended fully in front of him.

"Careful, Zelig, you wouldn't want to drop that sword and have it stab you in the foot." Caden had come out today to watch Zelig show off his new balancing act. It was quite amusing.

For now, Caden sat at the base of the giant statue and listened to Zelig and Corrint argue. His hands were half outstretched, holding the hilt of his sword so that the sheath's tip lay vertically between his feet. A wooden fighting stick, which he passed off as his "cane," rested against the statue by his side. Although his methods were often crude and lacking sophistication, none of the faceless questioned him after once witnessing what a skilled fighter he really was.

“You misunderstand, take your current trick for instance. Terrace has been practicing since you first showed them, and can now-” Zelig interrupted her, “I know his, I have been awake here since dawn to show Terrace a new ‘trick’ as you put it."

"Easy, you two, no need to fight here." Suddenly, a chill ran down the assassin's spine.

Hmm, an aura like that could only come from one person I know of.

He looked up to see Master Terrace walking towards the three, his face hiding behind his mask, though, having been amongst them for so long, Caden recognized who it was.

As Terrace opened his mouth behind the mask, Zelig held a single finger on his left hand to his own mask, indicating silence. Terrace, now mildly unsettled, notices that Zelig is doing one of his balance exercises. The mans right leg was stretched out before him with the mans weapons of choice balanced atop each other.

"Best be quit, Terrace. Wouldn't want to be the cause of Zelig getting hurt now," he joked.

The smiled behind his mask turned to a grin as he crumpled up the paper and through it behind him. A Kaiden warrior was assigned to watch him, snatched it from the air. Zelig heard a slight crumple indicating that the paper had indeed been caught, zelig spoke “Take that to Xolotl, he wants to see it,” He heard the Kaiden begin to smart off, but the man thought better of it and just walked away.

Caden stood up, his sword held loosely in his left hand with the hilt sticking out forward. "What is it Zelig? Is something the matter?"

He then glared at the Kaiden warrior with a feeling half of disgust as he walked off.

That's right, you just keep walking if you know what's good for you.

"I was about to send a message to hito, but he is doing me the favor of comign here first." Zelig then took a deep breath before shouting, "Hito! There will be a toruniment on another world, if you wish you may gather the best of your guild and meet me here in a few moments!"

Caden turned towards Zelig. "Heh, we don't need Defectors getting in our way. Why should we invite them?" Suddenly, he felt a soothing aura as Nox, the leader of the Scholars of Simplicity, approached.

He listened as he and Zelig talked about the tournament. "Oh, Master Nox, I didn't know you could fight. I would very much like to see that."

"However, you said to Hiko that it was upon another planet? We Weirdlings have little documents on other worlds, so I might not be too enthusiastic about that part. Still, Alexis? You say he is very powerful, but he is a mere man. I feel he won't stand against the Weirdling magic, despite what combat skills he may possess."

A cocky smiled formed under the ragged cloth draped over his face and his eyes narrowed. "Heh, that is, provided he survives against the rest of us. Really, though, I had no idea Scholars could fight. For some reason, I always pictured them as being soft and fragile, holed up in libraries. I eagerly await the day when we get to see you fight. Oh, Zelig, Caim is coming."

He turned his head in the direction of his fellow faceless and then proceded to tie his sword's sheath around his back, as was where he normally kept it. Caden then picked up his "cane" and stood alongside Zelig.

23rd October 2004, 06:58 PM
Xolotl looked down upon the man bowing down towards him. Certainly a form of respect, but Xolotl cared little for such things. He simply was utterly dedicated to war, and would find nearly any excuse to start one. The more experienced Kaiden master, Daevas Salaktori, never had a problem with such things either, helping Xolotl become the Grandmaster of the Kaiden Guild of Sartera. And now, as Grandmaster, he saw a follower that seemed willing to wage war. Would he refuse battle and bloodshed? Of course not!

"Vindicator," addressed Xolotl grimly, "are you prepared to kill? And are you prepared to die?"

23rd October 2004, 07:28 PM
Risign to his feet the cleaner looked at the much larger Grandmaster of the Kaiden guild, his stone gray eyes without emotion revealed little. Zalera thought for a moment, “Grand master. We live but to die. And we only truly live in battle. Wouldn‘t you agree? How much can you know about yourself when you haven‘t been in battle?.”

The young Kaiden looked to his idol, the grandmaster, and looked to the faceless. “So I may accompany you, into battle, my chief?” The kaiden asked, his lips curled in a devilish grin as he anticipated battle, to better hoen his skills and demonstrate his loyalty and strength before the grand master.

23rd October 2004, 07:41 PM
Léon was busy practicing his average martil arts. He stood on a wooden plank elevated a good distance off the ground. He practiced combonations of kicks, punches and throws, along with balance techniques and breathing. A good fighter knew that balance and breathing added easily to the power beind an attack.

A comotion arose below him. It looked like Master Zelig and a few others were speaking of something below him, and it rather disturbed his usual serentiy. Instead of ingoring it he checked it out. He just simply jumped.

Léon landed with his body downwards. He picked his body up to reveal half of his face covered with a mask. The mask was white except the red cover over his black eye, however the other part of his face that was revealed let those lay eye on his red eye. He had another mask that had a black eye to cover his red eye and reveal his black eye. The only reason for the masks was the fact most were freightened of his unusual eye combonation reffereing to him as a demon.

It was a tournament of which they spoke, and his fellow kaiden were being egotistical as usual. Léon was rather disgusted with his fellow Kaiden warriors, they were war mongrols nothing more. Léon was known to a few as the Kaiden Silencer, mainly for his quick movements, his mental balance, and in total control of his emotions. "I don't mean to rain in on your parade, but I die for no one, unless I have a good enough reason."

Léon was never much for authority, even for his closest respective leaders, however he had more respect for Master Zelig than anyone. "However, Master Zelig, what exactly is this tournament about?" His voice was pretty brash, calm in a way, but he didn't take heed to the others. He glance around noticing that most of his superiors were around him. His eyes widened as he quickly bowed to each and every superior including Xolotl, no matter how much he didn't like him.

