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16th October 2004, 09:00 AM
*siting all alone in his crypt one night pondering the nature of the universe, Hoax’s thoughts were interrupted by a loud knock on the stone door of the crypt.

getting up hoax floated over to the door and phased his head through it. Slightly surprised to see a ghost bat holding a ghost scrolled in its paws as it flapped just at eye level..

slightly surprised to see a sudden appearance of ghost items Hoax did the only rational thing he could think of, and took the scroll.

Upon reading it Hoax immediately floated as fast as he could into the main hall of the AOTFO.*

Hoax’s ghost ~ “HE’S COMEING, HE’S COMEING, HE’S COMEING FOR ME!!!! WAKE UP AND FEAR THE REAPER!!!” yelled Hoax as loud as he could

16th October 2004, 09:49 AM
"Hoax, I can imagine that death can be quite frustating, but do you just have to wake me up. I do need some sleep every now and then."

Rubbing his weary eyes, Ingold got up from his shadow covered corner and walked into the light. Still half dazed, he made his way to the ever so loud ghost of Hoax.

"Now what is the problem here?"

16th October 2004, 09:59 AM
"AHH! What?"

Dakith jumped out of bed as he heared a man screaming in the halls of the keep. Sweat rolled down his back as he grabbed his hatchet before running out the door. As he sprinted down the steps, he felt his foot get caught on something and he fell, tumbling down the stairs. Thankfully, he landed without getting hurt too bad, nothing seriously injured, and slowly got to his feet. Promptly after, he fell back down and screamed slightly, dropping his hatchet from the new, gahstly being.

"Who a-are y-you and w-why are you h-h-here?"

He dragged himself backwards until his back was against a stone wall, shaking as he looked at the new being.

16th October 2004, 10:03 AM
Mantis yawns in her room, waking up to the sound of someone yelling. At first, she can't make out the words, but then she listens again, and she hears something about a reaper...but the voice is that of Hoax's ghost. She shudders, an inward sob, still remembering how he died, and she gets up, heading for Shade's room.

But Shade is already awake and dressing in the bathroom when Mantis arrives. She steps out and sighs. "What?" She says, irritated, for she was going going to go back to sleep once she finished dressing.

"It's 'Hoax,'" Mantis says. "Something about something coming after him, a reaper of some sort."

Shade sighs and yawns, getting her belt and putting it on, while Mantis heads back to her room and does the same. Finally, they race down the stairs. "Good morning to you, too, Hoax." Shade says, still irritated.

Mantis stifles a laugh. "What's all this about a reaper?" She asks.

Shade stifles a laugh as she sees Dakith and sighs, still quite annoyed, grumpy at being woken up. "Dakith," She says. "Relax. It's only Hoax. He won't hurt you...he wouldn't hurt a fly.."

Even if he could...

16th October 2004, 10:41 AM
"Fear the reapear, now why would I do something like that."

Rakoth was not asleep, the hybrid rarely slept, his body needing very little. It was disquieting, and yet, at least he could stay away from his dreams.

Rakoth walked into he main hall to investigate the commotion.

"Hoax, if you are going to disturb everyone as a ghost, I believe we need to find you a body that can sleep. So the rest of us can also sleep."

16th October 2004, 10:50 AM
Blankwindow laughed and shrugged.

"It's the fate of the dead to meet the Reaper. What do you expect us to do about Grim. Really hoax waking us all up..."

He was being sarcastic and honest at the same time.

16th October 2004, 04:08 PM
OOC: If im not supposed to be in this, I'm sorry and will delete my entrance.

A new recruit had arrived days before, and had already become hard as rock. After the first few days Kumashin understood something of the mansion in which he stayed, knowing mostly of the shadows where he spent most of his time. Night was a time when most slept; however, Kumashin was not one to sleep through most of the night deeply, years of habit had enforced a very light cautious sleep as he had spent them in within warring borders.

In his room, a Spartan room with but a single blanket and cushion in the middle of the six by nine foot room, a lump under it signifying a person slept; however as cliché as it was, it was not Kumashin. He sat in the corner behind the door, his hands on his swords as he slept, his head hanging limply down, his mind lost from his conscious, in a state of dreaming without a dream.

The light rustling of several pairs of feet rushing by his room and hushed quick speech brought the samurai to consciousness, his room black before him, as a quilt of its own, the cold stone against his back not the most pleasant of surfaces.

