View Full Version : Sparring in the Catacombs

20th October 2004, 10:00 AM

A mere rattle was the only thing that was heard in the ice cold, dark catacombs of the cathedral. Footsteps echoed softly along with the stone walls. In the stone walls a skull was placed at different places to make grave plunderers scared. But this man wasn't scared. A gentle touch against a skull, and a smile broke out underneath the black hood. Nothing of his face was revealed. Yet. This man that lived in these catacombs, was merely called, The Sorcerer. But his real name was Jacoby Ashville.
The Sorcerer, was oftenly hunted by the local bounty hunters, but he simply killed them with one spell. Rumors spread and people said that, The Sorcerer was immortal and a vampire. This was wrong. He was just a strong magician, annoyed at the pathetic human race. So he moved down to the catacombs and began to research about the necromancy. Yet he got to learn how to do it.

The Sorcerer began moving again. Like a shadow he swept over the rough stone floor, using a staff for some balance and self protection. The staff was beautifully created with an eagle at the top and a ruby in it's mouth. The wings was spread and they was the most detailed part on the staff.

He waited for another bounty hunter to come and face his death too.