23rd October 2004, 11:34 PM
<<OOC: The Demon is Caim himself...and Laizo is the name of his sword. I just haven't updated my Profile.>>

Caim's look shifted quickly to the figure that is Bob Hiko. "Are you blind you foul, I would not be apart of this place if Sartera wasn't important to me. If you had any intelligence you would realize that my blade is my precious and it is that which needs the blood." Caim's long slender finger's hung gingerly around the hollow hilt of Laizo.

Caim's eyes stared down the figure of this man. He better have a swift hand if he wishes to speak such words... The wind had picked up slightly causing Caim's white robes to blow about some around him concealing his true physical shape. Underneath the robes Caim's body was extreamely well crafted, some consider Caim almost obsessive about his body working out for more then six hours a day.

Caim's face wasn't even covered with a mask yet. He was a faceless with no training, his face was bare no mask adorned his pale face. He had come to the Guilds of Sartera to learn from Zelig but has yet to learn anything. Caim isn't worried though because his current fighting capabilities are exceptional, he just doesn't know how to use the faceless combat style.

Turning he waits for either Hiko or Zelig's response to him. This Hiko was quick to talk, I wonder if he is quick to act. On the other hand Zelig is mysterious, not giving off much emotion or expressions for the most part.

24th October 2004, 03:54 AM
Hiko smirked when he saw the word trap that the bone sword and it's owner were falling into.

"Did I say anything about blood? No. Blood is important to true warriros, not that you are one. I said that you called that sword your precious. Most intellegent people do almost anything to protect their most prized possesion, or in your case their precious. If that even means forsaking their world or the lives of countless others they will."

Here Bob turned to Zelig and took out his sword.

"Zelig I will gladly kill this unworthy beast with your permission. HE is of your clan and that is the only reason I ask."

24th October 2004, 12:41 PM
OOC: Notorious, watch it with the verb tenses changing, man.

IC: As the wind picked up, it blew in a northeasternly direction, the direction in which Caden was facing. His long and tattered garments blew forward, concealing any and all flesh of his from the side or rear view. Without anyone seeming to notice, he had picked up his wooden "cane" and held it out at an angle between Hiko and Caim.

"I'm disgusted that whenever people see my name in writing, they read it the same way as you filth. Why don't you run along now and tell your boss I said that. And tell him that while he's at it, to change the name of his guild to something more sleezy and vermin-related. I'm sure he'd save me the trouble and take your head himself if you did. I'd consider it a personal favor, actually ..."

Rotating his staff with his wrist, he turned it downward so that it rested vertically along his side. His back was still turned to the Kaiden. "... unless you'd rather get it over with now. I'd recommend you leaving right now. We're three faceless versus one lone Kaiden. I very much doubt Léon will help you. He has too much respect for Zelig. It wouldn't hurt for you to learn from him. Now run along, you two."

24th October 2004, 02:50 PM
An excellent response formed a slight, but rare, smile on the green visage of the Aztec.

"Yes," answered the warmonger, "We shall soon see how much blood you will spill. Live to kill, and make peace with war!"

"I don't mean to rain in on your parade, but I die for no one, unless I have a good enough reason."

Xolotl slowly turned his towards the small Kaiden, who looked like merely a child to him.

"Watch your insolence, boy. Those who defy war are ravaged by its vengeance! If you want to be weak, the Faceless Guild Hall is just past the Northeast Road!"

The Grandmaster may have offered to kill the thing, but he knew that much more out of him, especially if he disgraced the Kaiden during battle, would result in the Vindicator turning into a human practice dummy. Suddenly, the war master's ears picked up something about three faceless against a single Kaiden. He turned around, his red eyes burning deep into little eyes of Caden. Xolotl proudly walked over to the offender, standing squarely in front of him, hands at his side, his massive body and tall, headress-like helm eclipsing the sunlight and casting the faceless in a dark, ominous shadow.

"Your blood is nothing. Do you desire to see the light of day again, or would you rather yearn for it in the black depths of Hell?"

Such talk would seem characteristic of Xolotl, except that he typically wouldn't say anything at all. It was strange behavior, and there had to be some sort of explanation for it.

24th October 2004, 03:30 PM
As the goliath of a Kaiden walked towards him, Caden noticed a giant shadow crawling past him on the ground. He turned his head towards the 9 foot tall giant and with a tone of defiance, began to speak.

"Hey, big guy. Thanks for the shade. How's the weather up there? I guess you were so close that there wasn't any need to send your crawny to deliver the message, you heard it yourself."

"Your blood is nothing. Do you desire to see the light of day again, or would you rather yearn for it in the black depths of Hell?"

"Heh, I've been to hell and back again, but thanks anyway. It's nice this time of year, I hear. Shall I book you an appointment?"

The stranger now turned completely so that his whole body faced Xolotl. The Aztec-looking warrior was easily twice the size of the little red-head, but Caden spoke as if he were the bigger of the two. Standing there looking up at the Kaiden leader reminded him of a similar instance he had faced in hell. Back then, he had gotten off easily, but since then, he had developed better fighting skills to back his words.

"So, since you heard me, are you going to change your name or not?"

24th October 2004, 04:02 PM
Xolotl's eyes blazed, and his open hand shot out towards Caden's throat, ready to squeeze it so hard that the bloody head would pop off. His red eyes shined with a black tint, and suddenly his hand stopped short of its target. His arms spread out and his head tilted back to face the skies. A ghostly breath was heard as Xolotl's mouth opened wide, a black smoke escaping forth from it, swirling once around the god of war, then dissappearing. Xolotl said nothing, seeming as if to be a moving statue, but he was enfuriated. The Black Demon had haunted him for quite some time, a wraith in his life and a nightmare in his sleep. That tricky phantom never ceased to wreak havoc, but Xolotl had given up on catching him by then.