Standing in complete darkness the samurai slid his swords into his sash, making sure that all was secure, grabbing onto his Bamboo flag pole with the Golden butterfly. Quickly the samurai of night opened his door and raced along the hallway, not exactly sure what was going on, but for sure something was happening, something big. Perhaps we are under attack? Who would be that stupid?

16th October 2004, 04:34 PM
everyone that is a member of the AoTFO may post here kumashin

The reaper is coming ey, let him, I have something to discuss with this fellow. Always ignoring me in my search for death, always passing by as I reached out for him. Well, it seems he'll have no choice this time, this time he won't be able to ignore me

"Although dead, Hoax is still a member of these armies, I kind off like a ghost protecting the keep while we're all off ... besides, could prove some good stuff to scare the kids with on hallows eve. So, let's have some fun with the reaper shall we ... and that was not a request, but an order so gear up."

Heh, heh, helping Hoax my ass, I'm doing this for my own reasons, making me look good is just a bonus.

Having rubbed the last of the sandman's dust out of his eyes, Ingold drew his katana and simultaneously charged the weapon, that well-known amber pulse radiating from it as it left the sheath. Now, Ingold just waited, breathing easily and calmly, half meditating as to spread his energy throughout his entire body so he could call upon it in an instant. There he stood for a few moments, silent and waiting the arrival of his deadly opponent, the deadliest of all actually. Then, he suddenly remembered something and went fishing into one of his pockets, digging up an amulet Redtigerfang had left for him. Throwing the silver chain and heavy amulet around his neck, Ingold awaited the reaper once more.

"Grim will know better next time then to challenge the Forbidden One in his own keep if he dares to enter."

16th October 2004, 04:54 PM
short but meh, its late...

two beams of energy hovered about six inches above the ground, extending a further seven feet into the air arround the side of the room barly notciable in the uproar that had engulfed the main hall. The two beams moved swiftly still unseen crashing together in the centre of the room they left nothing but Mindstealer standing where the had been.

"ghosts? reapers... sounds like you may need something more than cold hard steal here..."

He added to the conversation as if he'd been listening in on it all, wasting no further time he gathered sufficient energy to create a weapons purly out of the psionic power he controled, it took the form of a trident as it formed from a cloud of vapour arround his hand.

"This had better not take long..."

16th October 2004, 05:30 PM
Dakith stood up slowly, slightly confused, graasping his hatchet with white knuckles. He looked once more to the ghost, then to his clanmates, who obviously treated this as if someone had fallen into a toilet, which calmed him slightly. As his senses started returning from that startaling explosion of confusion, he caught the last bit of something Ingold had said.

Ingold:"So, let's have some fun with the reaper shall we ... and that was not a request, but an order so gear up."

Nodding his head, Dakith ran back up the stairs, this time taking care to pick up the small block he had tripped on, and entered his room, it's door still open wide. He slowly put on his armor and grabbed his weapons before clancking down the stone steps. If we are fighting the grim reaper, what good are mortal weapons? A bit worried, Dakith voiced his thoughts before something happened.

"What good are normal, solid, earthly weapons against the grim reaper?"

16th October 2004, 05:40 PM
"Nothing, that is why you magically enhance your blade. Though I doubt weak attacks will have an effect on the reaper. The best chance we have is to get some dark and spirit users in here ... and of course a psi mage is welcomed as well."

Read my mind Mindstealer: show off *snicker*

16th October 2004, 05:50 PM
Kumashin entered the room as the announcement was made. They were to combat the reaper. Seasons don’t fear the reaper… Shrugged the samurai, his helmet adorning his head.

Ingold, Kumashin reporting for battle. He looked to the forbidden one, bowing his head, his back straight, and will as strong as his morals. The resolute warrior proceeded to the gathering, his hands securing the flag to his back so death would know whom it faced, Yamamoto Kumashin.

Standing ass tall as he could he looked the the ghostly figure of Hoax, he slipped up to him, stealthily as he could. He had not heard of his passing ways, only his passing.

When did this happen, my friend? The spiritual words of the samurai floating to the mind of the deceased. He had been gone for too long, yet not long enough to be forgotten.

16th October 2004, 06:21 PM
Mantis and Shade grab some armor from a nearby rack and put it on. Shade grimaces as she realizes she has forgotten something. So, she takes off her armor, then reaches down to her belt, finds her mask, and places it upon her face. Then, she puts the armor back on.