At any rate, the Kaiden Guildmaster had a deep lust for battle that overcame all else, and so he turned towards Zelig with his arms crossed in front of his chest.

"I will kill," stated Xolotl. The other leaders would know what it meant: that one way or another, Xolotl was ready to spill enough blood to swim in, and he didn't care much for who the victim was.

24th October 2004, 05:52 PM
Sorry Iwish, I didn’t mean to misspell your name but I will role-play it out. Maru NONE OF US HATE EACH OTHER. It is a rivalry, we each think and try to be, better than each other. But when the whole of Sartera is involved the guilds are as one. Smarting off to the guilds is ok, but a guild leader is dangerous. InCly of course. OOCly I don’t care much.

Terrace walked inside the guildhall he designed and for the most part built, looking around slowly. The room was made as the same darkened oak as most of the faceless canes. Though the building was huge stone blocks on the outside. The interior seemed to be a single small room. Well if you considered fifty by fifty small. There were eleven circular tables arranged in what seemed to be no certain pattern, each with five chairs around it. The tables and chairs were made, too, of darkened oak. They were completely un adorned, aside from a scattered faceless here and there bringing strips of bread from a wooden plate to his lips.

Though none turned to greet him, they all knew he was there. He walked to the furthest wooden wall, which was the only one, which had any adornment. Stood atop the large one man stage that faceless used for speeches or to show off new techniques. Touching a spot on the center of the wall, Terrace came away with an iron coin. Without a word he began to walk out. Other faceless stood up to follow, they all knew a fight was coming and wanted to prove to there new guild master they were the best.


Zelig waved his hand at Hiko, “We have been over this.” Zelig was getting mildly annoyed at this, “Due to my age and the changes of vo’abulary and languages over several hundred years, pronunciations differ. But if you insist I will use more effort... Hiko.” The “k” sounded dirty coming from his mouth, not because of any contempt Zelig put in his voice(because he didn’t), but because of the odd sounding hard consonant. Zelig was known for smooth rhythms in his voice. Even when he spoke a ‘t’ it flowed smoothly from his lips. He finished his thoughts completely dismissing Hiko from his mind with a comment, “Only a few minutes, I suspect Xolotl will be eager to leave.”

Directing his attention at the lizard, a recent addition to Sartera; like himself, he replied “Nay, Alexis holds power beyond normal comprehension. He has ascended far beyond the human race...” After a brief pause “From my knowledge of him, I have no faith in him ever being a member, he is something far more powerful.” Cain had been speaking to him during the course of his arguments with Tera and then said that Caim was approaching. Grinning behind his mask he shouts out to Caim (after Caim’s short speech), “Laizo will feed soon.” Returning his attention to Cain, “I would be wary of what you say to the scholars, they are much hardier then you could imagine.”

Zelig then, at this moment was completely surprised, However, Master Zelig, what exactly is this tournament about?" Almost losing balance with his weapons, he regained composure even before the normal man could notice he lost it, shaking his head at Leon he simply have a one word answer “Winning.”

An argument erupted between Hiko and Caim, Zelig breaking in only after he was asked. Nodding for Caim to calm himself, he spoke in tones that might be considered anger – but the tonal change was much to feint to be certain, “Apologize to Hiko, as he is a Guild Leader a certain amount of respect is owed to his position.” Before the appologie could be made, Zelig turned to Hiko, “You will refrain from baiting members of my guild.” Zelig felt he could explain his point more clearly, and ad a bit of respect as well “Remember, we are all soldiers. We all kill on battlefields.” There, that was a compliment, he commanded the army. The army was definitely important to Sartera. He continued in tones much more soft and smooth “Yours, may actually be a field – but his is the night.” Then after a long pause after-all that was a hidden insult. He had said that to save face for himself and Caim. Finally Zelig finished, “Do not start fires you may not be able to fully put out.” The short one-sided dialog was perfect. It had insolence, respect, and a threat.

Zelig noticed that Xolotl was fuming, rage boiling from the inside. Kicking his weapons into the air, he caught them fast as lighting and sheathed the sword within the sheathe. Terrace walked up next to Caden and pulled him back whispering in his ear, “you tread dangerous ground.” Zelig walked next to Xolotl and reached out his hand, “May the tournament fare well for us both.” Because Zelig said no names, it was a neutral statement, noone was listed first. Perhaps the phrase would calm the man as Tera began violently waving he hands in the background.

Soon a huge portal opened up, a perfect picture of an area normal for a planet, if it was a little dusty, The edges of the portal made purely of ash. No one stepped forwards, waiting for one of the Guild Leaders to go first. Tera spoke with a bit of exhaustion in her voice, “It will be a few days before I can open the portal back. Those who want to go had better be in for a bit of a stay.” Zelig nodded, throwing a bag of gold to Terrace “Register me as Zelig the faceless. Make sure every faceless signed up has faceless in there name. This will be interesting to see the groups reaction...I on the other hand will be going to the biggest bar if you need to find me.” Terrace didn’t move, waiting for a Guild Leader to make the first move. Zelig waited a moment, giving Xolotl the opportunity to pass through first, a sign of respect that Zelig felt would calm the big man.

24th October 2004, 08:45 PM
Xolotl's stern face was as expressionless as the mask when he was offered a hand. He did nothing. If Xolotl was somehow overcome by normal feelings, he probably wouldn't even know what to do. Now, a being of war, a handshake just wasn't one of the things he'd do. But he was pleased that they would begin, and recognized the honor of being the first to go through to portal and enter into the new world.

Walking forth in front of the ashen portal that illuminated his entire body, Xolotl paused for a moment quickly collecting his thoughts, then dissappeared into the hazy image.

24th October 2004, 09:29 PM
Sorry about the last post guys, there was a shit load to talk about and it woul dhave taken too long to write it well due to its content.

Zelig followed immediately after Xolotl, still proud he had avoided a greater conflict, not shaken at all by the mans lack of handshake. Immediately after him was Terrace, but Zelig paid no attention to any others. The last one through was Tera, who was helped through the portal by a pair of Faceless Zelig couldn’t recognize right away. He faced everyone and spoke clearly enough for all to hear, “Admission will be reimbursed by the guild you are associated with, there are warm up rounds today, but I would suggest staying away from them. I don’t want anyone thinking there are seriously faceless here.” Without another word Zelig spun on his heal and began walking north west.


Terrace took over at this point with a similar tone of Zelig’s, “Directly north is the arena, nothing much just sand surrounded by a circle of red stones. Register there, northwest is town proper.” Pointing at the two faceless that helped Tera through the portal, “Azrof, Remnice, I will register for you. Your primary duty is to protect Tera.” Then in a similar fashion to Zelig, he spun around and began walking north.


Before Zelig reached the bar, he took his mask off, revealing a dark cloth veil over his entire face. Zelig strapped the mask tot he inside of his left arm under his robes where it would still be useful, but remain hidden as well. Upon reaching the bar, he took a seat silently – ordering just water. Using his observational skills he began learning about the people in the bar listening to every conversation at once – sorting them out instantly in his head. Sipping on water, he waited patiently for someone from his own guild, or someone he respected to show up. “-Master Zelig taught me himself in Pirate Combat.” “You were being an ass and he hit you with a chair mate, that hardly counts as teaching you.”

Zelig realized his old clan would be here to compete as well, and then another bolt of realization hit him, Knights of Darkness might be here in force as well.

24th October 2004, 11:13 PM
Leg over the other, Reyn sat comfortably, still shrouded in the darkness of the common hall's corner. A young man walked in, looking eager. Quickly recognizing him as one of Master Hiko's personal guards, Reyn put away her bow and walked towards the man with a certain air of confidence. As the man caught glimpse of Reyn, he quickly caught up with her.

"Ms, Master Hiko warrants your presence immidietly. It's about the tournament."

Raising her brow, Reyn brushed past him without a word and made her way towards the center statue. Still down the road, she could only make out some of the speech, but it was enough to gather what she needed. A faceless woman opened a portal, and a large Kaiden warrior stepped through.

"Damn.." Reyn muttered, taking to a quick run towards the quickly vanishing group. She had only slipped through behind the last three as it closed behind her. Another faceless man began talking as Reyn strayed out of view..

“Directly north is the arena, nothing much just sand surrounded by a circle of red stones. Register there, northwest is town proper.”

Now wanting to question, Reyn headed north to register for the battle. Knowing Hiko would register, she wondered how many more would. Hiko would not stay in power forever, his temper was short, and his thinking rash and quick. It would get him killed, if not by his own foolishness.

25th October 2004, 06:52 AM
Xolotl's eyes blazed, and his open hand shot out towards Caden's throat, ready to squeeze it so hard that the bloody head would pop off. His red eyes shined with a black tint, and suddenly his hand stopped short of its target. His arms spread out and his head tilted back to face the skies.

Caden closed his eyes gently, in relaxation and focus, rather than in fear. A small grin grew upon his face behind his cloth mask. He let his energy escape his body and reach Xolotl's, sensing his aura.

Heh, his aura isn't strong enough. He's not going to do it.

As Xolotl stopped his hand before his throat, Caden slowly opened his eyes and looked up at the giant Kaiden.

A wise choice.

“you tread dangerous ground.”

Suddenly, Caden felt a hand plop onto his should. In shock, he turned and withdrew himself from the grasp to see that it was Zelig who had grabbed him.

U-uh! He snuck up on me?! But how? Whew, thankfully, it was only Zelig and not some enemy. Still, is he really that much in control, or was I just not focused? Perhaps it was that he was just so relaxed during the whole thing and that I didn't notice his aura because of Xolotl's. That may be, because I barely felt it when he was practicing his balancing act, but still, to remain that controlled ...

His mind wandered back into reality as he stepped down. He wouldn't normally do such a thing, even for his friends, but having just been taken by surprise by Zelig, he thought it best just to back off.


Caden stood by idly as everyone prepared to go through the portal.

“Admission will be reimbursed by the guild you are associated with, there are warm up rounds today, but I would suggest staying away from them. I don’t want anyone thinking there are seriously faceless here.”

"Heh, so much for eating out. I guess now, I'll have to eat outdoors."

The stranger watched as Zelig went through, then Terrace. Caden seemed to disappear in a flash, leaving only a slight motion blur behind him, only to reappear in front of the portal a moment later. He hadn't really disappeared. It was just that he was so fast that, unless one had a sharp enough eye, no distinction could be made.

"Well, here goes." With a deep breath, Caden stepped through the portal and emerged on the other side.

I'll never get used to travelling through portals like that. Oh ...

At that moment, Caden spotted Zelic walking off in a direction away from the arena. He hesitated for a moment. Then, seeing that no one else was following the guild leader, he decided that this was the perfect opportunity.

"Hey," he called to one of his fellow guild members who had passed through the portal. "Do me a favor and register my name at the arena for me." Without turning to look at who exactly was there, though he could tell it was a Faceless, he tossed a small pouch of gold to the man and went off after Zelig.

He started out at a steady jog and then disappeared in a short blur as before. A few seconds later, he reappeared, though further up the road from where Zelig was. Caden waited in the middle of the road for Zelig and when he finally came, he just stood there, completely motionless.

"Tell me ... " he said, his red eyes staring at Zelig's face with both curiosity and unrest, for he still did not know how the leader of the Faceless was able to sneak up on him.

"Tell me, Zelig, how were you able to do that?"

25th October 2004, 03:18 PM
Hiko would not stay in power forever, his temper was short, and his thinking rash and quick. It would get him killed, if not by his own foolishness.

Oh no.....I have failed. Sigh. My charecter is supposed to be cold and calculating, calm and collected, only engaging in fights he thinks he can win. Where did I go wrong?