Mantis chuckles, her voice sounding strange and metalic coming through the knight's helmet she has on. "Relax," She says. "It's your first day on the job...oh, who am I kidding?" She takes the armor off. "I'm sorry Ingold," She says. "But I can't wear both my suit and the armor at the same time...makes me too rigid."

Shade grimaces again. "Do I really need to wear this?" She asks aloud, to no one in particular. "It makes me so stiff..." She takes her armor off again, as well as her belt, then puts the armor back on so that the belt is on the outside. "And inconvenient."

Mantis can't hold back her laughter any longer. She bursts out with laughter, then quickly regains her composure. "Relax," She says. "It's only armor."

"Well," Says Shade, her beautiful voice slightly muffled through her black mask. "What good can I do then? You know me, all I have is light spells."

16th October 2004, 07:44 PM
When did this happen, my friend?
Hoax ~ "a few months ago, I have remained a ghost ever since..."

Hoax ~ "good lord people, you’re all either stupid or ignorant of this foe.
The reaper is the one who comes after death; he cuts the bonds the dead have with the living so that they can return to heaven or hell.

There’s just one problem, all my life is was neutral, and I am doomed to walk the earth alone should he come for me.
It’s a fate worse than hell in my opinion, I know because I lived it once before my death.

The reaper can kill with just a touch of his finger or a single swipe of his sickle, and wound with a simple glare.

No mortal weapons can save you or hurt him.

Ingold you need a plan, something more than a few men wiling to fight, good heavens people, you need a miracle, you need a hero.

Fortunately the note says I have time, 1 and half days to be exact, before the reaper comes for me....
Then again it could be a trick to put us off guard."

*Hoax paced back and forth, the ethereal scroll rolled up and scrunched in his hand.
Hoax stoped, an idea coming to him...*

Hoax ~ "a body, that’s it, I need a body. If I have a body I can fight him rather than having to run.
Ingold, I need the most depressed and hopeless bum in the town you can find.
I would look for a body myself but I am bound to the grave yard and this castle, I cannot leave with out a body."

16th October 2004, 07:55 PM
Mantidae hops in, hearing the commotion, and immediately signals to Hoax.
Are you sure you can't use an insect? That is, assuming you can give me my body back afterwards...

Shade and Mantis look to Ingold and speak at the same time. "Should we go, Ingold?" Then Mantis continues, beating Shade to it. "Or should just you go, or...? There are a bunch of drunks in my home village...if I can remember where to find it, that is..."

17th October 2004, 10:47 AM
If you are using the reaper char i made some while ago... he was based off 'death' from the discworld books, in which case, you do not fight him but a game of rock scissors paper apparently works :P

"I'll stay here. If anyone has a chance of holding off the reaper, its me. Besides, i've always fancied meating the guy."

17th October 2004, 12:04 PM
"Hm, so you are to tell us that we are useless in all this. It could be worst, but the body thing was my idea. As for finding some depressed bum, don't you think you might need a warriors body... I mean if the man is fat and can't run properly, what do you think you can do to hold him off."

Rakoth nodded as Carnage spoke.

"I will stay with him, I have some experience with specters and shadows, so I might even be able to slow him down."

17th October 2004, 12:05 PM
"You woke me up for that? Argh, you could at least have let me meditate till morning, you have a day and a half for crying out loud. Go find yourself a body, who am I? Your lacky?"

With this, Ingold just went back to his dark corner, letting the energy he had gathered subsiding again.

"You do as you wish Shade, I don't care right now, call me when the reaper is her. I have something to discuss with this guy, besides, he needs to up his effeciency, waiting so long before sending someone to the next realm ... a day and a half for crying out loud"

17th October 2004, 04:24 PM
Dakith stood dazed for a moment, finally realizing that they were fighting a supernatural being that wouldn't likely be able to be hurt. He also knew he could be easily destroyed by the grim reaper with little more than a glance. But despite all of these, he had sworn allegiance to the clan and would do all he could for it, even to the extent of death, the exact foe that they were up against.

"I couldn't kill or harm death itself in any way, and I doubt anyone could, but if someone could, I could serve as cannon fodder and stall for time for some apocolyptic spell..."

17th October 2004, 05:33 PM
Kumashin had an idea, for he had heard it many times before on his travels. I do not think we are to kill death. How can you bestow death to death itself? No, you must trick it, out wit it somehow. That is what I heard. the dark faced samurai of caring thought, his mind on the stories h had hear, a game of rock paper scissors, a final request.

Kumashin knew not which G-d would be sending death but he did know, Hoax was once a good friend, and he had to do something. Does he have unfinished business....

Approaching Shade Kumashin asked silently her alone, How did it happen?

His eyes looked over to mantis, her tinted visor hiding her green eyes. His own cloudy eyes returned to shade, his mind racing, with only a day and a half left he had years to catch up.

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17th October 2004, 05:37 PM
Shade speaks in a low, low voice so as not to upset Mantis. "Well," She says. "Hoax and I, we got into a fight. He kidnapped me not once, but twice. I told him to stay far, far away from me. Then, one day, I heard a thud coming from Hoax's room. Mantis went in first and began to cry, so I went in as well. Hoax, in one hand, had a dagger stabbed through his heart, as did his...brother was it? Tyler." She sighs sadly. "But yet, I somehow found it in my heart to forgive him...I never knew how much I would miss him until he left...from the mortal realm, that is."

17th October 2004, 07:37 PM
Hoax ~ “no, though I can poses peoples bodies I can only poses the body, the persons mind is still there’s and with that they can resist and quickly throw me out. The person would either need to be consenting or so broken that they didn’t care, hence the drunkard.

Mantaiad, you do realise that if I possessed you that you would not be able to use your body, it might feel very strange at first…..

Oh who am I kidding, the reaper would know it was me…..”

*Hoax paced back and forth, hands grasping his ghostly head as he tried to run a few ideas over…..*

Hoax ~ “I KNOW!!! Dakith, pretend to be me!
NOO that wont work, you’re not dead…..
Dakith, can we kill you?

NOooo that won’t work either…..”


*out side the keep a dark figure approached, his black rags trailing behind as he floated just above the ground.
Stoping in front of the keeps main gate the ghostly figure pulled out an hour glass.
The sand had long since fallen into the bottom of the hourglass, the magical item pulsing a slight blue.

Taking out a bony hand from under his rags, the mysterious figure knocked on the gate, the echo reverberating all through the keep…..*


Hoax ~ [panicked voice] HE’S HERE!!!! QUICK HIDE M!!![/panicked voice]

ill let you all in on a secret, this death cant kill any one not on his list.
Then again, your characters probably don’t know that do they =p.

17th October 2004, 07:46 PM
Mantidae communicates with Hoax. Follow me, She "says." I know just how to hide you...
She begins to hop towards the back of the keep, towards the forest.

Shade and Mantis nod and take up positions on either side of the door. "Okay," Mantis says in a low voice. "Someone open this door, and then we'll pounce on him."

18th October 2004, 03:15 AM
"Well, at least he is polite unlike some other members. Heh, who would have imagined, the reaper knocking on the keeps doors. Best go and great him then."

Making his way outside, Ingold quickly walked up the battlements and soon after looked down upon the rag covered bony figure below.

Hmmm, give me an hourglass an a big scythe and I could pass for him. Sigh, better buy Hoax some time.

"Yes? You here to join the armies? If so, what is your name, your element and what would you add to these forces?"

18th October 2004, 07:18 AM
"Well I better go do my job as second-in command and elite Ingold bodyguard of doom."

Rakoth walked out of the room grinning slightly. He was interested in what this death character would look like. Over hearing Ingold's statement, Rakoth assumed it had been a false alarm. He appeared next to Ingold on the ramparts.

"Well... its only a new recruit. Ohh wait... doesn't he look..."

Rakoth shut his mouth as a strange feeling crept down his spine.

Yes... definetly death...

He kept slightly behind Ingold, intent on fulfilling the rank he had just created for himself as Ingold's elite personal bodyguard of doom.

18th October 2004, 07:58 AM
Mantis is about to come away from the side and leap on the reaper when she notices that Ingold has greeted him. A puzzled expression comes over her face, a shiver running down her spine, but only a marginal shiver. That is all she will allow herself. She looks questioningly across the door to Shade.

Shade begins to shake, but then quickly gets it under control and looks back at Mantis, at first not understanding the unspoken question. She shakes her head slowly.

Best to let Ingold take care of this one...

But Mantis throws up her hands in disgust and looks to Ingold now, the silent question of "should I do anything to him" still present.

Paradise Wandering
18th October 2004, 08:40 AM
Jeez, Hoax, you coud have at least posted a link in the clan thread... Took me forever to find this... Unless... You didnt want me to find it...