Oh and marushia make your posts shorter for goodness sakes. You could make a simple slap last for two paragraphs.

Hiko listened top the senceliss barter about him and tuned it out. Zelig and Caim. Both of them he would have to remember. Both of them would have to pay for defing him, and better yet in public.

He would have to be carefull about Zelig. He was much better organized and trained. The battle between them would be hard, most likaly not in Bob's favor. Caim on the other hand was different. He should be easy to kill. Maybe a battle to the death or he might have one of his shades kill him from the shadows. A well placed dagger should do the trick.

His mind continued it's thoughs for a few minutes before noticing that the portal to the tournament had been opened. He stepped though.

Short but I have other stuff to do. sorry.

25th October 2004, 03:47 PM
Blissfully Nox eyed all those around him; Xolotl was already labeled as the “hot-head” by him, although this Hiko seemed to be indefinite so far. Zelig was and has always been a mystery, and Nox barely tried trying to assess his personality. There were a few lower ranks among them, they were the individuals Nox paid most attention to. Both of the ones he considered the most were mortals, one allegedly named ‘Caden’ and the other Reyn. The young Weirdling (for his race) had always somewhat of a discrimination towards mortals, especially humans. Barely living on the world long enough to enjoy it, Nox felt they were inadequate creatures better used for labor than companions. However it would appear that a great percentage of the Guild Members were humans and he would have to deal with that.

Hmm… Altogether this is unquestionably a weak fighter force so far, in magic terms. I’m sure they’re all satisfactory in weapons combat, but they will fail if any spellcaster is sent against them. Hopefully the other participants have no skill in magic as well, otherwise my colleagues are in immense peril.

The portal ahead of the Weirdling was far larger than he needed, and traveling through it was an easy task. Once on the other side, Nox felt that he had forgotten something; then he remembered! He forgot to pay his entrance fee, usually Nox was against using the mortal’s system of currency but in his current situation it would be imperative that he did. Yet he could not pay if he wanted to, with no place to carry a purse of gold Nox had to cheat his way in. Using his abilities in illusion, Nox created some counterfeit gold coins and he simply walked up to the registration area near the north and gave them the coins with his Whequen (tongue-like thing on his forehead). Nox then requested to the registration employee, “Put me under Nox, and acquire me a suitable room in the town. I will return when it is time for the tournament, or qualifications.”

The employee gave Nox a key, and he curled his Whequen over it and held it there. He then left the registration area and went into the town to the northwest where he went into the Inn and went into his room. When he was inside, all the Weirdling did was fill up the bathtub; then he jumped inside rather joyfully. From there on he began to lounge as he waited for the tournament or some sort of event to occur which required him.

25th October 2004, 04:01 PM
Hiko let the wave of naseu pass over him, his sickness not showing on his face, and watched as the lizard-like man entered the tournament with false coins. Thinking of a way that he might be able to get rid of a potential opponet in the battles to come he grabed the bag of gold that was hidden in his cloak.

Walking towards the registration both as Nox left he put downt he fee, in real money.

"Put me under Hiko. I also want to have that lizard man followed, I am willing to pay heftly if the tracker is not found. You also might want to check those coins he gave you. They are fake."

Laying down a few more coins he awaited his bidding to be done

25th October 2004, 04:22 PM
Explain to me what your "shades" are please in private messages. Bar comments please to a minimum as Paladin will need the next post.

Terrace, who had already registered most of his clan heard Hiko's treachery. Walking up to the table, terrace tossed a bag of coins down, "This will be more than enough for the lizard fellow - and well enough to keep this baffoon of his back." From behind his hood and mask he gave a glare daring Hiko to retort in anger, or in any other way. Terrace gestured to those waiting inline behind Hiko, "I believe it is time for you to leave sir, others need to be served."


Caim approached him in the bar, asking Zelig erlier events with Xolotl. Zelig laughed a false laugh for the young facelesses sake, "The question for a faceless isn't the how. It is the ‘what’. What did I do? Nothing." Taking a sip of water though his veil for a short pause, he continued, "Terrace pulled you away, your mind was closed. Open it and listen to the commotion..."

"-quitting the tournament."
"Faceless signed up."

"Faceless? I do not want to die."
"Ahm it must be a joke there are also 'Kaiden'"

"What is a Defector?"
"Hell if I know, faceless is what I am concerned about."
"Yeah, I heard over half the arena has quit..."

Zelig was genuinely surprised at that, they had only been signed up for about twenty minutes.

25th October 2004, 04:48 PM
An immense dark figure, dressed staungchly in a black silk shirt, dark trous and high hunting boots stalkedthrough the crowd, the groups almost jumping out of his way, their startled and terrifyed faces flushed or pale as ice as the warrior stared about him. He snarled and gestured with one hand, some more figures padding after him from the shadows. The big man paused, stepping into the light, his handsome face marred by an immense scar that blinded his left eye. An immense two handed sword hung on his back in a leather scabbard, it's black blade almost radiating power.

Beside him moved a lith and delicate female figure, constantly moving, like water, a long two pronged spear in her hand, her hands idly effortlessly pushing the weapon through the stone flagstones under foot and then back out again, her ash blonde hair tumbling about her heart shaped face, a smile on her beautiful features.

The final figure was also female, but rigid and unmoving, dressed in a corseted half plate armour, a lethal looking morning star hanging from one wrist. She glanced down at the standings and then back up at the tall mad, her blond eyebrow raised.

"Drake, why are there so many drop outs? And who are these Faceless?"

The man smiled slightly and looked down at the sheet, his dark eyes glancing over it before he nodded and smiled.

"It's of no consequence Arwen. They cannot be a match for us. We are DragonLords. Melenie, kindly stop playing with that spear."

25th October 2004, 05:00 PM
Just a post to hasten along this war incly

Zelig felt huge power radiating from outside the doors. He had no way of telling how near or far this power was. The mind contained within what was moving so close was immesne. Could this be Alexis? Could this be a rival for me? He is far too strong! Guilez spoke for the first time in months, Feel the air again, and fear not. It is several people. Zelig nodded to himself and drank his water down in one gulp asking for anouther.

25th October 2004, 05:02 PM
Hiko's face showed nothing of the anger that paraded it' self around though his head. Who did Terrace think he was, parlaing with the Defector's leader like he was someone he could boss around. Terrace was of a lower rank then Bob and Terrace should respect that. Terrace had no right to do this.

"Ahh Terrace I didn't remember seeing him enter the portal. I though he was a commoner. I must of skimmed over his face."

Even though he payed Zelig's lap dog lip service, he was already thionking of ways to humilliate him in front of Zelig.

25th October 2004, 05:20 PM
The young Kaiden Zalera watched as the guild masters passed through. He entered afterwards with the other weaker forces, generally the younger group of ill trained fighters.

Zalera thought to himself, of Zelig and the other faceless and his master Xolotl. It had been heated, and the young kaiden watched on in awe, as the Faceless zelig made all attempts to calm the situation, A collected one, he. Zalera looked about in the new world, feeling somehow changed, his first ever teleportation. IT made him sick to his stomach for a moment, before he headed north to the registration area, waiting in line for a bit, his cold stony eyes glaring at the other registries. Zalera looked at them, his left hand sinking to his hip, to the pouch made inside of his pants, pulling forth a few gold coins, the registration fee. Don’t let me down.

The kaiden turned about, and headed west towards the town, his eyes cold and moving, his lips speaking nor words as he traveled, looking about him, looking at the others. His competition. Zalera entered a small secluded bar with very few people, none from his own guild, none that he recognized from Satera. This will be an interesting tournament… The assassin took a familiar seat in the dark corner of the room, his eyes on the door. He had a feeling something big, bigger than a tournament, was about to happen.

25th October 2004, 05:28 PM
Drake smiled slightly, before half-turning, his imposing figure towering over most of the assembled. He strightened out, his long arms resting lightly at his side, before his powerful voice cut clean through the chatter.

"Go home. All of you. This tournament is over. We have won it. Nothing more is required."

25th October 2004, 05:53 PM
A lone voice shouted from the crowd, "Does this mean you, too, are scared of the faceless?"

25th October 2004, 05:54 PM
Drake smiled and laughed slightly, before shaking his head.

"The Faceless? I know of no such race. I am the Eldest. I have lived for over 5000 years. There is nothing alive that I fear."

25th October 2004, 06:00 PM
"The faceless are a murdering band of human assassins, well they were a band until they were wiped out," called a second member of the crowd.

A third called out, in a drunken slur, "Wfffhyyy can (hic) cel dah compishitian if yah 'ave no fear?"

Zelig listened to these remarks with mild amusement

Thefirst that had yelled called out again, "Faceless kill, with great skill - and you cannot stop them... legend has told."

25th October 2004, 06:04 PM
"Legends vary from world to world, my friend. On my own it is said that none can stand against the might of my sword, the Destroyer of Worlds, my sisters spear, the Lance of Longinious, or my daughters morning star, the Dawn's Light. Yet in my travels, I have come across many peoples, and many weapons which have matched my own. Perhaps these Faceless are a match for us, though I doubt it."

25th October 2004, 06:15 PM
Alright your work is done mate, thanks for yer help just post a bye bye :)

Zelig remains emotionless as the crowd nods in unison accepting the warriors final words.

25th October 2004, 06:17 PM
Drake smiled and shrugged, gesturing to the other pair, the three of them making their slow way out of the bar and back into the street.

"Good day to you all."

25th October 2004, 06:56 PM
Zelig looks up as the group leaves. The room is now filled with rushed whispers of what has just transpired. Zelig felt no need to pay close attention. Well this was a giant waste of time Zelig thought with true sadness. He had wanted to put his skills against the great Weapons Master Alexis. Around a half an hour later, Terrace walked in... with his hood down.

The entire bar stared at the black mask in silence. Zelig tasted nervousness in the air and looked to his left. A mans eyes filled with darkness and a knife of pure darkness materialized in his hand. Half a second later, the point of Zelig’s cane was penetrating the boy’s wrist and the bar counter top. A full second later, Zelig snapped free his sword from within his cane and slit the sword through the boys other wrist pinning him to the counter. The boy screamed in pain, and Zelig counted ten men stepping forward with swords of darkness in their hands, four with pole axes, and seven with scepters of darkness. An elderly man shouted with a voice Zelig felt he recognized, “TAKE NO PRISONERS! KILL THEM ALL!”

One soldier with a sword turned his head saying “Yes Captain Rekn-,” when a chair shattered over the speakers back. The pirate holding a broken chair, dropped it and pulled a whip from his belt yelling, “I told you Zelig taught me how to fight...” Drunk warriors denied there fights began to rage and fume. With giddy laughter from the other pirate still sitting at the table, all hell broke loose...

25th October 2004, 08:23 PM
Oh and marushia make your posts shorter for goodness sakes. You could make a simple slap last for two paragraphs.

Heh, that's why I own your butt. Besides, you guys post so often, I have to make up for it somehow. :)

And, Angry, that was my character, Caden, who was talking to you.

IC: Caden lowered his red eyes. What indeed.

"Never has anyone but you been able to catch me off guard. Hopefully, you are the first and the last."

The tattered assassin let himself fall into a trance-like state, clearing his mind as Zelig had done. He heard people whispering amongst each other, asking if these two were Faceless. Suddenly, his head jerked upward as he sensed an enormous and foreboding aura, even greater than Xolotl's or even Terrace's.

My God!! What is that? It's enormous!

He noticed that even Zelig was frightened. Surely, he must have felt it too. People turned their heads and Caden's eyes followed their stares until they fell upon an ominous looking man dressed in black.

"That's him! It has to be."