Eyes opened. Two of them. The big pupils decreased to miniscule dots as they landed on a brightly shining torch. Sweat beaded on this being's forehead, and he was breathing heavily. He sat up, his brown hair showing hints of blond as it caught the torchlight.

The shirtless figure rolled out of bed, landing on the floor with a heavy thud. This was Zach, resident water master, and a very heavy sleeper. He struggled to his feet, knees shaking, as he had just awakened from a deep, nightmare-ridden slumber. His eyes turned from a beautiful sapphire blue to a starlike electric blue as he moved from the light into the shadows. He removed his indigo blue cloak from it's hanging place on the wall, and placed it on his back.

He stood up stright, reaching his full height of five feet, eight inches. Walking over to the wall, with many weapons hanging on hooks along it's bland colors. Swords, shurikens, kamas, and several more, all sliding into their respective pockets inside Zach's enchanted cloak.

He stumbled along the dark room up to his door, and finished rubbing teh sleep from his eyes as he entered the hallways of the Tsunami Warlocks.

He had not heard anything of Ingold's command to get up, or any of the ruckus going on within the confines of the keep. But what he did hear, as soon as he entered the Great Hall, was a light rapping on the big wooden door of the keep, and a squeaking excaping it's anceint hinges as it opened.

Ingold, the Forbidden One, stood there, greeting a cloaked figure with a scythe. The two skinny men were soon joined by Rakoth, the General here.

Who is that guy? And what does he want right now? And... holy crap! that looks almost like Mal'Jerek. But it cant be... Not possible... I defeated him. But he sure does look like that demonic mage.

"Hello, sir," Was the phrase that slipped from the boy's lips as he came within speaking distance of the small crowd. "My name is Zach Neron, water master and leader of the Tsunami Warlocks. Might i have the honor of knowing your name?"

18th October 2004, 09:30 AM
Mantis slaps her forehead, the metallic sound echoing throughout. Then, she smacks her head even harder as she realizes she's given herself away. Nonetheless, Shade hasn't been given away...at least not to her knowledge. She crosses her antennae and communicates to all those but the reaper.

I'd watch out if I were you...MAntidae, what are you doing?!

Mantidae, trying to pull Hoax's form with her but obviously failing miserably, responds, again the response heard by everyone but the reaper.

Hoax...he's going to need to take over my body...I can camoflage him with the other mantises.
Are you insane?!
No. This is the only way. You need to buy some time...

18th October 2004, 07:24 PM
*the bony figure looked up, the hood fell back a inch or two reviling a face with out flesh or muscle, a old white skull stared back at Ingold, the shadows casting a eerie darkness over his face as he spoke.*

Reaper ~ “my Element is Theta my name is death and I am here to take not give.
I’m looking for Hoax; you see I am here to set him free, do you know of him?”


*Hoax looked to Mantidae, it would seem this was his only option for the moment…*

Hoax ~ “alright, alright, lead on.”

18th October 2004, 07:37 PM
Mantidae mentally sighs to the group, all but the reaper, and hops as fast as she can out the back door and into the forest. Once there, she lets out harsh, chirping sound. Instantly, an entire hoard of mantises (50) come bouncing out and form a circle.

What's wrong?
No time to explain...I'm going to have a ghost possess my body...so he can be camoflaged amongst you.
And what to we have to do?

With that, she steps into the middle of the circle, beckoning Hoax to come up to her. She takes a deep breath, her pincers expanding and contracting, and chirping slightly. Then, she channels Hoax.

Okay, I am ready

Meanwhile, Mantis and Shade remain behind the reaper, ready to pounce should Ingold wish them to.

18th October 2004, 07:59 PM
Hoax ~ “ok, just don’t resist me, as strange as it may feel I need you to give me your body, other wise I cant stay and the reaper will find me.”

*Hoax closed his eyes and began concentrating, his ethereal body began to warp, twist into positions that in life would have broken bones that shouldn’t ever be broken.
Hoax’s body seemed to coil up, forming a tight ball of what could only be described as “Hoax” energy.
Soon it would seem that Hoax could twist no more, his ethereal limbs were intertwined and nothing was were it should be.

It was this moment that Hoax seemed to explode into Mantidae’s body.

Mantidae gave a small shriek like a rabbit shot by an arrow.
Falling on to one side Mantidae began to twitch all over like a dead cockroach lying on its back.
Then, just when it looks like Mantidae has had a stroke she gets back up and looks around.
Hoax’s ghost is gone; In fact, had one been able to sense Hoax’s presence it would have now completely disappeared.