"Legends vary from world to world, my friend. On my own it is said that none can stand against the might of my sword, the Destroyer of Worlds, my sisters spear, the Lance of Longinious, or my daughters morning star, the Dawn's Light. Yet in my travels, I have come across many peoples, and many weapons which have matched my own. Perhaps these Faceless are a match for us, though I doubt it."

Caden was prepared to jump up and draw his sword, his Soul Sword Dark, and strike down the stranger without any notice. He was willing, but fortunately or unfortunately, his body did not agree with him. Instead, he sat there, neither saying nor doing anything. He felt weak and powerless and that only served to fill him with an even greater fear.

Caden was quite relieved when the dark man finally left. He leaned over to whisper to his superior. "I have a feeling this will be much more difficult than we had anticipated, Master Zelig."

25th October 2004, 08:45 PM
So this colossal, green, divine being walks into a bar. Ouch. Realizing he couldn't go with the rest of the people into the bar without removing his helmet that reached well over twelve or so feet into the air, and not having a particular thirst for drink, Xolotl waited outside, bored, arms crossed in front of his chest. His frustration was ever-rising, and as he heard men laugh within the structure he imagined blood-curdling screams of terror, the taste of blood trickling down his throat, the feeling of warm, human blood up to his ankles. His enemy's heart was in his triumphantly raised hand, and its body beneath his foot. But there was no enemy. It was only him, an empty hand, and the dirt ground beneath his feet.

Xolotl had to hold himself off, trying to do anything to take his mind off of war... and what better way to take the mind off of war than to prepare for it? The Aztec Warrior took his dagger out, cleaned the dried blood off of it, and returned it to its sheath. It wasn't long after that he heard countless boasts, each one a slap to the face from afar. Then he heard another ramble about greatness and strength, more so than all the others combined. He didn't wish death upon that being; he guaranteed it. But by the time his pacing brought him back to the entrance, the "Elder" was gone.

Yet there was more, as he peered in, a dark tumult rose in the bar, and his spirits rose. Where there was one fight, there would come more fighters. A small group of dark men, armed with weapons of shadows, hurried from a nearby camp towards the bar. He stepped in front of the entrance, his broad shoulders more than encompassing the width of the doorway, red eyes resting on the man in the middle holding a lance-like weapon. The man, perhaps the bravest, perhaps the most stupid, came in first, rushing in, thrusting forwards with his weapon. Xolotl turned his body with astounding, animalistic speed, spinning his body once along the length of the spear-like weapon. Now upon the assailant, Xolotl grasped the man's wrists with a single hand, easily crunching the tiny bones within with a high-pitched snapping sound. The man was then further victimized by a sharp, short jab to the side of the head with a massive fist; not a particularly strong attack, but enough to knock even this strong warrior of Darkness into the dazes of a nightmare. Xolotl lifted him up by the back of his armor, setting his torso atop the lance of darkness. The body slid down as Xolotl took the lance in his hand, raising it in the air with the corpse still impaled upon it. He turned it parallel to the ground, and like a javelin, launched it forwards at another, as the now-much-heavier pointed weapon soared through the air towards the man's head, sticking it, tearing it clear off the shoulders as if it were nothing, and finally flying into another advancing man not too far behind who had the unfortunate feeling of being impaled by the bluntness of a skull with many pounds of weight behind it. This man flew back ten feet, not even allowed a grunt, as he sprawled on the ground, his entire body shattered from the force of impact, and the head of his brother lodged in his back, half sticking out the other end, with the body of yet another man impaled just before him on the same spear.

This great show of power happened within an instant from the sheer strength and skill behind the hurled lance. The headless, second victim sank to the ground on its knees and then fell forward, a fountain of blood spurting forth from its severed neck, the entire body rattled so vehemently that all its blood vessels burst at once, pouring their liquids forth onto the ground like a rushing waterfall. The last victim (along with the head of the second victim and the body of the first) soaked in a gathering pool of blood pus, that spread in every direction from two impaled bodies and a head. Men from that if from that moment, if the rest of the dark warriors wouldn't have turned to flee, that Xólotl, the Azteca Warrior, would have stained enough blood upon the dirt as to scar the ground with crimson for ages.

Yet it was not over. Drawn forth from the tavern were two more, perhaps middle-rank leaders, who both drew swords. They spread out, each to one side, circling Xolotl around an ever-widening circle. One rushed forward from many paces away. Xolotl charged forwards, weaponless, covering half of the required distance within an instant with long legs and superhuman speed, bringing up his massive leg with a leap, kicking forwards, the sole of his foot meeting the face of the running attacker. If it were not for some mysterious, dark forces granting the warrior strength, the head would be departed from the body more than easily. Yet even with all the dark might, the combatant could not defeat the sheer power of Xolotl's Foot Lunge. Xolotl followed through, his foot scraping past the side of the man's head as he stood past the assailant, his back to him. The poor human's head cocked back with a sickening snap, his body jolting forward for a second with the momentum of running in the opposite direction. The force had spread through the skull, and through the neck, its power reverberating through the spine and quickly turning the segments all into dust. The man staggered backwards before folding back multiple times like an accordion that had sang its last song.

But these stronger battlers were not scared so easily, and each believed himself to be great enough to combat any threat. This last remaining one, some swordsman, came in slashing from side to side with his sword, spinning and twirling. Xolotl's red eyes narrowed with anticipation, and as a slash came from the left, he brought up the corresponding arm, blocking the blow with his arm guard with more force than was put into the attack, nearly knocking the weapon out of the swordsman's grip. Xolotl's open right hand, fingers curled forwards like teeth, quickly shot forwards, sinking deep in the flesh and chest of the man. With a sadistic smile, Xolotl grasped the man's heart, feeling his blood flow. His red eyes widened and glowing with passion as he stared into the horrified eyes of his latest victim, Onuris yanked brought out his blood-soaked hand, raising it up into the air and looking up towards the sky as the man clutched his empty breast and fell to the side, lifeless.