Mantidae gave a shudder that went from her head to her abdomen, carefully moving each leg, mandible and wing to check that it was ok.

Mantidae then quickly looked into the crowed of mantises and moved to the centre, trying her best to blend in.*

Hoax ~ not bad, more roomy than a rabbit but still a tight fit, are you ok Mantidae?

18th October 2004, 08:08 PM
Mantidae gives a mental shudder. sharing a body is creepy enough...but now sort of sharing a mind. If she could shake her head, she would have. There is an incredibly strong urge for her to kick Hoax out, but she fights it and soon it is gone.
Yes, She thinks back to Hoax. I'm fine...just...*shudder*...it's hard to adjust to...a rabbit, eh? Mantidae's stomach rumbles. Umm, would you mind eating some grass?

The group begins buzzing amongst themselves, looking worriedly at Mantidae.
Mantidae? Asks another worried mantis. Are you all right?

The other mantises form up in a cluster, making "Mantidae" blend in perfectly, understanding their purpose. They will fight to the death if need be. The group spreads out now, grazing on some grass. One catches a rabbit, and tears its head off, drains it off its blood, and proceeds to eat the rest of it before spitting out the bones.

Hehehe...there's your rabbit, Hoax...

19th October 2004, 04:37 AM
Mindstealer went to join Ingold and Rakoth on the battlements, just in time to here the reaper anounce its name.

"funny... I've seen death meny times before, yet never has it looked like you."

His sudden apperance behind the two already up there, he was sure would cause them to at least jump with the presence of the reaper below them, he smiled inwardly at this...

"I have one problem, you come to try and take what isn't yours, that is theft. I do not take kindly to theft *mutters* granted we tolerate garret, but he is a friend of hoax...*/mutters* so it would seem there is nothing here for you, by the way, i would suggest eating from time to time... you are looking rather thin."

He chuckled at his joke, intent on distracting the reaper from its task and goad it into challenging them.

20th October 2004, 06:42 AM
Ingold did not show a single sign of suprise as Mindstealer appeared nxt to him, after all, he had been talking to death himself but a second before it happened. One isn't scared easily when he can look death straigh into the ... empty eye sockets without any problem. Yet Ingold's thoughts revieled otherwise.

[girly scream]AAAAAAAAAAAAh[/girly scream] ... damn that psi mage, where he learned that. Scared the shit out of me

"Come now Mindstealer, be a little more kind, it's not like he has an easy job. Nobody likes him, he's alone most of the time and when he finally has someone to talk to, he's probably going to take his life. So give the guy some slack will ya?"

Turning back to the grim reaper, or death as he called himself, Ingold continued.

"I knew a Hoax yes, but to my knowledge, you already took him some time ago ... at least he died some time ago. Is there a backlog of some kind maybe?"

21st October 2004, 06:13 PM
Kumashin sat back in the dark corners. Death had arrived ahead of schedule, as it did often. Kumashin had known Hoax for only a short time, but this was his chance to impress those above him, to prove his loyalty.

Kumashin walked calmly, collected to the main gate, still closed. Kneeling he closed his eyes, the slits in his mask revealing the tanned color of skin on his eye lids. Kumashin began, of all things, to pray. Silently in darkness before the gates, knowing anytime now that death itself would wander into the keep and he would be there, face to face with death. If it was his time, he would die. If it was not, Death would pass over him. (I wonder where that term comes from)

The faceless Samurai kneeled in prayer, kneeling in dark light, his eyes closed tightly, partially in fear. He had never seen death before, yet the sense tingling at the back of his neck had been there many times before. Perhaps now was his time to die, if s o, than he would accept it. But this night did not seem sad or somber, rather it was radiant with energy as the keep aroused to the plight of one of their own, keeping death itself at bay.

21st October 2004, 06:27 PM
Mantis frowns beneath her helmet, noticing what Kumashin is doing, yet she can't move from the place she is in. If she does, she gives herself away. So, she begins to take a few steps towards the reaper, getting ready to pounce.

Shade does the same, channeling her light energy and charging up a light beam.
If he lays one finger on Kumashin...he can't...no...Mantis loves him...I won't allow that to happen!

21st October 2004, 06:44 PM
Rakoth turned around quickly, and dropped down behind the wall. Death was right outside the gates and the fools in here were getting ready to strike.

"Fools, no one here is going to die this night, and that is an order."
Rakoth hissed, exercising the authority he had around here.

"First we will speak with death, Ingold will see what the thing wants, and maybe it can be reasoned with. For now you will sit tight and wait for our orders. Understood?"

That last one was not really a question, but Rakoth glared at the two. He would not have a member of the army die, not this night, and not because they had acted rashly.

21st October 2004, 06:58 PM
Mantis opens her mouth as though to say something, then quickly shuts it, a muffled word coming from her lips, a restrained protest.
"Fools?" You're right...we might as well let death come in and 'kill' off Hoax...I will need to take this issue up with you some other time...if you will let me, that is...

Still looking at Rakoth in a combination of anger, frustration, and annoyance at herself and at him, and glad that her expression can't be seen, and simply nods, coming around to Ingold and remaining silent, almost subservient, looking at the floor. IT is clear that here she is to have no mind...at least not for the moment, anyway.

Shade's face contorts as though she is fighting some inner turmoil, and quickly shakes her hands, snuffing out her spell.
He's right...this IS stupid...

She looks up at Rakoth with a look of respect present on her face and smiles sheepishly, nodding to him, and coming alongside Mantis, but she doesn't look down. No. She can't show subservience, but she must be indiscreetly subservient. As she passes Rakoth, she whispers an embarassed, "Sorry. I was way out of line."

21st October 2004, 08:01 PM
Rakoth grins down at her, and almost laughs. The situation was not so appropriate, one of there members was about to get carted off by death, he would not allow that.

"I am not used to bringing poeple back in line... I am usually the first to go off and try and get myself killed. I want to do that now, but this thing unnerves me... I have been to the pits of hell, and never faced anything like him. I feel he is so far above me, I cannot begin to comprehend it..."

Rakoth smile faded.

"I have no intention of letting Hoax be taken away, but I have no intention of loosing a valuable fighter in this keep without trying to resolve this the safer way... Damn, I can't believe I am speaking this way... Must be this leadership... Ingold will pay for taking the freedom to throw myself in harms way..."

21st October 2004, 08:15 PM
Softly Kumashins thoughts leaked to Rakoths, To lead with the flag into battle? Or to lead by caring? There are many visions of a warrior. Violence need not be the first option, yet it is always an option. Take what resources you have and use it to their full potential.

The Samurai remained as a statue before the gate. Could he lift a finger up to death? No. He would remain, perhaps to see what death might do. Would death strike unprovoked? How could it? Every man has a time when he is ordained to die, and I doubt death can alter that list.

Kumashin silent lips began to quakes as he tried to speak, a soft prayer rolling from his dormant lips, a prayer for strength and protection. And a Prayer of gratitude, for having been possessed by an unconquerable soul, that he may rage against death itself. Though he seemed calm, like a statue of stone, within he was raging, and indeed he would rage against the death of his comrades.

2nd November 2004, 08:34 AM
*for a moment death eyed those up on the wall, shifting his scythe from one shoulder to the other before beginning his argument once more…*

Death ~ “to answer your question Ingold; yes, there is a back-log of souls still tied to the mortal realm.
Death is something that that comes to all, more so during wars.
But now that I have seen to the battle fields I must play catch up with other souls still here.
And no, I am not the one who brings death; I am the one who sets you free after death.

Now, were is the ghost of Hoax.
Or do I need to find him myself?”


*Hoax (or Mantidae) stood around in the grass and about 50 other of the large insects.
The body was like none other hoax had ever possessed both in life and death, he could “sense” Mantidae’s powers of telepathy but as yet could not work out how to use them…*

Hoax ~ “ Mantidae, can you tell the others that we are fine and in position.

*with the job up to Mantidae now Hoax settled in and began to munch on a clump of grass, hoping to blend in with every other mantis in the group.*


Death ~ “I know he is here because as a ghost he cannot leave the immediate aria of his death.
Look there are two ways we can do this, the easy way, or the hard way.
Personally I like it when they chose the hard way, gives me a chance to give them a taste of what’s coming to them…

Now, unless you like great pain and suffering, you will tell me were it is I can collect Hoax’s soul so that I can move on to….”

*Death patted his black robes with a bonny hand as though searching for something, eventually he reached into his right sleeve and pulled out a large scroll and opened it up.*

Death ~ “Mary Jane whillem’s. dame it’s a busy night ”

2nd November 2004, 12:28 PM
"Well then, by all means do enter, since you like the hard way, I'll do it the easy way. Buuut I cannot speak for the other members though, although I am the boss, they ususally ignore me ... have any tips for me on that matter by any chance?"