There were various types of people. The first type, the smartest type, recognized the Azteca Warrior for what he was, and stayed well away, treating him as nothing less than a god and hoping they would not be his next sacrifice. The second type saw his strength but underestimated his speed, and were quick to die. The third and final type, and by far the most intensely stupid and foolhardy, saw his speed but underestimated his strength, and suffered brutality the likes of which they had never seen before. It would either be a long, torment-filled tournament, or a short one, depending on how many people underestimated Xólotl.

26th October 2004, 02:41 PM
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Caim gave a quick nod as Master Zelig told him to tell the man he is sorry. The demon didn't much care for the man but either way he had to please his Master. Some Caim turned and with a cold voice spoke, "I appolagize(sp?)." a sickening smile spread across the lips of Caim as he walked off following Master Zelig.

Suddenly a strong aura erupted from outside of the Tavern. Seeing the look on Master Zelig's face showed that this source of power must be that of Alexis. But seeing three figures enter the Tavern he understood that Alexis wasn't as powerful as he first thought, although Caim still didn't doubt Alexis' power. After hearing the words of the "Elder", Caim turns back to the bar and motions for a refill. Just as his slender fingers grasps the shot glass a thump is heard, followed by the sound of a blade being removed from it's sheath. Turning to his left Caim saw a boy pinned to the counter of the bar by Master Zelig's cane and blade, the demon's eyes open up wide suprised by this. Turning around on his stool he sees others coming through the crowd towards them.

“TAKE NO PRISONERS! KILL THEM ALL!” is shouted out over the crowd. Upon hearing this Caim rose to a crouched position on his stool, his right hand resting on the back of his left forearm. Eagerly fingering the small round circle of the hilt on each throwing knife, his left hand grasping the edge of the stool. Slipping the tips of his four fingers through a circle, each finger carrying a kinfe. He leaps up off of the stool into the air feet planting firmly on the roof, pushing off towards the figures. Caim surged through the air like a mad man, the Demon lashed out towards one of the dark figures sending the four spade shaped blades into the body of the figure.

As he came to a skipping stop on the hardwood floor Caim's right hand had cross his torso to his left side. His fingers gently tapping the hollow bone hilt, Caim's face showed no expression only a cold stare at the ground three feet infront of him. The dark warrior Caim had struck with the knives earlier was on the ground infront of Caim, his breathing was fast and shallow. He would die soon but Caim thought he would help the man on his journey to the afterlife. As he rose from his crouched position on the floor, the demon slid the length of Laizo from her sheath and with a swift uprising of his hand sent the blade through the floor forwards before meeting with the dark figure's neck. His breathing came to a stop at once, his body motionless and headless.

The attack sent a spray of blood up and out into the crowd covering many of the people with a crimson liquid. Those few that didn't know what was going knew now, a screech sounded as a woman rose from a table covered in blood. Her scream was quickly halted as one of the dark warriors with a scepter bashed the back of her skull into her head.

Caim now stood in the middle of the room his left hand out infront of him, with his right held high. Laizo's tip nearly touched the ceiling if Caim were any taller the blade would be pokeing through the roof. The dark warrior that had just smashed that woman's carnium was approaching Caim. The Demon saw this, he kept his head held low letting the long length of his hair cover his eyes from sight. Underneath this veil Caim had a wide grin across his face and narrowed eyes.

Come to me...

The Dark Warrior with scepter held high ran full speed at Caim. As he brought his hand down a felt a sharp pain underneath his left arm, suddenly he lost grip in his hand. The heavy mace fell to the floor with a sickening thud. The dark warrior looked down to his side, the Dark Warrior's legs went limp and his body fell to the ground. Doing so caused his to slide to the side to get his body off of the length of the blade, this just opened the wound already made even wider. Caim had in one sweeping motion dropped his arm down to his body, taking a step to his right he showed his bone katana left. Inserting the blade into the Dark Warrior's body just below the left armpit, the blade shattered two ribs and punctured the creature's vital organs killing it instantly.

"We are no longer hungry..." Caim looks down to his blade, lifting the blade to his face Caim licks the blade tasteing the crimson liquid. "Are we Laizo?" Caim's eyes looked as if he were possessed as he slid back to the bar next to Zelig, his body covered in blood.

27th October 2004, 10:04 PM
Alright, since noone wants to participate in the quest. I will end it like I ment to - ina few short lines, Anubis, Maru and Noto, you all get a free win for participating after my last post. The rest of you, good clan effort- honestly

Zelig watches as most of the bar kills each other till only his clan was left standing, along with the pirate with a whip - the bar tender, and the Knight that Zelig spared. Using the knight, zelig tracks down base camp of the knights. The guilds slaughter the camp, leaving the leader alive. The leader says that the Magus Council hired them. Zelig was unable to tell if he was lieing. He assumes its the truth. The Pirate uses a dagger made of blood to rip open a portal back to Sartera for the clan. Everyone goes through, Tera being carried, still to weak from her erlier spell work. The portal closes, zelig nods to everone, "Rally the Troops"

The war is now on with Magus council, for those who particiapted in the thread but didnt post after my last one - I appologize for not rewarding you. For those of you who didnt post. Well, who really cares about you at this point.

28th October 2004, 11:24 AM
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IC: The portal closes, zelig nods to everone, "Rally the Troops"

Caden bowed a half bow at the waist, his hand held in front of his abdomen. He then turned to Caim.

"C'mon," he said, "Let's finish up here." As he walked, calling the other Faceless back to the portal, he bragged to Caim.

"So, how many worthless henchmen did you kill? I lost track after 40 or 50. It was fun for the time it lasted, but a bit too easy, I think. I hope the next batch of fools who tries to stand in our way proves a little more challenging. How 'bout you?"

28th October 2004, 02:21 PM
Caim smiled as Cayden addressed him. "Yes I lost track well after 30 or 40. But it was fun, and yes I do hope the next batch of soldiers are more challenging this was pathetic."

Caim then turned and began to walk out of the bar.

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