Slowly the heavy gates of the keep opened, allowing passage to the grim reaper. Finding Hoax would be something he would have to do without Ingold's help though.

"Finding him is something you yourself can manage I think. See, i have no expierience in the spiritual element and thus cannot see him. But you'll manage I can imagine. Say, any chance I'm somewhere on that list as well?"

2nd November 2004, 12:29 PM
Shade blinks. So that image of Hoax she has just seen wasn't a mirage, and she isn't dreaming. And death's "death threat" has rattled her. Instead of the usual shaking, for she knows that they would go over real well with Ingold, she falls silent and begins to fiddle with her ring.

Mantis sighs, sensing Shade's discomfort, and says in a quiet voice to Death alone, "If there's one thing I have learned, it is that threats get you nowhere."
Mantidae relays the message to the others, then sends a happy mental chirp to Hoax. "Thanks! I needed that food!" She sends an image of a great big smile to Hoax, then begins to try to explain how to use telepathy. "Telepathy...it's like there's a button somewhere in the mind...and you just need to mentally find it and push it..."

2nd December 2004, 03:57 PM
OOC: I got kinda lost within somewhere in here.. Lol. I must have missed osmething. Are we still in the keep?

The earth mage sat in the middle of a large corrodor, his eyes closed and mind unconcious. His armor totaly donned, except for his helmet and sword, which lay on his side. His slightly greying hair flowed back and forth as drafts passed through. The corrodor had been greatly decorated with thousands of flowers, trees, and patches of grass. The Earth Wing in the Keep. It's calmness and sweet smell could put almost anyone to sleep in very short time, when they wished. It had been Smeff's chosen place for rest in the past nights.

"The reaper is coming!"

The loud cry echoed throughout the hall, magnified by the marble ceiling and walls. Unknowing of the man who called, Smeff quickly donned his armor and grabbed his sword. Dashing throughout the keep, heading for the entrance hall, where the Armies usualy met during times of crisis. Upon reaching the door to the entrance hall, Smeff heard voices talking, clatters and screams. Listening in for a few moments, he slowly opened the door to investigate what had been going on. He glanced in and saw one thing: The Reaper. The first sight of the creature stuck fear in any mortal being that knew of it's powers. Getting a grip on his emotions, Smeff took another look through the door and found Ingold speaking with the wretched creature. Looking around, Smeff spotted a cermimonial bow hanging on the wall. Quickly grabbing it and reaching into the quiver on his side, Smeff knocked an arrow and got ready.

This is for taking my father!

Kicking out the door, pulling back the bow and letting out a battlecry, Smeff released the bowstring. The arrow shot through the air at deadly speed right as the gate opened to the next room.


The arrow passed through the Reaper's skull and into the wooden door Ingold and the Reaper were passing through. The Reaper turned slowly, looking for the source of the agressision. Smeff dropped the bow and cast a cloak of shadows, then fell into the dark corrodor he came from.

That may have been a mistake..

OOC: I can switch it if I need. Also... How you get that cool Out of Charicter thign you guys use? Lol.

8th August 2005, 07:12 AM
The grey cloaked phantom silently stepped down the dark corridor. He bypassed the shadowed Earth Mage, sensing his heavy layers of armor encasing his body, through a light EMP pulse he sent through his staff into the air.

“Armor is useless, and weapons are futile. There is no physical way to contend with Grim Death. It is only by Dying that you conquer Death.”

Michaelmas threw back his grey hood, revealing his face in the shadows of this depth. He looked at the monstrous Being before him, staring at this hollowed eyes, and pale white skull. The mage only thought of death as a process of life, and never thought that there would be an entity who would walk the Earth reaping souls.

The mage spread his arms wide, holding his staff in one hand, and a crucifix in the other. His grey cloak fluttered with the cold draft that rushed through the passageway. Or was it the cold aura of a heartless Death?

“There is no need to go any further. You will not pass me. I am a Monk of the Dominican Order. There are higher forces than you at work in this realm, and you shall not interfere with our Army.”

Michaelmas appeared calm and leveled his staff squarely at the creature. But really, he was terrified, and clutched his hand around the crucifix for spiritual comfort.

“I have no spiritual powers other than communication with my God. Yet in the name of that God, I ask you to stop what you’re doing, and go back to the pit you came from.”

Michaelmas stood firm and resolute, awaiting the Grim Reaper’s reply.